Melissa: That must have been some brutal stuff you ingested. Sorry it happened to you.

Briyan: No, I did not force the kid to go with me. He was willing and compliant.

Cindi: When someone has a bowel movement at the same time daily, the time from when when they eat is called bowel transit time. Daily, I have a bowel movement the first thing when I wake up or sometime at work between 8am to 10am, then in the afternoon between 2 and 4. Sometimes I meet the same girls in the womens room. That is how I met my friends. My young friend, Tawana and I had a panel discussion. She was surprised I take off my pants, skirt or dress to sit on the bowl. I do not want to wrinkle my clothes. She went in to take a long piss. I unzipped my black skirt as I entered the stall, bareing my white slip and panties. I hung the garment on the door and sit. My stomach exploded loudly evacuating a mushy wave of doo-doo. I had eaten a whole fresh pineapple the night before. I repeated this twice more during the same session in less than 3 minutes. Tawana commented on how I must have eaten a wicked breakfast. See my earlier posts. Me, Tawana and Shannon have the easi! est sounding bowel movements. Some of the girls strain, grunt and groan from their lousy eating habits. Us three eat lots of fruits and vegetables, namely collard greens. I'll tell you more

did a really massive poo 2 days ago. Hadn,t been for about a week, cos I was travelling around, and basically didn,t have the time. It was one of those ones that feel like you're carrying around a bag of ballast, when I let it out, it was sticking up anout4-5 inches out of the toilet water. I couldn,t believe my eyes...must have been about 1 1/2 feet long. I felt quite proud of it.

Melissa Fron Pa
I am the Melissa who posted about the taco bell and I got the diarrhea that day. I am not hte one that posted about laxatives she is someone else.

To the unnamed poster: about the truth or dare, i really liked your story...
I liked the person who started this topic

Does anyone else have any truth or dare bathroom stories??

Today I had to go out and i had a big lunch and i felt like i was going to have a BM, possibly while out....but my urges weren't strong at all. So when i got home i watched tv a bit and then got on the net and i was doing my things and i suddenly got a strong urge to shit. Man it was a good one, i produced about a soild 8" log dark brown and light brown. I had a bit of trouble passing it at first, then i sat for 5 min and I still felt like i had to go but only a few small pieces came out. Then i wiped, i must have wiped like a dozen times or more, it seemed like i used a lot of toilet paper today...i guess my BM was messy. And i peed while i was on the toilet. While i was sitting a bit a pee squirted on to my shorts, do any guys ever have this happen to them?? It must be the mucles in the P*n*s.

Joe K
Im really upset for something that happenned to me yesterday:

I was shitting at an upscale department store, and a guy was "apparently" shitting in the adjoining stall. Everything was perfectly normal until I noticed his hand below the partion of my stall! Im sure he was gay, and its not that Im against gays, but those kind of behaviors are totally sick! My reaction was to leave the stall immediately, which I did. I didnt make a big deal about it, and all of you are the only ones who know about it, but it really made me sick. Until now, I had never experienced something like that, and I think I will not be using public restrooms from now on. It was totally gross.

JOHN i completly agree with you, visable urinals are an outrage !!!! especially whren men ave afalse sence of privacy, not aware that they are putting on a show for everybody

I worked this summer at a boy scout camp as their medical director. Needless to say there were some pooping and peeing accidents that happened. Since we had the 9-10 year olds, the accidents happened every week. Several of the kids wet the bed everynight, but some of them also wet during the day. They would get too involved in what they were doing and not make it to the latrine in time. Speeking of latrines, ours were the two hole, open pit kind. Many of the kids are afraid of them, so by the 3rd or 4th day there, some of them still had not pooped. This led to several kids having accidents. Will write more if anybody is intrested.

i have not posted for a few days so i have a couple of stories

The first one is that i was really bored today and i needed a poo and i could feel it was a realy large and as i have no "toilet buddy" yet i went to the bottom of my garden too do it (i have woods at the bottom of my garden) i had not realised that it is actually quite a turn on to imagine every one watching you .

Earlier in the week i was out shopping in my local town and i needed to go but there was not any toilets around i tried to hold it but it did not work so i decided to go in my pants it was a really long wee and i could feel the poo comming it was a really long hard one but l did it and no one noticed


Hi dear! 6'5" and 300lbs as well? My goddess, dear, you could be a marble statue from ancient times! Or a living example of what feminine might can truly be!

