kim & scott
hello all! and WELCOME BACK LOUISE & STEVE from spain. hip hip hooray! now on with my post one day in the afternoon after just coming home from lifting weights with my boyfriend scott. I needed to take a massive dump! since i did not have a log in 2 days i knew that this one was going to be a whopper! i then walked into the bathroom and started to take off my white spandex exercise outfit.. my white headband,white spandex tights, underwear, socks and sneakers all came off quickly leaving me very naked. ( in case ya didnt know i love to shit nude) i then looked into the bathroom mirror as i was checking myself out i suddenly glanced at the toilet and i noticed a huge bowel movement in the toilet bowl. I figured my mother must of done it since it was only her and me in the house at the time. the rest of my family members where out.. I tell you the massive size of my moms log excited me. i even felt the flesh between my legs twitch! i then quickly sat my ass on the toilet seat. I just had to buddy dump on my moms log. after all i might never get the chance ever again right people? i then took a deep breath as my big boobs heaved and ass quivered as i slowly began to push my monstrous load out!. I knew my boyfriend scott would of loved to see me crash this one out but alas he wasnt here. i would just have to tell him all about it later.. i then leaned over and watched my huge, stick of brown dynamite explode out of my asshole. i tell you the tingling sensation was incredible from this log. the sensation went all the way from my ass down to my toes making then wiggle excitedly. i was at the point of no return now as i braced my self and pushed really hard. "HOLY S??T!! i said aloud as i crashed out an enormous,bowel movement in to the bowl. wich landed next to my moms log. i then got a measuring tape and measured my moms big log at 12 1/2 inches and my monster at 14 inches. my log was so rock solid i had nothing to wipe so i flushed it all down the toilet. i then took a shower with a secret smile on my face(because i saw my moms big log and buddy dumped on it. and my mom would never know! i would never tell her anyway because this would embarass her. and i sure didnt want to do that! i am the opposite of my mom i love to get nude and crash out big logs for my man scott to see or have big logs in public restrooms and leaving it there so others can see it,admire it and maybe get a buzz from it! its fun i think my mom doesnt think so though and i respect her for it. (By the way my mom doesnt know my toilet habits.hahaha!) well i hoped ya liked the story .bye! from kim....

*By the way my boyfriend scott and i recently took a weekend boating trip from baltimore ,maryland to virginia. wich took 4 hours by boat to get to virginia and four hours back. In portsmouth ,virginia scott and i stayed at a holiday inn and enjoyed the scenery and the history of historic virginia. and at night we took a romantic ferryboat ride to this lite-up,fun and music filled super-mall where one could eat, buy things and even dance the night away. scott and i saw 2 couples together on the ferry going to party. you could tell by the way they where dressed. scott even bought his camcorder along and took nice shots of the boats passing, scenery etc WE even saw porpoises in the mid-atlantic when we where on the boat!!. the porpoises were gone before we could film them but no matter we had fun! fun ! fun! and we got great tans too. scott and i hope all you fellow posters here all had great summers. bye ! from kim

I never thought I'd ever have anything to post on this site since my life is pretty boring, but something happened a couple of days ago that I thought I'd share. In fact, I'm kind of confused about it.
To tell you the truth, seeing a woman go to the bathroom has never been a turn on of mine.
Well, a couple of days ago my girlfriend (a very cute redhead) and I were horsing around (I was tickling her).
Between laughs she said she had to go to the bathroom. I assumed she was lying and followed her as she ran into the bathroom.
"I have to poop" she said.
I thought she was just kidding around and just wanted me to stop tickling her, so I stayed in the bathroom.
She then shut the door, dropped her pants and sat on the toilet. As soon as I heard her start to pee I made an attempt to open the door and get out. She stopped me and and reminded me that her brother's bedroom was just across the hall and that he was still up so she didn't want the door open.
I honestly did not want to be in the bathroom just then and I told her to let me out. She then said, "Too late it's coming out."
I still didn't totally believe her until I saw the subtle strain on her face and then heard her fart. I had never heard her fart before and we have lived together for over a year.
She then said, "Oh man that smells" and she was right. We have a small bathroom and it didn't take long for her to stink it up.
Even though I was very surprised that she was doing this in front of me, I was mostly surprised at the fact that I was completely aroused. I remember standing there kind of hunched over in the bathroom while she pooped because I didn't want her to notice the front of my pants. She's pretty open-minded, but I wasn't sure what she'd do if she saw that I was enjoying watching her poop.
After she wiped and flushed we went back out into the kitchen. She acted as if nothing had just happened. She obviously feels comfortable enough to go to the bathroom in front of me, but I tried to hide the fact that it turned me on. I still don't understand why it did. Pooping is pretty disgusting. But for some reason, seeing her sitting on the toilet peeing and pooping right in front of me was quite the turn-on.
I'm still trying to figure out why.

