What a great site! I get lots of laughs reading the posts while having my morning coffee. I especially love the stories about people taking huge, butt-stretching dumps and the circumstances under which they occur. Also,the Amway story made me cry with laughter. What a great narrative that was!
Here's one of my true stories:
One day, while walking home from sixth grade on a Friday in the late spring, my friend said to me:"Come on over to my house before you go home. My friend Tom wants us to meet him in the woods beside his house."
When we got there, there were two other kids waiting for Tom. A few minutes later, Tom arrived. I asked my friend Dan: "What's going on?" He said that Tom had been holding in a dump for a week, and wanted to show the guys the product of his efforts. Tom said to Dan:"Did you bring your school ruler with you?" Dan nodded; then Tom said:"Well, lets get going,then."
Tom undid his thin black belt, unzipped his gray chinos, the! n slid them down to his ankles. He then squatted down, wrapping his hands around his shins. Tom seemed to go into a sort of trance as he started grunting and huffing. We watched his face turn red and, grimacing, he strained to start things going.
In a few minutes, Tom interrupted his strained breathing and said through clenched teeth:"Here it comes." We were all standing around him in a circle, when everyone moved to the rear to see.
I glanced down without moving my head. (I was too embarrassed to gawk). Slowly, the head of the biggest turd I had ever seen was stretching his asshole to a size That I thought until then was impossible. He let go of his shins and moved his hands around toward his rear, placing them on the ground beside and well to the rear of his position. He seemed to relax a little with this change in posture.
As he leaned back on his palms, I heard the crackling sound and before my eyes there sllooowwlly emerged a massive, thick, solid, smo! oth, light yellowish-brown log, which seemed to continue endlessly out of his hugely stretched asshole. The single log was so big that it made him pee a little as it started to stretch him out. He was hovering on his hand and feet, his leg now almost straight out from his original crouch. Just as Tom reached this posture, the end of the giant log dropped to the ground with a dull thud!
Ther was a momentary silence, as we were all awestruck by this "performance". Tom got up, and we then had an unobstructed view of the monster. He called for Dan to measure the huge turd steaming before us. Tom and Dan knelt down and carefully started to measure it. His 12" school ruler was woefully inadequate to measure the beast! They carefully calculated thet it was at least 18" long and
2 1/2" in diameter. When the measurements were confirmed by everyone, we were all whooping and cheering! None of us had ever before seen such a thing come out of a human!
After witnessing th! is, my fixation with people, both male and female (especially female) doing huge logs became a permanent,lifelong interest.
I know from reading all of the old and new posts on this site that many people claim to do much larger turds than this(especially females). Remember,however, that this log that we all saw came out of a slim 13 year old boy!Wow!

Joe (NY)
Hello everybody! Iím sorry I have not written in a while. I just bought a new car: A Dodge Viper GTS Coupe. Blue with white painted racing stripes. This is a Beautiful car. Now I have some stories I would love to share that happened to my wife Melissa.

Last week we went to Sizzlers. We both wanted to take the viper on a spin. I could tell my car was attracting eyes thatís why I have the theft deterrent system

I Ďm a great driver so I did a spin and stopped it at the right time and perfectly parked it in place. Then we went into the Sizzlers Restaurant. She had the shrimp and lobster combo. I just had a soda. Then my greedy wife wandered of to the all you can eat buffet.

Then she got a whole plate of shrimp and returned with plate full, after plate full, after plate full. I swear to God, I lost track of how many plates full of shrimp Melissa had.

Anyway we both climbed into the Viper. She made a loud fart. I sad donít you ever in ! your entire life fart in my cars or I will call the police. (Iím over protective of my cars but I meant what I said). So Iím traveling along and she said she needed to go bad. So I tightened her seatbelt and told her to hold on. Luckily, there wasnít anybody else on the road except a Cadillac Fleetwood hearse. Well I was traveling at Autobahn speeds in excess of 100 mph.

Well I finally saw my street and spun my tires and made it in the driveway. She ran out and I opened the door she literally ran me over. She ran into the bathroom and sat.

I said, why didnít you strip yourself naked. She said (jokingly): Joe, sometimes you can be a real shithead. The reason I didnít strip naked is because I had to go bad.

I asked her if she has started. She said no. Like a little child I begged her to strip naked. She said fine. She threw off her business suit and stood on the toilet seat.

Then I said wait a second. I brought my most valuable pos! sessions, my TV (we have cable hook ups in our bathroom) and my pet lizard Bob. So we watched the Yankee game Sub way series. Boy I nearly pissed myself laughing when Roger Clemens clocked Mike Piazza with the ball. I knew that was an accident and the Mets are just a bunch of complainers.

Well then she said she had to go so she stood on the toilet seat and a smooth looking 17 poop dropped from her ass. Then they just kept coming out. Then the game came on after the commercials ended. I told her to hold it in till they go to a commercial break. So they did and I told her to proceed and she 5 more 17inch poops dropped in the toilet. 15 in all!?

