I was at the beach with my good friend from work Irene on sunday,we were laying on the sand when i heard her stomach growl real loud,she turned to me and said i keep feeling like i'm gonna fart but nothing happens and i said yea i get that too sometimes,but a few moments later she says hey i've got to find the bathroom real quick so we grabed up the few things we had on the sand and headed towards the restrooms and i could tell that Irene was trying real hard to hold it in and not ruin the new one piece she was wearing,so we get to the restroom and all the stalls are being used except the very last one and it has no door and Irene says i don't care i'm going to shit myself and she pulled down her suit and sat on the bowl and i stood in the opening to block everyones view since was now naked with her suit around her knees and as soon as her bottom hit the seat it sounded like she was peeing out of her ass followed by a long wet fart and the sounds of chuncks of shit hiting the! water,her face was red and strained ,and it had that diahrea smell thats not to pleasent,well she said oh thank goodness and you don't know how good this feels and she kept passing alot of gas and liquid and about five minutes later was done and used about half a roll to wipe with and as she was geting off the bowl i took a quick look and saw the mess she made it was splated all over the back of the toilet bowl and was dark brown,she later said thanks for covering me,i would have felt real stupid siting their with my big boobs hanging out and smeeling up the place and i said no problem,maybe you'll do the same for me someday.

Ben in NY...

Hi,all-been pretty busy lately and haven't posted-trying to keep up with reading all your posts-Hey finally a new pic for the forum.It's OK i guess-should change it more often-let's have some new pics more often!
Weather here in the N.E. has been real hot and humid and it's really making me poop like crazy!I've been going 3-4 times a day and it's a good load each time-the hot weather does that to me-been dumping everywhere!1-in the woods,at the gym-even at the beach toilets too and each time i go it is pretty soft and comes out fast with some farts-one day in the woods last week i took off my clothes and found a spot and toook a good dump and decided to lay in the sun for a bit about 20 feet away from where i dumped and about 45 mins later i had to shit again,so i went over to the spot where i dumped before and squatted down adn dumped a big load of pudding poo all over the other load-OOOhhh yea,i've been shitting like crazy like JESS-yup i know what you are going thru-it' probably just a cycle your system is going thru-just relax and try to enjoy it!I'm leaving piles all over the place!I'll get back to you guys later-got to go to work-with all this dumpng,maybe i'll run into some! one else pooing-haven't yet!I'll give 'em a great show!! BYE



Girl, I know you must be scared of having a poo as gigantic as that last session ever again (5 x 25 = 125 inches? Over ten feet of poo all told , and of a diameter that would kill, and I mean KILL, a person of smaller stature than your own admirable, incredible, Amazonian might) but heavy doses of laxative are not the way.

They'll do you harm in the long run, and though trying to accomodate and evacuate such a gargantuan motion is itself dangerous, laxatives will set up systemic problems that will rebound on you in other ways.

Safer is to use enemas. I've recommended them before on this board and a lady who writes as "Dee" found my advice helped her relieve a severe case of constipation. She found them effective, pleasant to take, and a whole new dimension in personal habit.

For a lady of your sheer bowel capacity, you may consider a gallon of warm water and castile soap per enema. Chose a weekend day for your cleanout, or a day off work during the week, whatever is convenient, and treat yourself to a rear-end wash, or two or three. I'll give you the same advice I gave Dee -- if properly given, and properly received (you can do it for yourself, or Joe can do it for you, most say it's an extremely intimate thing to share) enemas are absolutely harmless and absolutely effective. They shouldn't hurt, and there's no such thing as not receiving the desired effect.

Folks who use enemas regularly can usually defaecate comfortably and healthily between sessions, and it's far superior to either cramps and attacks of the runs from laxatives, or the kind of awful straining you experienced to expell what has to be the biggest poo ever reported on this board!

