W C Girl

I remember some years ago I was waiting at a bus stop in Ilford Essex (uk) when a boy of 7 or 8 who was standing in front of me told his mum he needed the toilet. He mum told him to go behind the bus stop. He replied that he needed a poo. They looked around, then his mum lead him to a shop door way, the shop was closed. She whipped down his trouser and paints, then sat him down. She was standing behind him holding hime under each arm for surport. He sat there facing the road. Very quickly he had produce the one long shit say 10 inches buy 2 inches, I was very impressed for such a small child, he must have realy needed to go. Then without wipping they return to the bus quee and waited for the bus as if nothing had happened. I felt sorry of the shop keeper who had to clear this up. I have seen a number of children go to toilet in the road side both Boys & Girls but this is the only time I noticed some doing a poo like this. AS a child I used the road sid! e a number of times but only for a wee although this was some time ago. Do parnet still allow this now there a so many shops and places like Macdonnald to use?

I got back from Vacation to the Mid-West after being gone for 2 weeks. This is a long one :)

First, I was at my parents lake place for 4th of July in Northern Indiana. My brother, I and one other guy was playing Euchre late one nite and my brother had to take care of some beer. He went outside to take a leak since the bathrom was occupied. The other guy and I joked that we were too old to do this but did it anyway :)

Second, I went to the college where I attended for my undergrad years. There was one fraternity that was next to mine that had stalled showers but however, they still have doorless toilets. The house I belonged to was closed during the summer which disappointed me. I was going to stay there one nite for memory lane sake :) I talked to the alumni chapter advisor and we got to talking. He mentioned that colleges kids today are spoiled with wanting suites with their own bathrooms instead of the old dorms which each room had 2 people and there was a ! community showers and toilets. Gone are the days of sharing a shit with a neighbor at the other end of the hallway. Kids today don't know what they are missing. Also mentioned, most kids have never had roomates much less shared a bathroom with someone else.

Third, I visited a fraternity house at Butler University which is the same national fraternity that I belonged to. I got a little tour and I mentioned that I needed to take a dump. THe other guy showed me the bathroom but unfortunately did not stay for the duration.

Well, there is more later :)

Q. What dis the constipated person say?

A. I have a terrible back-log.

I felt I had to respond to him as it seemed it bothered him a bit and well i felt only a person who was pretty much in his shoes could talk to him. Sometimes people need to talk to each other in such maters.. deciding for one without know what the other thinks or feels is wrong.. and sometimes it cam be selfish. So it's good you two will talk. Linda is a year younger than you as she turned 9 in March and yes she lives with me and Elena. I am her legal guardian even though her parents can take her back at anytime.. but she seems happier with us. Ironicly enough she is with them spending a bit of summer vacation before school starts up again. You can post her some thoughts or stories if you wish.. I'm sure you gals would have been great friends as you have things in common and probably loads to talk about. Well I must be off.. Elena says she wil post again soon for those who wish to hear about her girl's night out with Belinda and Nora.

