Hi Susan, what's up? Glad to hear we have so much in common! I enjoyed reading your stories about dumpin' at work, so I'll give you the "pleasure" of sharing my on-the-job shit. I work at a small, "New Age" book/gift shop a couple of towns over.
The manager, "Amy," a 26 yr old Bronx native who hung around Greenwich Village and SoHo when she was a teen, and an alumna of my college [I met her at a New Age poetry seminar at school last winter, and we hit it off right away. I told her where I was from, and told me about her shop in "Mayberry," 12 mi away from my home. She offered me a summer job right on the spot!], was in the small bathroom out back when I had the "urge." Amy is soooo cool, and has a wicked attitude which can be an acquired taste. Anyway, when Amy came out, I asked her if I could please use the bathroom. "May I go to the bathroom?" she mocked; "may oy go to the bee-athroom?" she said again in a strong Bronx accent. "Whadja think I'm running heeah, a reform school or something? Of course you may use the beeathroom. You don't have to eeask permission, this isn't thard grade!" As I walked toward the bathroom, she said "Steph, I was just in theeah, be warned!" and pinched her nose a couple of times to i! ndicate "stink."

I went in, and there was a mild BM small, but by no means offensive. I sat down and peed;[ Susan, I sit straight up when peeing and then put my head down when straining to dump. Do you put your head down right away (when peeing) or do you wait until you're ready to push out your shit, as I do? Inquiring minds want to know :) ] I then got into my almost "fetal" position. Susan, did I tell you I also lift my knees so I'm standing on "tip-toes?" Do you do the same thing? I let out a couple of medium-hard poops and felt the need to let out more. The one and only other time I pressed on my abdomen (up to that point) was when Jodi told me about the method while I was constipated on that hiking trip. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it again. Within 20 seconds after pressing my abdomen and making a couple of loud gasps, three more turds came out in quick procession. Susan, like you I felt "cleansed." The smell left was not oppressive, but much stronger than Amy's. I wiped 6 times and then flushed and washed. Felt much better afterwards!!!

Mike, I normally don't give a zoot about "brand" names and loathe Madison Avenue's manipulation of American culture. However, that wisdom goes out the window when it comes to TP. The major brands, Charmin, Cottonelle, Scott, etc., are IMHO far softer and more absorbent than the cheap store brands. I'm an avid environmentalist and recycler, but the "100% recycled" TP I've tried feels like sandpaper to my private parts- even worse than some of the regular store brands. So Mike, spend the extra couple of cents to make the wiping of your butt a more pleasant experience, and do your share to keep Procter and Gamble in the black (tee-hee)
Peace, Steph

P.S. Alex is feeling a lot better. I saw her yesterday and she was back to normal. You should see her on here sometime soon. Later

Thursday, August 14, 1997

Amanda, This is really interesting. You must have jeans with a zipper that goes down a long way, and opens wide. I always wondered whether girls could do that. Do you wear underwear, and if so, how do you keep it out of the way? Keep up the "good work".

God knows how I came across this site. I found it a couple of months ago. But visit here quite often - just to see what's happening.
Just thought that someone may be interested in this:-
Last night I was just going to bed when from my window I heared the noise of a females shoes walking. So I looked out of the window and there was a girl about 25 years with another man of the same age. The man carried on walking and the girl went up the driveway of the house opposite to me. She got up the side of the garage and in front of a parked car. She looked around (it was approx midnight), took down her tight blue jeans and knickers and squatted down in front of this car. Whilst she was there I could not see her -but after 5 mins she got a real quick when a dog started barking. She pulled her knickers and jeans back up and quickly walked off looking guilty.
She must have been desparate! (this sort of thing never happens around our area)

I've been reading the older posts and found out a lot more about the regular posters. I am probably by far the oldest person to post on this page, but rest assured, as you get older you don't get less interested in toilet matters, just a bit more reluctant to admit it!

As Keith says, one of the major problems about being male is all the hair round your asshole, which makes it difficult to get yourself properly clean. To be interested in shit does not mean that you have to get it on your clothes. That is why I am a great admirer of the bidet, that much neglected bathroom appliance which enables everyone, male or female, to have optimal anal hygiene and cleanliness. Why they don't advertise bidets on television with a guaranteed installation service, I just don't know. There is a fantastic market there, terribly neglected (I speak for the UK and the US. The countries of southern Europe tend to be better endowed with bidets). It's reflection of how neglected they are in the English-speaking world that there is no English word for bidet! The best models have sprays of both hot and cold water coming up from underneath. The worst are just low level washbasins that you can sit on. But they are splendid for making you clean and fresh and free of anal soreness.