I have UN-clogged toilets before but I didnít know what to do. 15 17-inch poops would be nearly impossible to get down. So I got like a big plastic bag and gloves and put her poop in there and throw it in my neighborís yard. She says my wife is a hooker. Little does she know that my wife and do poops in excess! of 17 inches. Lets see who gets the last laugh. ( She is an old lady and says something bad about my wife all the time). Melissa is very kind and she never did anything to that evil b---h. (it rhymes with hitch).

I said to myself How the Fók does she get these just enormous poops. Then I just remembered. She now is stronger and a lot more muscular. She now weighs 275 pounds instead of the original 200 pounds.

Then another time last week, Melissa and I were fooling around in bed. I told her Iíd be right back. I came back with 3 stool softener tablets and glass of water and an old rusted bucket. I told her to take these and drink the whole glass of water off. Then I played Gran Turismo 2 and told her to tell me when it started to work.

Then she jumped up and said it was working. I told her sit on the bucket and so she did. She literally pissed out of her ass. Nearly overflowing the bucket with b! rown water. Then I asked her: Isnít this better than doing poops larger that both of the World Trade Center Towers combined? She said Hmm. ďMy dear and sometimes ignorant husband, I donít like having diarrhea. I love solid motions.Ē But then I said that one day you might shit out your organs. She laughed. Then we both watched Cops.

Kim & Scott: Wow! Your stories are great. Kim you are a very brave person to poop outside like that. Maybe Melissa might want to try something bold and daring like that. Keep up the good Work!

Redneck: Enjoy your vacation trip story.

To Kara: Bob is an Iguana.

Good night everybody,

What begins with N and ends with N and means constipation>?


I lived in Germany as a child and there was another family with toddlers living in the same block of flats. One of the children was a girl and when she had to wee her mother just held her out in the corner. At other times she would just stand and let go into her pants. Her mother just changed them without a word.

I'm so happy because its school holidays at last !

Andrew and I still haven't had our talk yet. It will probably have to be two weeks away yet, because Mum and Dad and I are going on holiday next Thursday, and Andrew is going this Sunday.

To everyone who has posted nice things about us, offering advice and so on, Thank you very much.

I read Andrew's post of a few days ago. Found it a bit hard to follow. He gets a bit deep for me sometimes. I am only 10 after all !

I'm also a bit sad about school finishing. My best friend Chloe left school today for the last time. She will be going to senior school ( 11-18 ) from next September. I don't go until next summer after I'm 11. Chloe is the only person who knows about Andrew and me and our secret. Some of you might remember Andrew's story about seeing Chloe on the toilet one evening. But she didn't stay to watch him go. Well she says she would love to have the chance to change her mind about that! . So, to Lawn Dogs Kid, Chloe wants to see you go, and she says she'll be more than happy to let you watch her again ! I know he'll be so excited about that, and probably won't think of anything else all the time he's on holiday.

I might be allowed to use the computer again before I go on holiday. So hope to write again soon.

Bye, Bye. Love from Kendal.

Louise tell us about that little boy you saw. and did you ever have to poop on a beach

To webowner: sorry if this gets posted twice again cause i was typing this and it closed out, not sure if it got posted.

The other night i had this dream that i was at this school, not my school but a different school. I went into the bathroom and there were stalls along one side of the bathroom and across from these stalls were these open toilets, there was one person in the stall i knew, as far as i could tell he was only peeing. This bathroom didn't have urinals. Then i decided i had to pee and i was going to use an open toilet, then i said well im here and i gotta poop. There were some guys sitting on the open toilets shitting, i never made it cause i woke up.

To New girl: I like that story of how you had to babysit those 3 kids.

To Derrick: I like your story how u and your boyfriend poop together, do u have any other stories??? I also liked how your "female" friend got to poop in the mens room.

Well I gotta go, gotta shit big time!! !! A huge urge just came on as i was typing this. Latly im on the net in the morning and get these urges to shit!! Bye

It was a 97 i have going to spend time with my best girlfriend. We have dinner and drink coffe after. And then her mother go to the bathroom, and suddenly i go to the room next door the bathroom was and i hear nothing from the bathroom, and for just 6 sec i here a big dump was plashed in the bowlcam, i think she must have a big poop behavaior that time.


Pete (US)
I, too, would like to read some more of your stories, Alaska guy.

Theresa (Sweden)-- you're so cute! ;) please keep posting! tell us about yourself! i loved those "plums" lol ;)

Friday, July 21, 2000

A couple days ago i came back from working at a baseball game and i hadn't peed for 9 hours. On the way home i desperatey had to piss and had to hold myself not to. I made it home with just a couple dribbles in my pants, but rushing to the bathroom a huge squirt came out and there was a wet mark on the front of my pants. I made it inside the bathroom and another large squirt of pee came out and i could feel it running down my legs. Unfortunately my zipper was stuck (stupid thing!) and i couldn't hold it any longer. I just stood there and completely pissed my pants. It felt so good but my pants were soaked and a puddle on the floor.

goldgirl- love your posts, keep 'em coming. As a boy it's kinda hard to piss myself in a movie theater without anyone noticing, though i've wanted to several times when i've had to pee during a movie!