Ben in NY
Hi everybody! I just got back from hockey camp! I appologize for not responding promptly. Anyway, hear we go!

Adrianne (bus driver) England- I was just corresting a mistake somebody made, but I didn't want to say that. I know I don't like to be corrected and I'm sure nobody else does either. I appologize.
Jared- WOW!!!!! I think I'm going to go on a teen tour of Israel! Sounds like you had a great time!!!!!!!!
Peace and love,

Where is the post about Jennifer Love Hewitt?

Paul and Ryan
Hi, me and my best friend Paul have a story for you guys. Almost everytime he sleeps over, a curse falls upon us. He usually gets the runs and he never gets sleep cause every five minutes he is running for the bathroom. Well, th last time he slept over, we went to Shaws, and Paul said he had to go, but could wait. When we got to the check out area, he said he would have to use the one in the store. We waited for ten minutes for him, but comes to tell us he actually walke into the managers room of the store by accident but finally got to the bathroom and laid a big load that he said felt like jagged rocks coming out of his ass. well, on our way home (we live 3 minutes away from the store) he says he has to go really bad. We finally got to the house and he just barely made it to the bathroom. But this tie is was diarhea, ok, hope you liked it, Bye!

Saturday, August 26, 2000

Scary Spice.
Jimmie, Paul, D-UK, Leo, Scott UK, DLM, No Name Grrl, anynomos, Angela, scrapz, Navy
matt, Jay (J&P), ileo, Donnie

The picture is changing again in a few days? That was quick. If that's a celebrity, my first guess off the top of my head would be Robin Givens.

Matt: I guess it was good it was only a little 4-5 year old toddler who poked his head under your stall. What would you have done if he was 24-25 years old? If seeing you made an impression on that 4-year old, he might have a fascination with seeing others on the toilet and might be posting here in the future should this forum manage to be around in 15-20 years.

That episode triggered a flashback to a similar incident that happened to me a few years ago. I was getting together with my friends Carrie and Sara, and we did some shopping at the mall and had lunch at the food court. Although I was generally eating much smarter by now, I decided to pig out and get a chicken sandwich and a taco along with nachos. After lunch we did some more shopping - it was October but we decided to do our Christmas shopping very early that year. After a few hours, we were about to leave but not before making a stop to the women's room at Nordstroms. By that time, I was feeling the effects of my lunch.

Carrie, Sara and I took adjacent stalls. After lifting my short khaki skirt and lowering my white high-cut briefs, I sat down and let go a big booming fart. We all laughed and Sara said it was just like old times. Afterwards I pushed out a load of soft but solid pieces of poop, maybe about a dozen in that load. After a pause, I pushed out a mini-load of six pieces, again soft but solid. I farted again, then pushed out another huge load of soft poop that ended in a thud. By now there was a very strong poop smell. I flushed the toilet while seated.

I was still pushing out a huge load of soft but still solid poop. Suddenly I see a little girl crawling under the door and into my stall. When she got up she was facing the right side wall. She turned around and her eyes popped out. I sense she was expecting someone else, like her mom. She said oops, I'm very sorry, excuse me, and she crawled out of the stall. After another full load of poop, I flushed the toilet again.

I managed to push out another two full loads of poop and flushed the toilet twice more before I was finished. It was a very smelly dump and left my butt so sticky that I wiped at least a dozen times to get myself cleaned up. After flushing the toilet a final time, I saw that I left a skidmark at the bottom of the bowl. I had some poop on my hands and washed them thoroughly. I felt tremendously relieved afterwards. I told Carrie and Sara about the little girl that crawled into my stall. Carrie said she had crawled into her stall as well.

To Simon: I did it for the money. My parents aren't rich I was a poor student. As I explained, I was wearing a long lose skirt with something like what you would call a Spandex nowadays under it. It contained the poop very well, you couldn't see anything. I just lifted my skirt over the seat of my bicycle sat down in my poop and returned to my student room.

