I had just seen a neighbor crap all over herself a few weeks ago, and it was pretty cool. She's never given me a straight answer about what she does for a living, but it seems like she's either a high-class receptionist or a private investigator for an executive at a nearby office, and she lives in the same condominium complex as me. She's about my age, late-twenties, and a cute blonde in a "girl next door" sort of way.

I've been having trouble sleeping off-&-on through my life since I was 13 or so, but lately I haven't been able to sleep for about 6 months. Who knows, but when I had insomnia, it's like I was never asleep or awake - I just always had a hope that some of more foggy moments within the past 10 minutes were really periods of sleep, until I realized that those periods of slightly unclear consciencness really weren't casual dozing-off, but just hopeful thinking.

When my neighbor moved in a couple weeks ago, I told her about my insomnia. She told me it was nothing to worry about, when you put it into comparison with people with major problems. She's too nice to say so, but it like she was saying "stop being a cry-baby!" She'd always tell me to just have a couple beers, rest my eyes, and that I'd fall right alseep. But I've already tried this plenty of times, and it didn't work. She took me out to bars every so often - no sleep still, but at least I had someone to sympathize with. Then one night, it finally happened. As we were walking back from the bars, she said "I gotta go - no - oh no, I can't hold it." (5 minutes later - fjjjgggt slash squirt plllopppp fugge-squiggle fjjjjgggtt oooops oooops!!) She was wearing a miniskirt, so I saw all the lose turds run down her pantyhose. I offered to walk her back home, but she was too embarrassed, and she just ran off to her place. I started to walk after her, but she just yelled ! "no - don't look at my legs - please don't look at me!" I couldn't believe how sweet, juicy, and bitter-sweet that huge pantyhose-pooping accident looked, but she wasn't about to stick around and let me look at it. And this was after 6 months of insomnia. After getting home that night, I sat there to watch my usual latenight TV, expecting to pull my usual allnighter. However, on this night after witnessing the most bitter-sweet tender accident I've ever seen, I slept like a log - and have so ever since.

Buck (IL)
The urinals at the university here were made by American Standard and are like troughs that project out perpendicualr to the wall to which they are attached. They are slightly higher at the back and have a regular hole in the bottom like a toilet stool, but no seat. It appears as if they were made to be straddled by the user, facing in either direction. I think it would be neat to see a woman use one of these standing as I have never really seen a woman shoot a stream forward, and it has my curiousity. Not so much a sexual thing, but just curiousity.
To "seriously",
One of my doctors (he treats me for a somewhat different problem) was one of the first in this area to bring back a technique involving minimally invasive surgery for persons who suffer incontinence, such as yourself. While his techniques may not apply to every case, he is likely not the only one to know this procedure, and has given seminars to other doctors over the last five years on it. Perhaps he has a urologist collegue in your area who could help with it. It sounds as if you feel that this affliction is really controlling your life. I wish you the best.

Tuesday, August 08, 2000

No Name Grrl
I have another Friends bathroom scene!!!! Today at the beginning of one of them....first you see the others in the living rooom talking and then Chandler comes out of the bathroom with a MAGAZINE!!! Who knows how long he took or the size or anything of it!!!!! Heehee!!!

Alex M: THanks for the description of how you and Steph used the bidet. I wondered, since you described it at being a very pleasurable experience, if you both used it in front of each other, or alone?
Also, while you were traveling, when one of you had to poo did you both go in to the toilet to gether and watch, or did you leave what you had done for the other to see later?
I'd love to hear from Steph too, especially about her peeing outdoors.

Have a great day!

To Maureen: I thought your story was funny cause your friends little brother came in the bathroom and didn't know you were in there and he peed in the sink. That must have been old was he?

To Manda: Nothing like what happened to you has ever happened to me...But i have had fears when i was in school that i would have to go to the bathroom(#1 or #2) and there would be a fire drill...but it never happened to me. What happens if an older child is in the bathroom at school when there is a fire drill..should he/she stay in there and finish up? or exit immeditly?