Hi everyone. I haven't posted in a long time! I've had alot of things at work this year. I see that the forum has lost and gained alot of people. I hardly recognize it! Anyway, to make up for lost time, I'll share a story that happened to me this weekend. I bought a new house this year, and my 16 year old niece Darlene came over to help me with painting the house. One of the big reasons I bought the house is because the main bathroom is fabulous! The shower and toilet are in a big nook in the corner and there is no door. The rest of the room is carpeted and features a vanity table and closet. There IS a door for this room, so if you need to use the toilet, there's stil privacy. Well in this room, Darlene (quite the artist)is painting big butterflies and flowers on the walls. In the afternoon she left to go pick up more supplies at the store, and I went in to the toilet. I had been holding it all morning because she had been working, and when I hold it things get difficult! I f! elt constipated and sluggish and I knew I'd have to hurry and finish before she got back. I closed the door, took off my XX large white shorts and underwear, and carefully lowered my huge butt unto the toilet. It's one of those toilets you see in hotels, rectangle shaped and spacious enough to accomodate most of my butt. The rest hung over the sides. I knew I couldn't indulge myself for lack of time, so as I peed, I began straining, so that my pee hissed, and a huge fart escaped. "Ugh!" I grunted in reaction. I placed my hands on my buttcheeks while I bore down. "Mmmm! Mmmm!" I could feel a huge mass up there, and I feared it would take a while.
Just as I was grunting with all my might, the door burst open and Darlene came in. "UGH!" I let out a breathy grunt at her entrance. "Hi sweetie.." I said in a strained voice. "You don't mind if I use the toilet while you paint? You won't smell a thing simce the paint's so strong!"
She was a little taken aback since she'd nev! er seen me on the toilet before and we'd never discussed such things.
"Sure, that's ok.." she said. "Maybe I'll just take a break and talk to you."
I closed my eyes as I strained. "That would be nice.." I whispered.
So she sat and talked to me,and I responded when I could. Darlene's as thin as a rail, so I felt a little embarrassed exposing my huge dimpled butt and fat thighs. But she seemed fascinated as I bore down, watching me as I held my butt. I continued grunting loudly, but I was pretty stopped up. I paused to catch my breath.
"Are you ok?"
"Sure, sweetie, it's just that sometimes I get constipated...Mmmm! Mmmm!"
My efforts paid off and the whole thing came out in a huge lump. I sat back, panting.
"I bet you feel better now!"
"I sure do!" I wiped and flushed and she continued to stare.
"Maybe later when I need to go, you can keep me company too!"
I smiled at my niece. "That would be nice!"

New Girl
Goldgirl - Thanx, and I like your stories, too. Please post one soon or I will get lonely! :P

BTW, on my babysitting story about that girl in the store (her name is Stephanie if I didn't tell you that already) I meant that I figured she should squat to poo, not pee.

Well this time I was babysitting Sara by myself at her house because Sam and her family were going somewhere she couldn't go, I don't remember where, though. Anyway, Sam and I were watching TV and she farted. She told me she was busting to pee, and she had to poo, too. So, since I had to pee a little myself, I stood up and headed for her bathroom. "When sissy and I are home without mommy and daddy here, we go in the basement." I shook my head and we both headed for the basement. By the time we got downstairs, I had to pee more, so I started to undo my shorts. I looked up at Sara, and she had 1 hand inside her underwear, and her other hand on the outside of her pants, holding her butt cheeks toget! her. "I can't take them off!" she said, panicking. I told you about another situation similar to this where she had to poo, but this wasn't as easy. I walked up to the spot on the carpet where she was standing, and noticed a stain on the carpet from someone (I wonder who) peeing. I told her to put her other hand on the inside of her underwear, and she succeeded in doing that, but not without farting 2 times when she released her hand and when she put her hand back in her underwear. I slid her shorts and underwear to her ankles and asked her to step out of them. "I can't or I will poo everywhere." she said, squeezing her butt cheeks closer together. Then she farted again and sat down and squeezed her poo in really hard against the floor. Now that her feet were not on the ground anymore, I could slide off her shorts. I did that and told her she could go now. When she stood up I saw the end of her poo already sticking out, even though she was still trying to hold it in. Then she ! started to pee and released her poo. She peed for about a minute and pooped 3 logs of about 6" long, for those of u who like to know. I then peed in the same spot and cleaned up her poo.

