I would like to share with you the experiance I had this afternoon on the way home from work.
I travel by train for an hour each way to and from work normally the train has a toilet on the train up one end but today it was an older train with no toilet.I went for a pee before i left the office but by the time the train got to the terminis i was feeling the need for a poo.
I left the train and went upstares to the ladies. It is a pertty modern toilet facility with two toilets in partisioned cubicals. One of the toilets was occupied when i went in the other was occupied by the woman in front of me so i had no choice but to wait.The woman in cubical one was grunting up a storm with the occaisional plop I could see her shoes from where i was waiting outside. The woman in cubical two the one who i saw go in had the runs and was squirting liquid poop with only little rests between.I could feel my own poo moving down slowly getting more urgent but not desperate as yet.
The door opened and another woman came in she saw me waiting and both cubicals were occutied and cried nooooo she was realy desperate to go she was holding her fanny hard and crossing her legs trying to stop it comming out.
the woman in cubical one was still grunting loudly and the woman in cubical two was still doing runny stuff it sounded so bad.I was feeling my own poo becomming desperate and crossed my legs a little to hold it in.Five minutes passed and the woman who came in after me lost it big time she started to cry as she got to the stage of not being able to hold on any more.Her pee ran down her legs into her shoes and runny poop filled her panties and over flowed them pouring down her legs.I felt sorry for her but was about to fill my own panties just then the woman in cubical one wiped and pulled up her pants she unlocked the door and was standing there stareing at the site of me and the other woman in her pooped panties I dashed in pushing her out the way ripped down my panties and crashed onto the toilet my butt hole was already half open my poo poking its head out i relaxed and let it out a huge log it snaked out of me touching the water before it finally tapered off i was in ! so much of a hurry i didnt even give the woman who was in before me a chance to leave the cubical or flush she just stood there in the open door way mouth open watching my poo comming out between my legs and mixing with her load that was in the toilet already I peed a little then wiped up saying sorry to her for barging in before she was completely finished she adjusted her clothes and said dont worry about it i understand the other woman in cubical two was still pooping liquid and the woman with poopfilled panties went into cubical one when I left.I forgot to flush the toilet and as i was washing up i heard her empty her panties into the toilet I doubt it would have flushed anyway I left the toilet with the two cubicale occupied with woman with the runs.
Sitting here wirting this thinking about what happened i cant help but smile was definately interesting lol


Last week I was at the dentist's office for my semi-annual check up. I had my teeth cleaned and was given a clean bill of health, with no cavities or other problems. After I left the dentist's office, I stopped by the ladies room. I was about to enter a stall when someone burst into the room. It was a high school girl wearing her school uniform, who had also been to the dentist's office. As I was sitting down, the girl took a stall adjacent to mine, slammed the door shut, and quickly adjusted her clothes and sat down. While I was peeing, I could hear several plops in rapid-fire succession from the girl. Although I wasn't planning on pooping, I managed to push out a couple of long, fairly hard solid pieces. In the meantime, the girl let out a very long fart that echoed loudly throughout the bathroom, followed by a huge load of at least a dozen plops. She moaned a little bit afterwards. As I was finishing up, I heard the girl say oh no, then I heard several more plops as she let go another massive wave of poop. I flushed my toilet and went to wash my hands. At that point I heard the girl flush the toilet while still seated. By now there was a strong poop smell in the room. As I was drying my hands, I heard her let go another loud fart followed by more plops. I headed out of the ladies room just as someone else was coming in, and as the bathroom doors were open, the girl flushed the toilet again while still seated.

