Just got in from work having narrowly escaped an accident! It started on the train. I was reading my paper and needed to fart so I did. No big deal. It was silent and gassy, but really smelled! No idea what the poor man next to me was thinking. I let another one out which made a noise so I said "excuse me." Once I got off the train I kept farting until I realized that was was going to come out next wasn't a fart! I felt my muscles jolt into action as what felt like a massive poo started to ease its way out. Normally I would poo in my panties but as it's summer I wear stockings and no panties. I didn't want it to fall on the floor as there were too many people, although if the poo did fall to the floor, who would really care? I kept walking faster with my butt cheeks firmly pressed together and my sphincter muscles tightened. It didn't make much difference and I could feel this heavy poo sliding out. I ran into my office building hoping that the elevator would be empty and I wo! uld poo in there. No such luck. 3 people got in with me. I discreetly put my hand up my skirt and I could feel a lump of poo already sticking out, but it was still coming out despite my best intentions! Luckily it didn't smell yet! I got to my floor and ran to the ladies room. By now there was about 3 inches of poo out of my bottom. As soon as I opened the door to the ladies room my skirt was at my waist and I relaxed my cheeks and the poo started to slide out as I was running. There was a woman at the sink who I didn't recognize. Her jaw dropped as I ran in with my skirt at my waist showing my privates with a huge turd coming out of my bottom and I was farting loudly! I said something about my desperate situation and bolted to the nearest stall. Without closing the door I positioned myself above the seat and before I sat down, the turd snapped off and fell into the water making a huge splash. I sat down and the relief was amazing. I actually went "aahhh" and started to poo so! me more. The door was still open and the woman turned round and said surprisingly crudely "I can't belive you made it with seconds to spare. There was s**t coming out of your butt already!" At first I thought she was being joky then I realized that she was disgusted when she said "you know you could have waited before you pulled your skirt up. I know you were in distress, but I'm sorry honey, there was no need to let me see s**t coming out of your asshole." I mumbled "sorry" and continued my poo. The woman walked out. After 20 minutes I finished and looked in the bowl. The first turd which had snapped off after 12 inches or so, but it was as thick as my wrist. It was surrounded by 7 or 8 smaller but still hefty turds. I wonder if I'll need to do my lunchtime poo after all that.

Lawn Dogs Kid
Chloe arrived at my place for lunch today. Unfortunately, its a showery day, and she arrived dripping wet through.

On getting to my house she was ding-donging the door bell constantly until I answered the door. When I did answer it, there was no cheerful greeting ( or not at that point anyway ). She just dashed past me and through the door into our downstairs toilet.

I followed and asked what the matter was. She answered that she was dying for a poo, and was engaged in a battle with her jeans. She was wearing those jeans that are cut off just below the knees. Skin tight denim is a job to pull off anyway, let alone soaking wet skin tight denim !

She had the button and button flies undone, and was tugging and pulling the material downwards with all her might, and had only succeeded in getting it about four inches down her legs before giving up in desperation, and unceremoniously, her panties were shuffled down and pressed as far as possible into the jeans to give as much room as possible to her nether regions ready for the next bit.

She quickly plonked her wet bottom down onto the toilet seat, and the biggest fart I've ever heard Chloe make echoed loudly into the bowl and her first small poo splashed noisely into the water, no doubt evacuating from her under pressure from that fart !

In quick succession, she made three more poos which actually dropped softly into the water. She moaned loudly as the third flopped in "Ahhhhhhhhhh..Ohhhhhhh...Thank God" ! Only then did I get my usual beautiful smile to greet me, and she raised her head for her hello kiss. She then went on to say how she now knew what I must have felt like, when I was desperate for a poo and we had to walk to that field before I could go !

