Indian Guddy
Indian Guddy

Hi, everybody. This is my first post to this site. I am a 19-year-old guy. I saw some mention about the toilet habits of our country. It is true that many people of our country including men and women of all ages pee and poop in the woods and open places due to the lack of toilets. This is the case with the village areas. In cities there are enough toilet facilities and people are keeping high standards of living.

The place in which I am living is Tamil Nadu where 60% of the people do not have toilets. They shit in woods, road sides, under the bridges and open spaces. While traveling through our state in the morning time, we can see many women and men squatting on two sides of the roads and shitting.

When I was 15years, we lived in a village in which the major population was farmers. I stayed with my aunt who was 30 at that time. She was a pretty lady with good body features. I longed to see my beautiful aunt shitting. But she will go to the woods before I wake up. When I go for pooping in the nearby woods I will check for her pile of turds. But I couldn't see it. One day I woke up early due to some discomfort in my stomach. I was in a desperate need to poop. I ran to the bush in the back yard of our house. As I was running I saw a green dress moving at a small distance before me. I opened my eyes wide and knew that it was my aunt. She was looking for a hided place. I saw her moving to the backside of a small rock and looking around. I understood that she is going to o it there. I reached her backside through the thick long grass without attracting her attention. I could see clearly her back view.

After a careful look around she lifted her green Sari (Long Indian Dress) and under skirt. She was not wearing any panty. I was surprised to see her rich snowy white buttocks. She squatted in front of me and started pissing with a spraying sound. Since the place which I was standing was a slope lower that the place she was sitting, her urine streamed to the back side and reached to my legs. After pissing she was pushing with much effort and there came a loud fart 'prrrrrrrrr puffftttttt'. Following the fart a thick brown turd started coming out of her ass hole and landed in the shape of a question mark. Two more long turds came out. She waited for the next one and some ball shaped small ones came out. The pile was big and it touched her ass. She stepped back one-step and continued shitting big logs. There came another loud wet fart which really stinged the place. Then she got up and keeping her Sari around her waist proceeded to the small pond near the rock. She sat on the! water and with her left hand she splashed water to her ass hole and washed it four times (this is our way of cleaning). After her leaving the place I went and saw the mountain of her turds. I was shocked to know that these turds were passed by my beautiful aunty. I had witnessed the shitting scenes of many of our neighbour ladies during my time of pooping. Those experiences I will share later.

some dude
Back at my high school, the stalls didn't have doors in the main bathroom or the vocational area bathroom. Even worse, the stall walls in the vocational bathroom were only about 4 feet high. Luckily,whenever I had to take a dump,I could go to one of the 2 bathrooms that actually had doors on the stalls.

Is there anyone else out there who dosen't like to crap in the "handicapped" stalls? I think it's because of all the open space, plus the toilet is too high up. I prefer the kind of stall where you can barely turn around, nice and claustrophobic.

Hi my name is Meredith. This is my first post. I wanna share a story with you that just occured a few days ago. I had my friend come over to visit. He is so adorable, I must admit, my cheeks get a little pink whenever I see him. He is starting to become good friends with me, so I thought I would invite him over to spend the day with me. It was going great! We were sitting on the couch watching t.v. when I noticed him squirming about. I asked him what was wrong. He said, I'm sorry, I really need to wee. I said don't be sorry and I showed him where our bathroom is. It is just a tiny powder room off the den. What he said next really took me by surprise. He said, if you want, you can come in and talk to me while I go. I tried to hide my excitement as I followed him in. I sat on the little stool my mother has in there to put her makeup on and just breathed. I watched him him undo his pants and as soon as he got his pee pee out he started going. During this time we just kept up th! e conversation we were having before. I was just amazed watching him. He weed for nearly 45 seconds. He really did have to go. I wondered why he didn't tell me he had to wee earlier. He finished and got himself situated, flushed and went to the sink to wash his hands. As we left the powder room he said thank you, I really had to go. It was so cute of how grateful he was that I let him wee at my house. And then I said, thank you for letting me go with you. I think I'm going to invite him over more often!

Dawn B
Hi again, I wrote a few days ago concerning the open toilets in the changing area at the gym where I go.

I went there Saturday afternoon for a while, as I hadnít had the chance to go earlier in the week. I was working away on the machines when I started to get a bit uncomfortable with the feeling of needing the toilet. At that time the gym was quite busy and I would have preferred to wait until I got home but the urge was getting stronger.

