I remember a while back someone asking if anyone had seen any pee/poop scenes on The Real World. I did finally spot one today. It was on the Real World/Road Rules Challange 2000. Two teams where put into hotel rooms with no windows or clocks and told to keep a tennis ball moving for 48 hours without ever stopping. The worst part was that they had no idea how long they had been going or how long they had to go. The only things in the rooms was one tennis ball, a few pillows, bottled water, and butt wipe. No pictures, no nothing. 15 min. before the 48 hrs. was up, someone slid a note under the door to let the teams know they only had about 15 min. to go. One of the girls had to pee. She let someone go in with her and video tape it. She sat on the pot and pulled off some TP and said "This is the last time I will have to pee on the toilet." Of coarse, being MTV, they only showed her for a fraction of a fraction of a second. Blink and you will miss it. Why is it so Taboo to show or! even talk about a female peeing on TV. Of all the series MTV has done on Real World and Road Rules, that is the first scene in the bathroom I have ever noticed. If seven strangers go to the toilet 4 times a day, that makes 28 incidents every day. Maybe the cast members have a written contract granting them the right to poop alone. I am going to rent the behind the scenes tapes. I bet there is something on there.

Another thing. When I sit down to poop, the first thing I do is pee. Then I flush. Then I poop. If you pee in the water and then get splash back from a massive turd, you are getting pee water splashed back on you. Yuk. Anyone else do this?

I don't post my E-Mail address because I am afriad that someone, anyone, could stumble across me here. It could ruin my life at work. I work with 103 other men, and I have 38 years until I can retire. I would hate to be called shit head or ass wipe the rest of my career. Especially since I am a high ranking manager. I think I may create a new address just for you all. I will post again later if it works out.

Dear school janitor- Great story, I felt bad for the people though. I know they were mortifed! What type of school was this, middle elementary or high? And who was having accidents, males females or both. Also, what administration would be stupid enough to lock up the bathrooms! I read the emergency procedures for my high school before i graduated, and nothing like that was listed anywhere!

Hi Nig - Thanks for being brave enough to post . Illness is one hell of a character builder , facing down the demons is much more difficult than we think , they linger and hey hurt us . I seldom had much awareness at all of sickness when I was young . I was never sick , and knew of no one that was ? I was cute , smart and funny and thought I was one of the "lucky" people . "well . . Duh , of course I am " , I thought to myself . Suddenly ten years ago at the age of 28 , I started getting really sick , and in the hospital realized there were other sick people and they were beautiful and I wanted to help them and talk to them . It seemed that people that were in the middle of a struggle had more to give , even as they lay drained in their beds on a Morphine drip . It made me cry like I had never cried before . Then my girlfriend lost her right breast to breast Cancer , and she was a glowing picture of health . I was ready to help her because I knew how to help her ! , so I stayed day and night and assisted the nurses . I rubbed her feet with lotion and put warm wash clothes on her forehead and kissed her bandaged chest . Some friends came to visit her , bubbly and fresh from shopping and they looked at her like she was a freak . I shielded her and told them to leave and she cried .

Ann - I've never had anyone forcefully offer up any unwanted councelling to me . . I'm sorry that you've had that experience , and that it's been negative . I have spent time with insurance companies and Hospital personel requesting that sort of assistance for myself or others ? I hate to veer into religion because the single time that I made mention of it at all , was not posted ? I am not religious and would find no use for clergy , except to run and fetch me a triple Mocha from Starbucks . <lol>

Ben (NY) , Thanks for the plug , I'm not a psycologist but it was my childhood dream was to be a Gynecologist . seriously !! I would love to be dealing with womens Hemmorhoids and holding their hand as they tell me about their husbands latest affair , and "could it be the cause of the dryness ?" ect . . <lol> Any human interaction , just seems to feel great to me . Women of course are much more satisfying to interact with in general , not sexually neccessarily , just that they seem to know how to connect . Two other films that are extremely powerful , very human stuff , must see . "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf" , and "Death of a Salesman" . Have a hanky and some booze handy for afterward !!

Anne (the bus Driver)
I was cracking up !! yes , I agree , beauracratic teams of "Crisis support workers" chasing people down the street would be a soothing sight for anyone in a state of real trauma ! <lol><sarcasm>. The UK seems to have had good intentions in that regard , that apparently have failed in practice . I was not familiar with those services , perhaps a knock will be forthcoming on the door of our dear sweet Kendal ?

Kendal - Your mutual adoration with Andrew will always be a potential source of threat to anyone that dates either of you . Your story was "textbook 101". Andrew has magic for you , and you for him . It may be helpful for you to keep your relationship with him , a bit more sacred . Approach any other/new relationship on it's own merits , not as an extension of Andrew . Otherwise any boy will see Andrew as the yardstick to your heart and the measure how he must be , and wish to emulate him , or ultimately resent him and you . Chloe may not have a similar reaction outwardly , girls can be less threatened than boys , but there may twinges of discomfort within her also . it's the dreaded triangle . . . it bites ! hugs to you - ileo

one time i went to wendy's i was in the drive through and the girl in the window i wold say she wa 20 to 25 hollered out "and tell her i need to go to the bathroom, and i haven't been since 11 in the morning." i was just wondering is it possibble to hold that long without being in desperate pain? so long

god i had to report this! I was walking into town when i felt a sudden cramping pain in my stomach. i COULDN'T wait much longer before i shitting. i rushed to the public stalls, horror, the stall had no door,i defied this and entered only to be confronted by a whole pan of overflowing shits! every one before me have taken a dump and left it.this toilet would never flush now! i tried to hold on but another cramp and then a wet fart, i quickly pulled my pants down and let go with several long blasts of loose shit - the bowl overflowed-i wiped for ages then another blast this time i directed it into a urinal with every 1 looking! bloody embarrasing- i returned to the flooded stall 2 wipe again. i was so knackered! jeez what an experience.any one else had this?

