France 2000, Part 2.

There are over 11,000 camp sites (camping grounds) in France, graded 1 to 4 stars. I have only checked out two but I sure struck lucky with one! It was in a village in the French Alps, in Departement 73 (Savoie). You can get there by train and bus from Geneva (150 km). There are two large camp sites side by side, both quite modern with 200+ spaces and a 3 star grade. The municipal site has separate washing and toilette facilites for men and women. The other site is privately owned and has a bar, restaurant and unisex toilette facilities. Guess which one I stayed at! The best time to stay there is from mid July to late August when it's quite busy.

There are three wash/toilet blocks, each with design features to please the toilette voyeur. The one in the main building has 10 unisex stalls in two rows (6 + 4) facing each other. All except left #1 are the French 'hole in the floor' squat type and they all have 3 inch gaps under the doors! While in left #1 stall, I found that if I stooped low enough (in more ways than one), I could see out under my door and under the door of right #3 stall opposite. Merde alors monsieur, what a view of the femmes relieving themselves!

I saw quite a few women squatting down to pee in various positions. Most faced the door and put their feet on the foot plates. Some kept their butts high enough to be out of sight but most squatted down low with their legs apart, showing me everything as they peed downwards. Some did powerful jets of pee forwards, so to avoid wetting the floor in front of the cuvette (bowl) they squatted facing away from the door. This is strictly a pee-only position however as any poop would completely miss the cuvette and land on the floor. A few stood on the floor tiles either side of the cuvette with their legs wide apart and peed downwards.

The next morning during 'rush hour', I went into left #4 stall which has a view into right #6. These were the end stalls and were only used at busy times. I saw a woman with a nice large butt and a large expanse of black pubic hair squatting down with her legs wide apart. I saw her drop several small round poops although I couldn't actually see her anus as she was facing me. Then another woman used the same stall but didn't squat so low so I could only see her feet at first. I saw a stream of pee come down, then she started to drop some long soft poops and squatted a bit lower so that I could see it coming out. I thought that was pretty amazing but there were even better views in another block!

Sara T.
There's been some talk about fast foods and what they cause. Taco Bell sometimes gives me diarrhea, but even when it doesn't, it makes my body ache and I don't know what it is. It always makes me gassy.

Beer gives me hell the next day. I had a Corona and for the next three or four days it burned every time I did #2 and also it stunk to the high heavens as did my gas.

My period is late this month but whenever I get it I usually have good diarrhea stories to tell.

More on the Indian outdoor pee / poop thing. When I was at college I had a female friend from India who showed me a photo of her in her village. It was a nice photo and there, clearly in the background, was a middle aged woman with a sari at her waist, squatting and pooing!

Rick (Vancouver)
To JacobG (Florida) - Thanks for the welcome. I know that I am lucky to be able to watch someone take a dump almost every day. It is a time when Mark and me talk about all sorts of things while I am watching the performance. There are probably more people out there than we think who want to watch someone go. But, asking something like this doesn't easily slip into the conversation.

On a recent trip back to the UK I met a friend, Keith, who I used to hang around with and he confessed that he was interested in watching guys take a shit. I told him that I was also interested in that too and that it was a pity that we didn't know each other's interests when we used to hang around. Anyway, I stayed the night at his place and next morning he got up and placed some aluminium foil on the carpet and a paper towel on top of that. Then he squatted down and I went around the back to watch. Very easily a soft, long yellow turd snaked out. That was followed by several more until there was a sizeable pile on the paper. I was amazed how much he produced because he isn't a very big person. After I complemented him on his performance, Keith confessed that this was the first time he had done it in front of another guy.

Wondering how his interest got started, he told me it was back when he was 10 years old. He and a friend of the same age were walking along a woodland road when his friend needed to take a shit and didn't think he would be able to make it home. So, he decided to go there. His friend asked Keith to watch for anyone coming while he took his dump. Keith told me that he was more interested in watching the turd snake its way out of his friend's bum hole. May be this again adds to my theory that some chance "viewing" occurs in our formative years and fixes our interests.