I went into the changing room and walked past the shower area to the toilets, pulled down my cycling shorts and sat down. I had a quick wee then started to strain a bit and could feel I was just started to pass something when a girl came in moaning to me about the water not heating. I could feel it starting to come out of my rear, I didnít want her to hear it drop into the water so I just froze still to tried to hold it until she had gone. I could feel it was going to drop at any moment, so I moved myself forward a bit on the seat to tried to aim for the front on the toilet bowl to try and not make a splash. I think she realised this because she said something like ďoh okĒ and went into one of the other toilets.

To Nick: Re the pee scene in "The Exorcist", Regan McNeil (the little girl) was demonstrating early signs of demonic possession. Remember, she had just told an astronaut that he was "gonna die up there." That was the Devil talkin'! The book, as usual, is far more graphic throughout: later in the story, Regan/Devil has chronic diarrhea and wears diapers and plastic pants. "Don't mind a little stink, do you?" she says to the younger priest.

In the movie "Beloved", one woman (I think played by Oprah Winfrey!) is seen taking a gushing leak from under her skirts; and at the 39-minute mark we see a teenaged girl who has very heavily soiled herself and her bed.

Finally, there's a cult Western called "The Shooting". It (and the book on which it's based, "The Revenge") is about a strange nameless woman who (among other things) repeatedly messes herself out of contempt for herself and the world. The woman is played by Oscar-winner Millie Perkins; the 1966 film was co-produced by Jack Nicholson (who also stars). "The Shooting" frequently pops up on an American classic movie cable channel.

Some Guy
to Blank: Do you mean the story or her appearance on my list of girls I'd like to see pooping?

School Janitor
To JOE: We don't have windows or skylights in any bathrooms. All of the bathrooms were built when the school was renovated a few years ago, and the old bathrooms didn't have windows either. The architecture of the building doesn't allow for it. What the school does have is an emergency generator, and if the power goes out, some lights do stay on. Unfortunately there are no emergency lights in any bathrooms. The bathroom doors are kept open at all times, and the bathroom mirrors do reflect in enough light from the hallway emergency lighting to allow one to see where they're going. Most of the bathrooms are also near outside windows, so even more light gets into those bathrooms. Most bathrooms really donít get much darker than the hallways, but the school still finds it detrimental to the student's "safety."

To Some Guy: I think the idea of locking the bathrooms is actually meant to prevent a lawsuit in case it's dark and somebody slips and falls in the toilet or something. Besides power outages, the janitors also have to run around and lock all the bathrooms as part of the weather and violence emergency plans. (Fortunately the latter two have never been activated outside of drills.) Maybe somebody will complain, but school starts in a few days, and if the lights ever go out, the bathrooms will be locked tight.

To W.R.: I work in a high school (grades 9-12). Out of about 1025 students, around 40 females had noticeable stains on their pants, and I did have to clean some desks because of it. Only three or four boys had stains, and they were mostly from diarrhea. Quite a few of the guys were discreetly peeing in secluded parts of the school's stairwells. Whenever we have any kind of lockdown condition at my school, all of the exit doors are chained shut, making it impossible for students to sneak outside for a leak.

To Ben in NY: I personally had to clean up after two post-menopausal female teachers who peed their pants in front of their classes. The other teachers must have slipped into the unlocked bathroom in the main office during their lunch periods. In my school, it's normal for teachers to use the students' bathrooms between classes.

Soon I'll be discussing an innovative school "bathroom control" concept that's still in place to this day, but can result in students having horrible accidents! Later.

kim & scott
hello everyone. this is kim & scott together on the computer again. firstly STINGER- thank you for clearing up what you meant . i most appreciate it. and for you posters who want to know the movies with peeing incidents? how about THE GODFATHER-one of my boyfriend scotts favorite movies.(he just loves mob movies. he even came like that for halloween once as a kid. hahaha) when the corleone family was getting rid of PAULIE the gangster in the car the actor richard castallanno as CLEMENZA was pissing in the fields.(the gangsters got rid of paulie because he worked with the drug dealer sollozzo and had the godfather BRANDO set up. the other movie or shall i say mini-series was SHOGUN with richard chamberlain. in one scene i think richard chamberlain was hit to the ground and tishira mifune or some other high ranking man pissed on him. their are some other minor movie scenes with pissing scenes in em but these two are ones of note. be well fellow posters. from scott & kim

Rick (Vancouver)
To Bryian:

After sleeping in a van all night, I was just walking around and stretching a bit while Paul was finishing getting dressed around the back of the van. As Paul's log from the night before was only about 12 feet in front of the van, a casual walk down the road brought me to the spot. A quick examination of his work was all I got before walking back. Paul had no idea of my interest in watching. It only happened once, but it was rewarding.

To Buzzy:

Great story about the guy who came across you taking a dump and decided to buddy dump with you. Looks like you finally got your wish to meet someone. It would be great if you could get together once in a while.




