I went to the public pool with a couple of girlfriends yesterday.i am 16,Donna is 16,and Liz is 17 and we have known each other since like 1st grade,we were in the pool and Donna says watch this and i saw a lot of bubbles pop up by her behind she thought it was real funny and i went ewwwww and told her that guy over there saw (he really diidn't)and that shut her up.
When we were back in the locker room dressing to leave Donna tells us she's gotta take a dump bad and can't hold it any more and most times we would all go with each other to the bathroom we didn't this time since Liz and i had both taken showers before we got dressed and Donna hadn't because she's like shy about being naked even if it's just infront of other girls,so anyway the both of us are still naked and Donna was fully dressed so she went by her self and a few minutes later Liz and i followed and as soon as we got close to the area were the toilets were we both smelled a real bad poop smell and since only! one stall was occupied we knew it was Donna doing her business and when she saw our feet by the stall she opend the door and there she was with her yellow shorts and white panties around her knees and she said kind of bad huh and liz says oh ya,we can smell you like 50ft away and both Liz and i took stalls on either side of her i took a quick pee and did a couple of farts and heard donna going plop plop and Liz doing her pee too,i don't know what Donna had been eating but she was farting and pooping even after the both of us had finished and we both took are time and i even changed my tampon,we waited for our friend by the sink and a lady with a little girl came in and the girl said mommy it smells bad and we both chuckled and at that second Donna finaly finished with he massive poop and went to wash her hands and said sorry guys i haven't gone in 4 days.
The most i ever went without pooping was three days when i was like 13 or 14, i would feel like it was ready to come o! ut and i'd sit on the bowl and push and strain and only push out some farts and i would give up and try again later,and finaly i told my mom and she gave me one of her ex lax and still nothing happend so she told me to go in the bathroom and wait for her and she came in with a jar of vasaline and locked the door and told me to pull down my pants and panties and i said like no thanks i'll just wait and she said it won't hurt honey i promise so even though i was realyyyyy embarresed i droped em and turned around and stuck my behind out a little and felt my mom spread my cheeks with one hand and then felt her finger rub some of the vasaline on my butt hole and she asked if i was ok and i said yes and she said now i'm going to put some inside so hold still and i felt her finger go up my pooper,like way up and then she did it once more and i felt all slimey back there,then she said all done now see what happens so i sat on the bowl and my mom went over to the sink to wash her hands! and i felt it start to work and let out a loud wet fart followed by a big poop that felt hard but slid out real easy,my mom looked over at me as she was drying her hands and
said see,it works and she must have noticed that my face was all red from being embarresed (this was the first time in years she had seen my bare butt and the very first time she saw my pubes)and she said i'll give you some privacy and as soon as she left i took the best dump of my life and when i was finished i used like half a can of spray because of how bad i stunk up the bathroom.

New Girl
Bryian- thanx, I have more stories bout them, but I can't post them yet, this post is gonna be long neway.

