my mother and sister recently visited me for a couple of nights(i live interstate from them).i live alone in a three bedroom townhouse and my room has an ensuite. my sister is an outgoing sort of person who is very healthy and athletic(5'11)and quite attractive.i am not a morning person and sleep in for as long as i can. so the other morning i am woken by my sister, asking me if she could use the toilet in my ensuite because my mother was using the other bathroom. i said go for it, all i wanted to do was go back to sleep. in my half awoken state i noticed she was wearing an oversized tshirt that barely covered her arse and she had a magazine in her hand. i rolled over in the opposite direction and heard enter the ensuite without closing the door, throw the mag on the floor,pull down her panties and sit heavily on the toilet making a clattering sound. a booming fart echoed out from the toilet bowl,BRRRRRRFFFFFFFTT followed by a trickling that went on for quite a while. i rolle! d back the other way and my eyes half open saw my sister perched on the toilet from a side-on perspective. she was sitting upright leaning forward slightly with her hands clasped together resting on her lap, knees together and her feet on tiptoes well back either side of the toilet. she smiled and apologised for her fart and said " i'm constipated so i'll be here for while. i'll try to be quiet as possible". well i don't know what her definition of quiet is because so far it had been anything but quiet. after the trickling had subsided she picked up the magazine and she began to slowly flip the pages i began to fall asleep . since i was only half asleep i could hear my sister making nasal grunting noises that occasionally resulted in silent squeaky type farts PRRRRRRRFFFFFFFT.........PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT. after about ten minutes of straining that had been increasing in intensity to vocal grunting, a crackling sound gave way to a resounding KAPLUNK and huge sigh of relief from my ! sister. the depth charge sound that i could feel through my mattress,startled me and there i saw my sister now red faced leaning well forward with her arms folded into her stomach making her large curvacious backside more pronounced ,dwarfing the toilet she was occupying. the first tremendous splash gave way numerous golf ball sized turds that pounded the porcelain relentlessly...PLOP PLUNK PLOOOP PLIP PLUP PALOOOP PLOP PLUNK KALOP......BRRRRRRRRRRT PFFFFFFFFFT. AAHHHH my sister was writhing in pure relief of this mass exodus from her large framed body. after about 15 cannonballs all fell silent as she slowly rose back to an upright seated position. she remained very still with a look of total concentration on her face as she stared deeply into the wall in front of her. her straining become noticable as she slowly lent forward to eject what sounded like an extremely long piece of excrement FALOOOOOMSSSSSHHHH oohhh god my sister exclaimed gee i feel 10 pounds li! ghter. while still seated she took her right arm back and flushed the toilet. after the cistern had finished and things were becoming quiet again my sister took it upon herself to release the loudest and most elongated fart i have from a female let alone a reverberated in the toilet bowl with such force i also felt it through my mattress. i said "your'e kidding jennifer. what did you eat" she laughed and apologised again. "aren't you finished yet". no she said she felt more was waiting to came out. she had already spent fifteen minutes on the toilet but she told me it was not unusual for her to sit for up to 45 minutes. for the next 15 minutes not much happened except for the occassional PLOP and squeaky wet fart. she was now reading her magazine with her back against the cistern with her legs crossed over. after about 40 minutes had elapsed jennifer called out to me for some toilet paper which i had neglected to provide. i was ready to rise and shine anyway so i we! nt and retrieved some and just as i was about to hand her the toilet paper she cupped her hands over her nose and sneezed 6 times in slow succession with such force it caused her to fart after each one. i found it quite amusing as each one had a different note to it. her sneezing had caused her pooh some soft shit SSHHHLOOOP SLOP SLUP SLIP BRRRRRRTTTTHHHHHHH.. jennifer shook her head from side to side telling me that this was the biggest shit she had done in a long time but she had not been to the toilet for a bowel movement in 3 days. jennifer eats like a horse but has a great metabolism. anyway i hand her the toilet paper and told me that she might sit for a light longer. i splashed some water on my face and went to dry it with my towel that was right behind jennifer. as i lent forward to dry my face i couldn't help but notice i was looking straight down on my sister's bum that was seated well forward so i could see in the toilet bowl. at that point in time jennifer ! gave a quick strong grunt and a long mushy log spewed its way out of her a-hole,followed by a lenghty wet fart that caused her arse to spit out a couple of little chunks.i stood back as she sat upstraight and she apologised for intrusion. i said "hey it doesnt matter, we're family". as i was making breakfast jennifer came out about ten minutes later holding her bum. i asked her what was wrong. "my bum hurts from sitting on the toilet for an hour". she turned around and lifted her tshirt to reveal a very prominent red ring on her butt checks(she was wearing g-string panties).i said take a seat and laughed but she did not share my sentiments

Just looking through the archives, I see that there are a lot of posts from people who got punished for going to the bathroom in their pants. I was wondering if anybody ever got punished for going in the toilet.