Hope you don't mind if I ask some questions about your lunchtime poo sessions

How many do you generally drop?

Does the toilet give a good "KER-SPLOONK" sound?
Do you splash your bum much?. If so where does it land, round your bum hole or your fanny?

Do you fart before dropping each turd?

How many cubicles are there.

I work on the bottom floor of a new large building with 3 floors. I don't like people who I work with to hear me, so I go to one of the upper floor toilets. There are 6 cubicles in each. You can hear absolutely everything, like apart from the farts and plops you can hear the shit creaking out of the arses.
You can hear grunting noises and sighs of relief when it drops.
I reckon that 3 cubicles are usually in use at anyone time.
I go at work about 3 times a week, usually when I land first thing at morning.
When I see a lady working into the female toilets, I wonder if she is going for a poo and wish I could go in for a listen. I would like to smell the combined scent of poo and perfume.

Simon M what a great toilet experience! the only difference is that I would NOT have flushed away the "huge turd the previous occupier (certainly a woman) had left behind" but would have buddy dumped mine on top of it as I always do if I use a toilet if a nice big solid jobbie that someone else has done is lying in the pan. Be careful though as i belive it is an offence for a man to use a public toilet meant only for women here in the UK although the reverse does not apply. I see that a nightclub called Destiny and Elite in Derby in the English East Midlands has introduced side by side toilet pans in the same larger cubicle so people can be together to wee wee or do a motion. I wonder if they have gone the full 10 yards and and made their toilets unisex as well as Bar 38 have done. Just think to be able to buddy dump next to your wife or girlfriend! I have actually anticipated this idea as I recently installed another toilet pan in out upstairs toilet next to the originalone ! and as the pipework is plastic I made up junction pieces so both pans empty into the one downpipe as they would in a public toilet and flush at the same time from the same cistern. Its great fun to sit there with Theresa next to me both doing our jobbies together, then when we are finished having a good look at what the other has done before flushing. We have however a single downstairs cloakroom toilet for those visitors who are not so open about such matters. George and Moira who are old friends visited and were really spaced out by this innovation and are going to install the same in one of their toilets. It was great fun to sit on the pan at the same time as Moira passed a huge panbuster, (it was a beacher as I think Nicola recently mentioned) while I did my own jobbie. I recommend this if you are up to the plumbing work involved as you may get funny looks from a plumber if you want him to install it. With modern plastic piping and compression fit it is really easy to both! connect the additional pan to the waste pipe and to make a tee piece from the cistern, though if space isnt a problem you could install a second cistern for the additional pan. Really all you wuld be doing is to copy the setup in a public or school toilet, but with no partition between the pans. Anyone else thought of this?

Coprophiliac England. Welcome to the club, loved your post, please write more particularly about the sound effects when your upstairs neighbour does a motion and you hear the kerplonks!

Adrian, yes I do agree that Ileo's lady friend should seek professional assistance. Most hopsitals which perform such surgery have an Ostomy specialist who can reassure and instruct the new patient and the Ostomy Society has volunteers who have had the operation themselves who will visit and talk to new ostomists about their experiences. I even think that the Queen Mother, 100 not out, Cliff Richard, and Petula Clarke have had ostomies yet they have all lived active and in the QM's case, long lives. My only objection is to the growth industry of "special counsellors" who make a business of interfering at every accident, tragedy or other unhappy event and to my mind often do more harm than good, but specialist advisors in their own field be it for amputees, breast cancer and its surgical aftermath, incontinence, or ostomies are a first class idea.

Hi all, liked the newbee here, Coprophiliac. Hope you dont think me pedantic but Im actually a Sports Instructor not a PE teacher although my work is similar in many ways in that I teach sports such as (Field) hockey, netball, volleyball, and althletic activities and rules of health etc. I also play those sports as I have done since my teens. Anyway, nice to read you and hope you post more here.