Devoured & Delivered
My name is Hance. Since I've been posting my wife's most major BMs here at THE TOILET, people have emailing me, asking me about the time Teah swallowed her engagement ring. Teah had asked me not to write about that occurrence because she felt bad about having to poop out her wedding band on our honeymoon (although she enjoyed pressing out that baseball bat 12 incher on the Great 4th because she planned it for me). I had a talk with Teah and she agreed to let me post it. She told me not to go into detail, just to tell it the way she wanted. Then, she recalled how happy I was on the Great 4th; she said, "Use more details." And so, the time that Teah swallowed her wedding band happened 2 years after I met her at Gina's party. Teah was eating and pooping like crazy that year. At that time, Teah had a size 26 waist (it would get up to 30, until she let loose heaping stinky loads of her fecal material) and her hips were (and still measure) 38. That big butt of hers was juic! y and thick back then, and it's big and round even today. And her turds still shock me to this very day! Teah told me that she was an ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet. She was getting her grub on for the last time, before she squeezed her balloon booty into that wedding dress. She said that her ex-boyfriend was there, and she removed her wedding band and placed on the side of her plate. She admitted to flirting with him. After he left, she shoveled Macaroni salad into her face; she didn't chew, she just gulped it down (Teah said she liked the way the cold noodles and sauce felt as it slid down her throat). When she got home, she didn't realize her ring was gone until I called her. I asked her where it was. She told me to come over. Then she confessed that she might have swallowed it. I was horrified; our wedding was 2 days away. We had breakfast at her mom's: Teah put away 8 pancakes smothered in butter flavored syrup with lots of extra butter. Teah ate 5 grilled cheese san! dwiches for lunch. For dinner she and some Spanish rice with chicken. We said our good-byes and I told her not to have any bowel movements, unless I was here (to chop up the turd and look for the ring). Teah agreed and that's pretty much how she liked all of her major BWs: with me watching her. On wedding day we left the ring part out and we were married. During the after party at her parent's house, Teah wore this tiny, tight white dress. I remember that outfit like the one on July 4th, it was a stretch knit, body silhouetting, capped shoulder spandex dress, and she'd have to pull it down at the rear every time she got ready to sit down. Then slow we danced, her arms locked around my neck, my hands firm on her butt cheeks. With a whisper, she announced, "I have to move my bowels." We went up to the bathroom and Teah removed her snow-white high heels. I asked her keep the shoes on, but she said she needed to "spread her toes" while she pooped. And so, I put up the se! at cover. She smiled at me while she pulled up her dress. She allowed me to slide down her white panty hose; being next to her lower body, I could smell silent farts escaping her. Teah stepped out off the hose and thumbed the elastic on her fresh white draws. I sat on the tub edge and traced an outline of her half-a-watermelon butt cheeks with my eyes. She took down her panties and sat on the toilet seat. She peed, broke wind, and then folded her hands in front of her and tilted forward. She asked me, "Can you chop up my poop and find the ring?" I said to her, "Not here. Just do your business, and we'll take the stool with us." She made an erotic cursive Q-shape with her body, and I watched her booty cheeks spread open. Teah braced the front of the seat with her hands and prepared to press down on restrained, wedding-suppressed loads. Yet, she would not start the bowel movement, until I could see her protruding anus clearly.
I bent forward and to the right and! got a good look up her butt. I could see her moist, pink anus throbbing. Teah's butt hole pounded and pressed out the pinhead of a crackly, soft serve, chocolate pudding-looking surprise. She was very tense, and her anus kept breaking off the turd. She was pushing and grunting, trying her best to make a long one before she was empty. Just when Teah got her anal sphincter muscles nice and relaxed, wedding guests starting knocking on the bathroom door. Teah told me to tell them that she was sitting on the toilet, and that she was having a bowel movement. After I told a few guests, (opening the door and letting out Teah's fumes in the process) the guests got the message and left us alone. Teah continued pressing out loads until she could poop no more. She got a coat hanger from the closet and hacked up her mushy stools. There was no wedding ring. "It's still inside me," she said sadly.
On our honeymoon we spent 2 weeks in the mountains at a newlywed camp. Teah sta! rted complaining of rectal pain on the 6th day, so I took her to a doctor. The doctor checked did some x-rays. He asked me if I knew Teah was severely constipated. I told him I knew this. He said Teah's stools were shaped like thick rope knots; there was some serious fecal impaction in her rectum too. And then he asked me, "Did you know that there's a piece of jewelry in one of her stools?" I told the doctor that Teah swallowed the wedding ring, and he gave Teah an herbal stool softener. "The feces should slide right out of her," the doctor proclaimed. Teah and I returned to the camp. She hadn't moved her bowels for a week now. She didn't eat much either; she took the capsules like the doctor said. During a movie in the adult center, Teah said that she had to pinch a loaf. We returned to the cabin we shared with another couple (it was 2-sided). The mounding feces drove Teah crazy as she skittered inside, butt cheeks clinched tight. The toilet was a plastic contai! ner that looked like a urinal on the floor. Teah said she felt a sticky, hot mass moving down; she said she mashed the turd, but it had already poked her draws. She dropped her sweatpants and used tissue to wipe the around her anus. Her poop stunk like newborn feces. Teah bent forward and let the revolting smoothness launch. After she let out a few long, mushy logs, her anus tightened and she moaned. This must have been the "rope knots" the doc was talking about. Teah was straining now; her anus was gapping, but there was no poop. She got off the toilet, squatted down and let the front of her shoulders rest on her knees. She took a deep breath and pressed down with all her might. The head of a packed brown cluster peeked out of her hole, and slipped back in. Teah peed on the floor and pressed harder. Her dampened anus expanded and started pushing out the knotted-fudge bulk. I watched her bend sharper until her arms were before her and legs like a kangaroo. I pla! ced paper towels under her big butt. Teah grunted and pressed down again. The impaction was distorted and solid; it wasn't coming out straight, it actually turned up and to the right! Teah broke it off and it hit the floor with a blunt THUMP. Teah moaned deeply and said, "It feels like huge, dry tree branch!" She started to press out more poop. She peed between pushes and didn't let up on that turd for second. She broke off another dry thumper. Teah used her hands to open her cheeks wider, anus stretched at the sides. The final stout load slid out with vibrant, laboring pushes. Teah rocked to and back on her feet, grunting loudly. She even bobbed up and down like a frog to get the blockage moving. Finally, Teah rested and let the 2-inch thick fudge stick slither out of her body. "I'm still full," she said, and pushed out a tiny 3-incher, and embedded at the middle of the softer load was her wedding ring. After that, we made love all night. She still wears the rin! g, though. I can't blame her either.

