Hello everyone. Andrew (Lawn Dogs Kid) said he was going to tell the story of what happened on Friday. Well, he either hasn't got round to doing it yet, or the story wasn't allowed on the site. I haven't seen him to find out. I will have to tell some of the story to make sense of some of mine today.

Chloe has come back from her cousins and brought them back with her. There is Kate who is two days older than Andrew and Alan who is 11. On friday, we all went to Andrew's for the day and all went to the bathroom together, all five of us ! Kate went first because she was the oldest, then I did a wee next. But while I was having a wee, Alan was sick in the sink. Kate said it was because he got too excited about watching me do a wee ! After I went, Andrew went next, and then it was Alan's turn. Unfortunately for me, he had to poo, and I don't like poos that much. His sister Kate told him off for not warning us that he was going to do that. But even though he did a poo, I enjoyed watching because it was the first time I saw another boy go to the toilet.

His poos were smelly, and just after he had pulled down his shorts and pants and sat down, he did a big trump and three big plops of poo came out straight away. He did some more trumps and three more poos before he finished !

After that, Chloe was the last to go, and she did a wee. But before she could finish, Alan was trying to be sick in the sink again. I don't think he could be very well. After his sister took him out of the bathroom, I followed to see if he was ok, and left Andrew and Chloe in the bathroom on their own. He seemed much better after he got downstairs.

When we were all walking back to Chloe's house, I walked with Alan on our own for a bit. We did a bit of a tour of the village so we had time to talk. He told me that He had really enjoyed watching me go for a wee and that he thought I looked really cute on the toilet, and he would like to watch me again some time. It made me go red, but I was very pleased. I told him that it had been good watching him as well, but that I really preferred watching wees rather than poos. He seemed disappointed for a while, then I found out why. It turned out that he was hoping that next time I let him watch me, it would be when I needed a poo. He looked much happier when I said I would see.

Anyway, this afternoon, he came round on his own to my house. Mum and Dad had just left the house to go for a walk and walk off the Sunday dinner. He said he came to say goodbye because he and Kate would be leaving in an hour. I made us both an orange squash, and we sat down to talk. We decided to become pen friends after he went home.

Then he said he better go soon. I knew he wanted to ask something else. So I said what do you want. He asked if I needed the loo because he did. I knew what he wanted me to do, but I didn't know if I could. However, I thought I would try to poo for him. So I said alright and we went upstairs. I knew Mum and Dad would be a long time yet.

When we got in the bathroom, he did a wee standing up for me. Then when he had finished, it was my turn. Today I was wearing my pink shorts, and so I didn't have to hold up my dress out of the way. That was good, because I knew I would be able to press on my ???? with my arms to try and poo.

After I pulled down my shorts and panties and sat down, I did my wee first and it lasted quite a long time because I hadn't been since before lunch. When my wee stopped, I took a deep breath and began to push hard. I couldn't feel anything happening. After a little while I had to let my breath out in a big pant. Alan looked very pleased and asked if I was having a poo. I told him not yet, but I was trying very hard for him. After two more goes and pressing on my ???? hard, I decided to give up. I thought Alan would be disappointed, but he gave me a big smile and said I was so very nice for trying my best ! After I flushed the loo, we went down stairs again.

When we got to the front door, and I was about to let him out, he turned round and gave me a hug which was nice. Then he asked if he could give me a kiss as well. I'd never kissed a boy before, and my heart started to race. And when that happened I realised that I did need to have a poo, and it now felt as if it was going to be a big one as well. Alan saw my face and apologised and said it was a silly idea to kiss me, but I said it wasn't that, and would he like to come upstairs again because I thought I might be able to do a poo now. He said he would love to.

I knew I would definitely do a poo now, because as we climbed the stairs again, I could feel it trying to come out of my bottom before I was ready. When we got to the top of the stairs, I had to run to sit on the toilet, and the poo began straight away, and was coming out quickly. A small piece broke off straight away and did a little plop, but that was only the start. The next bit of poo felt really big coming out my bottom, but it didn't hurt and it made a huge splash in the water when it plopped in. My next poo made just as big a plop, and I felt myself go red for making such a big noise while pooing. Alan said to me gosh you do big poos. I told him I didn't usually do such big ones. Although this poo had finished, I had that feeling in my ???? which said there was some more yet, so I decided to wait and see. I told Alan I hadn't finished yet, and he seemed very excited that I could possibly do some more. But I was right, and after a minute I was able to do two more po! os. Thankfully, they weren't as big, and only made some little plop sounds. Then I said I was finished. The last two poos were a bit sloppy, and I had to have six wipes before I was clean.