OK, well one time I had to pee before we left to go somewhere to eat or something like that, but it wasn't bad and I wanted to hold it for fun. Well, we got stuck in traffic and of course I had to pee before we got out of it, and since we were right next to some woods my mom told me to go there. I hopped out of the car and as I walked into the woods, I saw like 4 different people standing and squatting, going pee and poo. Well, there was a lady, a kid about 7 or 8, a girl about my age and a boy around my age, I guessed. The boy wasn't facing me, but he was standing like that boy at the bike trail, and he looked as if he was gonna pee, but started pooing or something. When he heard me walking up, he turned to see me and I noticed it was a boy I knew! He went to my school! He blushed a deep, deep red, and I told him it was ok, and I pulled off my shorts and peed st! anding for him. I told him it was fine again because he was still embarrassed. And I can see why, because if most people would be in the middle of the woods pooping, standing up, which was just to try it out, and then saw someone they knew while doing it, I can see why they would be embarrassed. I actually don't think I would care, but I dunno b/c it didn't happen to me. He started to talk to me and although he was done peeing, he was still standing and pooing. He must've not been embarrassed as much anymore because every so often he would fart and a bunch of poo would come out, and even though he would blush, he didn't stutter or anything. Then when I headed back to get into the car, I saw that the others had left, and John (the boy's name) was cleaning up. Then I realized that I had a small urge to poo, and although we might be out of the traffic in time, we might not! So, I could poo now, just to be sure. :P Well, I decided I needed to poo now, out of cancellation of reason! s to (4) and reasons not to (1). John saw me turn back around and unbutton my shorts and gave me a confused look. He pulled his shorts back up and glanced at me as he headed back through the woods. "John, where are you going?" I said, smiling to death waiting to see his expression when he came back. The sound of walking stopped then started again but this time in my direction. When I saw him come back he kinda jumped as he saw me squatting down about to poo. He turned away from me, but I saw the smile that he was trying to hide from me. "Hey, I am just paying you back. I don't even care if you watch." I didn't watch him at all, just listened and when he was done I looked at the huge pile he left, but that was all. He turned to where he was facing me, so he wasn't really watching, just kinda listening and watching my facial expression. I told him to sit down, and pointed to a flat but tall rock that looked like a seat, and although he blushed, he sat down and started talking to! me again. Then I realized he talked when he was nervous. He kept talking, and asking me long questions that required a short answer. Meaning, he didn't want to sound anxious, even though I knew he was b/c the way he kept talking so much. I kept thinking of how cute he was as he kept talking and blushing as he talked, talked, and talked. When I was done and went back to the car, he waited a second before going out, and I knew he didn't want his family to think I was doing anything in front of him (they know me) and/or he wanted to see my pile. I hoped for both, in a way. As you may have predicted, John and I are kind of boyfriend/girlfriend right now, but more just friends, but we do pee/poo in front of each other. We don't kiss or anything, we just hang out and talk, and when we decide to, use the bathroom for each other. But we only do that when we are out in the woods or alone in my house, he doesn't do that in his house, because his mom usually comes home all-of-the-sudden! , and never says how long she'll be gone, so we don't take any chances. Our moms and dads do know that we hang out and may be BF/GF though.

Sorry for taking up so much room! :P But I still have 1 more thing:

Goldgirl: I think that you should come up with a way for one of your friends to see you peeing or something. For example if you and Mira are in your room and you have to pee, you tell her you have to pee and you want her to come with you, just to talk. Then when you are at the bathroom, have her come in and then hop up on the sink and tell her she can watch; you don't care. Or, if you don't wanna be that daring, just use the regular toilet and tell her she can watch. I think that your friends may not be as interested in peeing as u, but they might like your interest and catch on, then you can pee in fun places with your friends. I came up with this because this is how Sam told Cheryl (my other friend that is interested in peeing in a strange place; I have! n't mentioned her yet) about her interest! :P

Well, I am sorry for taking up so much room, but I had to tell my story and I wanted to tell goldgirl my idea.

New Girl

Hi all! Just watching Friday on USA. There is a scene when a man needs to dump so he bangs on his mom;s door a few times but know one answers. Then he knocks on his neighbor's door but he won't let him drop his stinky feces in his toilet! So he takes a crap on the side of the house.

PS what does this mean? (ex. d!ump)

Jessica from Canada
i won't be posting for a week because i got in trouble for doing something that i wasn't spposed to and blamed it on my brother, Matt. Plus im only allowed to use my dads carppy cpu. too slow. SOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYY!!

Two winters ago I was going long periods of time without crapping, sometimes up to 14 days. When I would go it would be very thick and 12-14 inches. Surprisingly, I didn't have to push that hard to get it out, but because of the size I did it slowly to prevent tearing. The big problem was getting it to flush. Several times I clogged the toilet.