Gruntly Bogwell
Great view of the grunting lovely on the home page of The Toilet…haven't posted in a while and the recent posts, particularly the guy from India who watched his aunt, were most stimulating. Reminded me of an interesting incident that happened when I dated a Cuban-American girl a few years ago. I was staying at her house for the holidays and there were a lot of people in and out since it was a big family. I was taking a shower one morning when I heard someone enter the bathroom and a the heavily-accented voice of my girl friends mother said stay in the shower and keep it running, all the batrooms are full and I have to go…it sounded very much like an order. The toilet was right next to the shower and I couild see through the frosted glass that she had assumed a squat on the toilet seat. Being an old hand at surreptitious vewing…I slowly moved to the far end of the shower and slowly pushed the sliding door back enough to see my girlfriends mother's fat ass perched on the t! oilet, her white robe with the pinlk flowers was pulled up and all I dared to view was the back of her ass. The "v" formed by her butt cheeks and the toilet seat was visible and I could see down into the toilet…the water was roiling and turning yellow with a pee. She sat back and her cheeks covered the back of the seat…needless to say I was in a state…then her cheeks rolled forward and I could see her dark brown anal opening begin to swell…it opened for about five seconds…then closed…I assumed she had farted but the sound of the water in the shower drowned out the sound. Again she sat back for awhile before rolling forward again…this time she we were both rewarded with a dark brown almost black egg shaped poo which stretched her hole then plopped into the toilet causing a back-splash which was yellow toilet water against her bum-hole. A hand with toilet paper appeared and she wiped furiously, then the toilet flushed but my hostess remained seated. Again she rolled forwar! d and another dark turd forced its way out of her colon and plopped in the filling bowl, without the high back-splash…I heard a load sigh over the top osver the top of the shower water…and her but cheeks rolled again sevgferal turds of variouis sizes made their way out of my hostess …a resounding fart blew another chunk out of her and she settled back for a while. I made like I was lathering up in the shower to cover my peeping…making sure to lather my groin area quite well. When I looked again the large cheeks were rolling forward, her hole opened for a wet fart, then a turd filled the opening and a long one began to curl out, which kept my hostess angled forward for quite some time as it grew to a good 12 inches, before tapering off…this apparently satisfied her need, because her hand and toilet paper quickly appeared to cleanse her now messy hole with several wipes. "Gracias senior", she grunted as she flushed and left…I slid the shower door closed and quickly went back! to soaping myself when I heard my girlfriend's voice say, "Whew…smells like mom's been in here…you going to be long in the shower, because I will need to get in when I'm finished taking a shit! I couldn't believe my luck…as I again slid the door at the far end of the shower open to view Carlotta's well-shaped and muscular tanned bottom sweetly peeking out of her white terry-cloth robe covering only three quarters of the toilet seat. She was already peeing and pooing a soft brown load that was curling into the water. I watched transfixed as her bowels gave up their contents in a steady brown semi-solid flow…she really had a pretty hole that pulsated with light contractions to move the poo on its journey. Finally it tapered off…her sphincter pooched in and out searching for more, but none came and she began to wipe…needless to say I was almost overcome. She flushed, told me to hurry up to save hot water. I finished the shower, got out dried myself off, put my robe on and ! went out of the bathroom…Carlotta was waiting in her robe with her towel outside the door…gave me a long kiss, then asked me if I had enjoyed the view as she disappeared into the bathroom to shower.

I had been chatting with a guy in TalkCity for some time. We decided to meet face-to-face , in a neutral location, perhaps go out for a sandwich. We decided to meet at a very nice park downtown. I decided to take a dump, since i was early, so i went into the mens restroom, chose the middle of 3 doorless stalls, dropped my shorts and sat down. Another guy came in, walked past me, and sat on the first toilet, we both farted and "Ker-plunked, whooshed, and plopped" simultaniously, while we made idle chit chat about the stink ! I finished up, wiped, and pulled my shorts up. I washed my hands at the sink, and as I dried myhands, i caught the other dude squatting foward, and a huge log pinching out of his cheeks splashing into the bowl. I left, and went to our meeting place. After a few minutes, I called his cell phone,he answered and said he would be over in a minute. Guess who it was !!!! LOL, now we always joke about how we met. He has a steady girlfre! ind, and she laughs when we tell her the story LOL