To answer your question about enemas, I'd be delighted to offer you the info I gave Dee.

An enema is simply the dilution of your bowel contents. The bowel draws off fluid at a constant rate, and constipation occurs when the faecal mass has been present long enough to dry out -- it's that simple. The solution? Replace the liquid.

It's very easy. Warm water is fine, or there are various soaps, oils, glycerin and so forth that have both softening and lubricating effects. The water is held in a large bag or bottle, and flows through a flexible tube which is attached to a "nozzle" which is very carefully tapered. The nozzle is lubricated and slipped up inside your bottom, and its shape means it won't pop out, but your muscles will naturally keep it inside. There's a spring clip on the tube, and releasing the clip starts the flow, which is driven by gravity.

You lie down, perhaps on a towel on the bathroom floor, with the bag hanging maybe from a towel rail, pop in the nozzle and release the clip. The water will flow naturally into your bowel and fill you, slowly and gently. The kit will come with complete instructions and advice.

Once the bag has drained, you can remove the nozzle, and the fluid will soon do its magic. You'll feel a strong urge to open your bowels, so it's time to sit and enjoy. You'll pass the water like diarhoea, but it won't be as unpleasant, there will be no burning sensations, and loosened faeces will be ejected with the water. The whole process is controlled, you can be certain of complete expulsion, so you won't be "caught short" as you were with laxatives (what an awful thing to happen, I'm so sorry about that.)

You can refill your bag from the warm tap as often as needed, and settle down for another couple of rounds, many folks actually find it pleasantly relaxing, and use it to unwind from the tensions of the working week!

If you feel you can do this, you might like to experiment with this method of colonic health. There again, it's not necessarily for everyone, and managing diet and, above all, drinking LOTS of water and getting plenty of fibre, are good benchmarks too.

I hope this helps, dear, and that you can find a workable routine.

All my best,


Thursday, August 17, 2000

Well I'm back! Actually, I was never away, I just haven't had anything worthy to post...until today! Last night I was leaving a restaurant in the city after having had dinner with some colleagues. I went my own way to look for a cab to the station. I passed a doorway and heard what sounded like a fart. I looked into the doorway and to my astonishment, there was a woman squatting with her skirt to her waist doing a poo! And this was no homeless woman - this woman was well-dressed in a business suit and even had her briefcase tucked by her. She had her panties and panty hose pulled to just beloe her knees and I could easily see her light brown pubic hair and a turd slowly coming from her bottom. She was peeing too. She didn't look embarrased but she didn't seem drunk, either. even so, I didn't want to invade her privacy too much so I went on my way. As I passed a parking lot I felt inspired by this woman to do one of my own public poos, so I went behind a car, pulled down my pan! ties and squatted. I'd done a poo at lunchtime so I really didn't need to go. A small amount of soft poo came out in a spiral. I wiped myself with a tissue, pulled up my panties then went back to the doorway where the woman had been pooing. She was leaving the doorway as she adjusted her clothing. As she walked away, she was still pulling up her panty hose but she still didn't look drunk. I went to the doorway and saw a trickle of pee leading to the street and 2 large turds. And there was no sign of tissues or paper so I guess she didn't wipe! Then I caught my cab.

