I read Karen's story, below, about pooping outdoors and it reminded me of an experience I had about a month ago. I've always been a jogger, and usually go jogging first thing in the morning after drinking my morning coffee. One thing I've learned over the years is that it's important to take a small amount of toilet paper with me when I'm out jogging, because that morning coffee will often make its way through when I'm far enough away from home that going back is not an option. I simply take the toilet paper and stuff it under the waistband area of my shorts, since there really isn't any other good place to keep it. For the record, I wear either dark blue or black tight spandex jogging shorts and a matching jogbra, and I never wear underwear because underwear and spandex just don't mix....I think it looks weird. Anyway, going off the trail and behind a bush is what I usually do if I need to pee. Well, about a month ago, I had driven to another location for a long morning! run, and I had run about 15 miles and made my way back to my car, which was parked in this small park. I got back to my car and I felt the strong urge to poop, and I knew I couldn't drive home feeling that way, nor were there any bathrooms near the car. The parking lot is nowhere near any trees, so I wasn't able to find a hidden area to go, where I wouldn't be seen. There were no other cars around (it was about 5 AM), and still somewhat dark, so I walked around to the front of my car, next to the curb, pulled my spandex shorts down, sat my butt on the edge of the bumper, and pooped right there. The poop fell right onto the asphalt, and I hated to leave that kind of mess behind, but I had to go so badly that there was no other option. I wiped and left the toilet paper laying there on the ground, started to get into my car, and felt the urge to pee coming on very fast. By this time, I had turned around and noticed that the area on the other side of the road did have some ! low bushes there, so I walked over there and snuck behind a bush, squatted, and peed like a racehorse! There was a huge puddle on the ground when I was done, but I felt so much better afterwards. Now that I think about it, I could have gone into those bushes to poop, but I find it much easier to actually sit on something when I poop, whereas squatting is okay for peeing as long as my shoes stay dry.

When i was 13 and my sister Donna was 12,one day i had just come home from school and had to pee and i walked in to the bathroom and my sister was on the toilet with her school dress bunched up around her waist and her pink panties down around her ankles and i remember how funny she looked wearing what we called her "goofy glasses" and her face was very red from straining and i said whats wrong and she says i'm trying to go poop but all i do is fart so i asked her how long since you went and she says 3 days and she let out a fart and i said did you tell mom and she says nope,so i told her i gotta pee so she got up and shuffled over with her panties still down and i sat and did a quick pee and she sat down on the toilet once again as i was leaving,anyway when i went downstairs mom says where's your sister and i told her she's on the toilet trying to poop but she hasn't for awile,and a few minutes later i see mom going up the stairs and i could hear the bathroom door open and cl! ose so i very quietly walked up and stood by the door and i could hear my little sis saying,no mom i don't want to in an almost crying sort of voice and my mom saying it won't hurt honey,there's nothing to be embaresed about, so i knew she was gonna stick one of those things up her butt.and mom says just hold your dress a little higher and don't move around and i hear my sis going ouch it's sore!
and like owww and then my mom saying thats it,it's in all over,ok now just sit there for a few minutes and don't try to force it and i heard a real big fart so i went in to my room and a few seconds later my mom went back down stairs and about 15 minutes after that Donna walks in and i said did you go and she says oh yea,mom stuck one of those wax things in my butt,how embaresing!

Kim - great story about pooping recently. I remember you once posting here that you wear tight spandex exercise outfits at times. I do too, so I'm wondering if you've ever noticed something that I've noticed....that clothes that fit tight overall don't seem to just push against your bladder or make you feel like you have to shit like wearing a pair of jeans with a tight belt, because the fit is tight overall instead of just pushing hard in the wrong place. Also, what are your thoughts on wearing underwear with spandex? I guess it could prevent skid marks after taking a messy shit, but I've never been one to have problems with that, so therefore I never wear any underwear with spandex.

The worst possible thing is wearing a spandex unitard (one of the whole-body) suits and having to pee or poop in those. That happened to me once and taking that thing off to squat in the woods was a real pain so I stopped wearing them!!!! Now I only wear separates (shorts and jogbra or tights and jogbra), always tight, and with no underwear. Fortunately no skidmarks either.

