Shy Pam
.....Back to school.......
What a pain - register for classes, buy books, try to find my way around the campus, etc. I thought my job sucked but I am beginning to think I should have appreciated it more.

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went out after working all day. We decided on eating at Pizza Hut and had a Meat Luvers pie. It was good. We were goin to the movies and were standing in line about an hour later when I thought my intestines were going to explode. They churned and churned. While my boyfriend waited in line I ran to the ladies room. I just made it to the stall, got my shorts and panties down and blasted the bowl. I had the runs SO BAAAAADDD! Even though I flushed the place really reeked. To make matters worse, I made 3 more trips with similar results.

Jane, I liked your post about the gas you had at work. Every now and then I get gas that bad, but I hate farting that much in the work restrooms. Were there any other women in the bathroom in all your trips? The reason I am asking is that I don't have a problem pooping at work with a little bit of gas, but I don't think I could pass as much gas as you did with other women in the bathroom without being extremely embarrassed......

By the way, this is my first post. I have to run now, but I will write more later..... Hmmmm...a couple weeks ago, my stomach was cramping and I thought for sure that I had to poop, but I sat down (my boyfriend sat on the tub next to me) and nothing came out. I pushed and pushed cause I knew I had alot of gas that day, but there was still nothing. My boyfriend kept asking me if I was sure that I couldn't push anything out. Then he wiped me really good, using about 3 pieces of TP (mind you, he is sooooooo clean). Then I sat on his lap while he was still seated on the tub. He asked me how I felt and I told him that the cramping had managed to go away a bit, despite that I couldn't poop. Then he pressed the lever to flush the toilet. We didn't get up right away cause he thought the toilet would back up because the water was swirling the TP around so slowly. Then it sped up a little. But he just said it's slow so we walked out to get ready for bed. But I know that the toilet managed to swallow the TP because a few seconds after we left the bathroom! , I heard the water make that distinct gurgle sound as it went down the hole.

It was my senior prom. I had the most beautiful dress and date as well. he was the most popular boy in school, and lucky was I that he asked me to go to the "big dance" with him. I had spent all morning working out, just to insure that my ball room, princess, white gown would fit me just right. My dress was beautiful. It was the kind I had always said I would have for prom. Long, flowing, white, with a long shawl that was trimmed in feathers and rhinestones. So I worked out all morning then mom made a stop at my favorite restarant, Taco Bell, after we got my hair done. I ordered the usual- 2 burrito supremes with Fire sauce, one soft taco, and one pinto's and cheese. MMmmm. It was the best meal to have on my big day... or so I thought. By the time I got home I had to really get cracking on my prom preperation. My date was supposed to pick me up in less than 3 hours! So thus I began. It took me the complete 3 hours to prepare myself for this big night. We had re! nted a limo for the night. He picked me up and we took pictures, etc. We met a group for dinner and almost immediately as I sat down I felt a churning and gurgling in my stomach. I shrugged it off as nerves and ordered fettucini alfredo with extra creamy sauce and a large slice of fudge for dessert (I splurged, he was paying). As I chowed down on my meal the familar gurgle returned. More painful this time. But I thought it was just hunger, so bucked up, and ate faster. After dinner we went back to the limo to take up to the dance. The moment I sat in the car and the door closed, I knew I was going to pass gas. I took a deep breath and squeezed so it would come out silent and my date would never know. the gas passed from between my cheeks only to fill the air with it's raunchy noxious smell. My date got in the car and I looked at him as if nothing was wrong. He didn't say anything, but he had to have know, he opened all the windows, including the top and the divider,! which the driver promptly shut again. As we drew closer to the dance I realized I was going to have to poop... a lot. so we pulled in and as we walked toward the building it began to get harder for me to walk without the poop dribbling out of my butt. I walked slower in an attempt to hold the explosion that I knew was to follow in. The second we got in the ballroom I excused myself to the ladies room. As I walked in I saw all the most popular girls in school. I smiled and went into the stall. I sat and tried to hold it in so it could emerge slowly and quietly, but my poop did not comply. as I lowered my panties I began to poop expolsively. I hiked up my dress and barely made it onto the pot. My butt mad the loudest hissing sound in the world. I tried to cover it up with coughing, but could hear the girls snickering outside that thin metal door that seperated us. the longer I sat, the louder it got and the more there seemed to be. I have never felt such a rush of ! liquidy poop come out of my behind. As it slowed i felt great relief, but still the girls remained giggling to themselves... waiting for me to emerge... I stood and stood a deep breath. I looked behind me at the mess I had made. The green liquid that had come out of me, was unlike anything I had ever seen, nor smelt. I quickly leaned to flush the toilet and threw on my shawl before emerging even quicker and immediately dashing out of the door, to the sounds of taunting behind me.
I returned to my date, as if nothing had happened. He smiled a moment, then his smile dissapeared. I thought he must have figured out that I had the runs in the restroom. So I ignored it. I was determined to not let my stomach ruin this night. He asked if I was sure I did not want to go back to the bathroom. I assured him that I was fine and ready to greet everyone and dance the night away. He asked if I wanted to put my shawl on the chair with his jacket. but I said no, I did not want to ruin my priuncess appearance. He was very uncomfortable as we walked around. Everyone was so surprised to see us together that as we passed they all whispered behind our back. I was pleased. I knew they all thought I looked regal. As we approached the center of the dance floor. I looked over my right shoulder to catch a glimpse of my friend Tracy and her date. As I did this I saw a golf ball size glob of the green mess I had left in the bathroom stuck to the feather on my sha! wl. I promptly removed the tainted shawl, embarrassed of my poop. Needless to say that was not going to ruin my night. I laughed it off, as a joke. Called myself "poop girl". My date and I laughed and teased and caressed as the night wore on. Then came the big dance... Unchained Melody. Our prom song. We gathered close and I knew this was a moment that woudl last forever. Suddenly, the churning began. I knew that i was going to fart, so I thought if I did it and then we danced away no one would know it was I. However, this time it was a wet fart. As it slipped out, I felt bit of wetness across my behind and lower back. As if dribbeled down my legs I was not the only one to notice. My date had slid his hand down my back only to emerge with some greenish tint of a liquid. he stopped dancing and turned me around. He gasp. I was covered in my own feces. Green feces. I was so embarrassed that I lost all control of my bowels. Poop was everywhere. It ran down my! legs onto the dance floor. People slipped and fell into the mass of poop i created. I was crying and pooping all in one. I had to shake it out from the crevesis between my legs. Even the band stopped playing to see what the commotion was. The self titled "poop girl" had done it again. I tried to laugh it off and tell my friends it was just the fudge from dinner. I had planned it and kept it in my purse. but they all knew it was lies. I turned to run out and my date followed. I left a trail of poop all the way. As we left he tried to console me telling me no one noticed. I cried all the harder. We wanted to get back in the limo, but after taking one look at my poop stained dress the driver refused. We called my mom to come amd pick me up to take me home. That was my senior prom. And for those of you who are wondering whatever became of my date, he is now my husband, and everytime one of us poops we call the other to laugh about it.