After a little more chatting she stopped speaking and concentrated on pushing out three more good sized poos, which also flopped in. She then stood up for us both to see what she'd done, and the last of the poos was actually out of the water because of the load that had already preceeded it ! But they were all that lovely rich brown colour that Chloe seems to always produce, well formed, but perhaps softer than she normally did. She then sat down again to wipe, and while she did this, I dashed upstairs for a clean towel so that she could dry herself and her hair, and I also brought down my dressing gown for her to wear while her clothes were in the tumble drier. When I got back down again, she was already out of her t-shirt and bra, but had had to sit down on the floor to try and get these jeans off. In the end I finished up helping her, pulling on the end of them while she wrestled with pushing/pulling them downwards. She then wrapped herself in the dressing gown grateful! ly, as she had now got a bit cold. Once she had dried her hair enough with the towel, she came through to me in the lounge, where "Neighbours" was just about to start, and sitting on my knee, we cuddled to get her warmed up again.

KENDAL: Lovely story about you and Alan, sweetheart ! Look forward to finding out some more when I see you tomorrow ! The story about the five of us didn't get posted. I need to take lessons off you I think !

Do you suppose there are a lot of people out there who like to talk about and watch pee/poo, and just keep quiet about it. My cousin who is about 18 now, has said things and behaved the way I do about bathroom things. She has asked me more then once if she can watch me poop. I have always said no just because of the family thing. She never minds if I am near by while she poops and she talks about it openly. She has even called me into the bathroom when she is done to see her accomplishment. One time she asked me where I was going and I told her, "I gotta take a dump. Want to come with me?" Boy, oh boy, her eyes lit up. I didn't let her come in, but I did let her sit around the corner while I did it with the door open. Now my uncle, her dad, tells me at parties, he used to hide in the bath tub and once under a huge pile of laundry to watch the girls pee. DOes it run in th family? I always thought I was alone with my interests. Listening at the door, laying on the floor and look! ing under the door, watching the girl next door who never closed the shade, seeing my girlfrind do it. I know that every person I walk by isn't like me, but there are probably more then I think. What do you think? Do you know someone who keeps it in the closet? Do you keep quiet about it? I know I do.

Anne (bus driver). Glad to see you back again after a long absence - or at least what seems like one. I enjoyed your post about the big session you had on Friday at the end of your shift. Wow, you must have needed that, even though you were a bit constipated! Like you I've never had any problems with McDonald's food but I guess it has a laxative effect on some people.

Yesterday I had to visit the doctor because I'd been having some itchiness and been a bit 'saddle sore' for a couple of weeks. Although I'm fairly meticulous about about personal hygience, he thought it was probably a hygience issue and gave me some good advice. One of the things he suggested was that I wipe with wet wipes instead of using ordinary paper. I tried this last night and it worked well although the alcohol in the wipes I was using stung a little. I know you use wet wipes from some of the things you've said in posts. Do you find them a lot better than ordinary paper? I was also advised to shower the anal area very thoroughly at least once a day as it's apparently very difficult to keep clean properly. Have you had any problems with this?

Love to read about your experiences.

Best wishes

Tuesday, August 22, 2000

a guy from india
Andy you are totally wrong women donot stand and pee in their sarees but wish to sit and pee if you would like to see women poo then you must wake up at bout 6.00 am. and take a stroll around the city you would surely find some lady pooping

Sara T.
this is my first post here, although I've been reading for awhile. I hope no one minds a new person.
for anyone interested- I'm from the US, east coast. I'm short, chunky, long red blonde hair and brown eyes.

Also I think it's great that people are comfortable going to the bathroom in front of each other. personally, I would not do that unless it was with someone I've been seeing for some time, and I have problems with doing #2 in front of anyone. but for those who can, more power to you.

I woke up this morning and my brother was already awake. I went to do my morning pee, and when I lifted the seat to sit down, there was a pile of watery poop in the toilet. I was grossed out, since I don't really like looking at other people's poop and it was my brother's. It must have been something we ate, since last night I had watery poop too.
When I was a kid, I would poop every day, sometimes twice a day, but lately I've only been going maybe twice a week. Last night was the worst I've had in awhile. At first I did regular, solid poop, which was brown like always. I flushed and I knew I had to do more, since I felt sick to my stomach. I sat on the toilet a while longer and then a bunch of watery poop came out- not quite diarrhea but definitely not all solid. this time it was greenish-brown. I had to wipe about eight times and even then I was still dirty, but I had to jump into the shower anyway so I didn't bother wiping again.

some people consider it unladylike, but I don't mind talking about bathroom habits with anyone. I do get excited by peeing but I respect that we do not discuss that here, and it's fine with me. But I get turned off by pooping.

