Yesterday I was in the ladies room at work, by the mirrors adjusting my makeup. One of the young women (mid-20's) from one of the offices on my floor came in and went into the middle stall. While I was looking in the mirror I looked at the stall that this woman was in and saw that there was quiet a large gap between the door and the partition. It was so large that I could pretty much everthing in that stall! And what I saw was incredible! I clearly saw the woman lift up her dress, pull down her panties (she had light brownb pubic hair) and bend over with her bottom hanging over the toilet like a half squat. A torrent of pee came out (which was loud!) and then I saw something dark appear between her legs. It was poo coming from her bottom! She farted as the poo came out. The woman had her head down, watching the poo, so she couldn't see that I was watching. The light brown poo got larger and larger and after it was about 8 or 9 inches it fell into the water making a deep "ker-s! ploosh" sound! Then another, smaller poo came out fast and made a splash as it fell in the water. The woman stayed in this position for a minute then grabbed a large amount of toilet paper. She wiped her behind (there didn't seem to be much on the paper) floowed by her vagina (which she wiped from the front. She pulled up her panties then flushed using her foot. Then she came out of the stall and went over to the sinks to wash her hands. I was still puting on lipstick - she must have wondered why it took her entire poo session for me to do this. She just smiled, washed her hands and left. I really don't think she had any idea I could see her pooing through the gap...or maybe she did?

Grunting sounds-- As fof the sounds we make, Interesting question. For me they are more of a short Ungh...Ungh type after each push. Most of the people I've heard in guys restroom, and once in a laides when i was small, are just
hard exhailation of breath. Another question along the smae lines. Do people like to pull on anything when the strain? I was taught by my mother ot grab the seat between my legs and pull on that. I had a girlfriend that admitted to pulling on the towel rack when thing got tough. --JW

AJ: We gotta hear the hockey team story!

Hi Louise!

Sorry it's taken a while to write back, I've been busy and offline for a bit.

If and when I get lucky, you'll be amongst the world's first to know it! Oh, it would be so nice, especially if there was an element of bathroom intimacy involved, something I really hope for. Yep, I can see why you love Steve so much, and it's a benchmark for folks like me to aim for!

I look forward to hearing the story of the next team-pish! It's an image that's very exciting, and you're right, I think there are no few guys just wouldn't believe what they were seeing! The four-girl fun last week you mentioned sounded delightful -- hey, the 16-year old sounds like competition. Keep practicing, dear, you're odds-on favorite team pee-champion !

On the beach, when I let it go down my legs I just let it dry in the sun. I was walking with my clothes in my backpack, and had a wee a few times at a fair distance from other folks, so I just kept walking and by t! he time I found a spot to settle it was dry. I went for a wade after a while just to be sure I was clean. Weed in the water as I was actually walking ankle-deep, now that's a trick of control I never thought I had! It was a LOT of fun. Later, I settled near some other folks, maybe five yards spacing, and though I really tried to have a discrete wee between my legs off the end of my towel I found I couldn't. (Sulk, sulk!)

The bucket in the garage is plastic, and half full of water, plus a wash leather and sponge... That reminds me, I haven't changed the water yet! There's several pints of pee in there! Metal would make a wonderful sound but plastic is pretty much all you can find here. It sure beats going indoors all the time when I'm busy!

Punching is a whole new ballgame, eh? I remember in karate the amount of time spent on learning how to deliver a basic blow, and how poorly some folks do it when it just isn't natural for them. Practice, practice -- it'll c! ome naturally eventually, and will always after. It's brain wiring -- just like peeing in strange places, oddly enough. I remember when I first learned the double-wheel block, it was impossible! Now it's hard-wired, though I haven't trained in five years.

Pity about your boss and workmate, they are part of the mainstream who have "facilities" and never go beyond reach of them, which is a bit like saying you only drive as far as the road goes. There are certain off-road perks, eh?

Damn, what an image that is! Gals like us washing a wall with hot nitrogen and challenging the guys to better it. Going home with gold medals in the "freestyle grafiti-removal event!"

That's okay, I'm delighted if I can be of assistance to Jenny. Having suffered this problem and made progress toward correcting it and coming to delight in the pleasures of open relief, I consider it nothing short of a duty to pass on to others the kindness folks such as yourself have shown me.! I'll help her any way I can!

Pity about the gents' being closed for cleaning at the pool -you missed your virtuoso performance! But I bet going in the shower was fun too, even if it was by turns. If it was near the entrance, how did you handle the visibility aspect -- or were you just about weeing in the open? Do tell!

Looking forward to yours and Steve's next messages,

Your pal,

PS: STEVE -- many thanks for your message -- I'll write asap!

Leo in NJ

I went with him 'cuz I had to piss. And he took a dump. I wish I could go in the stall w/ him but I waited outside for him. Yesterday at Med Evil Times My friend Nick said that he had to take a dump so he t.p.'s the seat and 3 minutes later my friend Joe kicked the door open on Nick and we were all laughing.