I had an interesting 3 stage installment motion yesterday, Saturday. I hadnt had a motion on Friday so knew Id need a big one. I was playing Hockey but as I was getting ready I felt a big poo come down into my rectum so I went to the toilet. I pulled my panties (white Sloggi support briefs) down and did my wee wee then let my sphincter open slowly and felt a big fat lump start to slide out. It WAS a big one a big knobbly carrot which plunged into the pan with a tremendous KUR-SPOOL-LOONK!" I sat for a few minutes more as I expected another jobbie to come down but just farted then I wiped my bum pulled up my knicks and went out, leaving the big jobbie for my husband to see when he came in. I arrived at the playing field and got changed into my Hockey kit including short pleated grey skirt and of course navy blue cotton briefs, the Montfort brand school knickers well known to and worn by many British Schoolgirls and some schoolboys too!. I played for the whole game but afte! rwards just before having my shower in the changing room (locker room) dressed only in my sports bra (you need one if you have big boobs) and my navy blue knickers I felt another motion come on so went to the toilet and passed a big easy curved jobbie, a "beacher" which " floomped" into the pan. After my shower and getting changed I drove home. My other half was there and commented on the big panbusting carrot in the toilet. I then told him I had just done another equally big jobbie but a far easier one in the toilet at the playing field. He was disappointed that I hadnt held it in to do at home but I did say that if I had tried to I would have probably had a huge accident in my knickers as it had slid out very easily when I sat on the pan coming out while I was doing my wee wee. We went shopping and I made dinner when we got home. About half an hour later I again felt I needed a motion and with my husband went to the toilet at home. I again did a wee wee then slowly but sure! ly out came a fat cylinder shaped turd of about 7 inches or so which made a loud KURSPLOONK!". So I had certainly made up for not pooing the day before.

Ileo, I looked on the WEB and if you put the word stoma or ileostomy in your search engine you will find lots of helpful organisations for your lady friend. Good luck to you both.

Concerned, probably nothing to be worried about but I suggest you take a doctor's advice anyway, just to set your mind at rest.

Nick, I have seen the Exorcist and remember the scene where the heroine (victim) stands there in front of all the posh guests then wets her knicks. I remember when I was at a friends party one of her kids came downstairs holding their potty and proudly showed us all the short but very fat jobbie they had done. I was greatly amused but my friend went red and explained that she always asked the kid to show what had been done in the potty as part of ensuring they had not had an accident in their pants. Nobody else seemed to be bothered by this little event.

Midnight Cowboy
WHAT DOES GREEN MEAN? Occasionally I have a turd that's a bright shade of green. When this happens I usually have cramps and need to go often. Anyone know what causes this?

Louise- I really enjoy your posts and was wondering what had happened to you - now I know you were on holiday.
I love reading about girls who pee and poo in public particularly if they enjoy doing it.
Can you tell me how many times you have had a poo in public and how many people you think have seen you doing it. The same for peeing - do you often pee in the street and if so how careful are you to find somewhere private or not.
Also it would be interesting to know whether you shut the door when using the toilet when at home or with friends or family - who do you allow to see you doing what.
Finally can you give us an idea what part of the world you are from.
I probably haven't seen all your posts so sorry if I'm asking stuff that you might already have talked about and I hope I am not being too intrusive. I know I'd be interested in the answers and I'm sure others would be too.

Daniel UK;- I live near to Studland Bay Dorset.Great news you are coming I will look out for you,I often go and poo there so who know's could be a buddy dump happening!!?You'll need to wrap up though it's getting colder.Hope to catch you on here and talk some more shit with you?I am not gay so no need to worry!!??I've been down there lots recently with it being summer and the stories I could tell on the people who have visited,maybe later,until next time as I have an urge to poo after reading the posts!?!

On the subject of hard to get down clothes, i had an incident once when i was 13 or 14 when i was on the bus ride home from school and really had to take a piss. I ran all the way home only squirting a couple times. But i made it to the bathroom and i had these pants on with 3 buttons and each one was very tight and hard to get free. It made it harder cause i was hopping up and down and wetting my pants at the same time and i just couldnt get them loose. So i just stood there and wet my pants completely. Afterwards, i just threw the pants in the trash.

5- Somethimes it's unbearable when i have to stand in a long bathroom line and i have to piss real bad. I try real hard not to grab my dick in public but sometimes i just have to. I'd say 50% of the time i make it with no damage, 40% of the time i have to let enough squirts out to make a dark patch on the front of my pants, and the rest of the time i completely wet my pants. That soesnt happen often, but it sure is embarrasing!


Midnight Cowboy

In my early 20s I had a job in an office in Manhattan. I had to wear a suit and tie every day. For some reason I have always enjoyed taking a shit when I'm all dressed up. I always enjoyed it more doing it in public in bathrooms where there is no privacy. So all day at my job I'd get all horny thinking about getting off of work and finding some dirty public toilet to poop in while in my suit.

One day I tried the men's toilet in Grand Central Train Station. All the toilet stalls had been removed and everyone had to shit out in the open on these 2 rows of toilets that were facing each other. And it was this really giant-sized room with so many people walking past you. It was literally as busy as "Grand Central Station." I would sit there squeezing my turds out while men walked by me sitting on the can, sometimes just a couple inches away. It was great to look face-to-face at the guy on the toilet opposite you. You could see his every move that he really usually saved for being in private. You could see other men's faces get red, straining their muscles, pushing, standing and wiping. And all the while hating being exposed to the world while doing it. I on the other hand loved it and would get a kick out of a guy who would never think of shitting in public, but his diarrhea gave him no choice. It was a place where all men were on the same level. Busines! s men in suits sat next to homeless guys, farting away and on display for the whole world to see.

