Shy Pam
To 5:
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed my storeys from growing up. I had one of those childhoods with a lot of accidents...some of which could have been prevented but a lot that couldnt. I can now look back at it and sort of laught it off although as I have said in other posts I can really feel for the poor kids that are going through that stage now. At the time wetting or pooping your pants seems like the end of the world and now one finds out everyone else had similar experiences. Now it almost seems cute to reminiss about it.
Check my other back posts from about June or late May on (when I found the site). I have shared a lot of my stories.

I most enjoy the constipation stories. Here's one I remember from when I was around 7 years old. One day I kept trying to poop and made quite a few unsuccessful attempts at forcing out a big, hard, dry one. I was trying to relieve myself with all my might! I remember grabbing the underside of the toilet bowl and straining as hard as I could to make it come out. It must have been quite a few days since my last poop. Finally I went to my Mom, who was watching t.v. in our family room, and I told her that everytime I tried to poop it just wouldn't come out. Mom said for me to go to the kitchen and get a paper dinner napkin. So I did. Then she led me into the bathroom and told me to sit on the toilet. She reached into the medicine cabinet and got the (dreaded) jar of suppositories and petroleum jelly. It was then that I realized what was in store for me! I hated being given a suppository, though I didn't get them very often, this was the usual remedy when any of us kids! were constipated. I was told to lean forward with my hands resting on the edge of the bathtub. First she dabbed a big glob of jelly on my sore little butthole. Then she held the waxy, slender suppository in the paper dinner napkin and inserted it up into my sore rectum. Then I was told to sit and wait for it to work...which it always did without fail. It always amazed me how a small, waxy stick could make someone go poop! I hated being given them, but from that day forward, I knew what it would mean if I told Mom I was having a hard time going poop!

Here's another constipation story for those of you who like them, too. I remember when my brother was about 10yrs old and I was around 8. He had been sick with the stomach flu and but was starting to recover a bit and was able to finally eat without throwing up. He had been in the house and in his pajamas for quite a few days with his illness. This one particular day, my dad was home with us and mom had gone to the store. My brother was watching t.v. with dad and I, but had gotten up to use bathroom. He finally came out of the bathroom and back into the family room where dad and I were still watching t.v.. He said that he can't go poop and that he needed one of "those things" put up his butt. He was motioning with his hand towards his butt when he said it. My dad knew what he meant (that he needed a suppository), but dad said that my brother would have to wait until mom got home and she would give it to him. When mom came home and got the groceries put away, dad must! have told her that my brother was constipated because she then disappeared with my brother into the bathroom. I thought it was so weird that my brother was asking to get a suppository! I would never come right out and ask for one.....I hated getting them!

I started to post a story yesterday but i got an error message when i was half way typing my story....and when i was done i hit submit and it wouldn't go through. I tryed to "copy and paste" it but it wouldn't work when i rebooted the comp. So anyway. My 4 year old cousin had been here for the past 2 days cause my parents were babysitting him. I wake up the first morning he was already here. and i was just watching him play then he goes upstairs and then a few min later i go up to check on him and i said what are you looking for. He said he was looking for the bathroom....or that he had to go to the bathroom. At this point i was excited that he would have to ask for the bathroom, something i didn't think he would do. I show him to the bathroom and then he tells me he didn't have to go, he said i had to go when i was downstairs. Then he said to me, what do you use your bathroom for, pee or poop...i forget what i told him, i think i said, pee and poop. Well then i found out he t! old my parents the same story(parents weren't around when i was with him in the bathroom). But the only thing different is he told, them if they had to poop they could use his bathroom at his home, but this wasn't at his home.

This morning i had to shit before work, i let out a 6" log or so. Did alot of wiping.

To Bryian, glad you liked my story, I remember lots of occasions when I was too shy to say I needed to pee, but not many when I needed a crap.

There are probably many more out there who had/have the same shyness. How did you all manage to hide the fact from others when it got desperate? When I held my 'willie', as I called it as a boy, someone would always ask 'Do you need a wee,Nicky?' and I would usually put my hands at my sides and say 'No'

One time, when with family friends with 3 girls of 9, 11 and 13, and I was 11, I remember being really bursting to wee but every time I got near the bathroom someone was nearby and I waited some more. Later, I was playing hide and seek in the garden and Lucy, the 11 year-old, had gone to hide. The three of us left went searching in differant directions and the idea was that if you found the hidden one, you stayed with them, the last one to find everyone being the loser. I ran to the hedge at the back of the garden, knowing that I could pee in private there, but Lucy was already there. She also needed to pee and told me so. As we squatted down to hide she said 'do you want to wee too?' I couldn't hide the fact and had already done a bit in my pants on the way out. She said I could watch her wee if she could watch me but even the I was too shy. After five minutes she said she was wetting herself and I saw it coming out of her knickers and making a pool. She thought it! was funny and laughed. I had to turn around and get my willie out fast then because the sight of her made me need to pee even more and I was wetting myself too. She watched over my shoulder and I was terrified she would say anything to the others. Even that didn't cure my shyness but it made me more interested in watching girls have a wee.