INDIAN GUDDY-Cool story with you pooing with that woman-I'm surprised that she let you watch her-if that were me i'd probably get arrested!Lucky guy!
TO DIANE-I'd love to run into you in the a.m when we both have to poop and do it together-nice story
A few days ago i was at the nude beach here in NY and i just came out of the water to lay down when i saw a woman and her 11 or so year old boy come back towards me.I was at the back of the beach by the fence (wire fence)that protects the dunes,and this woman went to the fence and her boy pulled his pants down and squatted-I thought he was going to pee which he did but then i saw a long skinny poop come out of his ass pretty fast and then he looked at his mom and she started to wipe him-it was weird cause they were about 10 feet away from me and i just pretended not to notice,but why would a woman do that right there on the beach?There were places to go that were more private-I just thought it was strange-very odd
BTW-I haven't run into that guy in the woods to buddy poo again yet-been going to the beach instead-I'll keep you all posted! BYE

I just stumbled upon this Forum and must admit that I enjoy many of the stories.

I have one of my own that happened just last night and was wondering if some of you could give me some feedback.

I met this beautiful woman and we hit it off in a big way. She was flirting with me and vise versa. I asked her out for dinner and took her to a very nice restaraunt trying to impress her.

We had Steak & Lobster with lots of creamy butter. We were hitting it off quite well and I asked her if she would like a night cap at my place.

She said yes and we left to go. Well one thing led to another and soon we were making love.

The excitement of being with her and the meal made for some rumblings in my stomach. I got the worst case of gas I Think I ever had.

I tried to hold in the farts but at one particular moment I let out the loudest, longest,
smelliest fart that I had ever let.

Immediately she said that was it and proceeded to get dressed and go home. After she left I ran to the bathroom and must have pushed out around 8-10 4 inch logs.

My question is this: Has this ever happened to anyone else and why did she get so bent out of shape?

I really thought we were going so well.