The Penn Station train station was another good toilet. There were no doors on the stalls and every second or third wall partition was missing. So when you sat down to crap you'd be in a group of 2 or 3 guys, but the world still passed you by as your pants were down. Occasionally a cop in full uniform would come in to patrol. That was emabarrassing but fun having him see me. His uniform made me feel so "naked" as I sat there. It would almost slow down my turd to make it last longer.

Once in a while a guy would pee in a toilet instead of using a urinal. And once in a while they'd choose the open toilet right next to me. I would get a front row view of how the guy took his penis out -- through the fly or unbucking his pants, whether he wore jockies or boxers, whether he was cut or uncut and finally get to see his massive stream cascading into the bowl only inces away from me. And every guy had his own technique of "shaking himeslf off."

I guess one time I was a little too obvious about watching the guy pee next to me as I sat on the adjacent toilet. He had just started to let his stream pour into to the toilet and he said to me, "I hate to waste this stuff," and he turned his body towards me and pointed his penis at me and pissed on top of me as I sat there. Some people stopped to look and laugh but I was helpless. Soon my suit was soaked in the guy's piss and I had to travel an hour home by public transportation dripping wet and smelling like piss. After that experience, I couldn't wait to have it happen again, but it's been very rare that it has. What a memory!

Hi, I bought a cd buy a rock group called Blink 182 a few months ago, i listened to it one time and today i put it in my cd player while i was surfing on the net. I look at the cover and i notice a picture of one of the band memebers with a cow boy uniform on and his pants are down and it appears as he is peeing....on the top of the picture it says "ahhhhhh". Then i say big deal cause you couldn't see any thing but his boxers. Then im here listing to the last track #15 called "I'm sorry: and i get to the end and i hear this guy peeing...he says "ah yeah"..."all man", "too many beers(peeing...then pause)",ah,whats going on? the he starts peeing again."ahl there we go, phew(stop peeing)....ok, ah, no," wait a second...then he starts peeing again. Then he's done and he starts calling the dog named boy...all good want a drink, don't you. Your a little thirsty dog. Then you hear the dog drinking his piss from the toilet. Then the toilet flushes. I though! t this is funny. I was wondering if any of the other teens on here have heard this before. I think this is funny.

To Concerned:
I seem to recall that my dumps were thicker when I was younger, although they were never anything like as big as some you may read about on this page. When I was in my twenties I could produce turds over an inch in diameter but now they are always 1/2 to 3/4 inch. It has been a gradual process, and I hadnt considered it a cause for concern until I read your post. I see that others here are also testifying to similar experiences, so I would say we have nothing to worry about. Personally, I think that some of the postings here are exagerating the size!

Kendal - You are very sweet and precious . . . so articulate and thoughtful too . Don't worry about "Textbook" , you are well beyond . Hugs to you
your friend , ileo

Sunday, September 03, 2000

Sometimes there is a need to post twice in a day cause something exciting happens....Well something happened to me today. I went out today cause it was my day off and i really hadn't been out in awhile other then work etc. I decided to go to the mall and i walk around and i eat a late lunch and i hit the bathrooms after lunch and this lady was in front of me with a stroller walking to the bathroom and i see her keep walking(Ladies room is first then the mens room is next to the ladies). This lady started to walk into the mens room, i thought it was soo funny. She probably saw just the urinals and nothing else. I think she said she was embarssed or something. Then the ladies room had a long line and she had to wait. I only had to pee. Then later i leave the mall and decided to go to my local Wal-Mart cause i needed to shit on my way home and i go in to the mens room and i pee then i sit on the toilet and some young boy comes into the restroom singing It appeard as he was going ! to pee in the urinal..He's singing and i hear nothing else. Then i hear him say i gotta dump. Then he uses the handicaped stall cause i was in the first stall(2 stalls in there). Then i hear his mother yell for him and she opened the door twice and she was practicly in the mens room. Then he said i gotta go to the bathroom. The mother is saying hurry up, whats taking you so long. I belive he was about 6 or 7 and i didn't see his voice. I felt like saying something to the mother for coming in there, i would have said leave him alone he's taking a dump. But i didn't I left and went to look at things in the store. It was an exciting day.