Hey School Janitor, I'm a school janitor too. Yes, we usually have a collection of stories to tell. Right now I'm working in a community college, but I've had jobs in elementaries and high schools also. The high schools were the worst as far as vandalism, but ours was not too bad in that respect. The kids we had seemed to appreciate having clean bathrooms and didn't mess around too much. It's fun for me when a girl (or boy, for that matter) comes in and I say "wait a minute," then wipe the toilet seat off for them. Or, I remind them to wash their hands. We use the coconut oil based soap and they seem to like it.

Jacob G (Florida)
To Brad, Modest, and The Midnight Cowboy: Great stories! I enjoyed them and look forward to reading more.

I experienced something unusual this afternoon. I had been working outside and got something on my hands, so I went to the bathroom to scrub it off. Just as I started washing my hands, my roommate walked into the bathroom and asked me how to do something on the computer. As I was explaining it to him, he calmly pulled down his shorts to his ankles and sat on the toilet. So here I am, standing just inches away at the sink, and here he is, sitting on the toilet - practically naked - because he did not have on a shirt. I was totally, but pleasantly, shocked. He has never done anything like this before. He didn't ask me to leave, so of course, I did not. I just kept washing my hands and answering his computer question. At the same time, I was watching him out of the corner of my eye. I saw him stare straight ahead, then saw every muscle in his torso and neck tighten up. His face turned bright red and he made a slight vocal grunting noise. Then, I heard "kerplop." ! That was it! He started unrolling toilet paper. I walked out at that point, still in a great deal of shock. Sometimes things happen like this when they are the least expected.

Hi,all-been reading all your posts and ther have been some good ones.I've been busy with work and haven't had much to report lately on my BMs except i've bee going out in the woods almost daily and i been going to the same spot to poop and i've noticed something and maybe some of you will agree-anyway.i go to this spot and squat down and dump and after 4-5 days of going there i looked at the piles that i did and each pile is a bit different in size and consistancy sort of like a snowflake or fingerprint-no 2 poos are alike,it's pretty wild-3 of the piles are about the same amount and 1 pile was pretty small and another was a big load.It was fun pooing in the same spot for a bit but time to move on-i'll keep you all informed esp if i can poo along with someone-i'm still waitingfor that to happen and BTW to whoever posted about E-mail addresses toeach other (sorry can't remember who you are)Maybe STINGER?this forum will not post them and i guess i can understand why but in a way! it's too bad
TO MIDNITE COWBOY-I would love to go to wash sq park to dump with others too-it sounds like fun,i'm not sure i have the nerve enough to go in and dump anongside others-But i too like to poo in the woods and wonder if anyone is seeing me poop-once in a while i go to this place in the woods byRR tracks and wait for a train to go by and just as the train is going by,i face my but towards the train and do a good load and i know someone is seeing this and in a strange way,i an excited by doing this,anyway one of thes days,i'm going to go to this wash parka and do a nice dump along with all you guys-i just have to get the nerve up to do it!Send us all your stories-i'm sure we will enjoy them midnite cowboy!More stuff!
TO ANDY-you and I sound a lot alike-I poo out in the woods all the time-the video camera sound like a good idea-never tried it,but i bring a mirror with me and when i really feel like a good load i take out the mirror and look at my opening anus and watch the poo come out (check some of my old posts about that!)but the videocamera sounds like a great idea!I'll have to try that one! keep us posted on that!
TO BRAD- interesing story with you and the hitchiker when you guys did the buddy poo in the garage-when he was going,could you see it coming out ? and could he see you going?Cool story Great stories all see ya-i think i'll go to the gym today cause the weather here is lousy,so i'l go to the gym to poop-that's always fun !BYE

DawnB,how's it going?!Thanx for the story...Keep them up!I like those.They're very interesting.Where ya from anyways?Tell me about your latest experiences there at the club.Any other ladies have any stories about using doorless stalls?

Ben in NY
School janitor- I wanted to ask, did you hear about any of the teachers losing control in front of their classes?

Peace and Love,

Anne (the bus driver) and my very favourite poster! I'm sure Tony was only joking.

So far as the counselling and trauma issue is concerned, I'm a great sceptic and very wary of the "counselling industry" that seems to have sprung up. However, I think there exceptional circumstances where counselling is appropriate and I think ileo's friend could be helped by it, given the nature of her distress.

Wow that was some dump you had at the South Coast on Monday! I'm glad some of your passengers were impressed - obviously you made their day. Clearly you needed to go. Had it been a long trip? I also like turkey and white meat but it can be a little constipating and I guess it bunged you up. It has that effect on me sometimes - much as I like it. I know you had no choice in the matter, presumably being rostered to drive that bus but I think anyone who goes near the coast on a Bank Holiday weekend is very brave indeed.

To Panda: I remember a early expericnce with dirty pants. On time i was at this camp when i was around 11(6th grade) and we went to this camp for 5 days with school(you were requried to go..or else you had to do written work at school). I remember one afternoon when every one was showering, and there was a line for the showers(there were only 2 showers) and every one was undressed or covered in tows, and they left there diry/clean clothes outside of the shower and i remember hearing seeing these 2 boys talking about underwear cause this one boy waiting for the shower had a skid mark in his briefs, so this other boy was saying when you were boxers you can hardly see the stains. At the time i did occasionly get skid marks as i wore briefs, then i 9th grade i switched to boxers. And i like to check my underwear for stains.

To School Janitor: I remember when i was In high school last year(i graduated). I think at the end of the year the power went out cause there was a problem in the school that the power had to be shut off, i belive they said no students are to be in the halls/bathrooms for what ever reason. I remember teachers used to let kids go to the bathroom in a power outage, unless and announcement was made saying other wise.

To kim & scott: I Just thought maybe you lived in my area, now i see.