To hiker_uk. I also remember something that happened on a French campsite, when I was sixteen. One evening I went to one of the bog blocks for a piss and coming the other way, also to the bogs, was a girl of about 12. I went into one of the two bogs and began to piss and I heard her enter the one next door. She was sort of grunting with the effort to hold it in and I knew she hadn't pulled her jeans down because I would have heard it. She must have been waiting for me to go so I wouldn't hear her crapping. I waited and then she went back outside where I could see her through a slight gap in the door. She was walking around in circles, on tiptoe with one hand up her bum and looked really desperate. Then she stopped and went red in the face and I heard her go 'uhhhh'. Then somone else was walking past so she came back into the bog and I heard her unzip her jeans and pull them down. There was a splash as she emptied her pants. I wish I had had had the courage to look over! the top of the dividing wall.

Haven't ben on in a while. Pretty busy. I have been keeping up with the stories here though.

Buzzy--So glad you found a potential buddy. Even once is great to hear about. I always enjoy hearing your stories.
I had a wonderful shit inthe woods last weekend. I set out for my morning hike with only a slight urge to go. As I walker the urge increased dramatically. After about 20 minutes I had to go really bad so I stooped & pulled down my shorts & panties. After a quick thought I took them off altogether. I squatted & immediatly began to piss like crazy. After about 10 seconds I let out a long dry fart & my forst turd started sliding out my hole. My pee stopped & the turd started coming faster. After a few seconds it fell to the ground. Another took it's place & with an enormous fart it shot out. I felt done so i took a look as I was putting my shorts back on. They were about 8 inches each & pretty fat. I started walking back when I felt another urgent need to go. I quickly got into position & let a squelching fart. This was immediatly followed by a large amount of very soft poop. I did this 3 more times accompanied by wuite a bit of farting. I cle! aned up & pulled my shorts back up. I'd left quite a pile but it sure felt good to let it all out.
I have another story but i'll save it for later.

Simon--Yes I've had really bad gas in public before. One time I was in line at the store & felt this really big fart coming. I squeezed my butt cheeks together & let it out slowly & in parts. I really stunk up the place & this kid behind me said to his mom "Mommy somebody farted!!" I got several looks. WE still had a line ahead of us & I felt another coming. I let out several really bad farts but all silent. I was checking out when I let out a quick but loud fart & knew I'd have to find a bathroom quick. I said excuse me, paid & quickly headed to the ladies room. The kid said to his mom "it stinks momy." she told him "that lady needed the bathroom. I made it to the bathroom in time for a bout of diahrea.

Buzzy: Sorry for the delay in getting back to your question about my experience when Mike the hitchhiker and I both took a shit in the restroom of a gas station. You asked whether I could see his logs coming out and if he could see mine emerging. The answer is no to both questions. I don't know how you shit. Most guys, however, including me and Mike, lean forward when sitting on the john since this seems to be the best position for expelling our turds. The asshole is therefore towards the back of the seat. Also, our equipment usually dangles in front so that it is unusual to see the shit emerging from the asshole with a guy in the conventional sitting position. I have, however, sometimes seen turds emerging from guys' assholes. I used to spend time at a beach in Florida. The restroom had two adjacent toilets without any separating partition. I usually took a dump there while at the beach. I would usually sit on the can. Often another guy would take a sh! it in the adjoining toilet while I was dumping. The seats were usually real dirty and guys would therefore often shit in a hovering position with their butts not touching the seat. Some would almost stand with their butts protruding a little over the bowl. I could then see their turds emerging. Often they would turn their heads away (? from embarrassment) from me so I could watch them shitting without irritating them. Once a teen came in with a friend. The friend and I both watched his turds emerging as he hovered over the toilet. Each time one hit the water with a loud plonk the friend said "Bombs Away!" When he was done I stood up to wipe my ass. Both guys looked into my bowl. The teen was a clear winner and said so.

hello all. this is kim again without my boyfriend scott this time. Earlier this week i started school again.(I go to a college I am close enough to drive to)In the morning I woke up early to start my day I was already nude since i sleep nude oftentimes(especially with my man scott. hahaha!) well anyway I had to take a massive dump also and sat my ass on the toilet seat and quickly squeezed out a 13 1/2 inch long log. i tell you it felt so good crashing it out and feeling my anus open up really wide! .after i had my log i wiped and flushed and started my day at school and later a part time job that i have . later that night after i ate dinner and all and it was getting time to go to bed .i felt a cramp in my stomach that i had to have another shit. so I took off all my clothes again and sat my ass on the toilet seat once more as i soon crashed out another humongous log. This log was 14 inches long and very fat. i tell you when i was first crashing this beast out i was wond! ering if my toilet bowl could hold it all in! thankfully it did. This log was huge brown and very fat! I had two big logs in one day. i was kinda surprised! i did this before but i usually have one of my gigantic ones and thats it.And STINGER-I like . what you said about me eating a jar of prunes so i could push out an unbelievable massive log. but believe me sweetie with all the fruits i eat and the grain and fiber i eat i am sure i will surpass my 18 inch log record fairly soon. KEEP POSTED ON THAT OK?hahaha! well so long for now. everyone be good. love,kim

