Once when i was about 16 or 17 i was at my friend Dawn's
house we were up in her bedroom when i got the urge to go poop so we both went into the bathroom together like we allways do with each other (we were best friends since age 7)Well when i sat on the bowl it started to be a big one with alot of gas and noise so dawn said i'll wait for you in my room and she left,but she forgot to push the little button on the knob to lock the door and i didn't know it and a couple of minutes later her little brother burst into the bathroom with just his underpants on and he already had his penis halfway out,we both screamed and i was so embarresed siting on the toilet with the room stinking from what i was doing and on top of that i was wearing farmer overalls with no shirt since it was a real hot day so he saw my boobs too ! He said sorry and was stutering and said i goota pee right now and peed in the sink,i put my head down with my arms around my boobs and said just dont look at me i i wont at you and in a minute i heard him say sorry ag! ain and he turned on the water in the sink for a few seconds and then went out,I will never forget how embarresed i was and we avoided each other for about a year.

Hey, just wanted to pay tribute to the 2 of you girls that crapped yourself recently during a movie. I hate to sound so ridiculous, but I think I may owe my curing of prostate cancer to a girl that crapped her panties during a movie. Up until three weeks ago, I used to be a heavy smoker (2 packs a day). This guy that I work with practices alternative medicine, and he did muscle-reaction tests on me. I tested strong on every system that he tested, except for my prostate. I figured that I'm young enough, that if I quit smoking now, a short long-term fix in my health would improve. For 3 weeks to the day after quitting smoking, I felt a health difference - I felt sick after eating lunch every day for these 3 weeks. I knew this was just a side affect - after 3 weeks, I visited with the gentleman who performed the alternative muscle-reaction tests on me. He said that I now performed regular on every test, but that I could be even stronger on my prostate musle reflex test if it were properly stimulated. I didn't know what he was talking about, so I was justlike "whatever". Later that night, I took my girlfriend, Britney, to the movies - we went to see Gone in 60 Seconds. I was exploding with excitement through the entire movie, but Britney was actually filling her panties with huge amounts of turds. She was wearing a skirt, so I put my hand on her knee to calm her down, but there was turds spurting out of her panties, into seat, all over the place - onto her legs - everywear! I took my hand off her knee and tapped her on the shoulder, and said "hey Britney - enjoying the movie!?!" She just said "yeah, great!!!" At this point, I looked at her legs, and realized that she was still spurting crap all around her legs, butt, skirt, panties, butt, etc. Anyways, my male urology area, including my prostate, started feeling really hard at this point. While looking at Britney's pretty soft exterior, and realizing how cute she looked by extreting h er interior crappings onto/into her exterior clothing/legs, I was just thinking "oh, shame on her, but she doesn't need to know that I know about her shame!" I felt so drawn in, yet so respectively withdrawn from her, that I just gazed as brown mushy slime coated her beautiful white skin. I felt so releaved - I knew it was Britney's crap undie spewing that made my male organs start to generate energy again (hate to sound techy-weird, but I've been hanging around the alternative medicine guy too long) - I didn't want to embarrass Britney at all, but I just waited for the movie to end, let her to get up and do her cleaning up, and then we left with satisfaction - I tested again at work with the alternative medicine, and all muscle systems tested stronger than usual!

I like nothing better then a good female huge dump story (well, maybe watching one actually occur is better).
I would love to see an incident like you described, but perhaps you should check your tape measure. One "elephant" log of the size you describe would probably weigh about five pounds(give or take) and would fill a normal toilet, probably hanging six inches or so OVER the rim. A one pound COFFEE CAN is four inches in diameter; a BEER CAN is two and a half inches in diameter. The event you described, if it were true, would easily set an all-time world record for human feces passed in one session. I can't totally discount your story, but it sounds outrageously far-fetched!
At the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, they specialize in medical oddities. One such oddity is the colon of a man who
died while trying to deliver a forty four pound turd! The man was called "Windbag" and worked in a circus sideshow. If I remember correctly, he had gone several MONTHS without dumping. The turd was from three inches to eleven inches in diameter, and was approximately eight feet long.
When my wife went to nursing school, her roommate assisted at an operation where they did a bowel resection on a homeless woman who was hit by a car. The turd they removed was weighed in at FIFTY TWO pounds! It was thought to be approximately six months in accumulation by the medical team involved. She was known around afterward, at hospitals around the city, as "The Shit Lady".
Joe, no offense, but this needs documentation; e-mail me
if you want.

