Here's something real embaresing that happend three years ago when i was sixteen.
I was at the beach with my best friend Iris and for most of the afternoon i had been feeling very gassy and doing quite a few SBD'S that no one else noticed but one came out real loud and Iris heard me and said I heard that one and we both laughed a little,well about a minute later i started to feel like it was time to s**t and i told Iris come on i have to go to the bathroom and she said me too,so we went into the changeing room and by now i wasn't sure i would make it and had been doing little quiet pop pop type farts as i was walking,i passed by three or four occupied stalls and went into the first unoccupied one which normaly i wouldn't have used since it had no door but at this point i didn't care,i pulled down my suit(one piece) and sat on the pot,normaly i just squat over it but as soon as my ass was on the seat i did a real loud fart and i felt liquid pooring out of me that smelled real bad and at the same time i heard my friend in the next stall do a fart and star! t to pee,i swear it felt like i was peeing out of my butt and it even burned a little and some woman asked me if i was ok,i guess i looked sick and you could hear my farting with no problem,in a few minutes Iris was finished and i asked her to stand in the opening and talk to me so people who walked by couldn't see me half nalked with my boobs exposed takeing a dump so she did and she said to me you know you stained your suit right? and i freaked since i had just paid over $70.00 for it 2 days ago and i took it the rest of the way off and said here,start washing it in the sink and tried to hand it to her and she said eww gross,no way so when i finished my pooping i took a look in the bowl and i left alot of yellow and brown nasty looking
liquid stuff that i then flushed and went over to the sink across from the stall (naked)and started to rinse my poor pooped in suit as Iris stood next to me and said you know your naked right and i said don't care as i stood there for the next 20 minutes trying to save my suit,at the time thats all i cared about but when i thought about it later i realized how silly i must have looked with my big bare butt standing there doing laundry in the sink,to this day Iris brings it up to embaress me.

Dawn B
Hi, I am new here but I have been looking for about a week, I even filled in the survey.

Mike: I go to a gym that has doorless toilet stalls, but there is a small divider between the toilets, you can only see over the top into the next toilet if you are standing. They are not visible though from the changing area.

There is one large room for changing, then you walk through to another area where there are four showers, and then at the end there are three toilets. You are only visible to people who are walking past about to use the toilet themselves, but this is no big deal as people are undressed anyway in that area and nobody seem to take any notice. It is open, so they say there, because of safety reasons, some people use it for health reasons.

I must admit when I first started going there I never used them for my number 2ís and I never see anyone else use them for that. I was on holiday recently and went there a couple of times during the day and discovered it was quite empty. One afternoon I went through to use the toilet for a pee and was followed by a girl about 20 who I only casually new. I pulled down my shorts and sat down and she walked past me and sat on the toilet next to me.

I heard her make noises in the pan and she didnít seem to be shy at all, she kept talking to me while I was still peeing. When I stood up to pull my shorts up I could see her sitting there leaning forward with her arms folded on her lap staring straight down and straining. When I was washing my hands I could see her behind me in the mirror using toilet paper. I have now used them a couple of times for number 2ís and your shyness disappear quickly.

Tony. Thanks for your advice. I will beasr it in mind.

So far as ileo's friend is concerned, I would only advise a person to have counselling in certain specific situations and I feel that hers may be one such situation, particularly given the way she feels about herself. Like you. I'm part of a generation that is naturally suspicious of counselling as a 'growth industry' but I do see the value of counselling in certain specific situations. As an ex Roman Catholic you will know that priests counsel people sometimes, often very effectively, in addition to hearing confessions.

It was interesting to read of the precautions taken at your school at the time of that suspected typhoid outbreak in Scotland. Fortunately, I had no comparable experience at my school in England.

So far as the output of "Annes" is concerned, I think they're as capable as other women of producing large jobbies but it would be ridiculous to suggest that their name necessarily prompts a larger output than other women. Certainly I've had a few specific experiences with females of that name which have led me to suspect that they've not gone as often as they should have but it would be wrong, indeed unfair, to generalise. Perhaps Anne (the bus driver) would like to comment on this.

Thanks to Adrian and Tony . The psyche is a fragile thing as you know Tony . Body image Horrors are dealt with in many ways by people . Some , really need to talk , and talk and talk to flush out their minds and sort through their trauma . Others may prefer to keep to themselves . My friend has been reaching out to me , and she seems to benefit from the sharing of the feelings and emotions that she is having . I also enjoy ventilating issues , debating and sharing . It's my pleasure to do that . I've known other people however that do not think about , and/or process their life experiences well at all . They don't enjoy sharing and don't have the range of knowledge neccessary to deal with complexity and contradiction in a productive way either . Instead they spend years creating a nasty , unworkable blockage of scar tissue on their psyche that never seems to heal . Without some seriously professional re-programming , these people can and do become extremely dangerou! s .
I have had times when I have dealt with issues very well on my own , and other times when I've really needed to tell anybody that would listen to me <lol>.
Tom Cruise summoned a pretty powerful performance in the Oliver Stone film , Born on the 4th of July . A broad range of emotion is laid bare , as his wheelchair bound character deals with the loss of his life , as he once knew it . Worth a look , if you haven't seen it .
Your friend , ileo