I ate hot pepers one day and the next morning I had to go and I held on for dear life as the stuff hit the water and boiled it and the toilet seat got singed it was so hot. At least that's the way it felt.

Had a great dump out in the woods this a.m.It was fun!Got up and I didn't poo yesterday all day and that was unusual for me-i go every day and sometimes 2 times a day in the hot weather-I was up about 10 mins and i could feel how stuffy my ???? was,so i got on my bike and went out to that spot i ran into that other guy last week,but i haven't seen him since then.By the time i got there,i had to shit pretty good,but i could tell it was going to be a long session of pooing so i got undressed and sat on this log which is about 8 feet long and a foot or more thick and very comfortable to sit on.I relaxed my anus and let out a long fart(farting outdoors sounds funny at times-this would have been real loud sitting on a toilet)Then i pushed out some round balls that felt like spiked tennis balls coming out-hurt a little-did about 3 or 4 of these-Then i just sat there and felt another cramp and a small hissing fart came out followed by a 6 in knobby poo that came out slowly and thump! ed to the ground-i guess i was a bit binded up-then as i was waiting to go more,i heard a noise from the path about 10 feet away and i turned and saw that guy on his bike coming toward the clearing where i was and i could tell he didn't see me yet-i felt a bit nervous and then he saw me and said" hey buddy,didn't think i'd see you again and i see you got a head start again -you mind having some company,i got to go pretty bad too" and he laughed and i said" good morning i just started myself" and he seemed so relaxed and friendly that I started to feel more relaxed.He came over and put his bike at the other end of the log and started to take off his biking shorts and just then i had to go and my anus opened up and this real long sausage started coming out and i just let it come out slowly and he saw it and said" Wow i see you came to dump some serious stuff" and laughed and said" I got to do some serious stuff myself"and by then he was undressed and sat on the log about 3 feet ! away from me and i could see his butt and he let out a small fart and said" well- he goes" and i still had this big turd hanging out my ass and it must have been well over a foot long and toutching the ground and he was looking at my poop hanging out my butt and he pushed out a real long monster of a poop that was shiny and thick and very long and it came out slowly and for a second we both had these big turds coming out our butts at the same time and we are both looking at each others creation.I said" wow,you are a real pro" and laughed and he said" yea,i've been holding this for about 15 miles and i didn't think i'd see you again but i figure i'd take a chance and stop by here and see if i'd run into you I said" well here i is" and laughed.Then i pushed out the rest of my turd and it curled up on the ground like a big kielbasa.Then his poop curled on the ground too but his must have been a foot and a half long and think too,It was a monster.Then he started to talk about base! ball and we sat and talked and then i felt another cramp and let out a bunch of pudding poo and he was sitting there pushing out some skinny soft stuff himself,but for the most part he looked like he was done.then he shifted his butt away from me and i could see his anus pushing out and in but he was done- i shifted my butt towards him and i had to do more and i pushed out some more soft stuff with a lot of wet sounding farts,by now i had a big pile under me and he said " boy you really had to go huh"I said "Haven't gone in 2 days and this feels great to finally let this stuff out1" Then i saw him wipe his butt and turned around and look at both our piles and said"Some serious piles here dude" and laughed.I didn't get any weird vibes from him at all while we were pooing-i think we both just enjoyed pooing with each other and i have to admit,that really turned me on to do that buddy pooing thing with this guy-i have done it with women but never with a guy and even though i'm h! eterorsexual,i really enjoyed it with this guy.then he was getting dressed and i started to wipe myself and get dressed myself and he said"Hope you have a good day,i really enjoyed dumping with you I'm here uaually every day or so at this time(which was about 7-7:30 am) You are welcome to join me if you want"I said "yea it was pretty cool and i have to admit at first i was a bit nervous about this cause i'm not really into guys doing this. i've seen a few women do this and i did enjoy this with you ,so maybe we'll do this again sometime if i can hold it long enough to get out here" and laughed.He said "sure any time" and got on his bike and left and i got on by bike and headed home to tell you all about it-I hope i can do this again soon,i have to admit it was fun and no weird stuff went on at all-Hopefully have some more stuff to tell you all after the weekend !BYE

Mike P. I wouldn't be too angst about wiping habits. Personally I don't think wiping habits are gender related although women should, I believe, wipe front to back. Someome will correct me if I'm wrong about this. What's certainly true is that some people are more thorough than others, no doubt reflecting their personal choice and, to spme extent, upbringing. That having been said, I think we can all be more thorough at some times than others. I can't imagine that anyone's 100% consistent about this all of the time.

