I enjoyed Adam's story of doing a nice big jobbie in the neighbour's toilet when he was a teenager. As a kid of about 14 I had a similar experience when visiting friends. Luckily they too were easy going and open types who were not offended by my big torpedo stuck in the pan, indeed it caused a lot of interest to their 10 year old son who kept going in the toilet to have a look at "Annie's big poo!" until it eventually went away after the toilet had been flushed 5 or 6 times. Since then I have, like many people here, often done big panbusters in other peoples toilets and im glad to say nobody seems to be too bothered about it.

I had to use a portaloo (portapotty in the USA) at a country show I drove a coach to yesterday. There seem to be 3 varieties of these. The most modern consist of unisex cubicles where the pan is dry but when the flushing handle is pulled it tips up dropping the contents into a large tank below and is then washed out by a jet of water containing disinfectant/deodorant. The most primitive is a collection of large plastic buckets with toilet seats and these are the worst as they soon fill up with urine and poo and used toilet paper etc and are a fast food heaven for flies! The third type which I used yesterday was a trailer with male and female toilets back to back, with 3 cubicles, no urinals in the mens toilets, and a couple of hand basins at the door end. The toilets themselves were seats over a round hole and the urine and turds fell into a large hopper beneath. Looking down one could see some real whoppers. I did a nice big 12 incher myself which made a thud as it fell into the hopper. As I got up and pulled up my knickers I heard another thud and saw a second big jobbie which the man in the toilet backing on to mine had just done. As I came out of the door to the ladies toilet I saw this thin teenaged boy of about 18 or so Id say come out so I imagine he must have done it. Later before I drove my party back I used the toilet again, this time only for a wee wee and say that there were a lot more jobbies of various shapes, colours and sizes piled up in the hopper. Anyone else got interesting portaloo/portapotty stories?

One now for Adrian. I did a jobbie in my knickers last week. Thankfully it wasnt a bad accident and I wasn't driving at the time. I had finished my shift and had gone for a motion in the womens toilet at the bus depot. I was slightly constipated and passed a big lumpy turd of about 10 inches with a loud "KUR-SPU-LOOMP!" I did feel that there was more up there to come down and sat on the pan for a few minutes but, apart from doing another small wee wee and emitting some farts I did nothing more. I wiped my bum, pulled up my knickers, dropped my skirt and came out. My car being in for a service I decided to walk back as it was a nice day. When I was about half way home I felt the remainder of my motion come down into my back passage. Now this didnt bother me to begin with, I was sure I could hold it in till I got home, another mile or so and there was a ladies public toilet on the way. I farted a couple of times and felt the lump come down towards my anus. Just as well that toilet was within sight. Oh no! when I got there it was closed for refurbuishment both the ladies and the gents sections. By now I realised that I needed quite urgently and wouldnt make it home. There was nowhere I could have gone and done it as this was on a busy main road with no convenient places to squat and do a poo. I resigned to the inevitable as I felt the lump push against my sphincter so I just let it happen. I felt my ring open and the jobbie start to slide out. Luckily it was only a small turd of about 4 inches long as I had done the big one earlier. Also it was very solid. It pushed against the seat of my white cotton briefs and I could feel it roll about as I walked home. I also dribbled the gusset slightly with wee wee. Now as I had on my knee length A line uniform skirt not trousers there was no external sign of my accident. Also I was wearing a pair of the white cotton interlock briefs with elastic through the leg bands rather than lighter Sloggi briefs so all was safely contained inside my knickers. When I got home I went straight to the toilet and took off my skirt. The lump had made a bulge in the seat of my knickers. I pulled them down and stepped put of them. In the seat there was a fat lumpy turd the size and shape of a goose egg. It hadnt squashed at all and had only made a large brown skid mark in the seat of my knickers. I turned these out over the pan where the jobbie made a "KUPLOONK!" as it fell into the water. I then sat on the pan to ensure I was clear and did another wee wee and a small lump the size of a billiard (pool) ball which went PLONK!, then I had a shower to clean myself. Things could have been a lot worse as I could have done the big jobbie in my knickers, or it could have been a soft motion not a firm one, I was wearing a skirt not trousers and had on the type of knickers which would keep everything. Still a lesson was learned by me, if you need a motion if possible stay seated for the entire performance, and nowadays dont rely on public toilets being open when you most need them. Has anyone else been caught out this way by a second installment of a motion?

