Michelle, Nikki, Jennifer, and Natalie - that is so awesome about you girls accidently crapping your underwear - at least I'm not alone! I had such a big messy accident at a slumber party a couple months ago - it was weird, because we're all 14 (kind of old to be dumping in your panties), but it was OK, because surprisiningly, none of the other girls knew I crapped my undies. And it was actually during a pillow fight that I crapped my panties! During the pillow fight, everyone was ganging up on each other. I was only wearing a short nighty, without any socks or anything. During the pillow fight, I couldn't hold it - the crap just splat and girgled into my panties - plop, plop, plop plop plop... squish! Being taller and skinnier, my short nighty didn't fit me very well - it fit too shortly on me, the majority of my legs was exposed, and I didn't have much protection against panty-exposure (I basically always had to make sure that I wore really clean white panties while we! aring the nighty - because anyone that followed me up the stairs or saw me sitting down would see my panties... if they were looking... but I don't think anyone would look at my panties and be that rude). But with my panties filled with so much crap, I sat there (during the pillow fight) with my legs squatted beneath my butt, wondering how I would escape to the bathroom without seeing the mess in my underwear. It was funny - 2 mintues beforehand, I was proud to show off my legs because I was getting a slight tan on them - and all of a sudden I was horrifyingly asshamed of showing off my legs because of the panty pooping! So I just conived my way out of the pillow fight, and then stuck into the bathroom. The trash can had a plastic-lining and was filled with so much junk, that I was able to sneak my crapped-panties into the bottom of the junk. Then I snuck into the shower for a couple seconds to get the crap off my butt and let it go down the drain - it was sooo easy!!! I! went off and rejoined the pillow fight, and noone said a word - it wasn't that bad - at least my body was clean, and even though I didn't have any underwear on, at least noone had figured out that I had crapped my undies that evening.

Once I was on a long car trip hundreds of miles from any toilet. I had just eaten a TV dinner that looked like barf. I knew it would make me sick. I started having severe cramps I raced out of the car, but I didn't get behind a bush in time. Whoosh! I went so much that it squirted all the way down to my socks. 5 seconds later, the process repeated itself. This happened 25 times in 3 minutes! 25 times! Luckily, the last 23 times I managed to pull my pants down before I went.

Hello all i just want to say i feel sorry for all those chiks who didnt make it to the toilet and stuff if i had a gurlfriend and it happened to her i wouldent be angry or say shame on you i would understand and help her out and stuff so if any of you gurls want to talk to me about it my

thats all so PeaceOut

Further to the post from Tommy a week or so ago - I can remember a few years back a similar incident, although I was the onlooker. In a swimming changing room opposite me was a lad of about 11 or 12 who by the time I arrived had already removed his trousers and was wearing white briefs. As he pulled them down, he sat on the bench before taking them right off. He must have at some stage done a big poo in them as the stain was rather large - probably about 5" x 3" I would guess. He didn't try to hide them from view and you know how it is, when you see anything slightly unusual it is very difficult not to stare! When he saw me looking he turned bright red and picked them up off the floor and stuffed them in his bag. I was so intrigued by his soiled pants that I purposely watched him in the pool and got out at the same time. When he got dressed I saw him look in his pants, then turn them inside out before putting them on. I often wondered whether this was a one off accident or whe! ther he did it all the time. I also wondered whether he got told off by his mother for messing himself - I got punished at that age for 'skiddies' which were a lot less in size than he had that day. I have been tempted to wear marked pants in such a situation and to allow someone else to 'accidentally notice' but although I have had dirty pants when going to the pool, I haven't had the bottle to let anyone else see them.
Does anyone have any memories to share about parents/friends/partners reactions to pee or poo stains in their pants? I had a school friend whose mother didn't care at all if he did it in his pants, as long as he told her and changed them. As a result, he told me sometimes he did it for 'fun' or if he couldn't be bothered to have a break from playing. I would have liked to have been in that situation rather than getting spanked for being a 'dirty child' when I had accidents.