Leo/EWR/Newark Intl Airport

Shy Pam
HI! Finally back and I hope you guys all missed me as much as I missed you all and your posts. My parents set up this really neat vacation where we bopped all over the place - Williamsburg, Va; Six Flags, Disneyworld/Orlando. We got to do a lot of fun things. In Florida we got to see my grandparents and hooked up with my sister and her kids for Disney. (LOTS to write about but that will have to wait for now!) Then, when we finally got back, the computer was messed up...needed a new modem, the old one went bad and I couldn't get on. I was near a couple of computers on vacation but was with family so I didn't dare stop by and say hello.
See you all soon. It's great to be back!
Shy Pam

Buck (IL)
Katrine, in your Klondike Days post when you peed against the wall in the last stall, did you do it standing up as some of the females on here speak of doing? Do you pee outside often, and is there a certain fun in the risk of getting caught?
SarahB, in one of your posts, you speak of how comfortable you were with one of your friends in that you had even masturbated together at one time. This brings up an unusual memory of mine. Many years ago, I had a girlfriend with whom I was extremely intimate in many different ways; but to the day she and I broke up, she could not pee in front of me, and got embarassed when I had to go outside in a field on a couple of occasions.
Jenny, if I have read you correctly, you are going to a college this year and hope to find a liberal environment toward bathroom habits. Tread softly, as many people even today, still bring all their social hang-ups to college with their other luggage. For example, our town has a university, and one ! of the office-classroom buildings is a converted dormitory. The washrooms were reassigned to different genders. This put urinals in the women's rooms. Women have placed plants and flowers in the urinals as one of them told me, "those are MEN things; you don't expect a woman to look at those ugly fixtures. They should take them out and give us something useful." In another building, there are women's urinals from back in the 1960's. Over the years women have placed many notes of grafitti over them as far as their lack of femininity, and imability to use them as women. I don't understand it myself as many writers on this page, such as PV and Louise, would probably be thrilled to death to have them in pulic washrooms where they are.
Best wishes to all.

Hey everone,

I have been comming to this site for a few weeks now and finally decided to post a message. For as long as I can remember I have always been intrested in my natural functions. I would go to the toilet and watch myself pee and once I actualy got a hand held mirror to see what it looked like when I pooped. I use to think that I was really strainge or sick or something like that. Then I found this site and I discovered that there are a whole lot of other people, from all over the world who are really into their poos and pees to. Now I don't feel so weird or alone. After reading some of these posts, I think that I would like to try a few experments. In fact I just did something last night that I have never done before. I was on my lunch break at work (I work at night) and went to the store to pick up something to eat. As I was about to get into my car and drive back to work, I suddenly got a real strong urge to take a pee. I wasn't sure if I would make it bac! k to work without wetting myself. Sooooo, I thought, "What the heck, I have to go." I opened my car door and stood in front of it so that no one would see what I was doing, exposed the nessary equipment, nervously took a deep breath and just let it go! It hit the concreat pavement with a splat and because the ground kind of tilted in a decline it began to run in a thin, steady stream towards the store. As soon as I finished, I pulled my pants back up and got into my car. I put it in reverse and as I backed out of the parking space I stopped for about 3 seconds to admire my handywork. Believe it or not, I was kind of proud of myself for having the guts to pee in a public place and take the risk. I have decided to try one more experment. Starting this morning, I am going to try to go three entire days without taking a crap! After the three days are up, I want to measure my log to see how long it is!!! I read here somewhere that somebody said (I can't remember who) that they had ! gone like 4 or 5 days without pooping and she made a comment about at one point having to push her poop back in. My question about that is, what exactly did you use to push you poop back up once it started comming out? I may need to know this information if I am going to succed in this. Like I said before, I am really into wathching and feeling myself poop and pee. I would also love to watch a girl pee and take a dump! Unfortunatly, my wife isn't at all into that and I know that if I asked her if I could watch her, she would think that I am some kind of sicko and just go bilistic on me! Still, I want to see a woman pee and poop, even if only just once. Any suggestion on how I can do that? I am also into watching people puke. Is anyone else like that?

Happy Crapping,

Pooping-for-pleasure (P.F.P)

During a recent vacation in California, my buddy and I spent a Sunday at a beach in a seaside resort north of San Diego. I needed to take my usual morning dump and headed for the men's room. There was the usual urinal trough near the entrance and three doorless stalls further on opening off a narrow hallway. As usual during a weekend, the restroom had not been cleaned yet and only the middle stall had any toilet paper. I pulled down my swim suit and sat down on the john in the middle stall. Almost immediately two teenage guys came in to take a shit. They started cussing when they found no TP in the other two stalls. They asked me if they could take some TP from my stall. I told them to go ahead and they each took several long pieces and sat down on the adjacent johns. The partitions between the johns were narrow so that our knees projected beyond them. The two guys carried out a loud conversation across me dealing mainly with their dumping. I heard them farting and ! grunting in an exaggerated way and laughing all the time. I heard a loud clang as the iron gate at the restroom entrance was closed. Two young Latino guys entered the hall outside our stalls. They had cleaning supplies and TP rolls and were clearly the restroom janitors. The one told us that they were on a tight schedule and that we should hurry up and get out of the restroom. They waited outside the stalls. I had expelled only one log and another was in progress. The two cleaners became impatient. The one started replacing the TP in the stalls and the other started hosing down the hallway outside the stalls. I decided to finish my dump later and pinched off what I could of my log. The cleaners watched me and the teenage guys wiping ourselves. As we washed our hands, the two teenagers told me that they had finished dumping their loads and asked if I had. I told them that I would need to come back later to finish and they laughed. I returned later and completed ! my shit in a leisurely way. Has anyone else ever been interrupted in mid shit?