Nydia. Thanks for your comments. I am a lot 'hairier' than a lot of men and I'm sure that's contributed to my problems. Thanks for the observation.

Matthew. I think your doctor is right. Like a lot of people nowadays a rarely if ever bath because the shower is so much quicker and more convenient. No doubt that's been acontributory factor to my angst too.

Anne (the bus driver). Thanks for your kind words too. The special wipes I got from the chemist are the Hakle ones you mentioned and I think they're suiting me a lot better than the wet ones, fine though those things are for cleaning the hands and face. So far as maintaining personal hygiene is concerned, I do shower every night but I will try to be more meticulous from now on. I change underwear normally every two days but I do line my underpants with a large tissue which is replaced 2 or 3 times a day.

It was good to hear about your latest poo. That Easter egg shaped jobbie must have taken some getting out but obviously it was ready to come. I think your earlier poo loosened things up probably - I'ver known that to happen to me.

I enjoyed Sophie's story. Are there other truth or dare stories or stories of people soiling themselves for other reasons than fun or desperation?

Here is one: I must have been 17 or 18 when me and my one year older sister where walking back to the apartment in the city where we lived with our parents after having had a drink with some friends . It was probably more than 10 years ago I had my last accident. We were both wearing a short skirt.
After a while I said to my sister: As usual I have to pee, I should have gone in the pub, it will be an uncomfortable walk home. She said: I should have done so too, if it weren't that adults are not supposed to do this one would just pee through his panties. I said: You would dare to wet your panties, would you. We discussed the subject for a while and learned that each of us, on several occasions after such an evening of drinking, already had squirted some pee into his panties. Eventually my sister said: OK, so we both actually have wet ourselves already. I'll pee through my panties if you do so too. Shortly after, just around a corner, where nobody was really watching us we stopped, slightly spread our legs and peed through our panties.
It felt fantastic! We still have done this very often after that night and, as you can see, a decate later the subject still passionates me.

I pooped in my panties again, this tme more or less on purpose though. We got hooked up with these guys at the sports plex and ended up at a bush party. I had eaten fries and a burger before and needed to go but wanted to wait til I got home.

There had to be three hundred kids out there around this big fire. Some were drinking and were pretty rowdy and I was scared we would get busted. When Jen went into the bush to pee I did too. I was too inbarrassed to poop infront of Jen but man did I need to shit. I could actually feel it cumming out as I squated to pee but squeesed it back in with all my might.

I fought it for awhile, we were begging these guys to drive us back but they were acting up with the guys. By the time Jen got us another ride there was a big turd in the seat of my cutoffs. I just kinda stood by myself and sneaked it out. It was dark so even though the bulge felt like huge I didn't think anyone would notice.

Lucky I didn't stink so even Jen didn't know. I ran right up to my room and then into the bathroom to clean up. My panties weren't stained too bad so I hide them in the wash basket. I was like okay with a poo in pants, weird eh.

Somebody wanted to know if we use toilet seat covers in our college bathrooms. No, we don't, the seats usually stay clean plus I wipe them off each day. Personally, I don't believe in them, a person is HIGHLY unlikely to contract any disease from a toilet seat! If you're going to get sick in any way, it will be from viruses in the air,or on some other surface, from not washing your hands, or food poisoning. The last thing you will get sick from is a decently clean toilet seat. Maybe if you sit in shit with an open sore on your butt, but that is about the only way. I like taking care of these bathrooms and encourage people to wash their hands. We buy nice soap for the restrooms and 90% of those college kids are washing their hands. Thanks for the compliments - I have many stories to tell.

To Adrian. Both my wife Fiona and I use moist tissues instead of dry toilet tissue. I dont use the dry stuff to wipe first after a motion but only use moists, unless I have passed a very soft or sticky motion I find 2 or at most 3 moists will do the trick. We do buy ordinary soft toilet tissue but only use it to dry our penis or vulva after a wee wee. So I suggest you use the moists only. As regards showers versus baths, you can get clean in a shower but must use a flannel (face cloth) which if anointed with shower jel or soap then the anal, scrotal, vulval area is well soaped as should be the glans in an uncircumcised man such as myself as also should the armpits, then the shower will wash away all the soap suds and leave you totally clean and fresh. I agree with Anne that one should wear cotton briefs rather than nylon and these should be changed every day. Even when I was a kid in a big family I had a clean vests, socks and underpants every day although as there were more ! girls than boys in our family I often had to wear a pair of my sisters' cotton knickers (panties) , either plain white ones or navy blue, not girly ones.

