Bad news tonight, guys. I got a mean running stomach. I have been running late for work. So, I did not make pancakes for breakfast. So, I ate grapefruits and pears. I had a normal lunch and a normal bowel movement in the afternoon. I finshed the last fruits and they cleaned me out good. I had to stop and take deep breaths. I felt a little discharge out my rectum. But, I did not mess my panties. I made it home and hit the bathroom. It was watery, loose, yellow, with undigested fruit fibers. I made two loads, separated by 3 minutes each. After dinner, I had to go again. Only one loose load, this time. I feel better for it. The fruit detoxified my system. I know how you guys feel before you have an accident. It is torture. Find a toilet, any toilet. Do not torture yourself.

Wendy: Messing yourself is punishment enough. No school should punish you more. When I was in high school, I would find diarreah in a girls school toilet. Someone could not hold it in. My friend, Beth entered the girls room after I took a piss. She looked scared as she loosened her beige slacks. She slammed the stall door, with her pants at her shins she let go. She said it just hit her and it felt like the result of an Ex-Lax overdose. For about 2 minutes her stomach sounded like a volcano. It was continuous.It used to happen that way.

Fred: I use to allow my boyfriends to watch me use the toilet. I was a high school senior when I went to the house of a male sophmore. After a while of horsing around. I asked him for the toilet. I went behind the closed door, lifted my black skirt and lowered my aqua blue panties. I made five heavy pieces of brown doo-doo. The boy, David was worried after I did not come out. I opened the door and I offered him in. As we talked, I squeezed out the last two pieces. When I was 12, a 16 y/o boy adopted me as a surrogate sister at my uncle's house in the West Indies. While at someone's house, I had to use the toilet. I used to make some heavy doo-doo as a kid. I used the last of the toilet paper and I had more to clean up. He came to find me.I called out to him my situation. So, quietly he asked the lady of the house for paper and she gave him. He was afraid enter, by hiding behind the door. I pulled open the door in all my glory with my blue camp shorts and my white panties a! t my ankles and my legs spread wide. I put the roll on the wall hangar and reeled it off, wiping my vagina and then my rectum thru the front.

Forum moderator: I like the new questions on the survey.

Friday, August 04, 2000

This site is great. I never had any idea there was others out there. I gotta post this one. I work at an amusement park as a ride operator. The bathrom is near by. One for men, one for women. Built for only one person at a time with locks on the entry door. This was perhaps the busiest night of the year at the park. I estimated over 100 people waiting in line for my ride. An early 20's female came walking up to me cutting in front of all the other guests in the line with a rather frantic look about her. I knew that look all too well. She had to go BM... right now. She told me that the light had burned out in the women's room and that she really needed to "you know" and couldn't see. I was very sinmpathetic towards her as I would never want to be in her shoes. I told her I would go get a ladder and bulb and make the change but it would take 10 min or so. I told her to use the men's if it was that bad, but she wouldn't consider it. It was usually dirty after about 100 men a nigh! t peed all over the place. I went to get a ladder and light bulb and headed to the women's room. When I got there, the door was ajar, and of coarse, it was dark inside. Holding the ladder in front of me, I used it to bump the door the rest of the way open. Upon entering, I was shocked to find that girl seated on the toilet in full dump mode. I was so startled that I didn't even say anything. I just did an about face and headed out. Then she stopped me. She said "No No No! Get in here and change the bulb, I can't see what I'm doing. I didn't argue with her. She said "close the door when you get in here, I don't want people looking at me!" I came back in and closed the door almost completely. I had to leave it open just a hair for light. I appologised to her for walking in on her. She told me "that's ok. I won't tell anyone if you don't. I would have waited, but I couldn't hold it anymore." As I changed the bulb, I could tell that she was trying to hold the poo, but it wasn't wo! rking. It was going to take time to change it as I had to take apart the vent fan to get to it. After a minute, she said "I'm sorry man, But I have to go." With that she passed a little dainty no noise fart. Then the bombs began to drop. It seemed like hundreds of them. They must have been about the size of corn, but I didn't see them as I was trying not to stair. There was no grunt. She even talked about the park a little as she continued to evacuate the morsels. She stopped about half way through and tinkled for a few seconds, then droped about 20 more. After her chore was complete, she just sat there waiting for me to finish and leave so she could start wiping. On the way out the door, I thanked her for being so cool about the whole thing and no screaming upon my entry. I let her ride the rides free all evening, but i didn't tell anyone else why. I have never seen her since, besides that, my girl would kill me if she ever found out. I will write again soon. I've got countle! ss potty stories.