Melissa from New York
Hello Everybody! Yesterday I had such an embarrassing experience at work. You know how laxatives are a bitch and they work unexpectedly and before you know it your panties are filled and my 150$ business suit was ruined. (FK)! Yesterday at work I had to do overtime and then late at night I was feeling horrible stomach cramps. I got out of my chair but I lost control and to make matters worse I also pissed my self. All I was wearing was a short skirt and panties. OH THE HORROR! So I called Joe and told him what happened he said he would be there to pick me up in 20 minutes. Then Joe beeped the horn of His BMW 750iL. That was my key to leave. So I told my boss that I had to go to a funeral and he bought it! WHAT A RELIEF! So I took the elevator down and quickly walked down The cleaning guy just wouldnt stop looking at me it wasnt that noticeable so what was he looking at? He was looking at my chest with lust and in my head Im saying whatever. Then I saw Joe an! d I got in his new car he got in July. He put a million plastic bags on the seat and floor so I wouldnt mess up his car. So when we were driving home I told him I needed to go again. So I told him to stop at the Mobil gas station. So Joe got the Key from the attendant and we both went in. So he turned on the fan and I began. So I carefully lifted my skirt and ever so carefully I lowered my panties and sat. Lots of water and chunks came out It smelled horrible in there! Then for a second I passed out and Joe caught me but the poor guy struggled getting my 300lb (gained 25 pounds from working out I just keep getting bigger and stronger) body upright on the seat. Then I was completely empty so I stood up and cleaned my panties and left. But Joe was tired and he was leaning against the wall asleep. So I gently carried him in my arms to the car and put him in the rear seat to sleep he looked like a baby. Then I returned the keys to the attendant and I drove home. This ! Septronic transmission had me puzzled but I soon figured it out. (I have a valid Drivers License) and put the bags on the driver seat and drove home. Then I carried Joe in and placed him o the bed. But I had another diarrhea attack and I made it to the bathroom just in time. When I sat nothing but water and mush exited my backside. Then when I had a look I saw nothing but yellow water and chunks. But then I felt like I was going to throw up so I just got on my knees and barfed. Then I flushed the toilet twice and had a shower and brushed my teeth. I didnt bother to get any clothes on since I was comfortable being naked around Joe So than I went to Sleep. I now learned my lesson the hard way and I aint taking laxatives again. I never knew I would have results like that just by taking 3 pills damn! The day I take laxatives will be the day hell freezes over! Im just curious, what the hell is an enema! Tonight I go out to a fancy restaurant with Joe! I wonder whats! going to happen? Im going to order the biggest meal I possibly could and see the results of a nice solid formed log. I Wont flush it. Ill be naughty and leave them for other people to see! Cant wait to her their comments!

Thanks for the advice Everybody! I really appreciate it! And dont worry I will no longer take a laxative again. Cant stand the effects!
Goodbye Everybody!
Melissa (Joes Wife)

This morning I woke up and had an accident. Half awake, I felt a vague urge for a bowel movement, but I sat on the edge of the bed and smoked a cigarette. The nicotine immediately caused a reaction in my bowels and I pressed in the crack of my butt in an attempt to prevent the poop from moving down before I could get up and get on the toilet. This time it didn't work and I knew I would not make it to the bathroom in time, so I just pulled down my underwear and shit on the floor (hard floor, no carpet). It was a semi-soft load containing black-eyed beans which I had for dinner last night. So now I had to clean it up. I grabbed an old towel out of the closet and wiped my ass and then wiped up the shit on the floor. I threw the towel into a bag and later took it out to the garbage can. The combination of chili containing black eyed beans, the nicotine in that first cigarette plus the valium and restoril I took last night caused this accident.

Hey everybody, I have had a pee experience when i played truth or dare recently, I had to as my dare drink 2 pints of water and not use the toilet for 2 hours, i did quite well but i did piss my pants near the end of the 2nd hour.
Also somtimes when i fart i do some poop in my pants like matthew friends which is my name as well.
Also sometimes if i am doing somthing and need the toilet i keep putting it off and often i leave it to late and make a mess in my pants. The other day i was on the games machine and I was busy and needed the toilet, i was lying on my bedroom floor and i pushed out a poop into my pants, when my mum came in she siad she thought i ought to go the the bathroom.
Other people pls post there goings on.

cindi W
I work in a building with several offices on my floor. There are especially alot of secretaries. I usually go about the same time everyday and now i am noticing everyone has a certain schedule when they need to "poo". I don't know why but I am fascinated, not necessarily turned on, by other women's habits, especially pooping. Are there other women out there like this. If there are, please relay any stories about going at work

Hugh G.
Taco Bell diarrhea? If you get it, you're not alone.

I spent eight years working at Taco Bell in some capacity. I always worked at night, when the boss and the suits from the office were rarely seen. Instead, I got all the drunken neanderthals after the bars closed, and the shitty bathrooms. Can you imagine what your bathroom at home would look like after about 500 swine (call them "customers" if it makes you feel better) made their way through it?

Somehow, there was always diarrhea crusted on the bottom of the toilet seat. Someone's bowels always exploded with considerable force, probably splasing water onto their own rectums in the process. I never understood the presense of diarhea on the front edge of the toilet bowl. Are people afraid to sit back and let the juices run? Hell, once there was a shitty stain on the floor in front of the crapper, where someone apparently dropped their liter of diarrhea, then attempted to clean it up with wads of toilet paper, as there are no paper towels available. Perhaps that's why they switched to those gigantic rolls of paper that remind me of movie reels. Rection.