Today i was working my early shift at work, which is 6am-2pm and i had a horrible dinner last night, the food was greasy. So over night i heard my stomach gurgling, i figured i would be shitting by morning. I get up and im almost late for work and i get down the road and i feel a slight urge(a little crampy) to shit. I get there and go inside and it passes so i do my work. Then my stomach was hurting, so i knew i needed to shit on my break so on my break i went upstairs to this really old bathroom and i sit down and im all sweaty and i start straining, cause i didn't have much time left and i pushed and pushed. I produced a dark brown 8" log and a few other pieces. Then i wiped with cheap paper cause i used a ton and wiped a million times, also in the other stall there was no toilet paper. Then as im wiping this little bit of tp fell on the floor. There is another bathroom downstairs, i would have used that one but it's a one person bathroom, and i decided to keep it open ! in case another guy had to pee, any way someone might hear me downstairs as there is no one upstairs. Then i sat there for 15 20 min. then later i felt like i could go again but i held it and it went away, i never went again today.

To Panda: I remember a early expericnce with dirty pants. On time i was at this camp when i was around 11(6th grade) and we went to this camp for 5 days with school(you were requried to go..or else you had to do written work at school). I remember one afternoon when every one was showering, and there was a line for the showers(there were only 2 showers) and every one was undressed or covered in tows, and they left there diry/clean clothes outside of the shower and i remember hearing seeing these 2 boys talking about underwear cause this one boy waiting for the shower had a skid mark in his briefs, so this other boy was saying when you were boxers you can hardly see the stains. At the time i did occasionly get skid marks as i wore briefs, then i 9th grade i switched to boxers. And i like to check my underwear for stains.

To School Janitor: I remember when i was In high school last year(i graduated). I think at the end of the year the power went out cause there was a problem in the school that the power had to be shut off, i belive they said no students are to be in the halls/bathrooms for what ever reason. I remember teachers used to let kids go to the bathroom in a power outage, unless and announcement was made saying other wise.

To kim & scott: I Just thought maybe you lived in my area, now i see.

Today i was working my early shift at work, which is 6am-2pm and i had a horrible dinner last night, the food was greasy. So over night i heard my stomach gurgling, i figured i would be shitting by morning. I get up and im almost late for work and i get down the road and i feel a slight urge(a little crampy) to shit. I get there and go inside and it passes so i do my work. Then my stomach was hurting, so i knew i needed to shit on my break so on my break i went upstairs to this really old bathroom and i sit down and im all sweaty and i start straining, cause i didn't have much time left and i pushed and pushed. I produced a dark brown 8" log and a few other pieces. Then i wiped with cheap paper cause i used a ton and wiped a million times, also in the other stall there was no toilet paper. Then as im wiping this little bit of tp fell on the floor. There is another bathroom downstairs, i would have used that one but it's a one person bathroom, and i decided to keep it open ! in case another guy had to pee, any way someone might hear me downstairs as there is no one upstairs. Then i sat there for 15 20 min. then later i felt like i could go again but i held it and it went away, i never went again today.

Undin (Greece)
To Anne (My favourite toilet mate!!!). Well I am really impressed about your stories. I would like to know your daily food consumption. I have heard that Essex girls are doing the biggest motions so are you from there??? (Hahaha
I'm joking!!). Also can you repeat your weight & height because I can't find it in your older entries;

Now a toilet story. Last year I had a Russian girlfriend that she was really attractive and she had told me that
she would never get fat because of her metabolism. Once she
was saying "I can eat a horse without getting fat". I was very interested in this story so when she came to Greece for
holidays I was expecting an interesting movement from her. I didn't know her very well so I would not watch in the toilet. I noticed that the first day of her visit she used 3 times the toilet so I thought to make her a bit constipated. My mother is a very good cook and everyone admires the Greek mousaka she makes, particularly the foreigners among other recipies (I am the only exception that I don't really fancy it!). So I asked her to cook for us mousaka for the next day. She did so and Elena (my girlfriend) seemed to like her portion very much but she was feeling embarassed to ask for more. I told her you can eat as much as you want so she had 6 portions together with a Greek salad. She said that it was absolutely fantastic. I gave her some Greek coffee after the large meal because it makes you very constipated. She didn't have a motion until next day after break fast. She excused herself of going to the toilet; I heard a long stream of wee and then NNNNN!!!! UUUUUUGGHH! HHH!!! AAAAHHH!!! for a minute nothing and then a releaving OOHHHHHH!!!! She wipped only once, flushed and then I could hear her trying to smash her "creature" with the toilet brush. She flushed again and then she repeated the same 2 more times total of 4 flushes. She came out very satisfied with a smile and asked me to make love. I thought next time I could ask her and when I did she felt a bit strange but told me it's OK for me to watch but after having finished the motion. In that evening we bought Greek kebabs and she really loved them so she had totaly of seven and then a big Pizza. Next day we enjoyed our breakfast and then she told me she neede a jobbie. She asked me to give her privacy because she had to concentrate on. I heard from inside UUUUUUGGHHHH!!! NNNNNNN1!!!! NNNNNNNNN!!!!! AAAAAAAAAGGGHHH!!! then a small PLOP PLOP and then a silent FLOMP!!! She shouted that she had finished and I could come and see... I saw two eggs and a big turd of more than a foot
long; She said "I had never such a huge one in the past; It's probably the Greek food that makes me constipated and that's why I go only once a day in the toilet" She asked me then to wip her bum and she flushed but only the eggs went away. This huge brown sausage was trapped. She said "I have to kill this monster before flushing it with the brush". She did in the way I described it earlier on and with some flushes it went away...

