Well i woke up and had to go to the toilet!i always have to in the morning. But this was different i really had to go shit!! So i went in and didn't think i had the diarrhea and it was i had it all day. And the next 2 days to i was really bad!!!
I messed my self alot 5 times!!!! one time i was a work and thought that i didn't have the diarrgea any more and i did. I farted and filled my pants. I think it was from taco bell cause i went to pee there when i ate there the night before i got the runs and there were alot of people in there with the diarrhea some one shit in the sink!!! The lady in the next stall she shit her panties cause they were on the floor!!


This is my first post. I was wondering if anybody here has some stories about childhood accidents to share. Another thing, Ive seen this elsewhere, but I thought I'd ask: Has anyone here had a poop/pee experience while plaing, "Truth or Dare"? Thanks. BTW, so you know, I'm 13, female, have black hair down to my shoulders, blue eyes, and I'm about 5'4, 120 pounds.

Ben in NY, i'm interested hearing about those girls who were desperate

Brooke - Please, please, please post some more of your pooping stories, you should be careful straining so much, as you could get piles, all the same, maybe you've had some softer poo's... oh and how much poo did you eventualy do, you did not say, was it a large amount?

Rose - I am so envious of both of you, I wish my girlfriend would do that...I think not!

I am waiting for a good story before I post, had a few poops recently but usualy just in the morning at 7am, normaly a bit unsatisfying, and a bit loose, then I might go again at 2pm, but not recently, eating tooo much eggs and cheese.


I still can't get over that picture of that girl. She reminds me of me when I am having a toilet episode. I have the same episode as Elena in the morning before work. I have a hard stool in front and I have to push and contract like mad and break off a small piece, catch my breath and try again. After 3 tries then the dam breaks and the normal doo-doo comes out.

Daniel: That is their custom in those Eastern countries. The left hand is the bad hand, so to speak.

Lawn Dogs Kid: I was a high school and college cheerleader. So, I wore either a uniform dress or skirt. On afternoons, eves and weekends I would baby sit. I kept my neigbors kids and my cousins. I was sixteen and watched a 7 y/o boy. He was gentle and sweet. I did not want him to wander. So, I had to go, I would keep him at the bathroom door or take him in. I did not strip. Only, I would pull up my uniform dress or skirt, slide down my cheerleader panties and then my normal panties and sit in one motion. Then I would urinate or make doo-doo. I would cover up myself letting my clothes down over my legs. If wore jeans or trousers, I would be like our friend or scrunch my legs and knees together. One Saturday after a game, I had the boy at my house. I had to make doo-doo bad. I held my stomach and he knew what was. Plus, I was breaking wind. I had to go and I told him. He asked to go with me. I let him. I lifted my skirt and pulled down my white cheerleader panties. Plop, plo! ! p, plop and a wave of chunks hit the water. In between the third plop and the wave I had to urinate for a minute. I did not care, I was comfortable with this kid around. As we talked, I felt another release. But, it was a loud gas. The kid was kind to reach for the toilet paper for me. When I stood up and pulled up my briefs, I saw 3 eight inch stools and the yellow chunks in the water.

Eilene: I was never penalized for going to the bathroom in an emergency. If I had to go, even if there were no doors, I would. Thank God, the schools we visited had doors on the stalls. It does not pay to hold it in you. During and before physical activity, your bladder and bowels get stimulated. Before a game or practice, I always had to empty out, especially my bowels. If they saw panties down to my ankles under the stall door it was me. The squad girls knew my habits and used to say I lived in the girls toilet. You should have not been penalized. If you have to force yourself to go, do so.

Hugh G.
My girlfriend loves to urinate in public. She keeps a towel in her car to dry the urine from her labia, and to absorb bloody fluid on occasions she's caught without absorbent materials designed for that purpose. If it helps, she's 30 years old, separated from her second husband, and bears a striking resemblance to Linda Hamilton from the film "The Terminator." I think she does it on purpose to get a reaction out of me, but there's little that shocks me anymore.

Our town has a carnival and fireworks display every July to comemmorate the Apollo moon landing. It's held at the high school football field and adjoining park, so we walked there. To make a long story short, we both had a few beers, and walked home after the fireworks. She turns to me and asked, "Do you think I'll go behind that garage and take a leak?"

