At lunchtime today i experianced a unique pooping experiance in my office toilets the mens on out floor is closed for renivations and both sexes are sharing the one toilet facility (the ladies)tempary signage is posted on the door stating this.
I was feeling the urge to poop so i headed for the toilets at the same time i noticed the female clerk from the other end of the office was heading the same way I went in and took the center stall I had no sooner started to unbuckle when i heard the door open and the clicking of heals she went into the stall on the left of me. I droped my pants and sat on the toilet. I could hear the girl undoing her pants I leaned forward os i could see her feet under the stall wall her pants and knickers dropped aroung her ankles and she sat down on the toilet. I listened hard waiting for her to start but she just sat there. My poo was becomming desperate so i gave a little push and it started to come out it slipped out with ease and made a plink and it hit the water. I relaxed a little and listened again I heard the girl take a deep breath and a little hunn sound then there was a creeeek crackle and finally a plonk. My next piece was ready so i pushed it it crackled as it opened my b! utt and made another plink as if hit the water.
I then waited and listened for the girl to do her next piece she was pushing making a grrrrrr sound then i heard another plonk and a arrrrrrr . My next piecs was ready so i pushed it it slipped out making a splink i didnt feel and more in my butt so i just sat and listened for a min. The girl pushed again with a mmmmmmmmmrrrrrrrrr and again there was a plonk then i grabbed some paper from the roll and heard the girl do the same I wiped three times and sat and listened she wiped at lease five times by the paper roll them she got up and pulled up her pants. Then i heard her door lock rattle and she went over to the basin to wash i pulled up my pants and unlocked the door and walked over to the basin beside her we smiled at each other niether of us flushed she washed her hands then went into the stall where my poop lay and looked opon see her doing this i went into her stall and looked at what she had done three light yellow brown pieces about 1inch thick and 3 inch long t! hey looked very soild we walked back towards the basins and she said you did a nice poo I smiled at her and said so did you we left the toilet together and went back to our places in the office I hope i get to poo with her again before the mens reopens

Yesterday I was walking through the park during lunchtime when I heard what sounded like water being poured on the ground. I couldn't see anything apart from a woman in her mid-30's sitting on a park bench. She looked like a jogger dressed in black leggings, t-shirt and was wearing a walkman and sunglasses. Then I noticed that the sound was coming from her. I looked down and saw a liquid pouring from under her behind onto the floor. She was peeing through her leggings! As soon as she stopped she got up and started jogging away from me. I have to say that if I hadn't known she'd been peeing, I'd never have guessed by looking at her leggings. There was a vague darkness around her bottom and upper thighs but that was it. Anyway, I sometimes wear black leggings so now I'll try peeing through them. Do any other women out there pee through your leggings?

When I lived in Bristol, I went to the dentist who had his office in a residential house. I was the only patient and the waitng room door was open. Across the hallway was the toilet. I saw a nurse go in. I heard the rustling of clothing, followed by the sound of peeing and an extremely loud and sqeaky fart. Then I heard a huge and deep "KER-SPLOOSH" followed by several more splashes. Then there was another fart. I heard her unroll toilet paper and the sound of wiping. Then there was more rustling, a flush and the sound of her washing her hands. The nurse came out of the toilet, smiled and said hello, then went back into the surgery. Immediately, I got a strong whiff of smelly poo!

Fat Larry
The other night a bunch of us were hanging around eating and drinking beer. I weigh like 350. We ate a bunch of pizzas and mexican food with hot chilis and chicken wings and hamburgers and dips and stuff. When I shitted after eating all this it was like 4 foot long altogether. I shit this outside in my back yard cuz I didn't wanna clog up the toilet with this bad boy load, must have been like 2 in the after noon and some kids saw it. I farted maybe 15 times as this load was coming out and it stunk real bad and they were downwind. I farted again and dropped 2 more loads about a foot long each, then got some paper towels to wipe my ass. Don't know what to do with this load, it's just sitting there stinking, and a bunch of bugs are working on it. I then took a piss on the bugs and they flew off the load, must have been a million of them. Then a few days later the load is all dried up so I stab it with a stick and it all comes up in one piece. I toss this thing into the s! treet and it got run over. Looked really bad and stunk. Later on some big birds landed in the street and were checking it out.

hello all. I too love the picture of Geri being a redhead myself, (my collars and cuffs DO match if you want to know). She really looks as if she is enjoying it and I would also think that a big well formed but easy jobbie is on its way out of Miss Halliwell's ???? bottie by that look she has on her face. My husband says I have a similar look when I do a nice big jobbie myself.