TV fan
I missed the first few episodes of the TV series "Survivor" and I was wondering if ther was any discussion on the first show about bathroom facilities or how that was being handled. Does anyone know? I'm wondering if they literally have to shit in the woods or did they set something up that would be more comfortable? Also, with all the weird things they've had to eat (rats, larvae, etc.), I would think someone would have gotten the runs sooner or later. Have any of the survivors mentioned that? Also, have any of the other "Reality" shows (Big Brother, etc.) had bathroom references or references to people having to go to the bathroom? I've watched the "Real World" the past couple of years and don't remember this ever coming up as a topic on that show. But I did read in one of the books on the "Real world" series that one of the girls in the Seattle cast (Lindsay) would sneak next store to a hotel to take a shit because she couldn't do it in the house since she always tho! ught someone would hear her through the walls of the bathroom. And another girl (Janet) got severely constipated for the same reason and finally let out a massive dump that stunk up the whole place. This wasn't acknolwedged on camera, though. Also, another cast member from the Seatlle show (Irene) apparently left poop-stained panties lying around which the other cast members finally hung up on a flag pole. Has anyone heard any other stories like this from reality shows?

Hello all, I've been reading all the posts here after finding this site about a month ago and find all the stories to be really exciting. I'm in my mid-20's now, but I clearly remember seeing a lot of kids in elementary school accidently getting sick and puking all over in public. Taking that as a starting ground, in comparison, accidently crapping or pissing yourself seems like absolutely nothing. Ever since I was about 10, I remember having crap accidents every so often (I've never been diagnosed with a medical probelm, but psychologically, I just can't handle with putting up much of a struggle when I gotta crap really bad). I just have always thought of this as another trait people know me by - like "oh, she's white... she's a brunette... she's slender... she's pretty... she's prone to accidents"... big deal - everyone has accidents. I don't feel narcissistic about it, but I don't mind being know as the girl who craps her panties.

The most recent really noteworthy accident I had was at the movies - very similar to an accident mentioned in a recent post. Me and my boyfriend were sitting in the front row of the theater during one of the times we were watching Star Wars Episode I:TPM last year. I was wearing a miniskirt and pantyhose, and I had diareah. Near the end, I gave up trying to hold it in - my legs were still crossed, but I relaxed my butt for a few seconds, and diareah came gushing out down my pantyhose, running down my legs, with the puddles of wet streams dripping off my pantyhose, onto the floor, flowing towards the front of the theater (all the while, I was sitting there calming with my legs crossed - not moving a muscle). My boyfriend didn't notice, because it was during the loud action fighting scenes at the end, which drownded out the gushing bubbling sounds of my pantyhose mess. When he first noticed my crap mess after the movie had ended and we were ready to leave, he looked rea! lly intense - it looked like he was excitied (he'd seen me have accidents in public before, but never to this extent) - he just told me to clean up in the ladies' room though, and it seemed too awkward for him to mention it after that.

My most noteworthy accidents happened during my preteen and early-teen years though - where I was old enough to have a digestive system capable of having large craps, but still young enough to lack any degree of mental/physical discipline to hold in those large craps (now at least I have some discipline to TRY a little to hold it in, but back then, I had very little of it). I was suspended from school twice for crapping my pantyhose. Where I was attending school, it was against the local public school code of conduct to soil your clothing - soiling yourself was against a "health/hygine" clause. The weird part is, we would often see the troublemakers get suspended for 1 or 2 days for vandalism, smoking, and fighting, but I got suspended for 3 days (on both occassions) for just crapping my pantyhose. Once was during band practice - I was wearing a jean skirt, and while sitting there playing the trumpet, the teacher saw my crap flowing and girgling down my pantyhose - he! didn't say anything to me, but he was staring at my legs really hard, and he must have told an administrator, who then called me in during the next class and suspended me. The other time was at my sophomore prom. I was wearing a really pretty short fluffy gown, and during a dance, some teacher must have seen the gallons of wet crap that had filled my pantyhose and was squishing around my legs, because next Monday morning, the administrator had called me in to read off my suspension. I had crapped my panties/pantyhose on many more occassions than that, but those were the times an educational figure had noticed and had taken action. It's not like those disciplinary records stook with me after high school or college anyways, but it just seems weird looking back on it. I've worked in a professional office environment now for a couple years - I wear skirts and pantyhose every day, and things seem a lot more professional - I haven't got the urge to crap my pantyhose while othe! r people were around.