Firstly, and straight to the point. Michelle, you get absolutely NO sympathy from me! I had hoped the old fashioned idea of taking laxatives on a regular basis whether you are constipated or not had died out in the middle of the last, 20th , Century. My mum told me that when she was a kid in the 1950s this idea was still followed by a few families, (not hers), giving their kids a dose of opening medicine as they called it every Friday evening, (they didn't have school the next day) even if there was no need for it and that some of her mates couldnt come out to play or had horrible accidents in their panties or underpants as a result. Taking laxatives is NOT a healthy habit as you seem to think, depending on the type you are taking it can cause irritation of the colon and a dependency on using laxatives to achieve a bowel movement as the natural rhythym of the colon becomes weakened. So girl, you dont get a grain of sympathy from me! You deserved the messy accident as it was a ! self inflicted wound. My advice as I have said before, throw away the laxatives and if you are genuininely worried that you are constipated then drink more fluid such as fruit juice, eat wholemeal bread, brown rice or pasta and take more exercise such as playing sports and team games, riding either a horse or a bicycle. This will do you a lot more good than any pills or potions and you should then pass easy but solid motions on a regular basis and not have nasty diarrhea and panty accidents.

On a more pleasant topic I was browising the web and came across a site with many words associated with defecation. It didn't have a Forum like this one though. A term I hadnt heard but have adopted is a jobbie described as a "Beacher". This describes a really long solid formed turd where the end comes so many inches out of the water of the toilet pan . I very often do big hobbies like that with up to the last 6 inches sticking up out of the water, indeed I did one this morning when I got up. Its a Bank (Public) Holiday here in the UK and I am on the rota to have this day off as I worked the last one in late May at the Sports Centre. I got up leaving my husband snoring in bed and went for my morning wee wee. As I sat on the pan with my panties, (grey Sloggi briefs- they were white but I left them inside a pair of black cotton tracksuit bottoms and washed them in the machine- they are quite novel), at my knees I did my wee wee, a powerful torrent with the usual hiss then f! elt the fecal mass move down into my back passage. I could tell it was going to be a big easy one. I did shout for my other half to come in and watch as he usually does but he was so fast asleep he didnt come. Meanwhile this big jobbie slowly exuded from my arse. Looking between my legs I could see it as it came out and it was a nice big fat mid brown log. I gently pushed just sustaining an even pressure and I have to say enjoying the feeling of it coming out of me slowly but surely, then it tapered off and slid silently into the pan, the last 5 inches or so sticking up out of the water. A "Beacher" as the other website calls such poos. I left it in the pan, its about 15 inches long and very fat so will need a number of flushes to go away . About half an hour later I woke my husband for breakfast. He went into the toilet for his morning pee and exclaimed, "Bloody hell Nicks, did you do that? Its enormous!" Jokingly I replied, "No it was the toilet fairy who left it there!" He ! had a good look and I observed the bulge in the front of his black Speedo briefs when he came out. I leave what we did next to your imagination but the breakfast was delayed.

Adrian, as others have said, if you change your underpants every day as most people I know do, male and female , and wear cotton not nylon panties then you will feel far cleaner and this will help with any skin problems down below.

Finally, I agree with Tony from Scotland that a picture of Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) sitting on the pan doing a nice big poo would be great but even better would be one, (no doubt impossible to obtain) of Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York on her "throne". Fergie is a redhead like myself, and I understand from an article I read about her she has a toilet sense of humour and of course is a friend of the Jobbie King Billy Connolly and his wife Pamela. We are both about the same build, at least we were until she lost weight a few years ago and at school I used to get teased because I looked a bit like her being buxom and curvy but NOT fat and having long ginger hair. I also read one time in a frank article that she said the stodgy food she had to eat at some royal households had made her a bit bunged up and when she did go to the toilet she "felt as if she had dropped a couple of pounds" I know what she meant from personal experience and would love to have buddy dumped with ! her!

violette from ottawa ontario in canada
any post about keanu reeves ???

why can't a guy be put up there instead of a woman, sitten on the toilet????

The other day, I had a egg sandwich with mayo and cheese and about 3hrs later I had to take a shit real bad...When I
got to the toilet, it came out real quick and did it smell
like rotten eggs...and it was real loose almost like diareaha, but I really didn't have cramps like I normally do...I do have a live in b/f whos 20y/o and we sometimes go
in front of each other, it doesn't bother us at all..

and yes, I would also like to see Nick Carter or Brian Litrell take a huge dump...

Anyone else have any other celebs who they like to see take a huge dump???? PLease post...

Susan-Mid West, USA
Adrian & others,

Just wanted to catch up with you about your doctor's visit. You stated your hairy than a lot of men, well so am I. I am a very hirsute woman, and by choice live a fully natural life. I enjoy my hair all over my body and all the pleasure it brings me and others. As far as my hairy butthole, it really hasn't caused me much of an issue. At home I will use my bidet after my poop and it washes my butthole nice and clean. But when I'm out of the house, I do try and wipe (at least once) after my poops. I know this doesn't really get me clean - so I usually just wait to really clean up once I return home. I also use a nice smelling lotion as a full body rub several times a week, so that also helps keep any rashes from forming. Just thought I would drop a quick line and share my experiences. Bi!