Reading these posts has turned me into a perv for sure. I went to the dentist and as the extremely pretty hygienist was polishing my teeth, I heard a big gurgle come from her abdomen, which was pracitcally up against my ear. The first thing I visualized was that proto-turd moving through her no-doubt gorgeous intestines, and then wondering how long it would be before she had to drop it out from her no-doubt gorgeous butt. Damn hygienists, you can never tell if they are married or not since they are not wearing rings when they are wrist deep in your mouth. BTW, no cavities!

I couldn't get the zipper down on my jeans in high school one time and I realy had to pee. I finaaly had to have one of my friends find a pliers, and try to pull it. It broke off! finally, It hurt so bad, and I wet my pants in front of my four best friends and began to cry. They were very understanding and told me accidents happen. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life. I went home and sat for over an hour in my wet jeans and panties, and finally broke the zipper with another pair of pliers. This is the first time anybody besides the 4 girls heard about it.

Yesterday I was visiting clients in another town. As we were on a construction site, I had no opportunity to visit the ladies' room before I left, although I felt some urge to pee. On my way to my office, the urge became more and more intensive. Finally I got into a terrible traffic jam which kept me up for half an hour. I felt I wouldn't make it to the toilet in my office. I was afraid that I would pee in my panties. In my desperation I was just about to pull over and pee right there when I reached a gas station. I ran to the toilet, shut the door, lifted my miniskirt and lowered my panties and pantyhose even before sitting and let it flow. The pee splashed into the toilet for more than a minute. It was a great relief. I can't remember having had to piss so badly ever.

To Karen: That was a really good story about you and your brother being constipated.

To Lawn Dogs Kid: What i mean you have constipation stories about you.

I need to tell a really personal storie. When i was 6 or when i was 7 years old my dad got colon cancer, he died a year later when i was 9. This probably could have been prevented by having a regular colonoscopy(this is a cleansing/and examination of the colon). I was wondering if any one on here has any stories about them? Who has had them? What do you all think, about them and do you think i should have it done? at what age? only mentioning this cause i had a dream about it is...

My Dream: I had a dream that i was going to have to have a colonoscopy...It was on short notice that i didn't even take the medicne that cleanses the bowels. Im at the doctors office and my Mom was having one too, she was first and i was next. I was in the examination rooom and they told me to go to the waiting room till it's my turn....I start yelling NOOOOOOOOOOOO cause i didn't want the doctor to go up my butt(but in real life i think i would like this). Then i woke up. I think I had this cause my stepfather went recently(a few months ago) and they said i should have one done, im like no way...Maybe i'll do one when im older. I gotta go, Im feeling such a discomfort suddenly in my stomach right i might have to shit soon. I took a shit this morning and i don't think off of it came out( i had to go to work). Bye

Bill A.
Karen - I too had a lot of suppositories when I was little. My most memorable was when the supp from the jar (glycerine) didn't work and my mom brought me to the Dr's office. There, the Nurse gave me my first Dulcolax suppository. Wow! What an experience! Let me know if you are interested in hearing the details.

The very young women who loves to shit
It's me again I was riding down the road and need to take a shit really bad so i stopped at this park i was parked on the grass i got off my skirt and took off my panties and hanged my ass out of the car opened my crack i was bent over and i passed some gas this man was walking in the park so i had to i did not care who was around as he walked by me i opened my crack and a long hard came sliding out slowly as he got close it was peeking out my butt cheeks i was so hard it felt good coming out he came bye and asked me if need something i told him just need to shit a few turds out he said yes mam he stood there i opened my crack wider to get it on out he said that is shit i said no kidding i fell on the ground i farted loudly and i done another long one it felt so good and medium hard . i done about 6 more about 4 inches long and some balls and then another that was real soft and sticky and it all felt good i wiped my ass and throwed the paper in a sack throwed it in the park t! rash can . It feel so good to take a good long shit that lasted about 45 minutes and all good . bye now

