Janie: Asian girls diets cause them to strain. One of my pals Shannon eats lots vegetables and rice. The vegetables are the fiber. The rice starch causes constipation. Hence, a huge bowel movement with strain and pain.

Nicola: You English girls make some blockbusters. Just like my own English cousins. 26 y/o Wendy was my houseguest. After Sunday dinner, I could not find her in the house. When I returned to my flat, I found the bathroom door open with Wendy on the toilet, blue slacks down and pink, red and white flowered panties at her shins. I heard a loud "kersplonk", a short piss with another "kersplonk". We started laughing. Then another 2 "plop, plops". She reached for the paper to wipe her, pussy then her behind. She was good. She wiped clean about 8 or 9 times. Then flushed. Her mom is the same way. When she stood up I saw two 8 inch brown torpedoes and 2 golf balls. One morning I was in the bath tub. Her mom asked to use the toilet. Sure. She came in lifted her night shirt, let down her black panties. She grunted an "ohhh". I heard a crackling noise, along with a piss. The piss stopped. But, the crackling continued with a vibrating fart, then a splash. It was not over then another! was repeated twice more. I heard two "kersplonks" and another fart for 10 seconds. The smell was powerful. As I stepped out of the tub she was wiping herself good standing up. I saw 3 yellow beer can sized pieces of doo-doo and two round pieces. She told me this is her morning ritual before work.

Ileo, Michelle and Nikki: If you have to go, don't hold it back. You have learned the hard way.

Rob from Canada: I was in 2nd grade with a mean teacher. My friend Gail had to go after lunch. The teacher would not let her. Physically restrained her. Well, Gail broke free and ran out of class. Later, the teacher asked me to find her. I went to the girls room and I called Gail's name. She answered. I saw her aqua nylon panties at her shins. She opened the stall door. Her dress and slip were bunched at her waist. She said if she did not fight the teacher she would have messed her clothes. She told me she would be awhile. I returned to class. I told the teacher Gail was in the bathroom and she was fine. What Gail was doing was none of her business. Case closed.

Newest Girl
Hey....In response to I'M JUST WONDERING...I have seen on television, like, Shock Video on HBO or whatever it is...they have indeed had pooping contests. In the one particular incident I've seen on television, they were all men, and it was a contest to see who had the strongest anus. So the men were all given a laxative of some sort, and then were made to stand with their hands on the edge of a hospital bed and hold it...kind of standing doggy-style, you know? I don't recall the outcome of the event, but when I read your post, I thought of the show. It comes on television every now and again, so keep your eyes peeled for Shock Video!
I've been lurking here in the porcelain swamp, but this is my first post here. I've enjoyed reading all your stories, but not so much the peeing ones. I dunno. It's just hearing about people being sick, you know the whole wet thing....explosions...ahh well it doesn't matter really!
Keep em coming!!!!!