I have been into pooping and peeing since I had a buddy dump at the age of 12 with my best friend. I get an amazing buzz from shitting long, solid shits and if I happen to be outdoors, so much the better.
For some reason I have been having rather runny and smelly poops lately and I dont know why, but I just dont enjoy the same experience with them as formed shits. I think this is because my anus is not having to be stretched the same as it would be with hard shit logs. On several occassions I have set up a video camera to film me shitting and have been amazed to see how much my bum hole actually stretches to allow large shit logs to pass out! (Has anyone else ever videod themselves taking a shit?)
As a woodcutter, I often have to take a piss and shit while out in the woods and this is as stimulating as hell for me. I love knowing someone may see me shitting and come across my logs while out walking! Any comments would be gratefully received - Bye!

Lawn Dogs Kid
ILEO: I've been told by my English teacher that I write very well. I'm expected to get a top grade for my English when I do my GCSE next summer. It was nice to think that you thought I was older than I was. Very many thanks for your encouraging comments.

This is a quick post. Kendal telephoned around an hour ago asking if I could arrange for Mum and/or Dad to fetch her home from Alan's house now. Her own Mum and Dad are supposed to be picking her up later tomorrow night on their way home from a long weekend break in the Lake District. She was in floods of tears, and I spoke to Alan's Mum, who said that if it couldn't be arranged, they would bring her home instead. My Mum has just spoken to Alan's Mum, and we are leaving straight away to meet Alan's Mum at a half way point at some motorway services.

I'm so worried about my little cousin, and Mum has said I could go with her to keep her company, because it will still be a four hour round trip.

I can only assume that something has happened between her and Alan, but she wouldn't tell me what on the telephone. We've left a text message on Kendal's Dad's mobile phone, hoping they will get it before setting off to pick up Kendal tomorrow. She'll be staying the night with us tonight.

Sara: The job I have now is at a community college, but I've cleaned all kinds of bathrooms. I know that some high school bathrooms can be nasty, but at the school where I worked, we got the teachers and principal involved in talking to the students about not vandalizing them and that seemed to make a lot of difference. The girls would throw MOST of their "stuff" in the disposal bins, but occassionally we would have a toilet clogged with pads or unflushed toilets, or used tampons on the backs of the toilets, etc. I'm not easily grossed out so I didn't mind picking this stuff up. I also wipe pee off toilet seats in the event of a misfire. In the boys room, they throw all kinds of junk into the urinals and we have plastic screens over the drains to prevent clogs. Once we had to remove a urinal from the wall to clear it, it turned out to be a ketchup packet stuck in the trap! The college kids are more mature so you have less mess to clean up, but man, they use a lot of to! ilet paper.

Childhood Memory
I remember as a 10 year old boy going with my Mum and Dad to visit my Dad's best friend and his family. They had a daughter, Clare, who would have been just 6 then, and a son Christopher who was 8, the same age as my brother John. Chris and John were great friends, and were playing outside in the summer sunshine, while the adults were all sat around on the patio outside. Only Clare and I were inside, playing a game of "frustration" in her bedroom.

She announced half way through the game that she needed to go to the toilet, which was opposite her room. Now the toilet was just inside the bathroom on the right. In fact, when sat on it, you couldn't open the door without banging your knees !

I was convulsed with curiousity after she had gone in and shut the door. I crept up and listened, and heard her start to wee. Within just a couple of seconds, I laid flat on the floor to see what I could see under the door. There was a gap of around an inch. As I lay with my face flat to the carpet to maximise the view, what I could see was her two feet hanging downwards, unable to touch the floor by at least two inches, and they seemed to be hanging quite a distance apart.

All of a sudden, I heard her shout my name. I jumped a mile, and didn't reply. So she shouted again asking where I was. I still dare not reply ! Then even more of a shock to me, she actually opened the bathroom door a couple of inches, revealing me lying on the floor, trying to peep underneath !!

She asked me what I was doing. Going very red, I said I was trying to peep, hoping she wouldn't tell of me. To my surprise, she then called me a stupid boy and said I should have told her I wanted to watch, and opened the bathroom door right open. Being only little, the door could actually squeeze past the end of her knees. And there she was, revealed in all her glory sat on the toilet.

I stood up, with my heart going ten to the dozen as I drank in this wonderful view with my ten year old eyes. I now knew why her feet seemed wide apart. Her knickers were just visible below the hemline of her dress, about half way down her thighs, and she was holding onto the front of the toilet seat, between her open legs. As I continued to watch with wide eyes, I heard her make a loud pant. I looked at her face, and she grinned saying she was having a poo now. She made another pant before I heard quite a loud plop. She grinned again and said there was another one coming. Just as she said this, we heard someone coming into the house. I told her, and rushed back into the bedroom, and she shut the door again.