After I flushed the toilet, Alan said he would let me into a secret. I said what, and he said that he now needed a poo, and would I like to watch him now. I don't like poos really, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings by saying no. So I said yes please.

He pulled down his tracksuit bottoms and his pants at the same time, and left them about half way down his legs. Then he looked into my eyes, and his eyes sort of half closed as he concentrated on doing his poo. It seemed a long time, then I heard him do a tiny trump, and then there was a sound of his poo coming out. Then I heard him do another little trump just before his poo went plop. Then another trump and then more sound of poo coming out which then stopped. I never heard a plop for ages, and then it happened all of a sudden. Plop ! He had finished then.

When we went down stairs again he asked if I would like to go back to Chloe's with him. But I said no because I promised Mum and Dad I would stay home after they went for their walk. So we kissed goodbye at my house before he left and now we are boyfriend and girlfriend !

He promised to come back to Chloe's in October when its half term holidays. I'm really looking forward to that.

Must go now. Bye, Bye everyone. Love from Kendal

THEY DID WHAT?!??! They cut the scene out!! Those bastards!!! Elena.. write that down as yet another reason why I don't watch lifetime.

Well, I still have the old job of taking care of the school restrooms. (college). This I enjoy. Last week as I was cleaning the womens' bathroom, two nice ones in short shorts came running in as I was wiping the sinks. They smiled and asked if it was OK to use the restroom as they really had to go. I said SURE! as I always do and they took adjoining stalls. They hopped onto the toilets as fast as they could and started to urinate loudly. They must have peed a gallon each. Then they started to talk about a teacher they both had for a certain class while unrolling wads of fresh toilet paper that I had just put in the dispenser. Then I heard farting and grunting and then, loud plops! These college women are entirely uninhibited and enjoy using the school bathrooms. They were on the toilet for about twenty minutes while I listened and cleaned the sinks and mirrors. Then they started wiping their butts and I heard the sound of skin being raised off of sticky plastic toil! et seats. I think this is an interesting sound. All sounds in the restroom are amplified because of the tile walls and floor of course - then I heard the sound of them pulling up their underpants and shorts. I got into a conversation with them as they then washed their hands and they told me how great the school bathrooms are - clean and comfortable - I get quite a buzz out of talking to women in their own restroom and asking them if they feel better after going! They thanked me for taking good care of their bathroom and I wished them luck in the new school year.

To Streaks: That is the weirdest story i have ever read on here...I would have been scared like you too...but i may have let this guy watch all depends with what i get in return.

To Harry(Pacific North west): So you think your shit and my shit was green from consuming grape soda?? I did drink a whole 12 pack that week i had the green shit.

Sunday, August 21, 2000

Greg (from Kansas )
Okay here is my list for famous people I'd like to see peeing on the toilet. Please note some include Local area celebs so Midwest USA readers take note!

1 Actress Jane Seymour (I'd gladly pass her a roll any day)
2 Susan Hilland (Fox 4 Kansas City News anchor lady)
3 Gisele Fernandez(The History Channel)
4 Actress Kathleen Turner
5 Country Singer Sara Evans
6 Madonna (yeah, why not!)
7 Female wrestler "Sable"
8 Singer Natalie Cole
9 Singer Belinda Carlisle
10Actress Halle Barre (well, why not!)