Jay From Texas
To Justin: That has happened to me before. I have had cleaning people walk in on me in a large public restroom. There is a men's restroom at san jacinto mall here in Baytown that is supposed to be cleaned every 4 hours. Instead the women that clean it come by every 15 damn minutes. It's realllly annoying when they come by. There is also a camera that is above the entry door, why it's there I don't know, but I swear it's there to tell the cleaning crew that someone is going in for a piss or crap. Then they come running with their cart and annoy the hell out of you by continually saying "cleaning" "cleaning" "anybody in there" at the top of their lungs. There are no entry doors to the restroom just a "walkaround". there are 5 stalls and 7 urinals. they come in and stand in the first section of the walkway, then if there is someone in there they move toward the edge of the walkway to the point that the sinks and mirrors are in full view of these women. In stalls 3 and ! 4 there are one of those 2 sided T.P dispensers. In another words, They have one access door for servicing. anyways, the access door has been ripped off, providing a pretty good view of both users, one user's TP is still on the rolls so his view is obstructed a little but not much.
I was in there the other day, on my 15 minute break from work. Stalls 1, and 2 were out of order (someone clogged #1, and 2 had no toilet seat although it was open for use earlier and in fact was in use by someone sans seat) Stall 3 was too full because no one flushed it. So I was in Stall 4. I had just sit down on the toilet and began pushing out my crap when I heard the damn cleaning cart clamoring down the hall. They never start with the ladies or family restroom first they go all the way to the end and work the mens room. I hadn't even pinched off my first turd when the same woman bellowed "is there anybody in here!!!" me and this other dude that I know who works there both yelled at the same time "yeah, give us a little while" what she yelled back ticked us both off, she said "hurry up then, I don't have all day to wait for you." The dude in the next stall fired back "just for that, I'll be in here a little while longer". then she came in and started cleaning ! with both of us on the pot. I don't know about anyone else in here, but if there is a strange woman barging in on you taking a dump, I don't let anything out. the usual clamor ensued, "hey, get out of here", "I'll call security" etc...and the latter is exactly what the guy did. he got on his cell phone and called mall security telling them that the cleaning woman barged in on him and was not going away. I couldn't help but sit there and laugh. The security personnel came and escorted miss clean from the restroom, he and I resumed our craps. to celebrate the occasion (hehehe) I let it all fly out. So, Justin a word of time a cleaning person rushes you....take your time and smart off to them (only if they do it first)'s a lot funnier.

also to the british friends in here: wasn't there a britcom that had a toilet scene in it. I could be mistaken but I think Are You Being Served (god, I love that show) had one or two. Nothing explicit, the scene just took place in the loo. or was it AbFab. Oh well, It was one of those. Is Are You Being Served still on in reruns anymore?

BUZZY--excellent stories. loved your play by play. You weren't biking in the colorado raockies last week were you?'ll see why i asked when you read this story.

I had gone for my morning walk on the mountian. I found a nice place to take my crap & did a satisfying 3 7-8 inch logs. (nothing special there) I continued to the top of the hill where the main road has a cut off to our little valley. There isn't much traffic along here except for LOTS of byciclists. I was relaxing in the shade when this guy on a bike pulls off the road & drops his bike. Now I'm behind some rocks & he can't see me but I see & hear him. He's talking to himself--"Gotta shit, gotta sht". He was walking toward me pretty quickly & I thought he'd see me but he was to intent on his task. He stopped several feet away & as he was pulling down his bike shorts he was saying "just a few more seconds". I had a perfect side view as he squatted down. He let out a long loud fart & his anus opened up to the firt log. It was fat & long & continued to creep from his ass. It finially tapered off & fell to the ground only to have anot! her immediatly take it's place. He let out 5 logs in all & a big pile of mush. While he was shitting he also peed for a long time. He let out another hard fart & seemed to be done. He pulled his shorts back up & rode off. No wiping though so he'll regret that later as it was a messy dump.
I thought of you while he was dumping Buzzy. Sounded just like your stories. Plus the guy was pretty good looking.

I haven't had much in the way of interesting sessions lately but noticed something. After my bout with diahrea several days ago my routine has changed. I never had a time when i crapped. You know a set pattern but since then I've gone every morning like clockwork. Kinda strange.