Joe (NY), didn't you mean 5 inches in circumference and not diameter? i think 5 inches in diameter would be impossible!

I think my most memorable trip to the toilet was when my dad left the toilet seat up on the really big toilet we had just installed.....I fell straight in and you woun beleive this, HE DIDN'T FLUSH his BM.


Hi guy! I've missed talking with you all this time, and hey, I'm so touched that you're doing that art class with those women on the inside. That's a reaching out from the heart, and I'm proud of you! It means a lot to me, your story of that prison had a profound impact on me, and I've never forgotten it.

Compliments accepted with humility, it would be a delightful experience to share a casual and comradely pish at the same wall, then wash up and walk out, all in comfortable ammity. You're right, it is convenient to do the stand-up thing, and I do feel at least a bit "rare" to be avante garde in this way (though too modest to speak of it unprompted!)




I'd sure enjoy that college of yours! But what sort of urinals are they? "Hoverers" or hose-pipe thingies? Gimme a wall, anyday! Yes, the shorter female urethra is the key to "muzzle velocity," and thus range. I've peed four feet and more quite a few times, and with practice and the right amount of pressure I know I can do better.

On vandalism, I think it's basically that the authorities responsible for upkeep of railway property would take a dim view of anyone actually caught using the tunnel wall. To be fair, the station toilets were permanently closed at that time, but they seem to have been renovated and opened recently. Maybe the need to wash the wall will diminish slightly?

I remember feeling pretty scared but knowing that I just couldn't wait any longer, it was becoming an obsession, the sheer need for relief. While I was relieving myself I kept listening real hard for the sound of anyone on the ramps or stairs, and kept looking hard for anything that might be a security camera lens. The last thing I wanted was to face the embarressment of being labelled a wrong-doer, simple misdemeanor though it likely is. Now, when I walk through to the platforms, I glance almost affectionately at the spot and remind myself that I was the donor of what may be the only female urine that ever soaked into that wall!




Please tell us more! Other celebrities, rumours, interviews

Sudden Urge.
Hello everyone, this is my first post. I would like to share with you something that has stuck with me to this day and forever changed my life. When I was about 7 years old My Mother's sister came to visit from Savannah GA. She was (and still Is) a very beautiful woman. I was taking a bath one night when we were the only ones in the house when I heard a knock on the bathroom door.It was my aunt and she asked me if she could come in and use the commode. This blew my 7 year old mind and as she let herself in she said I hope you don't mind sweety but aunt linda needs to (this is how she put it) "poopydoo". She was wearing high heels, pantyhose and black knit pants....very beautiful. I was acting like I wasn't looking but I could'nt help it because the toilet was right beside the tub so that when she sat down we were almost face to face. She pulled her pants and pantyhose down just above her thighs and her feet were together with the rest of her legs slightly spread apart with her! arms elbows resting on her thighs holding a roll ot toilet paper in her right hand. I cant remember what what we talked about but I remember we were having a conversation. I recall how she would slightly have a grunt to her voice as she talked. when she got started pooping she stared at the floor (while still talking) as if she were bareing down. You could tell it was a long one the way it sounded coming out. she was peeing and the pee must have been cut off by the turd because of the sudden stop of the hiss and the start of the dribbling. She was letting off some small farts. finally the turd slid into the water with a "falooooop". She looked up and grinned at me and said I hope I don't stink you out of here. For about ten minutes after the turd was dropped there were sounds like...."ploop" "crackle, crackle" "ploop" this went on until she started rolling the paper off and slightly raising her butt off the seat to wipe. When she got up she looked into the toilet and sighed w! ith releif. I didn't know if she wanted me to look but I couldn't help it I raised up out of the tub and peered over into the toilet so see her light brown turd about 9" long coming up out of the hole with what looked like ten little ones laying all around the big one with all the same color. after she flushed and left there was a strong poop odor that filled the bathroom and I peeped back into the toilet to notice all the skid marks the turds had left. When I dried myself and went back into the living room she was casually sitting on the sofa watching TV. I could'nt beleive that this beautiful woman just pooped in front of me.

