US I saw my father doing a motion (bowel movement or BM) when I was about 10.

I had been given my first fishing rod and reel by an uncle and dad decided to accompany me in case I fell into the water and to protect me from possibly being bullied by older kids as Glasgow even in the mid 1950s was a tough area. we got the bus out to Hogganfield Loch (as we Scots call a lake) just outside Glasgow . He had taken a day's leave from work and I had been given an unofficial day off school this was my birthday treat. We found a quiet spot and set up and I soon caught a couple of small fish (perch). Mum had made a packed lunch for us. When we wanted a pee we just went in the bushes as most men and boys do. However the second time we both went for a toilet break as I stood to pee, having taken my penis out through the fly opening of my underpants and trousers I saw dad undo the buckle of his belt and pull down his trousers revealing his big white cotton Y Front Briefs, the the type of underpants most Scottish men and boys wore in those days 45 years or so ago! . I thought, he's going to do a jobbie! Sure enough he remarked, "Im needing a big jobbie and its miles to the nearest public toilets , (next to a cafe about a mile away), I'll do it here no one will see". With that he pulled his underpants and trousers down to his knees and squatted, holding onto a branch for support. I heard a loud fart blast from his bum then he started to pee . Unconcerned that I was watching he grunted, "UH! IH! NNN! and as I was standing at his back I saw everything. At first I saw what I took to be a little turd jutting out between his buttocks then as he strained "UH! EH! NNN! OH! it grew both in fatness and length. Now I had seen the jobbies that other family members had done, my mum and older sisters and my two brothers and dad's when these had stuck in the pan or the flush hadnt been pulled properly and knew that dad sometimes did really big turds. I hoped this was going to be one. I wasnt disappointed as he continued to grunt and it slowly came o! ut between his buttocks onto the grass. It tapered to an end and landed gently on the ground. Now although I was only 10 I had for many years been turned on by defecation my own and others and by the time he had finished I was quietly "excited".
( Moderator hope this ok). "Oh that's better, I didn't go yesterday so I knew it would be big". Then as he got a glimpse of what he had passed he remarked, "that's a BIG jobbie! just as well I did it out here not in the toilet, it would have stuck!" We both had a good look at the big slightly curved jobbie, about 12 inches long and 2 inches thick and a bit knobbly. I noticed the look of pride on his face similar to that which myself and other lads always had when we did a big jobbie. Now as he didnt have any toilet paper he just had to pull up his underpants but as it had been a solid stool I dont think he had any skid marks in the seat. We went back to fishing and later I "buddy dumped" (although I only learnt that expression from this webpage) my own jobbie on top of dad's big turd, mine being a smaller 7 inches long and 1.5 inch thick carrot shaped turd. This wasnt the last time I was to see him do a big poo outside as we both went fishing quite a bit together, the res! t of the family not being into this hobby and as I grew up into my teens I also did equally big jobbies outdoors. If readers are interested I will post about seeing other family members doing a number two.

One reader asked about the bloke in the Army who shit his pants on parade. This wasn't on purpose but a genuine accident. We were on parade at 0800 hours and there was a queue for the toilets beforehand. Those squaddies who were wise made sure they were all clear both ways. Now this lad had been on the booze the night before. He was waiting for the toilet when the Corporal made us all get "fell in!" with the usual obscenities favoured by NCOs in those days. He complained that he needed a crap but the Corporal was most unsympathetic to say the least! We formed up into squads. Now he would have been okey if it had been an ordinary parade with some marching and a brief inspection but as bad luck had it a couple of civilian VIPs were visiting. I could see him figeting and he let go some really smelly farts and muttered to me out of the side of him mouth, as servicemen are adept at doing on such ocassions, "Adam, I cant hold it in any longer, Im going to shit my pants" I whis! pered, "pretend to faint. Youll be stretchered off and be able to go to the bog then" He shook his head, "I'll be put on a charge for fainting on parade" A minute or so later it was out of his hands as there was a loud spluttering fart and then with a squelching sound I could see the seat of his trousers start to bulge. In those days, the 1960s , mens' underpants didnt have elastic through the leg openings like women's as modern men's briefs do so the mess slid down his legs, just as the Officers and the Visitors passed his rank. Well, you can imagine! He was escorted under arrest to the guardroom, and after he had cleaned up in the freezing cold showers was put on charge of dishonourable behaviour and got one weeks company punishment and loss of pay as the CSM considered he had done this on purpose. Needless to say he had to put up with the mockery of the other Squaddies for the remained of his service. If he had been late on parade and used the toilet his punishment would ! have been less and if he had pretended to faint as I had advised and still shit his pants the MO would have put it down as Food Poisoning and he may have got off with it.