No Name Grrl: If your house is going to be blown away by a tornado, it wouldnt even matter where you pooped :)

No Name Grrl
Oh yeah Bryian...New Girl and I arent the same person. When the moderator person put the stories up they must of accidently put New Girls name under mine!!

I was looking through a bunch of old posts and I found one that interested me. It was posted under the name "B-Rok". That happens to be one of the Backstreet Boys' nicknames. I didn't figure Brian or any other BSB would post something in here. Maybe they might... That's like my deep thought for the day. And one question: where's that Nick Carter and Brian Littrell thing? I've looked for it, but can't seem to find it.

Rob (Canada)
Katrine and No Name Grrl: I can't believe I'd find someone else from my hometown on here! I caught "Klondike Days" and "Telus Stage" and clued in. More Edmontonians! Sweet! I was at K-Days on tuesday and I wet myself on 'Niagara Falls'. I was totally wet anyways. When I got on the ride there was already lots of water in the car, so I figured what the hell. Great to see some more Canadians on here.

one time we were driving to san francisco, and about five hours into the trip i got the cramps. i knew i had to go bad, and about an hour later i sneezed. watery diarrhea filled my panties and came out of my shorts. it was so nasty! we had about six more hours, and we were on a schedule, so we couldn't stop. then, about an hour to go, i shit again. it was so gross!

Rob (Canada)
Katrine and No Name Grrl: I can't believe I'd find someone else from my hometown on here! I caught "Klondike Days" and "Telus Stage" and clued in. More Edmontonians! Sweet! I was at K-Days on tuesday and I wet myself on 'Niagara Falls'. I was totally wet anyways. When I got on the ride there was already lots of water in the car, so I figured what the hell. Great to see some more Canadians on here.

No Name Grrl
Before I forget...NAT..the Nick and Brian dream is on page 355 I believe and its MINE not Leo's. Something must of happened when the owner of this page posted it. Also there is another dream about Brian on page 203. live in Edmonton??? Cool! I didn't think many people I know would live here! And you went to K-Days on the same day?? I didn't notice any pee stains on the floor. I did go in the bathroom but only to do my hair. The most exciting thing to do with #2 or #1 is that I could smell someones #2. So obviously nothing really happened. All five of the girls I was with had to go to the bathroom but I stayed outside whenever they had to go. I should of went in with them because then I could of told you if I heard anything! Oh well. Its a shame we couldn't email each other or anything since the moderator peeps don't put e-mails on here! We could e-mail each other about other things besides the bathroom stuff! We can maybe even meet somewhere! That would! be cool. Can you tell me what you look like? Maybe I DID see you!

Everyone who answered about the deaf/blind thing...thank you so much for answering!! Lots of the time people don't even bother with what I have to say! Doh!!

Bryian...what?? You would rather go to the bathroom and risk getting killed by the tornado? Well that's no prob bob! I'm not going to say youre weird because it WOULD be annoying to have a dirty butt and underwear anyway!! BTW didn't you used to go by the name Aaron or something?? I think I remember someone named Aaron or Nicky or something changing their name to Bryian?? Sorry if I confused you at all. Hmmm...all three names are a BSB or BSB bro's name! Oh well. I am so sorry if it wasn't you that changed his name!

Buzzy...that was cool what you did with your #2[saying everything that happens while you type]!!! You have the coolest stories and stuff!!

Whatever happened to One Lucky Guy or Teenaged Girl???

Oh ! yeah...sad news. For anyone who liked those stories about my guy friend taking a dump...I'm afraid that will never be anymore...he moved to California last week!! His name is Jason BTW. I don't know why I never told you his name but now you know! I've never seen Jason poo lately though. The last story I told you about him was my last time I saw him[the one when he sits like a dog in the grass].

Well I don't have anything else to say right now. Bye!