Hi everyone. I've been lurking here for quite a while but this is my first time posting.
I am an 18 year old guy and yesterday I went hiking with my girlfriend in the woods.
Well she knows that I've wanted to see her poop, but I think she never wanted to do
it in a bathroom or something... maybe she could excuse the fact that she was doing it
in front of me because she was now in nature. Anyway, sometime during our hike she
said she needed to go. Just a word on her, she is very sexy and she is 17, with perfect
legs, breasts and a wonderful butt :) I asked if I could watch and to my surprise she said
yes, but I should prepare myself. I was so excited by now. She pulled down her shorts
and her panties, and gave them to me. She was now only wearing a small t-shirt.
She walked over to a nearby tree and called me to her, and she turned around and
bent over, with her arms outstretched and pressing against the tree in front of her.
Needless to say I now had a PERFECT and totally unobstructed view of all her lower
anatomy. My pants were beginning to feel a little small, but I won't elaborate on that
before the moderator kills my post! I bent down a little to get the perfect angle, and she
giggled and began to pee. It was a strong but thin yellow stream, and it made a combination
hissing-splashing noise as it exited her and hit the soil. Soon her anus began to dome
outward and the most beauitful(yes I know this sounds weird but I know some of you will
understand) thich, round, brown piece of poop emerged. It snaked its way slowly out of
her with crackling noises, mixed with the sound of her giggling. At about 9 inches I estimated
it broke off and hit the ground. She sight a little and her anus contracted back, and as her
little hole closed, little pieces of poop were still stuck on the outside, on her anal ring. She grunted
a little and soon her anus domed out again and another piece slowly crackled out, it was a little
lighter and it was about 11 inches! I was amazed. It fell half onto the other piece lying on the ground.
My girlfriend made a slight moaning sort of sound and she began to get up but I told her to hang
on. I got a tissue from my pocket and wiped her reddened anus, making sure to get those little rogue
pieces of poop that I just mentioned. What happened next is a bit too much for this board, but let's
just say that her poop wasn't the only thing in her rectum that day.

Well that's the entire story of what happened, I hope you liked it. I have a question for the females
on here, I hope it isn't too risque. Have any of you ever had any experiences with anal sex where
something poop related happened? I don't mean any of that crap like scat, but since well we all
know what the anus is for, poop must come up at least in some discussions with a partner before
you attempt it? And I've known a friend, she's female, who was really embarassed because after anal
sex her muscles were relaxed and after the guy pulled out some poop followed. Anybody have similar
incidents happen to them? Sorry for the many questions on this topic, but if you are going to have anal
sex, will you tell the guy that you need to go to the bathroom to empty your bowels? Just really wondering about the finer points of these things in other people's lives. Well thanks for listening to my
story, feel free to reply. Bye!

Hello, just to make matters straight, Im NOT the Nicki who did a poo in her white panties. The short versions of my names are Nicky or Nicks. I HAVE in the past done a poo in my panties but not that recently.

Ileo. My sympathies to you on having to have an ileo-rectal anastomosis, effectively losing your colon and having permanent diarrhea. I honestly dont know if the alternative of the ileostomy where the diarrhea goes into a plastic bag on the side of the abdomen and can then be disposed of is a better option than having it passed out of your arse in the "normal" manner. At least if the bag doesnt leak you have far less chance of a messy accident than if a load of uncontrollable diarrhea arrives suddenly at the end of your GI tract. I believe there are medicines one can take which solidify the feces to a soft paste type of consistency a bit like a soft to loose stool. Anyway, I hope your general health and quality of life is improved by this operation and I really feel for anyone who has to have this type of surgery. It would be a terrible blow to most of the people who post here.

Logger, Im afraid in like circumstances I would have used the toilet and dropped my bomb, or would have found somewhere off the road to stop and do it. I dont break up my jobbies, what I pass stays or goes and anyone who sees it stuck in the pan afterwards is very welcome. One of these days I have the horrible feeling that your diffidence in doing a motion when the need arrives will land you with a very big, messy and embarassing accident in the seat of your panties. I hope not, but you can can only get away with it so many times. We all shit, so why be coy about using a public toilet.