Pluto, I have had a few accidents in my underpants both solid poos and diarrhea, thankfully not that often. These have been genuine accidents. Only once did I deliberately do a jobbie in my pants. After I came out of the Army I was doing some repairs about the flat and had put a metal bolt between my lips as I was up a ladder and had to use both hands and had nowhere else to put it. Now as bad luck would have it I hiccupped and swallowed the washer. I phoned the doctor, In those days the late 1960s you could still speak directly to the doctor not the receptionist. When I told him it was stainless steel , blunt and only about half an inch long and a quarter inch thick he said not to worry, eat plenty of bread straight away to surround it and help push it through and to examine my stools till I found it. I ate a whole loaf of dry bread then looked in an old home medical book. Sure enough there was an entry about swallowing foreign bodies which said, "Strain the stools throu! gh muslin until the object is recovered" The alternative was to put the stool in boiling water in a bucket and dissolve it. ( I had been told NOT to take laxatives by the Doctor as the contractions could cause the bolt to scratch my gut or the resulting watery diarrhea would simply leave the bolt behind in my bowels. What was needed was a soft solid motion to contain the object and propell it thtouigh my guts to my anus). Having no muslin I did my jobbie the next day into a bucket then poured a kettle of boiling water on top of it. YEUCH! the stench made me sick! and of course there was no bolt in the resulting sludgy mess. Next day when I needed a jobbie again I wasnt prepared to go through the boiling water routine but didnt fancy having to go through the turd with my fingers. Then an idea hit me. I remembered a time I had had an accident in my pants on the way home from school as a teenager and how when I stepped out of them in the toilet when I got home I saw some bits ! of food in the squashed up mess in the seat. I decided to do the jobbie deliberatly in my pants. Being alone in the apartment I closed the curtains and stripped down to only my white cotton Y front briefs. Now although I needed a motion it is amazeing how difficult it is to deliberatly do a jobbie in one's pants as most adults have gone to great lengths to avoid such accidents since being toilet trained. At last I could feel it pressing against my ring so I went into the bathroom and stood in the shower tray, took a deep breath and bore down going OO! AH! NN! I felt the turd come out, pressing against the inside of my buttocks then as I looked in the mirror saw the seat of my pants push away from my bum and start to bulge. Then the jobbie which was formed but soft and quite a big one was overcome by the pressure of the cloth of my briefs which could expand no further and started to squash up. I still bore down until it was all out making a huge drooping bulge in the seat of m! y underpants and the smell was awful! I gingerly stepped out of my soiled and heavily laden briefs which I placed on the shower tray. Now as luck would have it, in this big squashed up mass of poo I saw a glint and I plucked the bolt out of the mess. I then turned the underpants out over the toilet pan, flushed the flattened mess away then rinsed off both myself and the inside of my briefs in the shower before washing them properly in the machine. I must say it was a very strange sensation deliberately having a big dump in my underpants. Has anyone else had to do a poo in their underpants or knickers on purpose, why and what did it feel like?

A.J. It was a couple of years ago and it hapened during the last minutes of the match and not that many people noticed. But you could see a dark patch through Selesīs skirt and you could see the pee dripping down between her legs. She also walked really uncomfortable and she looked really worried allthough she was about to win the match.