Tony, I would like to install an extra pan at the side of the existing one in our house but I will have to do this myself as my hubby is NOT good at DIY, I do all the repair and installation type work around our house being the more practical partner. If I do so I will let everyone know how it works out. I loved your story about the female Optrometrist needing a motion. I had a similar experience last time I went to the dentist. My dentist is a former pupil of my old school and we both play field hockey together so know each other well. Jayne is also given to dropping big jobbies and over the years I have seen some of her whoppers in the pans at school or in the changing rooms when playing hockey and netball. I was in the chair with that suction device and Jayne was reaming out one of my back teeth she had just drilled prior to replacing the filling when I heard some bowel sounds fro her ???? and she emitted a long and powerful fart. Now had it been any other patient sh! e would no doubt have been embarrased but with an old schoolmate like me she just giggled and said, "Nicky, Id better go for a poo or there will be a big "filling in my knickers". She told me to rinse out and relax for a bit while she went to the toilet for about 10 minutes. When she came back she was smiling and said, "that's better, I did nice big one, go and have a look in the pan when you go out". Sure enough, the filling over I did go into the toilet and looked at Jayne's big jobbie, a classic turd, about 12 inches long, 2.5 thick, light brown, (she doesnt eat red meat), and tapered to a point, a big carrot shaped jobbie. Unlike myself who is well built, Jayne is quite a tall slim girl, very useful at Netball.

Mia, yes a person CAN die as a result of the straining caused by severe constipation. King George II of England died from a brain haemorrage brought on by straining "at stool" as they then out it while "costive of his bowels" as did another "King" Elvis Presley. Elvis had a drugs habit in his latter years as everyone now knows and this plus his lack of exercise and junk food diet led to massive constipation and distension of his colon. The Medical Examiner doing the autopsy stated that the decedent's bowel was distended with impacted fecal material and his terminal event while seated on the toilet was as a result of the back pressure on his heart from the extreme straining while trying to defectate. I dont however think that ordinary constipation would do any harm unless you have a weak heart or have undergone surgery recently. I havent seen the Alternative Guinness record of the bigest human turd, (I assume here one single solid jobbie, not a load of smaller lumps) but i ! did see a web site where there was reference to a medical museum in the USA where there is preserved a massively distended colon removed from a dead patient who had not defecated for many months. It looked like a large python which had swallowed some animal. I think its refered to in old posts. I have seen myself a huge turd passed by a very fat old lady who may have had megacolon. the jobbie was about a foot long, so not any bigger than my own in length, indeed I often do longer turds but its thickness was amazing about 4 inches wide (across not around) at its fattest and shaped like a traffic cone. This was when i did a summer job in a Nursing Home when i was about 18. It took her about an hour in the toilet to pass it and I bet her arse throbbed. I had to use a rubber glove and remove it from the pan and dispose if it down the sluice sink and ir was heavy i can tell you. It was dark brown, very compacted like a load of big balls compressed together and knobbly but surpris! ingly had very little smell. It was coated in a slippery mucus which no doubt helped her pass this megamotion. One of the other auxilliaries told me that this old dear had later that day passed two big easy jobbies of more normal proportions, much the same size as I usually do myself.

Bryian, yes it is easier to hold in a solid motion than a load of loose mush or watery diarrhea but even a big firm turd can push its way out of your back passage if you try to hold it in too long. This has happened to me in the past when as a teenaged schoolgirl I didnt go to the girls toilet at school but thought I could hold it in till I got home but the big firm jobbie pushed its way out of my bun and into the seat of my knickers. Luckily it was very solid so didnt squash up and make a mess and just caused a big bulge in the seat of my panties under my skirt. When I got home I went to the toilet, stepped out of my knickers and emptied the turd into the pan then had a shower and changed into clean knickers. The only evidence was a big brown skidmark in the seat of my white cotton knicks.

France 2000, Part 5.

Another episode from my stay at le camping site in a village in the French Alps, where they have unisex 'squat' toilette facilities with 65mm gaps under the partitions. Runny poop seems to be more common in France than in the UK. If you don't like reading about this kind of thing, I suggest you skip the rest of this post.