To the unnamed poster: About the seeing someone going to the bathroom. I liked your story and i thought it was awesome you got to see what they did, and u got to see it when he was done,cool!!

To Kim and Scott: HOT CAR WASH!: I liked your story as usaly. It's cool that Kim pooped outside and it was recorded. Weren't u afraid of beeing seen?

NEW GIRL: Andrew has already posted about what happened when I met him off the school bus, and walked back to his house with him. I wanted to make the experience extra special for him. But it was quite hard. I wanted to keep my wee and my poo seperate, but I was getting a bit desperate to poo by the time we got to his house, and I expect you know how difficult it is to stop the poo coming out when you are trying to only wee. Fortunately, I managed a silent fart just as he finished his wee for me, and that took the pressure away for a while. I suspect that was what he was actually smelling when he spoke in his post about smelling my poo before he heard it plop. My poo was slipping out of me far too quickly for him to have smelled it before it plopped !!

ALTHEA: It was very scary my illness. I never had it bad like that before, and I don't know what I would have done without Andrew. Well, I do I suppose. I would have been sick all over the floor !

COUSIN: Andre! w is away for the day today, so he might not see your post for a day or two. I think you're a very nice man to talk to him the way you have. I know he will appreciate it very much. We have talked about this, but I think you're right and we need to talk about it some more. Linda lives with you and your wife doesn't she ? How old is she ? I was 10 in January. Its a pity we live in different countries. I think Linda and I would be such good friends.

I have to go now. Bye Bye to all the nice people on this site. Love from Kendal.

Jessica from Canada
This happened last year sometime, when i was up at my friends cottage. her cottage is right on the lake, so when you open the back door, its just a few short steps to the waters edge.

it was late friday night and we were discussing what we were going to do the next day. we said we were going to play tennis and go riding and such. then she said that we were going to do something fun early tomorrow morning before her parents got up. she didn't say what it was though.

i woke up early the next morning and i got up before my friend did. it had been cool the previus night so i wore only a sweater to bed to keep me warm. i really needed to pee so i went down the hall to the bathroom. i had just sat down on the toilet and began to pee, when my friend opened the door and pulled me away from the toilet while i was peeing and some got on the floor. she was wearing a robe and she told me to take off my sweater, she said we were going skinny dipping! we walked out the bac! k door and went to the end of the dock. she threw her robe off, so that she was naked and jumped into the lake. my bladder was sore from holding the pee for so long . i cupped my hand over my cunt and slowly put my foot into the water. i filled my hand with pee. i figured screw holding it when i'll just pee everywhere anyways. then i spotted her water trampoline and i got an idea to pee while jumping on the trampoline. i then jumped into the water and swam over to the trampoline, i climbed up on top and started jumping and peeing. it was so much fun, sure it was getting on me but who cares.

we were out there for an hour at least, and i forgot to mention we brought out 5 bottles of water to do neat pee tricks. at around 8 am, we were called in for breakfast. we got out and went to get our towels. we were drying for about 10 minutes when we finally relized our desperate need for the toilet from drinking too much water.

we ran inside and said each other that i ! would go pee upstairs and she would go pee downstairs. the only problem was that her older brother was in the one downstairs so she also had to use the upstairs one. but she didn't want to wait, so she decided to come right on in and sit on my lap and we peed together. we thought this was so funny, even though that she was spraying all over from my cunt to the towels in front of toilet.

don't you worry, i already remember something else that happened at her cottage but thats for next time! See ya! ;-)

wc girl
I was once walking by a park that I used to frequently visit as a child. I was actually across the street. I looked over and saw a mother and her 3 or 4 year old kid standing behind a tree but directly adjacent to the strett and sidewalk. so anyone could see! She pulled down his shorts and held his arm. He bent his knees and I immediately saw a brown log come out. He started to whine and his mother took out a tissue and wiped him. He resumed playing after pulling up his pants. I only remember peeing in the bushes once as a child and I felt very ashamed. I just don't see how you could do it! Also my name (WC girl), if you dont know wc stands for water closet or bathroom!