As I waited to see who was coming upstairs, it turned out to be Chris, her brother. I saw him get to the bathroom door, and then hover for a few seconds with his ear against the door. As he did this, Clare's second poo plopped loudly into the toilet. Despite clearly hearing this, I saw him grin, and open the door wide, revealing his little sister in all her glory once again ! However, Chris got a very different greeting to me. His entry was met with a piercing scream, followed by "MUUUUUUMMMMMM. CHRIS LOOKED AT ME ON THE TOILET" !! Poor Chris got a telling off !

Around half an hour afterwards, Clare told me she wanted the toilet again, and this time she walked into the bathroom leaving the door open. I was able to watch from the beginning this time as she grinned at me, stood in front of the toilet giving me a sideways view, and lifted up her dress to pull down her knickers. She then hoisted herself onto the toilet seat, leaving me with a nice view of the end of her knees, and her hands clutching the front of the toilet seat again. This time I stayed in the bedroom, contented to watch this restricted view. I heard nothing at all. She leant forward twice to see if I was looking at her from the bedroom, which I was of course ! After the second time she checked on me, I heard a tiny wee of no more than three or four seconds. After that finished, She leaned forward and looked at me again before hoping off the toilet to wipe herself standing up.

After she finished, she did ask why I hadn't gone to look properly this time. I said something daft like I wasn't interested this time. It was obvious that this second toilet visit wasn't really needed at all. She was just trying to show off, much to my delight of course ! I presume it was some kind of phase she was going through. Since then, we have never spoken about this day again, and I have never seen her on the toilet anymore.

However, she's 17 now, and I would dearly love to have that same opportunity I had 11 years ago all over again now !! She called me stupid last time for not asking to go with her. I bet I'd get a kick in the you-know-whats if I dared to ask her today !!


To Sara T: If i were you, i would have been nerous in that situation too(thinking i may have caused a back up like that).

To brad: I loved your story, it was cool. How come you went to a garage to shit??did any one that worked there say any thing to you? Why didn't you stop at a fast food place? Were you embarssed to go in front of him? and were you nervouse about looking at him/looking at the shit?

To Matt: That must have sucked that you felt embarssed, i wouldn't have....when i was in 9th/10 grade i never would shit but when i went into 11th/12th grade i began shitting at's something about being embarssed at that age.

Latly on here I've heard about iron tablets, i thought i once heard that iron turns the bowels green? is this true?

I don't really have any new stories this week cause i've been busy working and i haven't had time to got. Last week i was shitting almost daily, now this week i haven't been going every day, last time i went was sat. and i had a loose shit. Im wondering if i haven't had to go this week cause im on a different schdule(this week i work 5am, next week im back on at 11am).

To kim & scott: I liked your last story, it was cool. I saw something that startled me....i see something about you are in the virgina/ Maryland area...Just to let you know im from baltimore, where are you from? About that trip you went on to Virgina, i must tell you someone in my family went on that trip and stayed at that same hotel, isn't that ironic, meeting someone who knows someone who has been to a place you been to?
So any way, it's cool that you buddy dumped on your moms shit, i've never done it. I guess it's great, huh?

I said it was Scary Spice ages ago in a previous post.

Sophie - Didn't it make a huge mess in your pants when you sat on the bike, and what about the smell, was it bad?

Ben in NY
Posting again. Sorry!

Michelle- Somebody here said it very recently: don't take laxatives regularly. They are habit forming and your body can begin to depend on them. Moderator, do you know whate page this post is on? It has a lot of good info on why not to do this. Please Michelle, for your well-being, do not take laxatives regularly!

Peace and Love,

hey everyone! and hello to TONY FROM SCOTLAND! hey tony thanks for sharing your stories of you and your mother in the 50's and 60's about your and her bathroom habits. my boyfriend scott and I appreciate your feedback. be well tony! thanks again! love,kim

Monday, August 28, 2000

Hi!Do any girls in here have any stories to tell about using public bathrooms that don't have any doors on the stalls?If so,do let us know!:o)

Sara T.
Hello all.
I haven't done a #2 yet today so there's not really much to post about, although I'm sure I'll go tonight, since I had pizza today. Actually I wanted to post about something that happened when I was 11 or so. At that time I lived in an apt. building and one day a pipe burst. I lived in an outside apt., and when I opened my door, there was a torrent of brown water flooding down the staircase. One of the sewer pipes I guess had broken! It was horrifically nasty and I remember I was terrified thinking I had caused it- I had sh*t that day and dropped a sanitary pad into the toilet by accident, and had no choice but to flush, as I was not keen on touching poo (I found out I did not cause it later on, and I never knew if the pad came floating down the stairs as I was scared it would).

To Donny- you clean high school bathrooms, or college ones? I am confused on that. Anyway I am glad you keep them clean. The high school I attend does not always have clean bathrooms. Most often at least 1 stall is out of order, and a lot of girls leave their stuff in the toilet. I don't care if they have only peed and not flushed, but I don't want to have to look at someone else's poop or menstrual blood.