Your anus must have been terribly sore after such stretching. If you feel you've damaged your anus, if you feel any continuing discomfort, see a medical professional, he (or she) may be able to prescribe ointments that will promote speedier recovery. It's an embarressing thing to speak of, but better a temporary emotional discomfort than a persistent physical one.

If you need any more info concerning enemas, I'd be delighted to help. Just ask!



Melissa. Im sorry that you have decided to take harsh laxatives. Why not compromise and use liquid parafin or mineral oil or eat more fibre, amking your motions more regular and easier to do but not cuasing diarrhea or watery mush. Anyway, its your choice but please, please. please! dont post about the diarrhea and other nasty effexts these laxatives will cause and Im my opinion if you shit your panties after taking them I have no sympathy as taking laxatives to my mind is a self inflicted wound. To put it frankly, WHAT A WASTE! Many posters, male and female would love to do big solid jobbies that size or even half as big!

Adam, WOW! what a post, what a jobbie you dad did! I understand exactly what you mean by being "quietly excited!" I was often thus when your age listening outside the toilet at home when my mum did her big fat jobbies and of course when I saw the, stuck in the pan quite often afterwards. Please post stories about seeing your sisters and brothers and your mum doing their motions and about any outstandingly large or intersting jobbies they may have passed. Also solid accidents, (not the runs please), that you or they may have had in their underpants or knickers.

Moderator, at last a new picture and masthead and I like the new name Toilet.stool. The last girl looked spaced out but this pretty black lass looks as if she is doing a lovely big solid jobbie. I know from empirical data and observation that people of negriod extraction, (afro carribean, afro american etc), do bigger turds than their white equivalents and again women do bigger ones than men. I worked with a black girl called Gloria for a while and WOW the lovely big fat jobbies she used to pass were something else!

Happy Holidays in Spain, I'll write responses to your terrific letters for you arriving back -- hopefully with some great stories!


I think I know the kind of urinals you mean, yes they're a specific female type and they sound a bit better than others I've seen. Yes, a type like that could be fun to use, not dissimilar to some male ones (though not necessarily *as* easy to use!) I'd certainly give it a go, and I know dear Louise would too!



Ben in NY
New Girl: I understand how you feel. I have been gone for six weeks and nobody cares. On the other hand, I am not looking for sympathy. I for one try not to let what other people think bother me. Just trying to help, that's all=)

For anyone who did miss me, I am back! I hope I didn't miss any good desperation shitting stories. If I did, please do tell me!


New guy
Hey new girl, keep posting. I like your stories. I'll talk to you on here. Tell me about the last time you pooped. I like stories about poop. I'm new here but have read your other posts, and like them. please keep posting!! bye.

One Lucky Guy
The new forum picture is rather good, don't you think. She looks like she's dropping an absolute stonker !

LAWN DOGS KID: I've seen the movie which you take your name from only last week, so I have a very good image in my mind of Mischa Barton. Given that you say your cousin Kendal looks like her in previous posts, that post of yours yesterday really came to life for me. I had this mental image of Mischa doing everything you described. Regarding Chloe, you've got a real gem of a girl there my son. You should go out with her, and see how it goes. If you're already watching each other on the toilet, then you're both bound to hit it off, I'm sure. Take good care of her, but don't forget your little cousin now you're in love !

Next thing to say is an apology. I noticed one or two errors in my last post which made one or two sentances difficult to follow. I didn't have time to check it over before sending it. Neither did I have Jules looking over my shoulder pointing out my mistakes !

This will be my last post again for a while. Don't want to start upsetting Jules again. She's happy ( and so is Kim ) for me to post this final story for the time being.

I left my last post explaining that Kim had watched me on the toilet as well the next day, and boy is she one curious kid ! I'd better start from the beginning.

I needed a rather serious poo soon after breakfast. But neither of the girls were up at that time. I remembered that time in Jules' room at college when I went under the cover of darkness and sleep, only for Kim to wake and come in to watch under the guise of needing a drink ! Anyway, after a while, the urge went away, and half an hour later both the girls were up. Jules had that quiet word with Kim, and the next time Kim and clapped eyes on each other, she grinned. I just knew she wanted to watch me.