It happened to me when I was a junior in high school and a cheerleader for the basketball team. The team was playing for regional championship and the game was at this really big school with the really big gym because there was going be a big crowd. The school gym was really nice but the same couldn't be said for their bathrooms. They were indeed very clean and the bathroom was really big (there were 12 stalls) but the stalls didn't have any doors on them. I couldn't believe it but there was absolutely no privacy in there.

When we got there, myself and the whole squad of cheerleaders headed immediately for the girls' room. We always do that to fix our makeup and stuff and obviously to take of our bodily functions before the game. Needless to say, we were shocked at the no doors on the stalls thing. Eventually, though, some of the girls started using the toilets and pretty soon we were all doing it -- one girl even had a bowel movement and took some ribbing for the others. Personally, I didn't give her any ribbing because I had to do a bowel movement, too as well as a very urgent need to piss.

Finally, I got up enough courage to piss in there mostly because I was getting pretty desperate and knew I was never going to be able to hold it in all night. But not having to go #2 that bad, I resisted doing that. As the game wore on, though, the need to go was getting pretty intense and I started to wonder if I was going to be able to hold it in until we got home.

By halftime, I was pretty desperate to poop and knew I was going to have to do something. Halftime, though, was the worst time to go as the bathroom was completely crowded and using a stall without a door would be like going in front of an audiences. I finally resolved that I would come back during the third quarter when the girls' room would pretty much clear out and finally do my bowel movement. With that bathroom mostly empty, I figured I'd at least have some privacy.

Well, anyway I went back to cheering and about 3 minutes or so into the third quarter, I felt a strong push from m bowels. Its that kind of signal that says, "GO TO THE TOILET NOW!" I asked the coach if I could go to the girls' room, but she gave me an emphatic "NO!" I told her it was an emergency, but she relaly didn't believe me and said that if I really had to go, I should have gone at halftime. I pleaded with her, but she told me just to sit down I cheer. I tried to prolong it, but I knew that I just couldn't hold on much longer.

I asked her again, but when she said "no" again, I knew I had no other choice I knew that if I didn't go to the girls' room immediately, I was going to go in my pants. I just looked over at her and said, "I'm sorry Mrs. _____, but I really have to go the bathroom and I just can't wait." With that I went running for the bathroom and I barely made it. I didn't even have time to line the toilet seat with paper. I felt it starting to come out as I was taking my panties down and the instant my but hit that toilet seat, this big mass of soft, semi-solid poop splashed into the toilet.

It was all over in a matter of seconds but one second more and it would have been in my pants. I sat there and composed myself for a while and then began a major wiping job. It took close to a dozen wipes to finally get clean, and thankfully no one came walking by the open stall while I was doing it.

I washed up and returned back to cheerleading at the game. The coach gave me a long glaring look upon my return but never said anything at the game or on the trip home.

The next morning in school, though, my name was called on the list of people to report to the Dean of Discipline's office. To make a long story, short I got two weeks detention for my trip to the bathroom and I couldn't cheer at the next two basketball games. The Dean said what I did was "Insubordination" and we couldn't have cheerleaders going around disobeying the coach. I asked him if he would have preferred that I go in my pants. Then he asked me if I wanted a months detention instead of two weeks. I realized that my arguments were hopeless and just served my two weeks like I was supposd to. At least I got to do my homework in detention so it wasn't that bad, but I think its really stupid that I got detention just for going to the bathroom.