TO INDIAN GUDDY-Great story about seeing your aunt dump in the woods-wow-- must have been a great view!That would have made me nutz!
TO MIDNITE COWBOY-Good NYC stories-I may have to check out the penn sta toilets along with wash sq pk ones-
Went out to the woods yesterday poo and i went to the same spot where i met that guy 2 days before,but i guess i missed him and i hung around waiting for him to show up for about 15 mins and then i really had to dump bad so i got undressed and sat on the log and started to poop right away-no gas or anything-the turds came out fast and furious.It was a bit on the loose side and a lot-At the end i let out a big wet fart and then i wiped-It was a bit messy.I did a big pile.It looked like a pile of carvel ice cream-Then i got dressed and left-Too bad i didn't poo with that guy-it would have been cool-I'll let you all know when and IF i get together with him BYE

Tennis fan
I was watching US Open tennis on TV over the weekend, and I noticed how sensitive the microphones are on the court and how easy it was to hear the comments of the players and the grunts when they serve, etc. It occurred to me that the microphones would probably be sensitive enough to pick up sounds of players farting. Has anyone ever heard a tennis player fart during a match -- particularly a female player? Monica Seles grunts very loud when she serves, and I imagine her farts would be pretty audible!

Modest: HELD UP
I just watched this B movie called HELD UP. It stars Jamie Foxx (as Michael) and Nia Long (as Rachel). Well, right at the start of the film Rachel begins to feel sick. Michael thinks Rachel has to puke, but then she makes a face at him like she has to take a dump. She tells Michael to drive faster. "I have to go to the bathroom," Rachel cries. Michael pulls into a hicktown baseball park and the players see Rachel get out of the car, moaning, one hand on her stomach, and she heads for a small white shelter. Only it isn't an outhouse; it's a baseball equipment shack. Rachel is seen holding her buttocks and belly in several shots in this film. Unfortunately, for turd-obsessed people, when Michael did get Rachel to a public restroom at a tiny mart in the middle of nowhere, she just got out moaning, holding her butt. There was no shot of Rachel going to the bathroom.

Lawn Dogs Kid
What a first day at school ! Poor Chloe had something happen to her today which was very distressing for her, particularly as she had to wait to tell me until we got on the bus after school because I was attending a lunchtime club. However, she managed to keep quite calm about it all while she told me.

Apparantly, she needed to go to the toilet at lunch time. She managed to persuade the door monitors to let her into the school. The year 10 kids become school monitors, checking that no one is in school who shouldn't be at lunch times, that no-one runs on the stairs, also that nothing is going on in toilets that shouldn't be, i.e smoking. However, considering that half the year 10 girls smoke, monitor week for each class becomes quite an excuse to smoke as much as possible in the toilets, in the guise of checking that no one is !!

Of course, poor Chloe got it in the neck. As soon as she went into the toilets, there were 4 year ten girls smoking. To be honest, the door monitors shouldn't have let Chloe into that part of school. There are designated toilets for the kids to use at lunch times, and they should have pointed her in that direction. However, she explained that she was desperate, and they let her in the wrong building.

So, when she walked in, the girls wanted to know "what the f***" she thought she was doing, and that she wasn't allowed in there at lunch. She made the same explanation as before, and one of the girls told her tough shit, she'd have to go to the proper place. Then one of them said "oh, look at her face, I think she does need to go. Shall we let her ?". They all chorused "yessssssss", and showed her into one particular cubicle.

There was nothing wrong with the toilet in there. Don't get me wrong, she hadn't been set up for a nasty toilet surprise, just a nasty case of invasion of privacy. First they wouldn't let her close the door, and the same girl that appeared to be nice to her before told the others to let her close it. Once in, and "secure", Chloe just wanted to get on with it, and got sat on the toilet quickly, but as she sat down, two of the girls entered the cubicles either side and climbed onto the toilets to look over the top of the walls of Chloe's cubicle at her.

Chloe said nothing to them, she was too scared to. "Whats the matter, scaring you are we ?" one asked, at which point Chloe's lunchtime poo could not have emerged at a worse time it seems. She says the first two came out quickly and made the most enormous plops. This was greeted with shrieks of laughter from all the girls, and the "nice" one was heard to say "sounds like you're scaring the shit out of her" !

Chloe tells me she just kept calm and finished her business, while the two girls looked on all the time, even while she wiped herself, right to the point where she had pulled down her school skirt after replacing her panties and tights. Then she was greeted with a round of applause from the two girls, who commented that she had put on a "very nice show", and they thanked her would you believe ! Then came the usual warning of don't tell or else !