Around an hour or maybe a bit less later, I went to go and wash and clean my teeth. While in the bathroom, I saw in the mirror as Kim peeped round the door. I smiled to myself and said nothing. When it happened again a few seconds later, I told her it was alright to come in. She ventured in, and watched me finishing up before announcing she needed a wee. She had on a long t-shirt that was easily long enough to be a dress, but when she lifted it up, I could see she was wearing shorts underneath. As she sat and piddled away contentedly I remember being fascinated by the way her shorts, pulled below her knees, were clinging to the tops of her calf muscles. The elastic on them was obviously quite tight !

Her finished wee coincided with the completion of my initial ablutions, and having watched her wee, which never fails to set my heart racing, the urge to poo came on strong again. I could tell that she was wondering what would be happening next, so just to wet her appetite a little, a let go a small fart ! "Oops", I said. "Looks like I'm going to need the toilet fairly soon". She tried not to look excited and play it cool. Then I said "want to make it quits now, while you can". Excited nod of the head !

As I stood in front of the toilet, flash backs of the last time this happened raced into my head. Then I was frightened by the experience, scared that something wrong or bad was happening. But not this time. We now know each other very well, and we are not the strangers that we were back then.

I undid my jeans, and as usual, I pushed them and my underpants right down to my ankles, and sat. I like the room and comfort of having my legs wide apart while I go. Kim eyes didn't know where to look first ! However, I soon had them directed when I began to spray wee in the toilet. She moved forward to get a better view, and I really surprised myself how in control I managed to keep my todger under such scrutiny. After my wee had finished, I felt a movement beginning in my bottom. This was not taking any effort at all, and I knew that by not pushing, my poo would just come out very steady, prolonging the experience.

As I contemplated my options here, Kim moved a little closer still, until she stood between my open knees, and her head moved from side to side as she looked into the toilet. "Has it started yet ?", she asked. "Not yet" I replied, "but it will any moment now". Her anticiaption and efforts at trying to see it were very amusing. A blokes bits and pieces are a real handicap in those situations. So I asked her outright "Do you want to watch it come out ?". Her reply was immediate. "Yes please".

So I took hold of my todger, and lifted it up with one hand, and cupped my balls out the way with the other. Doing this with both hands meant I was able to squeeze the foreskin over the end of my wee hole, to avoid weeing on her by accident.

My accoutriments out of the way, Kim actually knelt down between my knees now and settled, determined not to miss any of the action. As my poo had now stopped moving, I gave it a little encouragement and squeezed the muscles, immediately expelling a small fart. But that was enough. I could feel it beginning to emerge now, and within just a second, Kim's wide eyes told me it was now in view. It curled out of me very, very steady, and as I felt it begin to taper off a little, I tried to hold onto it for as long as possible, but it finally dropped into the water, with a very quiet flop. It must have been quite a long piece then. Kim broke the silence as the poo dropped in, "coooolllll" she said !

I now pushed again, and soon the next piece emerged to the same wide eyed appreciation. After it dropped with the same quiet flop, I decided to change things a little, and get it to really move by having a good squeeze. Now it really travelled, with the whole gambit of sound effects, six pieces in quick succession, just one second apart each, fell into the toilet water with much louder noises than before, Schlump, Schlop, plop, plup, plumf, plop, all accompanied by plenty of crackling and small squeeky and puffy farts. Now Kims face was a real picture, wide eyed, and now open mouthed, as she said "wooooooowwww".