Did anyone (sons in particular) ever watch thier father while he was having a bowel movement so please share the experience

Hello everybody! Tomorrow is the day that I go with
Steve to Spain for two weeks, so it maybe we will
have things to write about when we come back.
Before I go, I want to write this quick letter.

PV - Hi!!! Sorry I did not write on Friday but
I had to work late and I did not have time. I will
not be able to write a long one this time so
sorry for that!

Maybe the women in the dorm that Buck (IL) was writing
about need a 'urinal training manual' written by me and
you. Hehe.

Yeah, I thought lots of guys and girls would be around
you like bees around honey. I bet your luck will change
and you deserve someone nice. Get lucky soon yeah?

There was not another organised team pish in the
showers on Saturday, but every girl on the team did
piss in the showers in her own usual style. I do not
think anybody wanted to wash the floor again, so I bet
that was why nobody wanted to do it. Yeah, the 16 year
old has a lot of power and control, and I bet she can
hold a lot too. Steve wishes he could see what goes on
in the showers, he is amazed at how the girls go on.
The black girl would have gone past a hurdle if she
had squeezed a log out wouldn't she? Did I not tell you
how one of the girls *did* have a shit before a match?
She had a piss and then she very calmly just pushed
out a 6 incher of a log I remember. I did not see her
bum hole, I saw it from the side. Brown tail and
everything. Hehe.

Wow I think you are very brave for that wee in the
railway underpass! I know how sometimes you just have
to go and that feeling comes first. I know that because
when I have weed in an alley I would not have been
brave enough to do it if I had not been bursting!
Just think if you had had some guy there for company!
Hehe you could have stood together and washed the wall
down. That would have been fun wouldn't it?

Oh yeah, it was a real whopper I pushed out in the alley.
I remember I could not walk any further and before I
told Steve, he already knew what I needed! He is really
good that way. I felt sooo much better when I was empty!
I bet that shit you wrote about felt very good as you
did it, so yeah it may be we have achieved shit size
syncronisation. Hehe.

Oh no, the car washing water must have been well matured!
All the wee must have been breaking down and I bet it
must have been a serious bad stink! Is there anything
left of the wash leather??? Hehehe.

The other men's room I went into had some wall mounted
ones that were a bit of a different shape to the other
ones I have used in the other room. They were a bit more
round at the front so I had to squirt forwards a bit to
not wee on the floor but at the end I dripped a few
drops on the tiles anyway just for the hell of it. Oh
yeah, another venus symbol has been written!!!

Well I know my joints need to get stronger to do the
Kung Fu well but Steve says I am doing okay. I am fit
enough but I tell you Steve is very fast when doing
these things, and when he spars with his best friend
I can not always keep up and see what they are doing.
They both know other stuff too, what is it called?
Ikido or something, and that has joint locks and stuff.

On Saturday morning, we had been frolicking when we
woke up and after a bit I went for my first wee of
the day. Steve came with me and I sat down naked on
the toilet. I squirted a strong gusher straight away
while Steve watched, and guess what, my wee went gooey!
Hehe. Steve wiped my puss for me after, and we had a
good giggle about it.

Hehe this short letter has become a long one.
Take care, sister, and I will write in 2 weeks!!!

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi!!! Yeah, dumping a log in the alley
kinda affected Steve for the rest of the night. Hehe.

BUCK (IL) - Hi guy! Yeah, I do bet more girls have a
group piss than will talk about it. Hehe if the men and
the women got together for group pissing, you can bet
things would not stop at that especially if it was in
the showers! Hehe I can not really imagine the girl
guides being told to pee on the campfire to put it

Got to go now in more than one way! C U in 2 weeks!


Hi Joe (N.Y.), keep those great stories of your wife's dumps coming. I would, however, like to hear more from your wife and let her describe her monster poop sessions. It sounds a lot more sexy coming from a lady if ya know what I mean. The only problem I see is that if she is intentionally holding it a long time to make a larger turd, that could do great damage to her sphincter muscles several years down the road. Take Care, give her my regards.