*NEW* poop guy 22
Just found this site. Pretty interesting. Have already read some stories here and, I must say I am impessed with the poeple who hold their movements in for 3-4 days. I could never do that.
The longest Ive ever gone without pooping was just about 2 days. I remember this becouse it was the biggest dump Ive ever done, or the biggest I can remeber. It was a great feeling, I wish it felt that great everytime! Unfortunately I just cant hold it in for a long period of time.

Im also amazes at everyones ability to remember events that happened to them years ago. Im not as lucky to have as good a memory, although my life is a little hectic so maybe thats a reason?

Anyway Ill post stories as I come across them. My dumps arent very eventfull. My turds are ussually thin and non-threathening :^)

However I share an apartment with my step-sister(shes 26) and her 4year old son, and even though I wouldnt in a million years think of anything happening between me and her, for some reason her doing a motion turns me on. Its like shes 2 different poeple, Thats weird huh?
Well were good friends anyway and she loves to hang out with me and my other friends, when shes not working.

Till later

Jay from Texas: Thanks for the advice about smarting off to restroom cleaners when they interrupt a guy during a dump. I realize that I wimped out in this case. My only excuse is that there is something about sitting on the john in a doorless stall with a log half out of my asshole that makes me feel a bit vulnerable. The two young Latino cleaners also looked like rather tough guys and I did not want to mess with them. Next time in a similar situation I will continue shitting and let them clean around me.

Monday, July 31, 2000

Hi everyone:
Well I can join the (LI)Lactose Interance group. I hate
that. I love milk products so much. I like chocolate milk,
milk shakes,and ice cream. This past week I over did it
and had lots of milk products and had the "runs" for 12
straight. It made my anus sore and even pushed out a
vein in it. I didn't have any bleeding though. It was
just painful. Any advice on how to cope with it.
I stil love all the stories.

kim & scott
hello everybody! this is kim & scott again with another post. kim & I were at kims house recently lifting weights in her basement. we were lifting the weights to kims sexy music tapes. kims parents where out visiting friends and would not be home until late. I was wearing my white tank top and grey sweatpants(Who cares what I was wearing right ? lets get on to what kim was wearing...hahaha)while kim was wearing a white headband,a white tank top that said "Stay healthy. keep fit!" in front of it in black letters and black spandex pants. kims pants were so tight they looked like they were painted on! kim was also barefoot. kims big,ballon-shaped boobs poured out of her white tank top awesomely making the words "Stay healthy.keep fit!" pop out at you like 3-d! as her spandexpants hugged her shapely ass. kim also had a great tan from all that suntanning on the beach. since kims parents would be away for a long time kim & I slipped out of our clothes and lifted weights ! nude. I was doing the bench press while kim was doing alternate curls with her dumbells. after a little while of lifting weights kim puts down her weights and walks towards me and tells me she has to take a MASSIVE SHIT! kim giggles as she tells me this. she says she will wait for me to finish lifting since she knows how much I enjoy watching her crash out her enormous logs. kims says she will wait for me but not long because her ass was begginning to tingle and even open a bit in anticipation of crashing out a log! since I am a gentleman and I do not like keeping a lovely lady waiting .I get up from my weight bench and gently grab kims hand and leave the basement and head upstairs to kims bathroom. when we enter her bathroom kim sits her shapely ass on the toilet seat. kim moans "OHHH!' as I begin to see a turd coming out of her ass. kim then moans "OHHH!" again and pushed harder as her log gets bigger & bigger! I then leave the bathroom to get the camcorder to film some ! of this and when I come back I see an unbelievable sight. kims log is now impossibly huge and still coming out. And I tell ya with all that sexy-moaning she was doing along with the immense size of her turd my balls constricted and I popped an erection!. my cock looked like a rocket ship ready for lift-off. kim then braced herself and clenched her teeth as she squeezed out her mighty log from her quivering hole. her log landed in the water with a big splash. kim then added piss to her log while she was pissing I went to get a measuring tape to measure her massive beast. when I got back I measured kims log and the tape notched all the way up to 18 inches! kims log was just over 18 inches long 2 1/2 inches thick. this was kims biggest log yet! I marvelled at kims massive brown torpedo! I tell ya if kim had this log in a public restroom she would leave it in the bathroom so other people could admire it! kim then wiped herself and flushed(I had to actually use the toilet plunger t! o get it all down!) kim & I then took a shower together where kim washed me and I washed her,soaping up good her spectacular body! my cock was like steel as kim stuck her shapely ass at me as I... (Whew!! Its getting a little hot in here isnt it?.. I'd better stop the story here and leave the rest up to your imagination. kim & I hoped you liked our story! love,kim & scott. P.S. after the shower kim & I put on our clothes and I left before her parents arrived. PLUs I know- anne the busdriver and some other readers in this forum have had 18 inch logs .now kim is included in this group. BYE NOW! PLUS JENNY and J.H. & others love your posts. keep em up!