I felt there was a little more to come out yet, but it wasn't ready straight away. It must have been half a minute before I could start again, and it felt that this was definitely the home stretch. I could also feel a wee coming on, and with my willie still in the air, I now felt like getting this whole thing over and done with, and when I felt that the last of my poo was primed and ready to go, I gave this one a good push as well, and finally expelled it in three more pieces. I think Kim must have realised that this experience was now about at an end, because she looked up at me and said "Thats it then is it ?". "Afraid so", I said. "All apart from how I'm going to get my willie back in the loo again before it leaks. You better move in case I get you with wee". However, I successfully managed the transfer, and finished the whole experience with several seconds of wee, before then wiping myself clean with several loads of toilet paper.

Having re-dressed myself again, I flushed the loo, and gave my hands a good wash. Then I turned to leave the bathroom. But Kim caught my arm, and with serious brown eyes searching into mine, she said "Now I need a poo. Please, stay and watch mine come out too". More flash backs hit me, and this request frightened me again. I politely refused. "Oh please, I want you to. Its alright". However, I stuck by my guns, and pulled her to me for a hug. While we hugged, I explained that although I love listening and watching the person sat on the toilet, I'm not really into actually seeing the poo as well. And before she could say about staying just to watch and listen, I added that besides, if I did stay, we wouldn't be quits anymore, and that wouldn't be fair. Kim is always swayed by reasons of fairness. So she accepted my decision.

I knew I'd done the right thing, however much I ached to want to watch her. And I left pulling the bathroom door partially shut behind me and walked away. However, I just couldn't leave it at that, and considered that sneaking back for a quick listen would be ok, because she wouldn't know anything about it. Living in that house with three girls at college had taught me how to sneak around totally unheard !

I ventured to the door, and with my heart thumping, I strained to listen, and heard a faint wee. She was already on the toilet then. Seconds later I heard her gasp, and then the first plop. How I wanted to look ! There was a second plop, and I just couldn't help myself. I peeped around the door, ready to accept the consequences. But there were none. I watched for no more than five seconds before leaving quietly, as Kim made a third poo, oblivious to my presence, as she was bent over trying to watch her own poos come out.

Yep, I'm One Lucky Guy, and I love Jules very much !

New Girl
Bryian - I saw Nutty Professor II: The Klumps and was gonna post that next! :P

I haven't seen too many movies with scenes like that, so I don't know of any other movies with bathroom scenes.

Sorry, no story tonight.

New Girl

Well i see we finally got a new picture up top...that lady looks like she is straining to go!

I just finished up pooping before i read this today.

I did see some other movies with bathroom sceenes in them. Duce Bigalo Male Gigalo has a bathroom. This guy says to duce, "excuse me, I have to pee-pee" he goes into his bathroom and you hear him pee for like a min. Then there is another sceen where duce is at this restaurant and his father works there as a bathroom attendent in the mens room. He is talking to Duce and some guy comes in to shit and you hear all these sound effects...plopp plat fart....and so on for like atleast 3 minutes. There was another sceene in this restaurant bathroom...nothing important happened.

New poop guy
AJ-I think what you talking about is some indoor tournament she played against Graf in I beleive 1991 or 92. I remember watching that(great match btw, she beat Graf in 3 sets) match and after it ended, she bent over to get her stuff together to leave, and she had a stain on her panties. Im not sure what tournament it was, but it was I beleive in 91.

During my recent vacation in California, my buddy hooked up with a chick for the evening and I was left on my own. I decided to visit some of my old hangouts in San Francisco. I visited a bar that I remembered well in the Tenderloin area. I had had a large meal earlier in the evening and badly needed to take a shit. I remembered that the men's room had a basin, a urinal, and a toilet. If you needed to shit, you sat there in full view of other guys taking a piss or washing their hands. When I entered, there was a young military guy (about my age), who was taking a shit. His buddy was standing there talking to him. This guy told me that he was next in line for the pot and joked that I should take a number. He also had a military haircut. They struck up a conversation with me, asking about places to go. They were both from Nebraska. The seated guy was slowly pinching off his logs grunting and grimacing. When he was done he stood up and looked at his logs. Because I ! was close I could see some large, dark brown turds in the bowl. His buddy also got a good look. He then wiped his ass while standing and washed his hands. The other guy pulled down his pants and boxers to his ankles and sat on the can. He let rip with a few loud farts and then resumed his questions about where to find chicks in San Francisco. I could hear his logs hitting the water with loud plonks. When he stood up to wipe, I saw that he had done a lot better than his buddy in both size and number of turds. He wiped his ass several times and when he examined the TP I could see the prominent skidmarks on the paper. Eventually he was done and I replaced him on the john. The two guys lingered while I started my dump still talking about places to go to find chicks. They then shook my hand and left thanking me for the info. I had a really good shit. I enjoyed being with these guys while we all dumped. Military guys seem to be less inhibited than civilians about pissin! g and shitting around other guys.