Also, in the girls' room at school, usually I go with a friend. I will always go in the stall (just to pee) and talk to my friend while doing so. however sometimes I clam up when talking to her and I find I can't pee. I wonder why? I also get very nervous when I have to do #2 in the morning and I don't know why.

Anne (Bus Driver)
Ben NY, yes a very accurate medical reasoning why constipation and diarrhea occur. Both are departures from the usual type of stool. One too hard as too much of the fluid content has been absorbed, the other too soft or even like water as this has not been absorbed. A lot of us knew this anyway, from what i have read on this page but thanks for explaining it in laymans language for those who might not have understood.

We dont have Taco Bell here on the UK as far as i am aware, but do have Macdonalds, (who doesnt?) and Burger King and various Pizza places. I have known passengers buy these to eat on the coach and then I have been asked to stop the coach, (if it didnt have an onboard toilet) when they needed a sudden motion. I think there are two reasons, firstly they tend to bolt this food not eat it properly and the content sometimes contains extenders etc which can have a laxative effect of some people. I havent had this problem myself, then again I have a "cast iron constitution" and if anything tend to be slightly constipated.

I was last week. I had come off my period and that warm weather etc had made me a bit costive. On Friday I was to take a bus to the end of one route to replace one that had broken down and as I was then off shift i could either travel back to the depot or whatever i wanted. I felt the need to do a poo but knowing that it would only take about 15 minutes to drive an empty bus without having to stop then I held it in. After handing over to the driver I went to the recently refurbished Ladies Public Toilet. The old white porcelain pans had gone to be replaced by stainless steel pans. I went into a cubicle, hitched up my grey pleated skirt and pulled my black Sloggi briefs down to my knees then did a long hissing wee wee. I felt the first lump start to come out "NNN! AH! UH! EH!" NNN! PLONG! PLOONG! PLOING! KUPLONG! as 4 big "eggs" came out of my bum but made a far more resounding and ringing sound because of the metal pan. I was in no hurry to go anywhere so sat and enjoyed ! it. Next I felt another load arrive at my rectum and I gave an NNN! and felt this fat turd come out slowly at first them quicker as it tapered before it plunged into the pan with an tremendous KUR-SPOOL-LOONG!" I did another wee wee then out oozed a long easy sausage which made no real sound but a quiet "flimp!" as it slid into the water. A couple of loud echoing farts and I was finished. I took a moist wipe out of my handbag (purse)and wiped my bum, then after pulling up my knickers I had a good look at my jobbies. 4 hard knobbly fat balls, then a fat lumpy log of some 10 inches long and 2.5 inch thick and on top a curved sausage of equal length and thickness. I pulled the flush, the balls went but the other two turds stayed behind so i lowered and smoothed my skirt then came out to wash my hands. An older lady went into the cubicle I had used then came out again saying, "the old toilets used to get clogged, I thought these new metal pans would flush better!" I just nodded a! nd waited till i got out before having a good laugh. I had beaten the new toilets!

With repect to truth or dare: About 20 years ago when I was studying law at the university I overheard the conversation of a group of freshmen who were telling the story of a friend who had been jailed for a night because he had been caught peeing in public.
I went closer and said I could get away with pooping in the entrance of the police station (the local police station had a glass door). I bet with them for the equivalent of about 25$ per person, almost 400$ in total. Then a lot of money. After having agreed to handle it the next morning, they treated me to a big spaghetti and some large beers, just to make sure it would be huge and soft the next morning.
The next morning I met with them in a nearby pub wearing a lose long skirt. I collected my money and said I wanted to move ahead with it because I was getting desperate (which was true). I walked into the entrance of the police station, looked around attempted to lift my skirt but changed my mind. I heard somebody saying: she doesn't dare to do it. I was getting really desperate and I must have looked really in distress when I heard the soft poop shoot into my panties with a plopp-like sound because I heard somebody say: Oh my god she cannot hold it any longer, she is filling her panties!
I waggled back to them and said: Well this was it, thanks for the money! Somebody complained about it not being fair but I told them they had not been more specific, we agreed I would poop in the police station entrance, no more now less. Before I could get away with it I had to show them I actually had at least pooped myself. I lifted my skirt and showed them the running shorts I was wearing were filled with poop. (the story is true, my name isn't)