Seeing as how people are posting about seeing abysitters on the toilet.. I guess I should too. Elena's mom took care of me much of my life.. and I saw her a number of times. The first time was like this. I was sitting around watching TV with Elena's mom. Elena was taking a nap ( I never napped.. still don't.. maybe that's why I'm so tired) Anyway I thought I saw her get up.. but I thought she went to go check on Elena as she kissed my forehead as she left. I kinda had to poop so I went holding my little bottom. I didn't notice her go in.. the door was partially open as I went in and saw her... her hands under her dress. She looked at me and I rmeber feeling her hot on my face from blushing.( It's no secret to Elena, I had the HUGEST crush on her mom.. still do kinda) I said I was sorry ( the urge too poop faded out of shear fear from getting in trouble.. but more her hating me) She smiled and said it's okay come in. I did shaking and shut the door. She moved her hands down und! er her dress (pulling her panties down I assumed as I saw nothing) And she sat down as I caught a flash of hip as she lifted it up a bit. She looked at me and motione dme closer. I went closer and she stroked my head and said don't worry I'm not mad. She did what I thought was pee. It made no noise.. it was like a whisper.. soft and quiet. I rested my head on her lap and she stroked my head and I heard a faint tinkling.(Elena may have said it before that she saw her mom go a few times and she's right.. her mom goes quietly)Ilooked at her and said I heard you pee. She laughed and said.. oh my (This is all translated from spanish mind you)I try not to let anyone hear me.. you must have good ears. I said are you mad.. she shook her head and said no. I rested my head back on her lap. (Her dress was smoothed over her lap so nothing showed)I heard her puff a bit. I looked up and she blushed and said.. I'm going to poop. I said okay... and I sat down on the floor and looked up at her! . She talked to me about many things. I told her when she undressed I didn't see anything. She said good boy. I told her I wanted to.. blushing. She laughed.. so you tried huh? She smiled and said my panties are white with little flowers on them.. and I have a white slip on. I noded and told her I had blue underwear on. She laughed and said it was okay not to tell her. Then she sighed. I asked did you...? She nodded.. and smiled and said i do that quietly too. Then she said I'm not done yet and bent over forward singing a bit. (She had such a lovely voice.. to this day I remember her singing me to sleep) I kinda asked.. auntie (not my real aunt but I cauled her that anyway.. cause she was close like family to me and my family)can I hear you poop? She looked at me with half a smile and then closed her eyes.. I heard her strain a bit then SPLASH. She sighed.. and put her finger to her lips then said.. don't tell a soul you heard.. then winked. I was in heaven.. for a while.. as! she sighed a third time.. as a thrid poop slid out quietly I felt the urge return big time. I held my bottom boucing around.. she saw this and said okay your turn I see. She pulled down my shorts and underpants and sat me down. I remember the seat being so warm.. I looked at her as she soothed me with her singing.. and 5 big plops came out one right after another.(Yup buddy dump fans rejoice)I said aren't you going to get dressed? She kissed my head and said you finish first. I adjusted myself in the front and peed. Then she cleaned me and dressed me and stood me in front of her as she sat back down. She sighed again and she said now.. be a good boy and turn around while I clean myself. I said yes auntie and did. I wanted to peek but I loved her so much with all my 4 year old heart I didn't Then came the flush and I turned around.. She looked at me as she adjusted under her dress. She said go see if leena is okay.. if she's awake bring her here so she can sit on her potty. I ! did and I turned around to look back at her. She turned around I gues unaware of me lookign abck and I saw her finish pullign up her panties.. I even saw them. I confessed to her later.. she laughed and said I was a good boy to tlel her.. that because of that.. she would not get mad.. THIS time. Oops sorry went a bit too long wlel hope you guys are enjoying what is left of summer.. I know I sure am.

Lawn Dogs Kid
ALTHEA: Thanks for your lovely comment in defense of Kendal, Chloe, and myself. However, I just wondered if you had misunderstood the comment made by the Moderator. He/she was specifically passing comment on a post that was not published from Kendal. Without revealing details that would cause this post to follow in the same boat, I gather she made comments about her chest, and some kind of comparison between the down below parts of both herself and Chloe. I've re-read the rules of this site, and although I don't believe that what Kendal had to say was necessarily wrong in itself, they would perhaps have been controversial for a site like this. The Moderator has received adverse comments from regular posters in times gone by in relation to stories about children. Although Kendal's post also contained a story about Chloe staying with her while she had a poo, the majority of the post was off subject for this site, and rejected in line with the rules. Kendal now knows the rules, a! nd I'm sure will be posting again soon. The Moderator is not against stories involving children and young people, so long as they stay on subject. Therefore, Please tell us a story or two about your experience of letting boys watch you when you were a kid. A detailed story from you I'm sure would be wonderful ! Very many thanks.

ONE LUCKY GUY: I really loved your stories about Jules, and especially Kim. Congratulations on your engagement to Jules' as well !! You will be pleased to know that Chloe and I have decided to go out with one another. Also, thanks for the advice about Kendal. I love my little cousin so much I would never forget her or do anything to hurt her. Chloe is her best friend and obviously feels the same.

I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday, but yesterday mornings meeting with Chloe provided me with one of the best moments of my short life so far. So much happened, but I'll try not to make this post too long.

Firstly, when I went to meet her, her Dad was home. He had decided to work from home that day, and I suffered quite an interrogation about my intentions towards Chloe ! But he is a very nice man who cares about his daughter, so I accepted his questioning in good spirit, and I think I've won him over so far. I suppose the main problem is the 3 years and 4 months age gap between us. But then Chloe looks older, and I probably don't look 15 really. So we certainly don't look out of place together. Also, Chloe and I have no intention of doing anything we shouldn't. We therefore can't let anyone down in that manner. I'm sure things will work out wonderfully. We will just have to be very careful about our toileting arrangements in the same way as Kendal and I have been over the past two or three years !

Now when Chloe and I arranged to meet, we both thought no one would be at her house, until her Dad intervened in that matter. Consequently, I had saved my morning poo to enable her to watch me sitting on the toilet for the first time. Now it wasn't possible, and I was really busting to go ! Then I had to withstand her fathers questions ! After that Chloe and I went into their lounge. As soon as we were out of ear-shot, I whispered to her "I need the loo". She whispered back "#1 or #2 ?". "Number 2", I told her. Chloe bit her lip in contemplation, and then grinned wickedly. "I know", she said, "just leave it with me". She went off past her father's study and leaning in, she said "Dad, we're going for a walk. Is that o.k ?". "Yes. Behave yourselves, and be back for lunch. Andrew can stay as well if he wants", said her Dad. "Thanks Dad. I'm just off to the loo first", she replied.