Moderator: I like the picture on the The Toilet's home page. Lawn Dog's Kid is not relating anything illegal. There is not force or violence involved. When I was his age, I allowed older and younger boys in the toilet with me.

Melissa: You only take laxatives as a last resort. I used Dulcolax in my late teens under doctor's orders. I took it on Monday. Tuesday, watch out. It caught me by surprise on the subway and I found the women's toilet quick. The cramps were murder. I had to use a bowl with no seat. I dropped my gray slacks and white panties quick. The onslaught was on. But, it was a relief. Numerous thick brown stools and water released from my stomach. The organic smell was powerful, because I had eaten collard greens for Sunday dinner. I found paper to wipe and stumbled to work. I was attacked again. While at my desk, I expelled gas quietly and it filled up the mail room. I told a co-worker what was happening and I dashed to the women's room and repeated the whole process. I sat for two hours straight. The experience was mushy, gassy, explosive and painful with cramps. Worse, others would come in the bathroom and make cruel and mean comments about the smell. When I finished, I cleaned my! self, fixed my clothes and asked to be excused for the rest of the day. I went home and took another seat in my own bathroom and let it all out through the afternoon. The next day I returned to work and my morning bowel movement was normal. Firm, large and explosive. I was back to normal.

In junior high and high school, I used to baby sit. Most of my kids were boys. Some were girls. While they were asleep and infant-toddlers, I would use the toilet. When they got big, I could not leave them unattended, so I would would let them in. Nothing happened.

Thursday, August 10, 2000

The Toilet Man
I, the toilet man, am back. It has been a long while, a very long while. I enjoy reading stories (from the women).
Does anyone think about the height of the toilet? One day, I used a very tall toilet, another time I had one so damn low, it was hard to take a crap. Any comments concerning this would be appreciated. The toilet man, who loves to sit on toilets just for the fun of it.

I also have a friends bathroom talk scene. In TOW where Dr. Remoray dies, Joey is in his apt. and the rest of the friedns are knocking trying to get him to open his door. They are saying stuff like "cmon Joey we care about you" and "please open up" and Monica says "and some of us really have to pee" with this he opens the door and monica runs in and says "sorry joey" and runs into the bathroom.

New Girl ! I missed you . Please take a nasty dump for me ! I think I popped a rhoid the other day trying to hurry up , as this a-hole was pounding on my stall door . I also wiped really hard , which felt like I was shearing off a nice layer of blood vessels . Never pound on a mans door as he does his business okay !

New Girl
Hi everyone. Although no one missed me, I am back. I have been soo busy lately, and couldn't post. Don't be surprised if I don't post much either, because I don't have anyone to talk to. Goldgirl left, which I don't know why, and no one else seems to know I exist. No offense or anything, I just wanted someone to know I was gone. Whoever said that about goldgirl(maybe she got arrested), that wasn't funny.

Well, let me see, I can't think of a story, but I am gonna put an embarrassing moment I read somewhere.