I celebrated last Xmas and New Year with my folks and brothers back in the Midwest. After the holidays, I left at 6.00 A.M. by car to head back west. When I reached the outskirts of the town, I saw a young blond guy huddled against the cold at the side of the road. He was hitching back to a small town in the Southwest. I offered him a ride and he gladly accepted. It turned out that I had known him previously when he was the lifeguard at the beach at the local lake and his name was Mike. We stopped for breakfast at about 9.00 A.M. and then got back onto the road heading west. After about 30 minutes I felt those stomach cramps that indicated that I needed to shit. Shortly after, Mike said: "Hey Dude, is it OK if I roll down a window - I need to fart." He let rip with a few farts and then asked if we could make a pit stop at the next garage. I told him that I needed to shit too and that we would stop as soon as we found a roadside garage. We eventually found a gara! ge. There was a single unisex restroom at the back. It was a tiny room with a toilet without a partition and a sink. I told Mike that he could go first. He insisted that I go first, but said that he would have to come in with me since it was too cold for him to wait outside. I sat on the john and farted a few times after which I began expelling some large turds. Mike stood in front of me. While I was shitting I noticed that Mike was changing from foot to foot and obviously needed to shit badly. I did not want him to have an accident. I tried to hurry up with my dump, but I was constipated and it took some time to pinch off my logs. Mike eventually said that if I did not finish soon, he would shit his pants. Therefore after pinching off my last log, I told him to go and that I would wipe my ass after he was done. He was on the john in a flash and I heard several loud plops as his turds hit the water in the pan. He looked greatly relieved. Eventually he stood up ! and I could see his and my logs forming a large pile in the bowl. We than both wiped our asses and we both needed a lot of TP to get our assholes clean. Eventually when we were done wiping we looked in the bowl. We were afraid to flush because the large amount of logs and toilet paper looked certain to block the toilet. We therefore left it for the next visitors and drove off feeling a hell of a lot better! Mike was great company for the rest of the trip and I dropped him off at his destination later that evening.

I'm not sure if anyone has witnessed or was a victim of a pantyhose diareah accident, but I certainly had a big messy accident today. I'm 12 years old, so I don't have that many crapping accidents anymore - maybe once every few months anymore - it's usually not noticable, but god it sure was embarrassing this time. This morning, I took two laxatives - I don't have constipation, but I do this every Saturday morning just to be on the safe side (something deep down inside me just tells me that it's healthy habit). I dressed up in my fluffy miniskirt and sweater (it looks like a cute gown skirt - it's all full of ruffles and pleats, and hangs really loosly around my thighs, and it's really short - it barely covers my butt). I always wear the skirt with a sweatshirt, and I was wearing nude colored pantyhose today. I didn't think anything of it - so I was wearing a short skirt, nude pantyhose, and a sweatshirt with flat-heel dress shoes. Seemed like a comfortable choice of clo! thing for the time being!

So my mom took me shopping, and she dropped me off at the theater as usual. I went to see "Bless the Child". Awesome movie, but halfway through I started getting painful cramps - I could tell that the laxatives were kicking in. I could feel the urge to crap kicking in. It was a horror movie, so hopefully the people behind me just thought I was tingling in fright as I was bending over in my seat, holding my ????, and squinching my legs together. But I was really just trying to hold my crap in as it was hurting my ???? really bad.

After the movie, my mom took me to the mall. The urge to crap was still really bad, and keep in mind that I was wearing a short skirt and pantyhose. At this point, I had remembered that I wasn't wearing any panties underneath my pantyhose - it was just my pantyhose and short miniskirt covering my butt. As we were walking around the mall, the urge to crap was just too painful. I gave up. During a major ???? cramp, I relaxed my abdominal muscles and let mother nature do her work. At first, the crap felt like it was at the edge of my sphincter muscles, asking permission to come out. So I relaxed my abdominal muscles ever more, and then... wow! I immediately felt huge slimy wet loads running down my pantyhose. One was running down my left leg, and the other was running down my right leg - but I felt the diareah gush down my pantyhose, and it felt so shameful! The majority of the shameful mess was solid material weighing down my pantyhose - slipping down my legs. B! ut there was also a huge amount of liquid diaheah that was dripping all over legs and getting all over the floor! I looked down at my legs, and there were streams of crap going all over my legs, and there were puddles of diareah dripping all over the floor! My mom didn't even notice! I told her I had to go to the ladies room, so she just said "go ahead", and she kept walking without even looking at my mess. I took off my pantyhose in the restroom (with the diareah mess contained in the nylons), and they felt sooooo heavy - it was like the diareah added an extra 15 pounds to them. I flushed the poop-filled pantyhose down the toilet, cleaned up the mess on my legs, butt, and crotch, and then rejoined my mother. She looked at my bare legs, got a confused look about her, and said something like "weren't you wearing pantyhose earlier today?" I'm just glad I got away with it - that would have been sooo embarrassing if someone had commented to me on the shameful brown load/str! eams gushing all over my pantyhose and running down my legs!

Kim, I can sure empathise with you on the joy of both seeing and buddy dumping your big whopper on top of your mum's equally big jobbie.