Now as I stood in desperation, I couldn't believe that she had gone to the loo herself ! Then I thought that perhaps she'd done the right thing. I was sure to make a smell ! Listening intently from where I was standing, I convinced myself I could hear her weeing, and then after a minute, I heard a loo flushing, and Chloe re-appeared.

"Right, we're off Dad". And then she took me by the hand and led us to the front door. "What about my poo", I asked. "Don't worry, I've got an idea", she said. But I was worried. The first time I have gone out with this girl, and I really didn't want it to be a memorable occasion because I crapped my pants !

As we left the house, she turned us in the direction of my house, 10 minutes away. She would have known that both my parents work, and the house was empty. So, by concentrating hard, I thought I would be able to hold out until we got there. However, within a minute, we had turned off the route down one of the lovely lanes out of the village. "Chloe, I really need to go". "I know you do, not far now". "Not far where ?", I asked. "To this quiet field I know".

"I've never crapped in a field in my life", I said. But Chloe grinned and said "there's always a first time for everything". "But what about wiping my bum", I asked. "Stop worrying", she said, and then reaching behind her back, she produced a toilet roll that she had pinched from her loo. It was nearly used up, which is how she had been able to hide it behind her back, tucked into the elasticated waist of her jeans, and hidden by her t-shirt that nearly covered her bottom. Although it was nearly used, I could see there was plenty left on it for my use, and more besides perhaps, depending on how my poo turned out. I was now out of excuses, and to be honest, was now utterly thrilled at the prospect of a first outdoor poo, and especially with Chloe watching !

However, that excitement made me want to go all the more. "How much further", I said "I'm almost filling my pants". "Hold on she said, the gateway is just up there, look". Just one more minute it seemed, but it was the longest of my life. I could no longer relieve the pressure with farts as I had been doing all the way there, and shortly before we reached the gate, I got a cramp that brought me out in a cold sweat, and I stopped. "Are you ok ?". "No". "Are you crapping your pants ?". "I'm trying desperately not to".

Now Chloe did look concerned, and began to apologise for bringing me so far. I thought she was going to cry, and my concern over that took my thoughts away from my impending poo. The urge died away, fortunately, so we made a final dash for the seclusion of the field and its hedges.

We got inside, and found the spot for me to go. The real urgency had gone away at this point. So I was able to take my time undoing my jeans. Then I was wondering how best to go about this, and asked Chloe what she thought. With a grin, she exclaimed "God, boys are useless ! Like this look". And she squatted on the balls of her feet, feet wide apart, and then leaned forward until she was able to rest some of her weight on the knuckles of her grounded hands in front of her. "You'll also find it's less likely that you'll wee or poo on your clothes if you keep the majority of the material bunched around your knees", and she came to me, lifted my jeans and underpants from around my ankles, and pulled them back up above my knees, until the bottom of the jean legs were not sagging into my trainers, and then pushed the jeans back down again until the material was bunched in a small area just above my knees. "There", she said !

I followed her squatting example, and was surprised how comfortable the position was to hold, and also how easy it was to make poo, although my desperation probably had something to do with that !

Unlike One Lucky Guy with Kim, I wasn't interested in prolonging the experience, and within a second of settling in position, I pumped my ???? hard, and my poo began shooting out into the open air preceeded by a rasping fart. Chloe had sat down cross legged a little distance behind me for a grandstand view ! "God, Andrew !" she exclaimed, as it continued for fully 10 seconds. As the first wave ended, I caught my breath and rested for a moment or two until I could feel the second billing ready to go on show! I pumped hard again, with a similar result, rasping fart, and continuous non-stop poo. The smell had reached me by this point, and it was not pleasent ! Chloe spoke again "Oh my darling, you really did need to go didn't you !". I knew I'd done quite a load, but I could still feel some left. My poos normally take three or four goes to finish. On this occasion, a third go was to be enough. A good pump of my ???? this time released poo that felt reasonably solidish, but! was verging on mushy. I couldn't believe that I wasn't making Chloe feel sick at the sight, because when I moved away to see what I'd left behind, there really was quite a mound of sloppy, sandy coloured poo. Not attractive at all. But Chloe didn't seem to mind as she came to my side and handed me the toilet roll. In fact she joked "We'll have to get the map makers out to survey this new hill thats appeared just outside our village !".

I must have wiped over a dozen times before the toilet paper began to look clean, and as I suspected, there had been enough, and I handed the remainder back to Chloe. Then she said, "want to watch me christen it ?". I told her I was surprised she could do any more wee after the big one I heard her do at her house. "Oh, that wasn't real", she said. "I tipped the water out of Mum's vase of flowers in the window down the loo so Dad would think I was weeing. Could you really hear it as well ?". I told her I thought I had been able to hear something. "Well, I didn't cheat on you", she continued. "I saved it in order to christen your poo". And with that she pulled down her jeans, and bunched them up around her knees in exactly the way she had shown me, and then carefully manouvered her bottom over my poo hill. I watched sitting from a side view as she began to wee all over my poo, and the newly formed hill suffered its first flash flood !