Anne (the bus driver). Any interesting experiences lately?

Lawn Dogs Kid
Chloe made a friend in her class today. My friend Bev and I got together over lunch and decided to introduce her little sister Kirsty to Chloe. However, the girls laughed at each other after we had summoned them both. It turns out they are in the same year 7 class together ! We had decided to introduce them to tell them that they had both shared the same awful experience at the hands of those two year 10 girls in the toilets. Bev is apparantly working on a plan to get them back, but whatever it is can't involve me. So I'm curious now ! I'll let you all know when Bev tells me !

So, Chloe tells me that she thinks she and Kirsty will get on very well with one another. They had a good talk about things and found they had a lot in common. I'm so pleased that Chloe seems to be settling in so quickly, despite what happened to her. Kendal is so much more sensitive. It would have taken her weeks to get over an experience like that. I still don't think she's fully recovered from her experience with Alan yet.

On the subject of Kendal, I had a surprise visit from her at my place, not long after getting home on the bus. Chloe has elected to stay in and do homework tonight. Very commendable !! However, Kendal came and brightened up my day for an hour or so. She had come round on purpose for us to go to the toilet together which was wonderful. But this time, she hadn't changed out of her school uniform. She thought after reading my last post that I was disappointed not to have seen her wee wearing her uniform as well. She's such a lovely girl !

Kendal's uniform is a green sweat shirt with the school's motif on the front, and dark blue skirt. She was certainly very pretty to watch today, with her white socks pulled up to a little below her knees. She perched on the edge of the toilet seat, and her wee hissed directly onto the front of the bowl, with the odd little dribble tinkling in the water. It lasted around 20 seconds, and just after it stopped, she shuffled around on the seat, pushing her bum further back and her panties further down her legs. Then she stared right into my eyes. I'd forgotten that tea-time was when she had her daily poo, because she told me she wanted a wee. Normally Kendal doesn't beat about the bush. She comes out with exactly what she is going to do at the toilet. "I need a wee" ...."I'm going for a poo" ...."I'm bursting to wee".... "Oh, I think I'm going to have a big poo" !!

She hadn't said anything about a poo at all this time, so not only did I get to watch her on the toilet wearing her uniform, I was about to see her poo in it as well, so to speak !

As I began to concentrate hard on listening for the first plop, I heard her pant out her breath "Errrrrrrrr". That is usually followed by her plop, but nothing happened. After I heard her pant for a second time and still nothing, I looked at her, and she was turning very red in the face with her efforts. This was most unusual for Kendal, who doesn't normally have much trouble pooing at all, like me. But after a short rest, she re-doubled her efforts going redder still and after a couple of loud grunts, she began to shake. I stopped her right away. "If you're trying to poo just for me, don't worry about it. I'd rather you didn't burst a blood vessel, or worse, just for my enjoyment". She smiled, and said "I normally poo now, I don't know what's wrong. It feels as if I need a big poo". I told her just to let nature take its course. I suggested she might be a bit constipated ( BRYIAN !! ), but to give it time. She sat for five minutes longer just to see if the urge to poo wou! ld get stronger, but it didn't, so she finished up. She went home half an hour ago. Hope she's ok, my precious little cousin !

BRYIAN: sorry about the above. I realise that this story might not be what you are looking for ! When you say stories about constipation, do you mean me, or when I've been watching the girls ? With regard to stories about bathroom trips with guy buddies, I've never been in the same cubicle with one. I have just once been next door to one of my mates when we were both having a good shit. I'll save that story for next time before this post gets too long. I did tell the story of the one and only occasion I have watched another male have a shit, but it got pulled. I must have been too graphic, because when Kendal told the same story, it appeared ! It was when Chloe's cousins, Kate and Alan were staying with her. All five of us crowded into our bathroom to watch one another, so Kate became only the third girl ( and the oldest at 2 days older than me ) I have ever seen on the toilet. But we all had to witness Alan taking a jolly good dump with the requisite farting and smells! , much to Kate's disgust at the time I remember. What I also remember is the shock I felt when I realised that watching Alan having a damn good poo was exciting me almost as much as when I watch the girls go !! However, I have to say I would prefer to watch a girl any day, and there are none better than my Chloe, and my little cousin Kendal !

Dear Lawn Dogs Kid,

I'm hoping you'll read this tomorrow morning before school.

As I was walking home from your place, my poo began to get very urgent. I would have turned round and come back to share it with you, but I knew that would make me late home, and Mum would get mad. So I had it at home. I'm really sorry. But I know you won't mind, because you're nice like that.