Recent stories in these pages that I liked:
Page 390 - Jason - Whose friend had to take a dump while playing hide and seek and just did it there and then.
Page 392- Logger - When he witnessed the production of an 18 inch monster. I would have loved to see that!

To Buzzy and Lawn Dogs Kid. Enjoy your postings. You both sound like you're having some great experiences!


Hi,all been busy with work and i'm stillpooing pretty well lately,but nothing unusual to report,except i took a wicked one in the woods the other day-i was biking and felt some cramps but no urge so i decide to go to 7-11 and get a small cup of coffee-now in the summer i rarely drink coffee,but i figured i'd find a spot and sit down and drink the coffee and dump when i felt like it-so i got the coffee and went in to the woods and found a spot and dug a hole and sat on a log and started to drink the coffee and right in the middle of the first few sips i let out a long,tight fart and felt my rectum fill up and opened up my anus and as i was still sipping the coffee,a nice long turd came out slowly at first followed by a bunch of soft stuff which came out pretty fast and boy that felt good.then i sat there still sipping my coffee and i knew there was more and again i felt my rectum fill up pretty fast and i decide to try and hold it for a bit,but after a few mins i had to let it ! go so i relaxed my asshole and another loud fart came out with a BIG pile of soft poop with some more farting in the middle of the poop coming out-this was a serious load!!Lisa,you would have enjoyed seeing this one!I thought of you as i was going!Then i sat there and pushed out some squgglies with some more farts-i guess i got the gas from the coffee i drank!and yes- BRYAIN coffee gets me going BIG time,but sometimes i get the runs from it so i rarely drink it-only when i really want to shit i when i drink it!Then i pushed out my anus and wiped and admired my big pile of poop-1 10 inch sausage with a big pile of pudding poop on top with squgglies on the side of it-big pile-i really enjoyed sitting there letting all this stuff out of my anus-felt great
TO STREAKS-Yea,that story about that guy in the stall is creepy-i would have freaked out myself-i hate that kind of stuff,that crosses the line for me and I may have done the same thing you did or i may have poped him in the face!-I don't mind if someone is listening to me poo as they are doing the same thing and we are both benifitting from it in our own private way,but if that guy peeped over my stall,he'd be pretty sorry!I'd rather he look in another way without me knowing or something,but to be so bold to look over the top and let me know is too weird to me-Esp when he started talking to you about it wooooah too weird for me-I ve seem other guys dumping in the gym across from me and i could see the poop coming out their ass and they have also seen me ,but it doesn't cross the line and i'm sure we are both enjoying seeing each other pooing but it doesn;t get weird with someone talking about it to me!-it's somehow different-i don't know but that's just the way I feel(ch! eck my old posts about me pooing along with others in the gym and you'll see what i mean) TH LISA- yep-i'm poing pretty good as you can read in my above story-let me hear of your stories- i always enjoy them-Still waiting to meet someone in the woods to buddy-poo with!or at least see them poo!BYE

A couple of weeks ago, I had just finished watching X-Men at a theatre, when I had to shit. i went into a stall, pulled my pants down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I was enjoying a pretty big dump, when all of a sudden some kid, around 4 or 5 I think, stuck his head under the stall door and looked up at me. There I was with my pants around my ankles, having a shit and some complete stranger looking up at me. It was pretty awkward, yet kind of funny somehow. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Anne (Bus Driver)
Hello to both Adrian and Undin and thanks for your kind words. Undin is right, the sausage shaped jobbie I passed after the big firm lump was a light toffee brown and I could see some peas and sweetcorn embedded in it. "HO! HO! HO! BROWN GIANT! It was a big fat one, as thick as the harder lumpy turd which had preceded it.

