I think one thing that promotes accidents is complicated clothing such as bodysuit and tight spandex pants, or anything that takes more than 3-5 minutes to take off this is probably more true for females due to their styles in clothing i'm sure if there was a survey done in the case of an emergency people with hard to get down clothing would most likely urinate or defecate on themselves.

I am positive this is the case and i am sure that posters when you think about some of the possible accidents you had possibly came from difficult clothing. 5

Hi PV,

Gee this site is quite different. Have you set any distance records, lately? I see from one of your postings that the
16 year old went further than anyone(3 plus feet). Do women lose distance as they age?


i was stupid and didn't put what time i was at wendy's i was ther at about five thity.

i can remember whem iwas little when my cousin who was like 25 peed on herself i will write about this if anybody want's to read it so long

Hi Melissa from N.Y.,

I am so turned on by your stories, you have broken every single guy's heart here in this forum! You mean to say that If you arrive at work in the morning and one of those urges to take a big one suddenly sneaks up on you, you would be able to hold it all day long? Wow! You have some strong sphincter muscles. Actually, holding it in over and over again can ruin your sphincter muscles as you get older, which for you would be a very very long time, but... you know. Anyhow, you should do what I do. You should go out on your lunch break and stake out all of the buildings and establishements in your area to see if any of them have acceptable restrooms. You would be suprised what you might turn up. I know I was when I fould the perfect out of the way bathroom in a building 1 block down. The bathroom is on a floor were the tenants of those offices do not get in until late in the morning, and they are spotless. I sometimes dash in there if I have to go first thing in the morning. ! I am the type of person who always dumps first thing in the morning before 10:00, so that works fine for me. I appologize Melissa for asking this question if you have answered it before: Why do you not use the bathrooms at work? What are your reasons? They might be reasons that we can find creative solutions to.

P.S. - Hey Joe, she is a treasure, and you are most fortunate to have her. That's my problem, I am just too dull, no exciting poops like Buzzy's and Mike's. Chow.

Interesting reading the posts about the gross lack of showing females peeing (especially accidents) on TV - I noticed other people have made the observation throughout the span of posts here over time. Of course you see always see guys peeing in their pants (eg. movies "Billy Madison", "Omen IV", and I'm sure there's plenty more in movies/TV), but I agree they do need to have more of these type of situations happening with gals. Anyways, here's a couple of observations:

(1) I saw the movie "American History X" on Starz the other night - in the scene where Edward Norton leads that gang into the grocery store to vandalize it, does the cashier lady actually take a massive pee in her pants? It's a disturbing scene, so you're mostly sitting there like "wow, what the...", but you do notice that there's definetly a major soaking wetness in the lady's upper pants area, so I wasn't sure if it was her pee, or if it was just that the condiments that they were using were spilling down there.

(2) I saw the latest commercial for GoodNites on daytime TV on CBS this morning during The Price is Right. It doesn't actually show the chick peeing all over her panties and nighty, but the setting takes place the day after the accident, and it does leave a lot to the imagination. It starts off with a line like "you can always call in sick today...", and the scenery is a dialogue in a car ride, and the narrator of the commercial paints a picture of what happened to the younger of the two ladies the night before. The commercial just starts off with the "you can always call in sick today" line, so you don't think anything of it at first, and then... woah!!! The actress who played the young lady in the compromised situation (i.e. the actress playing the person in need of the product being advertised) should win an oscar - I don't think she had any lines during the commercial, but her facial/body language were rich is substance.

Yesterday at school (11th grade) something interesting happened. As my friend and I were leaving for lunch, we had to stop by the bathroom. Since there were too many cases of "incidents" in the facilities, the administration decided to remove the doors off of all the stalls. You're in full view, so the best one can do is go very far down towards the back of the room. Well, we both had to take huge dumps. Of course, the first thing we checked for was TP - there was none in the first stall, but there were two rolls on either side of a stall that had two toilets side by side with no partition between. So we sucked in our pride and just went out in the open, side by side, one friend getting an up-close view of the other's struggles. The bathroom was actually clean because no one ever dares to go in them!