Just so you know, it was a very big poo that came out in one very long piece and a small piece as well. The big piece made a really loud plop that would have made Chloe very proud of me !

So now you know I don't have constipation ! I don't know why I couldn't do it at your house. As you know, I tried very hard. Yet, when I got to my house only 10 minutes later, it came out of my bottom before I even pushed ! Perhaps it was because I wanted so much for you to see me poo with my uniform on, and sometimes you can try too hard, right ?

Anyway, I just thought I'd put your mind at rest.

Love you loads, from Kendal xx

Nick (Canada)
Bryian - Four months ago I felt the same way as you about using the handicapped stall. But a freak accident has changed all that. Now at the age of 30, I have to use the handicapped stall because the regular toilets are too low to sit on. The handicapped are not just "old" people--they're all ages...

I would just like to point out that I am NOT the Tony who wet the bed. I havent done that since i was six and too terrified to go to the toilet during a nightime thunderstorm.

WOW! I have just read that as an experiment a Secondary School in Northern England is to convert one if its toilets to be unisex for Boys and Girls. If ony they had done this at my school in Glasgow in the late 1960s! I can just imagine sitting in a cubicle listening to some of the big ???? girls in my year such as Mary or Anne in the adjoining cubicle doing a big fat jobbie then looking in the pans after they had gone and perhaps seeing their turds stuck there. On a more pragmatic note I assume the dirty smelly urinals will be removed and it will be an all seated WC pan toilet so the general effect will be to make the toilets cleaner and less smelly as Girls are generally cleaner than boys. I would add that teachers / prefects (monitors) will be stationed inside the toilet during break times to ensure nothing untoward happens and that there will still be a gender separate toilet for boys and girls for those pupils who do NOT like using unisex toilets. This comes in the! same week that a club in Derby, "Elite and Destiny," has made some "twobicles" that is a cubicle with side by side toilet pans so people can have a wee wee or a motion together. Also some nightclubs also have unisex toilets, no smelly urinals of course, all cubicles with WC pans and lockable doors. Maybe we Brits are becomming less prudish about our excretory functions now we are in the 21st century and the 3rd Millennium of the common era.

On the subject of Toilets for the Disabled. I DO use these toilets if I have to but not when one of the disabled is wanting to use it. I cannot speak for the USA but here in the UK a law was passed quite correctly insisting that provision for the disabled and access for them be built into any new or refurbished Public Toilets. Now sometimes two existing cubicles are made into one larger one with a wider door, a washbasin and other adapatations. Now the idea is that these are usable both by the disabled, especially wheechair bound, and ordinary people. These cubicles are usualy far cleaner than the ordinary type and its a boon having the handbasin. Some other toilets for the disabled are separate and unisex and require a special key to enter and these are usable by the disabled only if they are members of the RADAR scheme for the disabled. To my mind a toilet is a toilet and as long as you are not preventing one of the disabled from using it, i cant see any problem with an ! able bodied person relieving themselves in one.

Ben in NY, although this may be slightly off the topic i also abhor "political correctness" and refuse to pay it any heed nor to use its terminology. Dont get me wrong, there are words that should not be used as they are insulting to certain races or colours, or sexual orientations. However, some other words are perfectly okey. Black is a simple statement of fact, neither insulting nor praising that colour or race. Likewise if a person is homosexual or hetrosexual, that's a fact, those words dont praise nor blame. Im Scots, middle aged, fat, partly bald, short sighted, male, hetrosexual and a coprophiliac. All of these terms are facts describing Tony, husband of Theresa and neither denigrate nor euologise me. So as far as I am concerned the only good PC is either a Personal Computer or a Police Constable, but NOT Political Correctness. (I do hope the Moderator wont spike this- if you dont like it you have my absolute permission to EDIT THIS PARAGRAPH OUT, which wont in any! way alter the sense of the rest, but please dont scrap the whole posting).

I read an old post which suggested that American Cheerleaders wear two pairs of panties. Is this true and why? Theresa said that when she was at school 30 years ago she and other girls sometimes wore their navy blue Gym knickers, (the cotton Montfort briefs that Nicola mentioned) on top of their ordinary white cotton briefs usually if it was cold and they had to play hockey outdoors. In the warm weather they only wore the one, navy blue, pair for games, changing back into their normal white knickers after having a shower when the games or PE lesson was over.