I what to tell something what i did when i was 19 years old.
I have a gilfriend she was 15 years old and we have a great relationship. I was very interested about her her poo or see her doing it. One day i told her that i would like to see her poo!!! She said what do you say..... and i feelt like a stupid guy ... it was a bit shame for me to ask that. But she agreed and she said thats ok to watching.
Ok it and we never talk about this anymore, before one day she call me. Hi its me, can you come over to my place.. right now.. ok i come what is it i ask? I have one suprice for you she said. Ok i come over i said. When i come over she said follow me to the tolet, she was alone in the house.
She told me to sit back front of the toilet so i cold see everything. She took her panties of and pants to her ankels and sit down the toilet. She pushed up her butt so it was not in the bowl and she said now im going to push. I was so turned on so i said ok with a quite sound. And she pushed i see her nice butt cheeks open and i see it was a big poo coming out the bum... Oh it has come out 1 inch it was very big about 3 inch widh and she pushed more and it come out more and more ... i sit there behind the toilet just watching this big and hard poo coming out of her butt. And then it falls aparts with a splash in the toilet bowl, and she pushed one more time and the next poo fall down the bowl and spalsh... it was the most turn on situation i have seen in my hole life... Sorry it took over with this girl .. she was a very nice and qute girl.

keep on writing!

Fred Sweden

I what to tell something what i did when i was 19 years old.
I have a gilfriend she was 15 years old and we have a great relationship. I was very interested about her her poo or see her doing it. One day i told her that i would like to see her poo!!! She said what do you say..... and i feelt like a stupid guy ... it was a bit shame for me to ask that. But she agreed and she said thats ok to watching.
Ok it and we never talk about this anymore, before one day she call me. Hi its me, can you come over to my place.. right now.. ok i come what is it i ask? I have one suprice for you she said. Ok i come over i said. When i come over she said follow me to the tolet, she was alone in the house.
She told me to sit back front of the toilet so i cold see everything. She took her panties of and pants to her ankels and sit down the toilet. She pushed up her butt so it was not in the bowl and she said now im going to push. I was so turned on so i said ok with a quite sound. And she pushed i see her nice butt cheeks open and i see it was a big poo coming out the bum... Oh it has come out 1 inch it was very big about 3 inch widh and she pushed more and it come out more and more ... i sit there behind the toilet just watching this big and hard poo coming out of her butt. And then it falls aparts with a splash in the toilet bowl, and she pushed one more time and the next poo fall down the bowl and spalsh... it was the most turn on situation i have seen in my hole life... Sorry it took over with this girl .. she was a very nice and qute girl.

keep on writing!

Fred Sweden

Joker Man
The other day at school a few friends and I decided to play a nasty gross prank on other students. We went to as many bathrooms as possible on the campus, and we had several pounds of coffee. We just threw a handful of coffee into the toilets so people could think its diarrahea, and it looks like its real. If you want to play this joke, do it, it really looks like the real thing.
We would wait inside the bathroom for some guys to come, and a few would turn away, a few would flush it and go on with their business. Its fun!

Hey All! I just took a dump. I took one this morning it was a vegetable and a piece of poop. 10 Minutes ago I did 1 long one it broke up on contact. I held it for 2 hours I sat on the pot for 45 Minutes watching tv (I turned the tv toward the toilet) Held it for 45 minutes waited for my mom to get home so i can crap in peace. Held it in til 7:00 EST. I put my finger near my anus and I could feel my poop its T-storming here in New Jersey and I didn't want to poop in t-storming weather but I didn't want to hold it til the next morning so I dumped and hoped the power didn't go out.I felt like I had to dump again 1 minute after flushing. So i sat down when the toilet stopped re-loading and sucked air up my butt and nothing came out. But that's ok I'll try again tomorrow.

Steve -
Hi everyone this is my first posting,so I would appreciate it if people would let me know if this is what they want to hear?I was in class the other day after my usual Mcdonalds lunch.I started getting stomache pains and thought I was going to throw up!At the same my stomahe started gurgling and I knew I was going to have diarrhea!I rushed to the toilet without even excusing myself,there just wasn't time!I made it to the gents and just got my jeans down in time as the shits rushed out of my backside I felt so ill,after twenty minutes or so it stopped to my relief and after cleaning up I went back to class thinking everything would be alright!!Half an hour later I was sat there and I needed to go again as I stood up the squirts came pouring out of me completely filling my pants,jeans,socks and trainers,the smell made me throw up,I was in a right mess staanding in the classroom with shit and vomit all over me!The teacher sent me home and I still keep having diaarhea!Anyone got a! ny ideas what could have caused this?My mates all had Mcdonalds and none of them were ill!I would really appreciate any advice any of you could give me and thanks for reading....