I saw another movie with bathroom sceenes. The latest movie was The Nutty ProfessorII The Klumps. The first part is when the thin eddie murphy is in this office building and he is in the mind of a dog(acting like a dog, dog brain etc.). So he asks for the bathroom he was told it's around the corner. Then he asks if he can take this news paper with him so he does. He goes in the mens room and is sniffing around and lays the paper down on the floor. He said to one man what are you looking at. So he went to the bathroom like a dog(on the paper).
Then there is another sceen were the fat eddie murphy (professor Klump) is in a confrence and he gives some formal to a hampster and it grows so big(like maybe 10 feet +) and then you see the hampster pooping and it shoots "cannons" at the people.

Lawn Dogs Kid
Got loads to say, so I'll just get on with it.

MODERATOR: Kendal tells me that she sent a post on either the 28th or 29th July, which didn't get on the site. She is now very upset because she thinks that she must have said something very naughty. She told me what she remembers writing, and it didn't seem that bad to me. However, I know you guys have to be very careful. Kendal says to tell you that she is very sorry for whatever she said that was wrong. I'm working on her to get her to post again soon ! Are you able to reply to this apology ?

While on my hols with Mum and Dad, we hit a complete stop on the motorway. The car at the side of us had a little girl in the back seat, aged only 4 or 5 perhaps. It was quite a surprise when I watched her climb into the front of the car with her Dad, whereupon the door opened and they both got out. The next thing, her Daddy is helping to pull down her shorts and panties, and the little lass bends over double into like a sitting position, not squatting, and a huge gush of wee shot out of her, wetting all the back of her lower legs and her feet. The father looked totally helpless, and it was Mother who got out with some tissues to wipe her legs and her feet dry before she got back into the car !

Kendal and I got together early this morning, despite the fact that we didn't arrive home until the small hours. We went for a walk, and sat in a favourite field to have our talk, and we had the most wonderful heart to heart. She still definitely wants me to see her on the toilet as much as I want, and vice versa. We have come to a pact that if either of us starts to get uncomfortable about this arrangement in any way, then we will tell the other immediately, and talk about it again, whether that is in just a few weeks, or months, or even years.

We then got onto the subject of her rejected post, which I gather contained information about her chest. Well my princess, I did notice !

Finally, we talked about Chloe, who apparantly has taken quite a fancy to me ! I'm not sure if I should go out with her, with me being 15, and she is not 12 until next month. However, she is a really lovely girl, and very attractive for her age. She could easily pass as being 13 or even 14. However, I said I would be only too delighted to accept her offer of another bathroom trip ! What I didn't know was that Kendal had arranged for her to come round to her house and meet up with us both a bit later. When we got to the house, Chloe had just arrived. However, the house was locked up, and we had to let ourselves in with the spare key. This was a surprise to Kendal !

After getting in, Kendal's Mum had left a note to say that she had to go out, and would be back at lunch, 1pm. It was now only 10.30am. We couldn't get a better opportunity for us all to go to the toilet together, so all three of us piled upstairs and into the bathroom.

I claimed to be the most desperate to go, and went first. As normal though, this was to avoid the embarressment of my willie getting too excited from watching the girls go. To be a little fairer to Chloe, I decided to pull my jeans and pants down below my bottom. Kendal and Chloe looked at each other and burst out laughing. Now that some of the tension in the air had dissipated, I pointed willie in the direction of the toilet water, and put on some pressure, which made my wee splash thunderously into the water. As the girls both watched from the side, I heard Chloe say "Ohhh, thats a powerful wee". As it eventually subsided and stopped, I made the usual final two spurts to finish up with, and then gave it a good shake as normal, which both the girls laughed at again. Then, I hastened to get my clothing pulled back up again before I revealed a little too much !

Kendal and Chloe looked at each other over who should go next. In the end Chloe admitted that she had only just had a wee before she left her house a few minutes ago. But she would certainly try to do some more. So, Kendal claimed the next spot on the basis that she must be the next most desperate to go.

I had dreamed about this all my holiday, the next time I should see my precious little cousin go to the toilet again. And I wasn't to be disappointed. She carefully put the toilet seat back down again after me, and turned to face the right way before starting to lift up her lovely summer dress she was wearing with a blue floral print. She reached and pulled down her panties just far enough to reveal her fanny region, and then perched on the edge of the toilet seat, with her dress lifted high above her ????. Nothing had changed. My little princess sitting on the toilet does more to my heart than she can ever know. Ohh, this is beauty beyond all comparability.