Sarah B
I was reading the post by "Squatter man" about us women who like to squat on the toilet and it prompted me to tell you why I started to this.
It has been about 4 years since I last actually sat down on a toilet seat to either piss or shit. My best friend, Tania, converted me to this way of thinking after a visit to a rather dirty public toilet when we were camping. The toilet was more or less a wooden shed with an old fashioned toilet and small hand basin. As we had been out camping for 2 days byt his point, both of us were in dire need to move our bowels! We had both got by pissing as we simply squatted on a patch of grass but I don't think any of us were really relishing the idea of shitting on the grass.
We found this toilet and opened the door (which did not lock!) and boy, did it smell in there. It smelt of stale piss and looked like it hadnt been cleaned for a very long time. Tania said "yuk but I really need to go", so she fully pulled down her trousers and p! anties and threw them for me to hold at the door. She then climbed onto the seat and staring me in the eye, she farted and then pulled the funniest facial expression as she started straining and pushing out her shit. Due to the fact she was squatting quite high, I could see in great detail, the shit emerging from her bum hole and snaking a long length before hitting the toilet water. She managed to say "you'd better hold ure nose" just in time before yet another long shit log fell out of her anus into the toilet below her. There was an amazing smell of shit but yet it wasn't a foul smell. She held open her vaginal lips and pointed her stream of piss into the bowl below her before grabbing a tissue from her pocket and wiping her bum hole and climbing off the toilet.
It was then my turn, I took off my trousers and climbed up and prepared myself for a good dump. I wasn't really embarrased to shit infront of my friend - we have drank together, masturbated together, pissed to! gether so it seemed quite natural to be shitting together! I was really needing to shit and it was only a few grunts later that my shit started to make its way out of my body. My shit differed in comparison to Tanias - Mine was about 6 or 7 fat and short shit logs and hers was 2 very long shits. I then started to piss but missed the bowl to start with and endeed up spraying my friend a little!!! She handed me a tissue and i cleaned around my anus before getting dressed and leaving what was now a very smelly toilet shed!
Since then I only ever shit and piss from a squatting position above the seat. Tania told me about the time she came across a shit smeared seat and she has never wanted to sit on one ever since for hygene reasons.

Someone here mentioned methods of wiping after doing a shit, well here's what I do. After shitting at home I wipe the majority of the poop off and then sit on our sink and scrub my butt with soap and then splash it with warm water, this gets the klingons off and my butt clea, also the warm water feels good against my butt. I wish I owned a bidet that would be so nice and when I have a house built for myself I will have one installed b/c the sound like they are really useful. Also, in public bathrooms where there is 'cowboy' toilet paper (rough, tough, and don't take no shit off of nobody) I will spit on the paper to make it wet then wipe myself clean with it. Human saliva, when placed on cuts supposedly has some sort of a healing or cleansing effect, I'm not sure if this is true but if it is I figure the same holds true if you wipe your butt with it and it works really well for me. Anyways I hope this info helps people out. Later!

Hey all, Did I read somewhere on here that plums and grapes give you strong urges to poop? Are thre any other foods that give you a laxitive effect? And BTW I also posted a little while as PushUpMyPoop. I am the same guy, so I will post from now on as Casey. Anyway, enough about the foods that make you poop. I am trying to hold it in. I still need some cool places to poop. I have pooped in a urinal once, and it was really fun. Should I do this again? Anyway, the reason I want strong urges, and then hold it in is because I want to have a MAJOR poop come out of my anus. So I need all the build up I can get. So I need foods that give you urges. And please, cool places to poop. I really enjoy pooping, and in strange places, like the woods the best. Plus, I need some infrmation on some home suppositories, still. Please send me some good suggestions. Thanks!

kim & scott
hello all! this is kim & scott again. we wish to thank joe from ny,pv,louise and bryian plus others for the kind feedback you have given us . Thanks a bunch.scott and i have no new stories right now but do not worry when another good one comes up we will be sure to share it with all of you.take care all! xoxo kim & scott

Jenn L.-- The onset of your menstral cycles may
have an effect on your bowels, at 13 that may be
whats happening. I've known several woman who
get bound up around there period. You can combat
some of it by adjusting you diet according to the
time of month. Add more fruit, fiber, and water
during that time.- JW