I knew the correct answer, but I said "no." She promptly walked across the street, and was partially shaded from the streetlight by the old cinder block garage. She squat down and let loose a stream of urine, which got her sandals damp. I was a bit turned on by the expression on her face as the stream of urine hit her feet and the old, broken concrete. Not having any paper or absorbent cloth, she hiked up her shorts and rejoined me.

We continued toward her house, and I heard the conversation from the two women behind us. One said, "I can't believe it... She just pissed!" It turned out that garage and adjacent house belonged to one of them. She must have weighed at least 250 pounds, easily dwarfing my girlfriend's petite frame. She shouts, "This aint a urinal; you come back here!" Request denied; we continued on. All told, it was a terrific night. Rection.


To Buzzy: Yeah it really works, atleast it works for me. It's like taking a bath but its in a bucket, it stimulates it. When i did it i felt something up there but it wouldn't come out. And i did it in my sink

I posted last night that i was going to bed and i had to pee, mean while i was still sitting here and got a strong urge to shit. I think this happens from having a full bladder and you get nervous that you might not make it. Any one have this happen before? I finally got off and i had to shit sooo bad....i couldn't even pee first(which i like to do first). I let it out and it was dark brown and about 8". I only wiped a few times. I did notice that there was corn in my shit.

Sorry about the spelling on the last post. Here's another story-

Once when I had the stomach flu really bad, I was laying in bed trying to sleep it off, and I woke up suddenly with really bad pains in my stomach. I knew that I was about to explode, but I couldn't control it. I lost control of my bowels in my bed, and crap with the consistency of water spilled out my rear and onto the bed. eventually a yellow-brown puddle formed. I almost cried, I felt so helpless. well, I stumbled to the bathroom, my butt all wet, I took down my shorts, (I wasn't done yet) at all around my p**** and hair was a snot like substance, yellow-brown as well. It was once of the worst experiences ever. Has this ever happened to any other males? I keep thinking I'm the only one? Has anyone seen any movies were someone had a accident on themselves? If not, try the Substitute. That has the funniest one I've ever seen.

Once again, this is a great site!

To Brooke: Great story Brooke. What did you eat to get all backed up? There's a theory that IRON PILLS make women very constipated. I knew a girl who just had a baby, and she took about 10 IRON PILLS to get her blood level back up. She told me she couldn't poop for days. And when she final did, it was a huge, dry and thick one!

on the drive up to cashiers i ate wow chips.
whhen we got home i had gas then i went for a walk
i knew my stomach was telling me that i had to go bm
i turned around thin i let it loose it was dhirrA

Undin (Greece)
I have been really impressed by these toilet stories and I decided to write some of mine.

I usualy go to a tourist place in Athens where lots of foreign ladies use the toilets. Unfortunately 10 years ago things were much better since you could see really huge creatures made by such ladies. Now you usualy see some small pieces of shit flushed easily. My conclusion is that
ten years ago you could buy very cheap and delicious food;
Yes the price of the Greek kebab was 7 times less than for example the one in Germany and about 14 times the one in Sweden. So I could see tourists (mainly German and Scandinavian) buying 10-20 (!!!) kebabs each. Once I had seen two German ladies approaching the toilet both blonde one tall (6 ft) and the other one about 5 2. I stayed in the male ones since you can hear clearly what's going on in the female. I only saw which lady got into which toilet.
I could not understand what they were saying since I don't speak German; The short one had a pee like Niagara falls and and then a huge long fart. The other one was laughing because of her friends incident and then she started OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMMMM FAAAAAAAAART OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNNNNN and then a silent HLUB followed by a WOOOW!! She wiped her bottoms and flushed. So far I was only listening and the lady asked her friend to see what was in the toilet. Both of them were laughing loudly and flushing repeatedly. The only word I could understand was sheiza (means shit in German). After that they left laughing loudly. I got in the ladies and I was surprised to see a huge log about one and a half foot long and about 2.5 inches thick; I tried to flush as well but it was impossible!!! I will not say what I did to it since some people may feel sick!!!!

Hi, I am Matthew a 14 yr old boy from England.
I was playing football with my mates Simon and Thomas who are 14 also, when Simon let off a huge fart. Then it became clear (as I was standing next to him) that he had in fact
done a massive poop in his white football shorts.