The first loose poop I saw was about 9:30 one morning. A woman of about 30 hurried straight into stall #3 when I was in #4. She squatted down and opened her anus no more than half an inch and silently released a stream of light brown creamy poop. She must have been French as she squatted down really low and her aim was spot-on. It went into the water without touching the porcelain and fortunately, it didn't smell much. Her butt crack was rather hairy so I guess she had a tricky clean-up job to do.

Another morning, a woman of about 25 came into the stall next to me. She squatted down low and started making squitty runny poop type noises but hardly anything came out, just a few drops. I guess she had got rid of most of it earlier that morning and this was her second (or third) visit. She went back to the tent nearest to the toilette block so I guessed she had chosen that location for a good reason.

The third sighting was late one afternoon when some hikers on the GR55 hiking trail were taking a short cut through the camp site to get to the village. One woman of about 35 made use of the camp site toilettes as she was passing. I was in stall #3 and she walked briskly into #4. I could see her green suede hiking boots on the footplates as she squatted down low. She had a beautifully smooth and slim butt and opened her anus half way to let out a thin silent stream of light brown creamy poop. I'm sure she couldn't have have held on to it much longer and it was 10 minutes walk to the 'WCs publiques' in the village centre. It had been raining and I guess she didn't want to go in the wet bushes in the forest further up the trail.

Later, when I was in #4, two girls of about 19 came in together and used #3 and #5. I didn't know which way to look! The one on #3 did a short pee but I could only see feet in #5. I think they were Belgian and not experienced in pooping in French squat toilettes. The girl in #5 had her feet too far forward on the foot plates and wasn't squatting low enough. She trickled some diarrhoea onto a one of the foot plates, and that's a part of the cuvette (bowl) that the torrential flush doesn't reach. She then used the toilette brush provided and some PT to try and clean the foot plate but she didn't do a very good job. Meanwhile her friend had flushed and was waiting outside asking why she was taking such a long time!

It is important to squat really low if there is any chance of doing a loose poop but some people find this out the hard way. Someone came into the next stall and I saw a pair of feet that were too large for a woman. I didn't take much notice as I have no interest in guys pooping. Then I heard a loud 'PLOOT' sound. Glancing under the partition, I could see that a semi-liquid poop had shot out, forming a 'cow pat', nearly a foot across in the cuvette. He was probably standing up but fortunately, it was all in the flushable area. Another day, I went into a stall and glanced under the partition to see who was in the next one. I saw a large pair of male feet and the aftermath of a runny and messy diarrhoea incident. Some of it had overshot the back of the cuvette and gone onto the floor tiles behind. He was cleaning it up with the toilette brush provided and some PT.

Part 6 follows next week, if Monsieur le Moderateur permits it!

Rachel, thanks for liking my story. If I were still in high school (a long time ago), I probably would have been embarrassed about farting in a public restroom. I overcame my shyness about farting and pooping in public restrooms once I was in college. Now I don't get too embarrassed about farting, or pooping, for that matter, in the restroom at work. I guess the reason is that everyone must do a #2 sometime and it's expected that you may need to do it in the ladies room, which provides a natural setting. I would be more embarrassed if I farted in the office with someone else in the room. There was at least one other person in the ladies room when I made those trips, but I did most of my farting inside the stall and never in the direct presence of someone else.

Ryan S
Something totally amazing happened today at school. To some of you this is a normal thing. But where I come from and the school I go to I think it is quite suprising.