No Name Grrl
Oh!! I have another thing about bathroom talk on Friends! Chandler and I think it was Monica were talking[I cant remember much because I didnt see it for a long time]and then Chandlers has to pee. I cant remember what he was talking about but then he started dancing and Mon is like "I thought you had to pee?" and then he says "Thats why Im dancing" Sorry it wasnt much help peoples...I started being an obsessed Friends fan for only a month and that one wasnt on for awhile!! Does anyone else like that show?
Also on the show "Angel" there is one when he turns human again and then he goes to the fridge to eat tons of food and Im surprised he wasnt full of #2 and had to go as soon as he was normal!! LOL

PS Where is "One Lucky Guy"? You know the one with Jules?

I have browsed this site for some time and not let on to my wife, who would be upset if she found out. She is unaware that I would dearly like to see her sitting on the toilet straining out a big load. After 15 years of marraige without sharing my fetish with her my luck changed last week. My wife is in her late thirties and very sexy, she has long blonde hair and a body to die for. Anyway I was in the bath last wednesday having a soak when she came in from her shopping trip. She was wearing a short tartan skirt, blue shirt and sheer nearly black pantyhose. She banged on the bathroom door saying she needed to go, I suppose I was expected to get out and wait in the bedroom. My luck was about to change, she popped her head around the door and told me that she needed the toilet but if I looked the other way I could stay put. The head of the bath is about 2 feet from the toilet and as my wife walked in I turned my head away and looked uninterested. As I looked away I could see in ! the mirror as she positioned herself next to the toilet, my heart was racing as she pulled her skirt up, I could see the dark top of her pantyhose and the outline of her pink panties. She pulled them down to her knees in one swift movement and sat on the toilet. After about ten seconds she started peeing, I noticed that she had her head down and turned around to look directly at her. After about 30 seconds she stopped and I expected her to stand up but she started to grunt softly. She then lifted her left cheek up off the toilet, she must have known that I now had a clear view of her anus but she continued to look away. Her arsehole then started to open up and I watched in awe as she shat two large logs into the toilet, each one making a loud splash. She then stood up, bent over facing me and wiped herself quite slowly and deliberately. Needless to say I had a clear view and was in a somewhat aroused state. After flushing the toilet she rearranged her clothing, asked me if I h! ad enjoyed the show and walked out. Women...

I don't have a list of females that I'd like to see use the bathroom, because I don't fancy watching girls piss, but I do have a list of guys.

1. Nick Carter (I've already posted this one, but might as well again)
2. Nick Lachey
3. AJ McLean
3. Rich Cronin
4. Enrique Iglesias
5. Matt Dillon
6. Emilio Estevez
7. Brian Littrell
8. Tom Cruise

I know, that's more than 5, but hey, it's a list.

I have this funny story to share with you guys, it happened to me in kindergarten, I was 5. I had to go to the bathroom really bad, so the teacher excused me, but while I was in the bathroom, the fire alarm went off. My teacher had to let my mom (who was also a teacher) take her class outside, and she ran to the bathroom to get me. I had to finish and wash my hands, then she ran outside with me. I find that kinda funny. But the bad thing was the school didn't burn down! Anything like this ever happen to anybody else?

Just read the new posts . Is there an Oregon contingent here ? I'm on the Oregon Coast , West of Portland . Glad to hear of other butt-Loggers from this freaky Land of Rain and Moss . Lot's of wooded areas for poddy games, if you don't mind having your hemmorhoids torn off yer ass by some of our wildlife . I had a bear-family-trio in my driveway last winter tossing my (Full) garbage can around like it was a dixie cup ! They did leave behind some extremely rank dumpage ! Must have been junior bear , he was a little guy and obviously had very poor manners to be dumping in my driveway . I would have had a few words with the unshaven beasts , but I do value my ability to walk and talk !

Another Friends episode of note is when Chandler and Joey change apartments with Rachel and Monica. They eventually change apartments back. As they are vacating the girls' apartment, Joey tell Chandler it is just as well as he just clogged the toilet. When viewing that episode, I got a mental picture of Joey sitting on the toilet slowly grunting out a thick, hard toilet-clogging turd or two.

I have honest problems with bedwetting and incontinence, and i am sharing in hopes that someone can relate to me and write me with their thoughts and experiences. Most people who have problems with incontinence probably have a need to share because it seems shameful, unaccepted by society as something to talk about, and it helps us to feel not so alone in our struggle to feel "normal" when we find people like us.