Nikki, I had a poop accident in my panties in public too a few months ago - I didn't think it was that bad either (in hindsite anyway). Actually, the accident was at school. I was in the 6th grade at the time, so I was still going to elementary school. I was wearing this stupid really short dress that my mother had bought me - I wish she wouldn't have gotten it for me - it's so short that it just barely covers my crotch, and I can't even bend over without everyone seeing my panties. I was wearing these skimpy cotten panties underneath that didn't have very strong elastic around the leg openings (unfornately, as I found out when I had the accident).

During the afternoon in class, I felt a huge massive load of crap on the verge of my body wanting to come out. I tried to hold it in until the bathroom break. I was squirming around in my seat so bad that I'm surprised noone noticed or at least said anything. Then I realised that I wasn't going to be able to hold it until the bathroom break. So I stood up, and it took every muscle in my body to hold in the crap at that time - I must have looked pretty stupid, standing there in that short dress with my legs squeezed together. It was embarrassing, but I approached the teacher and asked him if I could go to the bathroom because of an "emergency" - luckily, I didn't think anyone heard me because they were busy reading and chatting. He said I could go, so I slowly eased out of the room and down the hallway - it was still about 50 feet to the bathroom.

Luckily, noone was in the hallway. Halfway down the hallway, the crap urge was getting so strong, that it felt like it was going to be too strong for me to hold in - it was actually a scary feeling. And as I was fighting to keep it in, I realised that I was right about the urge being TOO strong - I stood still with my legs squeezed together and then wham!!! It wasn't diarea, but it was pretty mushy. It gushed into my panties, quickly filling them, and when they were filled, the crap escaped out of the leg openings and started to run down my legs. It sounded like a huge splashing gushing sound - I'm so glad that noone was around to hear it. The crap put so much weight on my panties, it felt like they were going to fall off - but they just sagged down really bad (I'm really glad noone saw that - because they sagged down beneath the hemline of my dress!) During the rest of the walk to the bathroom, more and more crap had ran down my legs - what an embarrassing sight t! hat must have been - crappy panties sagging beneath my dress and streems of crap on my legs! I could actually imagine my mother standing there, looking down my legs, and saying "oh Jennifer - shame on you!!!" It wasn't that bad after I got to the bathroom - the worst was over. The clean-up didn't take as long as I thought. The crap leg drippings had gotten onto my shoes - luckily I wasn't wearing socks - and they're black dress shoes which cleaned up easy. None had gotten on my dress, so it was just a task of wiping my legs and butt with wet paper towels - I did it quickly, before anyone else came into the bathroom. I had to flush the crap-filled messy panties down the toilet, but fortunately I had some pantyhose in my locker that I was able to sneak into in the hallway when noone was looking (I wonder what it would have been like if I had crapped the pantyhose like I had crapped my panties - I bet that would have made a terrible mess!!!) The whole panty-messing accident! wasn't that bad looking back on it since noone had found out about it - it's actually kind of thrilling knowing that I got away with it!

wet Jen
Hi all - this is my first ever internet post but I've been browsing for a few weeks. I hope this is not too wierd for you...