Well we had just gotten done running 1 lap and a quarter around the big track at school. We were sitting on the bleachers for all the boys to finish running, well I think I was second to last runner and this kid (large kid) was last. Well before the coach told us to go inside he said that we were going in 7 minutes early today which gave us almost 20 minutes to get undressed and do anything else. He quoted that we had plenty of time so take your time. Well as we were going in I went to my locker area (right across from the bathroom) and got my regular clothes. Well the larger kid (who is in my squad) went to the bathroom and into the stall (which is doorless). Well I thought nothing of it since everyone goes into the bathroom to wipe the sweat off their face with a paper towel or wash their hands or take a pee. Well he put the seat down and took a seat with his gym shorts down only so he could put his butt on the bowl. I was shocked. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. H! ere is someone who is taking a dump in a doorless stall. I've never seen this in all of my life. I just was shocked. There was no interest at all. I was just too shocked to even think of how cool that was. No hard or anything. I tried not to look over at him so I glanced when turning my head or looked out of the corner of my eye. He was just sitting there with no worry at all or embarrassment. When he got finished he wiped while sitting down and pulled his pants up and flushed. After that everyone was like totally sicked out my the smell. He just laughed and said "when you gotta go you gotta go". Totally amazing how he handled that situation. But while he was on the toilet no one said anything to him. Which is cool because at least they are mature about it and didn't make fun of him. Everyone was pretty cool about the whole thing. We all just joked around about the smell. One kid commented that he hadn't smelled crap like that in 10 years. It was a pretty shocking and funny st! ory to me. See ya everybody

I have had this odd fascination lately. I just moved into a new house and there are also several new houses still being built. I work at night so I am able to observe the construction going on with new homes around me. I watch the studly construction guys go into the porta-jons and take a dump. After the guys leave the sites in the afternoon, I walk over to inspect their products in the outhouses. Some of the piles these guys dump are huge. I never realized that such little guys with such big muscles could shit so much. I wonder what they eat to do such turds.
Bill A.: Let's hear your story!

Midnight Cowboy
Although I've lived in Texas for the last 20 years, I grew up on Staten Island, New York at a time when the population was relatively small in that borough of New York City. Directly across the street from our house was the start of woods. They went on for miles and miles and still are considered a greenbelt and are protected from being swallowed up by construction like the rest of NYC.

As a kid, I was somewhat of a loner and I spent a lot of time in those woods. They were my refuge -- my second home. And it wasn't too long before I knew every single path like the back of my hand. I could even navigate through them at night.

Of course when a little boy spends so much time in the woods, he's gonna have to pee from time to time. I did and enjoyed it. I'd point my penis up so the urine would cascade out like a fountain. In the summer, if I had been hiking a lot and worked up a sweat, my pee was a very dark yellow color and had a strong smell to it. And I really liked that smell. One thing I could never understand was, whenever I saw men or boys peeing outside somewhere, they always did it on a tree. I never did it on a tree because I knew it could harm and possibly kill it. The trees were my friends in this Garden of Eden.

One day when I was about 12, I came across a pair of white jockey shorts laying on a path. Curious, I delicately picked them up with two fingers. They were covered in smeared dark feces on the OUTSIDE of them. Someone had had to take a dump and since they didn't have any toilet paper, used their shorts as TP and simply discarded them. I sniffed them and although there wasn't all that much smell to the hardend feces stains, I still liked what smell there was. I thought to myself, "I pee in these woods all the time. I wonder if I could have a BM here too?" I concluded no, I was much too chicken to try.

But one day I had no choice. I had diarrhea and it was at least a 45 minute walk to get back home. Frantically I tried to think of what to do. Finally I found a fallen tree long and I sat on it with my rectum hanging off the back edge. This muddy stream exploded its way out and started flowing down the path. The bark of the log scratched the underside of my thighs and then I realized that this was kind of fun. When I was done, all I had to wipe with was dried leaves. Dry leaves do not do a very good job when you've had diarrhea, but it was better than having shit in my pants.

Later on I began to think about what I had done and found that it had been kind of fun shitting in the woods. Only next time I was going to be more prepared. Not too long later there was a day I had a feeling of full bowels, but nothing that needed urgent evacuation. Before I left the house, I took some toilet paper from the bathroom and folded it up and put it in my pocket. Later, after I was deep in the woods, I found a fallen tree again, sat on it with my ass hanging over like before and took a nice shit with Mother Nature. This time about two nicely formed turds dropped out.

After a while, I started to enjoy doing this. I'd look forward to playing in the woods and at some point having my BM out there. I'd always stick some toilet paper in my pocket, whether I felt like I had to go or not, "just in case." Then I started experimenting with different squatting techniques and positions. I had never done a crap other than while I was sitting down (hence the fallen log). But I knew that when people had to shit outdoors they did it in a squatting position. I tried it and found that it was even more fun. The position of squatting pushed the feces out much more easily and completely. But I needed a little practice because the first couple of times the turds fell into my pants which were rolled down to my ankles. I learned that when I squatted, my ass had to be pushed out a little further to prevent this from happening. I wouldn't dare take my jeans off because that would also mean removing my shoes first, and god help me if somebody came by. ! I'd never be able to wipe and get dressed fast enough.