5-what do you mean when you ask what people do when they really have to go bad? Usually i just go!!

Ill have stories from my summer trips in my next post!!


Hey, School Janitor- I'm a middle school custodian. We have skylights in our restrooms so they don't get dark during outages. Do yours have skylights or windows?
It did not surprise me that the vice principal was "busy"! I never met anyone lazier than most (not all) school administrators. Anyway, custodians always get stuck with all the work!....Joe

As a teenager, many years ago, I always had skidmarks in my underpants. I did not change them very often, so each "skid" must have been multilayered. Those were the days of hard shiny TP that smears rather than wipes -- you still get it in a few institutional toilets. As I got older and my arse-crack got hairier, I started to suffer from anal soreness. Only a hot bath could relieve it. After I got married, I complained about this to my wife and she advised washing the anus after shitting and wiping with TP. She saoid iot would prevent skidmarks as well. So I started when shitting at home, to wash my anus with a flannel, soap and hot water, and dry it with a towel, and the soreness disappeared and has never troubled me since. Also now I check my underpants every time I pull them down for skidmarks. If I shit away from home, I always take a length of TP from the stall and moisten it with hot water before locking myself in. I use that at the end after normal wiping, and finally e! nd the wiping process with a dry piece of TP. It prevents both soreness and skidmarks. If you can't moisten the TP with water from the sink, a bit of spit is effective in moistening it.

Actually, in the very first Real World (the one in New York, I think - at least 6 or 7 years ago), one of the roommates (female) bursts into the bathroom (on purpose) while one of the other girls is sitting on the toilet doing a poo. We actually see the girl on the toilet, paper in hand. We know she's pooing because she says so and gets furious about the incident.

I'm curious as to why you don't like pooing in public bathrooms or at work. Is it because you don't like other women to hear you? I'd be in big trouble if I hated public bathrooms as lunchtime at work is when my strong urge to poo comes on. I've never been embarrassed about others hearing my poo sounds (I fart loudly) and always like to hear other women poo. I estimate that at lunchtime, 3 out of 5 women who come in and use the work restroom will poo. I also think that women are less inhibited than men about pooing in a public bathroom and are not ashamed about farting and pooing loudly. I think it is because when women go into a stall, they could be either peeing or pooing and they make the choice right there. When men enter a stall, it's like saying to the other men "I AM GOING TO POO" which makes men more self-conscious. Well, that's my husband's theory!

Some Guy
Let me just say this- co-ed bathrooms rule. Not only do you get to brush your teeth to the lovely sound of urinating, but see her face as she leaves the stall. I wonder what's going through their minds. Some just say, "hi."

High School Janitor- Although that would be fun to watch, that policy is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Hi everyone--
It's been a long time since I've been here since I've been doing a lot of travelling this summer. I'm in the States at the moment and recently encountered a toilet building at a State Park beach in Michigan where the toilets were completely in the open! Just a big room with 4 urinals across from 4 toilets, no doors or partitions. I've never seen anything like this in England but remember a few of these from when I was growing up in America. Anyway, I went in to take a shit and there was a young guy (early 20's) just wiping the seat of one of the toilets. I did the same and we both sat down. Each of us was pretty constipated and we sat there kind of embarassed and pushed and grunted. He held his equipment down and peed, then his stomach and neck muscles tensed while he looked straight ahead. I could actually hear his first log starting to crackle through his hole, then a huge plop, then three more. Then my load came all in one huge log. It felt like my hole was tearing itse! lf apart. I guess I had it coming because I had been eating junky food for a few days and hadn't really taken a good dump in that time. Anyway, sitting there straining next to another guy was so brilliant. I hadn't dumped with a buddy since I was in my teens. And this was totally unexpected!
I'm lookikng forward to going to Studland Bay in Dorest soon. I always end up taking a big dump in the dunes when I'm there.
Later, Daniel


Hey, the girl in the picture is Scary Spice, right?

Anyway, how many of you flush the toilet while you're talking to someone on the phone? I never do this, but my friends, my sister, and my ex have done this quite often.