On the stool sample I have had to provide one on a number of occasions having worked in food factories. In the Uk the situation is as Moira described, you pass a motion into a container. Now the container, with a lid, is similar to the type you buy ice cream or the likes in. Its easy with a small stool but if you do big fat ones then Moira's idea of doing it into a bucket rhen either taking a suitably sized ball or breaking off a piece for a large jobbie and putting it in the container to take to the Pathology Lab for testing. Id rather have that than have a doctor or nurse insert their finger up my back passage!

I watched "Anatomy of Disgust" on British TV. Two points of interest. It showed Indian people of both genders quite happily defecating in the open. Both men and women seemed to squat to do either toilet function. Over there they do not have the same prudishness about their excretory functions as Westerners, although India was an English colony for centuries. The second point highlighted the fascination the Germans have had through history with defecation and stools. The Scots also have such a fascination, example, Billy Connolly. (Moderator, let me add that I am merely recounting the program and do NOT make any judgement of Indians, Germans or my fellow Scots).

Finally, I have taken Iron Tablets, its not just women who get anaemia. The same happened with me, big jet black jobbies after a couple of days and they did stink worse than usual.

Shy Pam
Hi Everyone!
I have been so busy getting ready for school to start again and working, I have only had time to breeze over all the posts.
Sara T. - I can relate to your Taco Bell experiences, the same happens to me. The funny part is that it is not every time I eat there. I wonder if some Taco Bells use different ingredients or don't cook the food as long as they are supposed to. The bad part is I love their food...just don't know what is going to happen afterwards.
Guess that's why it's called Montezuma's Revenge!

I just recently learned that if you are dehydrated, your pee is a dark yellow and has a strong smell. It should be a light pale yellow normally. My pee is sometimes dark yellow when I wake up in the morning and I didn't drink a lot the day before. Just thought somebody might like to know.


To the unamed poster: About pooping in hardees, well i think that is discusting that the bathroom there and any other restaurant isn't clean. It is discusting that you keep pooping on newspaper and no one cleans it up.

To Matt: I must agree with you that it was pretty funny that you were in public shitting and some kid sticks his head under the stall and looks at you. Did you care? I wouldn't had minded cause he was only 4 or 5...doesn't know any better. I've never had this happen to me.

To Nick: You had a cool story, it was a good one. Thats cool that when you were 9 your older cousin let you watch him shit, did you ever let him watch you shit? I would love to watch another guy shit, but i haven't ever.

To Moderator: I saw your note, so is that lady up top famous? Who is she? is she an actress? Singer? or sports player?

Latly i've noticed a change in my bowel habits....It's like i get up in the morning and with in 5-10 minutes after waking up i have to shit. Im thinking this is cause of work, see i just began working full time last week....Cause in the past week i've had to shit like 4 times in the morning. Does any one think this is cause of work, and i worry that there is no other time to go? And could it be cause i have to be up early then what i like to be up?

There is a cool pee scene in the movie Hollow Man. A lady pulls down her skirt and pees.

No stories for myself but I enjoyed the story from Matt when the kid peered under the partition. An almost similar situation happened to me. I was traveling from Colorado to Indiana for vacation and to see family and I stopped at the Dairy Queen off of Kansas I-70 by Quinter/Castle Rock Exit (Exit 107) for dinner. I went into the mens room to take a piss and some 6 year old kid walked in. There was no lock on the door. He was apologetic.. I kind of laughed and told him no problem. I am sure his parents talked to him afterward. At least I wasn't taking a dump but it would have been funny anyway.

For Melissa from NY, talk about rude people. The asshole part of me would have told them off or I would have made a comment to the effect that they think they are superior that their shit doesn't stink but smells like daisies.

Later for now :)


When I was about 7 and at primary school, I really needed to take a piss. I asked the teacher and she said yes. I'd never been one for using urinals. I was circumsized quite badly and felt inadequate when stood along side the other chaps, so I always tended to use the cubicals. This particular day, I rushed into the loos and went into the one cubical and there was this lad called Andy from the class next door sat there having a shit. Why he hadn't locked the door I didn't know, but I think there must have been no lock in hind sight. I could have died of embarresment, but he just sat there, and said "I won't be a second, it's nearly all out". I just aplogized, left the toilets and went in the girls instead.