Unfortunately for those two girls, they were on the same transfer bus as Chloe and I, so she pointed them out to me. They are well known around the school for the lesbian relationship they are having with each other. Up to then, I had been feeling sorry for them, because I know they get some stick about it, and it is no one elses business but their own. However, my sympathy has been lost after today. Chloe has told me not to say anything to anyone. She doesn't want a problem with school bullies, and frankly, if she goes to the correct toilets, there are many girls in there going to the toilet all the time, so she is very unlikely to encounter this problem again. However, I know the little sister of my class mate Bev suffered the same experience today. Bev is furious about it. With Chloe's knowledge, I'm going to tell Bev that it happened to Chloe as well. Perhaps Bev and I can come up with a plan. We'll see.

When Kendal met us both off the bus, Chloe and her were able to exchange thoughts on what it was like to be spied on uninvited. A friend of my Mum is a pyschotherapist, and she says all things happen for a reason. Well I say this happened to Chloe (and to Kendal) to enable them to affirm that they are, and will be forever best friends !! Kendal really need not have worried herself at all.

We went back to my place until we knew Chloe's Mum would be home. And I was very lucky to be treated by Chloe to a viewing of her sat on the toilet having a wee wearing her school uniform ! Chloe doesn't wear dresses or skirts very often, so this was a real new experience for me, which I enjoyed very much, as she sat with her panties and black tights pulled about half way down her legs, and her grey skirt sitting happily at the top of her legs.

Then, with it being around tea time, Chloe and I were delighted to be treated by Kendal to her tea-time poo ! Again, unusually, Kendal had on her jeans. I missed out on watching Kendal have a poo wearing her school uniform because she had had plenty of time to get changed at home before meeting us off the bus. Kendal does look funny on the toilet when she wears jeans. You all know how she likes to have her panties down only far enough to go, so they are sitting right at the top of her legs. Well, in complete contrast, her jeans were pushed down below her knees ! To be fair, she doesn't have her panties right up her legs when she poos. She prefers them a bit lower. She generally sits further back on the toilet seat for a poo, so consequently, if she wants her panties to protect her legs against the cold of the toilet seat, they are necessarily pulled lower down her legs. Not a great distance further though. They are still above half way !

Have any other girls on this site had a bad experience similar to Chloe's or Kendal's ? If so, please share it. It isn't pleasent, but it would be nice for the girls to know that they are not alone in these experiences.

The Excorcist:

The pee scene in the movie never looked real to me, because the stream just dribbled down. It could have just been a waterbottle under her night skirt?

Does anyone know if they fake these scenes in the movies?
Was the scene in Beloved real with Oprah Winfrey?

shit lover
toilets that suck!
The other day I was watching a programme on tv where they were telling us about the perils of living in space one of them were that the turds you shit under weightlessness wouldnot fall off to take care of this nasa devised a toilet with a suction mechanism which would suck the turds in
now that toilet really sucks

Indian Guddy - What a great story, please post more, such detailed descriptions, and such solid stools,I asume she was nor eating really hot curry. Do you find women don't like to be seen pooping, or does it generaly not bother them as far as you know?

I would also like to ask if any women out there have ever suffered bad 'pre-poop flatulence' in a public place, what i mean is, bad smelly gas just before the need to poop becomes apparent, and they have been unable to hold it, and has has anyone (of either sex) smelled it and made you emabaressed?