Melissa from New York
Hi everybody! Iíve been having it pretty hard lately because I canít use a public bathroom or a bathroom at work so I have to go when Iím home. So Iím in some pretty deep shit. Joeís better. (Yeah) well my little cousin Ashley came over and is going to stay for 7 days. Joe has a bad side he doesnít like relatives whenever a relative from my side visits he leaves and when a relative from his side visits he leaves. Man I almost had a huge accident at work but I was able to hold it in. Well Joe gave me his cellular phone number and said he would be on vacation for 10 days and said make sure that little bitch doesnít mess up the house and he gave the keys to the Viper and he left with the Jag. Ashley is such a sweet girl she looks exactly on me just on a smaller scale. (She is 8 and Iím 21 for the record). She is 4 foot 6 65lbs and Iím 6 foot 5 and 300lbs. Anyway I asked her how were things going on in her life and she said fine. Then she asked me who was that man. I t! old her that was my husband. She said he was grumpy and he needed Metamucil! I laughed my brains out when she said that! Anyway she said that in her house her dad broke the bathroom door so when you gotta go you go in full view. So we both went to KFC and we both went into the bathroom. She asked me to come into the stall with her and so I did. She went in and lifted up her flower dress and landed with a thud on the toilet seat. Then we both started chatting and she asked me if I want to be a mommy and I said No Way! Then I heard something fall in the water silently and she farted and 3 more poops fell in the can. Wow! I was impressed! 3 12 inch poops from a girl the age of 8. So she wiped and flushed and we left. I bought us some chicken and we ate it all off. So when we got home we both watched TV and I got the urge to crap so I told her Iíll be right back. So I went into the bathroom and pulled my pants to my knees and sat. So she knocked on the door and asked ! if she could come in. She said she was afraid and lonely so I let her come in. She climbed on me and was lying on my lap. Its kind of weird crapping and having someone lying on your lap isnít it? So she told me how she missed me and how big I am. So as were talking I made a silent fart and she said at home I always play a trick on my brothers when they are on the toilet. When they go in I always have the key and I turn it to open the door and scare them. I do that because they are always making fun of me when I go to the bathroom. What goes around, comes around she said. She said I have big arms. I laughed and said I work out a lot. Then another one slid out of me. Then a loud fart came out of me and I told her sorry. She said it was ok I do it too. Then another one slid out of me and I asked her to get up so I could wipe. So I wiped and looked at my production. I asked her to get the tape measurer and she did. Wow! 10 15 inchers. Not my best but still good.! She said Wow. Melissa you do big poops really big. And I told her I wasnít even trying. I got a glove and crushed it all so it would flush. And it all went down the drain with little fanfare. Then we left the bathroom and I carried her to the basement where I have my gym set up. She said WOOOOw. You can lift all those things? I said of course. Then Ashley said she needed to pee. I told her we have a bathroom down here. She told me she wanted me to come with her. So I came and She lifted her flower dress and pissed a long stream and then she started grunting and grunting till the fat 13 incher came out. Whoa! I said. I said I was impressed again by an 8 year old. Then I flushed it and It went down.( in the basement we have one of those older toilets that have the very powerful flush and use a lot of water) then she watched me work out some more and then we ended the day watching nick at nite. Wow! Yesterday was an interesting Day!

Goodbye Everybody!

I have been both on vacation and frantically busy lately and not had time to visit this, my favorite Web-site. Nice to see a new pic, and the other face-lifting changes! This post is for the pro-urinal lobby here, so Tony of Scotland, you needn't bother to read further. The story is about Scott McCready, Chairman of Sun Microsystems, one of the most successful computer companies in the world. Naturally he is very wealthy and has a fabulous house next to a golf course on the Californian coast. In an interview with the finance correspondent of the British newspaper <I>Sunday Telegraph</I>, he was asked what his most prized possession was. He said that he must be the envy of very man he knew, because in the master suite in his house, he had auto-flushing urinal.

Wednesday, August 30, 2000

Sara T.
to Donny- more power to you, man, I get easily disgusted and sure would not last long cleaning other's toilets!

I go back to my old elementary school a lot, to pick up my brother, and I frequently use the girls' room while waiting, because I can never hold pee for very long. Of course it's hellish to use their bathrooms, because even though I'm only 5'1" my head sticks way up over the partitions. One time I froze up because I knew the lady janitor in there, but she began to pee so I went also.

I had a bowel movement the other night. It came out in clumps and was greenish brown. My mother then told me that she'd just had one that was pine green. I've never seen anything like that before.

You sound like such an exciting guy! I too love to drop a load outside in the woods. It's such a thrill to think someone may be watching. I would love to see you squatting pinching off one your logs and stumble upon afterwards. Why can't I be so lucky.

When I was about 22 years old I had to take a bad dump so I finally made it to a friends home and she let mein.( wow I was glad she was home) Quickly I asked if I could the can as I told her it was an emergency. I finally got to sit down when it seemed like my insides just opened up( I am sure we all have had an experience like that). After sitting their for a few minutes and I knew it was over so I reached back and flushed still sitting there just incase I had to go again and a sign of relief the water just came up and tickled my balls and overflowed. Oh what a mess . And since it wasn't my home I had too ask her for help cleaning the brown over flow. How imbarissing.

Jon Jon

Moderator: I like the way this site is updated. I still love that girl.

Michelle: You should have found the nearest toilet in that theater. Do not use laxatives frequently. You will throw your body chemistry out of adjustment.

Indiana Tony: Eggs and cheese will do that to you. In parochial seventh grade, my classmate kept leaving class frequently. The teacher asked her why. The girl said she had diarreah. I had to pee. I went downstairs to the girls room. When I finished, I was in front of the sink adjusting my plaid jumper and white slip. The girl rushed in to a stall. I could hear her pulling up her clothes and then a horrible gassy explosion and a flood of water, followed by 2 more explosions and what sounded like a geyser. I told her too much eggs and cheese would catch up with her. The bathroom smelled like rotten eggs. Later on she was back in class participating.