OK, I sometimes babysit the McDaniel's kids when their babysitter can't make it. This is a pre-warning: these kids have looong stories, and this will be really long. They have 3 kids: 2 boys, 1 girl, and they are all about the same age, they were born in the same month. The boy and girl are twins, and the other boy is a year older. Anyway, the story. I knew the 1st time I babysitted them that they would like my stories, because they liked to have accidents or poo somewhere and not tell me about it. But once I told them my stories, they pooped somewhere with me, and I would clean it up. They got into peeing, too, once I started babysitting at their house. Anyway, they have more room to go, because they have 2 floors and a basement. Well, one time I was at their house, and felt a small ! urge to pee. I knew that I wouldn't have to go right away, so if I couldn't find anything right away, I wouldn't be holding it as hard. I walked into they boys room, where they were all playing. They promised to stay in there, but I was going to check on them. When I walked in, I started to laugh my head off. Todd and Steve (Steve is the twin of Michelle) were standing and peeing into their toy box, (it was empty) and Michelle was peeing, just it wasn't going into the toy box. It was going everywhere! They all had taken off their clothes from the waste down, and Michelle was covered in pee, and Todd and Steve were getting wet with it. When they saw me, Michelle stopped and the boys pee sped up, like they were rushing to not get caught, like they thought I didn't see it yet. Michelle was trying to dry off, but wasn't successful. The boys finished peeing and quickly put on their clothes and ran out. Michelle reached to pick up her pants and stick them on, but I stopped her. "Don! 't put those on, you are still wet." She stuck her hand down to keep from peeing on me when I walked up, and when I picked her up to set her inside of the toy box, she let out a spurt into her hand. I told her to squat down, and as soon as she did, she poured out a ton of pee. She told me that she had to pee badly when they were playing, and Steve announced he had to pee, and before she could say she had to, too, Todd said the same and they jumped up and started peeing into the toy box. She had to pee so bad that she said, "I have to go, too" and jumped up and copied them, but she had no idea she didn't know how to pee standing up, because she never tried before. When she was done, I went and got some toilet paper from the bathroom and cleaned her up, and she then put her clothes back on. She told me before we left the room that she had to poo, but wanted to go with her brothers. I smiled and said OK. I walked into the living room with Michelle, and saw the boys with their pan! ts off, but not their underwear, and they were trying frantically to keep their poop in. When they saw Michelle, they whipped off their underwear and got into a pooping position, but they still held in the poo until Michelle took off her clothes and got in the same position. Then all 3 of them farted in unison and Todd let out 3 short and thin, fairly soft logs. It only took him about a minute, and he was finished. Steve kept putting out more very little poos and kept farting, and finally let out a rather thick, hard poo. Then I saw that Michelle hadn't done anything yet. She was pushing, and kept farting, but nothing came. She gave a big push and I heard a very loud fart and only a little bit of the end stuck out. When Steve finished and saw that Michelle couldn't poo as easily as he did, he took some of the paper I used to clean up their poo, and put it on it, and carried it over to Michelle. I had no idea what he was doing, but let him continue unless he tried to do somethi! ng that he shouldn't. He brought the poo to Michelle and set it on top of her legs. She stared at it, and then she let out the biggest fart I have ever heard/smelled and the poo started to come out! Steve smiled sheepishly and took his poo and went to dump it in the toilet. I told his brother to do the same, and when Michelle finished, her butt was throbbing, and I told her I would get hers, she needed to wipe her butt. We cleaned it all up and then later on her mom and dad came home.

Sorry, I don't have time for the others, but I will post them lata. Well, g2g.

New Girl

To Jessica from Canada re: your dream...

I sometimes have dreams that I am peeing, usually when I actually have to pee. Most of the time I'll wake up to go to the bathroom but once in a while I wake up after I've peed (in my dream) and it turns out that I've actually wet the bed. Has this happened to you before? Onights

I don't often hear anyone pooping in the ladies' bathrooms where I work. I drink lots of water throughout the workday, so I'm in the bathroom often to pee. However, several times recently I noticed a young, Asian woman who has been sitting on the toilet for long periods of time and I've never heard her straining until today. I could tell by the shoes that it was she in the stall. So, I slowly went about my business of peeing, all the while hoping to hear some grunting as she tried to move her bowels. Then while washing my hands at the sink, I noticed her hands had reached down to grab her ankles. She was obviously constipated and trying different positions to relieve herself. I watched for a few minutes as her feet moved apart, then together, then apart again. I wish that I could have also seen her face as she struggled to force out her hard, dry poo. She really seemed to be having a difficult time. I tried to hang around as long as I could (drying my hands, fixing ! my hair, putting on hand lotion, etc.). I heard her grunt softly, inhaling and exhaling, then straining a few more times, but there was no plop or sigh to be heard....I don't think anything came out of her straining anus. Finally, I decided that I should leave the bathroom as I didn't want to get caught listening. I've nicknamed her "the constipated girl", and now I look forward to her being in the bathroom whenever I go in there. She seems to be constipated quite often lately. One of these days I hope to hear her expel a big, hard poop and let out a big sigh as it KERPLUNKS in the toilet. AHHH.

No Name Grrl
Canadian Dreamer and Donnie...maybe I am lactose intolerant but wouldnt everything that has to do with milk make me do #2??? Other things that do that are lots of pop, tacos, McDonalds and pizza. Dammit all the DIVINE food!!!