Hi people! I really enjoy reading these pages and it has made me realise that I am not all that weird for enjoying toilet functions. However, I would like some advice from some of you on how to stop what I think is dangerous behaviour.
I am a healthy 19yr old guy. I am not in a relationship just now but have had my fair share of girlfriends. I lost my virignity at the age of 15 to my closest female friend and although it took a few attepts, sex was great. I have always had what I thought was classed as a fetsih - I love pissing and shitting and also seeing others (guys and girls) shit and pee. Obviously this is not something you bring up very easily into relationships as I am sure the girls involved would freak with me!!
I have tried to work out why I get so turned on by these things and I have traced it back to when I was 11 and was out playing with my friends in the woods. We were playing a type of hide and seek game and me and my friend, Gary, were hiding behin! d some trees. He told me he needed to shit and I asked him if he was going to run home to the toilet. His answer shocked me and he said "no way" and he pulled down his trousers and pants right beside me and squatted slightly and I was treated to my very first showing of someone else shitting. He was trying not to strain too much as he didnt want to make a noise and get us caught and I can still see his facial expressions to this day. Far from being repulsed at this sight, I felt aroused. I watched the shit push out from his little bum hole and fall onto the ground only inches from me. I was amazed how much shit actually came out and also how the smell was not that strong. I had to stop myself from giggling as his penis started spraying out piss at the same time, almost involuntry. When he had finished he pulled out a tissue from his pocked and wiped his bum hole and put it on the ground. For ages, I just looked at the pile of shit beside us and re-played it worming out of his ! bum hole. Ofcourse I could not tell him how hot it had made me feel seeing him shit, but I masturbated twice that night thinking about it.
Since then, I have been really into pissing outside and whenever possibel, shitting outdoors. ANy chance I can, I shit outside in the woods, usually standing up against a tree. It gives me a buzz to know that someone will come along later and see my logs of shit and the paper tissue and know that its human excrement.
If I go into a public toilet, I will watch other guys pissing into the urinals and if I have to shit, I will try to sit squat above the toilet with the door open and shit when someone is likely to pass the cubicle. Although I am not gay, I do admit I love the idea of seeing other young guys passing shit - not as easy as seeing them at urinals though. With girlfriends I have tried listening at the toilet door when they go in and imagine them pushing out some really long shit logs. Unfortunately, they all tend to lock the bathroom door and do their business in private. They have no idea I get so turned on by all of this.
My problem I feel is that its all getting out of hand. I am now getting to the point where I am not shitting in the toilet at all. I drive home from work and will stop in a layby beside a major road and squat on the bumper of the car and shit onto the tarmac. Although the laybys are usually slightly away from the road, there is still a big chance of being seen. Although it would be aturn on for a stranger to see me pushing shit out of my little hole, it would be very embarrasing if the car was a Police car and I was arrested. I am ashamed to admit that I have gone to public toilets and actually taken a shit in a urinal and a wastebin. I feel guilty that someone has to clean this and know that it will repulse them. These are never small dollops of shit either, my shit is usually 7 inch logs and are firm as I eat alot of vegatbles. Obviously pissing is less easy to spot! and is more culturally acceptable but I just love doing them both. I fantasise about shitting on bus seats and in shop doorways although as yet, I have only pissed in these places.
I know it is really only time before I get into trouble and I am arrested but its become like an addiction.
Any advice would be welcome! Thanx Jason