HI thought i would post this as i have not posted for quite a long time
over the past few day i have been finding it quite erotic to do my bms in the woods and yesterday i set out as normal to do the 5 minute walk to the woods i found a spot quite near the path and started to go i had nearly finished when another guy turned up squatted next to me and started to go i woz quite surprised at this but also found it quite a turn on (i am bi sexual).

the pic at the top is Melanie Black from the spice girls

Rick (Vancouver)
Jacob G (Florida):
I presume that your roommate who walked into the bathroom and took a dump is not aware of your interest in watching such things? As you wrote, sometimes it is the unexpected happenings that are the most rewarding.

When I was in my late teens and lived in the UK, me and a friend of mine called Paul who was 18 went on a little touring holiday. We slept in my van once we had found a quiet spot. In the Lake District area of the UK one particular night we decided to stop for the night on scenic road around a lake called Thirlmere. The main road went down one side of the lake and a narrow, quiet scenic road went down the other side and joined back in again.

As it was almost dark we were almost assured that nobody was going to drive down this road for the view. As we were just arranging the sleeping bags Paul asked if I had any toilet paper. I had brought some along thinking that one or the other would probably need it at sometime. Paul walked forward about 12 feet, pulled down his pants and underwear, and squatted down on a small bank at the roadside. In the full glare of the headlights I was treated to him dropping a log. It emerged steadily and fell to the ground. He was done in a couple of minutes. After wiping he returned to the van to sleep. In the morning as we were preparing to leave I casually walked down to look at the products of his effort. There on the bank was a firm, 8 inch log, light brown with dark brown patches. After packing up we went on our way. I was hoping I might see this happen again, but no such luck!


TO CONCERNED-You know,now that you mentioned it,i too,when i poo noticed that they are narrower than when i was a kid too,but i wouln't worry about it if i were you-mine are no more than an inch wide but most of the time they are real long (10 in or more)Also when i was a kid they were harder-now they are softer and easy to push out-could be your diet changing sometimes without you realising it and getting older has something to do with it too,i'm sure.I think if your stools get narrower over a short period of time you should have it checked out,but if you have been going like that for quite a while,I think you are OK
TO HIKER(uk)-Cool story about seeing that woman's anus in the stalls that reminds me about when i used to wacth my nurse friend take some wicked dumps and when she would start to go,her anus used to push out i would say,about 3/4 of and inch!Then the poos would come out and the whole time,her anus was pushed out!It was great to see that-It looked like a giant anthill!Once in a while when i really gotta go bad when i look at my anus with a mirror,just before the poop comes out ,my anus pushes out pretty far,but only when i seem to have a big load up there is when this happens cause my anus only opens up just so wide no matter how bad i got to go and i think it looks really cool-Cool story!
TO STE-WOW you must have been mortified by that incident in the toilet-i would have gone out to the woods and a few times when i've had a poo attack,that's where i go,but if it's in the winter,i guess i have to go to a public toilet,but so far i've never had that misfortune happen to me-i would have ran out of there with a bag over my head never to return there again!!GREAT stories all!BYE

i am new to all this. i am only 14, nearly 15 and i enjoy watching both males and female go to the toilet. i haven't had anything exciting happen to me, but i will post a story as soon as something happens worth posting.

Kim & scott
hello everyone! this is kim again. TO STINGER did you mean me when you talked about i should eat a whole jar of prunes and would be a guinnes or something? i guess you mean if i eat a little more i will have even bigger bowel-movements? that would make the guinness book of world records?is that what you mean stinger.?? just curious. And anyway stinger I am a fit,shapely blond i dont need to eat a whole jar of prunes to have a large load. my dumps are usually 12-18 inches anyway.(I have a good appetite but always work it off and was never fat in my life) please write back stinger if you were talking about me or some other kim and tell me exactly what you mean(??just curious. be well stinger and other posters.