Hello, PV, it's been a long time. I hope you are still out there. Louise was saying how quiet you had been recently, and I certainly know how easy it is to have no time to post.
Ha ha, certainly we've been discussing many outrageous things, no more than the three girl alley pissing episode that I mentioned last time. By the way, glad you liked the tale, and thanks for the excellent critique!
For a short time, I had a vague suspicion that Louise had orchestrated the whole thing, with or without Jackie and Emma being aware that they would most likely be in desperate need to urinate during the walk home. But no, it did not take me long to realise that it was just the way it happened, and Louise and friends simply played up to the situation. The image of those three stunning, beautiful young women squatting there and washing the tarmac while wearing skimpy dresses and suitably wicked facial expressions will stay fixed in my mind! You are right, it could just as easily have been Louise and myself standing side by side in the alley. Ha ha, yes, Jackie and Emma would have been fascinated, I'm sure. They both know of Louise's particular talent due to the time (or is that times?) that she and her old college friends commandeered a men's room and used the urinals. Oh yes, Jackie was indeed very full and very good at urine production on that particular evening! It cannot! be denied, having seen the way she released a huge gusher from her pussy as soon as she sat on her downstairs toilet. Did she enjoy it? You betcha! I reckon she has picked up on Louise's playful attitude and it seems her mind works in a similar way. Last Thursday night, Jackie and Emma went swimming with Louise and I, as Louise's mother and sister were both unavailable on that occasion. Time does not permit me to write in this post about what happened last night, but I have made rough notes so that I do not forget the details. Next time, I think!

Congratulations on the step forward you told us all about when you were in the ladies' toilets. Well done, yes, you too could be a 'Louise'! Seems you both share the same reservations about the toilet paper and the facilities in general. Strange that, since it seems to be (in my experience anyway) more commonly the men's rooms that come in for criticism. In truth, probably both sets of facilities are equally poor on the whole!

I am going to be unavailable to post for approximately three weeks now due to time constraints (I think we should all agree to slow down the pace of modern life a tad, but I can't do it alone unfortunately!), so I hope today's posting will suffice for the time being.

In the meantime take care, won't you. ;)


Ryan S
To Indian Guddy: I just read your story about you taking a dump and the lady walked in on you. I found the story very interesting. But the part that wa really interested was you taking a dump. I am interested in the ways Indian males (ages 10-20 males are who I like to hear stories about or stories from the most) take a dump. I would like to hear more stories from you about your pooping. I'll try to get some in for you too. Thanks

New Girl
I'd love to hear one of your stories. My cousin wites too.. and I borrow some of his characters and put them in problems and troubles like you read here.. he says I really shouldn't be so mean to them. Hee hee oh well. Maybe one day I can get him to draw one of my stories. Oh well.

P.S. Where can you get these pictures of the Spice Girls that they use here on the site?

To Ben in NY: Im not sure what the errorr message was, but i call it the blue screen error message cause it comes up on a blue screen and the net becomes really slow.

To some dude: I agree with you...Yeah it sucks big time when you gotta take a major dump and there are no toilets around, especially when you know your shit is gonna be really loose(this happened last night, i was able to get to a toilet in time). I think when you are in public and you gotta shit, i think it is easier to hold in solild shit easier than loose shit, don't you?

Hi, everyone!

Not much is new here with me, so no new stories to post... I just wanted to touch base and let people know I'm still here lurking... fascinated by the fine true(!)stories of our
female amazons... special thanks to Anne (loved the latest "beacher" episode!), Nicola, Moira, Lisa, and of course sex pistol Kim! Keep those stories coming!

Daniel (UK)
I haven't been well so unfortunatly I haven't been to Studland myself,if I am feeling better at the weekend I might venture dowm myself.I live in Dorset,hey we're neighbours almost....I've has this stomache bug that's going around,don't know if it's effected people your way but I've had it really bad.Sickness and DIARRHEA not nice to watch or smell but makes great reading,when I feel a bit better I might post it on here or The Coughed Up/Spit out forum.I'll try asnd describe myself when I feel human so you know who to look out for.Until latr buddy I'm going to collapse in bed with my poor aching ????..... I feel another bout of diarrhea coming got to go........

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

WOW! and again WOW! the lovely Gerri Halliwell, (former Ginger Spice) siting on the pan and by the happy , pleased as punch, look on her pretty face doing a nice big easy but properly formed motion. I remember that she said in a frank interview for some radio program or magazine that she "didnt feel right until she had done a good poo each day" I can imagine a nice long fat smooth curved jobbie slowly oozing out of her back passage and pointing down between her ???? buns into the pan as she sits there smiling. Such a contrast to the previous picture of Scarey Spice really straining to pass a big hard constipated lump. Tell me Moderator, are we to have the rest of the Spice Girls as I look forward to seeing the really "girly" Emma Bunton doing her motion and Mrs Beckham Posh Spice Victoria also doing her poo, hopefully with a pair of those famous thongs she shares with footballer husband David pulled down to the tops of her thighs.