When I was a kid I can't remember having any major accidents but I kind of had a second childhood because I am a post-operative transsexual. (of twelve years standing now - so these events took place quite a while back...)

A few months after my final op I was out with some friends at a concert. We started by having few drinks . It got quite late and eventually we realised that we would be late for the show if we didn't hurry. I had had quite a bit to drink and as we walked in I realised that the cold weather was making me want a loo pretty badly. The problem was there was no way i was going to be able to find a ladies in time to see the first part of the show. This impression was confirmed when I looked and saw the queue. Apparently we weren't the only ones to have a few drinks before the show.

Anyway as the first band came on I was getting pretty desperate and It began to dawn on me that if I wasn't very carefull I was going to experience being a little girl in front of several thousand people. Fortunately my best friend Liz realised my dilemma and whispered in my ear "it's ok. just let it go when xxxx is on stage hundreds of girls wet their knickers over him."

I was rather uncomfortable with this advice and tried to hold on but the pain was getting enormous. Suddenly someone jostled me and I felt a sudden hot wetness in between my legs as I let a painful spurt out in my panties. A second spurt came out and suddenly I lost control completely and flooded my knickers sending hot rivers of pee down the insides of my jeans and soaking my shoes.

Looking around me I realised that Liz had been right - sevral other girls had also wet themselves. So after a while I stopped feeling so self conscious and started to bob up and down with the best of them. My wet knickers rubbed up and down against my sex as I moved.

In the interval I got to the ladies to clean up and whilst doing my best to wipe myself realised that not all the wetness in my vagina was pee - i was actually quite turned on as well.

So that was my first accident and I found out that I was quite excited by it. Since then I have "engineered" several other accidents but nothing quite compares to the real thing ! I had one other which I will save for another post when I had an upset ????. For me wetting my knicks is one of the joys of being female....

keep up the good work all out there - I particularly like stories from other girls who have accidents either runny ???? types or wee.

Hello again! I am back from my vacation! It was so much fun! Steve and Louise you would be so proud of me!! Hehe. I peed in the ocean everyday I was there! 6 days! It was soooo hot out. It was over a 100 degrees everyday. It wasn't a nude beach though, b/c it was in South Carolina. We don't have alot of nude beaches in the US, if any, but I do want to go to one someday!! I have been practicing peeing in the shower, and I am getting much better! Still not great, but at least a little better! OH, and on the way home at one of the rest stops we were at, guess what were in the women's restroom. Urinals! I guess it really is catching on! Oh my I have been so stressed out lately. I am nervous about going to college. I also have a bit of a heartache at the moment. Do you remember last time I posted I told you guys a story about listening to my guy friend peeing? Well, he is my best friend. I fell for him. I love him so much, and I tell him everything, so I told him my feelings. He br! oke my heart =( You and Steve sound like a perfect couple. I thought he and I would be too. I'm really gonna miss him. Haha, sorry about that but it has been resting heavily on my heart lately. I also saw some ppl peeing along the road on the way to the beach! Well, hope you hear from you soon!
PEEace out

Hey, fellow poop-fans:

It is I, shafted, again. Dave, UK, that is a great-idea that you had about downloading a piece of software, to record my girlfriend's "performance", next time she bombarded the toilet, with her big bowel- movement. I thought that it was better than listening outside the door, but, apparently her computer-skills got the better of me. She apparently end-tasks on everything in Windows 98, except for "Explorer" and "Systray". That way, she knows exactly what is running on the laptop, before she opens her a**hole, and "lets those logs fly!" So, needless to say, she always shuts this recording-program down. Maybe I should have known-better. The girl is a computer-science major, who looks just like Ashley Judd. Including her body. She works-out every morning, @ 4am. Of course, I join her, working out that is, whenever I can get my lazy-butt out of bed. What I wouldn't give to see one of the "monstrous logs" that I am sure that she drops. I know ! that she owes a lot of the length and girth of her logs (even though she has yet to let me see one), to her workout.