PFP. Im a bit puzzled by your post. You deliberately hold it in then complain that it was painful to pass. What did you expect? Those of us who are sometimes constipated naturally know that a big hard lumpy jobbie that has been up there for a couple of days or more is likely to hurt the sphincter as it comes out. Its part of the deal as it where. If you DONT like this, keep regular, drink more, eat more bulky foods full of fibre. You wanted to hold in your motions to have a big poo, so dont complain if it was difficult and uncomfortable to pass. As to your idea of taking laxatives to clear out your bowels, yes often after a heavy purging the bowels "rest" as it were for a day or two before another consequently larger and solid motion is passed. This effect led people in the bad old days when taking laxatives was the custom to indulge in increasing doses of more and more powerful purgatives as they mistakenly thought themselves to be Constipated. In the end some couldnt hav! e a bowel movement at all unless they took a dose of "opening medicine" as the normal action of their bowels had been replaced by a dependence on laxatives. If you want to experiment with your body, then try a powerful purgative like Picolax (Picosulf). This is Sodium Picosulfate and is a fast acting repetative purgative which will result in several attacks of watery diarrhea and really clear you out. It usually hits within an hour of taking the dose. You have to drink plenty of water while it is working as you will otherwise get dehydrated and suffer cramps and other nasty effects, apart of course from the horrible diarrhea that this laxative causes. It is used to clear the bowels before internal examinations or abdominal operations. Bear in mind this stuff is high power and you would be advised to stay at home near the toilet, you wont be able to go out or indulge in any of your normal activities that day. Afterwards you probably wont have a motion for 2 or 3 days. Now I w! ouldnt recommend taking laxatives of any type unless prescribed by a doctor or nurse, but I think you have to get this out of your system both metaphorically and literally. By the way, what gender are you? In the end my advice to anyone is to go to the toilet and have a BM when your body tells you it needs. We all have occasions when we have to hold it in sometimes for a few hours but I really would not advise deliberately holding it in as this can cause problems such as anal fissure, piles, etc to say nothing of the chance of a big accident in your knickers if you can hold it any longer and are not near a toilet. Also, there is the paradoxical effect of overflow or spurious diarrhea which can occur if a large mass of solid stool is blocking the lower bowel. The further back up the bowel the lesser the absorbtion of water from the feces which are diarrhea when they enter the colon at the Ileo-caecal valve from the small intestine near the appendix and get more solid as they a! re slowly passed along the colon until they emerge hopefully as a good normal healthy solid turd from the rectum when we do a motion. In spurious diarrhea the lower part of the bowel being bloked by a large mass of solid stool there will be a load of watery stool above it which may leak round the hard mass and appear as diarrhea when the person defecates. If the hard lump doesnt also come out then they will think they had the runs and take imodium and actually make matters worse. So all in all, I advise, dont mess about with your digestion. I dont. I simply eat well and wisely, drink sufficient fluid, take a lot of exercise and do the what comes naturally. Happily, usually nice big well formed jobbies that are relatively easy to pass.

kim & scott
hello all! my man scott and i hope everyone is feeling great like the feeling you get when you pass a monster log!! TO MARKY- you say this site seems to be slicing and dicing the line between bodily functions and eroticism? well your right! especially with the kim & scott stories and if you like the combination of eroticism and huge bowel -movements you should read the kim & scott posts with relish! take care marky.TO SHY PAM-thats great that your family set up a great vacation for you where you went to DisneyworlD and williamsburg virginia and six flags. believe it or not my man scotts family has traveled all the states except hawaii and alaska and been to Disney world,disneyland,williamsburg,VA six flags-in st. louise , the six flags in georgia and the one in texas and other big amusement parks along with sites like the grand canyon,niagra falls,mount rushmore,yellowstone park. scott is one lucky guy. maybe europe is next.?/ maybe he will visit STEVE & LOUISE! in ENGLAND HAHAHAHAHOHOHO!! scotts dad is a school principal he has alot of free time off in the summer to travel.TAKE CARE PAM! PLUS RATHERNOTSAY-scott and I hope you are feeling better from your diArrehea. KEEP US POSTED WILL YA? TO NO NAME GRRL- scott and I like your post too bad your male friend has moved but i know you can still churn out great stories.TAKE CARE NO NAME GRRL. well thats all for now take care of yourselves and each other.PLUS BEN FROM NY -you still around.??Havent heard from you in a while. scott and i liked your post from awhile ago about the pretty ladies you had in your classes that loved to fart. you should ask one of em out BEN! CIAO everyone!!!