ANy word on toilet scenes on those reality shows?
I know big Brother has a camera right over the toilet...but I don'tknow if they ever showed it. ALso wil they ever change the gallery pic..It's been the same for ever

Well, I had an interesting weekend in the Mountains of Colorado. In one of the ski towns, there is a Rec Center that has a skateboard park. I was BS'ing with the kid that worked there and I would see kids go into the bathroom. Most of the time, it was in/out which indicates taking a leak. One kid went in there and took a dump. I didn't go in until afterward. I went back the next day but while I was BS'ing, I had to take a good dump. My butt was hurting from Biking the day before. I can feel the turd coming out a little more than normal. I also did some 4x4'ing as well and went on one trail called Boreas Pass Road and stopped at the top of the pass. There was an old log house which is a ski hut during the winter. People sleep there at nite but however, there are no guest allowed to stay overnite during the summer. There were 2 college kids working there. I saw their bathroom facilities and they are more fancy type of latrines. There were 2 different rooms but there was a hole p! er room. There was more than enough room to fit a couple of holes but that is out of the question in neo-puritan America.

At work, I was thinking about this weekend and also while I was BS'ing with the kid at the Rec center, I heard an old song which reminded me of my college days.I got to thinking about my time after college as well. I remember baby sitting my co-worker's 3 kids and they were pertty open about their toilet habits. At the time, the oldest son was about 16 years old and I saw taking a shit one time. The door was wide open. After he got finished the 14 yeard then went in and took a shit complete with noise. He didn't shut the door either. They were pretty good kids. The oldest is now married with a kid.

Well, that is all for now :)

Hello. I'm just a poster. One time, i was at my friends house and he made dinner. But it had milk with the drink and I'm lactose intolerant but he had nothing else. And I was thirsty so I drank it anyway. I was sleeping over so we were going to bed when my stomach started cramping and making all these sounds. My friend knew what was going to happen. I went for the bathroom and sat on the toilet and then I had a waterfall. It exploded splashing everywhere. It was awful. My friend seemed to be listening and asked, "you ok?" I said, no! I flushed but diarrhea was still left because it was so much and very messy. Many times, I had very watery diarrhea. The next day, I seemed okay. I had some milk-free breakfast but then half an hour later, I still had the runs. So I'm going home still got the runs when I need to go. But no shop or anything nearby! Just plain field. So I had to hold it and the cramps got terrible. I got home, and as quickly as possible, headed for the toilet. I exp! loded with force so powerful, I farted and realised diarrhea with it flying inside the toilet and OUTSIDE the toilet. I found out later my meals weren't so milk-free after all, plus, I'm terribly lactose intolerant.

Greetings All.

Just as my girlfriend Louise has done, I'd like to just post a little something before we head of to Spain for a couple of weeks to enjoy a (hopefully) sunnier climate.

Buck (IL), it's good to hear that we are keeping you entertained! Well, in actual fact, Louise has been doing most of that for some considerable time, as unfortunately I am too busy at work these days to have much spare time to spend on this keyboard.

Scott and Kim, Hello there, you two. It seems you both appreciated the story Louise's 12 inch turd that she produced in the alley. She doesn't make too many of those, but when she does ... wow!
Take care now, the pair of you.