4 years later, aged 11 my year went on a trip to France. I ended up sharing a room with my cousin Mark and this lad called Andy. On the first night I went into the loo, and sure enough, he was just sat there with a strained look on his face saying "I've nearly done, you can wait in here if you like". I didn't. I was to do that to him 2 more times before we left back for England. When me or my cousin needed to shit, we made each other guard the door. But this Andy seemed to have no shame. What really made it seem odd is that I was really dumb at school and in all the lower classes with all the remenials, whilst he was a straight 'A' student, so it was not as if he was too stupid to grasp the concept of locks.

He is now an accountant. I had my circumsision revered and am now able to pee quite freely at urinals. I've I ever come across an ajar toilet door when I'm taking a shit, I always say "Anyone in?", just in case Andy is in there waiting for me!

To Matt, yeah, simial thing happen in popular British seaside resort of Skegness, I was having a shit in the municiple toilets by the railway station when this kis of about 4-5 poped his head under the partition. I told him to piss off and he duley did so. Nosey little twat.

Melissa from New York - Hey, you didn't do anything wrong. Isn't that's what toilets are for - peeing and crapping? You couldn't help it if you really had to go and dropped a bunch of whoppers. How could you know what was going to happen? You couldn't help it. Those other women had a lot of nerve complaining about your copious production. What if they'd had to go as badly as you? Come to think of it, maybe they were constipated and a bit jealous. Sorry about Joe's virus. Hope he's better now.

hiker-uk - Your stories about the squat-type toilets in the unisex camping facilities of France remind me of some of my own experiences in the unisex public toilets in the south of Peru. Keep those good posts coming!

I was at a local TV studios last year, watching the "Beautiful South" perform a set. I went for a slash and there was the lead singer Paul Heaton stood at the urinal next to me! He must have had loads to drink 'cos he pissed like a horse!

I incidentally have first hand knoledge of what a pissing horse lloks like. In my home village of South Hykeham(UK)I used to do a paper round and deleivered to a local farm. There used to be ahorse tied up in a feild and if you whistled at it, it used to piss like a fountain. odd eh?

Me and a mate once went to Paris and to ensure we had more money to spend on clothes we stayed in a really seedy dodgy hotel. We could hear someone being whipped in the next room and this big guy kept trying to stick his cock thru the keyhole. We were too scared to go to the communal loo, so we ended up pissing in the shower. And they call it the city of Romance!!! He is now a film director and produced the critically acclaimed "?????????????????????", premiered at the Brixton Exploding cinema film festival, and me? I stack shelves at the Co-op. Some contrast!

Hi All! Yesterday my friend Mike and I were rinding our bikes and i told him that I needed to take a dump and he did too and he told me that he didn't need to go that bad. We were talking in his car and he went in to get his watch and i asked where Mike is and he said that he was in the bathroom. After he came outside, he told me that he was about to burst if he held it in for another minute. I went home and after dinner I took a dump standing/ squatting over the pot. Today I did the same thing but I squatted over longer. It smelled. It was pretty long

To answer your question on people getting thir butt and
anus waxed, I've been getting my done for a number of years
by a friend of mine in Bloomington,IN. And yes it does make
wiping the anus a lot easier.
SANDRA: I sure I would have been in that restroom and not
that older woman. I would've held the door open for you.
It looks like the past teen cerebrity is from one of shows
where the main characters were women. Am I right?

Rick (Vancouver)
To Nick:
Thanks for your response. Your description of delivery is correct. Mark produces small diameter turds, maybe only 1.25 inches at most, but long! It is not unusual for them to be 12 to 15 inches in length and slowly make their way to the water. However, they don't seem to float, possibly because of the small diameter.
By presentation I think I refer to whether the last ones are as firm and solid as the first. Sometimes they start off firm and then get really loose and messy. He gets a lower score for that day! Mark doesn't mind me wiping him. I suppose it is a form of thank you for letting me watch. I don't give a score for the wiping. But, if it is really messy I will say "It's your ass. You wipe it". Mark has an allergy to caffeine and drinking one cup of regular coffee will produce "brown rain" 20 minutes later. I don't watch or wipe those events!
As you remark, many guys are bashful, as was Mark, about letting someone watch them do something which is considered personal. Once they get used to the idea there isn't usually a problem.


