New Girl
OK, Sam and I sometimes babysit her little sister, Sara. Well, I was spending the night at her house, and I had to pee. I was just going to use her sink as I mostly did, and she said, "wait, I have to go, too." She explained that she had started to get Sara into peeing too. I peed 1st, and Sara stood inside the bathtub, and Sam (the most daring) right onto the floor. I would never allow her to do that at my house, but she knew that anyway. I finished 1st, and went back into her room to wait. I looked at the clock and realized it had been 5 minutes since I got done. I went in there and saw Sara almost in tears, and Sam was out of the room. I looked and there was a pile of poop on the floor, and a section of very soft poop in the bathtub, obviously from Sara. Sara started to cry, and I told her it was gonna be OK. She quieted down some, but she still had poop comeing out of her. I picked her up (she was pretty heavy) and got her on the toilet when Sam walked in with a ton of paper towels and a toilet scrubber. She said "it's easy to clean up a pile, but Sara saw me and said, 'my stomach hurts' and that happened" she pointed to the puddle in the bathtub. I said "well, it will be easier to clean up since it is in the bathtub," I said that to keep Sara from blaming it on herself. Sam caught my hint and quit complaining. She tended to the already-made mess, and I tried to keep Sara from pooping all over the floor or anything. We got everything cleaned up and we were out all watching TV in the living room when Sara farted. I was afraid she had to poo again, but she went on to the bathroom. I decided to go in a minute after she was in there, to make sure she was OK. When I walked in, she still hadn't taken anything off, and she looked like she was holding in her poop or something. "I can't take my pants off or I will poo in them." she said. I tried to help by pulling them to where her hand was, then I told her to put her hand inside her underwear to hold it in. Then I slid off her pants and she farted again. She quickly jumped onto the toilet and relieved herself. I told her that was a good job and helped her get cleaned up.
I will post another story later.

New Girl

Jessica from Canada
Last night, i had a strange dream but it was also really cool and it ended in pee.

i don't really remember the begining, but i ust have drank a lot of water to pee as much as i did at the end of the dream. i recall being with my parents but not being able to take the pain of pee any more, and me just wearing a white towel, just walked and peed at the same time. my parents saw my actions and told me to stop. i held myself strongly and they suggested to go to a toilet within the mall we were at. makes no sense, doesn't it? i tried to run with my hand up my towel and look for a toilet. i dribbled a bit in my hand but i didn't care. somehow my dads business was upstairs and i saw a sign out in front that said "toilets this way" and it pointed in to my dads work. i quickly walked through there following all the signs and when i finally got there, it wasn't even there! I then cried a bit for the pain i was in and my towel wasn't covering my cunt enough. i ran downstairs and! found a secret changing room area that only had mens rooms, so i figured screw it, i'll go in here. i burst open the door and i got a few looks from the young guys, i continued walking through untill i saw a sign that said "urinals outside". i walked out the door and the place was completly outdoors! the only thing covering this place was a garden in the back and a 4 foot wall, in which the urinals were placed. there was a strange urinal though. it looked like it had been made for women or handicapped people or something. it had a seat on the front so you could seat back and pee into the urinal. i carefully hobbled over there and placed my towel on the floor and started. but thhe problem was i coudn't pee because i was nervous going infront of these people. good thing there was a pond infront of me with a large fountain. i justed wathed it for 3 seconds and it all flowed out of me. it went for about 2 minutes before i stopped. talk about relief.

i will post more and! if any one has dreams like these, please post them. goldgirl your storys are great! don't stop now!