Her wee began almost the instant her little bottom settled on the toilet seat, and there was no doubt about her desperation as it hissed loudly onto the porcelin front of the bowl, before gradually subsiding away into a gentle, barely audible patter, which in turn faded to nothing before finally ending with the faint sound of a driperty-drip in the toilet water. After a couple of further seconds, she let her dress fall on her legs and reached for the toilet roll, before wiping herself and pulling her panties back into place again. All finished, she turned and smiled at me, and then Chloe, before moving out the way for Chloe to take her turn.

Chloe began unbuckling her belt, and had undone it before she turned to face us both, and without looking at either of us, she undid the button on her tight-fitting jeans and pulled down her flies. At this point she paused for around five seconds, her face deep in thought, then she took hold of her undone jeans and pulled and pushed them down her legs until they were below her knees. She then took hold of her panties and pulled them down to about half way down her thighs, at which point she paused again. Her face was deep in thought once more, and she was in this most unusual pose, kind of half bending, and half hovering above the toilet. It certainly allowed me loads of time to observe the cute dark hairs she had on her fanny, before she decided to let us in on what she was thinking. "I think I might poo, guys", she said as she finally settled herself on the toilet seat.

That was Kendal's cue to leave. She's not really into poos, and she said "I'll leave you guys to it then" and left the bathroom altogether. Chloe and I didn't react to this at all. Firstly I was transfixed by the thought that I was going to hear a poo, fantastic ! And secondly, Chloe seemed to be back in the land of the fairies again, as she sat motionless on the toilet, her hands still clutching the side of her panties on her legs. She has gorgeous legs, which I describe as athletic, widening as they get to the top meaning that her modesty is well hidden despite her knees being several inches apart.

As I knelt down in front of this new apparition of beauty, I heard the sound of the tiniest wee dribbling delicately into the toilet water, lasting no more than a couple of seconds before I looked at her face again. Her concentration was intense and now I heard noises. You couldn't say she was grunting, nor gasping even. But there were three little noises she made through her mouth while still holding her breath, which I can only describe as Ehh...oh...Ehh in quick succession before she announced with a strained voice, "Yep....I can feel it... its on its way", and she panted out the last of her breath. On taking her next breath, I could hear the tell-tale crackling which was again accompanied with "Ehh....Ehh", and then it all became silent.

Anticipating that plop was so intense for me that I'm sure I started with surprise when Chloe spoke to me again. "Do you want to see it ?". Now everyone here knows that I don't care for the sight of poo. The plop and noises are the best thing in my mind, but she had pulled her panties down and thrust them into the folds of her jeans, and then opened her legs to reveal her poo in all its glory. The only answer at this point I could think of was to shrugg my shoulders, and I suppose grin and bare it for the time being. However, what she revealed to me was the most wonderful poo I've ever seen, Smooth and uniform all the way, around one and a half inches wide, and that lovely rich brown colour that all kids use when painting a picture of poo ( not that that happens very often of course ! ), and it hung out her bottom about six inches at this point.

As I became more transfixed with this poo, I watched with amazement as it began to grow further, around half an inch a second, until it finally droped at 8 inches with a fine ffflump into the water. Immediately, a further poo was visible, same rich colour, perhaps a little thinner now, and travelling at twice the speed, it grew to 6 inches and then made a resounding plop in the water. Again, a third poo appeared into view travelling just as fast for the first three inches then it stopped abruptly. I looked into Chloe's face, which was now beginning to turn red with the effort. She hadn't breathed or made a sound for some time now. I looked down at this third poo again, and saw it grow very slowly just about one more inch over 10 seconds before it too fell into the water with a resounding plop, which was nearly masked by Chloe's sudden gasp for air, Ahhhhhhhh.