Joe K.
Something similar happened to me while taking a Deptartment Store Dump. I went into the men's room with the intention of really dropping a major pile. There was only two stalls in there and one already had somebody in it doing their dump. Normally this turns me away. I've never been big on having a neighbor. I couldn't wait and I would have to walk to the ohter end of the mall to find another restroom. I deciced to quit being such a baby and just do it. I knew that I was going to have to grunt a lot and that my feet would shake a little. I figured that the guy next to me was probably about done, so I would just sit there until he left, then get on with it. So I just sat there. So did he...for 20 minutes. I wanted to just get up and leave, but I had to poop so bad that I couldn't. This guy wasn't going to poop until I left, and I wouldn't until he left. I finally put my anxiety aside and began to push and push and push and strain and wiggle and do what ever it was going to ! take to get it out. That didn't work. Then I thought I would lean way forward and push my hands into my stomach. So I did. I leaned so far forward that I could see his shoes in the stall next to me. Only one thing. They wern't there. There was just the floor tiles and the base of the toilet. No Shoes! I knew he didn't leave. I thought maybe he picked up his feet to give his poo a shove. Nope. I looked up at the ceiling to see some weirdo peering over the top of the stall at me. When I spotted him, he didn't even duck away or anything, he just kept stairing. He said in a weirdo whispering voice, "don't be scared. I like to watch." He scared the shit out of me. No pun intended. Then he said "Do you like it when I watch you?" In one motion my pants where up and I was out the door. As I exited I looked back to see the weirdo still looking over the stall saying "No don't go! It's okey really. I do it all the time." I found a cop in under a minute and we returned to the men's room, ! but he was gone. Like magic. He just disappeared. I don't even think the cop believed me. He asked me if I wanted to fill out a report. I said no I just want to take a dump. To this day I still have my phobia about pooping near others. I won't even do it in front of my girl even though she does it in front of me all the time.

Ben in NY
OK I just wanted to clear something up. We should all be aware of the following due to its educational importance as well as the fact that it is quite pertinant to the interests and subjects of this forum. PLEASE don't think of me as an asshole! Anyway, constipation occurs due to the fact that when feces sits in the intestines for too long, the intestinal walls absorb the liquid of it. This is normal, but when the feces has stayed for too long, more liquid will be absorbed and the feces will become harder and dryer. On the other hand, diarhea occurs when the body senses something in the feces that is possibly harmful, and decides that it should rid itself of it immediately. Therefore, the feces moves through the intestines faster and not much liquid is absorbed. Throwing up does not necessarily make you sicker than having diarhea. Diarhea occurs only because the contaminant has already passed the point at which the body can still expel it from the mouth and therefore t! he only other way out is your butt.

Also, a message to whom it may concern:
Knock off whatever you're doing that is pissing off the moderator. Whoever the moderator is, he/she gives us all the freedom of speech possible here. We would not want any of our freedoms taken away due to one or two people, and if our conversations become restricted, it will be our own fault. I am not trying to be mean here, but lets just keep things clean=)

Peace and love,

Bryian, I've had the last squirt happen to me many times. I assume it happens because I'm uc and also I don't shake it forever or slide the skin back and forth a lot for a long time to make sure it won't squirt me. If you do that you have a hard time getting in back in your pants. I just do my thing and leave the bathroom as soon as possible.

to Briain:

Yes this has has happened to me. not frequently, but it can happen when I get a little hard doing a dump if I havn't emptied my bladder and am not holding my thing down. It is most embarasing when you get up and realize you have done it at the office.

when this happens, i just sit at my desk and don't get up until it dries.

hope this answers your question!!

To the guy from India: I was told that people in general do prefer to pee and poop outdoors in India even in the cities. I was also told that the women always pee while standing when they wear a Sari.

Is that really true?

Have anyone hear bin to Iceland?

I heard that the peestanding through the fly thing (no devise) has really caught on among their girls. I heard that the women commonly pee standing side by side with the guys peeing in urinals in bars over there!

Sounds incredible to me.

I found out some valuable information last week. Nick Carter is extremely ticklish! How does that fit in here? Well, I'll tell you, I wanna be the first fan to make him pee his pants! That'd be so funny! And he'd remember me forever as the "Fan Who Made Me Pee My Pants". He makes me cry, hyperventilate, and scream, so I see no problem with making him do a small thing like wet his pants. Well, anyhow, that's "Weird Little Amanda's" opinion. LOL! Wow, that would be funny, though. And I'd be able to go back to school, I'll probably be in high school by the time I ever meet him because of the fact that I am in the eighth grade at the present time, well, I still have a few hundred days left until school's out, considering we just started yesterday. But, if I do make Nick pee his pants (if I meet him), you can be sure I'll let you guys know.

I have this thing about peeing at school, I hate going to the bathroom. It's always crowded considering seventh and eighth grade use the same bathroom and I don't want other girls to hear me! The sixth grade is so lucky, they have their own bathroom and it's hardly ever crowded. You think with us being the oldest of the bunch, we'd get a bathroom and the sixth and seventh grade would have to share! Oh, well. Later.

you guys are soooooo sick and funny

Harry (Pacific Northwest, USA)
Hello all! It's been awhile since my last post here. Bryian, you mentioned that your turds were green, well this past week, I had them too, more likey because of the case of grape soda I had consumed over a period of about 4 days time.