PV, How are you? I hope you are well. I'm well aware of how
Louise and yourself have been enjoying yourselves in exchanging posts and telling some quite outrageous stories,
but I'm afraid I have completely lost track of things. Just where did we leave off on our discussions? I must really need this sunshine break, as my short term memory seems to be quite scrambled at the moment. I definitely need to get myself centred again.
Anyway, since Louise has just taken the event I was going to describe and written about it in her own post, I've decided to write about what happened on Saturday evening instead. She was going to include this in her post as well, but I've insisted on telling it from my point of view.
On our way home after a pleasant evening out, Louise's two friends Jackie and Emma were walking with us. We went a little out of our way to ensure that they both arrived home safely, but along the way we all developed an urgent need to pee. Jackie in particular was complaining of how much she needed to have a wee. Needless to say, there were no toilets anywhere near, and once again there was the seemingly inevitable search for a suitable quiet alley. Our bodies were in serious need to vent the liquid they contained. All three girls wore short, skimpy dresses that really left little to the imagination, and they knew it would not be long before their legs would be bathed in urine as they were pretty close to wetting themselves. Now we found an alley that Louise had used before not long ago, and the girls very gratefully threw their handbags at me and tottered in on their heeled shoes, in a state of frantic desperation by now. I was standing at the corner, clutching the thre! e handbags, while the girls roughly dragged their knickers to one side and squatted in a row with their backs to the opposite wall. Due to the street lamps nearby, the light was not bad considering it was night, and I had quite a good view of all three girls with their dresses hitched up. Immediately as they settled into the squatting position, three huge twisting gushers squirted from between their legs and blasted the smooth tarmac road surface. Three pee trails trickled slowly across in the direction of the wall I was standing near to. Closest to me was Jackie, a beautiful long haired brunette with a gorgeous tanned figure. She also had a partly shaven pussy with well trimmed pubes, I could now see! She was blasting a remarkably strong stream and her pussy was also dripping slightly. She was the first to start and had been the most desperate of the three in my judgement. Next along on her right was Louise, who was weeing the usual twisting, hissing geyser she produces in t! hese situations. She was giggling at my natural reluctance to embarrass her friends and asked me to come closer, beckoning with her finger. Jackie and Emma latched onto this immediately, and they both started giggling too, wearing wicked, mischievous expressions on their faces. There was I thinking I would embarrass them, thinking about their privacy! As they were now enjoying blissful urinary relief, they were putting on a show! To Louise's right, of course there was Emma, a short girl, very pretty with long light brown hair and a curvy but slim figure, whose stream seemed to alternate between an untidy dribble and sharp spurts. She had soaked her shoes. Her pussy was not really visible to me from where I was standing, and Louise seemed to be trying to get her to turn around so that I could see frontally, but I think Emma had a little shyness kick in and she blushed even though she seemed to enjoy being seen urinating like that. Their relief only seemed to heighten my own ne! ed to urinate.
When they had finished, the girls left behind three large patches that looked like someone had emptied three half full buckets of water. Remarkable. The girls collected their bags from me, and now it was my turn to wee. Again, I was a little shy about this, I have to say, and Louise teased me, saying things like, "Come on, just point Percy at the wall and wee. Or do you want me to get it out for you?" In the end, I was in such dire need that quickly I pulled my penis out by myself, and to the delight of Louise, Jackie and Emma, I opened fire against the wall. It was a fierce, pencil thin stream that must have lasted over a minute and a half, and the girls seemed to think it was very entertaining, standing next to me to watch. Jackie and Emma has not seen a man urinate up close before (but by their own frank admission had seen penises before), and I think they were most fascinated by the spurts I was producing toward the end of weeing. Louise even gave a sort of commentary ! on what I was doing, including squeezing the last drops out of my foreskin. I had made a large wet patch up the brick wall, and I put my penis away. We left this scene of group urination after surveying the now very wet road surface, and
we went on our way. Incredibly, Jackie was bursting again by
the time we reached her house. There is a downstairs toilet just off the hallway, and Jackie kicked her knickers off and immediately sat down on the toilet. The door was open, and she pissed noisily while still having a conversation with us. We stayed a while, but eventually we left with Emma, and after escorting her home, Louise and I returned to our own house. Once there, we both went to the toilet. After what had happened before, this part of the night's events seems rather tame, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you what Louise and I did next!
I hope you enjoyed the Saturday night story half as much as we did, PV.

Bye for now, All. We will post again as soon as we can after the next two weeks.


Some Guy
I haven't been constipated for like 10 years or something, but due either to a small change in my diet or because I dreamed about having to dump and I really didn't have, this morning I was ill-prepared for my experience. I even tried Steph's position without much luck, but remembering that the more bending the better, I squatted on the toilet. The Japanese must have less pooping trouble than us Americans because their toilets are like holes in the ground, and they just squat over them, like man was supposed to (however, sitting can be more relaxing), as I have seen from the giga pics. As I have a Western style toilet, I had to put my feet on the seat and squat that way. It worked, but it still was kinda painful, like passing jagged rocks. So there's another option for ya.