France 2000, Part 1.

Mesdames et messieurs! I have a series of epic French toilette stories to tell you after my travels in Europe this summer. We start in rural France, off the beaten track, South-West of Clermont Ferrand. The GR4E hiking trail goes through a small town near the source of the River Dordogne, with a youth hostel and a train station. In the town centre is a square called Place Charles de Gaulle.

A door with a clear glass window leads into an old unisex public toilette with six wall-mounted urinals, some of which are visible from outside in the square! I thought that PV and Louise would like this place as women could easily use the urinals if they wish. In fact they might have to if someone is using the only one of the four stalls that has a door lock!

The unisex public toilettes in the Place de la Revolution are more interesting, with two floor-standing urinals and three stalls. Two were the traditional French 'hole in the floor' squat type and one had a normal type bowl but no seat. I was standing at the urinal when a woman hiker of about 35 walked in and went into the stall behind me. There was a step up into this stall and it had a 3 inch gap under the door. As I bent down to tie my boot lace... ooh, la, la, what a fine view! I could see everything as she squatted over the hole in the floor with her legs and did her wee.

Later, a middle-aged woman came in and used this stall. She didn't squat down low so all I could see was her feet. There was silence for a minute or two then an enormous PLOP as she did a mega merde (poop). Later, an attractive girl of about 19 with long red hair came in. She also used the same stall and I had the most wonderful view as she peed. Would she also do a little merde? Non. Ah well, c'est la vie!

I thought this place was quite interesting but little did I know what amazing views I would see in the French Alps!

To Althea: I liked your story about when you used to babysit and took the kid in the bathroom with you when you pooped. Did he want to go with you? Or did you force him to go with you?

To Matthew: I liked that story about your friend messing him self, good!! I have no stories about that.

To rabbit: I liked your story. I also like and prefer the storys about young not sure if im gay. But some of the females have good stories too and i like them too. It was cool that you went skiing and you pooped out side. Wasn't it cold squatting over the snow? Weren't u afraid people would see you and see what u done? People would defininalty see your pee. Cool story, i wanna see more stories like this. Did you cover your pee and shit up in the snow??

I was thinking of something a while ago, about a story i never posted. I did something daring one time. I was at the house of Praier(ex. a church) and it was a really religous holiday in my religon and my family was listing to services and at that age i didn't care cause i was only 10 or older so i walked around and went to the school was pretty much empty cause it was a holiday and so i decided to walk in the girls bathroom on purpose. All i did was walk in there, i stayed for a second as i was afraid someone would come in and see me. I may have done this once or twice.

Tonight i had to shit and i went and i only produced a small log and a few other pieces..There was very little wiping to be done,like maybe 2-3 times. See i was getting an urge and i wanted to go then so i could watch tv, i didn't want the urge to get strong. I did get another urge tonight here at the computer but it has since went away.

Hi Melissa, You mentioned you ate at Toco Bell and got the runs. My uncle at there a few years back and was in the toilet for two days, He vowed never to eat there again. I like Mexican Food, but not fast food Mexican Food. What ever. You should do like I do and carry extra underwear in your bag just incase you have accidents on the road or at work. I carry underwear and wet wipes in the shoulder bag I carry to work and elsewhere. Keep those sexy poop stories coming. Oh yea, the next time you describe one of your lovely huge ones, give a description of the color and texture of it as well. love ya!

To Undin(Greece), It's OK, let's hear it. Go ahead and tell us what you did to that woman's gigantic poop that would not flush. Now lets hope the MODERATOR won't kill your message before it gets posted.

Captain Poopoo
Remember the scene in Ace Ventura Pet Detective when our hero emerges from his host's washroom and loudly hollers to the queue awaiting admittance, "Do NOT go in there!" while briskly fanning the air with his hand?

Here's a technique you can use to avoid being placed in that awkward situation in social situations. It has been field-tested by yours truly, on many occasions, and works well.

The trick involves timing the flush just so. As the first inches of your turd begin to emerge, position your hand on the flush lever in readiness. The timing depends on the speed with which your load crawls--or leaps--from your bum. Your objective is to actually flush the toilet BEFORE the final part of your log is even in the water! If you time it perfectly, the final plunging swirl of water should just coincide with the last remnants of your poop dropping from your still-throbbing hole. Naturally, this technique will require you to flush a second time, to dipose of the TP you'll be using. But voila--no stinkeroo for the next occupant, who may not find the scent of your handiwork quite as intoxicating as you do.