Alaska guy
I live in Alaska, in a cabin in the woods. Don't have running water, so I use an outhouse. I am writing this from the college, where I check my email. FYI, I am 26 years old, with a stocky build. I do carpentry and housepainting for a living. Guess I am sort of a bear type guy, hairy with a beard.

I have a good friend who comes and visits me all the time. He is a little older than me, and taller. He works outdoors in the park south of where I live. He's in his 40s and has blue eyes, brown hair and a bushy handlebar mustache.

We are both very open about peeing and taking dumps around each other. Sometimes when we both have to take a leak, we will go outside to the bushes behind my cabin, and pee at the same time, crossing the streams of piss.

One time we were in the hardware store at Sears, picking up a portable storage shed, when my buddy said that all of the sudden he had to take a crap. We went into the men's room and he entered a stall. I could he! ar him taking what sounded like a big noisy dump. It went on for a while.

Another time we were taking a hike through the woods near my cabin, when I felt like I had to poop. I told him to stop for a minute, because I saw a bent over tree off of the trail. This was a young alder tree that had fallen over low to the ground. I unbuckled my belt, dropped my britches, and rested my hindquarters on the tree, with my butt hanging out. Then I relaxed my gut and felt the nice sensation of a big ol turd coming out. It felt real good. Did a few more turds, I really couldn't tell you the size 'cause it never crossed my mind to calculate. But it was pretty big. All the time my buddy was sort of half looking and half looking away. It was a pretty clean dump so afterwards I just stood up, pulled up my jeans, buckled, and walked off satisfied.

I have more stories too.


I don't think it's my place to offer advice, but here it goees anyway. If I had my way, I'd camp out in a mensroom just to watch the guys come in a do thier business. But I don't. It's not right and I exercise self control. You need to do the same dude! Leaving the door open so someone can walk by and catch you as your drop your load is one thing, but dumping in places like urinals, trash cans and the bumper of your car is another.

As much as I'd like to catch you in any of the situations you describe you need to confine your public dumps to the toilet (in what ever position you choose to use) and the odd trip to the woods. Your right, it's just a matter of time before you get caught (or nearly caught). And I don't mean by a passing bystander, I mean the police.

Many years ago, I spent a lot of time 'stopping by' a particular park restroom. I did it because none of the three stalls had doors and they were very short partions. you cou! ld easily see under and over them. My hope was always to see a guy sitting on one or both of the other stalls. But one day a cop stopped me as I was walking out. It seemed he had seen me go in and thought I was in there too long. I was right, i had been in there quite a while. He didn't do anything but take may name but it scaredthe hell out of me. I haven't been back since and don't plan on going again. It's just not worth it!