He went to the public loo nearby, and I followed him and saw him scrape tonnes of poo down the loo. We had to go home on the train and he stunk really bad. We laughed when a boy of about 7 years old on the train station told him that he stunk of poo!

Any more stories like this ?


Hi folks
I am an 18 year old boy from Norway (please excuse my sometimes bad English), who has been looking around here for some time. I must say that i was very amazed when i by accident found this site. But i like it.
Although i am not gay, i prefer the stories about men and boys. That is because we are so private about our peeing and pooing, as opposed to women, who often follow each other to the toilet. In the mens' room at my school, for example, i have noticed that very few, almost none of the boys use the urinal when they are going to pee. They are so afraid of exposing themselves when peeing, that they rather use a stall.
I also have a predelection for peeing and pooing outdoors. In Norway there is very much wild nature, where you freely can do both things. I think it is great to sit high up in the mountains, leaning towards a rock and empty your bowels and bladder.
And i love a combination of these two things - a boy of my age squatting in the woods, for example.
I will also tell about an episode from this winter, when i was up in the mountains, skiing (crosscountry). After a while i felt the need to poo. I ignored it for some time, but i became stronger and stronger. I could not hold it any longer. but where could i go? Everything was covered with snow and there was quite a lot of people around. At last i found a rock some way away from the track. I got off my skies, pulled down my trousers and pants, sat down against the rock - and let it out. Ah - it was wonderful. It spurted peacefully out and i peed. But then i remembered i had nothing to wipe myself with. I had to take some snow. It was icecold, but nice.
At last i think i will say that i am amazed by all the accidents people here (mostly from the USA, I understand) tell about: people going in their pants, trousers etc. I think this is more seldom in Norway, probably because we have very strong rules regulating the cleaness (bacterias etc.) of the food. (The accident i told you above happened because i had not bothered to really go to the toilet in the morning.
Thats all from me.

Is it me? or is every other man APPAULLED at a lot of new mens restrooms, that you can actually see all the urinals from outside, when the main door swings open..... In one home improvement center (which just opened) you can not only view the men urinatin, you can CLEARLY see him / them shaking the last drops of urine off, and stuffing it back in their trousers. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE !! ANYBODY AGREE?

Long time no post, but I have been looking this website up quite a lot. Lauren and I have bought a nice little cottage in the countryside, a beautiful area of Scotland known as the Trossachs where there plenty of lakes or lochs as we Scots call them and hills.

The cottage has a septic tank drainage system which has to be emptied every 6 momths or so by a large tanker with a suction device which the locals call "smelly nellie". This is then emptied into the sewage treatment plant in Stirling, the nearest large town. Obviously, being near the Queen Elisabeth Forest Lauren and I can go for a walk and have a nice poo outdoors a lot more often than we did when we lived in Glasgow. we have had George and Moira and Tony and Theresa over as guests.

Reading recently about people having a motion outdoors, something I have done on a regular bassis since my early teens, I was prompted to write. For newer readers I am the ???? girl who looks a bit like the late Mama Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas, tall, ????, waist length black hair, large full breasts and buttocks. For those who havent guessed Lauren is my "significant other" (we are both lesbians), though in accordance with the Moderator's Rules I wont go further into that essentially private aspect of our life together. If you must stereotype I am the more femme and girly of the two, and larger, Lauren is practical, a bit boyish but not "butch" and smaller.

Anyway, after lunch one day we both went for a walk into the forest. After about 20 minutes or so the gastro colic reflex kicked in and we both needed a poo so went off the track looking for a secluded place to do our jobbies. Lauren came back saying she had found the perfect spot and that others had thought the same. Sure enough, there was a little clearing surrounded by bushes and shrubs where we found evidence that other hikers and campers had used this as an al fresco toilet. There were some pieces of discarded toilet paper but most of all quite a few turds. Some had dried out and crumbled or been eaten away insects but a few looked quite recent and were big and fat, in particular a lovely big lumpy 12 incher. I hitched up my skirt pulling down my extra, extra, outsize panties (white with a blue floral pattern), while Lauren undid her belt and pulled down her brown corduroy trousers and her plain white Sloggi Control Briefs. Holding on to a bush each we squatted and pe! ed then did out motions, myself passing a big curved sauasage of about 16 inches long and 3 inches thick at the start but tapering after the first few inches to 2.5 inches thick, knobbly to begin with but smoother and easier after about 6 inches were passed. Lauren's jobbie was shorter, about 12 inches but lumpier and carrot shaped and darker than mine. we had just finished and wiped ourselves and were pulling up our knickers when a couple came crashing through the bushes, a man and women in their mid twenties. "Oh sorry " said the woman, who we saw was holding a toilet roll, " we didn't expect anyone to be here, see you have had the same idea as us" We said we didn't mind and had found this made a perfect natural toilet. We both adjusted our dress and left them to do their motions in private as, although we would have been happy to stay and watch if they had been at ease, we sensed that they wanted privacy and honoured that. It was nice to see a couple sharing their intimat! e moments as others many others do. As we went I heard the man saying to his partner, "look at that big jobbie I bet that ???? lassie did it!" The girl giggled " Hush she might hear you, it IS a big whopper though!" Both Lauren and I felt quite proud.