Tonight I went with my older cousin to take my close family to the airport, they were going away for about a week...they are heading to the western usa. Well We are on the highway on our way to the airport. I was feeling a discomfort in my stomach, like a full feeling. We get 2 min from the terminal and i knew i would have to shit, i felt it. I go in im trying to hurry as i was afraid my i couldn't find my cousin cause you can't park. I go in and search for the restroom, i find it and the airport was really croweded for a sunday evening. I go to the first stall and the lock was broken, i go to another one and there was low water with toilet paper in there, so i stay there and there was a guy next to me shitting. I sit down and im trying to get it unclocked by moving objects around as it was an automatic toilet. Then i decided to poop in that stall. Then i hear the flush thing gurgle and i was craping and it kept getting filled with water...By the time i was done the water was ! up to the rim and i had to hurry out of there( i was done) i washed my hands then i decided to pee, then i washed my hands again. Then i go out and my cousin was right where we left. I said bye to my parents and we went to eat dinner. I wasn't all that hungry for dinner...we were 5 min from the restaurant and im like, is this the way? cause my stomach was bothering me(meaning i had to shit). I go in and shit, i must have gone to shit 4 times at the restaurant, once at the airport and 2 times at home(one in the morning and one in the afternoon). The last time i went at the restaurant was the last time i had to go today. My shit was pretty loose, i don't know why i had to shit. I guess i was nervous about my relatives flying, and i wasn't even flying(haven't done so in 5 years).

There's a lot in the media at present about unisex public, resturant, pub and now school toilets. We have had a unisex staff toilet in our office for some time now, shades of Ally mac Beal. There are of course gender separated toilets for clients and those few of our staff who prefer segregated facilities. We have had no complaints and most of the staff and some clients happily use the unisex toilets. There are NO URINALS of course, but a row of 8 cubicles with doors and partitions reaching to the floor so privacy is preserved and washbasins opposite. There is an automatic air freshner system rather like that in most modern air terminal toilets imparting a pleasent floral fragrance so no nasty stinks. At first we had a problem with males peeing on the floor and seats by accident but some polite notices inviting them to take the weight off their feet and sit and relax when they pee just like us girls seems to have put an end to that. So I welcome the move by Bramhall Secondary! School in Stockport , in the North of England, to make one of their toilets unisex, (while leaving some still segregated for those pupils who prefer that option). If this leads to Brits losing their old prudish attitude that defecation and urination are somehow evil, not perfectly natural biological functions as are eating, drinking, breathing and sleeping, then it will be well worth while. We all use the one toilet at home, few people even if they have more than one toilet, (we have 3 in our house), designate a separate toilet for the mother and girls on the one hand and the father and boys on the other.

I must say I enjoyed using Tony and Theresa's two pan side by side toilet and George is going to install this modification in our master bathroom the one we and only close friends use, there being a second bathroom and a cloakroom toilet for casual visitors and not so close friends. It was fun to sit there with Tony sitting on the pan next to me as we both did our post prandial motions, (both big panbusters) and then compared our results. (Tony and I have often buddy dumped, as has George with Theresa, that's as far as it goes, no "swinging"!).

Adrian (England). About wiping, George and I use moist wipes only using ordinary toilet paper for drying after urination which we both do. George's guardian when he was a kid, Aunt Helen, was easy going on most things especially toilet matters but did hate skidmarks when caused by careless wiping. She always ensured that her two girls and George changed their knickers every day and had some paper hankies, (no moists in those days unfortunately), as most schools in those days used that horrible IZAl tracing paper which was useless for cleaning the anal region after a motion or drying the vulval lips after a wee wee. Now we all leave the occasional skid mark, especially if the stool has been a little bit soft, or some mucus leaks out of the rectum, or we have a wet fart of course, but both of us will change our knickers as soon as possible if we find a brown streak in the seat. Women as you say should wipe from vulva to anus, front to back, as the other way can result in fe! ces causing infections such as cystitis and thrush. As to whether it is better to remain seated while wiping or to get up off the pan, I have always prefered to sit as this opens up my fat bum cheeks, but of course if George is with me as he usually would be at home, then I stand up and bend over to let him wipe my bum which he likes to do.

Nice big fat solid ones to all, Moira and George.

Ben in NY
Boy do I have a lot to post today! I hope I don't miss anything...