'One day I was at my house with my mom and my 2 brothers. (This is a girl) We were getting ready to go get groceries and had just eaten Mexican food. When we were half done with getting the groceries, I felt a cramp. It wasn't harldly anything, so i just ignored it. We left the grocery store and went home and I tried to poo but didn't have to. About half an hour later we went to a store that was a 30 min. drive from our house. It was in the middle of nowhere. We were half way there and I had a really really bad cramp and told my mom to find a bathroom fast. She told me we would be there soon, but I knew we wouldn't be there soon enuff. I told her to pull over here, b/c I couldn't wait. The problem was that we weren't near woods, it was open area, I walked pass the road a little ways and pooed a lot and the went back to the car. When we got to the store, This cute boy tapped me on the back, and I turned around. "yes?" i said. "umm, u need to clean up." he pointed to a door ! in the back and walked off. I was very confused but went back there and into their bathroom and saw that almost all of the back of my shorts was stained brown!'

Well, hope u liked that.

New Girl

To the moderator- I have been searching this site looking for a specific post, and I can't find it. It is about a time when a girl went camping with her family, got constipated, and 4 girls walked in on her in the latrine. Could you please tell me what page this post would be on.

Thank You


Page 313?

When I was about 5 years old, I had a 15 year old babysitter who would always leave the bathroom door open when she would go in. Her name was Nancy. One night, my parents were out and I was in the bathtub and she came into pee. Nancy went over to the toilet, lifted up the lid undid her belt and pants and panties and sat down. I can recall her smiling at me while I watched her pee. As she finished, she pulled some toiletpaper off the roll and stood up and faced me. I saw her beautiful brown fury vagina. She wiped it right in front of me. She got me real excited.

Another time Nancy had to come over early in the morning because my parents had to leave and go somewhere. I was in the basement doing something when I seen her go in the powder room to have a poop. I walked over to the door and sat down to talk. She did not seem to mind me being there. I can remember seeing that beautiful hairy vagina, and how excited it made me. I also got excited watching her wipe her butt, and of course her vagina

Joe said I should explain about the gargantuan poops I did the other day so thatís what Iím gonna do. Iím his wife Melissa and Iím 21. For the week before that big poop incident, I wasnít able to go for the whole week. And when I cant go to the bathroom, that is a very bad thing because I eat like a horse. So all the food I eat is stuck in me for a week and part of the week that I did that big shit. (I was constipated the week before I did that big shit and I was still constipated until Thursday so I had a harsh 11 days of constipation. Not the greatest thing for me because I eat a lot and I mean a lot!) So then Joe asked me if I wanted to take laxatives but I refused because they weaken me and I got horrible cramps so I never want to go through that again. So each day, I would push but with all my efforts I couldnít get anything out. Each time I tried I would become all hot and red all over my body despite the fact that the whole house had central air and heating and! one time I was pretty damn close to passing out from all the strain. So at work my co- workers see that something is wrong I just sit at my desk and make a face like Iím in pain. So two of my closest friends Ron and Nicole asked me what was wrong since these were close friends I didnít mind telling them. So I said I was constipated and they both said I should take he laxatives but still I never took them. Iím telling you those were the most hellish 11 days I had in my 21 years of living! So on that Thursday I was standing (cant sit because my shit is huge) on the toilet for two hours till Joe came home. When he arrived home he went in the tub while I strained and strained but nothing would come out. So then I was able to get these huge poops out (5 in all) but my shit cant hold in the toilet some of it is in the bowl and most come over the rim and stick up. And they were 25 inches long, 5 inches in diameter and left me with a sore asshole. Joe measured them with a ta! pe measurer (he knows how to measure well because he fills in for a contractor boss every Friday) so he must know how to measure and I measured them to because I wanted to double check and he was correct 25 inches long, 5 inches in diameter. I too was a bit skeptical but the tape measurer doesnít lie. And Iím gonna take laxatives for the rest of my life. No more
Gargantuan poops for me. No chance in Hell! I donít care if I get really sick I Ďm never eeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvver going to do a big shit again! As God as my witness, Iím going to take 3 laxative pills a day it is risky but Iím done with big shits FOREVER! So this was the last big shit I will do for as long as I live!

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