Thursday, July 27, 2000

World of butt , I haven't read all of the posts . This site seems to be slicing and dicing the line between bodily functions and eroticism , okay I'll play along . Anyone that has had experiences with irritable bowel , Colitus or Chrohn's disease , as I have , may be able to relate . Going to the bathroom 20 or 30 times a day , and being totally fixated on every cramp , gas bubble and anal leak , make us the experts of everything poop !! I've taken more dumps in a week than most people have in a lifetime , I've had more enemas than the most dedicated fetishists ! I've also swilled gallons of pepto , alka seltzer , and every over the counter gas reliever ! The happy ending ? Yes , it's coming ! I'm all better now , my colitus friends will know it as the ileoanal anastomosis operation . They remove the colon and the rectum . Peel the lining of the anus blah blah - it's a blast ! the terminal ileum is attached to the meager remains of the anus (which they chop up a bi! t), resulting in chocolate milk streams for a few years until the ileum morphs itself into a colon like organ ! You'd think I'd be all down on anything butt related ? Nope . I'm incredibly anal despite having lived like a walking , talking poop machine !

I will be sharing my colon-less life under this moniker . And I am prepared and qualified to solve all of your cramped up little problems .
The dude with the green ooze in his shorts best be slammin some Flagyl , and taking the scope and a barium.

What happened to Brown Girl?

NO NAME GRRL - how ws klondike days? i was there today (tuesday) - maybe we passed each other in the washroom! if you were in the ladies in the agricom near the telus stage and saw a puddle in the end stall taht was me (probably)! did you? tht would be so sweet!

to tell the story, i was really antsy and didn't want to go in the toilet so i went right to the end stall and waited till the stalls near me were empty and then stood and pulled up my skirt ( iwas commando cuz it was hot) and pissed agiant the wall.

anyways, there were two more exciting things that i did the otehr day but didn't get around to telling you.

first i got on a shirt that just covered my crotchand nothing else and wnet into my backyard. i squatted behind our flowers so that no one passing could see below my waist, but could seeme, and then i pissed there. it got all over my feet and when i stood p i left wet foortprints all the way to the door.

the most exciting th! ing tho is this: for the first time i shat outside!!! we live on a ravine and so later in the day i walked out and into the valley and down a ways. i was commando under a skirt again. i pulled the skirt up and squatted down under a tree and pissed for like two minutes. then i felt that there was more and so i pushed really hard, but to my surprise a shit started coming out. i knew that i didnt ahve time to get inside so i just stayed tehre, excited as hell. it took forever becuz i hadn't gone for about five days. the shit stretched my hole slowly and got stuck for a few seconds, but another push got it out going again. it was really hard, but didn't hurt. i didn't have anyhting to measure it by but id guess taht that first one was about 8 inces long and maybe two across at its widest. then three littler ones, about three inches by one inch, came out, and then a big pile of softer stuff. and then i stood up and let out a little bit more piss right on the big pile. ! i didn't ahve anyhting to wipe with, but since i had no panties they didn't get durty, and i kept my skirt out of the crakc and showered when i got home. it was a great feeling and i will do it again i hope!

gtg now - c'ya later!

Does anyone know what page # the Brian Littrell and Nick Carter dream is on? It would be great if someone could tell me.

Hi, everyone!

Shafted: SIMPLE solution! GET A NEW GIRLFRIEND! There are
LOTS of females that would enjoy sharing with you... go find one!

Casey- Your story reminds me of the experience my friend Philip had when he went away to camp for a week. Not only was he determined not to crap, but when he saw the condition of the bathrooms, he was determined not to piss in them either. Needless to say, Philip didnt make it the whole week without a piss, but he did make almost 2 days. He told me he was absolutely desperate that second day, and he only peed (in the woods) when it got so bad that he was starting to piss in his pants. Anyway, he almost made it the whole week without a crap, but the 6th day he started having to go real real bad. But Philip didnt want to go in the toilets b/c they were just disgusting and he didnt really want to go in the woods b/c he didnt want people to see his naked body. But finally he went in the woods b/c he figured it was better than crapping his pants!!

I have a story about an experience i had a few times when working for the hockey team that i work for during hockey season, but! that will have to wait till next time


To No Name grrl: By the way i think i get you and New girl confused....or are you the same person??well any way, I would rather be death so i can't hear the sounds, so i can see it.
If i was dumping in the middle of a tornado i would sit there and shit.

To Leo in NJ: You said your concler(sp) had to dump, did he make you go into the restroom with him or did u go in on your own?(so you wouldn't be alone, like you did for that one ride) If so you went in, did you go in the stall with him?

To Casey: Good story about camp, I have a story simular to yours....It was 7 years ago, when i was in 6th grade(im now 19). Me and my peers went to this overnight camp for 5 days, it was manditory that you went cause it was during school time. I ended up holding my shit 5 days. I don't think i ever pooped there, if i did it was near the end of the camp. When i got home that day(it was a friday) we came to school and then we went home early then the rest of the school,the f! irst think i did when i got home was pooped, it felt so good that time.

I was in a car wreck a couple years ago.I was heading home one night and had been out holiday shopping.As I was leaving the mall,I realised I needed to unload big time but I figured I could hold it until I was home.On my way another lady
ran a four way stop and clipped the backside of my car and sent me spinning into the ditch.I survived the wreck with some bumps and bruises.But while her and I waited for the police
to arrive I completely shit myself! I had to deal with the police and everything with my pants full.It was awful.Embarasing to say the least.