Kendal- I just read your reasponse to my post. Although I am still confused about the relationships between people on this website (as I always say, I am very forgetful) it would appear to me that you, Andrew, and Chloe have a wonderful relationship that would be the envy of any person, including myself. It is always nice to support one another=) Oh and I think America is 15th in the world for education. We're not looking too good!

Bryian- what did the error message say? I may be able to help you out and make sure that it never happens again.

Lawn Dogs Kid- you're Andrew, right? Well I am very happy to hear everything is getting better!

Bryian, Nick- I have always enjoyed using the handicapped stalls. At first, much like you both, I didn't like the room, but now I enjoy taking a shit in a large room. It was all a matter of getting past the feeling that somebody was watching because the space is so big. Now it makes my shit more enjoyable, even though I am a very private person. And Nick, I am so sorry to hear about your accident. My best wishes to you...

Tony- Thanks for responding! It's a good thing you don't live in the U.S. because here the PC is 20 times worse than any other country around the world! I can't begin to explain without going off on a rant Dennis Miller-style.

Ileo- I say continue to be there for the one you truly love. Sometimes the best relationships come out of giving support to one another in tough times. Also, it seems that her boyfriend may be quite unstable and could soon inflict physical and mental damage upon her. If they already have broken up, I suggest that she stay away from him. Also, don't let your other friend be hurt by your relationship. Continue to urge her to convere with you about her feelings. It is always good to vent them. Maybe you should tell her about this site! She would be accepted so well! I am sure we would all be honored by another corageous person's presence on this site! We already have so many!

On a very exciting note, my locker is right next to the girls bathroom in school this year! I cannot stress how close it is. It is actually attached to the frame of the door! And sometimes in the morning it is locked, and the girls try to turn the nob and find they cannot open it before first period. I can't help to imagine that they are desperate, and yet they just have to turn and smile at me because I'm standing there at my locker. I also get to watch beautiful girls walk in and I get to imagine them using the toilet. I am hoping someone will fart really loudly one day, because as a safety precaution if the bathrooms are unlocked, the doors are kept open. OH, the excitement!

I guess that's all for now!

Peace and love,
P.S. Ileo, Jon Stewart is brilliant! To anyone who doesn't like the politically correct style of todays society I suggest you watch Jon Stewart on the Daily Show on your comedy channel. I would also suggest Dennis Miller Live on HBO and Bill Maher (as Ileo said) on Politically Incorrect. Now there's an appealing name!
And lets not forget George Carlin!

some dude
I know another movie with a woman on the toilet - Hollow Man! A female lab tech has to pee, but she checks the room out with infrared goggles to make sure she's alone before she starts, as there is a deranged invisible man running around the lab.

Dosen't it suck when you have to take a major dump when there are no public toilets around and the area is too populated to run for the woods? I once got diarrhea and broke every speed law in the book to make it to a gas station. As soon as I sat down, I unloaded a massive stream of greenish-gray liquid poop with sounds that could have come straight from the infamous Dumb & Dumber scene!

Lisa - Sounds like a nice poop you had, I had a poo in the woods last weekend too, I enjoy getting back to nature...I left the house just as I started fart, and before I got to the woods I began to feel a large poop move down and poke from my butt hole, I was starting to get strong bowel cramps and could feel the large poo touching my pants, it was hard to keep it in, so I looked for a secluded place to unleash my load. Undoing my pants I pulled down my boxers and assumed a semi squatting position and relaxed, as soon as I did I began to feel the beast begin to slowly ooze from my anus, and then after several inches I suddenly felt a painful cramp and my bowels pushed out a solid lump, (2" in diameter 6" in lenth) follwed by a mound of squidgy smelly poop,and a lot of farting, it was all over in seconds and I began to feel much better,I paused for several seconds squeezing out the last few small wet poops, then wiped with some leaves and covered my poop with soil and left wit! h a spring in my step.