Sunday, July 16, 2000

Lawn Dogs Kid
Okay buddy we need to talk. No I'm not scolding but you have questions and worries and I feel only a guy who's been where you are can help you. I know how you feel as you may read older posts I watched my cousin Linda many times. Unlike you I hoped for the age to come that she would become more private about using the toilet. it has yet to come. My problem was Linda and I were close and many of my family memeber questioned that.. you know.. oh a little girl and an older male family member.. something's going on. I hate my family.. all are women with way too much time on their hands and very dirty minds. Anyway a long time ago we had a talk. I told her someday she will be too old and she will have to be more private with her body and toilet habits. She glared at me and crossed her arms and said who was "I" to decide for "her"?! I said yes well.. she said it was her body and she would decide.. besides.. she trusted me.. and we were close.. is that bad? Over tim! e I realised that she was right.. we had a closeness and a bond few have with any family members.. and it never went further than just looking so no harm was being done. You need to talk to your little cousin and well have words about how you feel and your fear. What you may take as growing up maybe her become comfortable around you and she's just relaxing certain manners and habits.. meaning she trusts you and certain insecurities may be vanishing. it's best you two talk about this. In the end you'll both feel better. I know you two are good people and are old enough to decide on your own. You're lucky as many will never have someone of an opposite gender trust and love them so much.. within their own family. The way you care and watch over her reminds me so much of me. I thought for sure Elena would never understand.. but she does and envies me. So talk to her.. she seems to think the world of you and doesn't seem to have any plans to stop anytime soon. So think about what ! I said and talk. you'll thank me later.

Hello Tony, a man of similar interests reading back through the old posts. Im a wee bit older than you from what I can see but have got the same turn on from doing a big jobbie as we Glaswegians would say. Yes, like you I often heard my mum and my brothers and sisters doing motions and sometimes saw what they passed if it was too big to flush away. Likewise my wife Fiona is quite happy to let me accompamy her . I first volunteered to go in with her to rub her ???? when she was a bit constipated but she soon twigged that this was just an excuse but she was quite happy to let me watch her doing a poo. Like many of the women who post here she passes some nice big jobbies! ((She's quite ???? and so are her turds).

In the Army in those days the early 1960s, it was a lot more Spartan than today. Our barracks had doorless toilets. Not a problem to me, I had long been used to doing a motion with others around, brothers, sisters, mates and the toilets in our school often had their doors broken. Some of the lads from posher areas than Castlemilk were a bit put out but soon had to get used to performing in public. On outdoor training exercises of course, then as now, you went and did it when circumstances allowed, no place for prudish mummies boys. There was another lad called Harry from Manchester in my squad and we also did huge toilet blocking turds. He and I got on well and used to have friendly competitions to see who could do the biggest turd. we both achieved fat lumpy 16 inchers. On one exercise we amused the other blokes by having a simultaneous perfomance with both of us dripping our khaki trousers and white Y Fronts and each passing a big 12 fat incher to the cheers and encouragement of the others. One bloke however did have a bit of bad luck when he didnt go to the toilet before a parade and shit himself on the square. he both got the mockery of his mates and put on a charge and got company punishment.

This web site is worth its weight in gold. Good luck to all who enjoy a good big solid poo.