GoldGirls stories made me want to pee differently!! I did it today and I have to say that I WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!! Since I am alone most of the time then when I had to pee....I waited until I really really had to go. When I really had to pee...I took off my pants and panties and peed on the living room carpet which I really didnt like to do!!! I was washing the stain out as much as I could and got rid of the stink of pee!!! I will never do that again! I hate it! I think its okay for Goldgirl to like it but I didnt!!!


Hi, I'm a 17 year old male. My best friend and boyfriend [yes, I'm gay and he's bi] Nick is about the same size as me, but we have very different pooping habits.
Nick can, and usually does go poop and finishes up, this includes wiping and washing, within 5 minutes. Unless I have diarrhea, which is not often, I have to spend 15 or 20 minutes sitting on the toilet to let all my poop out, and then another few minutes to wipe my butt and wash my hands.
Nick and I have watched each other go to the bathroom [among other things I won't write about here :-)!] and we have similar diets, so I wonder why the difference in the time it takes for us to go to the bathroom? This is as much a comment as a question.
I have another friend, Laura; she is also 17. Although I'm gay, I have to say she IS very pretty, part feminine and part tomboy. Anyway, Laura and I were out shooting hoops when she told me she had to go to the bathroom. She went over to the girls room but it was, ! inexplicabley, closed. Laura asked me to check out the boys room since she "has to take a humungous shit"! I went in and there was nobody in there so I told her it was okay to come in.
She asked if I would go in to keep her company and I said sure. Laura told me that she wouldn't talk while in her stall since although she could (loosely) pass for a boy, her voice is unmistakeabley one of a teenage girl.
Anyway, Laura and I sat in neighboring stalls. I didn't have to go, but I sat on the toilet, with my pants on so anybody who walked in would think I was going poop.
I looked over at the bottom of the partition and noticed that her jeans were pulled down so the top of her Levis were scrunched down and touching the top of her Reebok sneakers. I could see the bottom of her legs and her short sport socks, that's how far her jeans were pulled down. At least she didn't pull her underwear all the way down; I've never seen her undressed, but I bet her girls underwear ! is very different from a boys. By the way, when Nick and I go, we never pull down our pants that far, just down to the knees.
Laura was right, it sounded like she was letting out a "humungous shit". About 15 minutes later she was done and man did it STINK in there. She flushed the toilet and then must have wiped herself at least 10 times, flushing the toilet after a couple of wipes each. She then knocked on the wall of my partition. I went out to make sure nobody was in there. A couple of people did walk in and out to pee while Laura and I were hidden behind the stall doors. I told Laura "OK" and she came out to wash her hands.
After I led the way out to make sure no boys or guys were walking into the mens room, I waved Laura forward toward the door.
After we both came out she thanked me for staying with her while she went. She said she really had to go and then asked me "don't you hate it when you wipe your ass a dozen times and your still not clean"? ! I said yes and then tried to move on to another subject. Laura is such a cool girl and even though I'm normally not attracted to the opposite sex, I did find that days time in the bathroom with her to be very intimate.

kim & scott
hello all! TO BRYIAN-hello there! thanks for liking the kim & scott posts . scott and I appreciate it very much! and yes BRYIAN I was kinda afraid to crash out a huge log outside but I am a bold daring girl(BUT A NICE ONE.MIND YOU.) and decided to do it anyway. I dont think anyone saw me though. plus in the future I may go outside naked again and crash out a HUGE log but this time i may do it in front of a bunch of hunky men!(maybe my man scott can be hiding in the bushes or something and camcord their reaction) I think i along with the men would get a real big turn on from this? what do you think bryian.(I think the men will get a big turn on in you know where!!) thanks for the kind feedback.BYEEE!!TO LOUISE- hello there!! thanks for liking our stories also! yes louise i sometimes do little turds also But with all the wheat & grain cereals and other health foods i eat my logs are usually WHOPPING!!.I am not bragging louise but my logs usually start at a foot long and ! they USUALLY go up GREATLY FROM THERE!!Plus I liked your story with your man steve at the hotel toilet. I like all your stories louise ok? PLUS when i peed geyserlike in the bushes on the side of my house I peed like you and PV did at the male urinal.I WILL SAY AGAIn!- i think its cool that you and PV do this at the urinal but my REAL INTEREST is crashing out my ENORMOUS LOGS!! crashing out enormous logs for scott!!hahaha!I DO usually fill the toilet bowl when i have a log and sometimes I or more likely scott has to use the toilet plunger to get it all down.(SOMETIMES MY LOGS ARE SOOO BIG SCOTT HAS TO TAKE IT OUT OF THE BOWL COMPLETELY AND DISPOSE OF IT ELSEWHERE!) this is a full time job for my man scott but he loves me and my huge logs not to mention the sex that comes afterwards and the exact samething goes for me too!! I hope i answered all your questiones pretty well louise .take care my friend-Love, kim

Sorry, i need to submit this again, im not sure if my name was on it or not

Today i was sitting at the computer and i had a huge urge to dump, it was very strong. I went to the bathroom sat down and i thought i woul gs. Then i wiped several times.

To Tommy: Good story about the changing rooms.