As her wee dribbled to an end, she stood and wiped her bits with some more of the toilet paper, and I began to get up. But she said "Now go and sit behind me. I haven't finished yet". I did as I was told, and as her cute bottom hovered around four inches above my poo pile, I witnessed an amazing sight for the first time. I watched as the hole in her bottom suddenly began to expand. Wider and wider it stretched and then it seemed to poke outwards as well. Then the red suddenly gave way to darkness as her beautiful brown poo emerged. It was a good solid one that poked out towards me a good two or three inches or so before gravity took a hold and it began to bend downwards. It began to poke into my poo mound before she had finished it, and the final two inches she produced caused it to buckle backwards and break into two pieces. One eight incher she did. A total contrast in both colour and consistency. The firmness of her poo meant she needed just a single wipe of her bottom.

We left the field, deciding we wouldn't hold hands until we had washed them in the brook that ran under the road a further five minutes away. Once washed, we had a wonderful kiss and cuddle, and walked all over the place for nearly two hours before returning to her house for lunch.

My "try not to make this post too long" post has got very long now, but I hope you all enjoyed this experience of mine and Chloe's. I'm not sure I'd want to do it very often, but this really was an experience of a lifetime for me !

There was once a time when i was on holiday in the south of france and i was on the beach and i realised i needed a poo so i decided to go and find some toilets i eventually did but they were unisex toilets but not only that they were not even modern toilets they were just holes in the floor and they were open so i thought great . I started to go and i knew it was going to be a large one so i sat there facing the wall with my back to who ever came in it came with a lot of panting and pushing when i had finished i looked at it and thought that is the largest one i have ever done still not looking up at the door . when i did look up there was a woman standing there watching me she was english and said to me as i was pulling my boxers up nice poo would you like to watch me poo i said yes so she set about pulling her shorts down and then knickers i could feel my willie getting exited at this point and the she said to me you can come a bit closer so i said thanx and i did and knelt! down on the floor just as she started to pee it wasa nice tinkle sound then she said its coming so i watched with anticipacation as to wot sort it was she screamed ahhhhh for about 20 seconds and then came ohhhhhh and out it came she started again after this with oooohhhhh again nad it was another large one this came out with a satisfying plop she then said i have finished and got up as she did i went over to look in they both were a smooth round shape she said her name was laura and that she was 15 (the same age as me) she then proceded to pull up her knickers and shorts and thanking me walked off .
this is my first time and my willie was still quite exited so i waited 2 minutes then walked out but she was gone.

Hi Tony. Great to read from another jock (scot) who enjoys big jobbies or as we would say "daein a big keigh".

Before I tell you of big jobbies done by other family members etc, I would like to comment on Melissa and her "problem". Like many people here I would strongly advise her NOT to use strong chemical laxatives. Apart from the unplesant way these work and the risk of having, in her case, a huge accident in her panties, these are systemic and upset the entire digestive system. They can also become habit forming and you depend on them for a motion and in the end have to take more and more powerful laxatives to get any result at all. This happened to an aunt of mine who, unlike my mum, was a believer in inner cleanliness and always took her daily dose of senna or sometimes both senna and epsom salts ( magnesium sulphate). She often shit her knickers when she couldnt hold it in because of the diarrhea caused by these laxatives, but when she didnt take them she bunged up as her bowels had become totally dependent. She ended up suffering from inflamation of the colon from the irr! itant effects of the increasingly powerful laxatives she took and had to get a course of special enemas at the hospital, go on a controlled diet and take tablets prescribed by the doctor who gave her a strong scolding for her stupidity. Thankfully she was cured of the colitis and the diet regulated her bowels back to fairly normal operation. So I recommend that you have more "bulk" (fibre or roughage) in your diet, brown pasta or rice, more vegetables, drink more fluid, take more exercise. You may have to have a bit of trial and error to get the amount right. Too little wont have any effect, to much and you will be passing loose mushy poos. The result I would want is to pass a large formed but easy motion consisting of one or two long fat turds which come out without too much strain and dont break up as they are passed. If you still have difficulties passing hard fat turds try the mineral oil or liquid parafin many posters here use for constipation, or insert a glygerine suppo! sitory (I assume you get these in the USA, perhaps under a different name), up your back passage and hold it in until it melts and lubricates your lower rectum. These two remedies do not cause losoe or watery stools, what comes out is still nice and solid but a lot easier to pass.

Love the new picture but its a pity she hasnt pulled her jeans down so we could see her panties at the top of her thighs. She looks as if she is doing a really big jobbie and she is possibly a bit constipated. If only there were WAV sound files on this page, I can imagine listening to the "NNN! and OO!" sounds she must be making and the "KUR-SPLOONK!" as her big turd drops into the pan.