Another time at that school, I went to the Basketball playoffs at Hinkle fieldhouse at the Butler University campus in Indianapolis. All of us went to the student union which was primarily H.S and college students for some chow. I had to take a big dump very bad and I excused myself. I walked into the bathroom and there were 3 stalls, 2 with doors and one without. There were a quite a few students in there. The 2 stalls with doors were occupied and the one without wasn't. I couldn't hold it and had to drop the drawers and go ! A few looked at me funny but I blew it off and just said, "when you got to shit, you got to shit". I also said that it is better now than in the pants.
While I was crapping, I heard farts and plops in the 2 stalls and I was adding to the "music". Being the smart-ass that I am, I started to sing, "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz.... Oh what a relief it is" which was an old tune to the Rolaids commercial. The 2 guys in the other stalls started to laugh out loud along with me and other people in there. We started to chat as well. This was kinda' unusual since the women are the ones who like to go to the john together and socialize and us "boys" usually go separately with little social interaction.

Wednesday, August 13, 1997

I too spent an hour reading through all the post in this forum, all of them real intresting! Well phil, I really have no hesitation to pissing in parking lots or on the side of the road. Of course I've had three minor tickets, so naturally I look before I do the deed, tickets can get to be expensive! Amanda is right, if you do it right, women too can pee standing up just like a guy, it just takes practice. Most of my friend that are girls pee standing up, just like you Amanda! Well Doug, the urge for me is down in my lower abdomen. It usually takes me at least a minute if not more to relieve myself and more if I have been drinking. Till next time!

Well, school starts this week and I can't wait (I am a custodian there). It has been a hot, lonely summer fixing the school. Most of the time I just take care of all the kid's restrooms, so I will have a lot of good stories soon. Over the summer we painted some restrooms, fixed plumbing, installed a few new toilet seats (the comfortable kind) and other stuff. I'm there during the school day cleaning (this cuts down on vandalism). I will keep everyone posted.

Had a great dump at home yesterday. Before I get into that, Steph, thanks for your response. It's nice to know someone else has the same methods. I have been going with my head down between my legs ever since I can remember. I usually take a deep breath and hold it when I am pushing. Do you do the same? Also thanks, to you friend Jodi. I tried her advice of pushing in on my abdomen when I was pushing out. It really helps to push it out. Even though mine are usually softer as they go on. Anyway, about yesterday. I had to go at home after I got back from work. I went into the bathroom in my apt and say down on the toilet. I had to pee first. I then started to push feeling that it was ready. I leaned forward with my head between my legs as I always do. While I was pushing I tried Jodi's advice of pushing on my abdomen. It really helped. This time everything seemed to come out of me all at once. It was smooth and had some gas mixed in with it. All it took was one big push. I felt empety after going. It took 6 wipes to get everything clean. I will try and post some more stories about work later in the week.
Alex and Steph. I am looking forward to hearing more of your stories. We seem to be alike in many ways!

Im new to these posting and found them to be great reading. I had an accident in my pants quite a few years ago while driving a tractor trailer. I was heading to Ohio from NJ. After having a harty breakfast I headed out. I can't remember the name of the road I was on but it was four lanes with no where to pull over. To make a long story short, I had been driving for about eight hours and I was on this highway in Ohio, by now I knew if I didn't find some place to stop I was going to be in trouble.
The cramps got so bad I just couldn't hold it any longer and I just let it go. It filled my pants so much that I thought it was going to exit above my belt. It was quite a shock. After about another half hour I found a place to pull over. Thank God there was no one around and there was a river or brook nearby. By now the I started getting turned on by the feeling of this mess in my underware. I grabed my bag of cloths and headed for a small brook along the highway. I got myself cleaned up and got back on the road. Since that day I have had several more accidents most planed and have enjoyed having them. Is there any females in the NJ area that enjoy having accidents in their panties. I would like to hear more.