I'm a 14 y/o from England. The other day, I needed to have dump at school, so I went to the toilets with my best friend Karl in tow. I went in the toilet, took my blazer off and sat down immediatly he started to try to pick the lock on the door. he kept saying thing like "is it out yet?2 and "having a bit of a long crap arnt you?2, i got really embarresed and he laughed even louder when my turds plopped in the water. he then managed to open the door using his front door key and a load of year 8s saw me with my trousers still down I'll tell him to piss off next time!

DEAR ILEO: You are very kind with your advice. I don't understand what "textbook 101" means. Chloe and I are best friends, and I helped to get her and Andrew together. I'm very good at knowing when I'm not wanted, and never get in the way when they want to be alone together. They are boyfriend and girlfriend after all. I told Chloe about what you wrote and she said you must be a psychologist ( I had to get my dictionary out to spell that right ! ), although you say that you're not. She says she doesn't mind about my wonderful relationship with Andrew. She wishes she had a nice boy cousin like that who doted over her and looked after her the way Andrew does me. Instead she has horrible Alan ! But then, she said that she didn't really need to have the kind of cousin I've got, because she's got mine !!

I never even mentioned Andrew to Alan. So I don't think he was nasty to me because he was jealous of me and Andrew. Andrew would never dream of asking to go to the toilet with me if someone else was there. Chloe says Alan needs to grow up, and that he's a spoilt brat who always gets his own way.

When I'm grown up, I don't want just any old relationship. I want a special one. And yes, they would have to be as nice to me as Andrew is. Chloe says I'll have a job to find a boy like Andrew. He is one in a million. But more than one million live in my country, and in the world. So I'm sure I will find my new Andrew one day ! But thats in the future. I don't need a boyfriend now. I'm only 10, and Mum says theres lots of time yet ! Oh yes, I also want to say that I'd rather be an old spinster than have an unhappy relationship ! Mum says theres nothing wrong with high standards. Hugs back to you, Ileo !

Chloe has been with me all day today while her Mum and Dad were at work. So I went with her while she had a poo after lunch. I've started to get excited like Chloe and Andrew about watching someone poo. I still don't like the smells though, and Chloe's made a real pong today ! She took a long time to have it, and it plopped in the water in one big lump. She still has her period though, so maybe that explains the trouble she's got about going this week.

Then Chloe came with me when I did my poo before tea. I think mine was just as smelly really, but she didn't mind. It was nice and easy to make, and I did it in three pieces that made gentle plopping noises. Unlike Chloes which made a plop like a canon !!

Hello everybody!

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi! Yep, we are back, we had a nice time
in Spain but I think Steve is wishing a bit that we
had not gone. He is very very busy with work and I
have not seen him for 3 days, but I know he has been
home at night and has had to leave again before I
have seen him. So I have had to enjoy my toilet
activities alone.

PV - With no Steve about to enjoy the toilet with, I
have been weeing in the bath, which I have enjoyed
because of all the tinkling noises, and I have enjoyed
some real nice shower pisses as well. Yesterday, my
mum came to see me for a coffee, and when we both
eventually wanted to go for a wee, I let my mum go
first and have a standing wee over our toilet. I
think I had the same view of her that Steve had when
he walked in on her once when she was doing it. He
wrote about that a while back, didn't he, and I bet
he enjoyed it. My mum still has a real nice bum, and
she does gushing wees a lot like I do too.

The urinal training manual! Hehehe, I think we have both
written it between us already, haven't wee? Those women
just need to read the right pages on here. Hehehe.

Yeah, I bet the netball team might have been weeing in
the showers, but I do not think anybody would want to
wash the floor around the drain grid that we were
aiming at that day. I think I will have a piss over that
grid on Saturday and see if anyone else does.

I know how you mean about your wee in the tunnel. Yes,
you have to be real careful. Sometimes it can be risky
going in quiet places and I always feel better if Steve
is there with me. I had a squatting wee in my usual
little place in the park when I was on my way home
today, and yeah I have to feel safe before I can do it.
Today I really flooded the place and my wee seemed to
go on for ages. I think I wanted just a little bit to
be discovered doing it, but there was no-one coming.
Hehe. There is something about having a wee outside
in my smart office clothes that I really enjoy. It
may be that is how I have to pull my skirt up and
pull down my knickers while wearing heeled shoes
that I like.