No technique is perfect, of course--and dealing successfully with explosive diarrhea, for example, is a challenge that only flush-masters with a great deal of experience can hope to meet successfully.

Try the technique for yourself--and report back to let the Captain know of your successes.

To TONY (Scotland): thanks for your "review" of the channel 4 documentary regarding the disgust reflex. While in the UK last week (the Captain resides in the US) I saw a promo for this series of shows, and was mightily sorry I'd be missing it. Your summary was the next best thing to seeing the show. I'll await your comments on subsequent episodes, and share your hope that experts will comment as well.

Ben in NY
Scrapz: I will post one of the accounts soon, when I have the time.

John: I absolutely agree with you! Men's public restrooms are absoluteley appauling. Not only can you see the urinals clearly from the door, but many of the restrooms don't even have a door at these openings! I am also aware that women's restrooms are much cleaner and nicer. At least this is what I hear from my friends.


man I feel you pain kinda. I had soething similair happen to me.. on my honeymoon with Miquel. I had not pooped in 3 days and i ate lots at our dinner after our wedding.. so when we got to our hotel.. in CANCUN hee hee my ???? hurt so badly. Miguel was nice enough and understanding so we did not make love that night as i was in pain. (yeah right.. the guy was more terrified than I was about doing it for the first time)Anyway we cuddled and went to sleep. Many times I got up with a HUGE urge to poop and I ran crashing on the toilet but nothing would happen. Somtimes the tip would poke out.. it felt dry and hard like a rock but that's all. I pushed and pushed... to the point to where I got kinda light headed. After the 4th time I said I need sleep so I layed down again with Miguel's arms wrapped around me. The urge came back with a vengance.. but I was like yeah right.. tell me another one. The urge got worse and worse.. I moved Miguel's hands from my waist to help but oh i! t didn't.. my loving husband.. was out like a light as I was in pain and suffering. Then I felt the tip poke out.. I thought nothing of it.. till it slid out slowly. I was frozen in panic as it slid out and touched my panties.. I broke free and ran to the toilet.Running made it come out more.. which was bad. I slid down my underwears and sat. I looked at my underwears and there was no staining.. just a tiny pebble of poop. I sat there grunting and moaning as my poor tushie hole open WIDE.. and this huge long poop came out. My eyes shut tight.. my legs thrashing about and my hands gripped onto the side of the toilet. After like 10 minutes.. it slide out with a light plomp.. it was too long so it made no noise. I slumped back onto the seat.. in a cold sweat.. sighing. Then I was handed a wet towel to wipe my face. Miguel was there and had been there the whole time. I turned scarlet from head to toe.(Can't blame him.. I made so much noise our neighbors in the room next door thoug! ht we were "enjoying our honeymoon" if you know what i mean.) I sat there with Miguel talking to me as I did a pee then passed 5 more poops. I couldn't even wipe my bottom it was so sore. Anyway I went back to bed with Miguel.. I was tired but I said.. Miguel.. I left my underwears in the bathroom. He said huh.. and I said and not cause I pooped them. I kissed him and he knew. To make a like story short... we spelt till 1pm the following day. Eh heh. Um well that's enough for today. Um Athlea.. I feel your pain no fun having that constipation/runs one two punch.As for cheerleading.. me I would hold it.. poop I mean pee.. I'd take the last stall at the corner.. shut my eyes and pee as fast as i could.. as for poop.. I'd hold it in praying to god and any other diety I could think of.. then I'd go and unload at Miguel's house. Yeah he heard everyhting.. but I didn't care.. it felt goooooooooooooooooood!!!! Well I'm off for now. Oh Miguel mad me laugh last time cause of the Herbal! Essences comercial with the girl in court. he said imagine if it was a laxative instead of shampoo or bodywash. When she said she has the "urge".. the guys would wheel in a toilet instead of a sink. HEE HEE. hey I'd pay to see that.