Maybe Goldgirl is not posting because she got arrested for peeing in an "interesting place".

TO NO NAME GRRL-interesting question about being blind or deaf-I myself would probably lose the fun of the pooing experience if i lost either one.To me the sights AND sound are the whole nut for me,but that's just my opinion-Also i Do love to watch my own poop come out my ass-it's really neat to watch and as i'm typing this i'm getting my a.m. urge to shit and i think i'm going to get my mirror out(haven't done that in quite a while!)Hold on i'm going to get somthing to put on the floor like a newspaper and get my mirror-----OK got the mirror in position and the paper laid out and i by now really gotta go-got some good cramps-i'm now squatting over the paper and i can see my anus-i have a very clean anus ,no hair to worry about-AHHH i just farted and my anus is doming out and opening up-i'm not pushing,just relaxing my anus as the poo is coming out slowly-seems like a long one---it's now about 6 inches out my anus and touching the paper and it's still coming out!!It's about an! inch and a half thick and smooth OOOOH yea this IS a long one--I'm just letting it hang out my ass onto the paper while i type this--It looks sooo cool-wish i could videotape this for you all!Hold on-the poo is starting to come out now AHHHHHHH---it just fell out and it is about a foot long and very smooth and my anus is still open and domed-I'm going to get up and wait for thew next cramp-i'm not done--Can you guys tell after the first wave of poo weather you are done or not?I'm sure some of you do it all in one motion-I don't-sometime 2 or 3 waves come out of me when i go--Another cramp-let me squat- my anus is opening up with another fart and now i'm doing some more soft poo--OOOOHH is this great!!I'll give you a picture of this-i'm squatting over the newspaper looking at the mirror placed behind me as i have the keyboard on the desk as i'm typing and shitting -this is kind of a cool rush---I'm doing a nice pile here----The 12 inch turd is now partially covered with some o! f the soft mush and it's a good sized pile!----I'm going to push some more poo out now----OOOOHHHH---this stuff coming out now is pretty loose and now i'm letting out some wet sounding farts-- OOOh yea---Im' going to push out my anus for a bit to make sure i'm done ---WOW My anus is pushed out pretty far! I love looking at my asshole when i go--it's very sensusal-I have a very nice looking asshole !LOL-Hold on --gotta wipe- it's nice when i squat- the wiping is pretty easy and quick--Now it's time to get off -- and thanks for giving me the idea--NO NAME GRRL-I really enjoyed that-hope some of you did too-some of you should try this! Now i feel better and ready to start my day!you guys are sometimes are a GREAT inspiration for me to poo in different ways !!BYE

Hey shafted,

You say your girlfriend takes the laptop into bathroom, well maybe I'm the only geeky one among us, but I assume that because your laptop is new it has an internal microphone. You need to download a piece of software that will record and compress audio in real-time, RealProducer is a good one. You can then set the laptop recording audio just before you give it to her.

Then at least you will be able to hear her performance!

A lot of interesting points today to reply to.

No name girl. I wouldn't like to lose ANY of my senses , but being blind must be the worst to a creature such as the human being who is so visual. I enjoy both the sounds and sights of defecation, hearing the "plop!s" and "Kur-Sploosh!" sounds of doing a motion and seeing what has been done, and I have been turned on by these since for as long as I can remember. If I HAD to chose it would be deafness not blindness, but I wouldn't want to be either.

DM, your hearing M doing what you took to be a small poo as it only made a little "plop!" From over 40 years of toilet listening I have found that often the jobbie that only makes a small sound is the really big long one as part of it is already in the water of the toilet pan while the rest is still coming out. The jobbies which make the really loud "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" type sounds which are such a turn on to hear are the middle sized fat firm turds of about 7 to 9 inche! s long especialy if they start off coming out slowly with a lot of pushing then taper off and shoot out quickly into the pan. The number of these big "bombs" I used to hear as a kid and teenager was amazing, usually done by women and girls.

To the unnamed poster who saw heard the bloke in the K Mart Toilet who did the big whopper, remarked on it then left it for you to see, I have had so many experiences of this type over the years both as the person seeing the big jobbie and the person doing it for others to admire, at school and in other toilets. I also "get off on a big way" in such circumstances. Its even better when its a female who has done it and left it for you to see.

Casey, do your REALLY mean 4 inches wide or 4 inches round? I know we have had this debate on this page in the past but a turd that was 4 inches in cross section would be some jobbie. The fattest I have seen as was 3 inches across and 10 inches long passed by a very fat woman of about ! 300 pounds (22 stone)when I was a kid. I can still see it, mid brown, very compacted and knobbly and it made as much a thud as a "SPLOONK!" as it dropped into the pan. It stuck solid and I had the pleasure of seeing it.