After three or four seconds of recovery, she asked me "what did you think ?". I replied that they had been lovely poos, the best I'd ever seen ! She looked delighted, and reached for the toilet roll, taking several sheets which she scrunched up to wipe her bottom. Two wipes appeared to do the trick, and then she was up off the toilet and pulling her panties back up again. Then her jeans were eased back into place over her bottom. As she fiddled to do up her belt buckle again while now facing the toilet, I reached around her ???? with my hands and helped to tighten it up into position. The buckling complete, she turned around to face me, and we embraced. I know I am now falling completely head over heals in love with this girl. She said to me "Does this mean we're going out ?". I said we should talk about it, and agreed to meet up with her tomorrow morning. I'll let you all know what happens !

Just before I finish, it seems that someone has asked the question about which male and female celebs people would love to watch on the toilet. Well, I'll just give my top five women the vote.

1. Mischa Barton ( obviously ! )
2. Natalie Portman
3. Dominique Swain ( having seen the end of her knees while she sat on the toilet in Lolita, I'd love to see the whole picture )
4. Neve Campbell
5. Liv Tyler

Considering that we are talking about 10 and 11 year old kids, a post of that particular subject matter isn't exactly safe.

Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Anyone have any experiences from that Classic Rock Weekend in Minnedosa?

Had a great shit yesterday afternoon. I was at a small neighborhood park with a friend and his three year old son. There are restrooms at the park and I had to shit badly so I went in and immediately noticed two toilets, not two regular toilets but one raised height handicapped style and one very small one for children.I decided to use the tiny little toilet. It was funny to be sitting on that small little seat covering that small bowl relaesing one foot long x 2 inch long and two small four x 2 inch logs. The logs were sticking up above the water line when I finished. I quickly wiped and left without even trying to flush the little toilet. After that I noticed a couple of kids go in and they laughed histerically and came out telling their parents "some big boy pooped in the little boy's commode". I secretly got a big kick out of that. My logs were impressively large after being held for two days since I only shit about every two days. Anyone else do something like this?

i'm new at this but I have some thoughts I'd like to share.

A: When ever people are chained up in movies, when they get up, why aren't there pee or poop stains?

B: In prisons, when some one is bad, they are sent to the hole for a period of weeks. The hole is bare. When they are let out, why aren't there puddles of pee and logs on the floor?

C: In the movie Se7en, a man is chained to a bed for a year and kept alive by medicine and liquid food. Did he have to lay in his own diarrhea for that long, and if so, why wasn't it overflowing the bed when the cops found him?

D: Has any one intentionally had a diarrhea attack in they're pants just cause they were lazy or didn't want to get up? Or maybe they just like the warm feeling. Please write about it.

Does anyone have any info. on when when Monica Seles peed her pants during a tennis tournament. I would be interested in hearing the story behind the accident!


whats Bm ?

Seriously. I was sorry to read about your problem. It must be unpleasant and uncomfortable for you. Have you taken expert medical advice? I should. If your doctor can't help you directly, he or she should be able to refer you to a urologist who will almost certainly be able to get to the root of the problem and establish whether or not the cause is purely physical. Sometimes bedwetting and daytime mishaps have an emotional/psychological element to them, perhaps triggered by and unhappy experience or series of experiences early in life. If your condition can't be cured, it should at least be possible to manage it effectively.

In the meantime it's important to be positive about yourself and remember that your problem is only a part of the real you. Try to go out and meet people and expand your social circle. Work hard at making new friends as well as maintaining the friendships you already have. You are as deserving of loyalty, friendship and respect as the next person - don't ever forget that. Some people may not be as understanding as you'd probably like but, believe me, your condition isn't as uncommon as you might think. I hope matters improve for you though.

Love and prayers

One Lucky Guy
NO NAME GRRL: I'm still lurking around. It's just that I've not had too much of any interest to tell everyone without resorting to constantly repeating myself. Some people seemed to like my stories, so rather than become boring, I thought I'd stay away. Also, I had a lot of course work to complete, and exams, etc. etc ! ( Now I am getting boring ! ). Actually, I should also say that Jules was getting a little unhappy about my relating "graphic details" about us. However, she said she didn't mind me telling the odd story now and again, and so I have this one to tell. Thanks, No Name Grrl, for remembering about me and asking after me ( and Jules ).