-> Nydia, i have shaved my gilfriends pussy and anus, because it was hairy, i donīt now if she likes itīs better now, when she take a poo. Havenīt ask.


Friday, August 25, 2000

Hi kiddies - Lots of stinky messes still being flung around here huh? I have a female friend that had an ileostomy recently . She's young and attractive and devastated by it . She is fairly convinced that no man could ever find her attractive with a bag of poop on her hip , and my heart is aching for her . Would anyone here have a comment on that ? There are some obsessive poop fanatics here to be sure , but would you/could you find a woman desirable who didn't have an asshole as her fece dispenser ? My own health situation took a much less traumatic course , and a permanent ileostomy was avoided , my asshole is now fully functional , however , while I was healing I had a temporary ostomy for 3 months . It was brutal !!
A stoma (the opening) looks like a bright red asshole that they punch out through your lower right abdomen . There is no control of it's function at all . When it wants to spew load , it does . It needs a bag over it at all times , except in the shower if you don't mind continually washing the goop out of your pubic hair as it drips out of your artificial butthole and down your leg . It's very much like your worst nightmare come true . I'm extremely upset for her .
Lawn Dog- I missed some of the drama over whatever it was that I don't even know . I occasionally like your stories , they seem very episodic involving the same characters . My question is , Would you mind re-introducing the characters for me/us . Chloe ? Alan ? Aunty ? And , is this Kendal girl 6 or 26 ? Your too-sweet encouragement of her every fart , grunt and tinkle is hilariously (twisted) parental . This sort of , entire "household" involvement in poop-friendliness that you have going on must be fairly un-common is it not ? . . . hence my confusion ? For the record : I'm not being inflammatory . (Please don't kill my post) , Just tell me the cast of characters and how it/they came to be .
Also , there was an earlier post regarding a couple who sat on each others lap , to go poddy . My girlfriend and I would like to know more about that . Were you facing each other ect . . ? your friend ileo

Seeing as we are changing pictures in a few days, everyone needs to look again since no one seems to have figured out which possibly past tense celebrity that is.

While changing flights recently at Washington's Dulles Int'l Airport, I had a good laugh in the men's room. While I was using the urinal, I overheard a guy in one of the stalls talking loudly on his cell phone. There's nothing novel about that these days, I guess, but from the sound of the conversation, it seemed that this guy was a young diplomat. From his accent, I guessed that he was maybe Indian or Pakistani. (I finished my business and left before he came out of the stall, so I never saw him.) His side of the conversation - and sound effects - went something like this: "Well, I think both governments need to review this document carefully..." PHHHHHT, PHHHHHHT, FAARRRRT, UNGGGGGH " they fully understand the contents and the implications of what they're signing." PHHHHHHT, FAARRRT, PLOOOP "Otherwise, there's going to be a huge misunderstanding..." UNGHHHH, PHHHHHT, PLOOOP, PLOOOP "...and we'll have to start the whole process over again." PHHHHT, FAAART, PLO! P ! It was hillarious to me, like something out of a good comedy film. So the next time you hear about some peace or trade agreement being signed between two nations, just think that the whole deal could have first taken shape over a dump at Dulles. Cheers!

Jared: You had traveller's diarreah. It attacks my cousins when they visit here from overseas.

Sandra: You got caught short. A few weeks ago I thought of not wearing panties to work. I am glad I did not go through with it. I had terrible gassy bowel movements all day long. Just loose and stringy. It felt like gas only. But, it was not. I was on the subway and I wanted to break wind. But, I knew the danger was to great. I had to walk the street home with circumspect. When I got home, the pain had subsided. I headed for the toilet, lifted my black skirt, white slip and panties. I sat and released a spray of gas, followed by four more and brown water with soft pieces of doo-doo. It was a relief as I read my comics and mail. Wiping was murder. It was messy. Always wear panties under your dress or skirt. Even if I do not wear stockings, I also wear a slip. But, if you have an accident, a good snug fitting pair of panties will protect you. But, it is best to find a toilet as soon as possible.

Moderator: I like that girl on the site. She looks like me!!!