Matt: I had the same thing happen in school. Private school was not bad. In high school, we had to share a public elementary school until we could move to the main building. I was very self conscious of using open doorless stalls. Peeing was not so bad. I hated moving my bowels. So, I waited until I got home or after dismissal then I would have the bathroom to myself. Then after awhile me and another girl broke the ice. We could not hold it. I saw her with her red pants and black panties at her ankles and I decided I could not wait any longer. So I lifted my jumper, slip and lowered my white panties with red flowers, sat on the bowl and relased 4 dark brown pieces about six inches each. Plop, plop, plop, plop. I waited for a fifth. But, it was a dud with a fart. Then pee started coming out. My friend, Debbie in the stall next to me cheered my on saying, "Let it out Althea!" She said, "I am making doo-doo and it feels good. I could not sit with it in school all day."


Re gals using doorless stalls, see my post to our good friends Louise and Steve, on p408, where I relate such an incident.


I read with interest the Childhood Memory story. My first recollection of a toilet experience was at primary school at about the age of 9 or 10. A friend called some of us to look at a toilet which had not flushed properly. It had a solid, pancake shaped poo in it and we all laughed and wondered who could have done one that shape. It was many months before I realized that someone must have messed their pants and allowed it to get squashed before emptying it into the toilet. I was never sure who it was but there were a couple of prime suspects!
The first time I remember making my pants dirty was about a year later. I never used to use school toilets for a poo unless absolutely necessary. One day I almost did it in my pants but just managed to get there in time. I was still standing up when the poo started coming out. I sat down for a good while before wiping with the old fashioned 'tracing paper' tissue (anyone in the UK of sufficient age will remember that it had 'now please wash your hands' printed on it). I remember being surprised that nothing seemed to be on the paper after wiping. I can only think that I must have been sitting there for long enough for my bottom to get dry, because later in the day when getting changed for football I was horrified to find really bad 'skiddies' in the back of my pants. Fortunately only my friend Peter saw them and as he nearly always had poo stains in his underwear he didn't say anything. Can anyone else remember an early experience of dirty pants?
Just a thought - does everyone look in the seat of their pants when they pull them down or take them off? I have spoken to a number of people of both sexes over they years, and most say that they do check their pants every time, whether they normally find anything or not.

School Janitor
I'm a janitor in a high school, and I really like reading some of the stories on this forum about school bathrooms. Anyway... here's a true story that I was involved with:

It was 7:30 AM and all the students were arriving for another school day. There was a small thuderstorm outside, and the electricity in the school suddenly went out. According to the emergency procedure at our school, the assistant principal and I are assigned to "lockdown" all the bathrooms whenever a power failure occurs. It's supposed to be "for the students' safety." I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, and as you'll soon see, I find it to be very cruel, but I have to do my job.

Anyhow, the bathroom lockdown meant that I had to go to all of the bathrooms in the school (the assistant principal was busy) and get the students out so I could lock them up. I had to go to every bathroom and yell "Is anybody in there" and then close and lock the door. (In my school, the bathroom doors have doorstops to keep them open to discourage smoking and vandalism.) A few students came out of each bathroom I was locking, and I guess you could say they were the lucky ones. By the time students had to be in their classrooms for the 8 AM bell, I had finally locked all eighteen bathrooms (nine boys and nine girls rooms).

The bathroom lockdown meant that over 1000 students and over 40 teachers were without any bathroom facilities whatsoever. Myself and the other janitors had the bathroom in the janitors' room, and the main office has its own bathroom, but that's it. After I was all finished locking the bathrooms, I had to join my colleagues to get some emergency power hooked up.

It was about 8:30 AM when "trouble" started. Most teachers never bothered to read the emergency plan, so they were letting students sign out and take the pass to use the bathrooms as usual. They wound up going back to their classes without getting their necessary relief. It wasn't too long before a girl had diareah in her pants outside one of the girls bathrooms. Guess who had to clean up the mess.

Everyone thought that school would be let out early because of the power failure, but because there had been many snow days earlier in the year, the administration decided that everyone would stay until school ended at 2:30 PM. Most of the students who didn't know that the bathrooms were locked found out when the classes changed at 9:23. (They must have been really "pissed" if you get my drift.) From that point on, there were several incidents of students and teachers going in their pants. The power didn't come back on until 6 that evening, so the bathrooms remained locked throughout the day. Let's just say that I had plenty of messes to clean up because of people who couldn't hold it for 7 hours. This includes the teachers, some of who were embarrassed when they lost control in front of their classes.

Has anyone else ever been in a situation like this? School bathrooms tend to be odd, and I have more stories that I might tell in the future.

I had the shits/squirts really bad today,don't know what caused it but I only just got to the loo in time,pulled down muy jeans and had a torrent of diarrhea!!Still don't feel any better despit havind been 7 or 6 times....OH SHIT gotta go..............................................

Midnight Cowboy
Hi, I'm new around here and I'm so glad to have finally found a group of people into this stuff. I thought I was alone and a weirdo. But, howdy friends.

I am an ehibitionist about shitting in public. Since I was about 13 years old, whereever I go, I'm on a never-ending search to find men's toilets without stall doors. Somtimes I really hit it lucky and find a crapper with no stall and I'm wide open to any male in the world as I shit away. I really love it if it's a big, busy public bathroom and lots of people going by. Sometimes another guy will come into shit, see me with my pants around my ankles and run away, to afraid and chicken to shit in front of other men. I laugh. Sometimes men will come in and laugh at me out of surprise and shake their head with a "poor f???er" look or make a comment like, "Reminds me of the Army, huh?" Unfortunately, these kind of bathrooms are disappearing one by one. It's so frustrating to be born in the wrong time period. How come all of sudden men need privacy from one another to dump? And these partitions between urinals! They're ridiculous. If you can't pee in public like a man! , then wait till you get home.

