Me and my boyfriend had another bonding and loving pooping experience last week. As usual, we went to the bathroom together and I pooped first. But this time, he sat on my lap while I pooped. :) We cuddled and it was so sweet. I ended up letting out one long turd and some little ones to follow. Then my boyfriend got up and he began wiping me several several times. Then he told me that he was gonna poop too. I'm totally thinking at this point that the toilet could not take it. He let out a huge turd and that was all he had to offer. I loved the fact that his poop softly landed on top of mine. We filled the bowl up pretty good. Then he got up and I wiped himself. He straightened his clothing and we both stood there admiring our products. He then leaned and pressed the lever down to flush the toilet. We both giggled as our poops swirled around and around trying to compete for which one would go down the hole first. But we watched as they both swirled fa! ster and faster around each other as the water lowered and it seems that they both went down the hole together. The TP seemed to linger behind a bit and we could partially see some of it halfway in the drain. We cuddled and kissed a bit until the tank filled up at least halfway, then he gave the toilet another big flush...leaving his fingers on the handle for a few seconds. The TP was sucked away instantly and the water swirled and vigorously gurgled down the drain.

To Lawn Dogs Kid: I liked your story how you and your girl friend watched each other poop in the field, cool story.

Not much to post on, infact i have no real stories to tell about. I haven't even been here in days as i've had a lack of time with work.

Only think is i've been online for hours and i gotta pee, bad..i'll wait till bedtime(soon)

I've been looking at this site for a long time and i decided to contribute a movie i saw where a woman sits on the toilet and takes a piss it happens in hollow man the rest of the movie sucked but thata was cool when she peed.

Has anyone out there had to assist anyone in getting their large poop out of their butt . I remember my mother telling me that when she was pregnant with me , this large German nurse had to reach inside her ass to pull out her compacted feces to give me room to come out !! Could that have anything to do with my butt obsessions ? Your friend , ileo .

kim & scott
hello all! TO EILENE-my girlfriend kim and i symphasize with your story of you being a cheerleader having to go to the bathroom badly and your coach not letting you.I tell you HOW CAN YOUR COACH BE SOOOO HEARTLESS??? big game or no big game? your coach should of let you go to the toilet. and you getting in trouble for it is utterly ridiculous. did you complain to your parents.? my dad is a school principal and woulda been pissed royally and gone to the school to complain if that happenned to me (I played baseball). I guess eilene you did not have much respect for your cheerleading coach after that huh? take care now. from scott

Monday, August 14, 2000

Ben in NY
I would just like to thank Kim and Scott, as well as Fiz for their kind comments. It's always nice to know people care.
On a more appropriate-to-forum subject matter, I think while I was away this summer I set a record. I went on a "Teen Tour," this is when a group of teenagers get on a coach bus and ride around the US, eating at restaurants and sleeping at hotels. It's very expensive, mind you, and therefore the girls on the trips are quite inhibited and, excuse the term, jappy. For those of you not from the US, jappy is a term for rich snobbish people. They're not mean or anything, just everything is "Gucci" this and "Prada" that. I'm sure you know how it is.
Well, travel days brought many desperate situations that I witnessed and will soon share if I am asked to. I saw 8 different girls get desperate this trip. If anyone is interested let me know!
Back to my record. I sometimes begin to rant like that. Well, with all the restaurant food and not a whole lot of exersizing, my shits became pretty big. On one such occasion, I took a shit that I approximated to be 2 feet long and 2 inches wide. I then took a few more little ones afterward, but my question is, has anybody ever had a full piece this big??? Not the sum total, hell then my shit would have been 4 feet long, but just one piece. Can't wait to find out!

I missed you too!


It is horrible that you got two weeks detention for going to the bathroom.
You should tell your parents what happened and they should speak to the dean about it. What the dean did was inexusable and unnecessary. Write an anonymous letter to the editor of your town newspaper. Tell the students in your school that your dean did a disgusting thing.
I think you could even sue the school. If this happened to me, I would never rest until I achieved some kind of justice. Speak to a person more powerful than the dean and see if the dean can be punished.