Finally, I saw what must have been, for me, the biggest single jobbie in a toilet today. I was sorting out a problem on a customer's computer network and I saw that one of the women in the office, (its an all women business), was a huge fatty of about 23 stones. As my luck would have it I saw her go into the toilet and she was in there about 10 minutes. When she came out, looking a bit red faced, I used the convenient excuse that the wiring ran through trunking that went along the toilet walls to have a look. When i lifted the lid on the pan, WOW! there was a long fat jobbie of about 2.5 inches thick and 24 inches long which had all come out of her big fat bum in one piece. Talk about a beacher! about 10 inches of it was sticking up like Cleopatra's needle in London or the Washington Monument in the USA. It was mid brown in colour, knobbly and gave off a strong but not unpleasent odour like a normal fart. I didnt of course say anything as i didnt want to embarass her. Has! anyone seen a single solid turd that was bigger than this?

Thanks to Ben and Kendal , no update to give on my friend , I believe she was hurt to hear that I had a Girlfriend . I was rather clueless to the fact that her sharing of her feelings with me was also being accompanied by subtle "get together" hints . I assured her that if I were available to her in that way that I would not hesitate to take her hand . . . but to no avail , her feelings were hurt <sigh> . Meanwhile my absolute true love , whom I adore more than anything , is still de-constructing and in the process of dismantling her ten year relationship , and he is scorned beyond belief : I am his Devil !! He interrogates her endlessly about me , and what we do in bed (they have been erotically estranged for quite some time ). He's becoming horrific about it and seems to be thrilling on it one minute and crying his eyes out the next . . Therefore our time together has been extremely fraught with anxiety , and we both seem to be having major anal upset that we! are not too eager to share . . .
You are right , Kendall is a treasure , and a pleasure to read . Teens can be very cruel , and I hope that she avoids the traumas that may sour her sweetness .
Also : John Stewart is a kick huh !! . . Bill Maher is also a favorite of mine . . . hugs to all . Your friend , ileo .

For Andrew - very funny <smile> I know sweet from a mile away my friend , and I dare say that you may be sweet also !! . . perhaps I'll steep a pot of Earl Grey and toast the both of you . . hugs . . ileo

To Mike P.--It is not just girls. Anyone who wipes while still sitting on the toilet will not get very clean. To get clean, you need to stand up with one hand full of TP and the other hand pulling a butt cheek aside so that you have a nice big gap to wipe clean. Lots of girls wipe sitting after a shit because they wipe sitting after a piss, and assume that the same is adequate after shitting. There will probably be flack on this topic, but trust me Mike. I am correct. +Jack+

Friday, September 08, 2000

Mike P.
I am writing because I am confused about females and their wiping habits. It seems like every woman I become intimately involved with has interesting wiping habits.
I began to notice this several years ago with my first serious relationship. My girlfriend at the time was was 20, and had anywhere from light to heavy skidmarks on her panties. At first, I thught it was just from wearing thongs, but then I noticed that the type of underwear didn't really matter. While this didn't bother me, I found it curious that she did this because her hygiene was normal in every other way. She was also fairly comfortable about the issue. While we never talked about it, she had no shame about it when I undressed her, and she occasionally made "clean underwear" jokes.
Since her, the other two females I have dated generally fit the description of my first girlfriend. My current girlfriend is the most unusual about wiping. I have seen her poop before (she didn't know I was watching), and I thought she wiped a good 4-5 times. Still, she always manages to have medium to large stains in her droors.
This doesn't seem to bother her though, because she is comfortable enough to lounge around the house in her panties when I am around. Occassionally, this becomes embarrasing when she decides to show off her beautiful figure in tight clothing. One time, we went to the mall and she was wearing white, cotton pants. When she bent over to pick up her bags, I noticed that she had a small brown mark seeping through her panties onto her white pants. It was small enough that I doubt anyone else saw it, but I was embarassed for her if they did because her hygiene is immaculate otherwise. Moreover, what would her colleagues at the office think if they saw this? I don't mind my girlfriends' wiping habits, but I would like to understand why.
What exactly is the deal with females and wiping habits? Do they wipe differently than males? Do they wipe the same number of times as most males, more, or do they wipe less? If they wipe the same or more, are they just proned to marking their panties? Do more women mark their panties than men? Or am I just not used to this because I try and keep very clean?

Chloe and I have had a bad time recently. First there was Alan spying on me while I had a poo when I didn't want him to, and now Chloe is watched while she is on the toilet at school, when she didn't want that. I know Chloe and I watch one another and we both let Andrew watch us, but that is different. We would both trust him with our lives, and love him very much. And besides, Andrew doesn't just come in. He always waits to be asked first. Alan did watch me several times when I let him. But as soon as I didn't want him to come in when I had a poo, he flipped, and was never the same again. If his Mum and Dad had not been in at the time, I would have let him watch, but I'm glad I found out what he was like. No one should expect automatically to be allowed in the bathroom when someone else is on the toilet. It is a very private thing and should be by invite only.

It is private between Chloe, Andrew and I, and we like to watch each other, and to be watched by one another. But that doesn't mean we want any Tom, Dick or Harry watching us. We only want us watching us. Does this make any sense ?

Anyway, Chloe and I talked about it, and cried about it, and hugged one another better. Then we all went to the toilet together, which Andrew has already told you about.