As a kid of about 6 or so I first discovered this pleasure. Mum hadnt done a motion for a couple of days, quite a common occurance for her and this is also common with many women, my wife Theresa being an example. She therefore did a big panbuster when she did go, passing a single long fat jobbie about a foot long and 2 inches or so thick which was too big to flush away. Even at that age I was turned on when I saw this big brown turd lying in the bottom of the pan and I did my own much smaller jobbie which was about half the length and thickness on top of hers , a "buddy dump" (although I didnt then know this expression then), pretending I had done her big jobbie. Many times I was to repeat this buddy dumping activity and when I grew older into my early teens I too started to pass really big panbusters myself, and often there would be two big fat 12 inch long jobbies in the toilet, like mother, like son. You say that your mother doesnt know of your toilet activites. I can ! understand the wisdom of this. As far as I am aware my mother never "OFFICIALLY" knew of mine, but Im sure she was aware from various remarks made by her over the years and that she was probably turned on by doing large solid motions herself and often left the toilet unflushed deliberately so I could see the big jobbies she had passed. She was very frank about discussing her bowel movemments in my presence. As I have said, nothing was ever formally said about my fascination in this field, she would never for example have let me come into the toilet with her to watch her doing a motion as I have read some more modern parents are quite at ease about. I was always on the other side of the closed toilet door and I am sure she was well aware of this but tolerated my listening to her doing a poo. It was "something understood" and neither of us ever crossed the line of what was acceptable. Having been brought up in the 1950's and 60's, listening to her dumping and seeing her jobbies ! was permitted but accompanying her into the toilet was not. Indeed, she was always careful never even to appear naked in my presence even going for a bath or whatever, a situation many modern parents would view as perfectly acceptable these days to walk about the house unclothed, but bear in mind this was a Roman Catholic household in Glasgow in nearly 50 years ago! Times have definitely changed!

Adrian, Im glad the Hakle Moists are helping with your problem in the anal area. I find it odd however that you dont change your underpants every day? Whatever type you wear, Y-Fronts, panties, briefs or even the horrid boxer shorts, then these are cheap, you can get 6 pairs of the cotton unisex briefs I wear these days for £5 ($8 US) in cut price shops and market stalls, so can wear a clean pair every day and even if you dont have a washing machine these are easily washed by hand and will dry out quickly enough. Since childhood I have worn clean underpants every day and would feel dirty and soiled if I had to wear the same unwashed pair two days in succession. You will find that clean pants every day together of course with daily baths or showers and using the moists instead of dry tissue will cure your problem and should prevent recurrance.

I haven't been out of bed long, (I got up at 7.00am UK time, its now 8.35am) I felt the need of a motion, nothing urgent, just the gentle and satisfying presence of a large poo in my rectum and went to the toilet, pulled down my pale blue briefs and passed a nice big easy sausage. It just slid out slowly with minimum effort making a "Floomp!" as it entered the water. I got off the pan to have a look and was delighted to observe the big smooth fat light brown curved jobbie, about 12 inches long in the pan. I then had my shower and got dressed. I have left it for Theresa to see when she comes back later today as she stayed over at a female workmate's house last night as they had both got home late from an office outing. I sure she will be impressed and if she hasn't done her motion in Sheila's toilet then she will buddy dump her own jobbie on top of mine.

Adrian, I too of course feel very sorry for Ileo's lady friend who had to have this horrible operation, but no doubt her illness made this unavoidable and was far worse than the cure. I dont however subscribe to your advice of "counselling". I think this is growth industry here in the UK where any adversity, accident etc which happens brings out droves of "special counsellors" like a swarm of flies around a dog turd on the pavement. I think this does more harm than good, the human psyche is better left to cope and get over problems on its own. Both of my parents lived during the last war, my father was present during the Clydebank blitz when the German Luftwaffe bombed the shipyards there to damage the war effort. He saw some horrific sights but didnt need or want "special counselling". I feel we are breeding a nation of whimps! I witnessed a horrible fatal road traffic accident to a motorcyclist who collided with a car and was then run over by a lorry following, the drive! r of same being unable to stop, it wasnt his fault, the biker was going far too fast and tried to overtake in a dangerous situation. I was offered "special counselling" to "help me come to terms with the experience" I at first politely declined this offer then had to rather rudely tell the woman offering same where to put it as she was too persistant and wouldnt take no for an answer. This was 3 years ago and I havent had any problems arising from this. The only GOOD effect is that I now drive more cautiously myself if motorcyclists are about and when riding my own bicycle. By all means Ileo's friend should take the practical advice of a stoma nurse or another person who has had the same operation but leave the "shrinks" and "special cousellors" out of the equation.

The pant legs threw me off , I saw "Photoshop" and suspected some cut and layer action . So , my guess would be of course Diana Ross at a Gay bash , melded to little Kims legs !!
Lawn Dogs Kids - Thanks for your thoughtful response , and taking the time to share with me . Your writing is quite fluid , yet struck me as odd at times coming from someone who I guessed was much older . Your earnest portrayals do have an innocence about them that is refreshing coming from someone your age . When adults inquire as I have , we are looking for one of our own , adults disguised as an innocent . I hope you continue to write and develop your skills which will serve you well in your future . Be free , be you . At 15 , you are in a magical phase of life , your berth is wide , and your future is bright . your friend , ileo