I still like seeing a guy on the toilet, it's a huge turn on. And there is nothing like a buddy dump and chatiing with the guy in the next stall while we both do our business. But i take then when they happen. And you should too. I don't want you to feel what I felt when that cop stopped me.

Find a friend you trust (and I know the subject matter makes it worse, none of my friends know) and talk with them or maybe give them a show to help curb those urges. I'd help if I could.

Hi Steve & Louise,

Many thanks for your terrific letters! I'll answer in the order they were posted -- here goes:


Indeed, I see your point and thank you (both) for your consideration. Yes, drawing attention to a problem is often to worsen it by default, especially in anxiety issues such as this. My way of dealing with it has been rationalisation followed with voluntary action, and while it's not a perfect solution, I've made more progress in the last two years or so than ever before.

However, I don't think I'd have been able to make a serious move without coming to know something of the pee-fun others have, and I cite the helpful encouragement of folks such as yourselves as instrumental in getting me out of the starting gate. I first broached the problem on another forum and the response I got was pretty exciting (as it broached an area of then-taboo for me) and personally touching (there are some nice people out there!) Don't wor! ry Steve, running water always helps! "Calm blue ocean ... calm blue ocean ... calm blue ocean" is a mantra for relaxation that has a watery connotation, and seems to help when "pointing penelope at the porcelain" (to paraphrase a masculine saying!)

I never tire of yours and Louise's delicious adventures, and they do indeed help bring about a new mindset that makes possible things that never were. And yes, my men's room raids have been a kind of flag for change. I used to count how many times I did it, but I lost count last year at some dozens of times. I'm so delighted Louise has found it as pleasurable as I do!

Good point re the timing of a dumping session, it just might not be possible. Trying to hold could be a mistake, and if I'm really excited or tense I might end up with the runs instead of a nice firm load. Hmmmm, just have to play it by ear. A park-dump? Interesting! There are no parks as such around here but a couple of nature reserves are not too f! ar away -- and the warm weather is drawing nearer.

Yes, a little merriment might be the way to go -- I could maybe take a pack of bottled cider on a beach expedition instead of just water. Two bottles into a four pack I should be a bit merry to say the least, and very ready to pee!

Yes, the Aussie women's soccer team are really something, they once went seven matches without conceding a goal. They're giant killers! And a very beautiful group of women too. The team is called "The Matildas" -- of course, what else? Australian sporting teams have socio-parochial names. Initiations involving urination, yep, that's more common than most might think. They keep such things pretty quiet, a "secret business" kinda thing. As an AP sufferer I always found such ideas threatening, and that's a pity because it's not necessarily so, and there's clearly heaps of fun being missed out on where the Misses are concerned!

Aussie netballers are very enthusiastic, big str! apping Amazons for the most part. The local champs are a team called the Thunderbirds (no, they don't fly F-16s *or* bright orange rocketships!), and tonight they played a team called the Ravens. It's got a fair bit of she-macho involved, and I tend to raise an eyebrow with a smile when I imagine what the locker-room business is like after a victory!

The business of your office friend's men's room escapade does indeed underline what a good relationship you and Louise share. It's pretty wonderful to know another so well, and I hope for the future myself.

Your description of Louise using the toilet in the manner of a urinal is sooooo perfect! I checked out the same thing just the other night, dressed nicely, stood sideways by my mirror, and raised my skirt, assumed the posture -- didn't actually have a wee, but just observed the pose and the overall image one inevitably presents to others when performing this act in company, and more and more I regret that soc! iety is either ignorant or resisting of women doing this. It's so frustrating to be able to and have this "cultural constipation" in the way. I've spoken on the web in the past to several women who use this method, and know of many more, and not one has ever intimated that it makes them feel any less feminine, or anything like that. But every single one speaks of a sense of awakening when they discover it's possible.

That was a nice bathroom session you two enjoyed! And a lovely description -- "twisting yellow gusher" brings many an evacuation to mind!

Take care, Steve, we'll chat again soon. Now, over to Louise!

Hi Louise,

It's many a year since I've lived where there's a proper tiled shower compartment, and the nearest I've come is at a motel last year -- I love to hear the crackly splashing of a standing wee with those acoustics! That must have been some desperation, and a mighty waterfall to behold!