I watched somebody go to the bathroom before, because (im totally straight) aroused by young, buffed guys on the toilet, dropping massive loads.
My story takes place at the beach, where i was in the men's room peeing when this long haired asian surfer comes in, wearing a bathing suit, tong sandals, and a hawian shirt that was unbuttoned, allowing view of his muscular chest and stomach. He was in his early twenties I think, but anyway, he went over to the sinks and let his hair down. Now the toilets in the beach bathroom are metal, and have low metal dividers(the tops are, the bottoms are quite high). Now, this guy's stomach gurggles loudly, and he longingly glances at the toilets, all of which are unoccupied. He finally enters a stall, rips his shorts down, and plants his smooth tanned ass on the bowl.he sits forward and blasts a massive fart and pees loudly; then he shifts his feet and moans loudly as a HUGE log crackles for several seconds before splashing loudly int! o the bowl. He follows up with several more large logs that crackle loudly before making loud splashes into the water. The guy's dump smells wicked raunchy,which hangs in the air. "man that feels good" he says as rubs his stomach and farts out several smaller turds wicked fast. Now the stalls have no doors, and a large mirror in front of the stalls gives me a front row seat to the action. I was still at the urinal with a stiffy as this guy moans again. "Hey dude, better leave, I'm gonna blast a wicked mudslide," he said putting his hair behind his ears. I acknowledged, but remained "okay dude, your loss, but you can't say I didn't warn ya!" he says with a smirk and blasts a wet fart that reeks worse than the bowl full of logs. The smell was sharp and really strong. "that's a preview man, last chance... ohhh here we go" he says as he holds his stomach and shifts his toes in his sandals. "Three . . . two. . . one .. oooohhh" he moans as his stomach groaned and gurgled. All of su! dden he starts blasting thick liquishit with some bits 'n pieces into the bowl. He moves his toes around sighs as he sits there emptying himself loudly. The smell was overpowering, but I stayed. He didn't seem phased, and kept dumping and moaning for about three minutes when the liquishit finally stopped. He sighed and farted as a few small turds fell out of his hole into the mess below him. He wiped and pulled up his shorts. "oh dude, that felt sooo good, come see this " he invited me. so i walked over to the stall, where the smell overcame me. The bowl was completely full, about seven 11 inch logs enveloped in a greenish brown mush with several small chunks floating in it. "Man, i haven't dropped a load since last week" he said, explaining his masterpiece. He tapped the flush button with his foot, but the toilet was broken. He said later and left the room, as i stayed behind and enjoyed the smell before leaving. Bye 4 now.

Lawn Dogs Kid
I've just read the posts here this morning.

Firstly, TONY (SCOTLAND), Many thanks for your sympathy for Kendal. She was really quite better by the end of the next day. It seems she was afflicted with one of those nasty 24 hour bugs that hit you for six, and then are gone in a jiffy, leaving you weak and exhausted for two or three days afterwards, but not dashing for the toilet every two seconds. I know, because I caught it within two days, and ribbed Kendal for giving it to me !

So now I know why Kendal was so strange yesterday afternoon. She'd planned meeting me and taking me into the bathroom to poo for me, and restore my interest in that bodily function. She's a sly one ! But I really am grateful to her, because I suppose I would have resorted to standing outside listening when I knew she was pooing, because I still get hugely excited in anticipation of that first "plop", and any subsequent ones there might be ! However, it really is something else being able to watch a person doing a poo, how easy or hard they have to work at it, all the body language, etc. etc. But I still don't really care for the smell, or to actually see the poo itself.

I really count myself lucky to have Kendal to fulfil all my desires in this area, and especially when she says she will always let me watch. But I'm not daft, there will be a day one day, although it may be a longer time away than I suspected, when she won't let me watch anymore. Kendal, when you are no longer comfortable about letting me watch anymore, just say so princess. I'll just be grateful for the memories I have, and also knowing that there will be an enormous number of people out there that have never had the wonderful oportunities that I have had, and who would give anything to have been in my shoes, even for just one day !

To No Name Grrl:
Your problem with ice cream is called lactose intolerance. Dairy foods (milk, ice cream, etc.) have an enzyme called lactose, and the body makes a thing called lactase to counter it. Your body may not be making enough lactase, and the lactose causes you to mess. You can buy stuff in drug stores that will help you digest dairy, such as Lactaid.

Have you ever had an accident while sick from the ice cream? Just asking.