Eileen - I cant believe they gave you detention for going to the toilet, if it had been me, my parents would have wanted to know why I was in detention, and I would have told them...and my parents then would have told them!!

I love the new mast, it looks like Scary Spice from the Spice Girls looking rather constipated, can we have Gerry Halliwell pinching a loaf next week?

Enjoying all the posts.


Elena, your friend Miguel was spot on , if you get badly bunged up some time then this happens, the loose stool builds up behind the hard mass and once the solid jobbie is done all the horrible mushy and watery shit comes out after it. I have described this effect before and if the loose stool leaks past the hard lump then it is sometimes mistaken for an attack of diarrhea, hence it is called "spurious diarrhea".

Penny, if you havent done so, can I suggest you see a specialist Incontinence Nurse or advisor who will help you overcome this problem. Most women dribble slightly at times. I sometimes do so when carrying out strenous exercises, playing netball, field hockey , volleyball etc, but not a large amount, and I of course change my panties two or three times a day anyway as I am an instructor in a Sports and Leisure Centre and one doesnt want to be sweaty and smelly. You however seem to have stress incontinence, so I think you should see a specialist. Good luck!

Eilene, there is an old saying, "Those who can -DO, those who cant- TEACH" I think it applies to the two dunkleheads you mention espacially the principal once you had explained why you went to the toilet to save doing a poo in your panties. Adults can be so stupid about such matters!

Lawn Dogs Kid. I dont want to be a censor but I do wish the moderator DID spike some of the tales of the type you mention. In the UK the laws on what can be downloaded are a lot stricter than the USA and I feel this type of thing sails a bit close to the wind. What do other British posters feel?

We have a lot of Adams. It like buses, none for ages then 3 come along at once. Anyway, I love Adam from Glasgow's stories. Looks like Mrs Campbell was like many women, enjoyed doing a big jobie and was quite happy to let others see her offering. You explained beautifully to Melissa why she should NOT take laxatives and the more sensible alternatives. I hope she takes the advice. I must say the Scots seem to be really into defecation and coprophilia and are so much more open about it than the Southerners. I found an echo in the tale of your mum thinking she was finished and even wiping her bum then pullng up her knickers only to whip them down again and do another big easier jobbie. This has happened to me and once when I was in my teens I did a big firm jobbie thought I had finished then was washing my hands when I felt an urgent need to go again and went straight back into the same cubicle and dropped a big easy smmoth curved sausage on top of the knobbly panbuster torpe! do I had done fiven minutes earlier. If I had left the Girls Toilet I might not have made it back in time and would have filled my white cotton knickers as this easy jobbie just slid out into the pan with a "FLOOMP!" Nowadays I stay seated for a few minutes to see if there is more to come down before I wipe my bum and pull my knicks. Anyone else male or female had this experience and did you make it safely or fill your briefs?

Buck (IL)I think you have said this before and I can see that you are correct but the term vagina tends to be used to mean the female genitalia. There are lots of vulgar words but I would say that either vulva or the medico legal pudendum is more exact but many women I know , even well educated ones, refer to their vagina to mean the orifice though which they pee. I tend to call mine my "fanny" but of course in the USA that means butt or ass.

Finally, the tale about Monica Seles wetting her panties during a tennis match makes me wonder about professional tennis players. I havent yet seen one go off for a wee wee or a jobbie at Wimbledon but I have seen a picture of Hingis where she seems to have a wet patch on the gusset of her white briefs. Perhaps it was only sweat but she may have dribbled her knicks.

I just got back to Colorado after a weekend in Cincy for a wedding. My mother shared a room with her friend and my father and I shared a room. My parents are in their 60's and they are not your typical old folks. They aren't prudish like most people. I heard my father take a shit a couple of times this weekend. He even leaves the door open. I had to take several shits this weekend. I took one yesterday afternoon and another one last nite (Saturday). I will be taking another one today (Sun) after I leave the house.