I've actually been away for two weeks staying with Jules, her two sisters (Mel, now 16, and Kim, still 12 but 13 next week), and her Dad. Some of you will remember that Jules' Mum died when giving birth to Kim. As a result, Kim and Jules are very close as she became both mother and big sister to her little sister. Now I'm on the scene, Kim and I have probably become almost as close. I'm the big brother she has never had !

Jules was 21 last week, and her Dad wanted to mark the event with a slap up dinner at a local restaurant, and as I'm now regarded as family ( we got engaged that same night ! ), I was invited to be there too. It was worse than Christmas, with the huge piles of food we all ate. The next day, we all required massive dumps at various times of the day. Jules' Dad and myself were the first to go, early in the morning. I followed him, and Mel definitely gets her smelly bottom from her father ! Jules doesn't really make much of a smell most of the time, and neither does Kim.

Jules' Dad left to go out for the day with his new ladyfriend early on, while Mel had actually gone to her boyfriend, Nick's house, straight after the meal, and wasn't coming home for a couple of nights. So I've no idea what kind of a dump she took, but hopefully she had remembered to lift the toilet lid !

Jules needed to go around mid afternoon, and as usual I went with her. She was wearing her light blue shorts, but they are of the bib and braces style. She pulled each strap of her shoulder, and then lowered the shorts below her knees before letting go altogether, allowing them to fall to the floor around her ankles. Then down came her knickers until they rested on the end of her knees.

Her wee began first, and made a delightful tinkle into the water, but I could tell by the way she had stopped breathing that her poo was on its way as well. She panted a couple of times in 10 second intervals. Errrrrrrr ............ Ahhhhhhhh, before announcing "Its quite a hard one today". There was then a soft puffy fart immediately followed by that first hugely anticipated plop !

I reached forward, and held on to her ???? on either side. I love the feel of her ???? as she clenches and relaxes all the various muscles to relieve herself of her poo.

That first poo out was now followed reasonably easily by the rest of her load. We counted them together as we usually do, and there were 12 more plops of various sounds. They came out in three even loads of 4 plops, and Jules rejoiced in the end of each load with wonderful gasps of her relief. Clench...puffy fart..crackle crackle, plop....plop...plop......plop, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. Clench... plup..plop....splush....splush, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Clench...splosh...plup..plup...................plop, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

That final plop is the one I savour the most, second only to the anticipation of the very first ! The final plop is the most intense experience. Its usually at least 10 seconds after the previous poo, and Jules is an absolute picture of concentration, staring straight into my eyes, those ???? muscles clenched for all they are worth, her face beginning to turn red with exertion before that fateful plop, ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Depending on how long that final plop takes, she may often pant two or three times more while she gets her breath back. Jules is completely and utterly gorgeous on the toilet !

Now the rest of this story involves Kim, who apparantly had not been able to go all day, and she went to bed not having gone. An hour later, I nipped upstairs for a wee, and being the considerate soul that I am, I knelt in front of the toilet to ensure I didn't miss ! As I got to the end of the process, I was pulling and shaking my willie to evacuate the last drips when I heard Kim's voice behind me "I hope you're not doing anything naughty in our toilet !". Although I jumped a mile with the fright, I was calmly able to explain what I had been doing and she was able to confirm my story when she observed my perfectly flacid willie as I poked it back inside my trousers. Then, smiling, she lifted up her shortish night shirt and pulling her knickers down to her knees just like Jules, she sat on the toilet after me. I smiled back at her. Seeing Kim on the toilet had now been second nature since staying with Jules for this past week or more, although only wees had ensued on thos! e occasions. As I rinsed my hands under the tap, and then reached for the towel, I heard a tiny little tinkle which didn't last more than five seconds before it stopped, and then seeing that she was looking at me, I faced her before she told me "I've trying to poo all day, but I can't go. My ???? tells me I need to go, and then when I sit down, the urge goes away". As she finished her tale I saw Jules heading into view through the wide open bathroom door. Kim said to her "I can't do a poo". Jules smiled and looking at me she said "Just wanted to check that you hadn't fallen in or something!" then turning to her sister she asked "Do you want him to stay". "Yes please" came the reply, and Jules smiled again at me saying "you better try working your magic again my love", kissed me, and departed.