Sunday, August 27, 2000

I remember once when i was in the ninth grade, i had to take a dump, so I went into the boys washroom, went into a stall, pulled down my pants, sat on the toilet and had a big dump. Anyway, it must have smelt pretty bad because three 11th graders came in the washroom and kept comenting on how bad it smelled. Well, I was pretty uncomfortable at that point, I was just waiting for them to leave. Finally when I thought they were gone, I was pretty relieved, until all of a sudden, one of them came banging on the stall door. Needless to say, i was pretty embarassed.

ileo. I was sorry to hear about your young friend's operation and her feelings of devastation. In my opinion, any half decent man worth his salt will love for for who she is and won't be put off by her necessary use of a bag. Any man who bases his judgements on superficial outward things has, in my view at least, lost the plot. Never judge a book by its cover. In the meantime, I think you can do a lot to help your friend. Be positive, kind and caring. Try to be a true friend and help her as much as possible to adjust to her new medical situation. Perhaps it would help her to have counselling as well. Maybe this is something she should ask her doctor about.

Goldgirl? (Re)Becca? What happened to you guys? I miss you! Please come back I miss your stories!

So it was Scary Spice, WOW! any chance of a picture of the former Ginger Spice sitting on the pan doing what seems to be a big one? Scary certainly looks as if she is having difficulty passing a large constipated jobbie. I somehow imagine Gerri Halliwell with a serene look of contentment on her pretty face as a large easy but properly formed motion slid out between her ample buttocks, and I imagine her wearing that famous Union Jack dress and those equally famour black briefs down at her knees as she did it. There was an interview with her once where she said that she didnt feel right each day until she had passed a good motion. I look forward to the next change of masthead photo. Now if you could get one of Kate Winslet sitting on the pan doing a "Titanic" jobbie WOW!

Adam and others mentioned iron tablets. I know my mum sometimes took these and did big black jobbies as a result. I was about 7 when I first encountered this. She had been prescribed iron tablets by the Doctor and had warned me not to touch these or eat any as they could be harmful and although they looked like red sweets, a bit like Smarties, they were not. So I knew she was taking these but of course at that age not what the side effects would be. After she had been taking them for a few days she did a motion in the toilet at home and as often happened it stuck in the pan. As usual I went into the toilet after she had come out to have a good look. I gasped when I saw this big BLACK jobbie and she heard me. "Is something up?" she asked. I stammered that there was a big black jobbie in the pan. She just laughed and said "Yes, Ive just done it. Its the iron tablets, they make your jobbies turn black" I cant remember if it was any smellier than her normal mid brown motions. As she took iron tablets often from then on I saw big black turds every so often.

I agree with Adam that in the UK the method of obtaining a stool sample from a conscious and sentient patient by inserting a gloved finger into the rectum would not be popular, though I suppose they would have to do this with unconsious patients or those such as mentally deficient or senile persons who couldn't cooperate and produce a stool voluntarily. When I was at school there was a Typhoid epidemic in Aberdeen and some people died from this illness. In the end it was traced to contaminated Corned Beef but the local authorities went into a bit of a panic even miles away like Glasgow. A normal attack of summer diarrhea occured at my school, thankfully I didnt get it though some other kids did and I remember one girl in the playground farting, thinking it was only wind (gas) and filling her white cotton knickers with a load of loose watery poo. I felt really sorry for her though many of the other kids laughed and mocked her. A woman teacher took her into the showers in the Gym dressing rooms and then gave her a spare pair of school knickers to wear, as her own knickers were so badly soiled that they had to be binned. Her mum came to collect her and she didnt come back to school for the rest of that week. The school authorites reacted to this outbreak in panic and all pupils and staff had to provide stool samples. Of course to a load of Glasgow kids this was a great laugh. I took my container home and mum said that when I next needed a jobbie I was to do it in a bucket not the toilet pan. Sure enough I needed a motion the following day, a Saturday, and mum got a plastic bucket and told me to do my wee wee first into the toilet then sit on it and do my motion. I did, it was a good solid poo, two firm balls and a log of about 7 inches long. Mum took one of the balls which was about the size of a golf ball and put it in the container, carefully washing her hands while I emptied the rest of my jobbies into the pan. On the Monday of course the kids had great fun comparing their stool samples. Most were solid balls some were mushy "YEUCH" and a couple were watery diarrhea. The most interesting was one fat girl who had brought in a large tupperwear container in which there was her big fat jobbie of about 8 inches long and two inches fat. I can still remember being turned on when I saw it and the look of pride on her face, by the way Adrian, she was called Anne, do all "Annes" do big jobbies? These samples were to be brought to the Gym wehere a team of staff from the Public Health department collected them. The smell of course was terrible. Im glad to say that my sample was perfectly normal as were most. No Typhoid or associated serious illness was isolated though a few of the pupils were found to have worms and referred to the School Health department for medicine to cure this. The teachers also had to provide samples though their's were collected separately. I would love to have seen pretty redheaded Miss Donnelly's sample!