I can't believe I didn't think of this before, but the first "Exorcist" movie has an excellent scene of a chick wetting her panties. During the dinner party scene, the girl comes down wearing a nighty. She just stands there and says something like "they're all dying up there", and then the next thing you see is a big stream of pee flowing between her legs, splashing and leaving a puddle on the floor. The people's reactions that followed were classic. The plot of the panty-wetting scene wasn't that rational or clear, but that type of mild-mannered acting is cool, where they're just like "I'm so mad that I'm just going to throw common sense out the window."

Shy Pam
To 5 -
I think you are partially right although all clothing gets tougher to get off when you wait too long and the panic sets in.
I had several accidents in elementary school just because of this mixture. I waited too long, holding it in and actually got to the bathroom where the race was on. I can particularly remember having a problem getting my courdoroy overalls off because the straps have these little hooks that go over the metal buttons and then snap tight...I lost that one, what's worse is red courdoroy really shows the wetness after you've wet your pants!
Another time I had on a blue dress with white tights and my Carters underpants. The tights were very loose and my mother pinned them through the elastic on my underwear and through my dress slightly on both sides. When I was "in a hurry" to make it to the bathroom I totally forgot about it and couldn't get my pants down in time before I peed. It's embarassing enough in Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade to wet/soil your pants, but it's even more embarassing to get to the girls room in time and then go in your pants because of some stupid thing with your clothes.
I had another incident where I more or less ran home from the bus stop almost bursting, got into my bathroom at home and wet my pants because the zipper on my jeans had gotten a little rusty and sticky from my mom washing them and no matter what I did, it wouldn't budge! She heard me crying, came in and saw my jeans and the puddle with me still trying to get the zipper down. She apologized, changed me (because I was so upset) and threw the jeans out so it wouldn't happen again.

PS - Anyone know what happened to Becca or Goldgirl?????

Concerned. Unless you have bleeding or any other abnormal signs such as rapid changes in bowel function or output, I wouldn't worry unduly. If you are concerned however, I would make an appointment with your doctor and discuss the situation with him or her as soon as possible.

ileo. I was sorry to hear about your young friend's operation and her feelings of devastation. In my opinion, any half decent man worth his salt will love for for who she is and won't be put off by her necessary use of a bag. Any man who bases his judgements on superficial outward things has, in my view at least, lost the plot. Never judge a book by its cover. In the meantime, I think you can do a lot to help your friend. Be positive, kind and caring. Try to be a true friend and help her as much as possible to adjust to her new medical situation. Perhaps it would help her to have counselling as well. Maybe this is something she should ask her doctor about.

Simon M
Last week I bought myself a brand new pair of tight black leather trousers. I was wandering around the shopping centre where I bought them, enjoying the new trousers a great deal, when I felt a slight urge to poo.
I made my way to the gents, but both cubicles were occupied. By now the urge to poo was greater and so I decided to go into the ladies toilet. I managed to slip into the one vacant cubicle (out of 4) unnoticed, flushed a huge turd away that the last user had left, pulled down my leather trousers and prepared to dump.
Meanwhile the lady next door suddenly dropped a huge turd, sighed loudly, dropped a smaller turd then wiped and left (no flushing).
I then slowly squeezed out my first log, followed by 5 more of the same. The first 2 made good splashing sounds, but the last 4 must have landed on the first 2. I then wiped and prepared to leave.
I spent about 10 minutes listening to other ladies dump and leave and then pulled up my trousers and left (in my haste I forgot to flush - sorry)
Just as I was about to leave the door opened and in walked a lady wearing a tight black leather dress. She gave me an odd look and then bolted to the cubicle that I had just left and closed the door. I heard a muffled sound of disgust just before she flushed my dump away. I then went into the cubicle next door as I felt the need for a piss.
I was soon treated to the lady in the leather dress taking a wonderfully audible dump with plenty of splashes and sighs.

We ended up leaving the place together discussing our leatherwear, but I couldn't bring myself to mention her dump!

kim & scott
hello all! Hi STEVE & LOUISE-scott and I love your stories and your latest one with you and steve on the nude beach in spain was SOOOOO SEXXXY!! it got me and scott pretty hot.!! I dont know if you heard but scott and i went on a little boating trip from baltimore,maryland to virginia(In the usa) it was fun . we stayed at a holiday inn and later took a ferryboat to a super-mall where you could do everything. eat,buy things and dance all night long . it was great. scott had a camcorder and filmed many things. we also saw porpoises in the mid-atlantic. it was a great little vacation and i did manage to squeeze one foot long log at the hotel. it felt great coming out!! well so long now you two be well. from kim & scott

To Kim No No No I Meant That Kim If You Ate A Whole Jar Of prunes You Could Probably Make A Guinnes Record With The length of your poo because we all know you can make 18 inchers but with a whole jar of prunes i figure it would be better then the fourth of july it could be the best post EVER!!!!!