TOM - Hi guy, and thank you for the lovely sweet letter!
I am from England and so is my boyfriend Steve.
Well I have had a shit outdoors lots of times I think,
but I have often been well hidden. I think the first
time would have been when I was 15 and at a beach with
my mum. I really badly wanted to shit, so I went into
the water up to my waist and pulled my bikini knickers
down in the water and pushed out my turd, and it felt
like it was a big one. I do not think anybody even
knew what I had done because I was in the water but
there were a lot of people about. It still felt daring
and exciting.
There is another time from Spain that I will write about
soon, Hehe Steve reckons when I was having my shit on the
nude beach there were a couple of guys who saw my brown
tail when my turd was half way out.
When I had the runny shit there were two women who saw
me and they were a little bit unhappy about it, but I
really had to do it or I would have messed my running
I do not think too many people have seen me pooing, no,
but there was once when I was seen by some lads and
a girl when I was pissing after just having a crap.
Yeah I wee in the street or just off it quite a bit but I
do not make it too public you know? I mean I do not mean
to make sure I get seen or anything, but if someone does
then I do not mind at all. I sure would not just squat
down and piss with people walking past the whole time
you know? I do try to make it sort of semi-private really
but of course if I am with my friends or Steve then of
course I do not mind buddy weeing or just being seen
doing it. Yeah, I have had people see *everything*
sometimes when I have been weeing outside. When we have
been on nude beaches in Spain, lots of girls were freely
weeing in public and of course I did too, so lots of guys
looked between my legs when I was doing a burster just
as they did with the other ladies.
At home then of course I always leave the door open and
a lot of the time Steve will be in the bathroom with me,
and if my mum or sister are about then I will leave the
door open as well. It does not make a difference if I
am having a wee or even having a shit, because we all
did it together when I was a little girl.
I hope I have answered your questions like you wanted,
and of course you were not too intrusive.

KIM & SCOTT - Hi from me and Steve too! It sounds like you
had a wonderful time too! Unfortunately it is now back to
work hehehe. Poor Steve does not know what day of the week
it is because they all seem the same to him just now.
It is good that you liked reading the stories but it was
better being there. Hehehe.

PV - Hi again. I will try to get Steve to write something
to you soon. I know he really wants to but he has been
real tired out this last week and it is not because I have
made him that way. Hehehe. On Sunday he slept for over
16 hours solid and I had to leave him alone to get some
rest. We had our first quickie for a week this morning
when he watched me have a burster of a morning wee while I
sat on the toilet. Without saying anything, he wiped me and
then carried me back to the bedroom. It was so romantic.

Your friend,


To Indian Guddy: I liked the story about watching your aunt shit.

To some dude: I don't like the handicapped stall...I guess i don't like it cause the toilets are too high up(no one can see your feet), too much space and cause i know it's for a handicapped person, and the thought of an old person using it is a turn off.

To Meredith: Cool, story about watching your friend pee.

No peeing/pooping stories to post about....I haven't pooped since sat, it's almost Tueday.

some dude
Hey, I hope I didn't offend any handicapped people with my last post. I am thankful that I still can choose between using both regular and handicapped stalls. I just meant that I have trouble having a bm in one because of the open space. Anyway, I'm sorry if anyone took offense.

Hey, it's ironic that you say the gallery is dedicated to acts of feminine releif, cause this girl looks anything but releived. It looks like she recently had a Gordita with extra hot sauce!

Well, I ve been having my car repaired in a small workshop. A woman in late 30's/early 40's was drinking bear with the guys in the workshop. At one moment she got up and went behind the bushes near the workshop. I could sean only her silouette, squatting. I thought she was peeing. But she spent about 15 minutes there. Then sher returned. After about 10 minutes she went behind the bushes again and spent about 5 minute there. When I went to pee behind same bushes I saw wan HUGE pool of liquid shit and a smaller one not far from it. She had DIARRHEA.

This took place in St. Petersburg, Russia.

To Someguy - Your story please.

Yes, I also have that Blink182 CD.... it's very good also, I do a lot of covers of their songs w/ my band. But there is something funnier.
On one of Blink's previous CD's (Cheshire Cat), there is a song called "Depends." The chorus lyrics say:
"well I guess it all depends....undergarments."
The whole song is about how he is tired of wetting himself because he is losing friends, I guess. Purely a joke, but a funny one. Check that album out, it's better than Dude Ranch.

Ben in NY
Ileo- is your friend getting better? How has she been lately? Please update us! I would like to know how she is doing. If you live in America, you should work in the Peace Corps. It appears that a job in such an environment would suit your caring personality.