Till next time,


Nikki - I'm so glad you wrote about your pooping accident in your panties and was so casual about it - I recently had an accident like that too. The accident wasn't in my panties, but in my gymnastics outfit. I'm 13 years old and I have a weekly gymnastics class - and it was my last gymnastics class (thank god!!! I was enrolled in this 2 month gymnastics class, and this was FINALLY the last class). I wear a leotard to my class, without any panties or tights underneath. My instructer is fat and really mean-looking. One day during class, I had to crap really bad. We girls were just standing around watching the instructer showing us how to do proper summmer-saults, when the feeling of crap in my butt coulnd't wait any longer. I bent my knees a little, and then a big amount of crap slipped into my leotard. It was such a big slimy crap, that it slid up my leotard into my back, and some of it slid down my leotard onto my crotch. It felt so good, but it also felt dirty and ! messy. I don't know why, but I kind-of started giggling. The instructer gave me a dirty look, and said "Natalie, since you insist on laughing at me, why don't you come forward and show the other students how do a proper summer-sault!!" So I stepped foward, and the instructer started looking at my butt and legs and crotch really weirdly. She said "Ok, now squat down and get ready to do a summer-sault". So I squatted down, and the crap in my leotard made a crackly-smush sound. Something inside me told me this was getting out of hand. My instructer neeled down, and started staring at my crotch! I thought I was going to die - I knew that she knew about my poop accident by this time. She put her hand on my thigh, and said "me... you... outside... now!!!"

She told the assistint instructer to take over the class, as she marched me outside. After we got outside, she started sounding really mean. It's a Christian gymnastics school (YMCA or something like that), so I guess she took my accident as a personal insult to her religios beliefs. She said "shame on thou! How dare you disrespect the working grounds of the lord by soiling thy leotard!" Then she walked behind me and softly slapped my legs and said "oh, look at the mess you created! If Jesus's second coming were to come today, he'd find a young lady who wasn't fit to enter the kingdom of heavan because her butt and crotch was soiled with a naughty discovery!" I just laughed out loud, because I was like "Whatever!" :) - this woman talks like a moron! Then she grabbed my arm and marched me towards the locker-room shower area so that I could clean up. Of course, the hillbilly b???h instructer stood there and watched my every move, and when I was done washing the crap! out of my leotard and legs/butt/crotch area, she marched me back to the locker room and watched me as changed into my regular clothes! I couldn't believe how mean she was!!! All I did was crap my leotard and laugh at her a couple times! After I changed into my pantyhose, shoes, and short dress, the instructer walked me outside to the parking lot, where we waited for my dad to pick me up. When my dad pulled up, he saw me and my instructer sitting there and he said "hi Natalie, you got out early - are you ready to go?" Then my instructer said "Natalie got out early because she was a naughty girl today - she crapped herself and then she acted disrespectful towards me - I'm sure that the lord Jesus Christ is very disappointed in her right now!" Imediately, my dad looked down at my legs, and said "Natalie, did you mess your pantyhose and dress?!?" So I said "no dad, I'm all clean now - don't worry!" So my dad drove me home - all the while I felt helpless sitting there in m! y pantyhose and short dress, with him giving me funny looks, like he was trying to figure me out. I'm just glad that at least he didn't ask me about it anytime afterwards! It might have been an embarasing accident, but at least I'd never have to face that mean prude instucter again!