As for a list of lady celebrities I'd love to see dumping a large load and/or peeing, in no particular order:
Jennifer Lopez
Sandra Bullock
Julia Roberts
Stacy Dash
Jenny McCarthy
Jennifer Love Hewitt (I wrote a story about this one)

By the way, add another movie to the pee list. In Hollow Man, one girl scientist is paranoid as she sits to pee because she thinks she hears Sebastian (the invisible guy) in the bathroom. She tells the others she pissed because she "can't take a piss" without bringing the visor that allows them to see Sebastian. Some asshole asks who'd want to see her piss.

Shy Pam
Hello Everyone!
Ever since I got back I have tried to get caught up on work, getting ready for the next semester of school, see my boyfriend, etc. Hasn’t been much time for the computer!
My vacation was really great. It started out with a week near Williamsburg, VA where we scoured like the tourists we were. So much history! My favorite was Six Flags, had a real blast doing all the rides and stuff.
The second week we ended up in Orlando, FL mostly at Disneyworld, but had a couple of minor excursions to the surrounding area (Sea World, Gatorland). At Disneyworld (actually the whole time since we stayed there in the Carribean Beach Resort), my Mom, Dad and I hooked up with my older sister, Rosemary, and her 3 kids - my neices (Katie, just turned 4; Brittany, 5 almost 6; and “Shelly” (Michelle), 7+).
The first night we decided to visit MGM. After doing a lot of the things for the
younger kids, we ended up on the Hollywood ride. Everyone was tired but we were at Disneyworld... Rosemary put Katie on her lap for the ride so she could see better. As we got into the ride a little way, Katie says, “Mommy! I have to go to the bathroom!”. Before my sister could tell her to wait until the ride was over, Katie flooded her pants with pee ...and soaking my sister’s lap as well! She was tired, upset and began crying. Katie is sort of on again/off again as far as being toilet trained - she wets the bed almost every night, but as far as the “potty” goes, sometimes she is fine and tries real hard. If she has
an accident in her pants, she gets upset. Other times, she could care less and if she has to go to the bathroom, why wait - her pants serve the purpose fine wherever she is. Well,this time wasn’t too bad for Katie as we all kinda downplayed it, told her it was okay and we would go back as soon as we could to change her into dry clothes. She was wearing dark pants so no one could really see that she wet her sister, unfortunately, had on almost neon pink shorts and looked like she was the one who had the accident. Shelly being the oldest sometimes likes to act smart and cocky so she made a comment to Katie
to the extent of “Only babies wet their pants! Thats why babies wear diapers!”. My sister shot her a look just as Shelly announced loudly to the world “ looks like you wet your pants!” That comment drew about everyone’s attention and my sister became beet red...and livid with Shelly.
Two days later we started at the Epcot Center after a morning of swimming and boating at our village. We had lunch at Mexico, walked around a little and decided to go
to the Magic Kingdom as the kids were more interested in that area. We took the monorail ride over which was really cool. It was rather crowded so it took a little to get
in. While we were waiting Brittany says she has to go to the bathroom. She is fidgiting a little but didn’t look like there was a problem. As soon as we passed through the
admission gates she told my sister “Mom...I really have to go!”. We kept walking and she said it again. By now she was grabbing at her butt and trying to walk with her knees close together. My sister told her “Hold on a little longer, Brit, we’re almost there.” I knew what she must be feeling because she was real tight and tense, gritting her teeth and moaning a little. All at once she stopped walking where she was, clinched her eyes shut
tight and screamed “MOMMY!” and began crying her eyes out. Everyone was startled and looked. She was sobbing and crying, “I COULDN’T HOLD IT IN! I WENT POOP IN
MY PANTS! I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY!” Her crying drew lots of attention since it was the area of Disneyworld where most of the kids are. The mexican food apparently hit her