Dennis (Thailand)

John i want to hear about what happenned to your 25year old cousin

To AJ I should have specified myself more clearer what i meant what do you do when you have to wait for example in a long line at restroom.

I'm sorry i didn't put my number an the post about my 25 year-old cousin wetting herself and once again I would be happy type this up if anybody would like to read about it.


Hey-I finally almost had a poo buddy on my bike ride out to the woods yesterday a.m.I was out riding and i felt like i had to do a dump so i went into the woods and found a spot and took off my clothes and sat on a log and enjoyed and a.m. air and let out a long fart and let out some soft,long sausages and just as i'm pushing out my anus to finish up,i guy came out of seeming nowhere and startled me at first-he looked about 30 or so also on a bike and said"Oh sorry about that,i thought iwas alone up here"I was still sitting on the log totally exposed to this guy and i didn't know what to do at first,but he put me at ease when he said"Can i have some of your TP?"I said "sure and he quickly got off his bike and went over to the log next to me and said"You mind?I really got to go"and laughed and pulled down his pants and sat down and at this point we were both sitting there and then he took off his shirt and let out a small fart and at this point i was wiping and pretenting not ! to notice,but i saw his anus open up and this incredibily long turd came out slowly and at looked like a brown tail and it was on the ground and still coming out his ass and at this point he looks over at the pile of poo i did and said"Nice pile dude" and at that point i looked at him still with the turd hanging out his butt and said"wow you're doing a pretty good one yourself" and laughed and as i'm getting dressed i was really enjoying watching him do this big poop.By then i was dressed and he says" You and avid biker?"so am i and i come up here all the time to dump here in the woods" then he grunted and let out some skinny turd and looked like he was done.Then he said" Do you do the same thing?"I said "yea somtimes when i got go-it's nice up here"Then he said " maybe we'll run into each other again and i said' yea" and he seemed to notice that i got a bit nervous(which i was cause i didn't want this to get weird and far a min i thought it was going there)and he said "look,i! 'm a married guy and I don't want you to get the wrong idea and that's NOT where i'm coming from!"I said "to tell you truth.i wasn't sure myself and i'm not gay-i just enjoy dumping up here"He said "well,maybe we can run into each other some morning again that would be cool" and he was wiping at that point and to tell you the truth i thought that was a cool thing for him to say and i gelt more relaxed and said to him" Yea sure any time i come up here almost every day or other day at most"and in a way i was encouraging the idea and he said"Yea we could have our a.m dumps together and i can get away from my screaming kids" and we both laughed and with that i was on my way and said" see ya " and he said yea see ya in the morming" and he was getting dressed himself.I felt pretty cool and i really didn't feel threatened by this guy at all and i have to admit part of me is curious and i may come back to this spot in the next few days and see what happens!This guy looked like he coul! d really poo andmaybe it would be fun to poo along-so i finally ran into someone after all this time-I hope it doesn't get weird-i just want to poo along with him and watch him and let him watch me and that's it-It would be fun-we'll see-who knows!I'll let you guys know!That encounter was fun!BYE

To James: Cool story about using the bathroom at school with your friend. What made you decide to use a doorless stall?? Had to go bad, i guess, huh? Did any one see you or your friend sitting there? That sucks when a stall has no toilet paper, it happened to me the other day.

To Daniel (UK): Good story, it's cool that you got to dump with someone else in the open. I wish i could use a doorless stall, but there are none around here that i know of.

To adam: I guess it is erotic to do your BM's in the woods...I would do mine in the woods but there are no woods on my yard...sorta afraid to do in public. I would find your situation quite a turn on to. So did this other guy say any thing to you?

To Rick (Vancouver): I liked how you walked down to see your friends log, i would have done that too when he wasn't looking

I had this weird dream last night that i was watching a movie, i have no idea what it was called. I turned the movie on and it started and there were a bunch of young boys peeing outside and you were able to see their p*n*s.

Then i woke up this morning and i was making breakfast and i got an urge to shit. I took my shit after i ate. It only took 2 min. I sat down and pushed out 2 or 3 logs all about 6 to 8". Then i wiped and flushed.

Jacob G (Florida)
Rick (Vancouver): You presumption is right. My roommate has no idea of my interest in watching such things and I don't have the nerve to tell him. About two months ago, I can very close to telling a bisexual friend of mine about my interest, but I chickened out at the last second. The only people that know of my interest are the readers of this forum. I think the only way I could ever tell someone would be if they first told me they had the interest. That was a cool story about seeing your friend dump in the full glare of the headlights. I would love to see someone dump outdoors, but never have.