TO ILEO: I see that Andrew passed on my message to you. Here's another hug from me to you !

BEN IN NY: Thank you for your very nice compliment. I'm sure there are plenty of clever children in the USA. I just have to be very thankful to my Mum and Dad, who have always spent time with me, listened to me read my school books every night, and encouraged me to learn. That goes for Andrew as well. Some of my earliest memories are of me sitting on Andrew's knee while he read me stories. And then he used to listen to me reading stories to him as well. Oh yes, and I mustn't forget my teacher. He is a very nice man who always sets me and Alice and Andrew (another Andrew) special work in English so we won't be bored.

Have to go now. I really need a wee. I needed one before I started to write this, but when Mum said I could use the computer, I didn't want to waste a minute !

Bye Bye everyone. Love from Kendal xx

John: The peeing shot in BELOVED is the best I've ever seen! Oprah peed for about 7 seconds. Also, the "Beloved" woman vomits on the floor and craps on some bed sheets. There is one shot where a slave girl's breast milk is taken from her... but that's for another forum.

Other films with poop and pee...

DUMB AND DUMBER: Harry has super runs at Mary's house.
SENSELESS: Girl (Tanya) is heard straining while taking a power dump in the ladies room.
THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT: Kid pisses himself.
THE GREEN MILE: Guard pisses himself.
THE BIG HIT: Handcuffed schoolgirl needs to pee (her captor helps her get her panties down)
DETROIT ROCK CITY: High school girls passes major gas while peeing in a girls room.
RIDE: A guy takes a serious dump on bus toilet.
TASTELESS: A UK film about toilet humor and other sick jokes that live up to the film's name. Example: there is a shot of a group of rich people sitting at a table eating, but they're pooping as well and sitting on toilets, not chairs.

I pooped my pants in school today, the toilet seat had pee on it and while i was wiping the pee off i couldn't hold it anymore and layed a giant poo in my panties.

Maybe this post belongs in the Coughed Up and Spit Out forum. I was reading an article about girls with bullimia once. It mentioned that there was a very old (100+ year old) girl's dorm on a university campus and all of the plumbing and toilet bowls had to be replaced because they had been eroded through by stomach acid from barf of bullimic girls! Not to mention it was stuffed with all of the tampons and napkins and miles of toilet paper!

Ben in NY
Sally- could you be more descriptive about the woman who had the accident? I just want you to describe the five minutes between when she came and and when she lost it.

Bigd- I absolutely agree with you. You shouldn't be criticized for your needs and you shouldn't avoid them to be "politically correct." Quite frankly, the whole world has gone to far with political correctness anyway. And God help you all if I go off on a rant about that! I could write a 10 page report on how much I disagree with "political correctness". But everybody is different, and you should never abandon your needs or belief. Don't think you're wrong in wanting your girlfriend or significant other to be good looking. It's more important to some than others.

Peace and Love,

P.S. I just started school today=( On the other hand, the PHISH concert is Saturday! YAY!!!!!

To Nick: About that Goodnights commercial, the "younger woman" was actually a girl, about 10 years old. The key line, spoken by the girl's "mother," is "We can call and say you're sick." It doesn't imply that the child has had a recent accident, but that she is afraid of wetting the bed during a sleepover at a friend's house.

Your post gave the impression that Goodnights are marketing their product to adults, just as Pampers made a discreet pitch to incontinent and invalid people during their early

Of course, some people who are incontinent, and who are small, wear Goodnights as an alternative to adult diapers. That's why the Depend folks started making adult sized pull-up pants.

To LLD: I only have "dude ranch" and "Ennema of the State" by Blink 182. I'll have to check out Cheshire Cat's "Depends...Im not familar with that albulm/song. Thanks

To nickGB: I liked your story. It reminds me of a story i have about being shy.

I used to be really shy to say i had to go to the bathroom, whether it was to my Parents, Grandparents, close friends of the family. When i was 4-6 and i had to poop, i used to get nervous cause i didn't want to ask to go. So i would go around to who ever i was with(most of the time it was this babysitter we had for me) i used to say, Mrs. Cathy what time is it? That meant i was really desparate to poop, and that i wouldn't be able to hold it much longer and she would have to take me to the bathroom. Eventully this stopped. I remember the day it stopped i was about 6 or 7 and i was at my grandma's house over night and i woke up in the am and i had to poop and i didn't want to go cause there was a lady cleaning my grandmas apartment so, somehow she found out and said, "Bryian, It's ok to go if you have to make ka-ka(thats what she called it). Me asking "What time is it?" stopped soon after. I was still shy to go in public untill i broke out of that in 9th grade(5 years ago)! .