To Devoured & Delivered: I liked your latest story on here to day. I don't usally like the older peoples stories, but yours was a good one. I like it how your wife thought she swallowed her wedding ring(which she did). I love hearing storys about swallowing forigen objects, any one else have a story like this??

To the unnamed poster: about a movie called Leolo, I've never heard of that movie. If is about a boy pooping every day i would love to see it. What year is it, is it comedy, drama etc.??

Hello all.
Sometimes when I get nervous I get the runs.
I'm 20 now but when I was 16 I was so nervous about passing my driving test that during the test I totally
filled my jeans.I had to come back a week later and I passed the test.

That was the second time I had an accident. The first was when I was 13 I went on a family ski trip and messed myself on the ski lift.

Nothing worse than a nervous stomach. Iv'e had lots of close calls but these are the only times I could't hold on.

later Ya'll.

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

One night it was a party outside the town.
Me and my gilfriend Sopiha dance and have fun talk to many people and so on, my friend told me she will go to the toilet, it was a outside toilet, and was two toilets i went in in other becase i will pee. We talk and i here her pee and i pee at the same time and finished out wiped. I here a big plums in the tank and then another plums in the tank, and i ask her (what are you doing??) She told me " Im pooping" haha i said ..

/Theresa Sweden

Alaska Guy: More stories please!

More on my trip..... Part of my trip back to the Mid-West was going to the IU campus at Bloomington, Indiana. I enjoyed the time there but the downside was the place was nearly empty because of Summer. I took a side trip to the Scout camp I went to when I was a kid and got to see the place like where I stayed at and the different paths. The original shower facility with the open flushable toilet was gone. It was frequently used especially around meals. I used it quite a few times myself and I shared some dumps. The camp has new facilities and I had to take a dump but I didn't use it because it was not my place to use it and there were suppose to be separate facilities for the adults. I had to excercise self control as mentioned by Brian in his advice to Jason on Mon, 7/17 page. I would have liked to seen the facilities but they were in use by some kids.

More on my posting on Mon, 7/17. I mentioned about today's kids not having roomates or sharing a bathroom. When I wa! s talking to the fraternity chapter adviser, we were talking about the fraternities being unable to attract men to join the ranks and the house I belonged to was having a lot of problems getting people. College kids seem like they have it much better in terms of living quarters than 10 years ago but with that, there will not be as much social interaction with living in a suite versus a dorm with a community bathroom.

PV - Hi!!!
Yeah, I laughed at Steve's office lady plaguing him in
the men's toilet. It was funny to think of him in that
sort of situation. Hehe. We do have a very very strong
relationship and I feel very sorry for a lot of women
I know who can not and do not really trust their men.
I bet some women would say I was too trusting if they
read this and they would think I must be inexperienced
to say it, but I have seen how Steve is with his close
friends and I see that they would trust him with their
lives. That is only a little part of why I love him
you know, but I bet you can see that there are lots of
other reasons too! Yeah, I hope you can find a Steve
type guy just for you, I think you really deserve one.
Tell me if you get lucky!!!
Hehe, the showers. I had another wee in the showers
after Saturday's game and just for fun I aimed out in
front of me to the drain to get some distance. It
started a fun lit! tle contest between me and three
other girls. One of them sprayed more than she squirted
outwards and there was a lot of laughter in there. Next
time we are going to do it again and there will be more
of the team in the contest. The 16 year old was about
equal with me, she is good at shooting her wee forwards.
Did you just dry your legs on the beach when you weed
down them or did you go for a swim. I bet that is fun to
do but you could not do it if it is crowded though.
I like how you use a bucket in your garage to wee in.
I bet that is something Goldgirl does! Is it a metal or
a plastic bcket? If metal it will make some real good
sounds when you piss in it. I would do that quite a bit
when I was about 12 and I liked all the noises. It is
too long since the last time I used a bucket! Why not?
Hehe best rinse your bucket before you wash your car!

Back on the Wing chun thing, Steve moved me on to a couple of new things like the straight punching and he
is not happy because he says I am doing it sloppy and
it will not do. Oh dear, more practice for me. So I
have to do it very slowly just now as long as I do it
correctly, he says.

Yeah, my boss and workmate I think always wee only when
sitting on the toilet, so I think doing it squatting in
an alley with their knicks down was not a thing they
liked at all.
Yeah, I *know* I can do 3 feet up a wall because I have.
I bet I could go a lot higher if I pushed hard. Yeah
I bet we could both give the boys a contest. Hehehehe.
Girls to win gold in the piss olympics "wall" event!

I think Steve will be able to write at least once this

Aim high and open fire. I do!!!