But one day my greatest fear came true. It was a day when I was kind of constipated, or maybe a time when I really didn't have to have a BM at all. I had brought my toilet paper in my pocket and I wanted to do it for fun in the woods again. So, I squatted and started to do my duty. First a little, hard, darkly colored turd rolled out. It really took a lot of pushing and squeezing my anal muscles too. But hard as it was, I felt there was still another turd left up there that had to come out. So I continued squatting, pushing and squeezing. Finally it started moving towards daylight. But then it happened...

I heard voices! Someone was coming and there I was with my pants around my ankles and a turd only half out of my asshole. I knew I had to hurry and finish, but my bowels wouldn't cooperate. I pushed and strained with all my might as the voices and the sound of footsteps in dried leaves grew closer and closer. I thought of just pulling up my pants with the turd half in-half out, but I knew it would smear or stain my underwear and my mother would see it when she did the laundry. So I had to keep trying.

And then the voices and leaves sound came over the hill I was near. It was three other boys about 15 or 16. They were just wandering around looking for something to do. I ducked my head down between my knees, praying that maybe they wouldn't see me, but they did. One kid spotted me first and ran over to where I was squatting, yelling back at his friends, "C'mere! You gotta see this! Some kid's taking a shit!" In seconds the 3 boys had surrounded me. I couldn't move because the turd was still half in-half out. I was too afraid to move too. They started laughing and making fun of me telling me I needed to wear diapers and calling me names. I told them to leave me alone, there was nothing funny. I had to shit and so that's what I was doing.

They continued taunting me as I finally pushed the turd out completely. Then I quickly straightened up out of my squatting position and was about to pull up my pants, when one of the boys stopped me from doing so. He said, "No! let's see your dick!" I was forced to stand up all the way with my pants and shorts still around my ankles. They laughed hysterically at me, making fun of my penis and testicles. When you're that age, having other kids see your "privates" is the worst thing imagineable -- and the funniest thing if you're the kid who gets to see it. They broke off some thin tree branches and starting poking at my genitals. Every time I tried to cover them with my hands or pull my pants up they prevented me from doing it. It was three against one and they had the advantage.

One kid took his twig and started whipping my bare ass with it and mocking me, telling me I was a bad boy for shitting out in the woods and that's why I was being punished. It didn't hurt much, but the humiliation was awful. One of the other kids told the kid with the twig to shove it up my ass like a ???????????. He started trying to do it as I stood there helplessly. It wiggled it's way in about an inch before I got a reprieve. The third kid has spotted my two turds laying in the leaves. He pointed it out to his two friends. Then they finally told me they were going to let me pull up my pants and go home -- but only under one condition. I had to take my own shit with me because littering was wrong. They allowed me to pull up my pants, but then they forced me to pick up my two little hard turds with my hands and put them in my pocket. Boy, was I lucky that my turds were hard that day and not all squishy. I heard them laughing and calling me more names as I ran away.! When I felt I was far enough away from them to be safe, I stopped to take the turds out of my pocket. They had squished some and gotten the pocket dirty, but it could've been a lot worse had they been soft.

But now what? How was I going to explain this to my mother? I couldn't bare to tell her the truth and trying to explain how shit got up in and around my pocket would be impossible. I'd really get whipped for sure. My mother was upstairs when I got home. From the garage door I yelled up to her that I was going to wash her car. That gave me the excuse to get wet with water all over my pants and I used the car wash sponge to clean out my pocket the best I could. Then I used the garden hose to spray any fecal remains out of the driveway. Whew! That was a close call.

I can't help but remember this incident every time I have to take a dump outdoors.

Club peed off by football ritual

Thursday 14 September 2000

A primitive footballing ritual has shamed a Tasmanian football club and put a number of players at risk of disciplinary action.

Clarence Football Club grand-final lore stipulates that players urinate on the rival club's home ground after the match.

Players were unwilling to break with such a noble tradition so earlier this week four Clarence men, accompanied by their coach, spent more than $3000 hiring a helicopter to fly them from Clarence, on the eastern shores of the Derwent River, to York Park, Launceston.