My sharing is serious, and does not involve sex, fetishes or fixations, although I admit that the feeling of having to pee really badly is an exciting feeling, sex or no sex. But after reading the entries on this website, I wanted to join hands, so to speak, with those who actually can't help wetting themselves from time to time. And the feeling of desperation to pee is an awful feeling when you are in danger of it happening in front of someone else, so it is not always a good feeling for me when that feeling occurs.

I hope that someone will be encouraged in my sharing, and I would like to ask that only those with true incontinence write to me if you wish, because it is a sensitive subject to me, and I am not turned on by my accidents. If anything I say turns you on sexually, please be kind enough not to tell me about it.

I am an adult bedwetter, and i have some excellent info from latest research if anyone would like help with this problem. Anyway, every night I have to wear the largest size pullups -"Goodnites"- with a disposable brief over it, and plastic pants over everything. It took time to get used to all the bulk and heat, but it makes me feel better not to get my bed wet, especially since I have no washer and dryer. With my diapers, I have come to accept this as a medical condition, and I have also come to love and accept the little child in me more than ever before, because i have been forced to take care of myself as one would care for a baby. I used to be embarrassed about wetting accidents even though noone else knew, but now I know that i am ok as a person. even if i wet myself almost every night. It would be very hard for me to spend the night with friends because of the fear of leaking through and wetting their bed, but I have decided to take a absorbant pad on trips fo! r the bed (as well as my "diapering system") and take care of it privately, and if I were "found out" or had to tell it for some reason, I would just handle it matter of factly. If it bothered me so much that I couldn't do that, then I don't have any busines spending the night with that person anyway.

I tend to have problems with day time accidents if I have become over tired. Like a few weeks ago, I drank a Coke, which I seldom ever do, ran a few errands in my car, and when i returned to the office, all i did was walk in and lay my things down on the conference room table when it hit me so fast I didn't know what to do. The bathroom employees used was two rooms away in the front of the building, and next to me was my bosses office with a "private" restroom, although we employees were free to use it if needed. But i was afraid he would come into his office and catch on to what was happening, and by the time i had realized all this (within less than 3-4 seconds) I knew it was too late. I felt my sphincter give way and I started wetting my panties. I panicked and froze, trying to regain control so I could run to one of the bathrooms. Then as it suddenly ran down my legs, I took off into my bosses bathroom. the door was not a shut and lock door; it was like a sliding! closet door with a hook instead of a lock. Desperately trying to hold my pee for just a second more, I fumbled with the hook, wetting myself the whole time. (I had wanted to grab my crotch as soon as I began to pee, but I knew i would wet my dress and everyone would see.)

Finally the door was hooked; I whirled around, grabbed my dress up and yanked my soaking panties down, while little sprinkles of pee were still coming with intermittant little sputs. I sat down, rather shaky, continued to pee and observed all the little droplets and small puddles on the floor where I had been overcome by the pee-pee dance.

My cheeks burned. I felt like a four year old. Forgiving myself, I wiped my bottom area, trying to absorb as much pee still in my pubic hair and down my legs with the toilet paper as possible. I took my wet panties off, rolled them up with the driest part out, and stuffed them into my jumper pocket. Then I took some toilet paper and spent some time wiping my accident off the floor.

Thank goodness noone had come into the office or even into the conference room. I saw just a few very small dots of pee in a couple places on the carpet, and on the spot where I had originally stood when i had started to wet, there was only a very small wet spot, which noone would even notice unless they already knew it was there.

I went out to my car to get a change of clothes and hopefully some pullups, but, wouldn't you know it, the one time I actually had such a big accident, I had no extra clothes or panties, and only had a couple of diapers which were there in case i got stuck somewhere over night, not intended to be worn in the daytime. I thought about going with no panties under my dress, but i knew it would be very obvious if I suddenly had another accident. So, I managed to stuff a big diaper into my pocket, holding my hand over it so it would not be noticed.

I made my way to the regular rest room and turned on the water in the sink to try to help drown out the sound of the crinkling diapers and tape tabs being pulled. I left the bathroom all leakproof, but I was rustling very loudly, so i jangled my keys real loud out to the car again and retrieved an old pair of plastic pants which I returned to the bathroom and donned. I cut the cracking a little, but I still jangled my keys to cover up tye sound for the rest of the day.

On the way home after work, I stopped at a gas station to ask about getting my car inspected, when, just as I was talking to the service man, I began to pee again with absolutely no warning. I froze, and somehow managed to close the conversation and book it home in a very full diaper.