Sunday, July 23, 2000

Hi,all-been busy with work and haven't had a chance to post lately,but i've been reading all of your posts,some good ones-
TO LOGGER-Cool story about watching your friend take a dump-the 1st time i saw someone poo was when i was about 12-13.we were in the woods and my friend pat had to go bad,so he just pulled down his pants and squatted and i watched this real long poo come out of his ass and i remembered being amazed at how much he went-back then,i just did a few balls of poo when i went,but this guy really could poop-and that's when i knew i was into watching people poo-then it was on to watching women and the fun really began!!
TO SQUATTER MAN-you must try squatting while you poo-it's great-esp when you can pee and poo at the same time-it feels soooo good-try it! good stories,all-not much is going on with me-i still go out to poo in the woods 3 to 4 times a week,but i dont want to sound redundant to you all,so i don't bother to tell you all about each one except th! e other day,i was out biking and had to shit bad and decided to stand up while i go cause i've read about some of you doing it-well i stood there and spread my ass cheeks and relaxed my anus and let out a long fart followed quickly my some soft turds and i watched as they hit the ground and it was a good thing i was watching!cause if i didn't move my feet quickly i would have gotten some poo on my feet cause it was soft and it was a big pile.That would have been horrible!But it did feel good standing there pooing standing up,but i stall prefer squatting-i go more that way-i don't know why
Well once again reading these posts are making me have to shit and like you BRYIAN i have to sign off and i don't think i can wait til i get out to the woods-i gotta go NOW.Got a lot of cramps-feels like it's going to be mushy.Oohhh gotta poop BYE

Goldgirl: where are u, you haven't posted for ages
Kendal: Love the stories, keep posting them

When I was a kid, my next door neighbors and I had an obsession with peeing in odd places. Their backyard had two "clubhouses" in which we used the bathroom even when we really didn't have to go. One was a chicken coop which was made of wood. It made a nice little bathrooom. Another was an old tiny camper that worked well, too. We had collected buckets and pans from everywhere and we used those. It was fun, but boy it stank. We also had an old dogpen in my backyard that we used. I always ended up feeling guilty and I told my parents, but it didn't stop until they moved. I was 8 or 9 then. Now, I'm 13 and proud to say the last time I peed outside was last year when I was swimming in our pool and I really had to go, so I went behind the shed. My parent's didn't know, either!

Hi all!

Today my friend Simon was over and we were playing on the computer and something funny happened and he laughed so hard he let out a big fart. He told me he really had to go to the bathroom to take a dump and he also had to piss pretty bad. A few minutes later, I could tell Simon was almost doing it in his shorts b/c he discreetly grabbed his ass. He then sais 'youve got to let me get up, i have to go to the bathroom really bad' So i let him get up and he had a pretty quick dump and piss. This was kind of a dumb story but oh well i just thought i'd mention it.


Hi everyone!! I stumbled on your site the other day and I find it very interesting and intriguing. I find urination to be so sexual sometimes and I enjoy talking about it. I have a few things to say!!
Steve and Louise: I just love you guys! I have a question for you Louise. I am really shy when it comes to peeing in front of others or having others listen to me. Even at hom with mom and dad this bothers me. Most of my friends are male, so I usually never pee in their presence, I usually just wait. You are so daring! I was wondering if you had any advice for me to break my phobia since I will be entering a university this fall and will need to become more relaxed with my bodily functions. Also I hear alot of women talking about peeing standing up! I have tried before ,but it was not very successful and I wondered if you could share your technique with me.
I have a story to share!
A few weeks ago, I was out with my friends for a ride. When we got home my one friend! jumped out of the car right away and he said he really needed a pee. We went in the house and I tried to look busy as close to the door as I could so I could hear him without my other friends suspecting what I was doing. I heard him begin his pee and he had a very strong stream and he lasted a good half a minute or longer. Listening to him really turned me on. I would love to watch him sometime, but I know I would have to return the favor, but, like I said, I am phobic.
that is my story for now. I am going away for a bit on a vacation so maybe I will have some stories when I get back! Also, I have a condition called spastic colon and I wondered if any of you out there also had it? It's really a pain and I dilike it alot.
PEEace out!