Penny, I sometimes have a little dribble in my panty gusset, if you are ???? this is more likely than if slim and I find if I am needing a motion when the big jobbie comes down into my back passage if my bladder is also full, as is often the case, I will dribble a little wee wee into my knicks. Coughing and sneezing can do so too. This isnt a serious problem for me but I sense that it is of greater amount for you and can actually soak your knickers. Like others I advise you seek the assistance of a professional. Large pharmacies such as Boots in their town centre stores have an Incontinence Advisor, usually a woman, who will sympathetically help you to cope with this problem, and they stock a wide range of pads, panties etc for both males and females. Again "Well Women" Clinics and most hospitals have such assistance. Dont suffer in silence, seek help, this problem can be overcome or aleviated. Also, while women are more likely to suffer, men can also have urinary inconti! nence and for them the results of a wetting accident are more obvious as the position of their urinary outlet will mean that the front of their trousers will get soaked and be visible to all while a woman if wearing a skirt and standing at the time will only wet the gusset of her panties between her legs and her skirt or dress will escape so her accident wont be immediately apparent. Of course both genders can suffer the far worse fecal incontinence. So dont be ashamed if either of these afflictions affect you whatever your gender, SEEK ADVICE AND ASSISTANCE. Good luck Penny, tell us how you get on please.

I watched a TV program on UK CH 4 called "The Anatomy of Disgust". It was about what sights, substances, smells etc cause disgust and revulsion in most peoples across races and societies etc and of course feces came in as one of the culprits.

Two rival opinions were posited, one being that disgust is inate the other that it is acquired. I favour the latter viewpoint.

It was obvious that the researchers were either ignorant of or chose to ignore Coprophiliacs. Now to many people a turd is automatically disgusting, something to be avoided and removed by flushing or burying etc as soon as possible. To the likes of myself and many who post here a turd, depending on other factors which I shall expand upon, can be an attractive object and something to be actively sought out and seen not avoided. Now I will accept that inbuilt to the human makeup is the response of loathing and even nausea to anything that smells and tastes foul, to avoid us eating or drinking injurious substances. No doubt even the early humans were repulsed by their own dung and urine both to ensure they didnt eat same and to make them move away from their own middens so to unwittingly avoid the harmful germs that breed in same. Yet until modern medicine in the last 2 centuries , 19th and 20th, explained the connection, people thought nothing of eating and drinking, bathe! ing with water that had been contaminated with sewage and thus carried Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid and other enteric diseases as well as Polio and other illnesses.

Now taking the case of human feces and the views of myself and many others who's postings I have read here over the years, I can say that lots of us find a human turd attractive and a turn on rather than a repulsion. I would add that I cannot and WILL NOT even go down the road of the "scat" people. What they do is to me beyond the pale. I am considering only SEEING a normal human turd . In my case it has to be solid and formed, loose stools or diarrhea are a total turn off. The longer and fatter the jobbie the more I find it attractive and one done by a female especially one I know is far more attractive that a similar turd passed by a male. Now if the turd is passed into the toilet or say on the ground, into a bucket etc, this is fine, yet the same motion if squashed up in the seat of a pair of knickers or underpants is a turn off, and spread about on the ground if someone trod in it is absolutely disgusting to me. Again, the smell of a healthy solid motion can sometime! s be pleasent but a loose or watery stool is nauseating. Simlarly sound effects associated with defecation. The "Plops! Kerplonks! and "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" sounds of solid turds dropping into the water of a toilet pan is music to my ears yet the spluttering and dribbling of diarrhea is horrible, although I am not affected either way by the tinkling of urine during a wee wee.