Hello, everyone! I haven't posted in awhile, so here goes. Yesterday, I had a nasty stomach bug of some sort. As soon as I got home from work, I sat down on the can, and immediately spat out some loose shit. I did so carefully so I wouldn't splatter everywhere.
Shortly thereafter, I ran some errands, and after I came back home, I felt some stomach bug cramps building up. I lost count of the number of trips I made to the toilet, but on this second one, I barely spat out a couple of bee bee turds. They were green with a bit of "jelly". But the next four or five times I went, shit out a lot of weird loose green poo. It wasn't complete diarrhea, but there were dark green bb's and squiggly wigglies. Also, there was this weird gray dishwater-like stuff. Weirdest shits I ever took!!!
To clarify, my only vices are soda pops and lots of junk food. Perhaps it caught up to me (again) yesterday. I do fast food a lot also. My butt sure got sore having to wipe so much. I think I used a roll and 1/2 of cheap TP total. Y'all are gonna give me a hard time about this, but I'm cheap when it comes to TP. This time I bought a four-pack store brand from Kroger. It cost 99 cents. Do you think I should spring for Charmin?

Hi again. This story is about a girl I'll call "Maria." We have neighbors who are originally from Ecuador, in South America. Maria (age 21), a niece of this Ecuadoran couple, came to the states last year to spend the year studying at a university in a large city 90 minutes away. Maria lived next door at her aunt and uncle's and took the train into the city a couple of days a week. Maria is from a wealthy family, and is the CLASSIEST girl I've ever met! Not only is she extremely pretty, but dresses in the latest most expensive clothes- she could be in a Spanish fashion magazine if she wanted to. Her idea of "dressing down" is wearing a $125 pair of blue jeans instead of a $400 blazer.

One day last March, I got out of school around noontime - it was a half day. My folks were working in the city and my sister was up at college. It was a warm (for March) day and for whatever reason I was outside. It was around 2, and I saw Maria running up the street towards the house from the center of town (the train station's a 10 min walk away). Maria ran right up to me as I stood in the driveway, looking and acting "PANICKED," and out of breath. I thought the worst had happened (perhaps she was being chased by a robber). [Maria speaks and understands perfect English, with a Spanish accent. I'm gonna quote her talking in her accent. Hispanic readers, please don't take offense - I'm not making fun of her, but doing her accent for effect]

Maria started yelling "please, I moast use toilet immediately. I have to seet on your toilet, NOW!" This seemed "urgent," Maria was jumping up and down like she really had to go. I quickly led her into my unlocked house and led her to the bathroom by the kitchen. I sat in the kitchen; really wanted to listen to her go!!! She sat down and right away started peeing a lot- while peeing she let out a couple of farts. Then there was quiet. I didn't hear anything else - she didn't make any other noises, so I figured she was taking a very quiet crap. I didn't time this, but she must have spent about 15 minutes in ther. The toilet paper roller is right against the wall, and is quite noisy. She must have pulled on that toilet roll a good 8 times before she was done.

I retreated to the living room as she flushed. After she came out, she said "Thank you, Ereek. I ate and drank [my note- water, juice, and Coke. I don't think she drinks alcohol] alot lately. I was roashing thees morning to get to the train, and had no time to go. Got to the ceety and forgot to go. I was on the train comeeng home and the toilet was out of order [I don't think Maria would use the toilets on the train, but that's what she said]. I almost went een my pants. I asked you because I deedn't think I had time to unlock my doarr." I told her it was quite alright. Maria thanked me again and told me she used up all the toilet paper while she was in there.

I went to get a roll for the downstairs bathroom, and wanted to smell what she did in there. I opened the bathroom door. She sprayed a LOT of her sexy, expensive perfume to cover up whatever she did in there. I must have went in there a dozen times an hour after she left just to smell that lovely perfume [:.)]. Later

Corprologost: I hear you felt invaded when your 24 year old daughter had a bowel movement in your bathroom. It is interesting, people can often be bathroom petty.
People do use excessively strong detergants to clean toilets. I just use a sponge and hand soap to clean the downstairs water saving toilet; when it gets smelly. More about water saving toilets later.
Now, the story. 2 years ago, we were at cabins with a bunch of friends. We played cards and had a good time. We were at the cabin of two families of friends ( they were related to each other). The when a person of the other family, in the cabin, had to relieve himself or herself, they were to use their toilet, not the bathroom just off the kitchen.
When we finished a card game it was late, I thought we might play some more so I went into the bathroom and urinated. while I was peeing Francine could hear a male pissing. She knocked on the door. I said that I would be out soon. When I came out she apologized, she thought it was her husband. He was suppose to use their bathroom.

Hey, I was wondering. Does anyone out there flush a public toilet with their foot? I always do that to keep my hands clean, at least if the bathroom's all dirty. I know how stupid that is, right after wiping my ass, but I know that I don't have hepatitis; the last guy before me might have. I guess it is kind of weird that I would do something like that even though shit is something that does not gross me out like it does some people. Am I the only one?
I wonder if women's pants could have longer zippers and their panties be designed so they could open. In that way women could pee in the woods while standing up. Is this feasible?