For Eilene (Not Elena), your coach and Dean of Students sound like a-holes. They deserve public scorn for being against you having to take a dump in 3rd quarter.

For Lawn Dog Kids, I enjoyed your story of the both of you taking a dump in the field. If I decide to get married again, I would like a woman who is very playful but also who is very open with me on things especially on shitting.

Well, that is all for now....

Dear Moderator, I promise to be more careful what I write about in the future. I'm very sorry.

ONE LUCKY GUY: I've never been watched on the toilet by another boy before except for Andrew, and my Dad. What you wrote made me feel as if I'd let you watch me too, and that felt nice.

ALTHEA: Do you know how many boys you have let watch you go ?

I'm so glad that Andrew and Chloe are going out together. I might not be with them when they share an experience like two days ago in the field, but they both tell me all about it with lots of details that make me think I was there as well. Anyway, I'm not jealous because I don't like poo.

Andrew and I had a wee together later that day when he came to my house to tell me what happened. Mum was in the garden so we went to the bathroom quickly. I was wearing my "Mischa" skirt. So to make myself look more like Mischa for him, I pulled my panties right down to my ankles before I sat on the toilet. Andrew liked that very much. I could only do a little wee, because I didn't know he was coming, and I went only 20 minutes earlier. I managed to make it last a few seconds though.

Andrew has now started to pull down his trousers when he has a wee. Its so its fair to me and Chloe because its hard to hide our bits when we have to pull down our panties before sitting down. I like the new way he does a wee for me. His lasted about half a minute, and only went into the water when he had nearly finished.

I think I'll leave my panties pulled up next time I go. it helps keep my legs warm when I sit on a cold toilet seat !

Hope everyone is keeping well. What has happened to Lynda ? I was hoping to make an internet friend with her. I see her Cousin posted today.

Bye Bye for now. Love from Kendal

To Penny , Nothing to feel too horrified about dear . You didn't mention any physical conditions that would cause your accidents did you ? Do you feel that your genital muscle tone in an optimum state . Childbirth frequently weakens bladder control in some woman . Keegal excersizes often restore tone and control . Clamp down on your mans finger 20 times each day for a week and see if you feel any more confident . The mental stress of anticipating an accident , can also be debilitating . Working physically on your muscle tone will automatically create a mental boost for you . Good luck to you . I have spoken briefly in previous posts about my past experience with Ulcerative Colitus , which produces urges "to go" that are nearly unstoppable and devastating . The site that would offer you the most comfort is called : Shaz's Ileotomy page . Use any search engine . There are many men and woman there who speak freely about your very issue .

Hey Buck . You seem to be jumping to a rather dramatic conclusion that any woman who uses the general term "Vagina", must not be aware of the rest of her anatomy . I've never heard a woman describe the act of wiping herself , by saying that she gently patted her "Urethral opening" ? Men are generally total morons about their own anatomy and use just about any slang term to describe it . Why would a woman need to be more specific about hers ? I'm going to go excersize my Subcutaneous external sphincter muscle now . your friend , ileo -

Penny. Rest assured that your message is perfectly okay for this board. It's not uncommon for people to post here and ask for advice as well as exchange anecdotes. I hope you don't mind a male replying, but I couldn't ignore your posting. Although they haven't involved incotinence as such, I'm no stranger to urinary difficulties and I can sympathise. The problems you describe aren't as uncommon as you might think and often they can be managed or treated without too much difficulty. I'd advise discussing the problem with your doctor or district nurse who should be able to help. In the meantime, try to be positive about yourself. You're as deserving of love and respect as anyone. I hope things improve for you.