Hey guys! It's been a long time since I've posted, but I've been working a lot before I go off to college, so I haven't really gotten much of a chance to do stuff online. For those who don't remember me, I just graduated high school and I have all the those peeing accidents to talk about (and a couple poop). You might remember my one story about going into the woods on senior week and having to pee outside. I had said that it was the first time I had to pee in the great outdoors, and by that I meant amongst the trees and wildlife, because it wasn't by any means the first time that I had to pee somewhere other than a toilet so as not to suffer a more humiliating situation.

This story is from 10th grade when I was on a field trip to Pittsburgh. We had to be fairly dressed up, so I was wearing a short, somewhat tight brown skirt with white underwear and a white shirt. We were in a park when I got the really strong urge to pee. Well, I told my friend Shannon who was with me, and she said she'd go with me to look for bathrooms. We walked around and we couldn't find any, so we asked some security people and they pointed us in the direction of some port-a-potties, in front of which were a whole bunch of people waiting.

Well, with all that running around trying to find them, about twenty minutes had passed, and I was about ready to pee myself. Just now Shannon's boyfriend came by and I told her that she could go with him and I'll go back myself. So I stayed in the line long enough for Shannon to leave, but as soon as she left, I looked for a private place, because I knew from experience that I wouldn't be able to hold it, and if I was going to humiliate myself, I'd better do it with as few people around as possible. The toilets were on the side of a paved path, and behind them was a bit of grass and then a fence. I went behind the toilets and hiding slightly behind them I quickly took off my underwear, and fortunately I think no one saw, as I had hoped. Now, the problem was that I felt I had enough privacy to do that much, but there was no way that I could squat down and pee without drawing any attention. And just then (I think not having underwear on helped instigate this) I felt ! a little leak. So I just took a deep breath, took off my shoes and put them aside, held the back of my skirt back out of the way (or as much as you can with a tight skirt), and let go standing up. A torrent of pee splattered down to the ground, and surprisingly the stream was fairly consistent.

After I was finished I examined my skirt and found the inside somewhat moist from the spray, but not nearly as bad as I had thought. However, most of the pee had run down my legs, and so they were soaked now. I used my underwear to wipe up my legs and then tossed them past the fence. No one found out about this little incident, fortunately, but I had to be very careful for the rest of the day not to let too much show between my legs :)

Sadder But Wiser
This post is in response to some of the posts I've read over the past month or so by Peter London-UK, Simon, Jason, and Bryian re: our interest in bodily functions and how careful we all have to be to find ways of managing our interests in order to keep ourselves out of trouble.

I came close - damn close - to ruining my life because of my interest in watching women go to the bathroom. I won't go into any details out of respect for the rules of this forum and also because I do not want to encourage anyone to engage in the type of voyeurism in which I engaged. Suffice to say, however, that my incident happened at a place of business. Some thirty minutes after the fact, two police officers walked in and the woman I had observed accused me of the crime I had committed.

Although I was scared to death and horrified that my interest had brought me to this point, I fortunately kept my head enough to not admit my guilt even though I was grilled by the two officers (especially the younger officer who played the bad cop role) for approximately thirty minutes. Then I was taken into a police car and locked in the back.

Believe me, it's the worst feeling in the world to be locked in the back seat of a police car you cannot open from the inside. Take my word. It's something you never want to experience.

After a few minutes in that seat, I was almost ready to confess everything and admit I had a problem and needed help. Then the older officer, who had played the role of good cop, came to the door and opened it. I fully expected him to arrest me and take me to jail to be booked for what I had done. I was about to tell him everything.

To my surprise, however, the officer, who was clearly a decent and kindly man, told me that the woman had declined to press charges against me and that he would let me go with a warning. He also gave me the excellent advice that I was going to have to work hard to keep myself straight, that I was young (twenty-seven years old, to be exact), and that it wasn't worth it to ruin the many years I had before me by getting involved with the criminal justice system. Then he let me go. Almost in a daze, I walked away, realizing I had been given a second chance in life and also knowing that I couldn't under any circumstances blow such a lucky break.

Even with my stroke of luck, that incident took its toll on me. For several years I was in a hole of depression so deep I never thought I'd come out of it. After all, I felt I had disgraced myself since there were some people whom I slightly knew who were present when I was confronted by the police and that woman. In addition, I felt a profound sense of pain that I came close to hurting everyone I loved by nearly being arrested for a humiliating offense. Nevertheless, I did survive and I have gotten on with my life.

Since then I have learned to manage my interest. Thankfully, there are ways to legally satisfy my interests including pornography. My heart goes out to Peter London-UK when I read of how his marriage was destroyed when his wife viewed the files he had downloaded from the Internet. How sad! Many people will never understand people like us, but the best advice I can give anyone in a serious relationship is to slowly and subtly let the other person know of his or her toilet interests in order to prevent a repeat of what happened to Peter London-UK. Of course, if you're really lucky that other person may share your interests, which is the best safeguard against doing anything that might destroy your life.