Sigh great to be back. Okay I'm gonna cut to the chase. Last wekk I had to poop.. it wasn't anything huge.. well I hadn't gone in two days but I mean I wasn't running panic stricken holding my bottom going YOW OUT OF THE WAY POOP EMERGENCY..(like I always do.. sigh)Anyway I grabbed one of Miguel's manga's and headed for the bathroom.. I turned around to pull my jeans and undies down when I saw him standing there. I looked at him and said.. here for the show? He nodded and said.. sorry probably won't be what you're expecting.. a you can tell I'm very calm. he said it didn't matter. I said okay.. and pulled down my jeans then my undies one side at a time as always. (they were my powerpuff girl ones for those who care)And I sat.. leaning forward reading my book trying to ignore my oogling husband. I had a happy normal pee.. and looked at him over my reading. he was not even blinking. I sighed and relaxed my bottom after reminding myself.. he my guy.. we're married.. he's seen me ! nude.. this is nothing. So after my tushie hole was convinced.. it relaxed and allowed this dry hard poop to slide out slowly. I concentrated on my reading as it helps me focus. and it slided out into the toilet with a bit of a plop. I went ahhh softly. Then looked at him and said oh sorry.. you were expecting more like AHHHHHHHHHHHH OH I REALLY NEEDED THAT!!! Then hit him with his book and laughed. he did too.. I sat there and splashed 7 more poops.. by then I felt lighter.. much beter and my bottom was soaked from all the splashes. Then I put the book a side and got some paper. (it's so odd wiping with him watching.. I mean I turn red from head to toe) Then I got dressed and after washing my hands beat him up. Anyway it seems that Miguel has seen my mom use the restroom when he was younger and at our house.. I'll ask him to post about that . I usually had to peek to see her but she actaully let him in. I thought he was joking till he mentioned it to my mom and she laughed ou! t loud and nodded. She said he was the first male she ever saw blush. I asked him about it and re told me in full detial.. he actaully remembers everything.. even her underpants.

Dr. Poop
Hi evreone long time since I last posted. Jane I love your stories, my favret one was the about the interview at I think it was K Mart. You went in to the bathroom and peed for five minuts in all. Do you tinkl or do you pee strong? and do you pee for a long time most of the time? Let me know .

Alex and stef are you back from europe yet and have you read my stories back in the pages starting at page 335 and ending at page 338 I have some questions four you.

Also has anyone seene an enema video, there is a website but I cant say what it is so this can be posted. If you have seen one, do the girls fart in the video? I am interested in thatt.

By for now.

Dr. poop

Hi,this is my first post...but i've been reading the stories for a long time...i'm a teenager from India..and we usually don't use TP's to huh ?
I've gotta lot of stories...but I've gotta go now....
Anyone has stories of their Mum dumping before seems cool to me !!

Had an unexpected nice dump at the gym yesterday a.m.-The weather here in the N E has been terrible-haven't seen the sun in almost a week so no trips to the woods to poop-Anyway,i was at the gym doing my routine and i felt a slight cramp and headed for the bowls and then i stopped and started talking to this guy about baseball and we were talking for about 10 mins and i said i had to get downstairs to hit the men's room and he said "Oh you got to hit the head-well so do i"and we went down to the bathromm talking the whole way and then got to the stalls and i went in one and he went in across from me and he didn't bother to close the door ,so i didn't either.Meawhile he keeps blabbing and sits on the bowl as i'm cleaning off my bowl.Then i hear him grunt and let out a loud long fart and he says"Woooah gotta go " and as i was sitting on the bowl i turn and see him sitting there looking at me shitting up a storm of what sounded like a pretty loose BM-his legs were open a bit and ! i could see it coming out like pudding and fast too-At this point,i sat down and decide to let it go-at first i was a bit apprehensive but after hearing him explode like that i pushed out a loud tight sounded fart and he said"You sound like you got to go pretty good too " and i was pushing at this point and i kinda grunted out a yes and out came a lot of mushy shit and he was shitting at the same time-it waa great and at one point we both let out these wet sounding farts with some loose sounding stuff.He was grunting and i wasn't making any gruntung sounds-my poop was coming out real easy on it's own-he was older than me i'd say 15 years older and semmed like a cool guy-i didn't get ant weird sexual vibes from him-it just seemed like we were just enjoying our a.m. dump together-then he stared to wipe and i was pushing out some squgglies and some farts and then i started to wipe too and we were both leaning to the side wiping our asses-he had a messy BM-he had to wipe quite a ! few times-i just wiped a few times and said" hey nice talking to you,have a good one"He said"Yea-nice shitting with you " and laughed and i went to the shower,but that was cool in a way-no weird stuff just 2 guys taking a shit and enjoying it-hope to do that again sometime -wish i could do it with a pretty woman-oh well-dream on--BYE