Finally straining sounds. Many Glasgow people like myself go "OO! OO!! when passing a big firm or hard jobbie, other sounds are "NNNN! NNN!", "UH! EH! OH! IH!" and variations of all of these. One woman I knew called a hard jobbie a "grunty" and I can remember her saying one time when she had been in the toilet at a pub for about 15 minutes "Sorry I kept you so long, I was doing a "grunty" and it took a long time to come out!"

Shafted, sorry that your GF wont let you in when she does a motion. As a last resort, if its YOUR house , take the door off the toilet.


Greetings, All.

To Jenny.

Hi there, and thanks for the appreciative critique on our postings. Glad you like them. I read Louise's posting of her technique for the standing pee, and yes, she has pretty much described what she does on a regular basis. I have been lucky enough to have witnessed a large number of women in the act of urinating over the years and I have to agree with Louise's comment that not all women are the same in urination style. An essential addition I would give to Louise's advice would be to try subtly different ways to position your fingers until you discover a particular method that works for you as an individual. Many women can simply
stand with their legs parted and squirt a perfect stream, hands free. From my own observations, such women seem to be at the smaller, less prominent end of the scale as regards labia size. I do think it is inevitable that to some degree there will be a little dribble at the end no matter what.
! If, like Louise, you have quite large labia, you may indeed have a requirement to gently part them in the way Louise described.
Best of luck with your University life.

To PV.

Hello there. I've been meaning to post a few words to you since early last week, but I've been repeatedly diverted from that onto other matters.
I knew you would understand the reasons behind my reluctance to bring attention to your unfortunate afflication with avoidant paruresis. If my opinion is worth anything, I think your attitude towards defeating the problem is very positive and healthy. If what Louise and I have been writing
in to describe has been helpful to you and has provided encouragement then that is marvellous.
Ha ha, "pointing penelope at the porcelein". Interesting variation on the percy expression, I have to say.
I'm afraid we have not had a great amount of time for further adventures of late. I know Louise has already written about last Thursday even! ing when the two of us, together with her mother and sister, had an abortive
attempt to use the gents' toilets at the local swimming pool once again. I don't think the cleaner I found in there when I checked the room out would have been able to continue
with his work if three women had accompanied me to point penelope at the steel! Anyway, it was not a complete disappointment, as we decided a shower adjacent to the main pool area was a suitable alternative. It was certainly a different way of looking at things for me, as the women did not face the back of the shower cubicle but they stood at the rear with their backs to the wall. Now that gave me a frontal view of them pulling their swimwear aside at the crotch. Their genitals were on full display as in turn, they urinated fierce gushers onto the shower floor. When it came to be my turn (I was last in),
Louise directed my penis, but as she said, I reacted naturally to her touch and I became aroused. I think it was ! quite educational for Louise's sister as it gave her the chance to see what an erect penis looks like! It took me a minute or two to become soft enough to actually produce a proper urine stream.

Yes, a nature reserve might be a suitable place to practice an outdoors dump. Back to nature indeed. Just be careful you
don't get bitten by anything in your important little places, hmm? ;-)

Ha ha, I can just imagine you falling about having overdone the cider intake. It's just a case of knowing the correct amount to have to relax yourself mentally, isn't it?
Still, there is no doubt that a bottle or two would provide the bladder fuel you need to accomplish the task!

I've seen several web pages on the Matildas now, and yes, I have wondered with mild amusement just what they might on occasion get up to if peeing in changing rooms. I get the
impression from looking at them that they could be quite ... rowdy!

Yes, Louise and I do have a ver! y good relationship. We do communicate well, have mutual respect, and we do know
each other properly, yet every time I see her, in many ways it feels just like the first time.
Anyway, here's wishing you the best of luck in meeting someone special. You never know, you might just find that person just around the corner. :)

I'll talk to you again soon, PV.


po0h bear
Hey guys i heaven't posted in ages, not had much to share, my boyfriend adn i broke up recently so i haven't been able to watch him or have him watch me.i love all your stories but more pee ones need to be in here!

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

No Name Grrl
I know before I said I peed kind of like Goldgirl did and didnt like it but I did something else today. My sister was in the shower at like 7:30 or 8:00am and I really had to pee. She wouldnt be done for awhile because she always blow dries her hair which takes forever and ever! I really had to pee so I went downstairs to the living room to find somewhere where no one would know if its stained or not...I dont want to stain any rugs or anything though! Nothing so maybe the basement would have something? There was this little hole that looked like a small sewer or something so I was going to pee in there so it would all go down there but no just in case something would happen. Underneath the stair case are about 7 empty boxes that we used to put everything in when we first moved to where we are now. They were in a pile and I wanted one of the bottom boxes. I took my panties off[I was only wearing panties...dont worry no one would see me like that!]and stood in the box. I peed in! it standing. Then I picked it up to see if anything was seeping through the box and onto the pavement/cement or whatever but nope :-) Then I put the box back and the rest of them too. Peeing somewhere besides the toilet isnt actually that bad. I would only do it where no one would notice AND in the house...AND NOT ON ANYTHING MY SISTER WOULD TOUCH[just me and her live here]!!!