Good luck to all of you. We should all continue to enjoy our bathroom interests, but please make sure you stay in control of those interests. Don't let them control you and lead you to grief. Think before you do anything!

Hi Louise,

Sorry about taking so long to write!

Yes, I echo your thought's re BUCK(IL)'s comment about there being urinals in what became a girls' dorm! Ohhhhhh, I pish, I mean wish! Imagine us doing the skirt-up, panties-aside routine, we'd either be thrown out as unnatural and a bad influence, or we'd convert the rest and before you know it there'd be a long line of gals "pointing penelope." (Snorting laughter!)

Lots of guys? Me? Well.... A couple (and there were two gals, as well)! None my type yet, though the gals might have come real close, and those there are seem to be going places and doing things in far-off places. I live in hope!

Oh, the team pish! I'm green with envy. Your abaft-the-bushes pre-match relief seems to have become a ritual now -- what does the audience think when the teams march off and the bushes rustle before play? (Joking, dear!) Hm, it would have been interesting if that black girl had actually laid a log, too, that would have been a first. The beginning of a new trend? A bit far past the edge of town, maybe...

Hey, that was some contest in the showers! I can see the day the whole team gets involved, gets really good at it, and ends up doing that victory pish, all in a circle and weeing inward! The youngster sounds pretty powerful, with lots of control. Three feet is a fair way, but it depends a lot on manipulation as to what you can do. When I shower I usually have a wee in the floor drain next to the compartment but I just stand over it so as to minimise splashing, and it's very casual, no excitement. But I have stood at one end of the bath and had my urine wash the vertical at the other end, which is not bad! Technique, and being really full are the main points, I think.

Of course, getting *too* full can be a problem. I've never actually had an accident in my pants, but once about two years ago I was out for a walk one summer afternoon and found I was bursting for a wee. There are no public toilets in that area, not without going about a quarter mile in either direction and by then I was too desperate, and I was maybe three miles from home as well. It was a quiet day, so I did something I have never done before or since. I weed in a railway underpass. My heart was pounding in case I was caught, it's an offense, considered vandalism, but people often do it. The underpass at the station usually stinks of piss, but I'll bet the vaster majority is male. Anyway, I went down into the tunnel, it's well-lit and about twenty yards long, unzipped my jeans, pulled them down just a bit, and had a wee on the wall. The relief was magical, and as soon as I was finished I patted dry, zipped up and was gone in moments.

That was some poo, dear! In an alley, while wearing leather -- ohhhhh, you do know how to add spice to your life! Three days is a fair wait if you're an every-day person, so it must have been quite a feeling as it came free. A foot-long whopper! Spectacular and well worth the wait!

I must say mine have been rather substantial lately too. I must be eating right or something! I'm maybe re-setting to going in the mornings again. Today I had your genuine pelvic-floor cramps, reminiscent of period pain, my whole crutch and belly was affected, and when I went to the toilet it was one of the best in ages! The pain stopped at once. A fair-sized piece appeared first and vanished around the bend, then I bore down on the 'main event.' It slid out easily but I was aware it was pretty sizeable, and when it thunked into the water and I looked I was delighted to see at least eight or nine inches, quite firm, and, even allowing for the magnification effect of water, it must have been an inch and a quarter thick, all the way along. I passed some more on top, and was quite clean when I wiped. I more than half expected it to stick, as one did a few days ago, but it went down okay. My hole hasn't been that far open in ages. Our bowels must be synchronized through sister! hood or something.

Glad you liked the beach stories -- yep, there'll be more. I think I'll always try to have a wee at the beach, and if it's the nude beach then I'll go for the full treatment! Walking was wild, it was like my legs didn't know which way they wanted to go while the water was flowing!

I changed the car washing water a few days ago. I'd been working outside again and weed three times in the bucket. The water must have been evaporating, leaving wee, because when I got a whiff of the bucket it was seriously smelly. I took it to empty, and it must have been a solid half-gallon of pee! The wash leather had been marinading for about a fortnight. Oh, dear, I didn't think about it in those terms!

Nice idea to let the flowers have it, they LOVE nitrogen. Nice to use a bucket, eh?

Yes, fitness is a big part of any martial art, and until your fitness level comes up you'll not be able to express the style to its proper extent. I remember watching a young girl no more than nine or ten and already a brown-belt, and her joints and muscles had adapted to the moves that she performed flawlessly. Grrrrrrr, round-house kicks? I could never even keep my balance!

Yeah -- height marks! "Here's the mark with which we won last year's contest. Now you see it ... now you don't!"