The other incident in a similar vein occured a few years later when the family next door had worms. My mum told me to leave the toilet unflushed when I did a motion so she could inspect my jobbie. Like most kids I didnt need any second bidding. I did a nice solid jobbie which went "KERSPLOONK!" into the pan. I was pulling my Y-Fronts up when mum came in and had a look down the pan at my turd. satisfied that there were no tell tale white tapeworm sections contained in it she pulled the flush, only commenting that I had "done a good motion". Im glad it was clear as the cure then used (1960s) for worms was a drug to kill them which the kids next door told me was vile tasting and made you feel sick then a powerful purgative such as picolax which caused severe repeated watery diarrhea to expel the dead worms from the bowels. All that family had to take this and I found out that the mother of the family had shit her knickers as she couldnt make it to the toilet in time. I didn't even then usually feel sorry for anyone who deliberately takes laxatives but in this case I did as she probably didnt have worms and was quite a nice person.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

Sandra, I too wish it had been me not that prudish woman who had seen you with the big solid jobbie sticking out of your bum. Thankfully, you made it in time and this was a case where it was just as well you werent wearing panties as it would have soiled them as it came out.

Lawn Dogs Kid
TO ILEO: Just for you, a potted history of the "characters" ! I'm Lawn Dogs Kid, aged 15, living in a small village in the South West of England. You'll find that Kendal refers to me as Andrew, my real name, whenever she posts about us. I got the handle "Lawn Dogs Kid" after watching the movie "Lawn Dogs" with Kendal two or three months ago. Further reason for the handle is understandable if you read my first post, archived on page 378.

Kendal is my precious little cousin. She is 10 years old, and we are both an only child. My Mum and Kendal's Dad are brother and sister. My Dad and Kendal's Mum are also only children. Consequently, Kendal and I are extremely close, because we only have each other, family wise.

Chloe is Kendal's best friend. She is a bit older than Kendal, and will be 12 next month. Chloe is also my girlfriend. She looks older than she is, and I look younger than I am, so the 3 year and 4 month age gap between us is not as marked as it might be.

Alan is Chloe's cousin who lives away. He's 11 and seems to have made a very big hit with Kendal ! She's actually gone to stay with his family this weekend. Hope shes ok, because shes never been away from home on her own before.

The toilet thing is just between us kids. The adults are not involved at all, and we are all careful when we do this so as not to be discovered. Most viewings seem to happen at my house, because both my parents work, and we can all be alone here. It's the same really at Chloe's, but in the holidays, Chloe's Dad can work from home. When he's not at home, Chloe will often spend the day at Kendal's house. Chloe's parents don't like her being alone at home, which is very responsible of course. Kendal's Mum, my "Aunty", doesn't work, so she is always at home, most of the time anyway.

Ileo, hope that has got you up to scratch with the important people in my life !

There was a significant happening in my life yesterday. Chloe came round to my house mid-morning time, and we filled in our time watching Kids TV on BBC. She hadn't been looking too well this past few days, I didn't think, but whenever I asked, she said she was ok. She did tell me she'd been having trouble pooing for a couple of days. Her poo time is usually lunch time, so she was here when she decided she needed to go. I got to go with her of course !

Chloe was wearing the same Jeans cut off below the knee that I described the other day. Today they weren't wet, but it was still fun watching her peeling them downwards to enable her to go to the toilet. She got them and her panties not quite halfway down her legs this time. She'd been sat in silence for about 10 seconds before her wee began, a gentle and steady stream that made a tuneful tinkle directly into the water all the time it lasted, around 30 seconds. Then she clamped her arms over her ????, and the battle of the poo began.

Chloe isn't really a grunter, or a panter, but this was the biggest battle I'd ever seen her have to move her poo. She still didn't grunt or pant that much, but the strain in her face was a real picture, not dissimilar to scary spice on the site picture ! After at least a minute of this straining, she managed to produce that first poop, which made a very small but distinct plop noise. Chloe let all her breath out in burst of laughter. she commented that she seemed only able to make poos the size of rabbit bobbies today ! After she had stopped laughing, the serious job in hand began again. Over the course of the next 30 minutes, yes, thats half an hour, she had produced a countless number of small poos which collected like a set of marbles in the bottom of the toilet.

After that half hour, and a fruitless last five minutes, she decided that enough was enough, and took some toilet roll. She wiped down between her legs, and then took some more roll. after wiping down between her legs again, she brought this paper back up for inspection. There were no real poop stains to be seen, which I kind of expected. Her poo had been as hard as rock the whole time. But I was deeply shocked to see a streak of blood on the paper. To my further shock, Chloe actually smiled at this and then she saw my face. "Oh Andrew, don't look so worried, I'm not ill. Its just my period".

How daft did I feel then ?! Of Course, I knew about this thing which happened to girls, but it had never dawned on me that this was what the matter was with Chloe this past couple of days. She asked me if I knew where my Mum kept her pantie-liners. I'd seen boxes of them in the airing cupboard, so I went to the landing and pinched a box from there. Coming back into the bathroom, Chloe greeted me with the most wonderful smile. I'd been gone only 10 or 15 seconds, but even though I'd had the wonderful pleasure of watching Chloe sit on the toilet for half an hour now, on coming back in again I just stood and stared for five seconds or more. Chloe is so different sat on the toilet compared with Kendal, but she is certainly no less beautiful a sight to see !

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