When I was like 5 or 6 and I lived in a different town, I had a good friend down the street who I played with. I remember she used to take me into the bathroom, sit me up on the counter (I was little bitty and she was humongus)and she would talk to me while she used the toilet. This was never really much of a big deal because I kinda got used to it since we lived only 3 blocks away from each other. I really didn't like her much, though because she taught me about the birds and the bees when I was only 5 years old and she was really mean. Oh well, thought I'd share that.

To Redneck: Funny story about going to the bathroom to get toilet paper to blow your nose, and u barge in on some old guy..thats funny!!

To Jared: So what do u think caused ur diarrhea? How many times did u go? did u take something for it? Where did u poop at there? in the hotel room? in public? Did friends see/hear u go? Did u ever pay to use a public rest room?? Later, :)

It's been a while since I posted but the other day something happened tht I have to share.

I manage a local retail store & we have lots of kids that come in & play Pokemon. Thursday afternon this boy of about 8 years old came to the front counter & asked where the bathrooms were. One of my workers pointed them out & the kid headed in that direction. A few minutes later the kid came back & said he couldn't find them. My worked once again gave very specific directions on where they were. (we were busy & couldn't take him there ourselves. After about 5 minutes I was going to the front counter & I saw this kid coming up from the other direction. He was holding himself really tight & I saw a large wet spot forming on the front of his pants. Before anyone could do or say anything he totally let loose. His brother & friend were laughing & making fun of him. He stood there crying & peeing like crazy. He left a really big puddle at the front counter. He was crying & I felt sorry for him because his brother who was about 14! or so kept teasing him. My worker seemed to think it was funny too until I told HIM to get a mop & clean it up. I told the little guy that it was ok & not to worry about it. The friend said their mom wasn't home so no one could come & help the kid out. His brother took him to the bathroom & cleaned him up & finially calmed him down. They went over & played for a couple hours.

Hey BUZZY-- are you still shitting like crazy. Boy I sure am. I had a triple header yeasterday. Went in the morning, after lunch & later in the evening. With the hot weather I've switched from pop to water. I can hold my pop most of the day but water goes right through me. Maybe tht's contributing to my more frequent need to crap. I don't know--just a thought.


Streaks: I sympathize with your experience with the voyeur in the Department store toilet. He sounds, however, a harmless type of guy. I recently had a much worse experience with some teenagers in a beach restroom. I had spent the morning at the beach. After lunch I got those crampy feelings indicating that I needed to shit. The restroom was a small building with a trough urinal, a single toilet with a door and a partition around it and a sink. On the wall opposite the toilet there was a bench for guys to change and a shower stall. There were five teenagers horsing around in there. They were waiting to shower and were flipping each other with towels. When they saw me heading for the stall one said that no shitting was allowed there. I ignored him and entered the single toilet. I thought I would be safe because of the partition, but I had second thoughts when I saw there was no lock on the door. I thought of coming back when the teenagers had left, but I needed to s! hit real bad. I shut the door as best I could and pulled my swim suit down. I had just started to ease out a large turd, when the guys pulled the stall door open. I tried to ignore tham. Unfortunately, since the stall door opened out, I could not get up to close the door with a turd half out. The guys started cussing me and asked me whether I was taking a good shit. I still did not respond since I was afraid that they might rough me up. They went away for a moment and I hoped that they would leave me in peace to finish dumping. They returned, however, and started pelting me with balls of wet paper towels from the sink. I quickly pinched off my turds and got out of there without wiping my butt. This experience would make me very careful in the future about taking a dump in public places with teenagers around. Has anyone else had guys mess with them while they were taking a shit?