One of my very favorite shitting-in-public stories takes place in Greenwhich Village in New York City. In Washington Square Park there's a bathroom where they completely took out all the stalls to stop men from having sex with each other. What's left is a militry-style row of toilets just a few inches from each other. I had a business suit and tie on, but social status means nothing when you have to shit. We all have to do it and we all do it the same way. So I dropped 'em and took my place next to several homeless men. I think they enjoyed seeing a guy in a suit have to join them. The farts and stenches really started growing and I enjoyed watching their ass muscles tighten and push out logs. Then another guy in a suit came in to shit. He was about to leave, but then he saw me and I guess figured if I could do it he could. He took a seat directly to the left of me and we chatted small-talk about our situation.

There was only one roll of toilet paper chained to the wall and it was over by the sinks. I guess they did that because people were stealing it. So when it was time to wipe, each man had to get up and shuffle over across the restroom with his pants down to his ankles to get some paper. That meant crossing in full view of those using the urinals. When it was my turn, I got the paper and returned to my bowl and bent over and made a big showing of wiping my ass. I've noticed some people do it sitting down, others wipe while standing. When in public I always stand.

Another time when I was in that same public toilet, some homeless guy had shitted diarrhea all over himself and was pealing his "muddy" clothes off at the sink. What a stench!! He was practically in tears and apologizing to everyone witnessing the spectacle. Then what happens? A NYC Parks Dept. inspection takes place. The supervisor started screaming at the guy without pants that had made the sink all full of shit. Then their "tour" continued and those of us sitting on the thrones were the main tourist attraction.

I have SO MANY shitting stories to tell from all over the country. Can't wait to share them, but have to save some for later (like a good shit).

The Midnight Cowboy

To Bryian: Glad you enjoyed my account of my cross-country trip with Mike the hitchhiker. Obviously, you like a lot of detail and I am pleased to oblige. We stopped at a "garage" because we were travelling on a secondary road through a sparsely populated part of the country. The small "town" had about 4 buildings. One was a garage. It also sold groceries and had some tables for diners. These small towns don't have the usual fastfood places. I don't think any of the employees saw us. The restroom was at the back with a door opening directly off the rear parking area. No I was not embarrassed to take a shit with Mike standing in front of me. I was raised on a farm in the Midwest. When growing up my buddies and I were usually out of doors and when we needed to shit we would just pull down our pants and just squat there - sometimes two or three at a time. I therefore am never uncomfortable about taking a dump with other guys around. I share my current apartment w! ith three roomates. We have one bathroom. In the mornings, one guy is usually shaving, one is showering, the other is taking a dump and the fourth is waiting for someone else to get done! Its no big deal. No I was not nervous about watching Mike shit after I was done. He was a real nice guy. As I mentioned in my post, he almost shit his pants waiting for me to get done. I was pleased to see the expression on his face change from a pained one to a broad grin after he had dropped his load. Also, when he stood up, we were both amazed by the amount of shit in the bowl. I had produced about 5 or 6 large turds. He had produced two 16-18 inch turds that curled around. He just said "Thats a relief" and we then got down to the paperwork. I hope that answers all your questions!

this is my first post and i was just wondering what do you people do when you have to go really bad (urination or defecation)

Last night was a night of travail! I usually don't talk about my BWs, but I have to write about this one. I was at the zoo all afternoon Monday and I ate hotdogs for lunch. But the franks aren't what made me go. A few days prior, Firday I recall, my friend and I ordered out. We had a pizza. I ate about 8 slices and didn't take a dump since then. I really didn't pay it any mind, because I was so busy over the weekend. Then, yesterday (Monday), around 7:30pm, I felt the urge to have a bowel movement. And it was a big urge; the kind where you feel the turd creeping down you rectum, but there is more streching than pain. I knew it was a big one when I felt my butthole opening, but the monster in me didn't come right away. So I went to the toilet and tried to do something. It was coming out, but too slow! The sensation was driving me nuts! So, I got some paper towels from the closet and put it on the floor. I stripped butt-naked, held on to the sink and started tighe! ning my abs. I felt it moving, but it seemed like the more I psuhed, the thinker it got! It came out slowly in reddish-brown knots! I felt the sweat on my face and I pushed with all my manly might! TALK ABOUT GIVING BIRTH! I'm a 6 foot 1 inch, 200 pound man that can lift twice his own weight, and I've never had to go through such "labor" and effort! When a stool hit the paper, I relaxed. But it wasn't over. 4 more thick-knotted 3 inchers dropped out of me over a period of 20 minutes. When I stood up and looked in the mirror, my body was glistening with sweat, and my muscles were fully puffed. It was a workout in itself. I was so sweaty, I had to take a shower: A SHHOWER THAT WOULDN'T QUIT!

sally I love to poop and see and hear other females go to the toilet. I go into the stall and pull my skirt up and my panties down to my ankles then sit down. I start to work on relieving myself, I grunt and strain. I keep pushing as a loud fart comes out and I feel the poop sliding out. I know more is on the way and I grunt more and I pass more gas and another big poop comes out of me. I sit and relax a while for my effort and hope somebody else comes in to go to the toilet in the stall next to mine. When I finish I wipe myself, check my work, pull my underpants up, and look forward to my next trip to the toilet.

Ileo: I'm a long-time lurker here but I've never posted. I'm coming out of hiding to reply to your post about your friend. I'm 33, male, and I've had an ileostomy for about 4 years now. I can well understand your friend's problems - having a bag of shit attached to your body at all times is not exactly a bed of roses - but you get used to it and it's not really too bad (for me, the alternative was death because my colon burst).
I was single when I got my bag & I'm still single but I was in a relationship for a while. I worked with the woman I went out with and she knew about my bag. Funny thing was that she's normally the type of woman who won't go out with a man if he's got the wrong type of trainers on let alone a bag of shite tied to his body. However, she knew me and liked me ( & me, her) and that mattered to her more than anything else. In case you're wondering, the relationship didn't last but it was due to things other than my ileostomy.
Having said that I don't find it easy telling people that I have an ileostomy & I guess one-night stands are not really possible - but then they never were for me anyway cos I'm an ugly sod :o)

There is an Ileostomy society that your friend may want to join & if you live in the UK I can post the address if you want. Whilst there are a lot of older members, there are also a suprising amount of young members too & your friend may get a great deal out of joining.