Its been a while since I have posted. Lynn and I now live together and often share the toilet. We often start the day off by sitting on the toilet and taking a nice long morning dump together. We have been living together for about 3 weeks. We had a romantic night together last night to celebrate my birthday (which was earlier in the week). We had lobster and shrimp cocktail by candlelight and soft music in the background. We made passionate love for much of the night, and at one point Lynn was sitting on my lower back and ass and giving me a senual back rub, when she released a loud fart. She was a little embarrassed and apologized for ruining the moment. I told her that she did'nt ruin the moment and then I strained and pushed out a fart, and said "we are even". We both laughed and embraced and began kissing. We woke up this morning and we both had to take a shit. Our bedroom smelled like a sewer from all of our night farts. We were both naked and went into the bathroom and ! and took our usual position (Lynn in my lap facing me). We held each other in a tight bearhug with our faces pushed together and both let out a loud fart and began pushing logs out. We were both peeing and our two large logs fell into the toilet as one. We continued dropping logs and pieces of shit into the toilet when Lynn bit my lower lip and tightened her hold on me and we began kissing. We finished shitting and quickly wiped, before making love right on the toilet, it was wild. This happened about 3 hours ago. Talk to you soon. Alan & Lynn

Jenn L. Nice to meet you and let's see if we can help you out. Have your periods started yet? Sometimes a girl will get bunged up right before or during her period. Do you go poop at school or at home? If you normally have good bowel movements, this might just be a temporary thing. Make sure you get enough fiber in your diet and drink plenty of water. You can try downing a big glass of ice water first thing in the morning. It's a simple thing to do and it works for many boys and girls. Do a few deep knee bends or squats after downing the water. Other kinds of exercise will help also. Put a little vaseline on your finger and work it into your bottom, then get comfortable on the toilet seat and take your time. Don't strain because that's not good for your asshole; you could develop hemmoroids later on. Let us know how you do and tell us more about your bathroom habits.

Bemis (toilet seat manufacturer) just came out with a new, oversize, contoured toilet seat for greater comfort. Check out their website () to see all of their seats. The kind I prefer is the 'posturemold' seat which is a commercial type seat, heavily contoured with a smaller opening and good thigh support. This is the type we have in the schools where I work as a custodian and the kids love them. It has the usual open front which provides room for your dick (if you're a boy) or room for wiping your vagina and changing tampons (if you're a girl). Toilet seats are evolving and getting better all the time.

Greetings to all.

Jenn L dont worry about it, changes like this happen in puberty, see if this change in bowel habit ties in with your period. Try drinking more fluid if you are constipated.

Sincere Question. Just read through Old Posts and that should answer your question. The amount of people I have met and read about, male and female, who are turned on by watching a person of the opposite gender doing a poo is amazing. It must be just about the most common turn on (apart from varous underwear related activities -I wont say any more on that score Mr Moderator Sir!)

Ive had some interesting activities this last few weeks. I went with my husband to Somerset (in the English West Country) and we camped on the sand dunes. It was quite warm so we slept naked in the tent. At about 5am I woke up needing a motion an as we were far away from any houses and off the path I simply went out of the tent still naked to do it. I asked hubby if he wanted to come o! ut with me but he said he would watch from the end of the tent as if a woman goes naked and is seen that is one thing but a man could be charged with "indecent exposure" . I went a few yards away and stood with my legs slightly bent in the posture of someone skiing. I did a pee. Luckily it didnt spray my legs but poured out in a stream making a damp patch on the sand, then I felt the big jobbie coming down. It was a nice easy one and slid out landing onto the sand with a thud. I looked down at the fat curved light brown sauasage of about 14 inches in length, then went back into the tent. It was still there when we got up later, and I left it for anyone else to see when we struck camp and went home.