I would like to express my agreement with Ileo's compliment to Kendal. Most of my friends (actually, I wouldn't call them friends) who are 15 and 16 years old can't even execute simple gramtically correct statements (that's America for you. I think Jon Stewart said it best: "America, smart bombs, stupid kids"). Yet Kendal can write better than many adults. I commend you Kendal! I hope you become a writer one day, I will surely read your books!

Peace and Love,

Once again, my forgetfulness forces me to post again=)

Streaks- Did Amaya hold herself? How desperate did she look? How long was the scene?

To Indian Guddy: Have you ever heard about women peeing standing up in India?

to SHY PAM well your right there do you have any more accident stories i would love to here them

to AJ i'm glad you understood what i meant


This ostomy discussion with ileo's woman friend. God, I just don't know. I'm a guy who really loves women I can talk to, do things with, etc. But there is a physical component to all of this. I personally have to be attracted to a woman in a physical sense in addition to the other stuff before I can become intimate with her. I have never run across the ostomy situation, so I literally do not know how I would react. But don't be too hard on guys who would reject ostomate women. If you are just not attracted and can not handle it, it would be wrong to be an actor for "politically correct" purposes and force yourself to become intimate. Wouldn't it????

Hi everyone. I've been reading this stuff for a while now and thought it was time to add a bit of my own. I'll start with early memories of peeing at primary school. I was always shy of saying I had to go to the toilet but only once can I remember actually shitting in my pants. I must have been 6 at the time and it was after school hours whilst waiting for my Mum to pick me up. I walked up and down the playground, willing my shit not to escape but no matter what I did it came out eventually. I remember it came past the leg of my underpants and down my leg.
I often tried to wait all day without having a wee but usually had to give in and run to the bogs at break time in the afternoon. Sometimes I started to wee before getting my willie out of the leg of my shorts.
One day when I was 8, the girl next to me was really bursting to wee. She was squirming about and knocking her knees together and she asked me if I thought the teacher would let her go to the toilet. I said no, because that was the rule and she pulled back her grey skirt to show me her grey knickers. She had already leaked a bit and there was a dark, wet area between her legs. Eventually she asked the teacher and was allowed to go but she wet herself on the way.

Sara T
Bryian- I've heard that Blink 182 thing before! it was cute.

Nothing much to say, although the other night I did pass one of those clean turds. it was about five inches long and when I wiped there was nothing on the paper. I couldn't see the shade it was, because the toilet water is very blue now.

Tuesday, September 05, 2000

Lawn Dogs Kid
Today is our last day of freedom ! All three of us are back to school tomorrow, unfortunately ! So Chloe, Kendal and I spent the day together at my house and had lots of fun messing around while the olds were at work.

Of course, we've all taken the chance to watch each other at the toilet while we could. It must be nearly a week since we last had the chance to do this. Anyway, as is always the case, it was Kendal who announced that she needed the toilet first. So all three of us rushed upstairs to the bathroom. Normally, I go first in these situations, but Kendal said she was desperate, and she obviously was desperate to go. In fact, she told us as we climbed upstairs that she had been waiting as long as possible so as not to be the first to say she needed to go (because she always is, and we joke about it). But the more she tried to wait, the worse it got until she had felt it dribble in her panties, and enough was enough ! Chloe and I felt very sorry for our jokes, but then Kendal said it was her fault, and she shouldn't have been so silly. She just thought it would make a nice change not to be first for once !

Poor Kendal, she ran to the toilet, lifted her dress, pulled down her panties, and crashed herself down onto the toilet seat. Then there was an almighty hissing noise and she gasped twice in quick succession with her efforts "Ahhh"..."ohhh"...."Ahhhhhhhhhhh". That last gasp made us all laugh as her face turned from being in pain to one of absolute tranquility and relief !!

It was quite wonderful to watch my little cousin again. It had been more than a week since I last saw her go. In her desperation, her normal routine had gone out of the window. When not desperate, she shuffles around with her panties under the folds of her dress until she has got them in the position she likes, down just far enough so she can go. They help to shield her legs from the cold of the toilet seat ! Then she just perches herself on the edge of the seat, with her dress held high above her ????.