I'm sure things will get better for her and if she's as pretty as you say she's going to have a queue of men waiting to go out with her, ileostomy or no ileostomy. Me for one ;O)

Haven't posted in a while, but I thought I would tell my tale of this weekend when I went camping in North Wales. The first day I had been having a slight need for a good poo but as there were no toilets where we were camping I thought I could hold it and visit the public loos in the nearby village the next morning. The evening dragged on and by the end of the night I couldn't hold it any longer, my boyfriend Andy also needed a dump so we went into the neighbouring field with our spade and torches, Andy dug me a hole, a pulled my shorts and trousers down and hovered over the hole, Andy dug his a little way away and I watched as he lowered his shorts and squat over his hole. I slowly squeezed out a large smooth poo, it exited slowly and slid out into the hole, I felt the need for more so pushed a little and another couple of poos slid out, I wiped and stood covering my hole, before doing so I shone my torch to admire my product, and long curly turd formed a perfect coil in the ! freshly dug hole, I was very proud.
Andy was still squatting over his hole, I went over a chatted, he was squeezing out a good poo, he wiped and got up and admired his poo, mine was far more impressive.

Next morning we walked to the nearby village both needing another good dump, we used neighbouring stalls and produced a great pile of poo between us, very satisfactory for both of us. We both just sat there and produced chunk after chunk, quite erotic as we talked and pooed in tandem, we went back to our tent and made love.

I was so grateful to Aunty Jenny and Andrew for coming to rescue me. I've had a horrid time with Alan. Aunty kept asking me what had happened, but I didn't want to talk about it. When they met me and Alan's Mum at the services, Alan's Mum and Aunty had a talk. None of them know exactly what happened, but I did hear Alan's Mum saying she was sorry about her son's behaviour, and what a nice little girl I am, and that she hoped I would be ok soon. Alan's Mum and Dad, and his sister Kate were very nice to me, but I still wanted to come home. I cuddled up to my lovely cousin Andrew all the way home.

We got back about 11 at night, and I just wanted to go straight to bed. I was bursting to tell Andrew what happened and I couldn't sleep. At about 1 in the morning I needed a wee, so I went. And then I crept into Andrew's room to see if he was awake and he was. He was lying on top of his bed because he was hot. I was cold now, so I got in and he stayed on top and put his arm round me, and then I let it all out to him.

Alan was nice the first night on the friday, but on Saturday morning he wanted me to go to the toilet with him. I wouldn't go because his Mum and Dad were in the house, and he wasn't very pleased. But he was happy in the afternoon when they had gone out leaving Kate in charge of us. I watched him have a poo, and he watched me have a wee. For some reason, I didn't poo on Saturday.

On Sunday, Alan wanted me to watch him again when his Mum and Dad were home. I still said no so we wouldn't be found out, and he was very unhappy when I wouldn't let him watch me wee later as well. In the middle of Sunday afternoon, I really had to poo. I hadn't been for two days. I told Alan I was going for a poo, but he couldn't come in because of his Mum and Dad. But when I got to the bathroom, he forced his way past me and wouldn't get out. I pleaded with him to go because my poo was very urgent and I started to cry. Just then, his sister Kate came in, and made him go away. He went away in a very big huff, and Kate locked the bathroom door so he couldn't get in. She gave me a hug better, but I had to break away from this nice hug so I didn't poo in my panties. As soon as I sat on the toilet, I went Plop, plop, plop, plop and began to wee. Then there was a huge bang on the bathroom door. He had been outside listening, and was now in a very bad mood that I had let Kate w! atch and not him. Well, its different with two girls together isn't it. Anyway, Kate used a naughty word to tell him to go away.

After that incident, Alan was very horrible to me, calling me names, and never leaving me in peace when I wanted the toilet. He didn't force his way in anymore, but he made sure I knew he was outside listening. Then on Monday afternoon when I needed to poo again, and I had sat on the toilet and my poo had started to come out, he put a mirror through the gap under the door and peeped at me the whole time ! That was when I phoned Andrew. I'd had enough and was very upset.

Andrew knows that it is important to me to tell the truth, so he helped me make up my mind what to do. I shall tell Mum and Dad that he called me names and was nasty to me, but I won't say exactly why. If I did, then Mum would get straight on the phone and tell Alan's mum. And then he might tell about the five us going to the toilet together the other week, and we would all be found out.

Andrew said it wouldn't be lying. I just wouldn't be telling the whole story. And then he said it might make me feel better to tell the whole truth to all of you people. And he was right !

I don't think I've done anything wrong. If I chose not to watch someone go to the toilet, or not to let them watch me, that person should respect my decision, Andrew says. It should always be up to me.

Anyway, after what happened, I don't think I want another boyfriend for a very long time. In fact, I hate boys at the moment. Except for my cousin that is. He's the best !

Anne (Bus Driver)
Adrian, my favourite poster. I think Tony of Scotland was making a funny when he said did Annes always do big poos. Im sure he knows a name doesnt affect a person's natural functions any more than hair colour or IQ, although other physical and cultural differences do. Anyway, Im an Anne who DOES do big fat jobbies most of the time, and I have to say another girl I knew at Secondary (High) school who was also called Anne did quite big one's too. She was as heavily built as myself and was blonde and the same height. Pupils and even some of the other teachers called us "Salt and Pepper" as we were like a cruet set. This didnt in any way insult us, we thought it quite funny. This Anne also did long fat poos, usually smoother than mine, big curved sausages which were usually floaters. We did buddy dump quite a few times in the Girls Toilets at school. As far as Im aware she got married shortly after she left school and I think she went to Canada with her husband's employment.