The warm wash down the legs -! - I love it! At my great beach peeing adventure I let it go down my legs a couple of times in the great outdoors, nonchalantly, almost disbelieving of what I was able to do.

I know what you mean about passing small lumps of poo -- I tend to call them "rabbit-pellets," but it's a long time since I did any of those! I've been enjoying some larger productions lately, certainly a bit wider, and very pleasurable. In weeing adventures, I've been doing it in the sink quite a lot, two and three times in the evenings. And I've been busy outdoors during the last few days of good weather -- rather than come in to have a wee I've been using a bucket in the garage. I take a standing tinkle in the bucket used for washing the car, at least five or six times so far. I don't know how much is water and how much is pee, but I'll have to change it before the car is next washed, or it'll dry with an odd finish...

Keep me posted on your progress with self defense, it's terrific to! know you're practicing.

I loved your story of having a wee with your workmates in the alley. If it was a new experience for them they were perhaps anxious, and not simply enjoying the act. You obviously got a blast out of it, it's a shame they didn't. You know, when I was a kid in the north of England the neighbourhood boys used to wee on the brick walls in the backstreets, and their game was to see how high they could make a mark, the refrain being "musta been a HUGE dog that did that one!" I find myself wondering slyly now just how high you or I could mark a wall. A wet stain three or four feet up the wall is not impossible, with plenty of up-lift to the wrist-action (pissed action?), eh? And we'd just have to chalk a Venus symbol next to our territory-marking for good measure. "There you go, lads. Read 'em and weep... or is that seep?!"

Many fun moments, dear, and may your stream always be golden,


Here's a question for ya'll. I was wondering if some one could tell me what it's like to have a bowel movement in a bed pan in the hospital. A friend of mine told me that you are laying down when you use it, but I'm wondering how this is possible. It must be so uncomfortable! Also, if you're a woman and have to urinate, wouldn't the urine just go all over the place? Can you guys please explain this to me?

I've heard lots about this, going to the bathroom outside. Well I don't get to do it much cause there is no real privacy outside where i am. Well I happen to be alone tonight and i decided to take a piss outside cause it was dark out. I decided to pee behind this pine bush and i begain and when i was done a bird flew out of the bush!! I've only pooped outside once, thats it.

New Girl - i absolutely LOVE your stories!

Jessica From Canada - great story! especially when you both peed on the toilet together and she sprayed you! i would love to get sprayed by one of my friends. i also loved the trampoline part! i'm looking forward to your next cottage story!

Lawn Dogs Kid and Kendal - i really love your stories! and i just had to tell you, i think your relationship is so special, and i know you will continue what you do for years to come.

sorry, i'll try to think of a story next time. i know, i already said that!

see ya,

New Girl
OK, I am back and ready to post! :)

Goldgirl - thank you for answering me, I figured you would like my posts, and I also figure you will like most of this post, since the most of it is peeing stories…

I already told you about that girl in the store, well, I saw her mother in the store again another time, and she asked if I babysat. I told her I did sometimes, and now I babysit Stephanie (her daughter) all the time. Let me tell you, she is my favorite girl to babysit, because she likes to pee in fun places in my house when I allow her to, and she sometimes poos there, too. Well, one time, we were in my room (as you can tell she usually comes to my place when I babysit her), and we were watching TV. I tell her about when I pee in the sink, or how I can pee standing up, etc. Well, one day, I told her about how I liked to pee in the woods, and she said she had to pee. I suggested going to the woods behind our house, and she agreed. She went out with me, and we walked deep enough into the woods where no one ever rides their bikes, or anything like that. She pulled down her pants before we even got to the place I said we would go, and said, "Where are we gonna go?" I pointed to the closed off place about 3 feet ahead, and she sort of waddled over there. She immediately sat right down. I told her, maybe she could try standing to go? She stood up and asked how to do it. I told her to take off her shoes, socks, and pants. She took off everything below her waist, and as soon as she had, she exploded and started peeing. She just missed where she had laid her pants at, but turned to where she wouldn't get them wet. I moved them anyway, because the way the woods were sloped, the pee would run right onto her pants. So, I bent over to move them and she farted right in my face. I told her I didn't mind and she told me, "I hafta poo, too." I figured she should squat to pee, because she wasn't that experienced at pooing in the toilet, even. So I to! ld her she shouldn't stand, and she sat down. I laughed and said, "No, you have to squat, like this." I showed her and she copied my position. She farted several times and then I saw a piece coming out of her. It kept getting bigger and bigger and then got stuck. She kept pushing and pushing, farting each time, but it didn't budge. I told her to turn around and let me rub her ????, and she did and it came out. She and I went into the regular bathroom later and she finished her pooping and then went home soon after that.