I also remember being at my grandmas apartment one saturday when it was being cleaned by a maid, i had to poop and the maid was cleaning the main bathroom i told my grandma i had to make, i said, "Can i use the bathroom in your bedroom" I remember she wouldn't let me Use it. So i think i ended up waiting for them to be done cleaning in the main bathroom.

To Sara T: Im glad you have heard that Blink 182 song and im not the only one.

To Lawn Dogs Kid: Do you have any storys about you going to the bathroom with some of your guy buddies?? What about constipation?? any stories about that?

France 2000, Part 4.

More stories about staying at a camp site in a village in the French Alps, 1410 metres a.s.l. where they have unisex 'squat' toilette facilities with gaps under the partitions.

Late afternoons weren't very busy but a few women would come in for their 'daily dump'. Some preferred the disabled stall as this was the only one with a conventional bowl and seat. One woman of about 35 came in wearing jeans cut off just below the knees. She tried the disabled stall but it was occupied. She went outside, waited a couple of minutes then came back in but it was still occupied so she went into 'squat' stall #6 (crappers seemed to prefer the end stalls, #1 and #6). I went into #5 and had a good view of her anus as she dropped a series of about a dozen small round poops.

Another time, a woman of about 40 came in wearing shorts and went into stall #6. I guess she was French because she squatted down really low, giving me a fine view of her derriere under the partition from stall #5. He anus opened and small poop emerged. Then the pointed end of another appeared, less than an inch across. It slithered out effortlessly like a slippery eel, nearly a foot long. Then she did a second long slippery one, followed by a third.

I also saw quite a few women doing sticky poops that were very dark brown, almost black. I guessed that this was caused by taking anti-diarrhoea pills or possibly iron tablets. Usually they only opened their anus about half way and slid out one or two quite small soft pieces. Sometimes when it was half way out, they would suck it back in a little way. One had just finished when her cell phone rang, playing the tune of 'Smoke on the Water'. She answered it then flushed the water, making a very loud roaring noise that drowned out her conversation!

One woman opened her anus fully and did a small piece of firm, dark poop, then some more started to come out. She tore off some PT (papier toilette) and made it into a pad. I thought she was about to wipe but instead she held the PT under herself as a full bore black merde emerged. She supported the end as it came out then let the PT and the 5 inch long poop drop into the water. I guess that she wanted to avoid making a loud 'plop' sound as she knew someone was in the next stall. Little did she know....

I haven't had the chance to post since the Labor Day Weekend. Over the weekend, I went down to New Mexico to Tao's and Santa Fe. I visited some art galleries in the old part of town. I saw a particular photograph of a pretty woman and it was taken in 1951. It was a backside nude shot and she had anice looking ass. It is hard to believe that she is in her 70's now if she is still alive. On the pic, you could barely see the anal opening since the cheeks were slightly spread apart.

I stayed at a Youth Hostel near Taos at Arroyo Secco which is between the town of Taos and Taos Ski Valley. It was a pretty cool place. They also had a campground out back as well. They had outdoor toilets which I used to take a piss one time. There was an art fair in the town of Taos in their city park. While I was there, I had to take a dump. They had newer bathrooms but they were "private" one room with one toilet. Another kid who was H.S. age was there as well waiting to use it since it was occupied. We then wandered over to an older facility and I mentioned to him I had to take a dump. I walked into the bathroom and it had doorless stalls and I took the farthest one back. The kid wasn't there too long, guess he had to pee.

Back at the Hostel, I stayed in a large dormitory room and a girl from California walked in to use the bathroom which was a part of the mens dorm. I couldn't hear anything since water was running. She was unfortunately, unfriendly as I found out later. I would have like to go into the bathroom to take a shit with her there but at the time I had no need to go. It would have probably grossed her out after I met her later.

Well, that is all for now :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2000

I remember spendidng the night at the neighbors girls house because my parents were out late one night, she had just gottena brand new mattress that week. And I wet the bed that night, I think she cried for a week!

Shy Pam
To Becca - Boy am I glad to hear you are still out there! I love your stories about you and Lauren. I was afraid you had left the site.

To Midnight Cowboy - green may mean you have followed "mother's" advice - eating roughage and greens. If you don't eat a lot of them or often you may want to have some medical assistance 'cuz there may be another reason. I've had a couple of poos that were "off color" due to things I have eaten.


I usually make about 4 to 5 turds during a lunchtime poo unless I ate something heavy like Mexican food the night before. In that case I'll often do one 15 incher. When I poo smaller turds, water will usually splash into my bottom. I presume you are British as Americans use the word fanny for bottom - I am British living in America. And yes, I always fart before I poo as do most of the women at work. American toilets are wider and aren't as deep as British ones so you don't often hear louds "ker-splonks" but again, if my poos are smaller, you can usually hear splashing sounds. We have 4 stalls in the ladies room at work. Once I came to work on the weekend and didn't have my bathroom key so I went into the emergency exit and pooed in the stairwell.

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