Adrian, you are right I sure did need that motion, and I have to say although it was a bit difficult at the start it was a very enjoyable motion and I felt turned on and physically great after doing it. On the moist tissues these are a far more efficient cleaning method than dry toilet tissue. Make sure you get those specifically designed for wiping the anal and vulval areas, those with alcohol will sting and may cause irritation to delicate mucous membrames. Hakle Moists are a good brand but there are also own label brands sold in most stores. They make a far better job of cleaning the anal region and save skid marks in ones knickers and nasty smells. By the way I also advise you to change your panties everyday if you dont already do so and to wear cotton briefs rather than nylon and of course to have a good wash or a shower/ bath every day, carefully washing and drying the anal and for a man the scrotal area. (of course any decent woman ensures her vulval area in clean).

I did a single big very fat but shorter (8 inch) jobbie today. It proved your theory Adrian about compacting as I held it in and the need to go went away . A few hours later I did it in the ladies toilet at work. I can only descirbe it as alike a big brown easter egg, starting out quite normal thickness, getting bery fat in the niddle then tapering back down at the end. It was nearly 3 inches fat at its thickest and it took a good bit of "NNN! NNN! efforst to get out but pungled into the pan with a depthcharge "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" My bum throbbed a bit after passing it, but again I felt better after doing it.

Moira, I have had similar effects from taking iron tablets, big black jobbies which were a bit niffy.

Melissa from New York
Hey Everybody! How are you doing? Iíve got to tell you about the restaurant. Well sometime last week before we went to the restaurant, Joe and I were getting ready to go and I got on a black evening gown and combed my butt length hair till it looked neat. Then I asked Joe if I could drive and he said sure. So I took the Jaguar and when I got to the first traffic light, I got an urge to go bad! So Iím driving and Iím Literally leaving everyone in my dust and when we got there I handed the keys to the valet guy and I threatened him if he got a scratch on the car I would snap his neck like a twig (Iím capable of that). So we went in the restaurant and I ordered so stake, chops, and chicken. Well when I finished it all, I excused myself because I needed a dump bad. So I went to the womenís room and took the stall closest to the wall. I lifted up my dress and pulled my panties to my knees and let out a good fart. Then I let out 5 18-inch logs (bought a tape measurer with! me) in a hurry they were smooth. Then I wiped and made sure no one else was in the bathroom then I made a quick getaway and Joined Joe for dinner. Boy did I hear comments one person said (the person who did that should get arrested, another one said that person must have given labor, and this old woman said this person is an animal and should be shot. I never knew people would respond like this. Iíll never crap in public again if it upsets people like that then I was thinking, Where were my manners? and felt angry at myself for doing that. Now I know it isnít proper to disable a toilet like that. I learned my lesson the hard way and will never crap in a public restroom again. Then when we got home (I drove) I was thirsty and went to Joeís bar and drank a whole bottle of Scotch (It felt good). Then I had to go again but I was drunk. So I went to the toilet and striped myself naked and I was able to pass 8 more 15-inch poops. I took a cold shower and I tried the best I ! could to make myself clear. Then I picked up the poops and disposed of them in a plastic bag. Then when I got back in bed with Joe, we started up a conversation about cars then Joe threw up on me. I was sympathetic and told him it was ok. Then he ran to the bathroom and had horrible diarrhea. I must have been the fish he ate I suppose because I feel fine. So every minute Joe would vomit and have diarrhea and he still isnít better up to today. So I take off from work so I can always be home to take care of him. Its possible he has food poisoning or a virus so Iím going to take him to the Doctor to get him checked out later today.

Have a nice Day!

Here in the states the doctors and nurses have a different
way to get a stool sample from us Americans. We either put
our feet in the strups(sp),female way,or bend over,female,
male way,and the doctor or nurse puts a gloved finger in
and gets a sample that way. I had mine done yesterday.
And because the doctor uses K-Y I usually put a tampon in
after that. I've never seen or heard of anyone having to
produce a poo for a doctor or nurse here in the states.