Gruntly Bogwell
To COPROLOGIST and TONY (Scotland) on the subject of "crusted ass" or more specifically "dingleberries". This seems to be a more of problem with men because of a significant amounts of hair around the anus. I have only seen one woman with any appreciable amount of peri-anal hair, a prostitute in Barcelona, but that story goes beyond the regulations of this forum. I used to be concerned that I was abnormal when hair began to grow around my anus when I was a teenager. I used to snip it with scissors every so often, a real contortion of the body, until one time while I was in my early 20's. I had given myself a good clean cut, shortening the hairs to a stubble. Unfortunately, I had been drinking a lot of beer and had become subject to gassy, wet, beer-induced farts. This poo-crusting mingled with the freshly cut hair which was prickly after being cut. The short hair spikes basically irritated my peri-anal area, which combine with the wet fart residue and sweating from wor! king in a hot climate gave me a nasty fungus infection of the anus area which itched like a feather going up my ass…it was all I could do to keep from itching myself by sticking my fingers in the seat of my work pants…sometimes I would have to hold on to something to keep from itching when a particularly tingly episode occurred. This went on for months aided, of course, by beer consumption. I finally cleared it up by using Desenex, for "athlete's foot" on my anal area. You talk about pain as this anti-fungus cream burned out the infection. Rough toilet paper after a poo would give me spasms. This whole episode left my anal area susceptible to bouts of heat rashes and peri-anal itching. Finally, after several years a doctor told me to try cleansing my anus after taking a shit with a mild hand or skin lotion applied to the toilet paper. This technique has worked wonders as I have a plastic bottle of something like Vaseline intensive case lotion beside the toilet or a squ! eeze bottle for use on trips or at work.
As many of the readers of "The Toilet" know, the brown skin of the anus is folded and creased to allow for stretching during a bowel movement. Many readers have talked about the number of wipes they have made to cleanse their "brown-eye" of poo after a healthy (or unhealthy) shit. And of course, some readers have bragged about "not" wiping, they, of course, risk infection The thing is that even after you find no more brown stains on the toilet paper, that does not mean that you are as clean as possible, because poo residue is hiding in the creases and crevasses of your anus. The amount depends on age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and overall shape of your posterior. Further for men, poo can be hung up in the peri-anal hair as crusting or in the form of dingleberries, which may be off-putting to your mate, depending on what types of pleasure-giving activities you engage in. "Bad wipes, beget bad bumholes" so to speak. Howeve! r, after a successful and satisfying movement of poo through your anus, it is in need of pampering and/or relief in the case of a difficult motion. Therefore, a few dollops of hand lotion on the toilet paper produces a soothing wipe that forces its way into the nooks and crannies of your asshole without irritating the anal skin anymore, especially after an uncompromising, straining poop, a moist and mushy poo or a wet diarrheic one. It may even be a bit pleasurable if you are anally fixated, or you wouldn't be reading this forum. You may want to try a little experiment…wipe with dry paper, until you think you are clean, then apply the hand-lotion to another wad of toilet paper and re-wipe your bum. See if flecks of poo and other tidbits don't appear on your paper. Using the hand-lotion also softens crusted anal poo or dingleberries clinging to your anal hair. I usually finish with a dry piece of paper to get excess lotion off my bum and to check for stains, which may nec! essitate more wiping. (You may want to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the skin lotion and DON"T penetrate your anus during a wipe any more than a half a centimeter). I hope with this bit of information you all wipe your way to a healthier, cleaner, better-smelling bum.

Lawn Dogs Kid. Sorry to read about that horrible attack of diarrhea and vomiting that afflicted your cousin Kendal. It was good of you to help her in such an embarassing situation and also that her parents were kind and sympathetic unlike some of the monsters we often read about. I do hope she soon got over this food poisoning attack and returned to passing good solid motions.

Theresa and I have had a couple of days to ourselves and have used it to re-decorate the house. Today we had an enjoyable and interesting toilet experience. Just after lunch we both needed a motion. As neither of us had any urgency I let my wife go first as I usually do. Theresa pulle down her jeans and her floral patterned panties and sat on the pan. She peed with a hiss and tinkle then "PLOP! PLONK! PLUNK! PLOMP! as some hard balls came out. "Im a wee bit constipated" she gasped. I gently rubbed and pushed her ???? and as she went "NNN" UH! OO! AH! a fat lumpy turd of about 8 inches long slow! ly slid out of her bum into the pan with a resounding "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!". As she got off the pan we both had a good look. Her big jobbie was light brown, and had the appearance of lots of small rounded balls compacted together into a single fat lump. I then undid my own jeans and pulled down my pale blue Calvin Klein briefs and sat on the pan. I also peed then out came a fat carrot shaped jobbie of about 10 inches long which went "KUR-SPUL-LOOSH!" as it fell into the pan next to Theresa's lumps. Now both of us have had the same food and drink over the last couple of days but my wifes motion was hard and lumpy while mine was firm but smoother and easier. Also my turd was darker brown than hers and Theresa's was slightly fatter than mine. I know from experience that women's jobbies are usually a bit fatter than men's all other factors being equal, but the difference in hardness and colour is interesting as we had both had the same food over the previous couple of days.

! Adam, brilliant story, let's have more about your Army toilet experiences etc. You mention that the woman whos toilet you did your big jobbie into was very frank about doing such big ones herself and you even saw one of her "panbusters" on a later occasion, (did you buddy dump your own on top of it?). Did she give any indication that she may have been into toilet pleasure herself? Also were any of your brothers or sisters into such things and did you have interesting experiences with them?

New Girl, that's a novella, not just a posting.