I thought that those two accidents would be the worst I would ever experience. But, the next day, the unthinkable happened! I had been prepared, wearing a thick disposable diaper discreetly under my white dress. I had on plastic pants over the diaper, white panty hose and white heels. I was in a client's home (I was in sales) and was just wrapping up. The people had not been very kind to me, and I was trying to bow out gracefully. I stood up to go, and the woman started talking some more. Suddenly, I had to pee really bad, and immediately began to have an accident. I froze, trying not to let the anxiety I felt show on my face. "It's ok," I thought, "the diaper will hold it all..." but, I felt the diaper filling up and up and up....suddenly, pee squirted out from the right leg hole of my plastic pants, ran down my leg and hit the top of my shoe. Somehow, I got out without them ever seeing. I said, "Oh! I have a deadline!!! I've gotta go..." (boy, did I ever) an! d I flew out the door with them saying "goodbyeye" as if nothing unuasual was happening at all.

When I got home, I was so exhausted and I was shaking. I was having an anxiety attack. I changed diapers and went to bed and listened to a "Progressive Relaxation" tape, and finally calmed down. But i remained depressed for the rest of the day.

I hope someone feels not so alone when they read my share. Feel free to contact me: .

Love and prayers,

Your friend

Sunday, August 06, 2000

Buck (IL)
You would be happy at the university here where they have women's urinals in one of the buildings and "converted" men's rooms in two others (albeit that the last two have the flowerd and plants in the urinals as I mentioned before. Three feet is not too bad for distance, but most males like myself can usually do that after a few beers. I have always heard that females can put it out further when they aim right due to the shorter urethra. By the way, in this area, urinating outside in public might be classed as either littering or disorderly conduct, but not vandalism.
Besides, what cop in the States with all of the stuff going on wants to spend time booking a woman for pissing outside, and then waste more time in court? Then again, the police in Florida had time to watch Pee Wee Herman at the movies as he allegedly played with himself.
Steve and Louise
you two sound like you take the prize. Every time I read your posts, I laugh like crazy. Louise's team sounds like a female variant of the old "Boy Scout" method of putting out the campfires. Men have done this "group piss" thing for years in the outdoors. It's nice to know that there are women who do it, also. Too bad the two groups don't get together more. What a wild party that would be.

Nick, from Canada
Haven't posted in a couple months but did want to respond to the one guy who had problems after eating McDonald's. I have found from experience that McDonald's food effects people differently. I know that if I eat McDonald's I will be on the toilet within half an hour. This usually gives me enough time to live the restaurant, get home and up to the bathroom and drop the pants and seat. I have not however had a problem with not making it to the bathroom after McDonald's.
The only time something like that happened was last summer after going the show. Maybe I had ate too much popcorn or drank too much pop but I knew I had to go before the show was over. I was going to use the washrooms after the show but they were full and my friend wanted to get going. I made it to the front door and inside and boom. It was a mess and I felt so gross. I'm just glad I was alone.
But if you are going to eat at McDonald's, be sure to know where the washrooms are just in case...

On my last post i mentioned that my shit was green. That was almost 2 days ago. Well here i am 2 days later and i had an urge to shit this morning, it kept growing stronger, i finally went. I sat down and i thought maybe my shit would still be green. I sat and pushed out a huge load which was dark brown this time and it was really soft(breakable). I wiped 5 times and when i was wiping i could see the green in the dark brown shit a bit. I was amazed that it changed back to normal colors sooo sooon. I don't know what caused me to have green shit. Only other think i can thing of is i drank grape soda the other day(atleast 5-8 cans in 5 days).

No Name Grrl
I wonder if Kevin and Kristin Richardson[a BSB and his wife] and/or Leighanne and Brian[BSB and his fiancee]go to the bathroom in front of each other and wipe each other when their done??? I wish I could see one of the BSBs go to the bathroom!!

Curious Monkey
Question for Kim:

Kim, on any of those occassions when Scott has watched you push out a big BM, have you ever fantasized that you're giving birth and he's coaching you thru labor?

No Name Grrl
This is for A.J....

For my girls list....

1 Milla Jovovich
2 Katherine Heigl
3 Courtney Cox
4 Jennifer Aniston
5 Lisa Kudrow

For my guys list...

1 Christian Slater
2 Scott Vickaryous
3 Matthew Perry
4 Matt LeBlanc
5 David Schwimmer

Those are all some of my fave actors/actresses and I wouldnt mind seeing them have to pee badly!! I would rather see the guys do it though!!