I was on my own on the telephones again at work about 2 weeks ago when a started to feel a need to unleash a huge fart, I battled to hold it but couldn't wait so I eased it out gently, just like Lisa in the supermarket, but it really stank of rotten guts! - and then my boss Carole walked past me and complained of a terrible rank smell, I knew I had to go but could not leave the telephone, I had to fart again, and let fly another wet stinker, I couldn't feel any huge poos but felt very heavy in the lower abdomen, I could tell it was going to be a mushy poop and I was going to have to hold it for a while, I battled for another hour on the phone until I just had to go, I explained to Carole that I had to use the bathroom badly and could she cover for me, but she said she was too busy and could I wait until a temp arrived, foolishly I said yes, and by now my ???? was making noises, so I explained it was urgent and she grudgingly let me go, I just made it to the toilet, and as! I dropped my butt onto the toilet seat a torrent of mushy poop blew from my asshole for about a minute, when I got up I saw it was all over the back of the toilet, I had to wipe a lot and then flushed, as I opened the toilet door Carole was outside waiting to come in,(we have single unisex loos at work) the pong was terrible and I could see by her face that she was disgusted by the terrible stench, but she put her hand over her mouth and went in all the same, she later reprimanded me and told me releive myself at home and not to waste working time, I don't know if i'll manage that, I usualy goa bout 7am but sometimes I have to poo about 2pm, usualy quite badly if I've eaten a lot the dat before.

Speak to you all soon, I love some of the posts recently


Modest, this one's for you. . .