Matt K.
I went to the Toronto beer festival yesterday with my girlfriend Jen. Plenty of beer although the ticket queues were bad, and some very welcome portable toilets. Jen was wearing some great tight shorts which earned her plenty of admiring looks from some of the guys, and also faster attention at some of the counters.
What the guys there didn't know was that Jen took a huge dump in one of the toilets - she told me afterwards because she knows it turns me on!

Daniel: I know about it is also really common to watch public peeing and pooping in India and Sri Lanka. Many people actually refuse to go peeing or pooping indoors. An even more strange habit then the left hand wiping seems to be the fact that the men squat to pee while the women stand in some urban parts of India!

Sunday, August 13, 2000

been reading these posts for about a month and thought it about time to tell a few of my experiences.When I was very young my parents both worked circa 1960 . So my aunt Anne babysat me for the first 8 years or so of my life She couldnt have children for some medical reason and so never really wanted me to grow up as it seemed I still remember her always following me to the bathroom even though I was potty trained she would always come in and watch me pee and poop and would wipe my bottom also and always gave a close inspection to my poops many times taking them from the bowl in her hand and seemed to be really sniffing hard holding them close to her nose I asked her why she did this and she just said to make sure your good and healthy reminding me that it was our secret.Later when I was older 10 or 12 I stayed with her for the summer and asked her if I should still tell her when I needed to go to the bathroom she said yes I think that would be a good Idea as long as your staying with me The first morning after i had coffee with her I started drinking coffee very early in age I felt the usual need to have a BM and told Aunt Ann she said well lests go into the bathroom then and you can go I removed my pajama bottom and sat on the toilet very excited by now as was when I was younger Aunt Ann sat on the floor in front of me her head just inches from the edge of the bowl first I peed then a fairly good size turd starte to come out with farting and crackleing sounds fairly smelly too followed by some softer poop my aunts face was glowing she was really enjoying this I could tell I told her I was done and pulled some paper off the roll to wipe but she insisted on doing it for me so I gave her the paper and stood up facing the wall and pulled my cheeks apart for access to my bum I could see her in the mirror carefully wiping my bum and to my surprise she put the soiled paper right up to her nase and inhaled for allit was worth not knowing I could see herI asked why she did that and she said its our secretbut I just love to hear and watch and smell you going poop always have she confessed I told her well Ive always wanted to watch her go poop too and usually would go into the bathroom right after she finished just to smell her recent B M s she was surprised but said it was o k and soon I would get my wish more on the next letter Love gold girs stories

Hi everyone.. I had the craziest bowel problems a few days ago. I would get these awful urges to go poop.. it was like I was afraid to breath out of fear it would come out then and there.. but as I sat my bottom down.. nothing would happen. I would get horrible ???? cramps.. for a while I even thought my appendix was going to explode. The last time I went running in and sat down Miquel came in.. I was sitting there bare bottomed.. my overalls and panties down around my shins bent over all the way red faced. he said you okay? I said no.. I think I'm dying. Funny thing is I would hear my ???? grumble and feel something like bubbling deep in my gut. Finally I decided I'm either going to die.. or have a major poop. So I strained.. big time. I mean I put that poor girl on the new pic to shame(I feel your pain gal.. um did that girl finally poop I wonder) Nothing happened at first.. but then.. I felt it.. my bottom opened wide.. and I mean wide as my poor hole stretched to the max! and then some as this dry rock hard poop slowly and painly slid out. I sat there with my legs bouncing and thrashing about as I made noises like OOOOO AHHHHHHHHH, EEEEEEEEEEE.. then in a huge splash it came out. My stomach gurgled and I grabbed the sides of the toilet as blast after blast of wet poop came out of me. I didn't care I felt soooooooooooo much better with every passing moment. Miguel said it had happened to him once.. it that you have constipation and then you get an upset stomach and it tries to get the bad stuff out but the dry hard stuff is blocking the way. Man.. i hope never to go through with that again.. unless it's cause I'm giving birth. Whew. Well later everyone.