The oval was the site of Clarence's 49-point win over the North Launceston Bombers in the state-wide league's grand final. On arrival, the players urinated on the ground.

But the men were caught in the act by television cameras and the footage was broadcast on the local television news.

Clarence Club president Richard Mulligan has issued a formal statement apologising for the incident.

He denied any club involvement, saying the helicopter charter was a private arrangement.

Disciplinary action, not yet specified, is to be taken against those involved.

Mr Mulligan said the "tradition" would not be allowed to occur again.

The Tasmania Police has also expressed concern as the helicopter chartered by the footballers is the same one used for police rescue work and bears the force's logo.

The chairman of Football Tasmania, Peter Hodgman, said he was dismayed by the incident.

"Boys will be boys after the grand final but this is going too far," he said.

Today i got home from work and got online and i was searching and i was begining to feel a funky feeling in my stomach a fullness or nasuious feeling where you aren't hungry and don't want to think of food. I let it pass and then 10 min later i felt gas, then i felt an urge to shit....So i finished up what i was doing and when to the bathroom, i pulled my shorts down and i felt as this was going to be a big one. I Sat and pushed it out, then i pushed a little more, i wiped like 12 times, i produced at least a 12 inch log or bigger. Then i peed, i didn't even flush. I want to look at it again.

BEN IN NY: You're right, my cousin Andrew is Lawn Dogs Kid. He and I are very close. He goes out with my best friend Chloe.

Lawn Dogs Kid is off the air at the moment. His Mum and Dad have told him they think he uses his computer too much. So rather than get into trouble and be banned from using it, he's using it in small doses instead, and hopes to reply to Bryian soon.

My Mum and Dad restrict my use of the computer anyway, which is why I don't post as often as Andrew does.

ILEO: You're so kind to me. I'm glad you liked my joke about not being sweet because I like suger in tea. However, I don't like Earl Grey very much ! Oh, and Andrew says he can't imagine why you might think he is sweet as well !

NEW GIRL: Gosh, I don't think I'd be very good at making up stories ! Do you think you could make up one about Andrew, Chloe and I ? It would be so funny to see what someone else would write about us and to compare it with what we really get up to !

LINDA: It was so good to see you back with us. I hope you can post again soon.

Chloe came round to my house last night. Andrew went to watch a football match with his Dad. They were hoping to get some petrol as well. We don't seem to have any petrol in our country at the moment (UK).

Chloe has made a new friend called Kirsty. She wants me to meet her and to be able to make friends with her as well. She's so nice to me ! So we are going to go to town together at the weekend, so long as the buses haven't run out of fuel by then !

Anyway, we made our arrangements while Chloe had a wee. And then she told me all about Kirsty and how she was picked on by those nasty girls in the toilet at school, just like Chloe was. She told me all about it while I had a poo ! It wasn't a very good poo. I hoped to be able to make some big plop noises to surprise Chloe, but I finished up making four soft poos that just flopped in quietly. And they smelled bad !