Onion Boy
This story doesn't involve pee or poop, but rather focuses on farts. I hope it's not too far off topic. Also, I apologize if the style is a bit heavy - I'm reading Moby Dick now and Melville is rubbing off on me.

About 20 years ago, when I was a wee lad of 12 or 13, my mom decided to try a new recipe: French Onion Soup. She made a very nice Soup and we all enjoyed a fine dinner. But...

About an hour after we had finished eating, I noticed a slight...fullness, shall we say, in my belly. The fullness grew more uncomfortable, until I was able to relieve it by emitting a hot, smelly fart. I did this while in the same room as my younger brother (4 yrs younger), because we were at that age where boys will fart with, at, and on each other for the pure entertainment value.

I soon grew gassy again, and cut the cheese a couple more times. The farts were unremarkable if a bit on the stinky side. By this time my brother had joined in, and we began to realize that this was no ordinary random gas attack, but rather could have only been due to the French Onion Soup we had just eaten.

If the Soup was tearing up my parents the same way it was my brother and me, they didn't let on. The fart-a-lympics grew more intense as my brother and I ripped increasingly long, hot, and odorous jets of noisy gas. Disapproving glares ensued from our parents, and our intimations that the soup was to blame went unheeded.

The eructations became almost unbearable as painful waves of gas rippled through our guts and into the atmosphere. We were doubled over in laughter. The smell of ripe fart hung heavy in the air -- you could almost taste it. From the smell and the burning of our eyes, it was clear that fermenting onions were the source of the gas. We farted uncontrollably, releasing thunderous reeking blasts over and over. At one memorable point, my brother farted an unusually long string and started laughing in the middle of it...only to have each laugh registered as a pulsation superimposed on the steady drone of the fart.

After about an hour of this gaiety, the gas subsided. Although the story of the gas attack lives on in our family lore, French Onion Soup was never again served in our house.

Wow What a great site!

I've been reading a few of the forums over the last hour or so, pretty funny and interesting! Then I find this one! And all I can say is, I'm coming back !!

I don't have any stories to relate as yet, but I'm looking forward to the first one! Haven't yet met someone I feel totally comfy with, but my time will come I'm sure, until then, my list of celebs: (peeing only, no solids)

- Natalie Portman

- Kylie Minogue (aussie singer/actress)

- Michelle Pfeiffer

- Andrea Corr (Lead singer of The Corrs)

(There was a lot more to it, but I thought I'd better read the faq, which specifically mentioned nothing of a fetish or sexual nature... so I had to trim it considerably... oh well...! )

So girls, what about celeb guys? I haven't seen many posts about that...? I've sene the ladies post on other subjects, but not this one.. is this celebrity pee thing mostly a guy thing? C'mon girls, tell us!!


I have a story from a few years ago when I broke my leg.

Right before I left the hospital the nurse handed my mom a bottle and said something to her I couldn't quite hear. When we got in the car I asked my mom what the nurse had given her but all she would say was "more medicine." Later that night my mom was helping me get dressed for bed and she put a long tee shirt on me and she took my panties off and left the room. At first I thought she was just getting me a clean pair but when she came back she had the bottle that the nurse had given her. Then she came over and rolled me over on my stomach and took a little waxy looking thing out of the bottle and stuck it up my butt then rolled me back over. I asked her what it was for and she said it would make my leg not hurt as much. She started to leave the room and head to bed and I stopped her and reminded her that she forgot to put my panties back on. She said she did it on purpose because it would make it easier on her if I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I p! ulled my tee shirt down to covor everything up then I picked up a book and started reading. I must have dozed off reading because I woke u a while later and the whole house was dark. I layed in bed for a few minutes and soon I noticed that I needed to pee. I called for my mom but she didn't come. I kept calling her but finally I gave up and decided to try and hold it. Soon my bladder was really aching because it was so full. I called for my mom a few more times but she still didn't come. I tried to reach for the bedpan but it was too far away. By now I was holding my crotch trying to hold the pee in but I was getting desperate now. To make things worse I was now feeling some side effects from the pain killer my mom had given me earlier and I knew I'd need to poop soon also. I knew that if I didn't get help soon I was gonna ruin my beadspread, mattress and sheets. Suddenly I rembered that the box with everything the hospital had given me was right beside my bed. I reached in an! d pulled out a plastic rectangular shaped container they had used to give me sponge baths since I couldn't get out of bed. I sat up in bed and lifted my butt off the bed and slid the washing container under me. Almost immediatly pee started gushing out. Even before I was done peeing liquid poop flowed out of my body, When I was finished I rolled over on my stomach and used some kleenexes to wipe. When I was finally cleaned up I turned back over on my back and slowly set the container down on the floor. A while later I heard my mom get up to go to the bathroom so I called her in. When I explained what happened she felt bad abou it and suggested that I wear goodnites to bed until I got the cast off that way if she didn't hear me calling her I wouldn't have to worry if I had an accident.