Hi, I'm a 26 year old white American. I am acquainted (hoping for more, but that's another topic) with a very attractive young woman about my age who is originally from Sri Lanka, but has lived in the United States since she was 10. Her dress, mannerisms, and tastes are, IMO, more American than Asian. Sri Lanka is an island off the southern tip of India, for those who don't know.

I'll admit to "undressing" her with my eyes, daydreaming about her pulling down her jeans and sitting on the toilet. I don't remember exactly how the subject came about, but we were discussing differences between certain cultures. She was telling me about various Sri Lankan customs and such when she asked me if I wanted to hear "kind of a gross" story. I said sure, why not.

She then told me that, although she has lived in the States for 16 of her 26 years, she still resorts to the "Sri Lankan custom," as she calls it, of wiping herself with her left hand. She explained how she pulls the toilet paper, wipes her genitals, and flushes the toilet, all with her left hand. She then interjected that she also "cleans" herself during "that time of the month," always with her left hand.

I was, by then, "hard" by the thought of her doing her duty. I asked her if that was the way she was trained to wipe after going. She said "yes," and was told to never use her right hand for wiping herself. She also said that she still finds it hard to eat or drink anything with her left hand, as many Americans and Europeans do, because of the association with wiping.

I have no reason to doubt her sincerity about this custom. I'm afraid I won't post her first name since it is an unusual (by American standards, anyway) - that's why I refer to this person as "she" and "her." However, has anybody else heard about this custom? I'd like to hear especially from those living in, or originally from, Sri Lanka or the Indian Subcontinent. Thanks, Daniel

TV Fan
Does anyone here watch the HBO series "Sex and the City"? Surprisingly, there have been several bathroom refernces on the show over the last couple of seasons. During the first season, there was an episode where the main character, Carrie, actually farted while having sex. Last year (second season), Carrie told her girl friends that she was becoming so comfortable with her boyfriend (whose name on the show is "Big") that she actually (in her words) "made number two" in his apartment. That prompted a discussion among her and her friends about situations where they had had to poop while with their dates. One girl said she was sharing a hotel room with her date and had to run down to the lobby to make number two because the sounds in the bathroom could be heard in the room. Another girl said she only dated rich men, because they usually live in large mansions where the bathrooms are far away from the bedroom. Earlier this year, Carrie dated a politician whose secret fetish! was that he liked to be peed on. Then, just a week ago there was an episode where Carrie's friend, Miranda, was doing her boy friend's laundry and she noticed poop stains on his underwear, which were shown in a closeup on camera. Later, she and Carrie were discussing the stains and Miranda comlained that her boyfriend didn't seem capable of wiping his own ass. Two questions occurred to me. Has there ever been another American TV show where a woman made a reference to ass wiping? I can't think of any. Also, does anyone know of any specific references by women on American TV to pooping? Most of the bathroom references on shows like "Friends" are to peeing, and when there is a poop reference, it's usually done by a man. Farting is also usually a "male" thing on TV shows. With the exception of Marge Simpson farting earlier this year on the Simpsons, I can't remember any other depiction of a woman farting on TV. Can anyone?

I used to go to this bar where they had a mens room attendant who had cologne, mints, cigars, shoeshine, etc. for sale. One time I was in there pissing when some guy in the stall unloaded an absolute reeking shit. The attendant's solution was to take the cap off a bottle of cologne and blow across the top of the open bottle with a hand held blow dryer. It worked pretty good. I guess if you worked in a toilet you would know all the techniques.

I realise this is not really the correct message board for this message but there may be
readers in a similar position to myself.

I am looking for genuine people (prefferably women) who like myself are accident prone.
I would like to share problems advice and be able to get accidents of my chest without
fear of ridicule or embarrassement. I have a number of personal issues I would like to
discuss and hopefully learn about other sufferers on a one to one basis. I am not
prepared at this moment in time to broadcast all my accidents and problems to a public
message board.