Moira. It was interesting to read about the effect of iron tablets in your motions. I know some medicines can alter the look and smell of motions though, so I'm not really surprised. Sounds like you did a big panbuster - I guess it was probably comparable to what Anne (bus driver) can do.

Sandra. Obviously you were pretty desperate and I guess that's the closest shave you've had for a long time. It wasn't clear from your posting whether you wanted to poo for some time before you began farting and became uncomfortable, although my guess is that you did. The need to pass such a large solid motion is something I wouldn't expect to come on suddenly - although I may be mistaken.

Anne (the bus driver). I went to the chemist today and got some wipes specially designed for the purpose and they're much better. Apparently you dry wipe first with these then finish off with the wet ones. I'm a lot more comfortable and think it's far better than dry wiping. When did you switch to using moist wipes? Like most people I guess you'll have been brought up to dry wipe.

Best regards

Hello everybody! We are back!

PV - Hi!!! It seems such a long time since I wrote but
the holiday Steve and I had seemed to go so quickly.
He has lots of work to do today now he is back there.
He does not think he will write anything here this week
but he sends you his regards. He knew you would like
how he told of Jackie, Emma and me having a wee in the
alley while he watched. The next time I saw Jackie, she
blushed a lot and said 'oh my god your guy saw me have
a wee and he saw everything!'. I said I bet she enjoyed
it too and she blushed more and said 'yeah it was fun'.
We had a good laughtr about it.
Your reply to Steve made him smile and he promises he
will write back to you just as soon as he can.
I know I am real real busy too and I have come home
very late.
As Steve can not do it because he is working, I think I
will write about a little something that happened in
Spain. It should be told by a girl for girls you know?

I was with Steve at the side of a nude swimming pool,
and there were not a lot of people around in the
morning. There was a woman who looked a little bit
like my boss, really, and she was with her two sons and
a daughter. I bet the boys were about 11 to 13 years
old and the daughter about 8 or 9. We had been there for
a little bit when the boys went across to some bushes
away from the side of the pool. Hehe they did not go
behind them or anything but I was real lucky to see them
from the side as they just stood there and held their
cocks and pointed at the bushes. It did not last too
long but they pissed their yellow water at the bushes
and they did little squirts at the end like Steve does.
One of them shook his cock around a lot when he had
stopped weeing, but the other one just ran off when he
was still dripping! The girl looked at them when they
were weeing but I bet her mum told her not to look,
because she looked away. A bit later there was a little
treat for Steve because the woman went with her daughter
behind the bushes and we were lucky because we could
still see them but they were hidden from the other people.
Steve and me, we were pretending to be asleep and not
knowing that they were going for a wee. The mum bent down
with her bum towards us and wee started squirting out of
her pussy. Steve had a good view of that, and she did not
keep going for very long at all. Her daughter was a bit
shy about doing it and she was standing with her legs a
little bit bent like she was trying hard to start weeing.
She was standing facing her mum and us as well, then she
squatted down, then she stood up again and wee started
dripping out of her pussy. She was doing it hands free
but it was okay. She got going a bit better and she
squirted and dripped a few times before she stopped.
When they went back, they wiped their pussies with their
I felt a bit shy really about having a wee by the pool
side, but when I felt quite full because I had been
drinking a lot of water, I got Steve to go with me to
around the far side of the bushes. We stood together
and we pissed on a bush. I splayed my lips with my
fingers and I let rip a yellow geyser at it, and Steve
held his cock and pointed his wee stream at it too.
We were surprised by two couples about our age who
came out of nowhere and I bet it was a big surprise
to them to see a girl standing having a piss. Hehe.
I must have got a distance of over 4 feet to hit the
bush. Hehehe.

I am trying real hard to catch up with all the letters
to the toilet and I will answer your letter when I have
a bit more time and not so tired. I bet I would like it
in Iceland too! I must practice weeing through the front
of my pants again. Not because I will be going to
Iceland next week hehehe, but I want to be able to do it
well. I bet Steve would like it there too if he could
have more beautiful girls standing at the urinals to
have a wee with him.