Has anything like this ever happened to any of you? I'll post another story when I have time.


We have a dumper at work. She is an outside clerk and last week at a quarter to five she came in and dumped in the ladies loo. It was FERAL. Smelt so bad I dry retched and ran outside. I dry retched when I retold it to workmates. Since there are 400 people I had to do some detective work to find out who she was. She is now known as "Diana Dumper".

If I have to go to the toilet at work (although I try to wait till i'm home) I make sure I go to another floor in the building and do a 'dump and run'...

Hi Louise,

As promised, here's a letter for you and Steve when you get back from sunny Spain.

"Maybe the women in the dorm that Buck (IL) was writing about need a 'urinal training manual' written by me and you. Hehe."

Hahahahaha!!!! That's something we could do. I remember a lady who runs a site dedicated to "spreading the word" once spoke about doing lecture tours around the US, and I offered to drive the van for her!

"Yeah, I thought lots of guys and girls would be around you like bees around honey. I bet your luck will change and you deserve someone nice. Get lucky soon yeah?"

With gracious good wishes from dear folks such as yourself, I don't see how my luck can fail to change for the best! Thank you!

Pity you didn't get a shower team-pish again as a going away present. But I reckon they're practicing while you're away and you'll have a challenge on your hands when you get back! Ha! Your netball team could put out fires at high-rise buildings... Actually I think I do remember you mentioning once one of the gals laying a log behind the bushes during the pre-match wee...

That wee in the underpass was less a matter of courage than of just having no choice -- but I guess we're all capable of more than we'd believe when we're put to the test. I literally was without an option, and it was the least of all evils. Hmmmm, to have had a pal along, he or she, would have been a new dimension. Given the shyness syndrome maybe I was only able to go because I was alone, though being alone in that situation offered up the risk factor -- I mean, woman alone in a tunnel doing something with her pants open, the risk doesn't need elucidating! Still, I was quick and I did it, and I was very proud of myself afterward!

"Shit size synchronization?" Hahahaha! I've been doing some firmer, larger logs lately, and they've sure felt good on the way out. I can picture your alley poo in detail, right down to the delicious feeling of it as you get it into motion, and after a bit start to wonder just how long your tail is going to be!

As it happens, the wash leather survived the experience okay! I didn't actually think about the consequences, I just kept relieving myself into the bucket, then realised it was very ripe indeed!

Love those men's room expeeriences, darling! Keep irrigating those urinals and leaving spots on the tiles. I hope there are now several inexplicable Venus symbols on the coast of Spain!

Good luck with the kung fu, if you can stick with it you'll find it a good companion who'll look after you. May you never need it (knock on wood.) Yep, Aikido is a powerful style, and in the application of modern martial arts mix-n-match is perfectly acceptable. You use whatever you need to keep body and soul together. Go for it!

Love your carefree gooey morning wee and wipe! Sigh, such idylls!

Take care in Spain, sister, and I look forward to your next posting.



And for Steve,

Hi Steve!

I'm not sure where we left off -- something outrageous, I'm sure!

Oh, how I would like to have been a fly on the wall at the alley piss you describe! You're very good at recollecting and writing up these delicious events! I can see it all in my mind's eye, and I can just imagine how it felt for you to be teased by three weeing women! *My* heart fairly pounds at the description, not to go off-topic for this forum at all. Yes, gals can be "wicked" at times, and defy all predictions. You rose to the moment commendably, though, and delivered a fair and hearty performance. It strikes me you and Louise could have actually stood side by side and used the wall, much to the interest of Jackie and Emma, I'll bet!

Yikes, Jackie must have been really, really full, to go again as soon as she got home. And she's what I call a real sport to share her relief. Whatever makes me think she really enjoyed it?!

I enjoyed that adventure very much indeed!