Ileo, I feel I have to agree with Tony on "special counselling" as it is called here in the UK. You are of course right that some people do need to exteriorise their grief, upset, mental and emotional trauma while others need exactly the opposite, to be left alone to come to terms with it. I am not a Roman Catholic but do know that clergy as part of their ministry do give comfort, support and a sympathetic ear to people in distress or grief. The whole point is this, in the good old days it was up to the individual to go to a clergyman or other "counsellor" if they felt they needed to. Nowadays this "service" is forced on people whether they ask for it or not in the belief that you have to "get it out of your system". This is the exact opposite of what some people need. I have personally had a few hurts and griefs in my time but have coped with them myself and haven't involved so called experts. Now if any accident or tragedy happens they always annnounce on the Telly that ! "teams of special counsellors will be on hand to deal with witnessess, survivors, etc". I feel this is unecessary and an intrusion. If the Moderator will tolerate my going a bit off the prime subject of this page I will give two examples. When I was at school a pupil died suddenly of a heart attack, unusual for a girl of 16. The Head Teacher simply called an assembly and told us, and the local Vicar said prayers. Of course the mood in the school was sad and subdued and a few girls cried but that was it. No "teams of special counsellors" as has happened in the UK recently when some schoolkids were killed in a road traffic accident. As far as I am aware none of the pupils at my school had post truamatic distress syndrome, they got over it. Likewise, a few years ago I was driving a bus and a kid ran out in front of a car going the opposite way and was run over and killed. I wasn't directly involved, but witnessed this. The company gave me a couple of days off as I was naturally s! haken and they OFFERED me the services of a "special coumsellor" if I wanted but did not engage such a person against my wishes. I didnt use this service, didnt need it and got over the shock a few days later on my own. I felt very sorry for the kid's family of course but got on with my life.

Back to the plot. I also agree with Nicola and Ben NY in their advice to Michelle, dont take laxatives unless under doctor's or nurse's orders. They are habit forming and some can actually damage the colon from overuse. Did you get this habit from an older family member such as your mother?

Bryian, iron tablets and tonics tend to turn the stools black to dark green. I have always found my motions are jet black when I take iron tablets, but it depends on what people eat as well. I suppose the green tinge may come from eating vegetables which are full of iron rather than the tablets or liquid tonics that most people find easier to take.

Finally, a jobbie story. Yesterday I drove a coach trip to the South Coast. Parking up I needed a motion and went into a Ladies Public Toilet on the seafront. A couple of teenaged girls who had been on the coach also came in and we went into the cubicles (stalls), the two girls sharing one cubicle. I hitched up my grey pleated skirt, pulled my panties, (white with blue flowers) down and did my wee wee then "PLUNK! PLANK! PLONK! it was one of those slightly constipated jobbies that comes out in hard balls to begin with, then came the big ones. I felt my ring stretch, gave an involuntary gasp and bore down NNN! NNN! NN! it was a fat lumpy turd and plunged into the pan with a tremendous "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP! followed by another just as fat but smoother and slightly shorter "KUR-SPLOOSH!. I gave a long sigh of relief, took a moist wipe from my handbag (purse to US readers) wiped my bum, pulled my panties up then had a look. It was a light toffee brown motion, the result of my eat! ing a lot of white meat and bread over the week end and I had turkey sandwiches. There were 3 balls, a big fat knobbly log of about 10 inches long and a smoother one carrot shaped of about 7 inches. In the next cubicle the girls had only done a wee wee but had I knew been listening to my performance. I dropped my skirt and pulled the chain but the toilet had a weak flush so all of my motion stayed behind, the fat balls bobbing up and down in the water, the two big jobbies having sunk to the bottom of the pan. I went out leaving my efforts for others to see and sure enough as I was washing my hands the two teenagers came out of their cubicle and entered mine. "Wow! look at the size of those poos the driver did!" one exclaimed. The other replied, "Well look at her big fat arse, I bet she usually does them that big!" I didnt say anything, after all they were customers, and I actually felt a buzz and proud, and of course well relieved after dropping that big load.

Ben in NY
Jared- That's awesome! I think I will go on a teen tour of Israel next summer! Sounds like you had a great time!

Adrianne- I understand most people know what I was talking about, but somebody had made a mistake in one of their posts. For all intents and purposes of this forum, I feel that everybody here should be aware of how the bowels work. This does not appear to be the general consensus, and I therefore appologize for the post.

Peace and Love,

Ileo- what a great choice for a film-to-life comparison. And hey, you should be a psychologist!

Peace and love,

Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Hey I Have A Question How come Nobodey Posts There Email Addresses down after there post cuz i figure its easyer to find people to Buddy Dump With???.

And Hey Kim Why Dont You Pic A Day Where You Eat A Whole Jar Of Prunes And Tell Us About It It Would Be Almost Like A Guinnes Or Something

kim & scott
hello bryian
thanks for liking our stories. and about that boat trip from baltimore, maryland to virginia!! scott and i actually live in the garden state of new jersey(Wich is not TOO far from where you live) WE drove to baltimore. then hopped on the boat and sailed four hours to get to virginia. four hours and twenty minutes to be exact.we stayed at the holiday inn. enjoyed historic virginia and rode the ferryboat to a great mall at night it was great. the next day scott and i took the boat back and got in the car and headed back to new jersey. In our brief stay in virginia at the holiday inn i did squeeze out one huge log measuring a foot long that felt great coming out in case you are interested bryian. and thanks for telling scott and i you live in baltimore. thats super-neato. well goodbye for now thanks for liking our stories you sound like a GREAT GUY!! . love, kim P.S. scott and i loved that boating trip soo much we probably will do something like that again.

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