Hi Sandra

What ever happened to the girl you met in a ladiesroom that also has a interest in her own pooping? That story was particularly stimulating and promising sounding.
I would like to thank you, and all the other girls that give us guys an insight into the events that go on in a ladies room, especially the pooping. It's always been a big turn on to me, and I think to allot of guys. You reports are always so candid. I thank you again.


Sunday, July 30, 2000

Don't you hate those houses with the really thin doors , you can like hear people outside the door as if they are in the bathroom with you . My girlfriends parents house was like that . They were always really quiet too , no T.V. , no talking and one bathroom right off the room where her mom read some granny mag and her dad clipped his toenails . I knew I was feeling sick and didn't want to hang out at her house but she was tired of hanging around the 7-11 . When we got there I figured I would head straight to the bathroom and just get a grip on how I was feeling , sit on the toilet and see how it felt . The whole house was stone silent , except the mantle clock next to her old man . I sat down and started shuffleing through a few hunting mags of her dads and wasn't paying attention to my locked tight fanny hole . It shot open for a split second and released a huge load of stinky gas and a whistling howl ! I sorta freaked , dropped the mag and tried to get some control of it but a huge flood of wet bowel sauce had filled my butt canal and was pushing and leaking through my puckered anus . I was gritting my teeth and starting to rock back and forth , but I was making so much noise and starting to wimper ! Her mom didn't know who was in the bathroom and started to knock on the door , but I hadn't closed it all the way and her knock caused that stupid wafer thin door to start opening ! I knew if I lost concentration for one second that I would blow ! She still didn't see me or smell the gas and just walked in , and I shuddered and felt a pinhole opening in my ass start to spray the side of the bowl ! I called for Annie in a little yelp as a torrent of hideous gas and pus flew into the water ! The chunks followed , I saw my girlfriends arm dragging her mom out but no one closed the door right away , so the whole housed was filled with this putred gas ! I felt I was at a point that I could stop the flow and try to compose myself a little bit . I wiped like 15 times , because my whole butt was wet . I got up and flushed , and watched the water rise . The conversation in the living room was about the broken toilet . My smelly goop topped the edge and started to run over onto the carpet and I could here her dad yelling as he went to the garage to get something . . . . I can't even tell you the rest . I wanted to be dead !

My girlfriend Sara and me were at a concert, Santana, it was like wow. The lineups for the toilets were so long that by the time we got in and went pee they had already started playing. I had to poo as well but not wanting to miss them decided to wait. Man what a mistake that was.

Sara was like go by yourself, I'm not going standing back there again. I didn't want to go stand in line either, specially by myself so I stayed and whatched the concert.
I'm glad I did stay even though I ended up doing a poop in my panties. I tried holding it but kept getting these spasms and then it just started coming out and I couldn't stop it.

I don't think Sara knew even though we hung out most of the day together. Lucky I had a loose skirt on, it was a bit short but didn't show anything. When I got home and looked my poo was like a round ball between my butt cheeks and my white panties were pretty stained where the poop was. I had to throw them away.

Anyway I'm surprised that actually pooping myself like that didn't really bother me too much, like wasn't freaked out or anything, just didn't want anybody to see it is all. Guess it's because I'm fascinated with toilet stuff which is why I read this board all the time. Anybody else ever pooped their panties in public like that?