A few days later I was on the late shift at the Sports Centre. After the customers had gone myself, Katherine and Diane, two of the other female instructors, had gone into the female staff changing rooms, (locker rooms), to have a shower and get changed into clean outdo! or clothing. I slipped off my tracksuit and was standing in my white Sloggi briefs and shock absorber bra, (believe me lads, when you have D Cups you need the support!). I felt a motion coming on so went to one of the 3 cubicles issuing a booming fart as I went. Katherine said to Diane, "Nicky's going to do a big one" I giggled, nearly wetting my panties and said, "Your right" and knowing these two women to be as open minded as myself I left the door open and sat on the pan. My wee wee hissed and tinkled then "PLONK! PLOONK! SPLONK!" some hard lumps came out as I was slightly constipated. Diane looked into the cubicle and said, "Those sounded a bit hard!" By this time the big one was slowly pushing its way out so I could only gasp "NN! AH! OH! Yes and this one feels like a brick. KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" a big fat turd the size a beer can dropped out of me into the pan. Kathy laughed, "I bet that feels better Nicks" (one of my other nick names), but feeling there was more to come I ! just gasped, "I havent finished!" With the crackling sound we all know so well an easier jobbie slid quite quickly out and went "Floomp!" on top of the other turds in the pan. Finished I gave out a sigh of relief and stood up having a good look at my efforts with the big sausage next to the fat knobbly beer can and the 3 hard balls. Since I was having a shower I didnt bother to wipe my bum and stepped out of my knickers, and took off my bra and washed myself in the shower. The other two girls had a good look at my motion then joined me in the shower. When we had finshed, dried off and changed into our clean clothes I pulled the flush but the fat lump and the big curved jobbie stayed behind, so I left it for the custodian to get rid of when he locked up the centre when we left.

Hank, I agree, moist wipes do make a far better job of cleaning the anal region after a poo, especially if it is a sticky one. No nasty shitty smells remaining about ones person and no skid mark! s in the seat of your panties. A bidet is also a good thing to have, we have one in our upstairs toilet.

yeah, I have had some similar experiences, which i can tell you about. By the way how old are you?
At school when it was sports day we went in our normal clothes in the morning and then got changed for sports day half way through the day. Anyway, in my early lessons i needed the toilet and thought i could make it but didn't and went in my pants. I emptied them out at break but i had left a stain. When we got changed for sports some other kids noticed my pants and started making fun of me about them being dirty. This has happened to me on variouse occasions, once i was at a mates house playing of his playstation and I had an accident and i was staying the night. Look forward from hearing from you and will post again. bye

Bryian, I like your stories too. I hope you had a nice "big time" shit :-).
Yes, I have several stories about Nick and I pooping together, but I'll post only a couple this time. Yes, he knows I post on this site; I showed it to him and he said he will post some stuff later on.
It was thanks to Nick that I became interested in this stuff. We've been best of friends since we were 9 (we're now 17). A couple of years ago, when we were 15, I got up enough courage to tell him I was gay and had a crush on him. I didn't know what to expect. He then told me he was bi and had "feelings" for me but he was afraid I would flip if he said so. To make a long story short, that is how we started going to the bathroom together.
He said that seeing each other "go" might be a good idea, seeing each other's "intimate" parts and stuff like that. Sorry, I hope that isn't too out of line.
Anyway, we have seen each other naked, in gym class, at summer camp, etc, but this would ! be the first time we'd see each other alone.
We agreed to meet at his house one Saturday when his parents were out of town and his older sister was at college. I went over to his house and by that time I really had to take a shit. He also really had to go. I let him go first cause one, it's his house, and two I know he's faster than me.
We went into the bathroom just off his bedroom. He pulled down his jeans and underpants and sat down on the toilet. Nick had to pee a little bit. After he was done peeing, he let me look at his you-know-what. He let three soft waves of poop into the toilet. I said before that he can finish up in less than five minutes, and that was no exception. I remember even when we were ten or so that he could shit very quickly while I take a while, somethings never change.
He got up to wipe. Since his shit is usually softer than mine, he tends to wipe a lot more than I do. I looked into the toilet bowl and his poopie logs were long a! nd stringy.
It was my turn to go. Since I had to go so badly, I was able to push out my first shit in less than a minute. I usually take longer to go. Even so, I spent about 10 minutes sitting on the toilet. I got up to wipe. I let out four poopie logs, shorter but wider than Nick's. I had to wipe 5 times, if I remember. Nick also looked at the shit I just left in the toilet.
We repeated the same buddy dump a couple of weeks later, again at his house. He took about the same time to go, about 5 minutes, while I took 15-20 minutes to go. It was after that we showered together for the first time and did other things that I'll leave to your imagination... :-)
Yes I, and Nick, have other stories to tell. I saw Laura yesterday and thought again about the time she took a shit in the boys room. I haven't told her about this site but she's the type of person who'd think this is cool. She is a close friend to both Nick and me. Laura's the only girl whom I really! have feelings for, though I love my boyfriend a lot more. Derrick n Nick forever!