system and she couldn’t handle it. Her pants were filled with a soft, wet poo that stained right through her butt into her yellow shorts. We tried to calm her down and get out of the crowd and into a bathroom to clean her up, parents and kids (other parents can be almost as cruel as kids can) made comments, chuckled, etc. Brittany was humiliated, embarassed and her self-esteem was obviously devastated. Rosemary ended up throwing her panties out because they just couldn’t be cleaned (she tried washing them in the sink with no luck.) The shorts were made from a different fabric and washed out to where they were wearable. I stayed with Brittany while my sister walked over to one of the Disney Stores and luckily found some Minnie Mouse panties. In the meantime,
I had put a couple of panty liners I had in my purse into Brittany’s shorts to make them feel drier. I told her “Brit, everyone has had an accident in their pants. It’s okay. Accidents happen to kids and older people too. I have had accidents in my pants...even though I’m almost an adult! It really isn’t a big deal, okay? This isn’t the first and may not be the last. If it happens again remember it’s okay.” When the “incident” was over
my sister (out of frustration I think) said “Maybe I’ll pick up some Huggies or something for you and Katie to wear while we’re here, just to keep you from being embarassed if you get too far from a bathroom and have an accident in your pants again. It will keep you from having to be embarassed if you can’t make it to the bathroom.” I don’t think Rosemary was being mean, she just didn’t think what this meant to the kids. Of course, upon hearing this, Shelly picked up her cue and made another comment about the “babies having to wear protective pants because they still wet, while the big girls don’t!” This all
but set Brittany off on another crying spree, only Rosemary pulling Shelly aside to yell at her kept her together...but you could see the hurt and disappointment in her face. Brittany wasn’t herself the rest of the day.
The next day Brittany was still upset so I took her with me while my Mom, Rosemary and Katie went together and my Dad took Shelly with him. Knowing how Brittany felt (without the help of her sister!), I tried to make her cheer up and enjoy herself. We had a theme breakfest together, went out to this cove place (I forget the name
right now) and walked around looking at the birds and animals. It was kind of like a neat island zoo. We ate lunch, swam in the pool a little and then headed out to the Magic Kingdom again...this was one of our favorites! Pretty late in the afternoon we went to Mickey’s House, a train ride that went ALL around the Magic Kingdom, on a Riverboat and the Caribbean Pirate Adventure (or something like that). It was really cool! Being up for adventure I asked Brit if she would like to go to Disney’s version of a Haunted House. She said she was afraid of ghosts, but I told her there was no such thing, they weren’t real
and I would be with her. She said “Okay.” This was one of the neatest things I have ever seen! They have holographic ghosts! It was just WAY COOL! me anyway. Brit was
shaking a little bit so I put my arm around her, held her and laughed at the things we saw. Just after we passed the holograms, Brit started crying and said “Aunt Pam...when I saw those ghosts I got real scared...and...and...(Crying Real Loud) I WET MY PANTS!” Normally this wouldn’t have been such a big deal, but after yesterday this was ALL she
needed! I decided quickly that desperate times call for desperate measures...and let go a few squirts of pee in my pants, just enough to make a small, but noticeable wet spot on my shorts. I told Brit “Hey, it’s all right! In fact it’s kind of fun to get scared on rides like this. Aunt Pam got scared, too...and you know what? I wet my pants a little, too!” Brit was shocked and a little relieved. “YOU DID?!?”
“Uh-huh.” and I showed her the wet spot. Then she started crying again saying “My mommy’s still gonna make me wear those diaper pants because I wet my pants again!” I felt so bad for her knowing what happened and how disappointed she was in herself.