I once had an accident riding on the bus to school. I was a junior at the time and felt really embarrassed to have done it. But fortunately, even though the mess was quite large, it was all quite solid poop and it stayed in my underwear pretty well. Also, I was wearing a loose fiting skirt at the time, so it wasn't like anybody could see a lump in the back or anything. Believe me, this bowel movement would have certainly lumped a tight pair of jeans. Anyway, I made it off the bus and into the girls' room without anybody finding out what I did. I went about cleaning myself up in the girls' room but with only single-ply toilet paper to use, I could only do so much. Also, the girls' rooms in my high don't have any doors on the stalls, so I had to be extra careful not to be seen. I got the worst of the poop cleaned off of me pretty well, but it was all badly smeared in my panties. I didn't dare go through the effort of taking my panties off because someone in the girls' room would surely notice that I was doing something unusual and even if I took them off what was I supposed to do with them. Then I wondered how well I had actually cleaned my butt and without wearing panties, I was worried that the inside of my skirt might get soiled and give me away that way -- perhaps if it would stain through. So I decided to leave my panties on. I cleaned out the biggest globs of poop with the toilet paper (I used the whole roll in the stall) and put my panties back in place with a really, really, really bad poop stain in them. So I went around school that day with that big stain in them. It felt kind of d disgusting, but it really wasn't that bad. Back when I changed for gym, I forgot all about it. When I took my skirt off, the whole locker room saw it, and they all roared with laughter. The teacher came over and started yelling at me. She dragged me over to the toilets, made me pull down the panties and I had to sit on the toilet for the entire gym period. When the period was over, she made me take them off, stick my nose right in the center of the mess and then I had to clean them out right there in the locker room sink in front of all the other girls. That was so, so embarrassing

Fabulous page, one of the best i've seen this far on the subject of going to the bathroom. I totally agree with Amanda; most bathrooms at outdoor events are gross and I will find a bush or a tree rather than use a bathroom at an outdoor event. I have never hesistated to use a parking lot or pull over to the side of the road when I need to pee. It's great to read about women and girls who like to pee outdoors...keep the stories coming.

I share a house with two women. One of them, Brenda a 19 year old arts student has become a pal - I must admit I'm a bit attracted to her ( she is a babe - very thin - nice tight round butt - great attitude. ) She had a boyfriend at the time, so we never got together. But one incident was probably more erotic than any sex we could have had.
Last Friday after work, rather than go out drinking with my workmates, I returned to the house (with a splitting migraine). Arriving home, I just went to my room turned off the lights and fell onto my bed, not even closing my bedroom door. I awoke to here Brenda arriving home. Brenda partied every Friday and was home to change.
Soon enough she went into the bathroom (which was next to my room) and probably thinking that she was the only one in the house, didn't close the bathroom door. Shortly I heard unzipping of her jeans, the toilet seat going down and a belt clanging with a rustle of clothes. Next I heard a sigh then a short fart. Then, an echoed grunt and two small splashes in the toilet, a pause then another low deep groan ( it sounded - so sexy... ) followed by a short splash and thud. TP was then torn off the roll, I heard another little moan, a rustle of clothes, then.. Brenda carried on washing up and leaving the bathroom. No flush. I then lay on my bed for what seemed hours, praying that she wouldn't go back in and flush. She didn't.
Eventually she went out, leaving her present for me in the bowl. Her shit was a dark brown color, the main mass about 6 inches long, 2 inches wide, rough and tapering. Two 2" x 1" were slightly firmer, but still smooth. - What an amazing aroma. - An added bonus were her little black Calvin Klien's panties lying on the floor beside the toilet.
I never knew if she left me her present on purpose.

Hi, I'm here to talk about some of my few memorable bathroom experiences as a kid. I remember being out one time on a long road trip with my family. I had been needing to go for a long time. Finally, we pulled off to a rest stop, and I got a chance to go to the bathroom. I ran into a stall and, seeing that it was really dirty, covered the seat with paper (I don't know where I picked that habit up.) Anyways, I sat down, pushed really hard, and squeezed out this long, rock hard log. Nothing to wipe though, just flushed and left. Keith: I don't know how I can say those airplane toilets don't stink, I guess they just don't stink as much as I'd expect them to. So long everybody.

Tuesday, August 12, 1997

Back in June 1990 after I graduated from College, I started a new job. Where I worked at, all 5 of us shared the same bathroom. My desk was right by the file server and bathroom. I heard some of my co-workers go use the bathroom and it was pretty hilarious to hear some good rips, etc.