I don't have time to post any other ones, sorry, but I might later, and it may be added to this if I do it before this gets posted.

New Girl

Anne. I read the account of your accident last week with great interest and enjoyment. No doubt it's an experience you'll not forget in a hurry but that said it's the sort of thing that could happen to anyone. As you've already indicated, you still needed to do more when you'd finished your initial jobbie but it wasn't in any hurry at that stage to come out. My guess is that the exercise of walking, especially if it was fairly brisk, brought the need to poo on the way home prematurely. If you'd had the car as normal it probably wouldn't have happened.

It's notoriously difficult to judge sometimes just how badly or otherwise you do need to go and there's no way you could have sat on the loo at work indefinetly until the rest dropped out. You might have waited ten minutes or an hour! Sometimes when I've been for #2 I have to go back again shortly afterwards, usually for #1 but sometimes #2.

Keep up your good postings. They're great.

Best re! gards

Lawn Dogs Kid
TO COUSIN: I see Kendal has already replied to your post. I would also like to add my sincere thanks for your words of wisdom, and for sharing your experiences with your family, and especially about how Linda thinks of her relationship with you. Obviously we have differing points of view. You spend whatever time you do in the bathroom with Linda at her behest. You do it because she wants you to, and you love her. Kendal and I go to the bathroom together because we both want to, and enjoy doing that for one another. Thats the difference. I want to be there when she goes. Its very sad knowing that many other people will always view something like this with deep suspicion, like the women in your family that you describe. This is why Kendal and I keep this a secret ( along with her best friend Chloe ). Neither of us feel any shame or guilt about what we do. We just know that our parents would stop us seeing each other if they were ever to find out. This is why we are both careful! about when we do this. There are plenty of times that we go without one another, no doubt secretly wishing that the other was able to be there. But what we have together is so special, it is worth protecting at all costs.

Some people with sinister minds will wonder what else we get up to, but Kendal and I have never ever touched one another like that. O.k, so I've told how I've held up her skirt for her while she went, and we've held hands while sat on the toilet, but beyond that, we do all of the necessary for ourselves. The beautiful bond and love that we have for each other would be completely shattered if we were ever to break that sacred trust. But we both know that letting the other watch is very exciting for the watcher ( and listener ). That is a big part of why we do it. However, the most important thing of all is that through going to the bathroom together, we have found an expression of our friendship, trust and love for one another. In truth, it is that e! xpression which I fear losing the most.

Cousin, Kendal and I will talk about all of this. But it may take some time for us to have the chance to do so. School holidays are only a week away, but we are both going away as soon as they start. I'm going to sign off this site for a few days to think about things. But I'll still read it, and I expect that Kendal might still post, but she doesn't have access to the computer every day.

Will speak to everyone again soon.

Monday, July 17, 2000

someone remember there is a movie called Leolo it features the main character (a 12 years old boy )to have a dump every day?