This mornings efforts were well worth waiting for. Since being married to Theresa I have noticed an interesting effect. We seem to have synchronised our bowel movements as both of us tend to do a motion at about the same time. Installing the side by side two pans in our toilet has been a great idea. We woke up this morning and after a cup of coffee and toast both of us needed a poo. Neither of us had done a motion yesterday so we both went to our "thrones" and sat with our briefs at our knees, mine black Speedos, Theresa's pink Sloggis and started to pee. we held hands as we both gave a push "NNN! UH! NNN! AH! We both heard the crackling as our jobbies slowly slid out, then "FLOOMP! SCHLOOMP!" vitually together we launched our turds into the pans. Finished we got up and had a look, two big fat long jobbies, a little bit knobbly at the start then smooth and curved, each about 12 inches long. Well satisfied we wiped each other's bum. Unless you or your partner are really pr! udish about such matters then I really recommend shared dumps with your significant other, it sure improves your bonding. I know George and Moira do this as I think do Nicola and her husband, and indeed Donna and Lauren the lesbian couple who are friends of ours through George and Moira. I assume others who post here do so as well.

Big D. I have had a similar experience with a female optometrist when having my eyes tested . She was a young woman of about 25 I'd say, tall, blonde with a good figure but a bit slim for my taste and as would be expected an intellectual looking woman, not "pretty pretty" but plainly attractive. As she adjusted the lense holding frames that are used during an eye test I heard what doctors call "bowel sounds" from her belly, and from my own experiences over 40 years recognised the noises made when a big load is on its way down the colon. She said "excuse me" but I replied, "that's okey, dont worry" she continued the eye test but then I heard a quiet "phutt" as the smell of a good solid poo filled the air. Apologising profusely she said she needed to go to the toilet and would continue the test in about 5 minutes. I had to hide the obvious signs of arousal with my bag as she went out of the consulting room. Now as good luck would have it this opticians is in a converted shop! and the toilet was next to the room I was in and I could hear through the thin walls. I heard her enter the toilet, bolt the door then the rustle as she lifted her white coat and her skirt and pulled down her panties. White ones I had noticed when she had squatted down to pick up some equipment from the floor and gave me a flash. I heared her doing a wee wee then "NN! KER-SPLOONK! KURPLONK! AH!" as she passed two good solid jobbies then wiped her bum, pulled the flush and washed her hands and returned to the consulting room. As the lights were on I could see that she was a bit red faced and she said, "Sorry to have to leave you but when you have to go, you have to go and I have been needing that all morning but we have been so busy, oh I feel a lot better now" as being a typical Glasgow lass she was quite frank. She then continued the eye test. Have any others had such an experience when a professional such as a woman doctor, dentist or whatever has had to do a poo when exam! ining or treating you?

Anne, the Bus Driver, that was some 3 stage motion you had, I bet you felt a million dollars after passing that load, and a few pounds lighter too!

Indian Guddy
Indian Guddy

To ANDY: Many times I have seen Indian Ladies standing and peeing. Generally I have seen this in village areas where women used to stand on the roadside, lift their Saree above their knees pull the lifted portion of the Saree slightly to the front and pee downwards straightly. They pull the front portion of the Saree to the front to avoid the urine fall on the Saree. When I first saw this in a Village farm I was wondering what this woman is doing. This scene is common in villages and very rare in Cities.

To SIMON: I had seen many Indian ladies shitting. Normally they won't like others to watch them while they are shitting in public. I have seen some young ladies covering their ass with the Saree while shitting in public to make people like me disappointed. When I went near a Lady who was shitting on the road side, she stood up lowering her Saree and was angry at me.

I would like to share another experience of mine with you. When I was 14 years, I was an active member in Church choir. Every Saturday we had singing practice in the house of our Priest. He was the one who used to teach us songs and Guitar. On one Saturday he was out of station. We practiced some new songs from morning to noon. At 1pm, Lissy, the priest's wife, whom we call Aunty came and informed us to go home for lunch and come back at 4pm. She was 29yrs, a white tall lady with an athlete body and big round buttocks bouncing in her Saree. Since my house was far away, she told me to have lunch with her. All other choir members left and I, aunty and her 2year old son were in the house.