My name is Hance. This is about my wife, Teah. And for those of you who don't know us, my full name is Hancebridge. My wife's full name is "Shyteah" (shi-tee-uh; yes, as in the S word). But I call her "Teah" for short. Teah, my lovely wife, has a very big butt (the kind that reminds you of a mare), thick thighs, and a tiny 24 inch waistline. Once Teah and I were going to Gina and Tom's a new house. We all went to college together. Teah's been the same since I met her: always hungry, always whining, and she always spends more time in the bathroom than any other place. We had just come from dinner with her rich parents (who like me more than Teah). Teah always wears tight clothes from Victoria's Secret Catalogs. She wore a little black dress to show off her big butt. It was a $49 stretch knit dress with cap sleeves, and she'd have to pull it down when ever she got ready to sit down. She wore these $29 platform sandals, and her toes were painted black. Okay, it wa! s nighttime, around 8:30. I was driving to Gina's and Teah was listening to the DJ on the radio. She laughed herself silly. When I got off Interstate 95, I saw her holding her belly. She said, "I musta jarred something loose." Her body crooked like an archer's bow in that tight-ass dress. Teah released a SBD one. By the time the scent hit my nose, she said softly, "Hance, I gotta dookie."
I asked, "Can you hold 'til we get to Gina's?"
She was clinching her anus; her toes knotted and her face pinched. "Yeah. But it'll hurt."
"What did you eat?" I asked.
"Roast beef and cheddar sandwich, broccoli, baked potato . . ."
"Not tonight," I said. "All this week."
Teah made repentant eyes at me. "Macaroni and cheese."
"How much?"
Her gapped 2 front teeth showed in her half-smile. She replied. "A whole pan."
It got worse by the question. I asked her, "Did you drink any fluids?"
"A milkshake," Teah tried to recall. "Some Diet Coke, Slim Fast . . ."
I was thinking of taking Teah to the hospital; maybe the delivery room was the ideal place for her, since she once passed a stool the size of her own wrist! When we got to Gina's I got my Sony camcorder out of the trunk. Teah was walking like she was holding a kick ball between her knees. It was so funny; I recorded her all the way to the porch.
"It hurts," she whined as we got to the front door. Gina invited us in. Teah just sat on the sofa like that abrasive sensation to pass a bowling ball didn't exist. When Teah broke wind a few times, Gina had a feeling what Teah was about to ask. After 20 minutes of gassing us out, Teah gathered the courage to ask, "Can I use your bathroom?"
Knowing her sorority sister's tremendous bowel movements all too well, Gina asked, "Number 1 or number 2?"
"I gotta dookie," Teah lightly stepped in place, like she'd split open where she stood.
Usually Gina tells Teah to go outside and poop. But this time Gina said, "Go ahead."
Teah ran upstairs, knocked and then came back down in a panic. "It's locked, Gina!"
Gina smiled. "Tommy is still installing the ceiling fan."
Teah gave me that 'do something about it' look. I went up to speak to Tom. I told him that Teah had to go to the bathroom. Tom only nodded, got out the Liquid Plumber and the toilet snake and left. I opened my camcorder back on the sink and got a shot of the new ceiling fan. Gina was in the doorway and said, "Your wife is down there hemorrhaging." So I rushed down to tell Teah the bathroom was free. She was on the sofa, hunched on her right side, doing what sounded like Lamaze breathing. Teah got up, moaned and pulled that tiny black dress over her slightly exposed butt cheeks. She said on the way up, " I gotta good bad." I recorded her while she held her big booty with the right hand and her belly with the left. I turned from locking the door and found Teah in a squatting position; her tiny black dress had gathered at the rear while she hunted for her favorite magazines in a nearby rack. I zoomed in and only saw the black thong between her cheeks bulging outw! ard. Something was bound to pop out of there. When she acquired 3 BLACK HAIR mags, she stood for a second, I guess to squeeze the load back up there, because it probably stained her bikini. Then she let her thong fall to her ankles, and she stooped down again! She held on to the sink and like a frog, she bounced a bit. The dark skin around her tense anus swelled forth with erotic life and pushed outward a bit. When pee dripped from below, Teah shot up, lifted the toilet cover and franticly pulled the tiny dress up to her navel. With her donkey thighs fully exposed, she lowered her bubble butt onto the softest mink seat cover she even felt. She peed, bent forward, removed her platform sandals and spread her toes on the soft mink throw rug. She remained slanted forward while she flipped through the mags. At the angle from which I sat, I had no view of her beautifully swelled anus. "Get up," I said.
Instead she told me to get her elevated seat from her luggage. I came back and put the seat boaster on backward, so that the frontal opening was to the rear. She moaned deeply when she sat down again; and I aimed my Sony camcorder up into that dark aperture. I clicked on the camera light and was startled by the head of a monstrous sub roll turd! It was creeping down, crackling like burning plastic. It peeked out about a half inch, and then it was sucked back up there. Teah clinched up very tight then relaxed her muscles for another effort. She bore down and peed; the throbbing anus bulged and pushed outward. The poop showed no indication of snapping off as Teah pinched her anus; it remained sooth and shiny at the tip as she clinched up and took it back in.
"Hance," she panted, spraying air freshener, "I can't dookie with that thing down there."
I only dared to prop the skin around her anus with my finger. She released the spray can and bore down, pressing it out promptly. It was out about a good inch, then vanished back inside her. Teah pushed, peed like crazy and made a beastly sound. Once again the giant turd peeked out of her. It was huge and bumpy, like a distorted tree branch. She sucked it back up. She moaned and gave another gentle push. It slid down some more this time, having some pigments of light brown, black blotches and even swirls of green! Crackling greatening as the loaf protruded; then she sucked it back up! "I can't dookie," she whined. "It's too big!" Her anus was shut up tight, and there was a mound on the left side; it was that big log, slowly making its way down for another putrid appearance.
I said dearly to her, "Let it come. . ." Just as soon as I zoomed in, it popped back out with a foul whisper. And I soaked the front of my pants with warm sticky fluid. Teah spread her cheeks and allowed the monster to smooth out; it was full of knots and crooks, and she broke it off at about 7 inches. But the hemorrhaging was not over. Out popped the start of another long and firm burden. She rocked and grunted in great effort, dropping a hot steamy 4 incher. The last on made her anus bunch inward. It stretched her hole to the size of a 50-cent piece. She was trying to break it off, but it was too solid. I quickly got a shot of her sweaty distraught face and knotting toes. When I got back, the turd was just leaving her butt. It made the lenses fog up as it plopped quietly below. She 6 times.
"I just gave birth," Teah stood and pulled down her little black dress. If that be the case, then she numerous burdensome, hardy, smelly newborns on her roster.

New Girl
Hi peoples!
I am back once more. I have had school and haven't been posting, and don't expect to make many posts, but hopefully the posts I do make will be pretty long.