Earlier today, I went in to Wal-mart to buy some athletic apparel. When I was in the dressing room, I was overcome with the extreme urge to poop. I still had quite a few items to try on, so I held it until I had decided what to buy. When I was waiting in line to check out, I felt an excrutiating pain in my abdomen. I hadn't pooped in over a week! I had sat down and tried hard a few times, but at best a little ball or two would fall out. I knew there was a lot in there. Finally, I was checked out and I could go to the bathroom. I went inside and it was crowded. There were about 5 closely-packed stalls. There were several ladies waiting outside for their turn. After about 10 seconds, the handicapped stall opened and one of the women in front of me went in. Almost immediately two more stalls opened and the other two ladies went in for their turn. One was probably in her mid-twenties and the other was about 18 and very cute. The line was building behind me. Finally,! about a minute later, a very cute girl, probably around 20 came out of one of the stalls. It was my turn. Looking into the toilet, I could see little chunks of poop floating around, even though the girl had flushed the toilet. I knew she was the one who pooped. I wanted to masturbate so bad. About this time, I heard a young girl in one of the stalls beside me straining to poop. I could tell she was trying to keep it low so that no one would know, but she couldn't help it. I peeped under the wall, and I saw her toes mashed hard against the floor and the rest of her foot pushed straight upward. Her legs were bowed out. I stood there and watched in awe. It was several minutes before I heard a plop. Meanwhile, I was so excited that I had yet to begin my own session of pooping. Even though I had felt an extreme urge when I was out in the store, it was hard to poop now. Every time I would push, I would feel a great big cramp in my abdomen and it was hard to breathe. D! amn, I needed to get this out of my system! I could hear that more people were waiting outside, but they'd just have to hold it while I finished! I strained hard and I could feel my face shaking. I was sweating so bad! I tried to ignore the cramp and force it on out. I held my ???? and pushed loudly. Reaching down with my fingers, I could tell that about 1 inch of a turd had come out. I held it right there and pushed with all of my might. It was barely moving! I knew everyone in the bathroom could hear me. About 5 minutes later, the first turd made a dive for the toilet. The second one came down a little quicker, but I still strained hard to get it out. By this time, the girl next to me was finishing up and I was sad. No one did anything but pee after her. I was the lone pooper. After that second one came out, it opened the door for some turds that had been backed up inside my intestines. They came out a lot easier, but they were wide and big and hurt badly co! ming out. My whole session took about 15 minutes and I stood up, wiped my butt, and fastened my shorts. I was dizzy! I flushed the toilet and opened the door before my poop had enough time to swirl down the drain. The line of girls outside the stall looked at me like I was the little poop woman. They had all heard me, especially the ones that had been in there longer waiting for a stall.

Three weeks ago ago we had a large celebration in the city in which I live. At all places in the town there were meals and beverages offered. Where drinks must be also to pee. Naturally there were toilets. But were as used before the " Ladies Restroom " many women during the gentlemen's toilet was empty. I was at the mans restrooms and was peeing. Then the the door was opened and it came a woman into the gentleman restroom. She looked at me and disappeared into a free stall. I heard like it the skirt pulled up, the panties down-shifted and then a wonderful long Pee noise, how only women it can make. It took surely almost 1 minute. Then I heard the paper and think, she was cleaning herselv. Suddenly I noticed that I was finished already at the latest with my business. But evenly, the noise of the " Women peeing " fascinated me in such a way that which I solidified like a salt column. I love the noise of Peeing Women.

to hiker-uk: Where are you. I'm missing yours stories

I was in a very upscale dept. store today, and i hadda pee. The mens room was very nice, dark tile, vanities, immaculate. Also, a fairly new building, but i was surprised to see the 3 urinals, were the "toilet" types, sort of old fashioned, like 3 small toilets jutting out of the wall. No privacy screens whatsoever, and the color of the mens urine is visable from anywhere in the room. Also when you walk in you can see all three mens penis's immediatly. I was kinda surprised, seemed more like a beach, or park type of fixture.

Sometimes I take my girlfriend's daughter to the men's room when I'm at the mall. Most recently we had a big lunch at the food court and all three of us had to go really bad. The women's restroom was very crowded so I too Linda into the men's room with me. We went into the stall together and I sat her down on the toilet. She pissed a lot and I asked her if she had to go number two also. She did, and it took a while. She giggled as her poop plopped into the toilet bowl. I helped her wipe because her bottom was very messy. When it's that messy she seems like she can't handle it and then her underpants get dirty. I had to wipe her 15 times. When she was done, I sat down on the toilet and pissed. She likes to flush the toilet and watch all the stuff go down. All this took about 30 minutes and then we washed our hands and split.

Thanks Adam (Glasgow)for the army reminisences. Did the bloke who shit himself on the square during parade mean to do it. If not and it was an accident, please tell us the full story! We don't get enough of those.

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