I know that most kids are fascinated by defecation both their own and other people's and are conditioned that it is "dirty" and "something not to be spoken about in polite company" or "something to be ashamed of" by the mores of society as inculcated by their parents, teachers etc. It is even noticable on this webpage that there are class and cultural differences in the UK, with Scots and especially working class Scots or those of that background, being more open about defecation, its products, sounds, smells etc than middle class Southern English people by and large. Is there a corresponding differentiation in the USA?

I will watch the remainder of this series, on Tuesdays, CH 4 22.00 to 23.05 but would like to read other posters views on this especially if they have knowledge of psychology, behavioural sciences, or anthropology.

Rob (Canada)
I recently bought the new Treble Charger CD (Wide Awake Bored - features a new song called "American Psycho" which is excellent) and if you open up the CD sleeve to the last page, there's a picture of the four band members with wet pants on. It looks pretty realistic.

I'm still interested in people's school accidents, if anyone has any.

Daniel: I am an Indian American, and yes, wiping with your left hand is most definitely an Indian/South Asian custom. Because most people are right handed (and those who aren't are generally encouraged or forced to become right handed), the right hand is used for writing, eating, and other activities. The left hand, being the nondominant hand, is used for so-called "dirty" tasks, like wiping oneself. You don't want to dirty the right hand, which is used for everyday activity. And that is exactly why people don't touch any food, receive money, or do other similar things with the left hand.

And also, I don't know about the custom of men squatting and women standing to pee in urban parts of India. My family is from Calcutta, and I've never heard of that. However, it might be true, perhaps because women wear saris with layers of fabric, and if they squatted, it would get dirty or wet. I have no idea about men squatting.

my husband used to put a pile of toilet paper in the toilet before he took a shit! he said it was to stop the cold water from splashing his ass when he pinched a loaf!! he doesn't do it anymore because we were running out of t.p. too fast, but his nephew still does it!!!! must be a family thing???

Lawn Dogs Kid
Thanks to REDNECK and to BRYIAN for your nice comments about the story of Chloe and I having a poo together in a field.

NICOLA (ENGLAND): Thanks also to you for your equally valid comments. Obviously what some people will read is not necessarily what others want to read, and I accept that if certain stories offend you for whatever reason, then it is difficult to read a site like this one where you have no particular control over what you read. I think the Moderator does very well. He/she has stopped a post of mine in the past, as well as one of Kendal's for very valid reasons in line with the regulations of this site. You say that the moderator should stop "tales of the type you mention". So I understand you have an objection to my stories ? I think before I should answer this I should find out what exactly it is that you are objecting to. Please come back to me and specify what things in my story(s) you think should be stopped. Obviously, I have an idea about what you are talking about, but one thing I have learnt in my short life so far is not to jump the gun. I have made an idiot of myse! lf before by interpreting an ambiguous comment which was actually made about something completely different. I will reserve any further comment for any reply you may wish to make, or any made by other "British" posters you are calling on to pass comment on your currently vague statement.

Before I finish, I would like to say that I operate a kind of censor system of my own. I skip read a person's post to get an understanding of what the post is about. If it's something I think I would like to read, then I go back to the beginning and read every word. If its one that doesn't interest me, or about a subject I don't particularly like, then I ignore it and pass onto the next. Surely this must be the most sensible way to treat stories on this site.

Today, I'm feeling a little sad because Chloe has gone away for a couple of days to stay with two cousins of hers. She comes back on Thursday, and then they are coming back with her.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a lovely "goodbye" wee together at my house. Chloe was wearing a shortish skirt ( unlike Kendal, you don't see Chloe in dresses or skirts very often, except school uniform I suppose ). It was pretty hot yesterday, and our clothing had become a bit sticky with the heat. After she had pulled up the skirt, her panties seemed to stick to her legs as she pulled them half way down, and they kind of turned inside out, with the elastic waist band further down her legs than the gusset area, which remained pinched between her legs further up. I remember what a gleaming white they were.