I think my alley shit was the biggest I have done for
ages. There was one I did in Spain that was quite a
big one as well and I will write about it in a

On the nude beaches in Spain we saw a young couple like
us, and they went to the sea. Guess what they did?
The guy was nicely muscled, not too much muscle, you
know like a body builder, but nice like Steve is.
Nice bum, firm legs, nice broad back and shoulders.
Hehehe. His dick was pretty long like Steve's and what
a long foreskin. Well, his girlfriend stood with him
while he held his dick and pissed into the sea. I bet
they were always watching each other weeing. While he
was still doing it, she looked around and then she
bent down a little bit. We saw her wee stream squirting
down and her boyfriend looked at her while she was
doing it. I wish I could have heard what she said to
him while she was doing it, I bet she was having some
fun with him. Hehe.

The first time I wanted to have a wee while we were
there, I felt a bit shy about it really even though I
had done it a lot with people around last year. I felt
really full after a bit because I had drunk a lot of
water. It was really like the first time last year,
because what made me go and do it in the end was
the middle-aged lady near to us who got up from lying
down on her towel and she squatted a few feet away and
blasted the sand with her wee. She did not look like
she minded that men could see her pussy squirting wee,
and when she had done it all I got up and squatted
over the sand as well. Male eyes were on me as I let
rip one of my geyser wees and I felt so free. My wee
soon soaked into the sand and it left a damp patch.
When Steve wanted to wee, he stood up and looked out
to sea, and some female eyes including our middle-aged
neighbour looked at him while he held his cock up
and let rip a good stream. A bit later I really wanted
to shit and it felt like a large dry one. I dragged
Steve to the sea. There were a couple of ladies there
who went into the sea for just a minute or so, and I
bet it was to have a piss, but I just went in up to my
knees. I turned around so I was facing the beach and
bent over a little bit, and it was really exciting
and my heart was thumping as I started pushing out my
shit. It was not hard to do and it just seemed to
squeeze out even if it was a hard dry one, but Steve
watched from behind and he said it must have been a
foot long. Hehe I think I was spotted doing it but it
was fun.
There is a lot more I can write about and I think Steve
has loads, but I bet he can not write now until next
Yeah, I am enjoying the Kung Fu but Steve will not let
me do that Aikido stuff (I know how to spell it now!)
as well yet. He says it might confuse me and I should
stick to just the Wing Chun for a long time yet.

Big Hugs,


To Jacob G (Florida): Cool story about seeing your roommate shit cause you were washing your hands and he must have really had to go.

This morning i was up at 4am for work and right before i left i had to shit, i was afraid to hold it. I sat down and i let out mushy shit, it was pretty loose. Then i wiped and had to be on my way. At work(i work in a kitchen) and today we served prune juice to the residents of this community and i was thinking these old people will really have to shit today or tomorrow. Then i saw an employee drink some of it(4oz) and then later i saw her drink another 4oz and i thought man, maybe she is consitpated cause she was drinking prune juice. Im embarssed to drink prune juice in front of someone i know, cause i know that they know i will need to shit soon.

PV - Hi again!!!
I forgot to write to tell about when I went into a
men's toilet with Steve when we were in Spain. It
was in a bar run by a guy from England and it was
really a lot like being home in England, but a lot
warmer hehehe. When Steve wanted to go for a wee I
sort of sneaked in with him. I was wearing my
bikini top, a little skirt and my bikini knickers
under that. I wondered if I should take my bikini
knickers off or pull them to the side, and I
made up my mind to pull them to the side and lift
up my skirt at the front. I stood at the urinal
next to Steve's (the urinals were blue in this
bar!). They had those funny little blue tablet
things in them that stop the stale wee smells.
Steve took his cock out and started squirting into
his urinal. I just stood over mine and I did not
have to aim with my fingers or anything, and I
moved my hips about a bit while I blasted my wee
into the urinal. I was hitting the little blue
scented tablets and sort of chasing them around the
bottom of the urinal. Hehehe. We were all alone in
the men's toilets but it would have been fun if
a guy had walked in while we were doing that. Hehe.
I wished I had a pen with me to write a Venus symbol
on the wall, but I didn't. Dammit! It was the only
time I went into a men's room when we were in Spain.
I felt very safe with Steve there with me, but there
was something about being in a foreign country you
know, that made me a bit careful, so I would sure not
go into one all by myself.