I've missed all the British and American female big dump stories. I guess the ladies are all plugged up. Anyway, here's another true life adventure.
I was had been on vacation for four days, and wanted to go and see a certain museum and historic site. It was next to the highway on the way home, so it was no big deal to stop there. The site was very enjoyable, and, before leaving, I wanted to buy some books and souvenirs. So, I went to the gift shop and was browsing the book section when I was reminded by my body that it had completely forgotten about taking a dump for the entire stay. The cramps weren't too bad. "I can make it home," I thought, since home was less than two hours away on the interstate. Five minutes later, the next set of cramps said:"no way." I didn't know what to do. The hotel keys were already returned, so I couldn't go back and unload there. "Get to the car and leave," I said to myself. "I'll find a spot at an interstate rest area,and crap in the ! woods." Good plan- bad timing; As the third and heaviest set of cramps rose up, I was panicked. No way could I use their single stall employees bathroom! I could plug up a toilet with one of my regular logs; what the hell was this one going to do to God knows which type of toilet was in there? Too late-I had to hurriedly ask for the key. If only the poor woman knew what I was about to unload in there, she would never have given it to me.
Flushed and sweaty, I turned on the light and opened the toilet lid. Aha! A nice big oval bowl Kohler toilet! This could handle it, no problem, I thought. Quickly sliding down my pants, I gave the handle a test pull; "OH NO!, the water pressure was terrible; it will hardly flush when empty! What can I do now?" Luckily, the door locked from the inside.
Almost reflexively, I grabbed the end of the toilet paper and yanked. I must have reeled off about twelve feet of it. Now I spread it, folded ribbon-like, on the floor as another se! t of cramps welled up. I crouched down, like I had seen years before, and carefully lined up my ass with the expected landing pattern upon the toilet paper runway. I relaxed and very soon felt the head of a monster log pushing against the inside of my asshole. As I relaxed more, the head stretched my ass to a very large size. Then, all by itself, the "train started pulling out of the station" under its own power. I was just going along for the ride was what it felt like. The big monster slowly and smoothly slid its way out onto the toilet paper, and after what seemed like forever,(and me extending my posture about as much as could be), I heard a small but heavy thud on the floor.
As I stood up, I wheeled around and saw a two inch by twenty inch log perfectly landed upon the toilet paper! "Now what do I do? I know; grab some more toilet paper paper, wrap it up, and break it up". After five flushes and twenty minutes in their bathroom, the last of the "vacation" log was o! n its way to be recycled!
Needless to say, after quickly returning the keys to the poor woman, I "beat feet" out the door. I jumped in my car and drove off, never to return. Oh yeah, there was no vent fan in there!

BUCK (IL) - Yeah you are damn right about the urinals
in the dorms. If I was in a dorm and there were urinals
I would be really thrilled to bits! Putting plants in
them? Oh no, do they not have any idea of what to do
to use them?

PV - Hi sister!!!

Oh, really do not be so down. It must be *when* not *if*
you get lucky. I bet you must get lots of guys who would
want to be with you!

Hehehe team pish. Well, we had a team squatting pish
behind the bushes like we usually do now except for one
of us who I bet was saving her wee for later, the cheat.
Hehe but the numbers were more than made up by 3 girls
from the other team who came and had a wee with us. Two
of them were black girls which was interesting because I
had not seen one with her knicks down before. They all
squirted quite big floods and it did feel very good to
all be able to just do it together. I bet one of the
black girls was trying ! to have a shit too because she was
still squatting even having finished pissing, but she
gave up and pulled her knickers back up in the end.
On my team there were 5 of us who had been having a good
drink of water before the game. By the end of the game
I needed a wee, and I saw the 16 year old and the 36
year old crossing their legs a little bit sometimes.
So when the game was finished I went to Steve and gave
him a little kiss. Yes just a little kiss hehe and I
went with the other girls into the changing rooms to go
in the showers. We took off all our clothes and went in.
The 36 year old was really crossing her legs and pressing
her fingers hard on her pussy and the 16 year old was
doing a bit of a pee dance as well. I was not far behind
those two needing to go, so we had to get right on with
it. The idea was to stand 3 feet away and aim for a drain
in the floor. Our 36 year old teammate went first, age
and d! esperation before youth you know. She pissed hard but
she could not do the 3 foot distance so she finished just
standing over the drain with big relief on her face. Her
wee did not go gooey this time either hehe. The 16 year
old went next and she too pissed hard and she over shot
the drain a bit until she aimed a bit better. She is
real good at shooting her wee forwards. I went next and
my weeing went a bit short until I really got going and I
hit the drain very well. Two of the other 3 girls who had
a try were not as good and they weed all over the place.
The last one did better but she had to stand over the drain
and a lot of her wee went down her legs because she
dribbled as much as she squirted in her weak stream.
We had to wash the floor after!