To Someguy - Where is your post about Jennifer Love Hewitt going poop?

JODIE - Hold the phone! About your camping trip to North Wales... You said that the next morning you and Andy went into the village needing a good dump and you took adjacent stalls. A unisex loo in a Welsh village? I didn't think there would be such a thing in a UK village. Please enlighten me. Is this sort of facility common in Wales? Lucky you and Andy, dumping side by side. I once did that in South America with a nurse friend (though that incident didn't lead to the same outcome as between you and Andy). About your field dump the day before, that's so cute, saying your production was more more to admire than Andy's. The ancient battle of the sexes takes on a whole new dimension with that.

Saturday, September 02, 2000

I am 21 and have recently bought a computer for the first time and moved to a flat on my own and surfing the web putting the words "jobbie", "poo", "stool" motion" in the search engine I discovered some sites of which this is just about the best. Sure there are some "Scat" sites with pictures, movies, and even .wav sounds but these also contain some rather gross matters. For a "clean" website about defecation, which has been a turn on for me since I was a kid, this page takes some beating.

I really enjoy the highly detailed accounts from many of the regular posters who give inimate graphic descriptions of the lovely big fat jobbies they pass, the sounds when the do them, "Ker-sploonk!" etc and the appearence of their turds "a big brown sausage" or "A huge knobbly carrot shaped jobbie", and that marvelous expression which sums it up so well a "panbuster" from I think Nicola the PE Teacher originally. I only wish I had known of this web site perviously although, living at home I would NOT have been able to look up such matters without others finding out with all the trouble that would have caused. For a long time I thought I was the only person who was interested in and turned on my doing a nice big solid BM, until I read about Coprophilia a few years ago in a book.

I have to say that peeing by either gender does nothing for me and diarrhea and "accidents" in the underwear, watery or solid are a turn off for me, but of course different strokes for different folks, looking back through the "Old Posts" - wow what a turn on that few hours have been!- I have quickly passed over those posts about Diarrhea or shitting in the underwear, or only about peeing

To conclude this first posting I will relate a defecation story of my own. Yesterday, Friday I needed a motion at work, (I work in an office), but as I had some important reports to check through and finish I held it in. The urge went away and I wasn't bothered, like many of the posters
here I go when I want to, not at a regimented time and have never taken a laxative, I dont believe in them. This morning about an hour ago, 8.00am British Time , I again felt the urge to defecate and went to the toilet, pulled down my pale blue briefs and sat on the pan. I urinated, no big deal, then I felt this big lump start to push against my ring. This was going to be a lovely big one I could tell after years of experience. I held it back for a moment of two savouring the sensation of it pushing down then I surrendered and felt my sphincter dilate with a slight pain as it expanded to its full diameter, then the pain stopped and was replaced with pleasure as the fat jobbie slowly slid out as I bore down. I decided to copy some of the Scots who post here by going "OO! OO! as they do and this DID seem to help me push the turd out. I heard it crackling then it tapered and fell into the old style white pan (my flat is an old house converted into two),with a "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! !" as they say here. I wasnt finished though, two easier, smoother but nicely formed jobbies slid out quickly after the big firm turd, "KUR-SPLOOSH! KER-SPLOONK!" Finished and well satisfied I stood up and looked down the pan as I always do, (unless I have suffered from diarrhea which I DONT want to see), and had a good look at my motion. The first, biggest, jobbie was 12 inches long and about 2.5 across and knobbly for most of its length , the other two turds were smooth, slightly curved, the second one 8 inches the third 6 inches. The first harder turd was a darker brown than the two easier ones. I really felt turned on by this as I always do when I either do a nice big one myself or see a big solid jobbie someone else has done. I wiped my bum, pulled up my briefs and it took 4 flushes to get the 3 turds to go away.

Finally, I love the terminology used on this page. Particularly "buddy dump". I have carried this practice out for years, mostly indirect buddy dumps, (that is doing my own motion on top of someone else's which hasnt flushed away), and since I was a kid have buddy dumped (what I used to call doing a "joint jobbie" or a "mutual motion"), with my mother, my dad and my brother and sister, and some other pupils at school. I have also enjoyed "listening in" to the sounds of someone else doing what sounds like a nice big solid motion. The flat above mine has its toilet directly above my own toilet and shower and I can hear my upstairs neighbour both peeing and the "Ker-sploonks!" as they do their motions, and it sure sounds as if they do nice big solid jobbies too and a couple of times I have heard them pulling the flush 3 or 4 times so they must do big panbusters too.

Hope this post isnt too long, if readers like I will post more from time to time. All the best, have a nice big one, Coprophiliac UK.

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