“Brit...Mommy’s not going to find out!” I told her. As soon as the ride finished we got off and I wrapped my nylon windbreaker around Brit’s waist and tied it like a belt (like when I’m too lazy to carry it or wear it). “C’mon.” I told her. I took her by the hand and said “Let’s go on a REAL fun ride that will make us forget about wetting our pants!” She was still unhappy but seemed curious. I don’t think she really understood at first why
I took her over to Splash Mountain. We had to wait about 25 minutes, but as soon as we got into the ride I had her take off the windbreaker and sit in front of me (in the front of the ride). We screamed and had a good time...especially at the end when we basically ate
a tidal wave that came right at us! FORGET WET PANTS, EVERYTHING was soaked. I told Brittany “See...we just ‘wet our pants’ on a ride...along with our shirts, our socks
and our shoes...I told you Mommy wouldn’t find out that you went pee in your pants! Now everything is wet and it’s from water! Now she can’t be angry or make you wear anything except maybe a bathing suit next time...I’ll tell her this was my idea and I know she won’t get mad. We’ll keep the part about your peeing in your pants a secret, okay?
Just between you and me.” Brit agreed and seemed happy for the first time in a while.
We all got a lot of “wetting” in the next day when we went to Typhoon Lagoon...basically a small (well, not that small) water park. After a day there...I SLEPT!
I was SOOOOOOO tired...and so were the kids! (Katie must have been too tired to wet the bed that night cause even she stayed dry!) Everyone had a great time...although I did
think of GoldGirl there because I peed into the water through my bathing suit a couple of times.
On our last day there, we rented a boat and zoomed (“putt-putted”) around the lake at our resort area, went swimming and then everyone wanted to go back to MGM.
We wandered around and did a bunch of things the younger kids liked. Shelly seemed bored so I asked her “Hey...I’ve wanted to go on that Tower of Terror ride, you up for
trying it too?” I think she was partly interested and partly just wanting to do it to seem older so she said yes. We got up there and the wait was fairly long, about 45 minutes. I kept telling her how neat the ride was supposed to be and how much fun it was to get scared. She didn’t seem upset when we heard everyone screaming, then laughing and then proclaiming it a fantastic ride. Towards the final entrance, Shelly said “Aunt Pam, I have
to go to the bathroom.” I asked her “Do you have to go real bad or can you hold it until the ride’s over? If we go to the bathroom we’ll lose our place in line and have to go to the end and start over. It’ll only be about 3-4 minutes and we’ll be done.” Shelly said she could hold it that long. I have to be honest. I really love all of my neices, but I was kind of hoping she’d have her own accident and get a dose of humility after the teasing she
gave her sisters. I also learned to be careful what you ask for (think about) because you sometimes get it. We got into the ride and were screaming and whooping.....and the ride came to its famous part - a (I think) 10 story drop STRAIGHT DOWN! It was a blast and really cool although Shelly’s bladder decided it did not want to go on the ride and as soon as the drop started, it emptied automatically as Shelly drenched her pants like a firehose was in them. She was dumbfounded and didn’t react for about 3 minutes. Then it really hit her that she lost control and wet her pants...just like her sisters did. Embarassed and crying she ran to her mother. Unfortunately, to make things worse, her 2 younger sisters and my parents were all together (not to mention the crowd of people in the park) and all saw her soaked green shorts still dripping on the ground. I think the most embarassing part for her was being the one who wet her pants while being the oldest...and having her ! younger sisters see her. I felt bad for her but there is a god and I don’t think she will ever ridicule her sisters, friends or classmates for going to the bathroom in their pants accidently again.
We did a little more traveling and sightseeing on the way home but it was a long few weeks and nothing more eventful happened.
I feel like I wrote a novel here but once I started reminiscing I couldn’t stop! Sorry Mr. Moderator that this is so long, I hope it doesn’t cause a problem.
Ciao All!
Shy Pam