Okay, here's a small adventure of mine for you both: I went for a walk last week down to the seafront, along the beach to the jetty and back, but though I had a wee before I left the house I found I had that old familiar feeling on the way. There's a toilet block at a small seafront park, and when I passed it earlier there hadn't been a soul in sight. Now I wanted to go there were several cars in the carpark and kids playing on the lawn. So, rather than wash a urinal I went into the ladies'. But the place must have been vandalised recently as the stall doors were missing. There were only two, next to each other, with a sink alongside. A lady was washing her hands, and I went by the first stall (it looked dirty in there) to the second. I kinda stood there and looked around for a moment, and realised another person had come in and was in the stall next to me.

I heard the rustle of fabric, then the creak as she settled on the seat. "Oh well," I thought, 'I might as well do what I can." I unzipped, but instead of pulling my pants down and sitting, I flipped the seat up and just eased my jeans down a touch, drew them down at the front and got into position to have a standing wee. While I'm doing this I'm hearing the lady next to me hissing a stream, and I'm listening hard as she gives a quiet grunt and I hear her start to have a poo.

I remember I wrinkled my nose as poo smell reached me, and I grinned as I thought about all the accounts I've read here. It took me about a minute to relax enough to release my water, but at last I started to pass it and I sighed quietly, just stood there with my stream splishing into the bowl and listening to the lady about three feet away plonking away.

When I was done pishing about a minute later, I wiped with a tissue rather than the paper (you never know what germs transferred to the paper from the last person to touch the roll...) and zipped up. I flushed and walked out, and though I didn't invade her privacy I momentarily saw a middle-aged woman sitting on the other toilet, her dress around her waist and panties at her ankles, busying herself with paper. I washed my hands at the sink on the other side of her stall, and left thinking I'd chalked up another victory over shyness.

Having the partition, though the stall was open, meant I was able to do it without all that much trouble. When I have a place to myself I can use an open urinal no bother, so maybe one day I'll conquer the condition for good and be able to do wonderful things like Louise!

I hope you both had a marvelous trip, and I look forward to your adventures!

All my best to both,


This morning i woke up and i had breakfast and about 15-20 minutes after i ate i had to shit. I sit down and pass a huge not sure how big it was, but i know there was some food in there. I hadn't gone in 2 days. I only wiped like 3 times. Yesterday morning i had to be up really early in the morning for work(like 4:30am). I got ready and right before im leaving i started feeling a urge to shit(the kind where you think you might have diahreah).I ignored it cause i had to be at work. then it went away and 5 min from work i got a strong urge to go....i held it as best as i could. Then i get there and it subsides. I get out of my car and im early so i decided to have a seat inside incase i did have to go, i never went yesterday.


I made a trip to Czech Republic recently and noticed that in public restrooms (such as in restaurants) it's not usual to have locks on the stall doors. Plus, most stalls have solid walls without any gaps so that you often don't know if the stall is occupied. I would have liked to accidently walk into a stall that was occupied, but I cowardly refused to do it on purpose.

This morning i woke up and i had breakfast and about 15-20 minutes after i ate i had to shit. I sit down and pass a huge not sure how big it was, but i know there was some food in there. I hadn't gone in 2 days. I only wiped like 3 times. Yesterday morning i had to be up really early in the morning for work(like 4:30am). I got ready and right before im leaving i started feeling a urge to shit(the kind where you think you might have diahreah).I ignored it cause i had to be at work. then it went away and 5 min from work i got a strong urge to go....i held it as best as i could. Then i get there and it subsides. I get out of my car and im early so i decided to have a seat inside incase i did have to go, i never went yesterday.

i dont know what to think when i go into the a public bathroom and when i go up to the urinals guys have their penis' out in the open? I know i dont show mine off at ll. i just hold it normally. One time after a guy was done peeing he shook his penis REALLY hard for what has to have been 30 seconds!

Hi all! This morning at 11:19 I took a dump. I saw it come out because I was squatting on the toilet seat. It left a stain then it went in that hole where the water comes out. at 12:19 I took a huge dump. It was medium-long. Then at 4:12 I sucked in air up my butt ( a little too much air) and pushed out. All that came out was a little piece which is what I expected. So now I am farting like crazy.

I watched the movie "Fools Rush In" on Lifetime last night
and they cut out part where Isabella pulls up her white
nightgown and goes to the toliet. I'm glad that I have
the DVD version so I can see that part. As a matter of fact
Lifetime cut out alot of the movie. I stayed up just so
I could see if they cut that part out.
I still have the "runs" every now and then but I take
medicine for it and put a tampon in my rectum for a
couple of hours. That seems to help some.