Congratulations on using another urinal, dear! Wall-mounted, or a steel wall? That's another men's room with a Venus-symbol, then? Whatever this strange effect is, it's breeding! Hehe! I used one at the university last week, a nice, horizontal stream, with plenty of force, against a bright steel wall, and very much enjoyed it. I was in jeans and sneakers, and I found myself thinking of you using your work loo, in really nice clothes. I'd really enjoy doing that, there's something about stepping up onto the tiled platform by the gutter while wearing high heels that is very exciting.

Take care, and wash those walls!


*New* Poop guy

Hey just wanted to let you know my step sister ripped two monstrous farts this morning while in the the kitchen. She blows some good ones in the morning right after she gets up while drinking her coffee.

I didnt go at all yesterday which is weird, i ussually go everyday! I finally wnt this morning though before work.


Hi everyone!

I was wondering if you people could post a list of 5 or so female and male celebrities that you would most like to see have to pee real bad, fidget, and wind up pissing their pants. I will post my list with a reason why for each person in my next post. Thanks and i cant wait to see your responses!


I rented some movies and they had bathroom sceens in them. The one movie was called The War Zone and this 15 year old boy is seen sitting on the toilet reading a magizne. Then his mom comes home from the hospital and his sister comes in the bathroom to get him and he doesn't even finish shitting, nor does he wipe or flush. This is one of these movies that takes place in another country(maybe London, England or UK). I saw another one called Quiet days in hollywood its about prostitutes...there was one sceen where a guy is seen peeing(only his back in a mirror) and a girl says, watch it you are splattering the seat.

Now today i haven't pooped, haven't gone in like 3-4 days i think.

Hi This is my 2nd post today....Today i saw another movie called What Ever it takes, its about these high school seniors who have a crush on this girl and they switch identys...So any way i belive they were at this one place and there is this girl there and his friend was with him and one of them says he has to take a shit(which he didn't)...he just wanted to talk to this girl. I thought there was another bathroom sceen, can't think of any more now(there were some shower sceenes and brief nudity. Check it out, its good...well getting off topic now,bye

Hi, well this is my 3rd post of the day...something exciting happened to me tonight. Well as i belive i mentioned i hadn't taken a shit in like 4-5 days(maybe a little more or less). Well i was sitting at my computer and i felt a little gas, i was have a bit of gas through out the night then all the sudden a strong urge to shit came on, i stopped what i was doing and went to the bathroom. I sat down it felt like cramps but not much pain or pushing or any thing. I let it out...I thought i had a huge log, i then stood up to see what i produced and there was a log about 8-14" in the bowl, i was amazed cause it was to colors. The begining of it was light brown and the ends were totaly green!! I mean totaly green like green as grass. I sat back down and i let out a few smaller pieces which were also green. It was very soft. I never remember a shit like this. I wiped like 6-7 times and flushed. By the time i was done the water in the bowl was tinted green. I have some questions! about this? Does any one know what causes green shit? I have never had green shit(that i remember?) Does any one have storys about green shit? Well i think i will list what i ate starting with sunday till wed., and see if any one thinks its a particular food. scrambled eggs, creps, strawberries, bread, sticks, left over salad(not much),plain bagel,pretzles,jello cheesecake, steak, instant mashed potatoes, corn, crab cake on roll, cinnomon bun, ham/cheese sand., plain bagel, trix cereal w/milk, pretzles, jello cheescake,cheeseburger on roll, deviled eggs, potato salad, cole slaw, macaroni salad, jello, oreo cookies...This is all i ate? Can any one help me determine what i ate, to get green shit? Thanks? This is really unusally for me. Im thinking it could be corn, mashed potatoes(i did eat 2-3 servings of it...usally will eat 1-2). I think this is intresting.,.....Let me know of any stories about green shit(i don't think any one has mentioned this before).Thanks.


I knew that other movie i rented had a bathroom sceen, It was called What ever It takes..Well these 2 boys go to this hospital so the one could help out(only reason he went was to get this girl).....The other boy gave him advise. The one boy ate this ladies jello and she wanted it back so he stole it from another person. Then this lady is in the first bed and she announces she has to go to the bathroom..."I have to go number 2", she said. This boy picks her up and sits her on the toilet with her clothes on. Nothing else sound effect and you don't see her go or even come back out.

Thursday, August 03, 2000

happy camper
I haven’t posted in probably over a year. I try to keep up on reading the posts, but it is sometimes hard. I now have a few things to say.
My enjoyment is to watch and to be watched. My wife was very private with her business for many years. She finally broke down about
five years ago and now has no problem peeing in front of me. In fact, she always leaves the door open when doing so. But she is still very
private with her poopin. A couple of weeks ago was my birthday. On the morning of my birthday, my wife got out of bed, picked up a
magazine and headed for the bathroom. But this time she didn’t close the door. The bathroom is in full view from the bed. She sat there
and did her poopin business. It wasn’t a loud one and ther were no farts, but it was a rare time that she pooped in front of me with the door
wide open and the fumes flowing. It was the best birthday present I could ever get. Certainly better than a couple of polo shirts.