I know a few times they talk about going to the bathroom on Friends.

-On one of them it is Rachels birthday. They invited her mom to come and then her dad ended up there too. They didnt want the parents to see each other so Chandler took Rachels dad into the bedroom to put his coat away and then Phoebe was going to distract the mom so she said "I really have to go to the bathroom. Why dont you come with me?? It can be like a girls thing! It will be lots of fun!"

-On the same one near the end...Rachels mom asked Ross where he was and he was like "Oh the bathroom" stay away from the Oh I cant remember what the name of the stuff was but I think he was pretending he had to runs!

-Then on another one...Joey and Chandler are throwing a ball back and forth to each other trying not to drop it and then sooner or later Joey has to pee so they throw the ball in the bathroom[well Joey anyway]to each other!

-On another one they are at a resterant. Joey and Chandler are in the mens room and Joey is standing by the urinal. Chandler is talking to him and Joeys like "Do you mind? I cant do it with you around!" or something and says it making it go back in!

-Then on ANOTHER might remember the one with Julia ROberts and Jean Claude Van Damme...Julia[I cant remember her name] and Chandler go to the mens room to "make out" but shes tricking him. She ends up taking his clothes away! Then Joey comes in and looks in the stall and laughs at him and then Ross comes in and sees Joey looknig at Chandler and hes like "Most people dont like it when you do that!" or something!

-Thats all I can remember right now...but Friends is a cool show so if there is anymore bathroom talk on it then I will tell yall!!!

TV Fan...I wanted to know if there was any bathroom scenes on Big Brother too!! I even asked my sister if she saw any!

Well Bye people!!

Joe (NY)
Well yesterday was a milestone in my wife’s life. She crapped a crap that was 25 inches. Well to be exact, 5 25 inch 5 inch in diameter poops! Let me get started on the story.

It was a normal Thursday, Just the 5th day of the week, the night Smackdown comes on, I pull in the driveway with the Jaguar, collected the mail and walked in the house. But to my surprise, I didn’t see Melissa. So I yell her name through the house and then I heard a reply. I said;” Where the hell are you,” she said she was in the bathroom crapping. Oh the Joy I get to see her crap! So I walked in the bathroom and there she is standing on the toilet nude.

So… I asked her did you start yet? She said no! (She obviously was pissed about something) So I asked her what was wrong. She said she had been standing for an hour after she came home from work. So, I filled my tub with water and asked Melissa If I could use her bubble bath. She said sure. 15 minutes later I had a hot bath ready. Yeah! I stripped myself naked, and went in the bath.

Well anyway, She said she felt something. I got excited, well to excited, because when I got out of the tub, I slipped and nearly broke my left leg! Well I saw something brown emerge from her ass. Jesus Christ! That shit was wide! Well it came out inch by inch and it landed with a big splash that splashed that splashed me. So I ran to my room and got the tape measurer. Well I put gloves on and took the poop out of the toilet. I placed it on the ground gently and measured it. It measured a huge 25 inches! Then I measured its diameter. Wow 5 inches! No shit! Well then I examined her asshole. It wasn’t pink it was red. Red like hell. I asked her if she was done. She said:” Nope! No chance in hell I still feel full”.

All right, let the games begin! So the next 4 poops came out the same way and I examined each of them with the tape measurer. Each the same sizes. Then I was given the pleasure of wiping her ass, Alright! So I take some toilet paper and gently clean the outside. Then I took my pinky with toilet paper on it and went up her ass and made sure I cleaned it really well. Then I was yelled at because I went up to far the asshole. Hey, I mean this is the first time I’m doing this like that. Give me a brake!

Then Melissa went into the tub and I was given the liberty of giving my wife a bath! Boy does it get better than this? Then she went to the basement to lift weights and other stuff like that. I ain’t into working out! Its not important to me. But I enjoy looking at her when she does workout especially when she is naked! I mean her chest and back are wide. If she were my size, she wouldn’t poop as much. I think?

PS Any other person experience this: I love coffee. I drink 5 cups a day. When I take a piss, It slightly smells like Coffee. But when I drink French Vanilla, it smells very strongly. Something tells me this isn’t normal. Is it?