Her wee was a long time before it started, and it remained a very gentle trickle directly into the toilet water all the time it lasted, about 15 seconds. When I pulled down my trousers to go myself, my wee took a similar time to start, and probably didn't last as long as Chloe's did. But who cares. This was our goodbye wee together, the last we shall have for several days until after her cousins go back on Sunday I expect. So we were determined to make it special !

Looking forward to Nicola (england)'s reply in due course, then the debate can begin properly with all evidence in the open !

Tuesday, August 15, 2000

The actresses that I want to see dumping a load or having a very runny, explosive one, either on the bowl or in their pants are Catherine Zeta-Jones, Christina Ricci, Britney Spears, and Sarah Michelle-Gellar and Halle Berri. Also, having to see what and how much they've wiped up.

Hi everyone, This is my first time posting here, I found the board earlier today. First I guess I should describe myself. I'm 13 years old. I have dark brown hair that goes all the way down my back almost to my butt. Brown eyes and sort of dark tan skin. I have a story to tell all of you from this past week.

I woke up on Monday morning and my stomach was hurting so I went in the bathroom to try to poop. When I sat down I peed and then I pushed just a little and nothing happened. I pushed again a lot harder and the poop started moving until the tip was sticking out. I pushed again, this time until I couldn't push anymore but instead of coming out more it went back in. I pushed one more time and nothing happened so I decided to try again later. After dinner I tried again with the same results. I tried a few more times over the week but I still couldn't go. Friday night I woke up about 2 in the morning and my stomach hurt really really bad. I went in the bathroom and tried again to poop but it simply wouldn't come out. I went back in my room and laid down and tried to go back to sleep but my stomach hurt too much. Finally I decided that I was going to get it to come out before I went back to sleep no matter what it took. So I went back to the bathroom and sat back down on the toi! let. Then I pushed harder than I've ever pushed in my life and the poop started moving, but just like on Monday it stopped after the tip came out. I pushed again, this time harder than the last and it moved a little more but then slipped all the way back in. I pushed several more times but it wouldn't budge. Finally I went back to my room and laid back down again. I had to think of a plan to get the poop to come out. A while later my need to poop got a lot worse. When this happened I started to get up to go to the toilet but decided it wasn't worth it since I wouldn't be able to go anyway. I turned over on my stomach and watched the minutes pass by on my alarm clock for about 30 minutes. Finally I guess my body just got sick of holding it in and my poop started to move. it came out really slow, normally I would've tried to stop it but for some reason this time I didn't. I let it come out on it's own until the tip of the poop touched my panties. Then I pushed as hard as I could! and the first long, dry piece came out. I pushed again and the rest of the poop came out. I felt like I'd lost 10 pounds. I got up and went to the bathroom to survey the damage. When I go in the bathroom I noticed a small wet patch about the size of a 50 cent piece on the crotch of my pajama bottoms. I must have dribbled a little pee when I was pushing. I too them all the way off and then slowly pulled my panties down. The poop was really dry so I was able to just dump it in the toilet and their wasn't a stain on my panties so I just pulled them up, flushed the toilet, and headed back to my room.

I'll post another story as soon as I get the chance if you're interested.


Thanks Adam (Glasgow that is) for the stories of your experiences. It was almost as If I was with you and your brother on the sand dunes near Troon when your mum did those two big jobbies. You had the one experience I never did in that regard. I also agree that being an only child meant I did not have the opportunities you had to be present when your brothers and sisters performed. You learned soon about the opposite gender by force of circumstance but I had to learn for myself from books and magasines, other friends at school and from encounters with girl cousins, female neigbours, school mates sisters etc.

The event you describe of her doing one hard jobbie, thinking she was finished, pulling up her knickers then pulling them down again to do another easier jobbie is not uncommon and I heard this happen a few times with my mum. One time indeed she had done a motion and I had listened to the single loud "kur-sploonk!" then her wipe her bum and pull her knickers up and come out of the toilet. (Incidentally she did wear the type of white cotton knickers you describe and still does as an old lady). I was going to go in a few minutes later to see if her jobbie had stayed behind in the pan as it often did. When she came charging past me saying,"Oh I need to do another jobbie, I wasnt finished" Again I heard her quickly lift her skirt and pull down her knickers then there was a resounding "KER-SPLOOSH!" as another big one slid out fast. This time when she had finished I did see her two turds, the first one a hard knobbly carrot of 8 inches or so and 2.5 inch fat sunk to the botto! m of the pan and floating above it a smooth softer 10 inch curved sauasage. If she hadnt got back to the toilet in time I feel this latter jobbie would have made a big accident in the seat of her knickers given the speed and ease with which it slid out into the pan.