I wanted to know...I know how much most of you guys get a buzz out of both the sound of poo and the size and shape of poo. If you HAD to pick one[someone forced you to]would you rather be DEAF[so you could see the poo but not hear it come out or any farting or plopping]or would you rather be BLIND[hear it come out or whatever but not see how long it is]????? I would rather be deaf because I hate sounds that #2 makes!!! I wouldnt have to look at #2 as much as I would have to hear it! If I am in public bathrooms or whatever and they are mostly full I would have to hear PLOP FART CRACKLE FFFFFFPP! PPPPPPPTTTTTTTTT!!! Please tell me WOULD YOU RATHER BE DEAF OR BLIND???

Also I wonder what would happen to someone if they were in the middle of a poo or if they just started going but it was already coming out and then there was a TORNADO coming and someone knocked on the door to get them to go into the basement or whatever! WOuld they pull there pants up and just save themselves better and have dirty undies or would they rather push harder to make it come out faster and then risk dying just to poo??? What would you guys do?? Save yourselves hopefully!!!

Oh yeah...I am going to Klondike Days[a exhibition/amusement park we have every summer in July]with friends and if any of us have to go to the bathroom or if any of them go and I hear anything or if I see someone going somewhere weird or anythign to do with pee/poo I will tell you!

GoldGirl...if you ever come back know how people here like to watch their poo come out[like Buzzy and his mi! rror/video camera]? Do you ever watch your pee come out or do you like the tinkling sound it makes???

Well I got to go! Please answer me!!!!!!

Goldgirl - Come back! We all miss u! U haven't posted in a long time! :( :( :(

Sorry, all of my stories that I am currently thinking of are too long to post. :(

New Girl

Anybody remember peeing or pooping in their pants in kindergarden or elementary school besides me? Want to share them? The more details the better; a chance to check you memory.

Alex (N.Y.)
Goldgirl where are you? I miss your stories...

Hello, all! I found this intriguing forum after a search for "poop" on the internet. I noticed two surprising things (to me, at least): (1) There are a lot of poop porn sites out there, a lot more than I would have guessed, and (2) There is obviously a large segment of the population who is more comfortable with bodily functions than they let on. I have always been rather interested in the different ways and forms that people relieve themselves, so this site is a fun place for me.

I have one good story for the voyeuristic among us. (Note: I have removed the names of the people involved, not knowing whether or not they may be perturbed by my formerly hidden observations. Read and enjoy...)

Once, while traveling on a mission trip with my church group, we stopped at a house in the country for lunch (this was a family friend of one of our adult leaders). We had a little tour of the place, then proceeded to set up tables (there were about 30 people) and consume th! e noon meal. Afterwards, there was a period of conversation, and then a line for the bathroom.
The bulk of the line was made up of girls, the first two of which were (and are) good friends of mine. Now, the interesting thing is that there was one line and two bathrooms: one in a hallway, and one accessible only through a guest bedroom. Seeing that the bedroom branch of the line was shorter, I joined and waited. My two friends, A and M, were on the other branch of the line in the hallway but near the front.
After waiting for several younger kids to finish their business, I received access to the guest bathroom. The interesting thing was that the line behind me had disappeared; the rest of the group had decided the main bathroom was more inviting.
Not having to go too badly (but wanting to do it before hitting the road again), I had a short pee. Then, like most of us do in a strange house, I checked things out in the bathroom. To my great happiness, I found something! I've never seen in any other bathroom ever: the linen closet in the wall was connected to the other bathroom! Better yet, the doors were of the slotted "washboard" type that you can hear through. By this time, I was pretty sure A was in the other bathroom. I didn't get to hear her pee or poop (maybe she was changing her tampon or something), but I did hear her talking to M as she took over the toilet.
Now listening intently, I heard M unzip and pull down her pants, then her panties. She sat on the toilet (I assume, because the sound wasn't loud enough for her to be standing or squatting) and had a pretty long pee. Then, after a minute or so and what sounded like a deep breath, she pooped. It was a short plop, probably not a big turd but just one of those little ones that blocks things up and makes you feel good when you get it out. I'm pretty sure she wiped afterwards, but by that time I was pulling my ear away from the closet door and leaving the bathroom. (I didn't want! anyone wondering why I'd taken so long!)
This was my second experience hearing M poop on this trip; the first was in a line of porta-potties in which mine happened to be next to hers and I listened through the vent.

I'll post here again later when I get more time, but for now I'll just read the stories and anecdotes of others. Well, one thing before I go. Girls, do you tend to just pee or both pee and poop when you make your bathroom visits? I've noticed that girls always take about the same amount of time (which is usually lengthy) when they go. I can't see you being able to poop at every bathroom break -- no one has that much control.