Your beach stories were good to read! I bet there will be
more to come eh? A walking wee? I have done that too and
it is a sure way to get your legs wet isn't it?!

Hehe best change your car washing water! I forgot about
Sunday when I hovered over a bucket at home. I did not
keep my wee in the bucket though, I threw it on the flowers
which have not had any water for a bit.

The punching is making my elbows hurt a bit. Steve says
it is normal and the pain will go away when my joints get
stronger. I do see what he means about the fitness side.
I have not used my elbows that way before.

Yeah, my boss and the other girl are toilet bound girls
I think. My boss had a wee in the stall next to me on
Thursday and she was not so glum and we were talking girl
talk while we were doing it. When we pissed in the alley
during the trip away she did not say anything at all.

Grafiti removing? Hehehehe we could try to wash off the
painted height marks on the wall they use to judge us
couldn't we?!!

Oh yeah, about when we were last at the swimming pool.
The showe! r we used near the pool is in the corridor around
the corner, so we could not be seen. No we were not peeing
in the open but I bet that would have been fun. There was a
teensy weensy bit of a risk that we would get caught by
somebody leaving the pool or going to it but we did not
have that happen to us. It was still a lot of fun.

I had a wee in a urinal in another men's toilet today. The
thing that was different about it was the way the pipes
made a lot of loud gurgling noises and I am still laughing
about it. I bet Steve will think I have gone nutty!

I have not had a shit for nearly 3 days now. I bet I do a
real monster log soon and I will tell you about it!

Aim high, dear!


TO SANDRA-That's a cool story with you watching that girl pooing in the stall-yes,sometimes i wonder when you see stuff like that if that person is letting you see it on purpose and that's kinda nice too-In the gym that i go to sometimes i see guys sitting there with the door open across from me with their newspaper with their legs spread apart and sometimes you can see the turds coming out and that's cool-one time few months ago, this guy was doing that as i went in the sit on the bowl and i could see it all and i had my reading glasses on the i was looking down but i could still see it all and when i sat down,he looked over at me and kept pooing with his legs spread open-so i sat down and reciprocated and farted and opened my legs and started pooing and pretended to read the paper,and i could see him looking at me poop and in a way,i got into it and for a while we were pooing with our legs open at the same time and i noticed that we both had semi-erections and i was a bit em! barrased about that I definititly didn't want to give this guy the wrong idea-i hoped that's the way he felt too-it was fun in a weird sort of way-then i finished first and wiped as he pooed a bit more and then i wiped and went to the shower and that was that-but it was fun
TO POOPING FOR PLEASURE-I'd be so afraid of being caught-that's one thing i don't want to do is offend somone if they are not into it and get arrested or something,but good story--I myself an not into seeing folfs puke-the only thing that will do is make me puke too,but to each his own-enjoy
One thing i've noticed both on this forum and at the gym-seems like us guys are more into pooing around each other and watcthing each other than the women-now i could be wrong but that's just my observation-Gotta go dump now as reading this forum so often does to me in the a.m-sometimes it's better that drinking a hot cup of coffee!!BYE


Well folks, I TRIED to go 3 days without having a bowl movement, but I just couldn't do it! I was able to make it a day and a half without dropping my logs, but alas, at around 6:60 pm yesterday I began having abdomninal (spelling???) SOOOOO, bad I literly began to have trouble standing up!!! DAMN! Well, I am going to try again. I am thinking that maybe if I take a laxitive and empty myself out first and then try with a nearly empty colon then my chances of succeeding will be much better!!! Who knows?!? BTW, when I did deliver my load of logs to the porcelin swamp (LOL), after holding it for a day and a half, I really had to push grunt and strain to get it out. My butthole (anus) was stretched almost beyond it's limit and I am here to tell you that it HURT!!! Oh well, such is the price that you have to pay. Like I said, I will try again and let you all know how it goes!