Aim high!


To Donny:
Read your story about the womens restroom you cleaned in college. Man, you are lucky. Your story was very clear and detailed, I especially liked this part: "Then they started wiping their butts and I heard the sound of skin being raised off of sticky plastic toil! et seats." Great!!!! Did they use a toilet seat cover? Is it true that women don't use toilet seat covers as much as men do? I figure they don't need to, since (hopefully) there should be no pee splatter on womens toilet seats! Verify if this is true, do you refill toilet seat covers more often in men's or in women's or about the same??
Anymore adventures like this, please let us know!

To Rick (Vancouver): I liked your story about how you watch Mark taking a shit. I was curious also about your rating system for his dumps. I can understand quantity and consistency, but I don't follow what you mean by delivery and presentation. By delivery do you mean the rate at which the log is expelled? My favorite type of delivery is the slow expulsion of a long hard turd that remains unbroken until it hits the water in the bowl. What is your favorite delivery? I agree with you about how a guy's early experiences may result in a guy becoming interested in watching others shit. I remember when I was nine, I used to sometimes stay overnight with an older cousin - he was 11 years old. He was a real exhibitionist. One morning he, I and his two younger brothers were in the bathroom together. He asked us if we wanted to watch him shit. As you describe for Mark, my cousin then squatted down on the john with his feet on the edge of the bowl - he had lifted the to! ilet seat. His thighs were separated widely to provide the best view of his asshole. He also lifted his cock and balls out of the way to provide the best possible view. I watched with amazement as he pinched off several large logs. After that he often let me watch again and he would often watch me taking a dump. I found it fascinating and ever since then I have liked watching other guys shit. Many are a bit bashful, but eventually they lose their sense of modesty and oblige. Does Mark enjoy it when you wipe his ass? Do you have a rating system for this also?

Wednesday, August 23, 2000

love the sounds of fem walking into bathroom - heels - the sounds of heels on tile floor then the hissing of their wee wee lifing of their skirts and slips and lower their panties

Have any of you had to take iron tablets or tonic for anaemia? The effects on your stools can be very amusing!

I had been really working hard recently preparing the papers for an rather involved case for the Advocates (Barristers). This left me a bit run down so I went to the well woman clinic run by BUPA, (paid for by the firm), and was pleased to be told that I am in good health, (they did the lot including a stool and urine sample- I had great fun producing a big fat ball turd for the stool sample with George's assistance. He held a clean bucket as I did some big balls then a huge torpedo into it with loud thuds. I took one of the balls, the size of a goose egg for the stool sample. George certainly enjoyed watching the big jobbie coming out of my fat bum). Anyway, the results of the tests were that I was in generally good health for a woman in her 40s, nothing wrong with my female internal organs or breasts, heart and other vital organs okey although I am a little overweight. The one minus was that I was slightly anaemic so they put me on iron tablets. The consultant did say ! that these might make me slightly constipated and would darken the colour of my stools.

I started the tablets, red ones like Smarties with a candy coat. Next day my motion was its usual mid brown colour. I didnt have a BM the following day, not unusual for me by any means. Next day I needed a motion and passed a nice big fat solid panbuster which was black in colour and did it stink! a strong sulfurous odor. It stuck in the pan in one of the toilets at work as my jobbies often do, Usually this doesnt give rise to comment, Im not the only staff member who does panbusters, my secretary Paula often rivals me although she is a smaller person and one of the other female partners does likewise, while our male cashier can also match my droppings and often does. If any comment is made it is a casual "I see Moira has got a load off of her mind!" or the likes. This time however when I went for wee wee later on I saw a couple of staff members looking down the pan and having a giggle. (Bear in mind that like Ally Mac Beal we have a unisex toilet although gender separate! d facilities do exist for clients and those staff not so liberated in their attitudes, and to satisfy the Offices, Shops and Railway Premises Acts which regulate such matters in the UK). I wasnt at all annoyed when one asked "Moira is that great black pudding yours?" I replied that it was and I was on a course of iron tablets. By then the stink had died away. The female present, a non partner solicitor, who is a rather slim girl, gasped "I wouldn't like to pass something that big!" but the man, also a Solicitor probably without thinking said "I wouldn't mind!" He then blushed and tried to explain his off the cuff remark by saying "Ive been constipated recently, so it would be a relief to get it all out in a oner like that!" I just gave him a knowing smile especially as I noticed a tell tale bulge in the front of his trousers. He is more than welcome to look at my big jobbies left in the pan anytime he wants. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