One time, I had to take a good nasty shit and they didn't have the prefume sprayer to cover the shit smell. I got into the car and drove to a different building to eliminate some diarhea. I also needed to get some Pepto as well. I went to the drug store and then to the building to crap again and then back to work.

I made the big mistake of going to the pub the night before and having chicken wings. They were "3 mile island flavor" which didn't agree with my intestinal tract.

Celeste-I found your story interesting, since just yesterday my girlfriend and I were out drinking and afterwards we both had a nice long piss in the parking lot. We've never had any run-ins with the police, so I guess we've been lucky. Tell me- do you have any hesitation when pissing in parking lots / along the highway, or do you find it quite natural? My girlfriend says she loves to pee outside, and I can vouch for that as well. She didn't feel the slightest bit guilty last time, even though she left a large puddle of piss and a wad of TP on the pavement.

"The Toilet" moderators: I'm new to this site and was unaware of the "Coughed Up and Spit Out" forum- sorry for posting on the wrong page
I spent an hour and a half today browsing through this site, old posts and all. This is all so neat. Susan, I loved your posting about putting your head between your knees when taking a dump; I do exactly the same thing when straining, so that really hit home!!! Susan, like you my BMs become softer after each push, the initial push is most often the hardest :)
I love this site; so glad my friend Alex told me about it. Talk to ya later, guys.


Fabulous page I've stumbled on! I am 24 years old and single. Since I first started wearing jeans (my favourite garment!) I have worked on overcoming a woman's problem, namely how to pee without having to pull your pants down and squat. I developed a method of enabling me to pee through the open zip of my jeans as conveniently as a man. It comes down to a strong start and a rapid shut-off finish i.e. no dribbling. My technique is simple. At first I pinch myself shut until the pressure builds up, then as the stream starts to die, I push to keep maximum flow, then I can stop it fairly suddenly. From the age of 16 I have had this down to a fine art, never leaving more than the odd spot on my clothes. One day, however, at age 17, it turned out to be my undoing (no pun intended). This day there was a fair in town. I was with a few friends just hanging about, really, guzzling cans of Woodpecker, going on the occasional ride. I was in my element, showing off my skill to my green-eyed friends, while they hopped about before having to wander off to the disgusting toilets. We had finished our last cans, and I was having a last pee before hitting the rides in earnest. I had been having a few cramps, but thought nothing of it. I went into my routine, squeeze, build up, release ..... then smiled to myself as my silver jet arced strongly onto the grass, enjoying the jealous noises from my pals. Stream dies, push to keep up flow ...... then disaster! Stomach cramps combined with pushing equals what seemed like a gallon of hot, runny shit gushing into the seat of my pants. I listened with horror to the sounds of disgusted amusement from behind. Automatically, I stopped pushing, and the rest of my pee ran down my legs. The least of my worries. Luckily one girl was sympathetic an took me to her house to clean up. She was a girl I had not really had much time for, but she held my hand all the way. The story doesn't end here, but unfortunately, it's suitability for this forum does. Bye for now.

Jill: Where do you feel the urge to poop and pee?
Celeste: Where do you feel the urge to pee?

Monday, August 11, 1997

story: Wow!! I never knew that there were this many pilots around here. Looks like I brought you out of the woodwork pretty well. I've told my most interesting inflight poop story, so how 'bout some from the rest of you..
Just got back from a flight about an hour ago, came back with a wet diaper as usual. I checked in with the dispatcher after I shut down, and as I walked out, he sort of sheepishly asked if I had a problem. I asked what he meant by that.. turns out my diaper leaked:-( I hate that!! It's only happened once or twice before, and for some reason i didn't feel it this time. Oh well, no biggie. Anyway, while riding along in my wet diaper I got to wondering: are there very many people around (of either sex) that use or have used diapers, or is it not so common? Any input from anyone around? Also, if anyone has diaper experiences, I'd love to see them shared. Later ya'll..