Today, her panties had come down in haste, and were left where they had been pulled to, over half way down her legs. She was also sat further back on the seat, and for the first ten seconds, her hands and arms were behind her, holding up the back of her dress so it didn't droop into the water, while the front of her dress sat making lovely patterns and folds on top of her legs. After that long and final gasp of Kendals, normal service was resumed as she pulled her dress round, and held it up high from the front as usual. She was still weeing when she said to us both, "can you see the wet patch on my panties ?", and she opened her legs to stretch her panties out for us to examine them. The wet patch was really very obvious, but it wasn't that big, so we told her so, and she was ok about it. I offered to wash them out for her, but she said she would be fine and that a little patch soon dries out.

I had my wee next, with my trousers pulled down, and we all laughed again as I tried and successfully managed to sink the nicely folded toilet paper Kendal had used to wipe herself with, which was floating on top of her wee.

Then it was my Chloe's turn. She had on those tight, cut off below the knee jeans again. She obviously likes them, and this is the third time in a row I've seen her go to the toilet wearing them ! Kendal and I watched as she peeled the jeans about half way down her legs, and then pushed her panties down into the folds of the jeans, and then sat, clutching her panties and jeans together with both hands. Her wee began after about five seconds or so and it tinkled a merry tune into the toilet water which lasted about 15 seconds, before it faded away to a few drips. Then Kendal, whose sense of smell is very acute wrinkled her nose and said "You're pooing !". Chloe smiled and said "yes, and its a nice easy one". Then she looked at me and said "Its cos I've finished my period", and while she spoke to me, there was a quiet flop into the water, followed by a second quiet flop about five seconds later, and then 10 seconds after that, there was a sharp, loud plop. That was her last! piece. It took her four or five wipes to get clean, so it had been quite soft for a Chloe poo.

Before tea, Kendal and I walked back with Chloe to her house. Her Mum was going to be back home early from work, and Chloe had to stay in then to make sure everything was ready for school tomorrow, and get an early night. Kendal carried on walking towards her house so Chloe and I could have a private moment. Kendal is such a lovely girl ! I told her I'd catch her up, and then Chloe and had a kiss and cuddle. We would actually be seeing quite a lot of one another now, because she is starting at my school from tomorrow. After she went in the house, I ran off to catch up with Kendal.

Kendal took my hand when I did catch up with her a minute or so later, and she was fairly quiet. I knew something was wrong, but I thought I'd let her tell me rather than ask. She knows she can tell me anything, and she does. When we got back to Kendal's house, it was all locked up, so we went and got the spare key to let ourselves in. The note on the table said her Mum had gone shopping, back at 6. It was now 4.45, so I said I'd wait with her.

After she read the note out, and I replied, Kendal said "good. I'm pleased Mums out. I want you to come for a poo with me." Misunderstanding what she meant, I said "But Kendal, I don't want to go". She looked really unhappy, and turned to walk upstairs. I chased after her. "It's not that I don't want to poo for you, I don't need one, and I don't think I could do one for you if I tried". Kendal sniffed. She had begun to cry, but then she was laughing at the same time. "No...silly !", she said. "I meant I want to poo, and I want you to come with me". Then she sniffed again and added "I thought for a minute that you didn't want to watch me anymore", and she really began to cry then. We were now at the top of the stairs, and I picked her up, and gave her the biggest cuddle ever. I told her how much I loved her, and how daft I felt because I didn't realise what she meant. She stopped crying, but I kept on with the big hug. I wanted her to know that I meant every word I'd said ! to her, and I wasn't going to let go of her, or put her down again until she was ready. That actually wasn't very long, and she said it in such a quiet little voice "Andrew...., this is so lovely I don't want it to stop, but you're squeezing me so hard I nearly pooing my pants" !

I put her down and rather than go straight to the bathroom, she went in her bedroom. I could hear her shuffling clothes around, and when she emerged, she had changed out of her dress and into her shorts. Then she took me by the hand into the bathroom, where she pulled down her shorts and panties, and sat down. She then took both of my hands in hers and pulled me downwards to kneel in front of her. "I wanted to hold hands", she said. "I couldn't do that wearing a dress". I smiled and kissed her on her forehead as she shuffled around on the toilet seat to get comfortable, and then I watched her as her eyes began to concentrate on the job in hand.