JacobG (Florida)
Hello everyone. I have not posted in awhile because nothing much has happened. However, last Saturday at the mall, something interesting occurred during a visit to the restroom. This particular restroom is very busy because it is located next to the food court. As I walked in, I noticed two guys running the water and washing their hands and another guy drying his hands with one of those annoying electric hand dryers. I could also see the shoes and jeans of someone in the last stall. I walked over to the urinal and begin to pee. As I was peeing, I started hearing the loudest grunting sounds I've heard in a while. At first, I thought it was one of the guys at the sink clearing his throat or something. After all, the water and one loud hand dryer were running. This loud grunting noise continued several times, each one louder than the last. I finished peeing and walked over to the sinks. The other people in the restroom left and the hand dryer went idle. For a moment,! it was very quite. Suddenly, I heard the guy take a deep breath, hold it in for about ten seconds, and exhale audibly. Then more grunting and panting. The guy was really struggling to shit. As I've admitted before, I enjoy listening to guys struggling to shit. I took my time drying my hands (using paper towels, of course). Then more people came in, so I could not linger any longer. Besides, my friends were waiting for me in the food court. I just could not believe I could hear someone grunting over the noise of an electric hand blower and water running simultaneously.

To Rick (Vancouver) - Welcome. I'm also gay and have wondered for a long time why I enjoy this subject matter. I remember being interested in this subject as far back as four years of age. But I have no idea why. I envy all the people on this site with friends and partners who can enjoy this subject with each other. None of my friends seem to have an interest in this. Until I discovered this site, I honestly thought something was wrong with me and I was alone in my interests.

To Streaks - I had a similar situation happen to me once in college. I was using the stall in the restroom at the library. I was just getting comfortable when this guy came in, walked up to the stall door, and proceeded to stare at me through the crack between the door and stall wall. I don't mean just a glance to see if the stall was occupied, this guy stood there and stared with his face pressed to the stall door. After a few seconds of this, I pulled up my pants, slammed open the stall door, gave him a dirty look, and walked out. I thought about calling the campus police, but I was too embarrassed to do so at the time. I don't have a problem with someone watching me, but only when that person has my permission - and definitely not in a public restroom. About two months ago, I was in the stall at the mall, when someone came into the next stall. I saw his feet disappear and assumed he was squatting on the toilet. Now, after reading your story, I wonder if he was! watching me from above.

To all you other guys who used to post regularly - Please post some more stories. Although I don't have any stories to post that happened recently, I do have some from several years ago, if anyone is interested. I say this is the best site on the Internet, but it would be even better if we could get more guy stories. Please!

I guess few of you are into Norwegian literature (maybe you have heard of Ibsen?), but today I will share with you an translated extract from a Norwegian book called "The Song about the Red Ruby" by the quite famous Norwegian author Agnar Mykle. The book appeared in the 1950s and was for some years forbidden by the Norwegian Supreme Court, because of its sex scenes. But we will concentrate on another scene: The story takes place in Norway in the 1930s and the main person is the young (male) student Ask. One night his girlfriend Wilhelmina is visiting him in his student lodging. A problem arises when she has to pee. He doesn't want her to use his landlord's toilet. (Remember that this is high literature):

"Why couldn't girls be equipped with bladders that lasted an entire night? He was sitting in his bed, looking around, in his lodging there was no chamber pot; indeed there was a washbowl in the cupboard, but he didn't like the thought of it: there were to wine glasses and a nearly emptied bottle of wine on the table, a man might have been able to make use of them, but he guessed women were not that accurate; for a moment he looked at the black coke oven in the corner, maybe in through the oven door? - he got an attack of tortured, hysterical laughter; he thought bewildered; she could do it in my shoe. I wish I had a flower pot. Thinking of the flower pot he got an idea.

Outside his room there was a balcony; on the balcony there was a fence; on the top, on the inside of the fence large, wooden flower boxes; when he moved in, the boxes had still been full of flowering flower cress, now the flowers had withered; a flower box is as good as a flower pot; the balcony faced a church, and it was night; no sexton or vicar could possibly be sitting, hiding with binoculars in the high, black church tower; he explained his genial idea to Wilhelmina; she looked big-eyed at him, but smiled, and rose. He was sitting on his bed and looked after her when she barefoot and in her lemon-yellow nightdress opened the balcony door. Gasping of cold she stepped out in the dark like a fairytale nymph.