To anonymous: I Loved your story!! I liked the part where you wet the bed and your sister spanks you,then you pee on her. I thought that part was funny, why did you get a spanking for wetting the bed and peeing on your sister?

To Logger: Great story!! I like how you got to watch your friend shit outside, it was a big one, huh.

To Jamie: I Don't understand your joke about constipation, what begins with N and ends, with N? What is the anwser?

Rob (Canada)
AJ: You mentioned a while back how there are so few pee stories and so many poop ones. I too have had a lot more wet accidents than messy ones. You can check out a few of my accidents (both wet and messy) in the archives.

I once had a really embarassing accident in grade 10. My friend Tom and I got caught cheating on a test in math class when there was a substitute teacher. The sub never said anything about it to us, but when our regular teacher came back he was MAD! He called us both up in front of the class and I was freaking out kind of bad. I know it's stupid, but he scared me so bad when he called my name I felt a spurt of pee go into my pants. While we were up there and he was explaining how terrible cheating on tests is, I felt a trickle down my leg. As he continued yelling at us in front of everyone, I just kept wetting my pants. I tried everything to stop but I just kept peeing and peeing until I had soaked myself. I was standing behind his desk and not reall! y facing Tom or the teacher, so nobody knew I'd peed my pants yet. Finally he finished his lecture, telling us we'd both get zeros. My face was burning from both the lecture and my accident, and then came the terrible part. I had to go back to my seat, showing off to everyone my lack of control. There were lots of remarks and giggling. I sat back in my seat in my wet pants for the rest of the period, utterly humiliated. Thankfully my teacher never knew. After class, I cut and went home to change. I had to tie my jacket around my waist to try and hide what I'd done, and I got a few stares on the bus.

I'd like to hear about other classroom accidents from other people and how your teacher handled them when they found out (IF they found out). I was also wondering what is the longest someone held a poop accident in their underwear. Did anyone try to conceal it at school and walk around with poopy pants for a whole day?

Saturday, July 22, 2000

Jenn L
Umm.. I have a question, I usually have normal poops. I go to the bathroom sit, poop, wipe, and flush then I am done. Well about 5 days ago I started to notice I have to push and strain to get it out I have never had to do this before. Plus I have had a lot of gas. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is it because I am only 13 and am matureing? Please someone help me this is getting painful! Thanks for caring!!

Squatter man
Upon looking around the internet, I have found many photos and movies of women who like to "squat" on the toilet, by this I mean, they place their feet ON the toilet seat itself, and pee. Is this common? Why?

I am a man, and I had to try to see how it would feel. Upon doing this the first time, I found it extremely erotic. I find it I pee better if I squat on the toilet, although it is a bit hard. Any other man do this? Is this normal? (I have yet to try to take a dump squatting, but I don't think I can do that!)

AJ, the ends justifies the means. That feeling of relief to emply that filled to the brim bladder is sometimes better than sex and at the time all that mattered was letting go.

personal hygene is a word tossed around a lot, meaning different things to different people. I learned long ago that wipeing away a wet paste with dry paper is probably the worst idea even foisted on the public since the short- end-of-the-stick originated. Dry paper smears ,spreads and otherwise is unsatisfactory for the intended purpose. The Arab system of washing ones perenial zone with water and the Left hand (did you ever wonder why the cut off the right hand of a thief in Arab countries, or why its an insult to extend your left hand as a greeting?) makes a lot of sense. The hose hanging in many Turkish toilets is NOT to wash the pan, its to wash your bum.

Bidets, while a bit ackward to use with your shorts or panties around your ankles, are a great very useful European idea. Again the availability of soap, water and towel clearly is a superior method of cleansing ones self.