I also feel your neighbour Mrs Campbell was into such matters and was actually quite happy that you had seen the big panbuster she did.

To the other Adam sho doesnt say where he comes from , I enjoyed your story about seeing the woman doing a big one in the unisex French hole and two footsteps toilet. i have used one of these but I didnt see anyone else doing a "merde" but there was a hige solid one sticking up out of the hole. I did mine next to it!

Jessica from Canada
I'mmmmmmmmmmmmm back!

this story happened to me last week.

i had been staying up all night watching movies and i had been drinking a lot of pop. i was thinking about going to the toilet before i go to bed, but i was too tired for that. little did i know as to what i had got myself into.

at about 4:13 in the morning, i woke up in extreme pain and part of my white shirt was wet, seeing as how i only sleep with a shirt on. i felt my pussy, i was wet and swollen. i carefully removed my hands and removed my covers. i sat up and got off my bed. once i had stood up, i shot a hard trickle of pe out. i realized that i couldn't use my hands because i needed them to open the bathroom door. i stumbled my way through the room and i burst open the bathrooom door. i forgot to turn on the lights and i was so tired that i couldn't even find the toilet. so, i grabbed the towel from this mornings shower and i sat on it and let loose. i was there for at least a minute before i stopped.

when i had finished, i through my towel in the garbage and went back to bed.

don't worry, i will keep posting. and what happened to goldgirl.

TO BRANDON-Cool story with you and your sis taking her morning dump-Sounded like a big one!You lucky guy!
TO BRYIAN-Interesting story of you dumping all that poo- esp the part about pooing into the bucket of warm water-i'll have to try that to see how it works-I get so many good ideas from all you folks about pooing on this forum-it's very cool!
To FIZZ- glad you like my stories-i'll keep them coming as long as it's interesting to you!I'd like to hear some of yours too!
TO ELENA-That happens to me once in a while too-although lately i've been pooing like a horse so i haven't had that problem.Sometimes maybe once or so in the winter i guess from non-activity i wake up in the middle of the nite with some serious cramps and sit on the bowl half asleep and fart real loud for about 5 mins and push out a hard plug of knobby poop followed right away by tons of loose pudding shit with a lot of farts and then i end up peeing out my anus but boy does it feel good or what!It happens to me rarely,but once it's over it is quite a relief!
It is out.

Larry in Arizona
Well, it happened agin. I wuz toolin around in ma truck an hadda take a crap. This wuz after I ate 5 tacos with hot sauce and a six pack o beer. Now I didn't wanna get out an do it by the side o the road cuz I mite offend some one, so I whipped out another bag and dropped ma pants and let loose inta the bag. It come out real easy then I hadda fine somethin to wipe with. Found an old rag under the seat with a lot o dust on it but I figgered what the hell. So I wiped my ass and threw the rag inta the bag and then threw that whole bad boy right out the winda like it wuz nobody's business. Gotta remember to git me some extry bags ta keep under the seat o the truck cuz U never can tell when U will have an emergency. Can't alway fine terlits in these parts.

Joe K
Hi. Iīve been pooping like crazy the last few days. Today in the morning, I had to shit a storm, while in college, so I headed directly to the nearest menīs room, which happened to be a very exposed one; the stalls are located in front of the door so everyone outside can have a glimpse of your feet, and hear all the bathroom noises and smell everything, but as it is in a parking facility where there are very few people, itīs not that bad. I really had to shit so I left behind all my inhibitions and got started. At first, I was a little nervous of being in such an exposed toilet, but it was also a turn on, just thinking that a girl could notice a guy like me shitting. I even stayed a bit longer than usual just for the fun of being watched and I heard several voices outside, which I believe could see me. Also another guy also joined me, in the other stall, and it was cool. We both farted, grunted, and everything. Finally, I wiped, etc. and left. The other guy continued farting a! nd pooping. It was really cool.

To TVFan:

In the third season of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," Melissa
Joan Hart's character farts in the second episode.

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