In regards to the cleanliness issue, If there is any way possible to have a bidet put in your bathroom I highly recommend it. It will quickly clean up any type of mess, hands free. I turn mine on when I sit down on the toilet so the water temp is right. When I am done dumping I just move over onto the bidet and turn on the spray part. It is controllable, but can spray very hard if you need it to. It will clean out absolutely every bit of debris--you can see it swirling down the drain. One wipe to dry off the water and that's it. No accidental poop on the fingers. A roll of paper lasts for weeks at my house. Women also find them useful for cleaning up menstrual debris and even after urinating. Mine is a Kohler. I would not have a house without one now that I am used to having one.

New Girl - thank you SO very very much! i am so glad you enjoy my posts! and just so you know, i am definitely a major fan of yours now! i'm glad you like pee stories the best, you already know that i do too. all of your stories were absolutely AWESOME! i wish i had friends like yours!

Lawn Dogs Kid - heehee well thank you for the poem! i'm glad you remembered that one all these years, it's very funny!

Ostentatious - i'm glad you think my stories are cool! heehee but i could never be a pornstar!

Sandra - cool pooping experience on the train! sounds like something i would probably do.

Jessica From Canada - great dream story! sorry i haven't posted any stories in a while, i'll try to post one on sunday for sure.

No Name Grrl - as i've said before, seeing guys pee doesn't excite me at all, so i don't really want to see the backstreet boys or anyone like that pee. i never really gave celebrities much of a thought before, but i always li! ke to imagine my friends peeing. i do like larisa oleynik ("10 things i hate about you"), so i would definitely like to watch her pee. love your stories! can't wait to read more!

i wish i had a story, but i should on sunday. it will hopefully get posted by monday. see ya then!


Canadian Dreamer
No Name Grrl,

Have you thought about lactose intolerence?

I never realized I was lactose intolerent until recently. Whenever I had an exam or test in university, my stomach would start churning. So loud that I'm sure everyone within 5 feet could hear me! It sounded like I was farting up a storm!
The problem was my morning cup of milk. When I elimated that, my gastric symphony (& following dash to the toilet) ended.
Now I just avoid milk products unless I know I have easy access to a toilet (or unless I want to have a nice big BM!)

Linda, thanks for the story. No, I don't think the
cheerleader routine to came up with would help but I
sure wish someone would rub coco-butter into my anus
like my mom would do when she saw me struggling. That
always made things easier.-- JW

Buzzy-- at least your accident wasn't as bad as mine. Yesterday was one of the worst days. Had lunch a take out chinese for lunch. I've eaten there before but may never eat there again.
It all started about an hour or so after eating. I squated down to pick up a book off a bottom shelf & let out this almighty fart. It was long & hard & I thought I split my pants. Luckily there were no customers in that area. This must have opened the gates though because for nearly the next hour I was non-stop farting. They didn't smell at frist but boy did they really start to stink after a bit. I felt another building but it didn't seem right. I quickly realized I better get to the toilet & hurried to get there. I closed the door & pulled down my pants & panties just in time for a liquid explosion. I sat there for over 10 minutes. Then I went back to work. I was talking with a co-worker when I suddenly had to go really really bad. I left him standing there & almost ran to the toilet. After another 10 minutes of pouring out this shit I knew I might as well give up & go home. I tell the guys & leave for a 10 minute drive. I'm almost home when it hits me again. My stomach cramps & I have to squeeze my butt cheeks together as hard as I can. I'm still holding it when I pull into my driveway & charge for the house. I unlock the door as fast as I can & bolt to the toilet. AS I'm pulling down my pants I loose control & it goes pouring all over the toilet seat & my pants & the floor. I finish my task in the toilet & then clean up the bathroom...what a mess. I made 8 more trips to the bathroom before going to bed for the night. By the last one it was almost gone. Only had to get up once during the night. This morning I let out a long fart while lying in bed but no urge to shit. I did pee for over a minute but I think the worst is over.

The only way I know to get rid of Crusted Butt is either
to get someone to wax it for you or have someone shave the
buttocks abd anus. I think that I got Crusted Butt just
one before I started getting my buttocks and anus waxed.
It's esy for cleanup and it feels nice and smooth.