Now Tony, to reply to your request. My family, as was common then in Glasgow, was a lot larger than modern one's. Unlike yourself who is an only child, I had 4 older sisters and 2 younger brothers, 7 kids in all, not that uncommon then and we were all close in age as mum had us all one after the other. Obviously, seeing my siblings doing the toilet was common, after all with only one bathroom if one kid meeds a pee or a motion and others are having a bath then you just do it in front of the others. Thus I often saw my big sisters doing their jobbies and looked down the pan with them at what they had passed, and likewise the older of my two young brothers. (The youngest one was a spastic and, as happened in those day he was put in an institution although we visited him regularly. I feel this was the best solution as we could not have coped with him at home, but that is going off subject). I have already told how I first saw my dad doing a jobbie when we went fishing. As reg! ards my mum, although we often saw her big jobbies when she did one too big to flush away and it was stuck in the toilet pan, no she didnt let me or my brother be present in the toilet when she used it, although the girls were permitted to stay if they were for example washing their hair. In those days, the 1950's people were a lot more "modest" although neither of my parents were prudes, I oftens saw mum and the girls walk about the house in their knickers (and bra for mum and the girls when they grew older and had to wear one) and was as my sisters matured well aware of what periods were. Anyway, during the scuool summer holidays, (vacation) we had gone to a place called Troon on the south west coast of Scotland. My brother Donnie and I were playing in the sand dunes practicising the trail craft we had learned in the Cubs (Cub Scouts) when we saw mum approach in the distance. This was just after our picnic lunch. We saw she was carrying a toilet roll and guessed she was look! ing for a place to do the toilet. We hid behind a bush and decided to watch. I was about 12 at the time, Donnie was 11. Mum was unaware of being watched as she found this dip between the dunes and ater a quick look around put the toilet roll down on the sand an hitched up her pale blue cotton summer dress and pulled down the big pair of white cotton knickers (briefs) she was wearing, the same type that many other posters such as George and you Tony have described in detail, with elastic through the leg opening cuffs. She squattted and her wee wee gushed out making a dark patch on the sand. We then heard her grunt and go ""OO! NNN!" and slowly a fat brown jobbie started to be pushed out between her fat bum cheeks. She grunted and strained until it grew to about 10 inches long then dropped onto the sand. We thought she had finished and at first so did she as she wiped herself then started to pull up her knickers, but stopped when they were half way up and pulled them down again,! squatting down again and out slid a long smooth curved jobbie of equal size to the first hard knobbly carrot. This time she stayed squatting but apart from a loud fart and another small wee wee, she did no more, She again wiped herself with toilet paper , pulled her panties up again, dropped her skirt and satisfied went back to the beach. When we were sure she had gone we had a good look at her two big fat jobbies, one hard and knobbly carrot shaped and the other softer but still solid and formed and curved like a big sausage. Of course we didnt mention to anyone else what we had seen.

After the incident when I did the big panbuster in our neighbour, Mrs Campbell's, toilet I saw one of hers similarly stuck. This was a month or so afterwards and I arrived for lunch. As soon as we had eaten she excused herself and, asking me to clear the table said she was just going to the toilet. She farted as she walked down the halway to the toilet so I knew she was needing a motion. I didnt hear any sound effects but she was away for about 10 minutes and her son, Kevin said, "Mummy must be doing a big jobbie" I did hear the flush being pulled twice then Anna came out looking a bit red faced. I needed to go myself by this stage and as I went she giggled and said, "Ive just done a big jobbie like you did a few weeks ago and its stuck!" Kevin came with me to have good look. Sure enough, there was a big 12 inch long , 2.5 inch thick light brown jobbie , a curved one, in the bottom of the pan. I buddy dumped my own jobbie on top of Anna's , mine being about 8 inches long! (I was only about 12 at the time) and 2 inches thick, with a loud "KUR-SPLOONK!". Now surprisingly when I pulled the flush both jobbies mine and Anna's went away at the second flushing. I suppose the combined mass gave the torrent of water more to act upon. There was a load of brown skid marks on the bottom of the white toilet pan. Anna was relieved that the whole lot had gone away and she didnt need to thrown buckets of water down the pan. She said in a matter of fact way that she occasionally did a really big jobbie like that. Unfortunately, I finished Primary School a couple of weeks later and went to the Secondary School on out new estate miles away. Mrs Campbell and her husband and Kevin moved to another estate on the opposite side of Glasgow and we lost touch so I didnt see any of her occassional big panbuster jobbies again, mores the pity!

I hope these experiences interest you Tony and others who post here. I asked my wife Fionna if she wanted to post her experiences. She says she doesnt mind my doing so but will think about it for a while. She is a technophobe and avoids computers etc.