Hey Joe, may I ask what airline you were flyng on? The airline that I work for stocks the lavs with pretty good toilet paper. HOw can you say they don't smell? Shit!!! My summer job with this airline I work for is an aircraft cleaner and we come across the nastiest ass lavs!!! I seem to never have to crap on a plane. Actually I have had the urge before, but don't really like to unload on planes. I remember last Christmas coming home I had to take an afternoon shit pretty bad. I was sitting next to his old lady so I couldn't let my sbv's sneak out, so they were trapped in me! I went to the back of the bus and locked myself into the lav. Put an ass gasket down and sat down. It is so hard to sit down and be comfy while unloading in a planes bathroom, that's why I don't like it. This was after the meal service so there was a bit of a line so I had to push it all out really fast. I hate doing that too. I looked back and saw that I dropped a good sized log and some other bits. Wiped and flushed and went back to my seat. My ass hurt so much after that crap. NOw, United needs some new toilet paper (United isn't the airline I work for, but I had no choice in flying them). I think because I had to forc this log out my asshole and wip with shitty tp it kinda irritated my sensitive hairy asshole. Anywway... I try not to shit on planes for tha tpurpose. I prefer to wait until I get into the terminal where I can relax in a stall.


When we first got married, we had a house with only one toilet When the kids came along we extended the house and included a seconfd toilet. Now the kids are grown up and left home, but our standard of living has risen and we have three toilets in our present house for two of us. So anyone uses the downstairs one, but the two upstairs ones we keep one for me and the other for my wife, and we practically never use each other's. Well this weekend our youngest daughter came home. She is 24 and comes home about once every two weeks. Well, I crapped at the usual time this morning, and went out. When I came back I went for a pee, and discovered that there was a skidmark in the toilet. I was certain that I had not left one. I put some bleach in the toilet and then noticed that the TP, of which there had been quite a reasonable amount, had all been used up. My daughter had sneakily gone in and shat in MY toilet. When they're all living at home, you never think anything of it, but someone else using my facility seemed like an invasion of privacy!

Hi again. I love reading these posts, and I didn't feel bad about wetting my bed! The friend I mentioned, Jody, her name is (no, her parents aren't fans of the famous actress. Her name is Jodith - it was the way her father wrote the letter 'u'), has been my closest friend for years. We share everything, which is why I was able to tell her about my bed-wetting incident. We're like sisters. Well that's not quite true. I have a younger sister and we fight like cat and dog. If I had told HER it would have been the "and finally" story on News at Ten! Anyway, Jody has wet herself twice with me. The first time was about 2 years ago when she wet herself in her jeans. Mind you we were wading in a river, and our pants were wet to the thighs at the time. The second time she was wearing black slacks and did it simply because she wanted to! Now she tells me she is going to wet her bed sometime next week. I'll keep you posted.

Sorry if this was "off-subject," but I don't think Alex will be on line for the next couple of days. I'm very tired and gotta get to bed.
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Some guy
I want to tell you about this story where I saw a girl wet herself a long time ago. This was like the 3rd grade and this girl (who wasn't that popular to begin with) had to go really bad. Our mean ass teacher hated it when students left the class to go, so she gave us "bathroom slips" which we used to leave the class to go. We only got a few for the whole year (probably 3). Anyway "Jenny" had to go really bad so she looked through her desk for a slip. Her desk was really messy and she started to freak out because she couldn't find it. I think she realized she used her last one and she just wet her panties and skirt. She left a big puddle on the floor and ran out to the girls room and didn't come back until the next day. I thought it was kind of funny because it was my first time seeing a girl pee in public before, but I felt sorry for her. I thought the bathroom slips were a bad idea in the first place. Nobody in the class ever said anything about it again... when she was around.

Do any ladies have any urine test stories at the doctors?? Ireally would like to know. Also, how about stool sample stories?? Thanx.....

We have some good weather here at last, and yesterday I needed to "go" while we were out walking. There was no-one else about and I went in some bushes while my husband stood guard. It always seems to amaze me how different it is from when you are sat on the loo. Firstly, the smell is totally different - not exactly pleasant, but not as unpleasant as when you stink up a bathroom! Secondly, the amount seems huge - far more than when it's laying in a toilet bowl. Perhaps some of it gets hidden round the bend? The down side of going outdoors is the insects - the seem to home in on me as soon as I drop my shorts. Ah well!

Hi all, it's Sunday morning and I'm almost ready to leave for my hiking trip. When I woke up (this morning) the first thing I did was take a MASSIVE crap!!! I left 5-6 healthy sized turds in the toilet. I like to take my morning shit (and I do take a shit upon waking up -almost- every day) before showering; that way I can scrub my butt with a washcloth, I can't stand "skid marks" on my panties!