New Girl
OK, I am back everyone. I have some things to say...

Tony (Scotland) - the reason my post was so long is because the Moderator put all my posts into 1.

No Name Grrl - I never really thought about that before, but I don't know of anyone I would like to see, but if they offered, my eyes are open! :-P

Lawn Dogs Kid - Your story didn't gross me out, but if I was there, I might have been. That is nice what you always say about your cousin.

Kendal - That is a nice thing to post, and make sure you post the results for your adventure! :)

OK, another story, I was at a movie theater again and I had to pee, but this was an interesting part of the movie, so I held it. My mom and dad were with me, so I didn't dare go in the seat, but I did excuse myself to go to the bathroom after that scene was over. I went in the bathroom and walked into the handicap stall and decided to pee in the changing bed for the babies that was inside that stall. It was! fun. :) I didn't have to go anymore that night, so I didn't get to go back in there.

Goldgirl - please let me know of what you think of my posts!

New Girl

OK, I just have some questions to the Moderator...

How come sometimes there are (!) exclamation points in the post?

And also, can we post questions that are from the Sitting on the Toilet Survey, just to see what other people said?

New Girl

PS Later I might post some stories about when I babysit other kids.

We know about the exclimation point problem but it is currently behind less complicated and more pressing projects such as survey results.

kim & scott:HOT CAR WASH!
hello all and welcome back LOUISE! a few saturdays ago my girlfriend kim & I were washing her hot-red mustang together. we were at kims house and her parents werent home. I was wearing my yankee baseball cap(My favorite baseball team) white tank top and blue jeans. while kim wore a tight white tube top and pink thong bikini bottoms. I luckily brought over my camcorder that day and started to film kim washing her car. as I was filming kim she turned on her car radio and started to dance sexily to the rock kim really knows how to shake her booty. as she gyrated her shapely ass in every direction imaginable! as I filmed extreme close ups of her ass with my camcorder. after a little while of doing this kim turned towards me and smiled and said she had to take a MASSIVE DUMP! I told her I would wait for her until she got back from the bathroom before I started filming again. "Forget that!" kim exclaimed as she quickly slipped off her white tube top and yanked down ! and took off her thong bottoms. when kim was very nude she told me she wanted to have a massive bowel movement outside! while she was still dancing and washing her car she told me to go inside the garage and get an old silver pan that nobody used anymore. when I got the pan I set it down at kims feet(kims ass was facing the garage so nobody could see her crash out a log but people who walked by could still see her nude though!) with my camcorder I then filmed kims voluptous nude body. I tell you kim was all huge boobs and shapely ass as she danced around washing her car. my cock jumped up like a spring watching kims quivering ,delicious body move! I then did an extreme close up of kimmys ass as it quivered excitedly and anus expanded wider & wider as she was squeezing her log out. kimmy really had to go because an absolutely enormous,horse sized turd was exploding its way out of her ass! kims legs even buckled a bit because her log was soooo huge! It was amazing filming ki! ms ass because her log was already gigantic but unbelievably it was still growing bigger and bigger as she was still trying to push it all out! this was one hell of a monster sausage! kim then went "UNNGHGHGH!" as her anus opened up real wide as her rock solid turd came out. falling down to the pan on the driveway floor.(Kim was standing up throughout,leaning her hands on the back of her car as she bent her knees a bit,sticking her shapely ass right at my camcorder for a great close up shot!) kim was still not done yet! as she walked towards the side of her house and peed geyserlike on the bushes(I filmed all this too!) we measured kims log at 15 1/2 inches long by the way! I then disposed of kims huge dump in back of her fairly large woods.(Their are plenty of room for dumps there.) after washing kims car ,kim and I went inside her house and took a shower together where my cock soared to unbelievable heights! I will leave the rest of this story to your imagination! hahaha! ho! ped you liked our story! from kim & scott. PLUS LOUISE- kim wanted me to tell you that she has never stood up and peed at a male urinal like you and pv have done. she thinks its cool that you two do it though! kim said she will stick to her specialty and thats crashing out huge logs!! take care now LOUISE,say hello to STEVE for us will you? Hello to you also pv! bye now!