Hi all
What you wrote about reminded me of a time when i was 13 that i walked in on my 23 year old friend in the shower peeing herself i said i used to do that but mommy told me it was bad so i stoppted but my friend said no it is perfectly natural and asked me to join her i did and from then on peeing in the shower is a normal thing

Adam (south east england)

"All Singing, All Dancing, Crap of the World"
I can't believe how therapeutic the latest crap experience I've just had was. My neighbor often asks me to babysit her daughter, Michelle. Michelle is far too old to be babysitted, and sometimes it's an inconvience for me during my relaxation time, but it is worth the compensation - it's not like I need the money, but the neighbor often rewards me with basic comfort necessities for babysitting Michelle, like bringing me a case of beer on Friday afternoons after a long week of work. It's cool, because the neighbor's girl, Michelle, is really impressed with my surround-sound/subwoofer entertainment center, so I can just keep her entertained for hours by firing up movies on tape, DVD, or cable.

This afternoon was something out of ordinary. Usually, Michelle just comes over wearing jeans or shorts, but this afternoon she was wearing a short casual-looking dress which just looked like a long tee-shirt. At first, I was thinking she was just wearing a long tee-shirt with shorts underneath, but then I realized that it was Michelle's underwear, not shorts, that I saw on her upper legs, and then I realized it was a dress that she was wearing (that she had obviously overgrown - Michelle was very obviously old enough to make her own clothing choices, but the dress she was wearing wasn't even long enough to cover the bottom part of her underwear). My neighbor was going to be gone for the majority of the evening, so I was in charge of entertaining Michelle for a few hours. Michelle wanted to watch my Britney Spears DVD. I was sitting in my chair off to the side, and Michelle feeling more comfortable by standing in the middle of the floor in the center of the subwoofer/! surround-sound effects, dancing to the videos/correography in the DVD. Then during the dancing, Michelle slowed down a little, casually put her hands on legs and slighty bent over, and then crapped her panties. Since she was wearing her really short dress, I actually saw the shape of the turds getting pushed into her panties. The surprising part is, is that it looked like she did it on purpose - her body posture and the speed of her dance movements definetly changed as the lumps of turds slipped into her underwear. Then she kept dancing after she pooped in her underwear - I coulnd't believe it. Then the neighbor rang the doorbell, thanked me for babysitting Michelle, and then the neighbor and her daughter Michelle walked back home. Just out of curiousity, I looked out the window and watched the two of them walk home. The shape of turds in Michelle's undies was conspicuous dangling there under her short dress, but it didn't look like the mother even noticed. This was th! e last I had seen as they walked away - I am curious if the mother had noticed Michelle's undie-fillings after that though. I haven't had enough time to properly absorb this experience into my mind yet, but I bet I'll view Britney Spears videos in a new light now. At the same time, I'm not sure how I'll feel the next time that I that tell Michelle that she looks like Britney Spears.

New Girl: I never said it was funny. But I do wish she would reconsider her actions as they could very well lead to her arrest.

Hi! I'm new to this iste. I have really only had accidents when I have diarreah. Like last week, I was fighting a stomach virus and I went out to get the paper (so i could read on the can) But It all vame out!
have any other guys had the same problems or accidents?

I love this site, it is the coolest!

Yes - Enemas are the answer . Too much talk on this forum about Laxatives , What's up with that ? Enemas are not only a much more benign solution to a problem , but also the ritual aspect involved in the act of administering an enema invites all manner of erotic participation . Spoon feeding a lover a dose of laxative doesn't quite lead to much , beyond brushing your teeth !! The results of an enema are also fairly immediate in most cases , and quite dramatic in a visual and aural sense !! your friend - ileo

Saturday, August 12, 2000

Oh, gees - here we go again. I was driving around in Miami last week - really cool place. Nice place to own a car - until I found out differently recently - it may be nice when it comes to easy-going driving, but the particular mess I was running against I owe to a very demanding girl. I was doing a favor for this girl named Michelle, and I drove her all over. She put her "smash-mouth" CD in my convertable, and it was cool - we drove around listening to "All-Star" and "When the Morning Comes" - she had her little feet on the dashboard and was jamming along carelessly. Ok, forget "When the Morning Comes" - let's focus on "All-Star". Massive amounts of turds escaped her panties, and ran down her legs. Big Deal - my convertable was still clean; Michelle just had to change her pants. Big mistake. She changed into miniskirt. Let's take this girl riding around Miami again, and focus on "All-Star". Massive amounts of turds escaped her panties, and ran down her legs (sound ! familiar?) This time, she wasn't wearing pants. The turds were running all over her bare legs, all over my car, and causing a mess. The next time Michelle asks someone from the office a redudant question about me and they say to her "Michelle, ha ha, you really don't know Crap-dude, do you?", I'm going to say "Ha ha, you can find the city with the best traffic in the country, but I hope you have some fabric cleaner if you plan on driving Michelle around".