To Shafted & Jason- Some women are into it (sharing their poopin) and some aren’t. It looks as if you both have one that isn’t. Keep
working on it, but a word of warning, it is very difficult to change a modest pooper. Even if they do let you watch, they may feel so
uncomfortable about it, that it will make you feel guilty for asking. It is best when they can cross the fence on their own without too much

to JEFF A - Good to still see you hanging around here. I have always loved all your stories, since I enjoy it (watching and being watched)
as much as you. It’s just that you have a lot more experience than I do. I saw a long time ago, where you finally indicated that you lived
in the Portland area. I was up there a couple of years ago at the Skamania Lodge for a conference. The park down by the local pier had
two unisex bathrooms without locks on the door. I am sure there could be a lot of interesting stories from this bathroom.
To Peter Londer UK. Did you ever reconcile things with your wife? I too have photos and also a lot of the posts from this forum saved to
my hard drive. If my wife found out and left me for it, I would just let her go. There isn’t anything wrong with someone having a few
“turn on” props around.

I still miss “pooping girl”. Anyone know if she is hanging out anywhere else on the web?

Nick V.
Hi, I am Nick V. I am 17 and my boyfriend Derrick told me about this site. He posted about a week ago.
Derrick's right, I can usually take a shit in less than 5 minutes, while he takes three times as long. I don't know what it is. Our diets are pretty similar - must be our metabolism, I guess.
I've got a couple of my own shitting stories. My cousin, who is also gay and in his thirties, told me about a gay junior prom in a nearby, relatively big city. Of course, Derrick and I went. Most of our friends, male and female, are cool about our relationship, but we didn't feel comfortable with going to the junior prom at our own small high school.
Anyway, the prom was held last May. As we were slow dancing, I started to feel a very gassy feeling in my stomach. I told Derrick I wasn't feeling well and that I had to take a shit right now. He asked me if I wanted him to come to the bathroom with me. I said sure and off we went. I don't know if it was nerves, the food we ate, or a combination, but I ended up blasting liquid shit in the toilet for about 25 minutes. It was like that character in "American Pie" who's moccachino was spiked with laxatives, only that I didn't take any laxatives (and, no, I have no reason to believe anybody put laxatives in any of my food or drink) and that I must have had 10-15 explosions. Derrick was waiting outside the stalls; he only had to pee, but he stayed in the bathroom with me while I went. I was sweating with relief, just like that kid in American Pie.
I had to wipe like 20 times to get clean and my ass was sore afterwards from between the shitting and wiping.
I washed my hands really well and Derrick and I went back out to the floor and had an awesome time.
About 6 weeks ago, I felt constipated. I rarely have constipation; my shit is usually soft, though not nearly as bad as that prom night. I sat on the toilet three times and pushed out but nothing happened. I was talking to Derrick on the phone and I told him I was having a hard time taking a shit. He told me he'd come over and see if he could help. He asked me if I'd like him to stick his finger up my butt, he thought it would help loosen things up. I pulled my pants down and he put two fingers up my butthole. I hope this isn't too risque, but it felt very good, similar to when we have sex. I tried to go again and although I had a hard time going, I eventually let out three hard cruller shaped shit logs. I'll write some more later.

kim & scott
hello all! TO LOUISE- scott and i love your post girl!! about you in the alley squeezing out a HUGE LOG !! thats great!! I bet STEVES pants got real tight after he saw you crash that one out .If ya know what I mean HAHAHA! I hear you are going to spain with steve? how nice.when you get back tell us all about it please. take care honey. p.s. about my 18 inch log!- if you think thats big you aint seen nothing yet. I may be capable of BIGGER!!hahaha!! bye friend. TO KIMMY-hi! I love your first name. hahaha! when you discussed in your post about having diarrehea in the movie theatre and that was your best shit ever?!!! come on honey. I am sure you could pass out a SOLID HUGIE and tell us about it! Dierrehea sounds to me like no fun at all. take care honey!keep up the good post writing everyone!! from kim & scott

po0h bear
Hey guys i haven't had much to report cept i remeber a few years ago a friend and i were out about in the morning and while walkign thru our highschool (it was a weekend and no one was there)
she needed to pee so she grabbed a bin and sat on it and peed while i watched guard (not her tho)
well catchas later

I was walking down the street with some friends and I had to pee really bad but there were no bathrooms around and I couldn't hold it in, so I peed rite there on the street. I'm still not even close to living that one down.