Four families, mine included, have just returned from a short break. Part of the complex in which we were staying had an indoor swimming centre. The changing rooms comprised individual cubicles together with larger male and female changing rooms. A few days ago myself and four friends who were with us decided to go swimming in the afternoon. Just before going I 'made a mistake' in my pants. I went to the bathroom to empty them out and to clean up. I then went to the drawer in my room and slipped a clean pair of pants into my pocket. As several families were sharing the accommodation (and the stain was not as bad as I sometimes get!) I didn't want to draw attention to myself by returning to the bathroom to change, particularly as I knew I could put on the clean pants after swimming. As we began to walk there, one of my friends remarked on how warm it was so we all decided to go back and change into shorts. At the swimming complex we all made our way to the individual cubicles ! but as I was the last in line they had all been taken so I had to use the large male changing room which was empty when I arrived. I began to get changed and a couple of young lads, also discovering that there were no individual cubicles, entered the large changing room. By this time I had totally forgotten about my accident and just carried on getting undressed as usual. I removed my shorts and put them in my rucksack. As I pulled my underwear down I heard some sniggers from the two boys opposite. One of them had obviously seen the poo stain in my pants. I was horrified that I had been caught in such an embarrassing situation, and quickly hid my pants in the side pocket of my rucksack. The second boy whispered to the first "I suppose you never do it in your pants then" to which the first boy replied "No I don't". By this time I had packed up my things and moved outside the changing room to the locker. They came out just afterwards and I heard the second one say to the first ! that he was a liar and that it he often saw his pants at school, and that they often had skiddies in them. This at least went some way towards easing my shame and embarrassment.

After swimming I decided to use the large changing room as there was more space than in the cubicles. After drying myself I began to unpack my clothes and I put on my shirt. As I removed my shorts from the rucksack I realised that my clean pants were in my jeans back in my room so I would have to wear the dirty ones again. I tried to put them on as discreetly as possible. The young lad next to me who was aged about ten carried on getting changed, but every now and then looked at me and smiled. He didn't say anything and I'm still not sure whether or not he saw anything, but to my shame I think he probably did. Anyone else have any similar experiences to share?

There have been some recent posts regarding women or girls having to use the mens room when the ladies room has been closed for some reason. I have also experienced the reverse. About a year ago I was having lunch with a business associate and suddenly needed to poo. I went to the ladies room and saw a sign saying that the mens room had been flooded and that men should use the ladies room. I went into the ladies room the same time as a young man in his early 30's. 2 stalls were occupied so I went into the far one and the man went into the one next to me. As soon as I sat down I could see his feet and that he was sitting too, so we were both going to poo. I let out a loud fart and a large but soft turd started to come out. I heard no fart noises from the man but heard several plop sounds suggesting a more rapid poo session with smaller poos. Then there was the stink that came from under the partition. Boy, what had this guy eaten? Anyway, my poos were still coming out. The bigg! er ones were silent but a few smaller ones came out which made splashing noises. Then I farted a few more times and some mushy poo came out with such force it splashed water into my bottom! By this time the man was wiping and so was I. We both flushed around the same time and exited at the same time. He had really stunk the room out! As we both washed our hands I farted - it felt like it was going to be a silent, hissy fart but it was a booming one! I went bright red, the guy smiled and left. I realized that some poo had come out into my panties so I went back into the stall and pooed some more.

Rather Not Say
Hello all. Remember me? I am the onewho had all the problems with pooping and diarrhea. Well it's no bettter yet,but I went to the doctor and they think it's irritable bowel syndrome. Thank you all who responded and made me realize that I had to wake up and get it checked out. If anyone wants me to, I can posts stoiries of my own

Laurie- where are you??? I miss your posts!

Princess, I enjoyed your posting concerning your buddy dump with Brenda. Did you and Brenda flush afterwards or leave all of your shit behind? Have you and Brenda buddy dumped again since that first experience together?
Nicola, I thought that I would tell you that I liked your story about using the co-ed washroom in the bar with that man. Hope you left a lovely aroma for him to enjoy as well

Canadian Dreamer
I know that spacewalking astronauts have 'diapers' in their suits so they can relieve themselves during long spacewalks, but I've never heard any astronaut at any time mention that he or she has had to do so. (Do you think they have to train for it?)
I wonder how NASA handles this? I can't believe it's never happened... The some of the spacewalks necessary to correct the HST for example lasted over 6 hours. Does anyone know if the astronauts have to ask permission before going? If they do, I guess it's done very discretely!
Shuttle wastewater (urine, water for washing up, et cetera) is dumped overboard. I wonder what they do with the used undergarments? Do you suppose amongst the thousands of bits of space-junk there are soiled diapers orbiting the Earth?

Joe (NY) A little of the subject but what kind of lizard is Bob? Just wondering I love lizards