I noticed a small post about toilet papering the water . I hadn't even thought much about my habit of doing that until I read the post . I have always torn off a wad of toilet paper and covered the surface of the toilet water . In public toilets I often have quite a bit of janitorial work first anyway !! Usually a paper towel under my shoe to wipe away the gallons of piss that people can't seem to get into the bowl , Then wiping the seat with paper , lining the seat with paper , and a small to medium bunch for the water . When I was a teenager I don't recall going to these lengths but I didn't like to be heard at all when I was at my girlfriends house . As an adult I've become tired of other peoples filth , when I've not requested it . Early embarrassment about being heard probably started it , and the toilet papered water cuts down the noise quite a bit . The first cold-splash droplet that bullseyed my asshole in a filthy public toilet probably sealed the deal !! I ! remember a gas station where I spent nearly 30 minutes cleaning up , just to be able to approach the toilet without ruining my shoes and bringing the smell into my car . I don't really know why many of my brothers are such pigs , but it makes me rebel and not want to be like them . your friend , ileo

Lawn Dogs Kid
Kendal and I spent virtually all day together yesterday. We're both missing Chloe very much, for different reasons of course !

ALTHEA: Thanks for your story ! Kendal is amazed by you. She says she couldn't do what you have done, not because there's anything wrong with it, far from it in fact. But because she would be afraid that other boys might tell about her.

Kendal came to my house, around 10am. We played several board and card games together until it was nearly lunch. Then I went off to warm up some spaghetti on toast for us both. After watching "Neighbours" on the tele, we decided to go and get a video to watch, and ????ed for a nicey, nicey one, "A Little Princess". We both cried when the little girl found her father again at the end of the film. I'm such a wuss !

Anyway, Kendal had gone for a wee while I was getting lunch ready. She'd asked if I was coming or not, but I said she was bound to go again before she went home for tea time, and I'd better not let the spaghetti spoil.

After we had finished watching the video, it was about 4.15pm. It was then that Kendal decided it was time for the toilet again. However, I'd forgotten that this time of day was usually when Kendal had her poo, and she prefers to do that on her own. Of course, a poo was what she wanted now. So I said, never mind. Perhaps I can stand outside and listen. But when we got upstairs and she saw my face, she smiled and said "Oh, go on then ! You can come in, as a special treat" !

We went in together, and I did my wee first for her as normal. It was quite a large one. I hadn't actually been since Kendal had arrived in the morning. Finishing up and getting out the way for her, Kendal moved swiftly in front of the toilet, lifted up her summer dress, and took hold of her light blue panties and pulled them down to within a few inches of her knees. With her panties further down her legs than normal, this was definitely Kendal preparing for a poo, and she sat further back on the toilet seat than usual as well. Then with her dress held high over her ????, there was just a second of silence before her wee initially tinkled into the water before exploding into a forceful hiss.

The hiss lasted around five seconds before it was suddenly interrupted by a quite delicate plop which caught me completely by surprise. The few previous occasions when Kendal has gone for a normal poo with me watching, she has followed the same routine of doing her wee first in its entirity before concentrating on her poo. As my mind wandered into these thoughts, it was brought back to the present with the sound of an enormous plop, which was followed within five seconds by just as big a plop, Kerrrlummp ! And all of this accompanied by the loud hissing of her wee.

As soon as that third poo had hit the water, her stream of wee eased off considerably, and the next 15 seconds was filled with the sound of a gentle, tuneful, trickle of wee that steadily trailed off to a final three or four barely heard drips. Looking up, Kendal was staring straight at me with such a look of concentration that my heart suddenly doubled in speed as I realised that another poo was coming. I had just five seconds to wait, as what turned out to be her final poo slipped out with a wonderful quiet slup noise. "ahhhhhhhh" she gasped breathily, and then smiling enquired "Did you enjoy that ?"!

Of course I enjoyed it. I love the sound of poo, and I gave her my answer with a simple kiss on her forehead as she continued to sit. Then the sight of her ???? disappeared as she let the dress fall to her legs to begin the wiping process, needing four wipes, before replacing her panties back over her bottom, and the experience was over for another time.

I further conveyed my thanks with a hug after she had flushed the toilet, and we held hands all the way back to her house. My little cousin is the most wonderful girl, and I love her very much.