Happy Crapping,

Pooping-For-Pleasure (PFP)

I'm just Wondering
If there was a pooping contest set up, who would win? I think there are a number of contenders that could win here. And that's no lie.

I've been looking at old posts and it pleases me to see I'm not the only BSB fan here. I've always wanted to see Nick pee. It's a fantasy I've had for more than a year now. I also wanna see AJ pee. I also pee in the shower occasionally. Peeing in the shower I have found to be extremely difficult. I don't know why. Oh well....

I had the most embarrassing accident in my panties today - I'm a regular 12 year-old girl, and any type of shame dealing with my underwear is horrifying. I often go over to my neighbor's condo and play video games - he has a Sega Dreamcast, and I often go over there and he lets me play his latest video games.

I usually wear white slacks and blue panties when I go over there, and my dad always tells me that my panties are visible and that I shouldn't wear colored panties underneath white slacks. He says that I have a "taller/slender" build, so that I should wear things that show off my legs. So the other day, I bought a little loose-fitting white mini-skirt, and wore that over to my neighbor's condo with my blue panties underneath. My dad didn't complain, because at least he wasn't able to see my panties underneath my little loose-fitting skirt, like he did with my tight white slacks.

Then the embarrassing part started. Inside my neighbor's condo, I sat Indian-style/cross-legged as I was playing the video games. It wasn't embarrassing sitting like this before when I was wearing my slacks, but this time it was because I knew he could see my panties as I was sitting like this wearing my little mini-skirt. He's probably 15 years older than me, so at least he was a gentleman about it, and looked the other way when he walked past me.

So he was too polite to peek at my panties - this was a relief. Then the crapping sensations started. I had to crap so bad, that I felt a tingling throughout my abdomen. I felt so sick, that I wanted to get up and run to the bathroom. But my neighbor was behind me and curling my hair around, and saying "Michelle, you have such pretty long brown hair - my girlfriend is a hairstylist and I bet she could twist it in a cute little ponytails for you." And then the doorbell rang, so my neighbor got up to answer it. I thought this would be a good time to get up and rush to the bathroom, but then my neighbor's girlfriend burst in, and after a few seconds, she came marching towards me. She said "oh, what a pretty little brunette girl, I'm going to make her hair up really cool." She started twirling my hair, and at that point, I couldn't hold it anymore. Warm gushes of crap filled my panties. For a few seconds, all I felt was warm bubbles flowing out of my butt and into my! panties. I simutaneously felt relief and guilt as the crap flowed out of body and into my undewear. I felt shameful enough, sitting there Indian-style in a mini-skirt with my panties exposed, but the panty-crapping incident made me feel even more embarrassed.

At that point, I said "whatever - gotta go!" and ran back home. I don't think that my neighbor or his girlfriend knew what had just hadppened (with my panty-crapping), because as I was running back to my condo, I looked back at them, and they both just had a clueless grin on their faces, as they were waving "bye" to me. When I got home and got inside, at least my dad wasn't around, so I was able to get in the bathroom and clean up that embarrassing mess!

Friday, July 28, 2000

Justin, I enjoyed your dumping story at the beach in CA with the 2 teen guys. I envy you, I bet it was fun joking with them while all of you were taking a shit. The downside is I would have been pissed at the impatient Latino's if I was there.

Today, I got all my hours in at 1 pm so instead of a microwave lunch, I went to the Korean place to eat. I had the Beef (Bul-Gogi) and the many v????e dishes including kimche. Good food :) After I was done, I came home to work on the computer and I had an excellent dump with a nice sound of farting reverberating the bowl. I had to do it again not too long ago as well. Unfortunately, there was no one to enjoy it with. It would have been fun sharing it with some late teen kids since they don't take life seriously like us folks who are in our 20's & 30's.

BTW, for "No Name Grrl", I am sorry you will miss your friend Jason. Later y'all.............

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