PottyBoy, I'd like to share some school stories. I have, for as long as I remember, usually taken a shit at home first thing in the morning. This meant I usually did not have to poop at school every day. I peed (at school) usually around 10am and then after lunchtime. About 2-3 times a month, I'd also have the urge to poop; I did with no problems. The stalls had lockable doors and toilet paper, and there was always soap at the sinks to wash any "brown stuff" off my hands, so I never felt uneasy about taking the occasional shit at school. I recall only one "unusual" school incident. I was in 9th grade, in study hall, and had the urge to pee. I also felt a huge, gaseous (spelling?) fart building up. I try not to fart around other people, especially if there are guys around :) I asked for a pass to the restroom. I got to the restroom (when I only have to pee, I fart into the toilet about half the time) and sat down to pee. I let the fart out, only it wasn't a "fart." I had an unexpected diahrrea attack!!! This was an intense liquid crap, with dozens of little "curly" turds surrounded by greenish-brown water. I felt like I lost 10 pounds after that "fart!" Doug, in simplest terms, when I have to pee, I HAVE TO PEE!!! My bladder is not as sensitive as Brielle's or Keleigh's, but I've come close to wetting my pants "hundreds" of times. Well, gotta run. I promise to respond to everyone's questions and comments on future postings. Off to meet Steph and Jodi at Jodi's house - promise to keep ya posted.
Love you all, Alex :)

I remember when I was younger me and a younger female friend of mine would go out drinking and driving in my car. After she'd had a few beers she then would have me pull to the side of the road while she jumped out,pulled her pants and panties down and peed at the side of car. We never had any tp so I guess her panties were wet the rest of the night. I really liked the survey and forum and I want to read more.

Hey everybody. Hey Keith, interesting to hear about the airplane stuff. I remember one time when I was flying on this 10 hour. I don't fly planes, so I was on a commercial flight, sitting in the back of the bus. Well, after I had choked down the inflight meal (Deep Fried Tires with Dog Food Sauce), I felt the urge to crap. I knew I had to get to the "bathroom" fast. Well, just like on your average plane, the "bathrooms" were all occupied. So I had to wait. Finally someone came out. I went in. In an airplane bathroom, it sounds like there's a microphone out in the engine, and it's connected to a loud speaker in the "bathroom". I thought for a minute about sitting down there. But, sensing urgency, and not wanting to risk squatting, as turbulance can make you lose your balance and misfire, squirting shit all over the walls. So, I reluctantly sat down and pushed. Despite the engine noise, I could still hear myself fart. I dropped a long bowl curling mushy log. It wrapped around the bowl three times, followed by a few more mushy soft turds. I wanted to flush, but then I remembered from previous experiences that it is not a good idea to flush while sitting in an airplane bathroom. Then, there was a long, loud, wet fart. And this gassy half solid half liquid crap was splattered all over the inside of the metal bowl. It was propelled by several more quieter wet farts. I stood up to wipe, as I usually do, and glanced at my recent bowel adventure. It was just sitting there in the waterless toilet. It looked like something the dog did in the yard. One thing about airplane bathrooms is that they never smell. Well, I bent over, exposing my brown hole to the wall, and rubbed it with the sandpaper that the airline provided. I then threw the paper in the bowl and flushed. Instantly it was all sucked away by the supersonic vaccuum. I returned to my seat and had a smooth flight the rest of the way. I would love to hear from you flying people, Keith, Redwing, and everybody else. More to come later. Bye.

Sunday, August 10, 1997

Brielle! Great dump story. WOW! Sounds like you handled a very embarrasing situation very professionally. Don't know if I could have done it that way for a female collegue. However, when you REALLY have to go, you REALLY have to go, somehow, somewhere! Great job! Will look forward to another poop story.

Duty Uh UH
Taking one of those creamy dumps that no matter how much you wipe your butt, it's still is dirty. Or when you are at a public bathroom and you take a dump and there is no toilet paper in your stall. Or the dump you have to take, the preflush one, the one that you know that you have to flush before it hits the water or else it will stick to the side of the toilet!!

To REdwing: Cool, another pilot around. Obviously I can't be too specific about who or where I am, but it's cool to see someone else from my area. What type of flying do you do? I'm sure that the group here would love a "relief tube" or "belted (unflushing) potty" story. I know I would, anyway. Actually, I've got a few of those of my own..women can, in fact, use those silly relief tubes! I'd love to share experiences with you sometime. I'm going to show my boyfriend this site soon, he's also a pilot and I think he'll love it..
Well, my pager just went off, so I'm off to god only knows where. Can't write any more now. Later ya'll.. ..Brielle