To Sandra- You have my simpathy about running to poo and barely making it. You should not have said sorry to that mean rude woman who tried to humiliate you!
To Adrian- I use wet wipes too after I poop. I started because I had very hairy butt and anus which was dificult to claen. I have since had the hair removed by waxing but still like the cool tingly clean feel of wipes.
I have a question for all who care to answer- Does anyone else male or female wax or other means remove hair from their butt and anus?
Bye from Nydia---

I've been shitting in the men's room at Hardees every morning after breakfast now for years. The men's room used to be spotless, but lately the new manager has let it go. It was so nasty that I started shitting in the corner by the toilet on a newspaper a week ago. No one has cleaned the mess up or restocked the restroom with tp. I carry my own napkins in to wipe. The pile on the newspaper is huge now. I guess no one cares because their are at least 6 huge morning dumps on the heap. Anyone else ever done anything like this?

Lawn Dogs Kid
I arrived at Kendal's this morning and she is so excited. Alan's mum has arranged for her to go and stay with them this weekend. And better still, Kendal's Mum and Dad have said she can go ! I don't think she expected to see him quite as soon as this.

One effect Alan has had on her is that although she still doesn't like to watch someone poo, she is now much happier about someone else seeing her poo instead. That means Chloe, and me too ! Although I've seen her poo a few times now, they have been rare occasions, and only if she has been in the right mood to let me watch. However, she has told me that I will be welcome in with her whatever she has to do in future.

Not that I've been able to take advantage of her new offer yet. One, Aunty is at home, and two, she hasn't needed to poo while I was here anyway !

She did need a wee though. But as I said, Aunty was home, so we don't go in together when she is around. However, what Kendal does do is go in the bathroom and leave the door open enough for me to peep round. Her bedroom is next to the bathroom, so all I have to do is look round her door and straight into the bathroom. Then if Aunty starts to come upstairs, I can scoot back into Kendal's room without her even knowing. I've had to do that as well on several occasions ( This NOT being one of them ). Aunty gets to the top of the stairs, and just doesn't say anything to Kendal. But the one day when I was stood in front of the toilet with the door open, and she came upstairs, I got told off for being rude and leaving the door open ! So when I have to go and Aunty is in, I have to shut the door. However, Kendal doesn't seem to mind at all that I can peep at her in those circumstances, but she can't see me in return.

Today, Kendal was wearing shorts. She looks so different on the toilet when she's wearing shorts. She still perches on the edge of the seat, with her shorts and panties pulled down just enough to go, but her appearance is completely different when her hands are cupped together, resting on top of her legs instead of being used to hold up her dress. There's certainly no difference in the cuteness factor though. She is beautiful sat on the toilet whatever she's wearing !

To Adrian: About cleanliness, my doctor strongly advised either a nice bath or wet wipes, preferably both, after a movement. He explained that years ago most people bathed. Now most people shower, and this doesn't adequately cleanse the anal region,which he explained is a marvelous mechanism because it can dilate to pass large stools, as well as tighten up. This produces folds of skin that can't get really too clean using dry paper. I started using a wet wipe (non alcoholic brand that is for babies) and the results are very satisfactory. I dry wipe first, then when I think I'm reasonably clean, I take out the wet wipe. I use this, taking my index finger and really cleaning well up the hole. You'll be surprised how dirty you are when you thought you were really clean. When I'm away from home, I will put a little spit on the dry paper, but this is a poor substitute for good wet wipes.

SANDRA: Great story! A shame that woman at the sink did not appreciate the sight of your poo sticking out -- let me assure you that I (and countless others too, as I'm sure you know) would have found such an unexpected spectacle quite thrilling!

Despite all the posts about accidents and other instances of public pooping, it have thus far never been my good fortune to chance upon such an occurrence. Perhaps my luck will change one of these days...

My wife lets me watch her poo from time to time. On such occasions, she stands in the shower stall (no water running) with her back to me. She leans forward, and sticks out her bum, and lets the poo emerge at its own (usually nice and slow) pace. If she can, she'll even stop its progress altogether and let it sit motionless, protruding from her stretched hole for a while. This is always highly exciting. She then lets the poo drop to the shower-stall floor. It's my job to wipe her up after this. (And then later, once all the excitement has been properly attended to, I clean up the shower stall as well.)

Good clean, wholesome fun! (Well, wholesome, anyway...) Oh all right, good fun then!

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