Kim watched me as I knelt down in front of her. "What are you going to do ? she asked me. "Nothing" I said. "I'll just stay and talk. Eventually you'll forget about it, and it will suddenly appear like magic". She looked sceptical, but was happy enough. Goodness knows what we found to talk about, as we chatted happily, it was noticeable how she strained on occasions to try and get things going without success.

Now Kim has twice been in the bathroom as well when Jules had been pooing with me there, and had watched as I held on to her ???? at the sides. After 15 minutes of nothing, she suddenly asked me "Why don't you try holding my ???? like Jules". I didn't know what to say at first. Was it right to do that was my first thought, but then I knew Jules would not mind. Holding ???? is not exactly rude, or inappropriate touching necessarily. So I smiled and reached forward. I made sure that I held her ???? through her night shirt. It was not right to lift it from where it was hiding her groin area.

Again Kim grinned, and then she leaned forward and rested her chin on my left shoulder before encircling her arms around me. I felt her muscles as they began their first clench, and affirmed what I had seen those couple of months ago at college when I had seen her poo, and noticed with interest how she seemed to clench and relax her ???? in two second or so intervals. Clench....relax....clench....relax, and then she panted through her nose right in my ear with the tiniest vocal mmmm sound and breathed in through her nose again. Clench....relax....clench....relax....clench..(strained whisper) "I can't do a poo.... mmmm" and the same nasal pant. I assured her that we had all the time in the world and she should relax. She breathed steadily in my ear for a few seconds before taking her arms from around me whilst leaving her head and chin on my shoulder. I felt her lift away my hands. From my view down her back, I saw the nightshirt lift, and my hands were replaced directly o! n the side of her ???? again. Nervously, I waited for what was to happen next, but she simply put her arms around me again, and I felt a real pull on me as her whole body seemed to relax. That was good, and I felt an incredible warm feeling inside, the kind you feel when you know you're really helping someone important to you.

After a minute, she sat up again and the familiar clenching and relaxing began again. Again I heard her whisper "Can't do a poo" down my ear, but before I could reply, and within a second, she made a puffy fart, and five seconds later she was whispering "Oh...... yes I can". The anticipation made my heart really thump, and I know she could feel this. There was a further puffy fart around 30 seconds later before that first poo sound, a gentle flop into the toilet water. I got the nasal pant down my ear again, before she let go of me to sit upright, and fixing her beautiful dark eyes on me, she clenched and relaxed and panted, and learned when the poo would drop. It dropped around five seconds after she panted and the clenching had stopped and was replaced with steady breathing. Then more clenching, and the process began again. She made five poos, everyone of them a flopper into the water. The fifth and final one was in the presence of Jules who had returned to see how we we! re getting on. "You've done it again I see, Or should I say hear, or smell come to that !". I looked into Kims eyes again. They were soft and relaxed, and after a couple of seconds she leaned forward gave me a quick gentle kiss on the lips, and said "Thats it, I've finished" !

Getting up, Jules and kissed and hugged as Kim wiped herself and flushed, and we all went downstairs together. Kim was now wide awake, and not ready to go to bed. But at bedtime, Jules again needed to go herself. Kim went to bed and left us to it. As Jules did her first poo, she whispered "What are you going to do if Kim wants to watch you poo now you've seen her again ?". I said she's welcome if she wants. Jules was pleased with that reply. " I don't know what she might want to do" she said, "but I know she loves you to pieces, and that is so important to me. My baby sister is like my own daughter." We spoke some more about it and Jules told Kim the next day that she could go with me to the toilet if she wanted because I didn't mind. Nothing more was said so as not to make an issue about it.

With Dad away all night and back again not until the next afternoon, Kim did watch me go. But thats another story !

Yep, I'm one lucky guy, and I love Jules very much !