I am a writer and am good at writing stories, so most of the time I will be making up stories on here FYE(for your entertainment). I will take suggestions! Just describe a story or sumthing (like a setting, what happens, characters) and I will make the story! (I don't use 'bad' words that sum of u use on here) I won't post my first story right now, b/c I have to do HOMEWORK (YUK!). C u guys lata.

New Girl

Anne (Bus Driver)
Hello all, especially Adrian. (I have details of my motions over the last couple of days for you later in this post).

On the unisex toilets mentioned by Tony of Scotland, I am in favour and if we had these in schools, as we all share the same toilet at home, it would go a long way to kill off the British and for that matter generally Anglo Saxon prudush attitude to excretion. Only one warning comment, men will have to adapt to sitting to pee not standing. On the luxury coaches I have to drive the toilet is a WC pan only. There is a boldly printed notice asking men to sit for both types of function as of course women do and even a "traffic sign" showing a man standing with a diagonal red line through him. Now when I drive a load of younger men say in the late teens to mid thirties they mostly comply but the older men seem to ignore this request and remain standing and the floor gets wet with piss YEUCH! I read that many men now sit to pee, George who writes here and I think Scots Tony, (correct me if I am wrong), are two. I cannot understand why men have this compulsion to stand and piss a! gainst an object such as wall, urinal, tree etc. I can only think that it is an atavistic behaviour akin to scent marking of territory by other male animals. I know a couple of blokes who use a cubicle and sit to pee and not only is this a cleaner and more comfortable method but actually gets the bladder more empty than standing to piss according to them. So lads, if you are using a unisex toilet please sit to pee as we girls do and keep the seat and floor dry and clean!

On the wiping isssue, yes a woman should wipe from vulva to anus NOT the other way as feces if introduced into the vulva and vagina can cause thrush, or cystitis if the bacteria enter the bladder. When I was a teenager I had a big soft poo in my knickers when I didnt make it to the toilet in time and although I washed thoroughly when I got home I did suffer an attack of Thrush a few days later no doubt from bugs in the poo as it had been one of those soft paste like motions that had squashed up and filled the seat and gusset of my white cotton school knickers and some had got into my "slot". So I am always very careful about wiping properly and use moist tissues as I have said, and change my panties every day, sometimes twice a day in hot weather or when I am on my period.

Now Adrian, are you sitting comfortably? details of the 3 motions I have had from Thursday to this morning. I was constipated on Thursday, no big deal, it happens to us all sometimes. I came off shift and needed to go for a poo so went to the ladies toilet at the depot. I hitched up my skirt and took my pale blue Sloggi briefs down to my knees and did my wee wee "hiss tinkle" then felt the first lump at my ring. It was fat and hard. "NNN! UH! NNN" PLONK! OH! AH! NNN! PLUNK! PLANK! AH! NNN! NNN! UH! KUPLOONK! KAPLOINK!" five eggs of various sizes came out. I sat for a few minutes more in case a second load was on its way as I felt full, but apart from a couple of loud farts, nothing more came down. I wiped my bum and had a look in the pan at the mid browm hard knobbly balls bobbing up and down. If they had been lined up end to end they would have been 12 inches long so I had passed the same amount as a single large jobbie but as 5 "constipotaoes" as Moira ( or was it Nicol! a) calls them. Yesterday, Friday, I had a day's leave, (Im off all this weekend till Monday in lieu of the Bank Holiday when I worked). I went out dressed in a polo shirt and brown corduroy jeans hugging my big butt, (If you have got it, flaunt it!). After a bit of shopping and a meal in a cafe in a shopping mall I needed a poo and went to the ladies which had those stainless steel pans. Undoing my belt and dropping my cords and the pink cotton panties I had one beneath I did my pee, very loud and tinkling in the metal pan then felt the jobbie come down. I hoped it would be a bit easier than the previous days efforts. I was one of those single big jobbies that get fatter in the middle then taper off, shaped like a boat viewed in plan (from above) I suppose. With a steady NNN! NNN! UH! I slowly passed it until it shot into the pan with a 100 megawatt KUR-SPLOONG!". After wiping my bum with a moist wipe from my sholder bag and pulling up my panties I had a look at the fat knobbl! y turd, as usual a mid brown colour. It was about 12 inches long and nearly 3 inches thick at its fattest point . Of course it stuck in the pan even with the powerful flush, so I left it as always for others to admire. This morning I got up at 8.00am had a cup of coffee, opened my post, the usual junk mail and bills, and a letter from my mum. I felt my bowels move gently and went to the toilet to read mum's letter. I was still in my nightwear, a knee length yellow night dress with cats on it, very girly, and a pair of white cotton panties beneath. I hitched up the nightie and pulled down my panties, and as I did my wee wee, a long and powerful gush as I hadn't yet peed from getting out of bed, I felt this big solid but easy jobbie start to slide out of me under its own steam with very little effort on my part. I just sat there reading mum's gossip about the family, neighbours, friends and her usual exhortation to "find a nice man and get married" which I always ignore. meanwh! ile, with no fuss a big fat easy turd was sliding effortlessly out of my back passage. It just seemed to keep coming out and i must say it was a lovely feeling. I think someone called this a "Goldilocks Poo" not too hard, not too soft, just right! Finally I felt it taper off and there was no sound as it finished. I wondered what my mum would think if I wrote back "As I read your letter I am sitting doing a huge motion in the toilet...." I looked into the pan. WOW! this was a beacher (lovely expression), 2.5 inches fat, smooth, ,Mid Brown, curved and about 16 inches long with about 5 inches sticking up put of the pan steaming. I wiped my bum and pulled up my panties had a good look, then pulled the flush but although it moved down in the pan so only the pointed tip stuck above the water it stuck as I guessed it would. I am now going to have my shower and get changed and go out again. The big jobbie will still be there but will eventually go away after a few more flushes.