Ok now for my story. I was just on Vacation at a lake in Canada (i'm from PA). One afternoon i was fishing/wading around the point. There are many nice big rocks to sit on etc. Well while i was fishing i decided i really needed to poop. I was wearing shorts with the bottom of my 2 piece bathing suit underneath and a tee shirt. My sister decided to go back up to our cabin. By then i really had to go and i decided i would do it there. I walked over to a large rock so i was blocked on that side and there was a bank behind me. Then I had an idea...I've never shit myself (not that i can remember)so I decided this would be perfect. I new clean up would be easy so i went ahead. I was standing. First I completely peed my shorts, but then took them off not really wanting them to get messed. Then I pushed it wouldn't start so i squatted down and pushed and it started out so i stood back up. My poop is usually kind of soft but formed, this time was no different. It kept coming without me pushing further, until there was a very large lump in the seat of my bathing suit. I just stood for a bit enjoying the feeling of that load in my pants. Soon I began to clean up I dropped the glob of reddish brown poop into the water. Then i squatted down and rinsed my butt and bathing suit off in the lake. It all came off quite nicely. There was a boat out quite aways and this man riding a waverunner thing keep driving passed me over and over. I don't know if he was interested in what i was doing or just happened to be there. So I put my shorts back on and waded out to rinse them off and then went back to fishing, peeing myself repeatedly. And it felt so good that i repeated the performance the next afternoon! Well tell me if ya liked it! Keep up the good stories.

Cousin: I hat both the women and the men on my mother's side of the family for the same reasons as you. You are not the only one.

Sapphire: I do get turned on by other girls shitting. I was in Lord and Taylor when I was barely sixteen. I found the path to the ladies room. A Chinese girl about 9 followed me clutching her abdomen. We took adjoining stalls. I had to take a long piss. The girl sat and with her white panties down at her ankles she umphed and I heard three loud splashes. Meanwhile, I urinated for 60 long seconds. I sat quietly and I heard six more splashes and her little feet were shuffling. Meanwhile, I wiped my pussy, pulled up my navy panties and blue jeans. Her legs stretched as she sat on the bowl to reach for paper to wipe her little behind. She could barely flush by pushing the heavy valve. I came out of my stall and washed my hands. She came out pulling up her panties under her dress. Her stall was open and I saw nine pieces of brown doo-doo floatin! g on the water top. We washed our hands and she smiled at me as she left.

As a matter of fact, I've had one of those impacted bowel movements at work Monday. That was because, I ate lots of fruit and cheese, plus vegetables in the days before. When I sat, it did not seem like much at first. Then out of the blue, I wad shitting a pile on top of another. It just settled at the bottom of the bowl.

Kendal: You and your cousin enjoy each other. My boy cousins and I kept each other company in the bathroom. We grew really close for it. I was dead in the middle in order of age. They saw me and I saw them. When I was a junior in high school I was not shy about allowing a freshman and senior boy watch me go on the toilet. The freshman later turned out to be a distant cousin.

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Just took a dump in a coffee can outside, wiped twice, put lid on can and put it into the garbage.
the log was about 12" and hard. Anyone else like to do this?

also liked the stories about Kendal.

To Gruntly Bogwell: All guys would like to have had
the experience at camp you did at 14. Seeing those
well-rounded bottoms emit their turds would be a
heart-stopper. What's more, most of the girls
(including Jana and Hanna)really enjoy pooping in
front of people and exposing themselves. It's just
that they're raised and indoctrinated with a
puritanical set of behavioral mores. I'll bet that
if you could read their thoughts, they were really
pleased to show their bottoms in action...they dare
not let others know because it's "not right."
Good work, good posting.

Hello everybody!

KIM AND SCOTT - Hi again!!! Yeah I will say hello to Steve
for you. That was a very exciting story about Kim's
dumping while washing the car! My shits are only little
compared to yours. My biggest is only about a foot long,
but they are usually only about 6 inches in length. Do you
ever do little ones, Kim, like I sometimes do? I often
do a series of little lumps instead of a big piece.
Did you like the story of what happened when I used the
hotel room toilet with Steve? There were no huge dumps
at all there but I thought it was funny!
Kim, when you peed geyser-like on the bushes at the side
of your house, how did you stand? I bet PV would like to
know as well. I bet you would like to stand at a male
urinal, it's a lot of fun. Hehe. Take care now!

SANDRA - Hi there! Hehehe I do not know how I would handle
it if I had a boss like yours and had meetings with her
when she was having a s! hit with the door open. I think I
have been in the ladies' toilet at the same time as my
boss maybe 4 times, and each time we have both just been
having a wee. She sure does not leave the door open.
Did you read about what happened during my business trip
away when I had a wee in an alley with my boss and another
girl? I do not think either of them liked doing that at
all. It seems odd to me that a woman can blast a good wee
like that and not seem to like it. I wonder if she has ever
had an outdoor shit.
Maybe your rail station poo is the quickest on record!
Hehe (applause).

A PERSON THAT PEES - Hi. Like you I sometimes piss in the
shower when I'm in there with my boyfriend Steve. He likes
it how your boyfriend does. The last time I did it, he
carried me out and had some fun with me on the hall carpet.

WC GIRL - It was not long ago that I saw a 3 or 4 year old
boy having a pee on a tree whi! le his mother held his cock
for him. His mother was with two of her girl friends, I
think, who were watching everything. His mother shook his
cock when he had finished and the other girls giggled a
bit at that. He did not look ashamed or shy at all so I
was glad about it because I could see how an experience like
that could give him problems later.
I have seen a little boy having a shit at a nude beach once
but not yet in a park, and yeah I bet it would be more
embarrassing when you are only about 3 or 4.


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