Ask was shy when it came to this side of a woman's nature, he wanted to let her be alone. But it lasted only for some seconds, then Wilhelmina came back with a comic and half bashful look on her face. Apologizingly she said:
-I didn't reach to it!
-Do it on the balcony floor, Ask said.
-Are you crazy!, she said.
-Well, Ask said.
He rose, took a chair, and followed her out onto the balcony. He trembled from the cold, it was in the beginning of december, he was just in his pyjamas. She ascended the chair, he had to hold her hand while she was sitting above the flower boxes, she was afraid of falling out, it was on the third floor, deep below them was a cobbled street. In the night he stood and held the hand of the sitting Wilhelmina, he looked intensely at the church clock, it was like the glowing eye of a tiger in the night.

[Just imagine - Wilhelmina peeing in the flower box in the middle of the night with her boyfriend holding her hand - it is weird!]

Then she was finished, shook herself a little, descended, they went shivering with cold indoors, bringing the chair with them and locked the door. When they again were lying in bed, massaging each other to regain some warmth, he suddenly started laughing, he had to hide his head underneath his pillow. He thought of it being a wooden flower box, decaying and probably leaky; it would drip from it, downwards, onto the flower boxes of the other lodgers, in the dead of night my girlfriend has been out, watering the entire house! In this moment the house became a living being to him, a living being with flora and thirst; he felt the house as a living being, the house was grateful, Wilhelmina had irrigated it! The sleeping town should have known it!"

That's all. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll be back with more later!


Interesting observations of people's outdoor activities! I must say, I've not had the chance to see anything really spectacular. I can only remember once occassion, must be fifteen years ago, on our nearby neighboorhood park (we call then a 'reserve' in Aus). It was after dark, I had been walking my dog, and we were sitting for a while on top of some kids' play equipment, a kind of playhouse structure, when some teens came to sit in the park. They were fairly merry, and to my amazement one of the two guys, right in front of a girl, went a few steps, turned around, took out his dick and peed an absolute flood into the grass.

As for not knowing how to use our typical styles of plumbing, that's fairly common amongst folks from some parts of the world. I had a professor who had done a series of addresses in Japan and related the story of a student from the provinces who went to the big city to study, and had to phone home to ask if anybody knew what western-style toilets were for!

A private pee club would be a good idea! Louise and I touched on that idea at least in part when we discussed a members-only women's club that would have an open unisex bathroom with multiple styles of urinal to choose from, and perhaps also stall-less toilets and open showers. Yes, it would certainly be a major step forward, so like-thinking folks could come together and re-create the world in their own style. There are lots of places around the world with unisex facilities (sometimes politely termed "primitive" or "funky") and the trick is knowing which clubs or societies have a liberal viewpoint without necessarily being in any sense weird.



Hey this is my first post on this site, but I have been reading a lot of the stories. I don't know what it is, maybe I'm messed up or something haha, but I have the stragest attraction to women who have accidents and I'm only 15. Truthfully, I have had accidents myself especially this one day where I had to take this enema stuff and, of course, my mother had to insert it, but I don't feel comfortable at all with anyone in my family seeing me naked and so I decided I would do this task myself. Turns out I inserted more than neccessary and I couldn't get to the toilet in time and it all came out into my pants. I shit my pants horribly. Well, I'll try to put up more posts because I do have a lot. Ryan

Monday, August 21, 2000

Captain Poopoo: I don't think I ever tried your technique of flushing the toilet in mid-poop in order to minimize the lingering smell. I do like flushing the toilet while seated and the muffled sound it makes, so I may give it a try sometime, especially if I'm at someone else's place and need to poop.

Regarding having pooping problems after eating at Taco Bell and other fast food places, I had my share of massive pooping sessions after eating in such places, particularly in high school and my undergraduate college years. Very spicy food was also a problem for me. Once I started eating a more balanced diet, particularly with more fruits and vegetables, and especially decreasing my trips to fast food places and the mall food courts, my poops have been generally more solid and not as big. I have also found that not having a good breakfast is more likely to cause problems if you do fast food for lunch.

Nothing too terribly exciting to report lately, though I saw something interesting on the way home today. My husband Gary and I were on a busy freeway, and we happened to be following a state trooper. We were in the right lane, and both we and the state trooper passed by a stopped car on the right shoulder. I noticed that a teenage boy was standing next to the car, his back turned to the road. His hands were at his crotch, so it was obvious he was peeing. It certainly was to the state trooper, who pulled over in front of the car.