Lawn Dogs Kid: Your cousin was sick as a dog. She had an intestinal virus. They are nasty. I had them in elementary school. My worst were in 3rd and 5th grades. I used to sit on the toilet with my head between my legs. I would by evacuating my bowels and vomiting at the same time. Look at my previous posts. My hear bleeds for that girl. I know she was frightened.

Cynthia: You English girls are gutsy. You are a woman after my own heart. My English female cousins told me how they share the bathroom with a man. It is an English custom. Tell me more.

Saturday, July 15, 2000

No Name Grrl
Im sorry for not saying anything before but Im glad some of you liked what I said about my friend going to the bathroom like a dog and everything. I dont have anything to say right now really.

I wanted to know if any of you younger people like New Girl and Gold there any celebrities you would want to see pee or poop??? I said a few times I wouldnt mind seeing the Backstreet Boys, Andy Griggs[a country singer], SoulDecision or David Boreanaz go!!

Do you know what is wrong??? No matter how much ice cream we get like a sundae or always makes me go to the bathroom!! Like the grosser kind. Im always fine the days we dont have any but the days we do...hour later I have to do #2! Does that ever happen to any of you????

PV - Hi girl, I'm back!!!
Well, I was worried that maybe I should have done the
same as Steve and not said anything about your avoidant
problem, but I am relieved that you are ok about it
after all.
Yeah, my geyser in the showers. It was very good, and I
did not need any other running water or anything to get
me started. I was busting to go, and I do not know how
I avoided wetting my knickers while I was out on court.
Maybe I should have run off for a squat during the game
but that would have left us one short. We were winning
games then and I did not want to be blamed for spoiling
that I think. Maybe it would not make much difference
just now! Hehe. Yes, doesn't it echo on the tiles when
you wee in the shower??? I think the noise I made was
easily louder than one of the showers being on!
Yeah, weeing and bathing your legs with it is a lot of
fun and I bet you can guess Steve likes it too!
Haha talking of ! depth-charges in your standing shit
experiemnt, Steve wrote in didn't he and talked about
my little lumps into the hotel toilet as being like
depth-charges. I think I splahsed him once, it was
really funny.
Steve does insist on a lot of practice with the stances.
He stands opposite me and we go through it together,
and I think I am getting into it a little bit now.
Steve might meet me at work again next week some time,
and I have asked him not to make me wait as long then!
On my work trip there was a little bit of fun on
Wednesday night. We had been for a drinkie or two, and
my boss, the other girl with us and me too, well we
all finished up bursting for a wee on the way back to
the guest house we were staying in. We were on a long
road without any bushes to go behind or anything until
we found a pair of little side streets with an alley
between them. We were really at the leg crossing stage
and we very ca! refully went into the alley. It was only
about 9 in the evening and it was still light really
so there was no darkness or anything to cover us.
So in the alley we lifted up our skirts and pulled our
knickers down. First time I ever saw my boss's bum!
She is about 45 with a good figure with wide hips and
is just a little bit shorter than me. The other girl
is about 20 and very Spanish looking, about 5 feet
tall but with a pair of boobs that are about as big as
mine, and I saw she had an amazing black bush between
her legs. We squatted down and let rip with the wee.
As Steve would say, we furiously washed the concrete,
and three bubbly wee trails ran away down the hill.
You know, I was hoping maybe some hunky guy would
find us while we were squirting away but I do not think
the others enjoyed their outdoor wee. So we just
finished, pulled our knicks back up and went on our way.
I wonder how many guys saw those t! hree big wet patches
of concrrete and said "shit I missed 'em".

Please write again soon won't you.


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