Tnx for writing!
Im a new guy here, and i have read a lot of post her. very good stories..
well now to the storie:
To day at my work, we are working and supporting computers in a hospital. And we are some guys and there are 4 girls.
So in the 10.00 time i had too pee we have only one toilet, and come in and see some skidmarks from a poo in the toilet. It was someone of the girls i think. Because all guys are at vication and only i and 4 gils are at work. It was very smell there. But i have to pee.
I flushed and walk to my computer, and i just look left and see Anna grab a magazine in the corridor. She is very nice girl about 30 years old, brown eyes and brown hair. Nice boobs too. And i think this is my moment too hear her poo.
So i get up from the chair and go to the toilet. I here her slamed the door. And i was very near the toilet door and i lisned very much. I hear she took off her pants and then her panties. But could not hear she was sitting on. And i was quiet as a mouse. Then i hear en little splich. And i she wiped her 2 times and i go fast away so i will not be discover. And sit back at my chair. Then she comes out and leaves the magazine. And i rise up and walk to the toilet and i opened the door, guashhh .. smell and i looked down the bowl and i see poo skidmarks her poo has left there.
God i was thinkig, too see her poo.
But the day ended that i was seeing 3 skidmarks in the bowl this day all produced of tree of this girl at my work..

Have good time everyone!
bee back if i could hear some more pooing at my job.


Hey everyone, new here...although ive been reading for a while i've never posted yet so here goes.
Ive had a really wierd thing happen, I moved to a new area a few months ago, and before, my poo was always firm and large and I only had to go once a day, but since I've been here, I've been having to go at least 4 or 5 times a day and its usually more. Today I've had to go 9 times - its not the runs, just loads of poo and i can't work out why! Maybe its a change in the water or something. But anyway, I have to poo at least twice in the morning, usually straight away when I get up I'm pretty desperate, then I have a cup of coffee and have to go again before I leave for work. It takes me at least 20 minutes each time as there are usually about 20-25 lumps in each morning "sitting" - not very big, probably about 2 inches long each.
Then when I've gone twice in the morning, I have to stop half way through my journey to work at the train station where they have some very nice toilets and go again, usually I do about 10 in there. Its amazing the amount of people who seem to stop there and do the same. I love listening to other people go, and this morning when I was in there a woman came in and sat in the stall next to me - I heard her running into the loos and she was saying "oh god, please let me make it" - I heard her sit down and as soon as her ass hit the seat I heard a huge torrent of firm poo, probably as much as mine, I lost count after she passed 15! So anyway I finished up after about 20 minutes, had to wipe 12 times and carried on my way to work.
Lunchtimes I always have to go again, and as I work near a large shopping center I go to the loos in there, and this takes up at least half of my lunch hour! By the afternoon I'm starting to feel a bit more cleared out, but I have to stop on the way home from work and go again, and then usually a couple of times in between getting home and going to bed.
Does anyone else poo this much? I seem to be spending most of my day on the loo...I don't mind really because I have more of a chance to hear other people going too, so I've got lots of stories about this! In an average day, I probably do about 40-50 sure this can't be normal!
I really like reading all your stories...especially ones about a large number of poos in one sitting like I get.

When I was 11, I walked in on my brother while he was taking a shower. At that point he was peeing in the shower, and I saw him, and I found it amazing. I was like "You can do that?" He explained that it was possible, because the urine goes away.
I had not showered yet that morning, and I said, "Can I join you?" He let me, and we were okay with the nudity because he's gay. I tried peeing in the shower too, and it was fun.

Shy Pam
Manda -
Your kindergarten experience brought me back in time. In our school the fire alarm was one of those older, very loud ringing bells, up top on the walls in the halls all over the school. They could almost wake the dead! The first time it went off I was so startled I let go a large squirt of pee in my pants. I had a wet spot in my panties and tights about the size of silver dollar. Nobody saw it except me and I was embarassed enough to make sure I didn't sit or bend over so anyone could see my wet undies! It dried in a short time but I did notice a pee stain when I got undressed that night for my bath and got them into the hamper before my mom saw it. I hope the fire alarms have changed so the kindergarten kids don't have to!

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