As a compromise, I am in the habit is always keeping wet wipes or diaper wipe! s near the toilet to tidy up. If anyone thinks that dry paper folded or wadded is doing the job, try this. Wipe until you are happy with the dry paper system, then take another swipe with a wet-wipe. Dollars to donuts there will be considerable additional soil removed with that last swipe, demonstrating that dry paper doesn't cut it. Stores like Home Depot are now selling a little fountain device that fits below the edge of the bowl, I havent tried it. Does anyong else have thoughts on this subject?

Larry in Arizona
One time when I was out toolin around in my truck I hadda take a crap real bad. So I just pulled over and shit in a bag and then tossed it out the winda by the side of the road. It stunk up the truck real bad cuz I had beans and chili and tamales and beer fer lunch. Now some folks would call wut I did ignerant, but I couldn't hep it. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go and a guy's gonna use any means available an sometimes there ain't no terlits in these parts. Next day I wuz passin by the same spot and my bag with the shit in it was plain gone. Dunno if somebody made off with it or it just dried up an blowed away. I'll prolly haf to do this agin sometime in the future if I got to go bad enough.


Hi! I meant to reply to your outdoor poo event but I've been offline for a few days. Kim, what an awesome poo! From your desription, it must have been like giving birth to a salami! (I don't usually describe things like that, but it seems especially apt!) I find myself very excited at the way you did it, standing behind your car... I can imagine you tesned up, rising maybe on the balls of your feet, angling your lower back, then extruding your monster progeny. Wow!

I've done some biggies in the past but nothing like that. I usually average 8 or 9 inches for firm motions, though many are smaller, and a few are larger. 12 inches is the biggest in a long time for me, but they tend to break off and when the motion is complete I can often have passed 18 inches worth in three or four pieces. If it was firmer it might stick tgether.

Hm, I can just imagine Steve ceremoniously removing one of your mighty poos and perhaps burying it in the gar! den... And planting roses on top of it! (Maybe not...) You could always cut out a step -- have you consdiered preparing a small trench in the garden and emptying your bowels there? Then you could bury your product with honors, water the lawn and go inside refreshed!

I was delighted to read of your standing wee into the bushes, how I could visualize it! I knew Louise would love that bit too!

All my best to you and Scott, and keep those wonderful stories coming!

All my best,



Wonderful letter, dear, I'll write a reply asap!

hi everybody i'm pretty new in this forum and i'd like to say after reading all of your stories i feel much better about myself.when i was younger i had a few wetting accidents in school and i also had a poop accident that sticks out in my mind.i've often thought about it,but haven't done it as an adult.has anyone also felt this way?

There was this one time when i was 10. I just woke up and i found out wet the bed. I started to cry because i knew i was going to get in trouble. I ran to the abthroom to try to hide my pajamas, but no luck. My mom went in my room when i was in the bathroom. She told me to pull everything off. She took the sheets off and got my sister to spank me. So as usual i was kicking and crying and then i had to go pee, but i couldn't go because i was getting spanked. I tried to hold it but i couldn't and i peed on my sister's lap. She screamed and went to get my mom. After they cleaned up, my sister spanked me again and then my mom spanked me both bare. i cried a lot that time.

sincere question
Is it normal to have such desires of wanting to watch
someone of the opposite sex use the toilet?? I have always
wondered what is it that fascinates me?? It doesnt seem to be the privacy aspect, because I wouldnt be attracted to watching a girl in the shower, or changing her clothes as much?? Maybe its something to do with seeing someone half naked vs fully naked?? Is it normal to have such an attraction??

Well we all have our little accidents. I could usually hold it in but this one time I couldn't. I was working as a camp conceller and I was talking my bunk to the farm that was about two miles away from the nearest bathroom. I had the hugest crush on one of the male concellers. My bunk was looking at the rabbits when I realised I had to pee.I said " Girls come on let's go!" They wouldn't go. I yelled at them and grounded them from free time. They finally came but it was too late. My flared jeans were soaked and my 12-year-old kids were laughing hysterically. I knew I'd be the talk at the Mess Hall that night!

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