Hi all i have desided to post here i am 17 m who luvs 2 hear and see girls pooing i have a good story 4 next time ok by the way i am a very bad speller bye.

Ben from Canada
There are a lot of girls who wet themselves (and anything else they can get their hands on). My question is, do any of you poop yourselves? I have- twice. The fist time was in an art gallery. I had to crap, I thought I'd try something different. I went into the stall and sat down w/ pants on, waited, and then dumped. It actually felt quite nice. I then emptied in the tiolet with none the wiser.

Hello to all! I am looking for some advice on how to approach the subject of toilet functions to my wife of 2 years. Some background - I am a 29yr old male, normal in every sense and have a very happy sex life with my wife Suzanne who is 26. However, I have always had a huge fasination for watching people "do the toilet", whether this is to pee (more common) or to shit.
I spent 3 years in the Army when I was 17 and it was common practice among the lads to either piss or shit in the outdoors when out of the barracks. Although I am not gay, I did find the sight of my fellow squaddies dropping their trousers and shitting beside me a turn on. I have never had any problems with shitting outdoors as I done it as a kid when out playing this did not phase me.
I have always managed to control this fasination until fairly recently when out for a nice drive with my wife. We were driving out in the country (nice change from the smog of London where we stay) and Suzanne piped up that she needed to use a toilet and could I drive to the nearest possible public toilet. I laughed and asked her if she wanted me to stop so she could pee in a bush and she became a biut flustered and said quite sharply "no, I dont need to pee!". Realising she needed to shit, I started to become aroused and before I could drive the full 12 miles to the nearest town, Suzanne yelled at me to pull over as she had to go - NOW! I quikly pulled over and she got out the car, pulled the door wide open to sheild her, hitched up her dress and pulled down her knickers and squatted away from the car - I had the most amazing sight of my life - My wife was shitting right before me. She did not have to strain, her anus opened wide and these really long (around 9") logs ! of thick and formed shit dropped from her bum onto the ground and after 3 more long logs she started to pee.
She took a tissue from the car pocket and wiped her vagina then her anus and dropped the paper tissue beside her tidy pile of shits. She pulled her clothes back on and got back in the car. She then burst into tears and I tried to reassure her that it wasnt a problem (I was surprised she could not feel my erection telling her this too!) but she was very embarrased by having to shit infront of me.
That was 2weeks ago now and I cant get it out of my head - it was such a glorious sight. She now makes sure she locks the door on the bathroom before she goes as if she has developed some kind of phobia about it and if she happens to come into the house when I am shitting (I leave the door open) she gets flustered and aplogises for walking in on me! I just dont know how to tell her that I get so aroused by seeing her piss and shit and how I would dearly love to see her again.
I dont know why I get so turned on by shitting and pissing. I love the act rather than the actual logs and I admit I find the smell putrid most of the time. I have been to many pooping sites on the net but alot have people indulging in eating and playing with it which to me, is gross but each to their own. I find the anus the most glorious of holes and seeing a nice long shit coming out of it is amazing.
Any ideas how I can bring this harmless but erotic act into my relationship with Suzanne without her freaking with me?

Q. What does an inportant executive's office and a nursery for small children have in common?

A. They both have a private bathroom!

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