My sweety may not have 18 inch logs for a while . She is currently fascinated with the "just add water" game , which results in a tasty 18 inch rectal stream instead . I'm a coffee fanatic and require several triple mochas with a mountain of whipped cream in the morning just to be able to function . I may have to look into the rear port administration of my java . She prefers a touch of peppermint and almond oil in her bag . When I don't prepare it properly , or the temperature is not to her liking , I get an angry wink from her crinkled up fanny hole . We are both Scorpios , very demanding and particular . Her irrigation gear is hand made in Sweden , gleaming and truly a work of art . Her car is German , her Clothes are Italian , Her wine is Stateside and her man had better not forget ! I just love that little dork !

Alex M: Glad to have you and Steph back. we all missed you. The trip you gues took sounds like fun. I am most interested in your use of the bidet. I don't think it is too off topic, so if you care to give us further details of your using it... did you straddle the spray?... did you pee in the bidet at any time?

How was Steph's pee outdoors? did she do a forceful stream? did it hiss when she peed? and did she dribble a little as she started and finished?

As I said, good to have you guys back.

JENNY - Hi girl!!!
Good to hear that you have been peeing outside a bit,
and in the ocean too. Where there any people about
when you did it? How did you do it? Did you go in
the water up past your waist and do it sort of
sneaky and hidden? Or maybe you were real daring and
pulled your bikini down and just enjoyed a good piss.
Maybe that would be a bit *toooo* daring just now,
but it sounds like you have got over one of those big
hurdles! Hehe. Please tell me though, I would like to
know. 100 degrees is a bit hot for me, I do not like
to get fried too much.
I think there are some nude beaches in the USA but I
think there are more in Europe. Next week I am going
with Steve back to Spain to visit some nudist beaches
and we should have lots of fun there. I bet we piss
in the sea a few times so I bet maybe I will enjoy
that! I was a bit nervous when I first went to a
nudist beach and had to pee but when I had done it
I had gone past a major hurdle for me. I felt really
free, you know?
You see you can do the stand up pee in the shower
can't you? Hehehe. Did you try what I said or did
you do it hands free? Keep practicing! Hehe.
I wish *I* could find a women's toilet with urinals.
I would love to keep going back! Hehe I have invaded
a men's room in a bar with my friends and I think it
was not easy for some to use the urinals, but I loved
it. It was a real giggle for us because we were all
girls together. Hehe it is a rare thing to do that
I bet, but we were all busting for a good pee and the
little girls' room had a long queue!
Did you use a urinal and if so what did you think?
I bet if you want to pee strong enough you will be
all right at college. Go to more women's toilets and
just do your makeup or something in the mirror just
as a reason to go in. Then pee only if and when you
feel like it. Do not put pressure on yourself to go.
I bet you will know when you will be able to do it.
Oh I am sorry about how it did not work out with your
friend. I bet before very long, you will meet another
guy who will not break your heart. There really are
some nice guys out there but you have to find them.
Yeah, Steve is a lurvely guy and he is everything I
could ever want and a lot more too! Hehe I love what
he wrote about me last week when he said that every
time he sees me it is like the first time. When I
read it I could not wait to get him to bed!
Just wait until you meet a lovely guy you feel that
way about!
Could you please tell me a bit more about the people
you saw peeing on the road to the beach?

KIM AND SCOTT - Hehe Kim's log must have been a real
pan buster. Some torpedo at 18 inches! I did one of
my larger ones on Friday night and I had not had a
dump for 3 days. My bum felt *really* full and I had
to do it in an alley with Steve guarding me. I think
my turd was a foot long which is about as big as mine
Keep on crashing out those logs won't you?
Take care now you two! I'd like to say hello to you
from Steve as well.

J.H. - Hi. I liked your hiking story. I would like to
answer your little question to the ladies. Steve and I
don't do that a lot at all, only when I ask him every
few weeks, but yeah I have had a little bit or two
come out after, but I do not get embarrassed and yeah,
we talk about it first. I hope you get that because
the moderator guy no-no'd my letter yesterday. Hehe.
I am in a really silly mood just now so sorry!

PV - Hi sister!!! Talking of dumping, I had a monster
foot long dump on Friday night. I was with Steve and
it was about 9 in the evening. I had my black vest
top on and my black leather trousers and I had to
stop in an alley. I pulled my trousers down and
squatted. Steve watched me push out this big log
that made my bum feel real heavy. Nobody saw me do it
but Steve, and while I had my pants down I took the
chance to have a wee too! Hehe.


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