Saturday, August 19, 2000

Wait a minute. Stop. Three things will not happen here.
1.) No one saw the post in question that never got posted and no one is going to see the three posts from today on both sides of the issue. The post contained things we would not allow from an adult, and was predominately off subject. This comes from kids somethimes saying things and not knowing what they mean. We get this a lot.

2.) This is apples and oranges concerning the one post we ever did go back and remove. It was written by someone with a limited grasp on the English language. That post could have been anything. One time, okay. However we will not make any further trips back to go and redecorate old posts unless it is required by law. Given the ages involved and the fact that there was no rape or incest we did not rule that the posts constitute sexual intent. Bad kids sneaking around will be bad kids. If they know that they will get caught and get their butt beat for it that is on them for doing it in the first place. This is no different than grade school peeping and fooling around. You did it to be bad not to be freaky because you didn't understand.

3.) On another topic, people have different digestive qualities, chemical compositions, diets etc. as a result they produce radically different products. This is above and beyond any medical conditions or illnesses. People produce what is natural for them regardless of that being a puddle or a pile. From now on, there will be no insinuation that one type of product is superior or even normal.

Ben in NY
Ah yes! It's been awhile since we've had an ongoing subject of conversation, but out of the loins of electrical wires comes the latest: FAST FOOD! And what a fitting subject it is to this forum.

Quite frankly, Taco Bell and Burger King are probably my two favorite fast food restaurants. Come to think of it, I also immensely enjoy Popeye's chicken. That's the BEST fast food around. Now while I am only 15, I still have a stomach of steel. This stomach of mine can handle food ranging for your gourmet, 5 star meal to the low-range, but still delicious (to my liking anyway) fast food.

TO EVERYBODY WHO GETS SICK FROM FAST FOOD: my question is simple. Have you always been affected by fast food in this way, or had this intolerance developed with age? Will the same fate ultimately befall me? NEVER! I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO! PLEASE, TELL ME IT'S NOT SO!

OK, I am done with that. The lighter side of things.
CAPTAIN POOPOO: I find your humor quite amusing and somewhat intelligent. You are very funny, and I hope you continue to post! Being the movie buff that I am, my favorite movie (as any true film critic will agree) is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. In fact, though somewhat childish, I still have the card in my wallet that came with the video. That's right people: I AM AN OFFICIAL PET DETECTIVE! And hey, I can't wait to try your method of extinguishing, or never having to extinguish, the smell of my shit! I ALWAYS hold it in at someone's house because I am terrified of my powers, and while I consider myself lucky to have them, most people don't!

I'm going to the PHISH show in Albany, NY September 9th! I can't wait! Is anybody else in here a Phish Phan? Just curious! That's all for now!

Peace and love,

i have not posted for a few days so i have a couple of stories

The first one is that i was really bored today and i needed a poo and i could feel it was a realy large and as i have no "toilet buddy" yet i went to the bottom of my garden too do it (i have woods at the bottom of my garden) i had not realised that it is actually quite a turn on to imagine every one watching you .

Earlier in the week i was out shopping in my local town and i needed to go but there was not any toilets around i tried to hold it but it did not work so i decided to go in my pants it was a really long wee and i could feel the poo comming it was a really long hard one but l did it and no one noticed

The movie man is back with a new film poop report. I just saw BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE starring Martin Lawerance and Nia Long. Martain plays "Malcolm", an FBI agent who protects this former bank teller (Nia) from a killer. About 10 minutes into the movie, Big Momma and her friends greet Malcolm and his partner with cakes. Then, Big Momma gets a strong urge to take a crap! She runs back to her house (where Malcolm is setting up hidden cameras) and goes to the bathroom. Malcolm (Martin) is in the bathtub, behind the curtain, while Big Momma sits down on the bowl and takes a GREAT BIG POWER DUMP! And, the girl that played "Pam" on the TV show "Martin" has a baby. I'll rent more videos and watch more films for more major dumpage.


This goes under the heading "People who really need to pay close attention to hygiene". We were at a strip club (notice my name is NOT Mother Teresa, so sue me) where they had totally nude dancing. This one stripper was squirming around quite near to me at the edge of the stage when I spied a dime-sized shred of toilet paper sticking to her clean-shaven anus. And I swear I am not making this up...I caught a pretty good whiff of smelly crack. No, I didn't buy her drinks afterward.

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