My mind wandered, as I considered how much this little girl loved and trusted me such that she would let me watch her have a poo, even after all she had been through with Chloe's cousin, Alan. As my mind came back again, and I realised that her wee had started, I looked into her eyes again, and they were smiling at me, enough to melt my heart. Then as I continued to look at them, her first poo plopped quietly into the water. Then, oh gosh, it makes me want to cry writing this now, Kendal's eyes drifted from happiness to sadness in a matter of three or four seconds. They filled with tears, and she sobbed loudly. I now learned what had been bothering her all the time from when we were walking back to her house. "I don't want to go to school tomorrow. Chloe's not going to be there anymore, and I'm going to miss her so much. She's going to make new friends, and she won't want to be friends with me anymore". My melting heart was now breaking as she sobbed and sobbed. I knelt ov! er her knees as she sat on the toilet so I could get as close as possible to her for more hugs. I tried to be reassuring, but its very difficult when someone is so upset. In the end, cuddling is such a comfort, no more words are really needed.

Trust Kendal to find yet another way for me to experience her having a poo. Its amazing how similar sobbing and gasping are when you're pooing, and both went on for a long time, over ten minutes in fact, by which time I had lost count of the number of plops I heard her make. Perhaps crying is the best and most natural laxative you can have ?

After she had finished, we went downstairs to wait for Aunty to come home. During that time, I got her calmed down, and pursuaded her that although Chloe would certainly make new friends, they would become her friends as well. And wouldn't that be nice, because when Kendal starts at the new school next year, she would already have some ready-made friends, and it wouldn't be such a lonely and frightening experience to start at the new school.

This seemed to work, but I shall certainly talk to Chloe about this tomorrow morning on the bus. Kendal is going to need her best friend's reassurance as well. I told Kendal to meet us off the bus. And when Aunty came home and we asked, she said that would be allowed.

Still, I doubt I shall sleep very well tonight. My little cousin is very important to me, and I don't think I have ever known her to be this upset before.

ILEO: If you are still reading at this point, Kendal said to say that she isn't that sweet, because she still needs suger in her cup of tea !! She sends another hug back to you as well !

Shy Pam-I tried to post a story the other day but my internet messed up. I'll post it again as soon as I have time.

The exorcist is a great one! Why didn't I ever think of that. That is my favorite movie of all time. So, anyways, I got my Real World movies. You know the un-cut ones. I was soarly disappointed. Towards the beginning of the Hawaii one, Amaya gets locked out of the bathroom and she really had to pee bad. She beat on the door for several minutes and finally got in. And, of coarse, as soon as she got in and ran for the toilet, the camara was shut off. The only other good scene was when the quiet, shy person, Justin, took a dump. Now they didn't show it, but after he came out of the john, he forgot to flush. Another roommate came in to find the load sitting in the bowl. He tried to flush it and the monsterous load plugged up the toilet. All of the roommates did the only senseable thing and got a forcecup, AND A CAMCORDER! They recorded each other trying to get the turd down the pipe. All the while, this poor guy has his face burried in a pillow, about to die knowing his room mates are playing with his dump. The Hawaii show also had a great farting scene. The girls where complaining about the guys farting too much. Then for the next day, the guys farted as much as they could and all of it is on tape.
I took a dump this evening. Today was the day. Every three days at 10 pm I have to take a dump. I can set my watch by it. This one took a little bit of effort. Usually my body takes over once I go into full dump mode, but not this time. I really had to push...hard! I sat there forever. Does anyone read when taking a dump. How can anyone do this? When I am red in the face with a huge turd hanging out of my butt, the last thing I am thinking about is, "Gee I wonder if the cubs won today?" When I am working on a big one, I can't think of anthing else. Are there any readers out there? How do you do it? For me, if i'm pooping, then I pooping. If I'm reading, then I reading. I don't roller skate and basket weave at the same time. One activity at a time for me.

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