Bye Bye everybody. Love from Kendal xx

Went biking out to the beach-the weather here in NY was great,so i got an early start out to the beach and by the time i got there,i had to poo big time and i was looking around for an open toilet,cause after labor day they close most of the facilities down.As I'm walking looking for the bathroom,i run into this guy about 55-60 who looked like he was looking for the same thing and when he saw me he said" hey do you know where the men's room is?"I was heading towards one last place where i saw a restroom sign and said to him"I think there is one open over here"and he went to join me and said"I hope it's open,cause i reallly got to go and it seems like they are all closed"I said" yea-me too I just biked into the park and got to go myself" he then turned to what i think was his wife and motioned that he had found the restrooms.When i got to the door,it was open and went right into a stall.The other guy was about 20 feet behind me and he came into the toilet and by now i was clean! ing off the bowl getting realy to sit down and he went into the next stall and said"I had to tell my wife where the bathrooms were cause she had to go too and boy ,i'm glad i found it,and not a moment too soon and with that he sat on the bowl and grunted a bit and let out a 10 second loud this point i was getting realy to sit down myself.This was a big bathroom and his fart really rung out in there!Then i heard him say " oohhh yeah,- needed that and i heard poo crackling out and it sounded soft with a lot of gas in the middle of it Now this prompted me to sit down and let out a tight sounding fart of my own as he was farting and shitting-then i pushed out some stuff that went into the bowl with a plop,plop,plop,plop sound and he said" sound like you had to go pretty bad to and i was in the middle of a long one and just grunted out "yup,pretty bad"Then he farted again and grunted and let out what sounded like a bunch of soft poop and i was waiting for my next wave and ! really enjoying the moment dumping with this guy.Then he let out another big fart and i felt like i wanted to push and i let out a bunch of pudding poo that splashed into the bowl with some gas along with it,and for about 10-15 seconds both he and I were shitting and farting up quite a bit and it echoed thruout the big bathroom,It was great.I wasn't making much vocal sounds,but hw e was grunting and groaning with each poo tha came out of him and it sounded like he was having a great time relieving his bowels and in a way i was enjoying it too.He would say thing like" Ohhhh this feels sooo good" and then he would fart and go some more,Then i would push out some soft turds at the same time.Then he said " I hope this feels half as good to you as this does to me"I just said " best things in like are free"and he would grunt and fart some more.Then almost at the same time we were both done shitting and i started to wipe my ass and then I heard him doing the same and i flushed waht l! ooked like a big load down the bowl and came out to wash my hands and he flushed and came out smiling and said 'Now that was a great start to a beautiful day " and laughed and i said"yea we did some good dumping- and you and you wife enjoy the beach " and i walked out and as i was walking i turned around to see this guy kiss his wife and waved to me and they walked off arm in arm-it was nice to see-he seemed like a nice guy who really enjoyed taking a wicked dump with me>it was truely great,i only wish it could have been a nice athletic woman dumpin along side of me,-Now that would have been super!Had a real nice day at the beach!BYE


Would someone please list the movies that have female poop scenes? The only one I really know about is "Senseless", and in that one you just hear sounds but you can't see anything. Are there others where you can actually see a female sitting on the pot pooping?


Anne (the bus driver). I really enjoyed reading about the 3 big dups you had over the weekend. That third one though must have been particularly satisfying, passing a big piece 16 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. It must have felt good!

Sarah. Read the story about your dance. Why didn't you go to the toilet before leaving home? Also, why did you have two large meals? I always avoid large meals before big public engagements.

My girlfriend and I where making love one time a few years ago and I had to pull out, walk out in to the hall, and fart. I don't know what it is about my body, but the biggest loudest farts I have ever done have been in the sack or in the presence on my girl.

A girl I used to date let me stay the night at her house all the time. It was very close to work for me. She had to be up by 5:30 to be at work by 6:00am. But, she wasn't a morning person. The alarm clock would go off and she would ignore it. The telephone ringing, television set on, fire truck going by, dog barking, and she would sleep. I have always had an internal alarm clock. Usually around 5:45 am, it goes from internal to external. While in bed with her one morning, my alarm clock went off. Twice in fact. She leaped out of bed so fast, you would think it was on fire. While there was no flames under the sheets, there where toxic fumes. I quickly realized that my internal alarm clock not only woke me up, but it woke up my sleepy head girlfriend too. I began to wake her up with this every day. Some days I would pull the sheets over our heads and cut one. Some times I would push my ass up against her and let on go. If she was really sleeping hard, sometimes I would have ! to put natures alarm right next to her ear. That never failed once. Although it may soound cruel, it helped her keep her job. The day after we finally split up, she was nearly 2 hours late to work. She was late so many times, she finally lost her job.
I bet none of you ever thought that a fart could be used for something so useful.

Plunging plopguy
Like Dazz of Australia I LOVE the sounds and sensations of dropping big hard loud bum-splashing turds in the toilet!!!At last -the most fantastic website I coild have imagined!I've benn reading the fascinating comments for hours but I'll have to leave off for now but you bet I'll be back to leave all the details I can think of about the most arousing enjoyable and erotic feelings of sitting on the toilet with my jeans and pants down grunting,farting and pushing out big satisfying arseholr-stretching logs that plunge into the toilet and drench my arsehole,buttocks,and tmy balls if I'm really lucky with a loud PLOP that other guys can hear and enjoy!!!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Can a person die of constipation? A friend told me that can happen. I wonder if anybody has ever been so clogged they had to go to a doctor or emergency room. That would be the ultimate humiliation!

Also, I heard there is an alternative Guinness Book of World Records that list the largest turd from a human. Is this true?

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