Lawn Dogs Kid. My comments were NOT meant as a personal attack on you per se, I think you write with a reasonable level of decorum but its the age range content which is the worry when taken with the extraneous intimate detail. I dont know if you are American. In the USA you have the First Amendment. We Brits dont even have a proper written Constitution, far less cast iron guarentees of freedom of expression. We have draconian laws regarding what can be downloaded from the WWW and our government, with an egotistical control freak at its head, has brought in the Regulation of Investigatory Powers, RIP, law which permits the interception of people's e-mails etc without any warrant or warning. Now British Laws are very strict regarding the age aspect and 16 is the age of consent here! As far as it goes your postings seem to be on the right side and I assume the Moderator deletes any that stray across the line, but I have read other postings, in uneccessary intimate anatomical det! ail (not yours) which I really feel he ought to have blocked. Let's put it like this. Someone says their younger sibling, friend at school, etc did a big turd or filled their panties etc that's fair enough but those letters from so-called baby sitters which go into extreme anatomical details are, to my mind, crossing the line as far as the UK is concerned, though may be fair game elsewhere. Since you had mentioned posts being blocked I had used this as a "handle" to hang my own concerns on such matters. So please dont be offended but I DO wish the Moderator would block permanently some of those stories where the writer dwells far too much on details of too intimate a nature in connection with toilet events pre 16. Personally, I am NOT a censor but can see where some British posters may become uneasy and even stop visiting this website. There were some dodgy postings of the type I mention (so called babysitters etc) in 1999 which the Moderator went back and deleted and blocke! d further from that poster but I think a few recently have slipped through. I hope he tightens up. It would be safer, though a great pity, if an "ADULT CHECK" system had to be implimented here. Lawn Dogs Kid, I hope this clarifies where I am coming from. In short, post your stories but please cut the too intimate and to my mind, uneccessary details about the other person's "private" anatomy. As the Moderaor and FAQs state, this is NOT a sex site.

Melissa, are you the same one that up till recently was doing the huge turds and are these accidents the result of laxative abuse or are you someone else? I have heard of fast food ,Tacos, Burgers, etc, causing sudden attacks of diarrhea Some of this is due to people eating such food too fast then the gastro colic reflex shunts the content of their colon to their rectum and mich of it is not properly formed but loose. When you buy fast food you are usually in a hurry and the whole way these places are designed is to get customers in and out as quickly as possible. The hardness of the seats, harsh decor, music, lighting etc being deliberately designed to achieve this. Some of the fries use olestra instead of animal fats or vegetable oils and olestra is well known to cause diarrhea in many people. (I nearly filled my panties after eating King Fries from Burger King and did a very soft but thankfully still solid motion, (paste type consistency) into the pan when I made it j! ust in time to the toilet. A moment later and I would have heavily soiled my knicks! I DONT eat these fries any more and stick to the Burgers on their own and if I want Fries (chips in the UK) I get proper ones made with REAL potatoes and cooked in fat or vegetable oil from a Fish and Chip shop.

Tony (Scotland) I also saw this program "Anatomy of Disgust" and agree with your contention that disgust is more programmed into people than inate. Most of the higher animals will avoid certain tastes and smells, and many of these are warnings that he substance is harmful. Rancid milk or butter, rotting fish or meat, wine that has turned etc. Regarding your own differential feelings about human feces , attractive when normal formed and solid, disgusting if squashed up, watery or loose. This is because of the aversion most people have for the abnormal. A solid formed turd is a normal product, and can be very pleasent to pass as we all know. Loose or watery stools are a sign of something wrong and are abnormal and an "accident" in one's knickers, even if a solid motion was passed is both physically uncomfortable and in many cases an embarrasment to the victim. Again nature is ambivalent as the smells from the excretory organs also contain pheromones which are attractive to m! any people. I too would welcome any input from other readers on this topic.

Donna, nice to read of you and Lauren again. You are fortunate to be able to buy such a lovely cottage. I went on holiday there, near Aberfolyle then moving on to Callender a few years ago with 2 other girls and yes, we did have a al fresco poo in the woods as you and Lauren did. I always feel that in the countryside attitudes are more relaxed than in the town. I have a friend who's family had a farm and I stayed over one weekend. One lunchtime we both needed a motion but the toilet was occupied. Jayne told me to accompany her and I thought that maybe there was a second toilet for farmworkers or something in the yard but she merely took me behind a barn and hitched up her skirt and dropped her white panties telling me to do the same and we both did our big jobbies there. I could see evidence that she had done this there before and she said that this was quite common for her and her siblings and even her parents had done their poos outdoors if they needed not go back to the! farmhouse and tramp dirt indoors. With all the animal dung, cattle. pigs, horses about a little human feces now and then wouldnt make a lot of difference, and it was well away from watercourses etc.

Wednesday, August 16, 2000

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