This is something I really want to tell you! When
I was with Steve on one of the nude beaches, it
was one of those times when there were not too many
people about. I stood on top of a rocky bit with
my legs apart and let rip with one of my geyser
wees that Steve enjoys. I did some high pressure
rock washing. Hehehehe. I really had lots of fun
watching my wee running quickly down the rocks
and it was so much fun. When I looked around from
there I saw there was a quiet little stretch of beach
and guess what, there were about 6 couples well apart
there but, you know, they were taking advantage of
there being no children about. Hehehe. So 2 hours or
so later, Steve was very tired! Hehehehe it was really
fantastic! Ever so romantic, and I felt so close to
him. We went back about 3 more times to do the same.
It did feel so very daring and exciting to be in
like minded company but normally I would not like
there to be witnesses! I did not give Steve too much
rest in that 2 weeks.

Aim for the top!


Friday, September 01, 2000

Ben in NY
The three celebrities that I really want to see desperate are the three women from friends. LISA KUDROW, JENIFER ANISTON, AND COURTNEY COX ARQUETTE. Oh and also, AMANDA PEET.

Peace and Love,

Is it normal for one's poops to get narrower as you get older? When I was a kid, I seem to remember my turds being a good two inchesv or more in diameter (NOT circumference, I'm talking about diameter, the distance across). Of course I often didn't go every day, so a lot of my poops were two, three and even four days old. Also, my memories may be a little distorted (things we recall as a child often seem bigger in retrospect). As an adult in my forties, I generally go every single day. Still, it seems they've gotten slightly narrower over time. My normal poop is no more than an inch wide, and sometimes it seems more like 3/4 inch. The length varies, but is usually 15 to 20 inches. Does 3/4 inch to an inch seem like a normal diameter for a person who has a normal diet and goes every day? I read once that a sign of rectal cancer can be poops getting narrower over time, so I'd like to find out if mine are "normal" size. I am an American male and have a normal American d! iet of beef, chicken, vegetables, etc. Thanks for your help!

France 2000, Part 3.

While staying at a camp site in a village on the edge of the Parc National de la Vanoise in France, I visited another of the unisex toilette blocks. This one had a disabled stall on the left, three urinals on the right and six 'hole in the floor' squat type 'stalls' straight ahead. Whenever I had seen this type of stall in France before, they always had partition walls right down to the floor, for obvious reasons. These ones were different however. They not only had gaps under the doors but also 2.5 inch gaps under the partitions between stalls! I was amazed by this as it would be quite unimaginable in the UK, and probably in the US also.

Morning 'rush hour' was a busy time and about half of the women who came in did a poop. I was in stall #4 when a woman came into #3 and squatted down low. By getting my head down as low as possible, I got an amazing close-up sideways underneath view of her rear end under the partition. I saw her anus open and several small round shiny poops slipped out effortlessly.

Not all motions were passed so easily. One woman finished peeing and then I could see some pressure building around her butt area. I heard a small hiss of gas and a grunt, then her anus opened full bore, a little over an inch and the end of a hard poop slowly started to appear. She grunted and pushed hard and gradually, about an inch of poop appeared. It stretched her so much that she seemed to be pushing out part of her rectum, which protruded beyond her anal sphincter muscle, forming a half inch collar of thin skin around the poop.

More grunting and a little fart followed and she took about 2 minutes to get the next 2 inches out. It was hard and knobbly all over and looked like it had been inside her for a few days. Then it stopped coming out and I wondered if she might cut it off with her muscles or reach round with some PT (papier toilette) and pull it. She didn't do either but just took a rest before pushing again for a minute or two, until the complete 5 inch long hard merde came out and plopped into the water. This must have been quite a rare event for her.

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