For the rest of the course of iron tablets I did big black jobbies though I cant say I was any more constipated than I usually am. When the tablets finished and my blood coumt was back to normal the next motion I had was dark brown then two days after that I passed a big whopper in my normal mid to light brown. During the iron tablets my jobbies were as solid as usual but a lot more stinky. Even George who normally doesnt mind the smell of my poos at all, sprayed air freshener in the toilet at home after I had done a big black pudding. It didnt stop him coming in to watch me do it though!

Anne, I have often done a motion in one of those stainless steel toilet pans and the "BULL-LONG!" sound effects are great fun especially if there is someone else say only doing a wee wee to hear your performance! Like you my jobbies have stuck in these pans although they have a more powerful suction type flushing action.

To the Indian guy: I spoke to a friend who spent a few weeks in a village in Bihar and she was chocked when she saw that everybody peed and pooped outdoors all the time. The women peed standing up while talking to eachother which she found especially remarkable.

Sophie - Excellent story, how did you get home with all that poop in your pants, or did you just ditch your nickers? it must have been really embarassing, do you think it was the thought of actually doing it freaked you out?

Undin (Greece)
Nicola & Anne. I think you two English ladies have told the best toilet stories. I have been really excited by reading them. Nicola you remind me a lady with the same name that I was working with her in HP-Ipswich and she was making large turds. So is it all Nikolas that make large ones? (hahahaha)

About Anne I think that the sausage you made must have been of lighter color than the thick one you had released earlier on, wasn't it???

To Bryian: As I already said, I'm not sure what caused my diarrhea in Prague, but it was probably something that I ate or drank soon after I arrived there. It wasn't a very bad case, I only went 2 or 3 times. I didn't take anything for it, it went away on its own. When I started to feel sick that evening, I felt like I was going to puke at first. So I asked a counsellor to be excused from dinner, which we were eating in the hotel at the time. She let me go, so I went back to my room which I was sharing with 2 others but nobody else was there at that time, so I went to the toilet to shit and that's when I had diarrhea. Nobody saw/heard me go. The next few days, my shits were still loose, but it got back to normal after a while. That was the only time during my trip that I had diarrhea, but I was a little constipated at other times. Oh, and to answer your last question, I never paid to use a public restroom. I'm able to hold it in for long periods of time, whether I have to piss! or shit. I'll tell more stories from my trip when I have time. Later :)

To Brad: I liked your story about those teen guys who opened your stall door when you had to shit, i thought it was funny....they were probably horseplaying just to be funny.

To RyanMcN: Why did you have to take an enema? Why didn't your mom give it to you? And how old were you at the time?

This morning i woke up and i read the paper and i decided to drink coffee, which i don't normaly do. I drank a cup and then i had to shit, pretty bad. Does coffee do this to every one? I've never had this happen to me in the morning. Then i go to shit, i thought i was gonna be late for work. But i wasn't cause i had to shower afterwards. I passed a light brown log about 7" and i must have wiped like over a dozen times, my anus didn't feel or look clean. Then in the shower i cleaned it some more to make sure it was very clean, to avoid itching down there at work(which i didn't have).

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