Leo in NJ
Hey all! Today I went to Hershey Park and I was w/ my counciler(SP)and I didn't want to go on Wildcat so he left me and I told him that I would wait for him at the end. 3 minutes later he said that he didn't want me waiting by myself so as we were walking he announces that he has to go to the bathroom. I'm like "What did you drink too much" and he's like "No man I need to take a dump." He's like "I ate too much." I asked him if that was his Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries and he's like yeah it is probably. This happened at 2:30 PM He ate at 11:45 AM. He T.P.'s the seat and dumps. Meanwhile someone else comes in and he takes a dump and the both flush together.

Welcome back Steph! Let's here more of your expeirences on your trip, we all missed you.

Jenn L. - If all the good suggestions posted here don't help, you can try taking Metamucil. It's a powder that you mix with water. It's natural as opposed to chemical laxatives which aren't good for your system. I take it once in a while and it works great. It usually takes 2-3 days to start working. Glycerine suppositories are also good. You stick one up your bottom and then wait till the urge hits, usually in 20-30 minutes. Good Luck.

I found myself in need of a shit yesterday evening while shopping at K-mart. I went to men's room and used the middle cubicle because it seemed the cleanest. I noticed there was hole in the partition and a few moments later a guy came in and sat down in the stall and grunted out his business stinking up the entire restroom, wiped and and attempted to flush the toilet. The toilet would not flush, it would only make a feeble gurgle when the guy lifted the handle. The guy laughed and said, "oh well, if this was a museum of turds, mine would be the biggest". He left, I finished up my job,wiped my bum and exited the cubicle. I decided to take a look ar his product in the toilet. It was huge. It stuck up the back of the bowel and had to have been at least 18 inches long and about 3 inches wide. No wonder he grunted so much. It was such a turn-on to see his turd in the bowl that I just stood there in admiration and finally got off in a big way as Buzzy always says. I'd love to be able to unload such a shit!

Sounder--I don't make any grunting sounds no matter how difficult a shit I'm having. Am I the only one who doesn't grunt when taking a big one?
I would be extremely embarassed if I had to grunt but I don't know why.

TO SOUNDER-I don't make much vocal noise when i'm dumping except in the begining when i push the fist pre-poop fart.I guess it's like a uuuuhhhh as the fart is coming out and maybe when i have a hard piece and i have to push it out and it's followed by some soft poo after i get the hard piece out i go uuugggghhhAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH-i don't know if anyone hears me when i'm in a stall,but i let it out wherever i am cause it feels soooo good to do it -hope that answers your question!As far as the squatting thing on the toilet.i tried it once or twice and the problem i have is when i'm starting to shit,i uaually pee too and the pee goes on the floor in front of the bowl-a drag to clean up,but in the woods,i always squat and it doesn't matter if i pee like crazy,which i uaually do as the turds are coming out at the same time-the best is when i have to pee and poo bad-i enjoy doing both at the same time-it's such a great relief esp when they are both sooo urgent-speaking of urgent,yes! terday i did a good dump in the woods by the RR tracks.By the time i got there,i really had to go bad and i found a maxwell house coffee can and sat it on the ground and i sat on a RR tie and shat into the can-I first let out a long fart followed right away by soft sausage turds that quickly filled up the coffee can.then i looked at the can and saw it had two sausage turds hanging out of it-then i had to do more so i sat back down and let out some mush and it overflowed the coffee can and fell onto the ground and then i farted and did some loose shit on top of it all-it was quite a sight to see this coffee can completly full of my a.m.excrement-naturally i got of real good as i wiped my anus and went on my way-I love to dump outdoors-Still looking for a buddy to poo along with!!nice stories all! BYE

Hey, this is not my first post, but every time I post, I ask a question, and I have loads of stories to share, so today I will share one.

About a month ago, I went to camp. I was determinednot to go poop there, because I am only 13, and my peers were around. Well, I was there for 5 days, and we were served 3 meals a day. I usually ate everything on my plate, because it was pretty good. Anyway, on the 2nd or 3rd day, I had strongurges to go, but I just pushed up my poop. Well, I kept getting urges, but kept pushing up my poop. It was really fun to push it up. Anyway, after four days, me and my good friend were exploring the camp site. We found a old storage cabnet, and claimed it as "our secret spot" well, we spent a little while in there, when my friend farts and sats "I really have to crap" I said so do I, but I am notgoing to. He agreed, and continued to fart. Finally, he shouted "Diahreea" and started to go "Oh man". But he just ignored the fact tha poop was about to gush out. besides, it was the last day. Anyway, when I got home, the first thing I did was poop. Man O Man, did I poop! The first turd was tiny, and I got REALLY nervous that I was constipated, but I had to go again, and my turd was 12 inches long and 4 inches thick. My anus hurt sooo bad, due to the volume of the poop. It was really fun. I am sure my friend got a verbal beating for soiled underpants.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

what are your'e three favortie parts about taking a shit?

Katrine-great story about you pissing while in that bed. I do that often when i'm bursting for a piss at night but forgot to go before bed. The bed just soaks up my piss and i wet it with water in the morning. And it feels great!

goldgirl-where are you

No story today, maybe another time!!


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