Fred: A couple of years ago two of the Spicegirls "Geri and Melanie C" had to pee really bad while visiting a temple in china which didn´t contain any bathrooms. They actually took a pair of towels from the temple and squatted down and peed on then they put them into place again.

I too was a bit sceptical about the 5 inch DIAMETER (cross section) claimed for the motion that Joe NY said his girlfriend had passed. The biggest single turd I have produced so far was when I was about 21 after being confined to bed with a sports injury for a week when both my left arm and leg got broken . I didnt have a poo for a week and when I did go passed apart from some hard balls a big panbuster of 20 inches long and at its start it was 3 inchs thick (diameter) although it soon tapered down to a more reasonable 2.5 inches. The start was very knobbly and looked like a load of grapes compacted together but it got smoother along its length. As I had my arm and leg in plaster my mother came in to the toilet with me, this was not a problem I had often had mum and for that matter my brother come in and have a shower or wash their hair while I did a motion and vice versa, we are very open about such functions in our family. Mum pulled down my knickers, (plain white cotton! ones as I recall), and I sat on the pan. I did a wee wee then she gently rubbed and pushed my ????. With a lot of OO!s and AH!s and NN!s I did some hard balls, as Moira calls them "constipotatoes" "PLONK! PLOONK! KERPLONK! KUPLOONK!" Mum had a look down the pan at the 4 hard brown " goose eggs" bobbing up and down in the water. "Oh you are a bit constipated Nicky. You should have taken some liquid parafin last night to lubricate it. Are you finished or is there more to come down?" In a matter of fact way I replied, "Yes mum, there is a huge lump up there but it is too fat to come out" Mum got a glycerine suppository from the medicine cabinet and I got up off the pan for her to insert it into my back passage. My sphincter was dilated by the start of the fat turd and mum remarked "Wow Girl, youve got an elephant's turd up there! Id better dip this in vaseline to get it in" very gently mum pushed the coated suppository into my rectum. "Hold it in as long as you can Nicky, it! will melt and help lubricate that huge jobbie up there" I did as she asked for about 5 minutes of so then I felt the turd start to slide slowly out of me. It hurt a bit at first and I could feel all the knobbly lumpiness as I kept up a steady pressure, NN" AH! OH! NNN! NNN!" OO! with mum rubbing my ???? and encouraging me to do a nice big jobbie. It tapered down to a more reasonable thickness and got smoother and made the crackling sound a long solid and formed jobbie does as it came out. I could feel it start to touch the bottom of the pan while it was still coming out of me so asked mum to help me stand so I could get it all out in a oner. She did, seeing the big poo and remarked "that thing wont ever flush away, maybe you should have done it in a bucket. It tapered to an end and slid silently into the pan.We both had a good look the thick start was in the water while the pointed end stuck up above the rim of the toilet pan. It looked like the Flintstone's Club in shape. ! "Good heavens Nicks, you must feel a lot better getting rid of THAT!" mum exclaimed. She wiped my bum with a wet piece of toilet tissue as it had touched against the inside of my bum cheeks owing to its fatness and the melting glycerine suppository and the vaseline had left a brown residue around my anus. After mum pulled my panties up for me I was was going to flush the toilet with my right hand but mum stopped me. "Dont do that love, it will jam in the pan and cause a blockage. We'll have to remove it and get rid of it some other way" We were contemplating the disposal of my huge jobbie when my young bother aged 19 came in. He entered the toilet and seeing the huge brown turd gasped " Hells Bells , Nicks, that's a record even for you!" Mum pretended to be annoyed and said, with a laugh, "You shouldn't have looked then and embarassed your big sister!" He retorted , "Embarassed? she's as proud as Punch, look at the grin on her fat face!" I now pretended to be angry, "well just! for that YOU can dispose of it!" and Mum and I left the toilet. About 5 minutes later he came down stairs with a bucket and I could see my big jobbie unbroken and whole in the bottom of it. He went into the garden and emptied it into the compost heap, covering it with some well rotted compost to assist it to break down and fertilise the garden in due course. I didnt ask how he got it out of the toilet pan, but Mum did remind him to wash his hands well before dinner. Later he came up to me when mum and dad were in the kitchen and said, "Nicola, that big jobbie you did this afternoon was 20 inches long!, I measured it" I couldn't help but giggle at the idea of my intellectual brother measuring my turd! Since then I have both done some big single jobbies and 3 turds where the combined length has been about 30 inches but have not yet done one single turd as long and fat as that again.

Sudden Urge and Tony (NOT the one from Glasgow I assume), just goes to show that many women are quite at ease with a male seeing them do a motion. I hope Shafted and others who despair of their wife or girlfriend letting them watch them doing a number two read this as it shows that wives and girlfriends, (partners) quite often are well aware that their man is turned on by such things and are happy enough to let him see them doing a nice big jobbie. A few of my female colleagues at the sports center are equally at ease with this.

Monday, August 07, 2000

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