Buck (IL)
I have only one gripe here lately. Many people seem to not know their own anatomy. I don't mean to be overly-critical, or to offend anyone, but one writer had a female friend of his wiping her vagina when she was done peeing. I hope that she wiped around where she had peed from, too, as that is a different orifice. I realize tath the two are close, but, unless she is very unique, her urine should not be discharging from her vagina.
I have also seen female posters making the same kinds of references. Not everything inside the labias is vagina. The clitoris and urethra are in there, also. I know it is difficult sometimes for some women to see their own anatomies, and our society unfortunately frowns on learning by viewing friends of the same gender closely, even if no sexual motive is involved.
Folks, I don't wish to seem rude, but please learn about your own bodies and those of others. Knowledge of the human body will only help you in life, if for no other reason, than to get more direct medical care. It was pointed out to me years ago by a former girlfriend that I had seen her genitals more and more closely than she ever had, owing to the semi-concealed nature of women's anatomies. Males, on the other hand, can see most of our parts readily, unless some other problem, such as weight, interferes.
Being curious about how other people go to the toilet seems to why a lot of us are here, which is actually somewhat natural. As such, perhaps we can use this forum to learn about each other, thus enhancing our interest and enjoyment.
Enough of my ranting.
Last year, I was at an NCAA level football game where there were many hospitality tents and tailgating. The lines to the porta-potties was outrageously long, as always. I was eating food with some professors I knew and, when I went toward the dumpster to dispose of my trash, I saw three of the cutest, giggling college age girls with their pants down behind it watering the grass. Unfortuneately, the side of the dumpster that they were on was adjacent to the fence of the softball diamond. They had a large group of both male and female admirers on the other side of the softball diamond taking in the entire show. It was obvious from their speech and lack of balance that they had been to the beer tents. When the girls noticed me, one of them said, "you won't tell anyone about us will you?" I could not figure out who they thought that I would tell.
With that, one of the others tried to stand and almost tripped as her tiny thong undergarment was not pulled up all of the way. I helped to catch her and her friends redressed her quickly. I don't think that they even knew that the others had been watching them pee.
PV, my friend, maybe as a side point, to get over that shyness, a few beers may help. It certainly did nor these girls.

kim & scott
TO BEN FROM NY & NEW GIRL-my man scott and myself DO miss your stories. we where wondering where you two where along with NEW GUY! HAHA. hello to new guy by the way! please keep posting guys. PLUS MELISSA- I love your stories and the size of your ENORMOUS bowel-movements!! my logs as you might know from reading the kim & scott posts are out of this world also.(My biggest reaching 18 inches so far) dont take anything to reduce the size of your turds melissa just keep crashing out huge log after huge log ok? I tell you melissa you and i should put on a show for our men and other guys who want to watch by getting naked outside and crashing out enormous logs!!. just think of the excitement it will bring the men. i crash out my 18 inch log while you crash out your 25 incher. I think if we did that naked in front of a bunch of HORNy men...WE WOULD NOT BE THE ONLY ONES NAKED!!know what i mean? HAHAHA!(OUR men would be jealous trying to chase all the horny guys away from us! ) well take care everyone! love ,kim & scott

HI folks. It's been a while but I finially had an experience worth sharing. I hadn't had a shit in 3 days (fri-sun). I slept in a bit on Monday (my day off) & when I woke up I of course had to piss right away. After tht I got dressed & was making the bed when I got a terrible cramp & flet the urgent need for a shit. I quickly finished making the bed & headed for the bathroom. I sit & let out a resounding fart & the turd begins to ease out. After a few seconds it ploonks into the water. I can feel more so I push a bit. Here comes the big one. It pushes my hole wide open & slowly starts to emerge. I take a breath & push it out some more. A gassy fart slips past & I pee a little bit. After another couple of minutes the turd finially tapers of & slides into the toilet without much sound. I look to see a little log of about 5 inches & the bigger one is 11 inches both about an 1"1/2 wide. Feeling better that i've finialy gone I go about ! my daily routine. About 2 hours later I feel a suden need for another crap. I quickly return to the bathroom & shit out 4 logs of about 6 inches each. Now I figure that must be it as I rarely go twice a day. The day continues & I'm letting out these aweful farts. Good thing I live alone cause I'd have chased away anyone who was here. Now I let this one rip & it's hard & dry but as it's coming I feel a load getting ready for release. I once again head to the toilet & let out a mighty piss as my turd starts out. It comes easily & the is no effort involved. After a minute or so I hear it sloosh into the water & look to see a nice 10" log with a slight curve at the end. Now you might be thinking that's gotta be the last of it right?? NOT! After dinner I'm chatting with friends online when I get that familiar feeling & once again head for the throne. I sit just as I let this HUGE fart rip. Out comes a big load of soft crap. I pee & fart a few mor! e time & feel another load coming. After a few seconds I let out another load of soft poop. I do 3 more waves & finially wipe. My toilet has a shit pile that more then covers the bottom of the bowl.
This was a very rare occassion for me. Like I said I don't usually have to crap more than once a day & can't remember ever going 4 times in less then 12 hours.

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