Adrian and others, I hope you liked having a verbal buddy dump with me. Love from Anne.

Louise – thanks for answering my questions. It’s really interesting to hear from a girl who is so open about these things. I remember reading about you doing the runny poo and the women getting upset. Were you embarassed when that happened? Have you ever had any adverse reactions when you’ve been caught peeing in public?
You’re obviously a bit of an exhibitionist. Does this manifest itself in any other way – in the clothes you wear for example.
Steve’s a lucky guy.

Hey Scott, I wasn't able to get to Studland Beach today--did you catch anyone dumping there? I've seen a few guys take a shit there, buddy-dumped with a couple of male friends last summer and I've dropped a solitary load in the dunes many times. Once I squatted and thought I was well hidden. I'd just worked very hard pushing out the first turd, when I raised my head up and saw a youngish woman looking at me a few metres away--she quickly turned her head away! I was kind of embarassed but just had to go and let the rest out, so I looked down and dumped the rest and when I finished grunting and looked up again, she was gone. Scott, I sure wish I knew how to find you and see you in action--I'm in Hampshire.
Bye for now, Daniel

TO LISA-I loved that woods poo story!I wishI was there doing one of my own dumps along with you-sounds ilke you and I do our pooing in 2-3 parts-I would have loved to have seen that poop coming out your butt as i push out my load!More stuff from you ,dear-i love your stories -keep 'em coming!
TO KIM-Boy,you do some serious dumping-You are another one i would like to poo with in the woods-Are you a really big girl or do you just eat an awful lot of fiber or something like that-Wow-- big poos
Went out to the woods this a.m. but i didn't run into my poo-buddy,so i undressed and did a mushy load over his pile that he left from the other day.Then on the way back i had to go again (like you lisa) and squatted down and let out some real loose stuff with some farts and pushed out some mucus that seemed to hang out my asshole forever and finally i had to wipe it away and almost pull it out my anus to get clean-kind of a drag to do,but what else could i do,Well hopefully i'll run into my poo buddy sometime this week-I'm going to try and hold it til i can get out there to poo along with him and do a real good poo-well we'll see BYE

Sunday, September 10, 2000

Well, I have a short post, just really a thanks to all the people who have posted since last year, and to request more poop accident stories. I just have a fetish, and I thought I'd ask some of you to elaborate on that point. Also, I recently nearly stopped up a toilet in a fancy hotel in Arizona. Hadn't gone in two days, and that's when my motions get the hardest, and it almost stopped the toilet. :)

Happy and big motions to all! Dave-NY

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