Buck (IL)
you are right. Some of those employees could use a class in the use of a urinal. Unfortuneately, I don't think that they would want a male to demonstrate.
Where I live, neara college, I catch a lot of women peeoing outdoors; usually they are drunk, of course. The sad thing is that many of them almost disrobe with their jeans or pants all off, then squat to pee in open areas. Even those in dresses and skirts expose what may be way too much of them selves to the public, as many are not too good at judging a safe spot due tothe alcohol. I would think that standing upright to pee would cause them less of a risk for other problems, such as attack. ONe night, though, our local police did find an male Asian student lying on a lawn with his pants down. They thought that he was hurt, but he was squeezing one off. No arrest, just made him clean it up (we require dog owners to clean up the poop from their charges, why not people).
Another time, a student floor leader found a source of a smell in a closet. Two middle eastern roommates didn't know how to use indoor plumbing, so for two weeks they had been pooping in their one closet. Needless to say, their neighbors in the dorm were not very happy.
Here's an idea. People have all sorts of private clubs nowadays, such as private cigar clubs, private health clubs, private golf clubs. Why not a private pee club, members only. Could it violate any laws if only members could join and participate, and the public were shielded the view?
Just a thought, but think of the contests, prizes and group support one could get. With the right support group, you may even conquor that bashful bladder for good, kiddo. Then go on to help others to pee freely.

well I had a truth or dare experience this weekend which I would like to relate to you although the person who asked about this asked quite some time ago...

well, I was about 16 or 17 years old at the time I think, a bit too old to be playing truth or dare but we were just discovering alcohol at the time. So, we were playing truth or dare and my friends who all knew that I had a pretty strong bladder dared me to drink two huge glasses of beer which I dont like anyway, and also some water after that. (They wanted me to drink more beer but at that age I was too scared)

So I drank what I had to, two beers and maybe one or two glasses of water. Boy, was I full. They also dared me not to go to the toilet for three hours. SO anyway, as you can probably guess I was BURSTING after only an hour or so and I just knew it wasnt going to happen. After an hour and a half or something I was scrunched up on the floor, also quite drunk because it was the first time drinking alcohol. anyway, I ended up starting to pee myself in short squirts but I didnt let on to anyway about this and since I was wearing a skirt it didnt show. In the end, since I was quite drunk (It was maybe the first or second time I drank booze and my body wasnt used to it) I ended up peeing myself fully after about 2 and a half hours. Boy was I embarrassed the next day!

Rick (Vancouver)
This is my first posting although I have been reading the items here for a few months now. I am a gay male originally from the North of England, now living in Vancouver, Canada.
How is it that we all became interested in watching someone piss or shit? Possibly we saw someone "by chance" during our formative years and found it erotic - then we were hooked. I can trace my interest in watching guys shit back to when I was nine years old. My grandmother lived close to the Junior School I went to, and so I went to my lunch there. A next door neighbour of hers moved away and because this neighbour's son also went to the same school as me my grandmother said that this seven year old boy could also stay to lunch. After eating our meal we would play outside. This house was old and at that time only had an outside toilet. I don't remember how it started, but we ended up watching each other shit every lunchtime. I still have memories of looking up from behind as he squatted over the toilet, but didn't sit on it so that I could see the turds being delivered.
Presently I have a 32 year old Filipino partner who, although not interested in watching me, will let me watch him go. When I hear the words "I'm going to poo", that is when I get down on the floor in front of the toilet. Mark, as we shall call him, takes all his clothes off and sits with his feet on the seat and back against the tank. This way I have a good view of the performance. Sometimes I give him marks for the performance that day based on quantity, delivery, presentation, and consistency. When he has finished and moves his male equipment out of the way, that is the signal for me to go in and wipe. Mark is shy about shitting anywhere else but on the toilet at home. I can't even persuade him to go onto some paper on the floor in the bathroom. (This way I would get my preferred viewpoint from behind and looking up!) But at least I get to see someone go almost every day.
That's all for now. Rick.