Im new at this site but all the posts are pretty intresting. I think this is a great site to which we all share something in common. I have a few pee stories that might be of intrest!! My sister Karen and I went drinking with some friends and on the way back she mentioned that she really had to pee bad. Of course she had drank about six beers, however we could not stop on the side of the road because we had a police car in back of us. We made it to our house, karen got out of the car, when to a brick wall, took off her jeans and stood there to pee. Her arc was incredible! She must of peed for about a minute and a half with the wall soaked from urine. Down here at the clubs, its very common to see women relieving themselves in the parking lots. There are many women who will relieve themselves right out in full view of passing patrons, and I myself have three misdemenor charges for urinating in public. Well until ne

Hi everyone, haven't been around lately as I haven't had a good shit to write about. Today after lunch I felt the urge starting to build but was for facinated with an airplane that aborted its take off last night so I have my priorities! I checked out the plane and passed off the urge. Well, by the time I got home I had to shit ba! We went out to dinner tonight for my dads birthday to this great seafood resturant. Before I jumpped into the shower I had to unload. The let out a long fart and dropped 2 long logs, wiped and flished. Thats the extent of todays shitting. But tomorrow should be a glorious day as I ate sooooo much tonight at dinner. Crab ckaes, a huge salad, my huge piece of fish with garlic mashed potatos and seaweed, then a nice piece of cheesecake to top it off. Ahhh...

To BREILLE and REDWING! I am a fellow aviator. I am ging to school to beome an airline pilot. Anyhow... I have some shit experiences and pis experiences to share!!! One comes to mind... I was on a long cross country to Albuquerque (3 and a half hours) and like an idiot I always brought along a bottle of water. Welll, not only was I in need of a healthy shit but I had to piss like a racehorse!!! I got on the ground, tied down, ordered fuel and went straight for the crapper. I pissed and pissed. Then came the shit. It was a good aviators shit... big and long. Smelled great too!! Another experience. It was the morning of my single instrument checkride this past April. The night before I cooked ravioli and spicy italian sausage. Well, when I woke up that morning I had to shit bad!! I was cutting these nasty farts (I think I nearly killed my roommate) and before my shower I exploded in the toilet. this was odd because normally I don't have my dumps until the afternoon after I eat lunch. But this one was a huge load of larger than diarhea ppieces but by any mans not logs. It was loud and very smelly... I had to fluh a few times. I showered and went out to the flight line to preflight and get weather. Well, the whole time I was preflighting I was cutting these nast farts still!! I decided that I better go unload before we went up (my checkride pilot was a hot blonde and didn't want to fart infron of her). So I tied the mighty skychicken down and went into dispatch for another morning shit! This one was even louder and iin more quantity than my first one, of just 45 minutes prior. It was a great experience!!! I was sooooo relieved and about 10 pounds lighter. I could fly any hold and handle any DME arc! Well, I eneded up messing up my NDB hold so we had to Unsat the checkride. I ended up going back up with another cute instructor a few days later to complete that one. But on that flight, no shitting necesary.

Wow... I want to hear more AV8ER shitting stories!!! They say that a pilot has a great flight if theey conquer the skies with a large bm!! (airline pilots0. I recently flew to Tokyo nonrev and the crew on my flight certainly had their share of unloading their bowels. At least the FE and 1st officer did!!

Ciao, Keith

Thanks everyone for your responses to my posting. I'm going hiking again with Steph and Jodi (Laura's currently visiting relatives in a distant U.S. state) tomorrow, so I'll keep you informed :)
I rarely spend more than 10 mins in the bathroom (when taking a shit). My bathroom at home has magazines in the wicker basket, but I've never had the urge to read while seated on the toilet. Most of my girlfriends (late teens/early twenties) spend no more than 10-15 mins on the toilet. One friend, Jodi, is usually in-and-out in about 5- that's right, five!
I've already told Steph about this site and will also tell Jodi and Laura. They're all pretty cool about this stuff, so I'll think they'll enjoy reading this. Later...


To DD:
I liked your story about Denise, taking a long shit near age 13. The story is an unusual one, I would classify it as both cute and gross. Very few stories fall in that catagory.
The possible exception is on this forum.
Alexandra: If you are willing would you describe your urge to pee?

Saturday, August 09, 1997

That was a splendid story. Most men are are really fascinated (and turned on!) by stories of what happens in the ladies' room. Most women are unbelievably coy about their bowel habits (so are many men, if it comes to that). But down at the bottom of the gut, men and women are basically the same. But women DO have one difference when shitting. They are a lot quicker than most men. I cannot do my business properly in less than 15 minutes, and I prefer 20-25 minutes. I think women are quicker because the muscles in the lower part of their bodies are more trained to pushing things out than men's are.

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