A.J:The celebrities who actually has peed their pants or peed in public is much more fun. The most well known (cute)people I know who had peed their pants in public are Monica Seles during a tennis tournament (no details) and Paula Abdul in a public place in LA. Celebs caught while peeing in public are Tori Spelling who squatted downed and peed in a L.A parkinglot and Sandra Bullock who peed on a guys lawn while she where secretly watched by a man. Princess Stephanie of Monaco was caught and photographed peeing by a hill by a paparazzi a few years ago and Lauren Hutton was also photographed peeing outdoors but at a much closer range I don´t have that pic but I have the Stephanie pics.

I bet you people didn´t know this!

Alex M.
Hi Bill. Using the bidet was quite interesting. Steph and I did not pee into the bidet. We both straddled between the stream. She and I splashed some water up toward our buttholes, but I still washed between my butt cheeks when I showered. Can't speak for Steph on that one. She usually does scrub her butt when showering, but that's strictly from what she tells me. We've never showered together except when were in gym classes at high school.
Steph did pee outdoors, in the woods, several times on our trip. She pulled down her jeans and panties and usually let out an initial stream, stopped, and dribbled out some more, the same as when she or I are sitting on a toilet. Yes, there was a slight "hissing" sound, but nothing serious.
That's one (of many) things I love about her. Steph can be very adventurous and willing to flout accepted "norms," yet she literally wouldn't hurt a fly. I'm sure she'd be glad to describe her outdoor peeing (or "wizz," as she likes to call it) in more detail.
Love always, Alex :)

Bryian, your two tone motion is easily explained. When the feces enters the large intestine it is watery and greenish owing to the bile pigment bileverdin (verd meaning green) as it passes along the bowel (colon) water is absorbed and if all is working properly this watery mushy soup is changed into a nice solid stool and hopefully a big well formed jobbie by the time it comes to the rectum. During its stay in the colon chemical reactions caused by friendly bacteria change the colour from green to the good old brown we all know and love so well, as the bileverdin is changed to bilerubin (rub = reddish brown). That is why the end of your motion was green and as you also say a bit softer than the beginning. Obviously what one eats and drinks can affect the colour and smell of a motion.

Jeff A.
STEPH and ALEX: So glad to see you back again! Congratulations on graduating from college, I'm very happy for you both. I see great things in your futures! You two are very special, and there ain't no sunshine when you're gone…
If you recall me mentioning a documentary I'd done last year in a women's prison, I am now teachng art classes to the women in that same prison on a volunteer basis. After completing a Department of Corrections training program, I've been asked to teach art to the women inside. Of course, I'm not crazy about the 130 mile drive to the penitentiary, but it does give me a chance to think about each session, and believe me, that's needed! Once inside that place, the walls tend to swallow you up alive! It's my hope to really make a difference for some of them, as they are very excited about having an art class. Talk about a new, and eye opening experience! Anyway, I'll try to do my best for them.
I recently surprised my wife by taking her to the coast to secretly re-marry her on the beach. She was completely blown away, cryin' like a baby, and we had the greatest second honeymoon ever! After my heart attack in february, I decided not to wait for another year to tell her how much I really love her. Also, I hate to show my ignorance, but I really don't know what a bidet is. Maybe you could enlighten me. Does it work like a toilet, and can it be used for such? I know it sprays water. If it feels that great, maybe I'll get one for myself! Anyway Welcome back, I missed ya'!!!!

HAPPY CAMPER: You've been a long time gone! Good to see you back again. You once referred to me and you as being cousins, or brothers because of our similarities. Here's another similarity that we share: I just celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago too! So, you're a fellow Cancer? Right on! I know the Skamania lodge area, I live not too far away from there. There are lots of those unisex bathrooms all over the area in the Gorge. Plus lots of people hiking up in the hills water and fertilize the bushes regularly. I remember one of my favorite stories, it goes way, way back in this forum, but it was with a girl who had to doo-doo in the bushes, and there was no TP, so I took off my T shirt, tore it up in strips, and gave it to her to wipe with. That was a good day.

PV: Get down with your beautiful self!!! I love your posts, be doin' that standin' up peein' thing! It's gotta be real conveniant, and I think it is so grand that you're one of the new pioneers. Enjoy that status! I'm so sorry you gals had to spend centuries dropping your drawers just for a squirt. You could share my men's room anytime. I'd be proud as hell to spend a couple of seconds streaming forth with ya, shakin' the snake, and washing our hands together.

I love you all. -J

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