Hey all, I posted on this forum in January/February under another name, and I'm using a new name now to prevent identification by someone who I might know in real life.

Wayne, your mention of what you saw in the Czech Republic prompted me to post about what I noticed there on my own trip this summer. I went on a teen tour to Israel for 4 1/2 weeks (I'm Jewish) and the program included 4 days in Prague prior to arriving in Israel. I never saw that the stalls in public restrooms didn't have locks, but I did notice that most stalls have walls without gaps, as you said... I saw stalls like these in my hotel and at restaurants. However, what surprised everyone on my trip was the fact that you have to pay to use washrooms wherever you go. At one place where we stopped, I had to pee badly but there were only pay restrooms and there was a woman standing in the middle of the MENS' restroom collecting money, so I decided to hold it. Another thing that happened to me in Prague which is on the subject of this forum was that I was very sick to my stomach the night we arrived there, in addition to being dead tired from having lost a night of sleep and ! toured all day. I had diarrhea, which must have been caused by something that I ate or drank in Prague. It could have been the tap water, because when we first got to the airport the counsellors told us not to drink the tap water and gave us all bottled water. I never drank tap water, but I might have indirectly swallowed it or something.

Ben in NY, I think you said that you were on a teen tour and that there were many desperation incidents on your trip. There were some on mine also. The tour buses that we were travelling on in Israel didn't have bathrooms on the bus, so when people (mostly girls) were desperate to pee the only things that they could do were hold it in or ask the counsellors to stop the bus. Sometimes they would stop it, and sometimes they wouldn't. If they would, then the girls would step out of the bus and go in the desert. There was never a "good" place to pee outdoors because there were no thick bushes and very few trees. I frequently sat at the right side of the bus, where everyone usually pulled the blinds down while people were peeing outside. Sometimes I was tempted to take a peek at the girls peeing, but I didn't because I didn't want anyone to think I'm a voyeur. Another time, a few girls (very attractive ones, by the way) had to pee and they wouldn't stop the bus. So instead of h! olding it they pissed in bottles at the back of the bus. Everyone was saying "that's so disgusting" and stuff like that. My friend said he was surprised that girls did that, because that sounds like something that a guy would do, and that would be a lot easier for a guy to do than for a girl. I never saw the bottles that they had pissed in, I think they threw them out a window.

Ben in NY, I'd love to hear stories from your trip.

That's all for now, maybe I'll post again tomorrow.

Yo, Andy!

Iceland! My heart is in the cold Atlantic, I'll see if I can make some bookings for Louise and me on the next plane...

Ha! I really like the sound of that, women discovering what can be done when they just ... give it a go! Maybe the unisex bathroom with open urinals is something that will evolve quite naturally in some cultures or ethical climates, but never be able to in others -- I'm eager to see what the future brings.


No good stories myself but I want to comment.

The guy called, "Streaks", it was pretty bad about the pervert who looked over the partition. If I was there, I would have screamed at the top of my lungs to make one hell of a scene.

This also reminded of a couple of things that happened. When I was in college, I needed to go into the bathroom at the dining hall to get some TP to blow my nose. I had a bad cold at the time. There was an older man on the shitter who happened not to shut the door. I did not know he was there and I barged in. It was embarassing for the both of us. Same thing happened to me at the mall several years ago. When I take a shit, if I hear someone come into the bathroom, I make some noise to indicate that the stall is occupied.

Well, that is all for now :)

TV Fan
Does anyone have information on the Sabrina episode where Sabrina farted? Was it an audible fart?

Are there any other TV series where a woman has been shown farting or where there has been a reference to a female pooping?

your name Matthew Simons
I have had a big poo accident whilst I was waiting for the bus. I am now sitting in my boffed - white Y Fronts. I have done a real stinky log and it feels cool!

Pboy - please tell us more about these scouts having poo accidents - all the details - did they admit it ? how did you find out ?

Onion Boy - cute story - did you and your brother sleep in the same room ? Any stories of bedroom farts/poo accidents with you both ?

Unnamed Poster - who played computer games on the bedroom floor, pooped his pants and got found out by his mum -
please tell us how she found out and what happened.


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