After the lunch I had a sudden urge to shit. I went to the toilet out side the house and I forgot to bolt the door. I sat on the squat model toilet and a long thick shit started coming out. It was smelly. Then some pellet type turds started falling. Suddenly the door was opened wide and Lissy Aunty came inside with her right palm on her stomach. On the excitement of seeing her in front of me in the toilet, a loud fart came out and I stood up covering my nakedness with my hand. With a smile she looked at the white porcelain bowl and saw the turds I pushed out. I was standing speechless and shameful. She told me that she has a strong urge to poop and she will wait outside. She went out and slammed the door. I again sat down and some small turds came out. As I was pushing again for the next one another loud fart came and some soft poop followed the fart. I cleaned my ass with water and soap (the Indian way of cleaning). I stood up and wiped well with a towel.

I opened the door and she rushed in to the toilet. I informed her there is no water in the toilet. She told me to bring her a bucket of water from the bore well. I went to the bore well near the toilet with a bucket. As I was collecting water, I heard a hissing fart and plop plop plop sounds. It was like throwing stones in a pond. I filled the bucket and put the bucket in front of the toilet and I turned to leave. Suddenly she opened the door asked me to pour the water on the water tank next to the bowl. I saw her sitting with a bend to the front pushing her right hand on her belly. I looked at the bowl and it was almost full with various sized yellow turds. She turned her eyes away from me when she saw me looking at her asshole. The tip of a turd appeared and she lifted her ass and dropped the turd directly in to the pit. It was a yellow thick one. Then a long turd came out hanged in her ass as a tail. She shook her ass and it fell on the water with a big plop sound. I wa! s standing on her back side had a perfect view of her ass. I never saw such a big and beautiful ass. She farted again and some ball type turds came out. Then I heard her son crying and she told me to go and see whether he woke up from sleep. I went inside and saw the child crying. I took him and was trying to calm him. After few minutes she came in and took the child. I was shameful to look at her face. She told me that the water was insufficient and she couldn't flush properly. I went and saw the turds lying in the water. I had a close look and flushed. It was unbelievable for me to think that these turds came out of our pretty Lissy aunty. Even now I used to meet her in the church. I still remember that experience very clearly.

I've been very busy at work, so I've had very little time to even read the posts, much less post a story myself. I haven't had a chance to put any recollections of past pooping sessions in writing, and my present poops have not been too exciting. However, I did have some problems with gas in the stomach one day last week.

For dinner one night I had a dish of chicken stir-fry with plenty of broccoli. The next day I had my usual bowel movement in the morning before going to work. Once I had my morning cup of hot tea, I started to have a strange feeling in my stomach. It wasn't so much an urge to poop as it was a huge urge to pass gas. After an hour, I made a trip to the ladies room. I sat down and let go a booming fart. I peed for a bit then let go another loud fart. I could manage to push out only a small piece of poop, then let go one more loud fart. I was done for the time being.

A little later, right before lunch, I felt gas in the stomach again. I barely had an urge to pee, but I didn't want to fart in front of people in the office, so I went to the ladies room, where I peed and farted twice. I let go another fart as I was washing my hands. I had my usual lunch of soup and salad. As I got back to the office, I went back into the ladies room to pass gas.

An hour later I felt more gas in the stomach. I shut the door to my office, turned on the fan and let go a huge fart. After a couple of minutes I opened the door but felt another one coming, this time with a little urge to poop. I went to the ladies room and farted several times but could only push out a couple of small pieces of poop. A little while later we had a staff meeting, and halfway through the meeting I was feeling yet another urge to fart. I had to excuse myself from the meeting to go to the ladies room and nearly farted in front of everyone at the meeting. I cut a loud fart as I was entering the ladies room and sat down on the toilet again. I farted several times and tried to poop, but I could only push out one piece, and it took some effort to push it out. I returned to the meeting.

It took longer than scheduled, but the meeting finally adjourned. By that time I had another funny feeling in the stomach. I made another trip to the ladies room. En route, I let go a huge fart in the hall, but luckily no one was around at the time. I went into the ladies room and let go another fart as I went into a stall. I sat down and made a couple more huge farts. Then I started to push out poop. This was a very hard piece that was also unusually thick. It came out very slowly and got stuck twice. I was straining as hard as I can for several minutes. Finally, the piece finally shot out of my butt into the toilet and made a splash big enough to get my butt wet. I immediately let go a booming fart and started to push out several more long and thick pieces of poop. I pushed out six pieces that were as big as bananas. Once I was done pooping I felt much better. I didn't have any more problems with gas for the rest of the day.

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