I find it so much easier discussing embarrassing accidents over the net rather than
face to face. As well as advice it may also help to look at the lighter side of things,
ie. detailing our most embarrassing accidents for example. If you can laugh at
wet episodes I find it helps. Its so much better than bottling it all up. I hope people
take this message for real real and there is no morons out for a cheep thrill.
I am wearing my heart on my sleeve writing this, there is more in this one message
then I have told even my closest friends.

I suppose I should really start by introducing myself. My name is Penny, I'm 36 and the
mother of 2 adorable sons, Thomas (11) and James (8) and have been married to Stephen for
13 years. I am 5ft 9 tall and weigh 9st 6lbs and work as a regional buyer for a large
clothing retail outlet in England.

Initially I started in the clothing buisness in the mid 80's as a part time model and
worked my way up to my present position, of this I am very proud. Though my career is
important, my family always comes first, I also love most sports and keep myself very

Since my early 20's I have suffered from urge incontinence. Over the years I have
found that the length time I can hold myself has steadily reduced. I can usually hold
on for upwards of 10 minutes or so, though on occasions and more so recently it may be
as short as a minute.

Since the birth of my 2nd son James, I have also suffered from stress incontinence, this
causes me to leak whenever I sneeze, cough, stretch or lift a heavy object.

Obviously working within the clothing industry I take great pride in my appearance and
usually wear a jacket, skirt and tights (pantyhose). I always wear a shortish skirt,
firstly because I have the legs and figure for them (please don't think I am being big
headed), secondly it does no harm securing deals with the customer (if you have got it
flaunt it), thirdly and most importantly a skirt hides minor accidents. I don't know
how other women feel, but for me trousers are a definate no no. Even a small leak can
produce embarrasement. If I have a minor accident at work (ie. my underwear is wet) I
can just nip to the toilet change my panties and tights (I never go anywhere without
spares in my handbag) and no one is any the wiser.

Usually I wear absobant pads though I may wear incontinence briefs depending on the
circumstances (ie. a long car journey or I am exercising). The protection is one of the
reasons I prefer tights to stockings as they help hide my pads from men atempting to
get an eye full (as they do). I must admit though they are probably the reason I suffer
so much from cystitus.

Well thats a brief intro if anyone out there would like to share their problems on a one to
one basis I will be glad to swop notes.


Hi all> MELISSA.... Your poo poo episode is quite admirable. i myslef love the sight of hug fat poo poos. I was wondering how tal and heavy you are as I frewquently ponder howbig poos are taht differnet size woman produce. I hope you don't have any pain from the big ones anymore. Jon

Ben in NY - we DID miss you and we're glad you're back.

Buzzy - glad to see YOU back too. Please, Buzzy, never tire of posting your stories on here... we all have different tastes but your stories just hit the mark with me every time. They probably are my all-time favourites....

Also Gruntly Bogwell.. got another tale for us, Gruntly? I LOVE your stories.

Mr Small
I have had a real itchy arse for about two weeks now,the worse thing is every time i go for a shit it is like crapping peanuts.I mean it hurts!!!I've looked for worms & not found any.It stinks as well,& its mostly undigested,like bits of corn & peppers.What do you reckon?

To Justin: I liked that story about the bathroom in the bar how you had to wait to shit and you go to see what each person

Yesterday i was out and i came home and just as i got in i had a urge to shit, it was strong so i went. It was soft. Then later in the evening after that i felt gassy etc. I think it was cause of eating too many tomatoes. Then i had to go to bed as i had to be up early in the AM for work. I felt like all the shit wasn't out of me yet(from eariler) so i filled a bucket up with hot water and sat in it for several minutes and i and i began pooping cause of the water. It felt good. Lots of tomatoes and mushrooms in my shit. Then this morning i was about to leave for work....i sorta felt an urge to shit, but i held off as i had to be at work soon. At first it felt like gas, then i felt poop...but i held it and it was just some gas. Haven't gone since thursday night.

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