I've had a day off school today. I'm not ill. It was an official day. I think the teachers were having a jolly or something. I've been reading all the posts that Andrew (Lawn Dogs Kid) has been writing about me. He tells them so well. Its been really nice to see what he thinks about when I let him watch me.

TO ALTHEA: Can you remember when you let one of your boy cousins watch you the first time. How old were you. I think I was only seven. I remember planning to let Andrew see me, but I didn't know if he wanted to or not. So I made this plan. I would wait to go wee until we were both outside the bathroom door in my house. Then I would say I was going to go and walk in, but not shut the door completely. Our bathroom has very shiny black tiles on the wall, and you can see a good reflection of the toilet if you stand in the right place behind the partly shut door. But if you sit on the loo, you can see out the door to. So I went in and shut the door a little. If he want! ed he would have been able to peep round it, but I would be able to see what he did as I sat on the loo. As I sat down, I peered at the spot on the tiles that reflected him to me. I was very excited and my heart went bumperty bump ! At first he had his back to the door. So I tried to wee hard and make it noisy, and when he heard me I saw him turn. You can't really see someone properly, like in a mirror, but I could tell he was looking at me. And I knew even more when I saw him kneel on all fours and move around as if he was trying to find a better spot on the tiles to see my reflection !! It made me happy that he wanted to peep so I surprised him by saying "You can come in, I don't mind. You don't have to watch my reflection." I saw him jump with surprise. Then he got up and I saw his hand reach out to push the door open, and he looked at me sitting on the toilet, and he smiled, and I smiled back, and we've watched each other ever since !!

I'm so happy when he calle! d me his preciuos little cousin and that he loved me, because he's my only cousin as well, and I love him to. My Daddy and his Mummy are brother and sister, but my Mummy and his Daddy don't have any brothers or sisters, so we really do only have each other, and I wouldn't swap him for any other cousin in the world. He'll go red when he reads this !

It made me cry when I read about how sad he would be when I decide not to let him watch anymore. I'll always let him watch if he wants to. Why does it have to be different just because I'm grown up. He's nearly grown up now at 15, and he still lets me watch.

I know he said he didn't think he would come and watch me poo any more after I was poorly. It wasn't very nice for him, but then it wasn't for me either ! So I have another plan. Because I'm off school today, I can meet him when he gets off his school bus, and walk back to his house. I'm sure I'll need to poo by then, because I always have my poo either when I! get back from school, or soon after my tea. I'll tell him I really want him to come with me, and I'll make it extra special by dressing in those clothes of mine that will make me look like Devon off Lawn Dogs film. He'll like that.

I'm going to go now. But I'll tell you what happened. And I just know Andrew will burst to tell you about it tonight himself. I'm not going to say I wrote this. Won't he be surprised to see how his little cousin can make plans to surprise him !

Bye Bye fo

Yesterday I was on the train home and needed a poo. The toilets generally stink of old pee and ammonia so I tried a new thing. I walked through the door at the end of the car as if I was going to the next car. While between the cars I lifted up my skirt. I wasn't wearing any panties so I parted my legs and forced a poo out. It came out quickly and fell with a splat onto the metal floor. That was all I needed! I then walked back into the car and sat down. I did it so fast, nobody saw me!

A Person That Pees
A while ago, my boyfriend and I were taking a shower together (we do that once in a while). I had to pee, so I did it just standing there. This excited my boyfriend, he had an erection in a second.

And that night, we had sex. That has nothing to do with the story.

Friday, July 14, 2000

I read a story on one of the old posts about a girl who pooped in her panties on the school bus after coming home from a field hockey practice. Has anyone else had any experiences with accidents on the bust?

Up until second grade our classrooms had individual bathrooms within the rooms, so I was able to pee before I got on the bus (and my mom told me repeatedly that every day I should pee at the end of the day), but starting third grade we had to use the common bathrooms in the halls, and there just wasn't enough time at the end of the day to use the bathrooms. My parents told my teacher for each grade third through fifth that I should be allowed to be excused at the end of class every day so I could use the bathrooms, but sometimes I didn't go and I would have accidents on the bus. In middle school the problem was just as serious, though I usually somehow really hurriedly did get to pee at the end of the day, but I did have several bus accidents.

Probably! the one incident from the middle school bus that most sticks out for me was in seventh grade. It was probably April or May because I was wearing light blue short jeans shorts and I think a tank top. We were going home from school and I was sitting on the aisle side with someone else on the window side. I had to pee a little while I was still in school, but I think I had to see a teacher or something for a few minutes after school so I didn't have time to pee. So sitting on the bus I was starting to have to pee really badly. I held it for almost the whole ride home, until we got about four blocks from my house. Then I felt a trickle in my shorts. I'd already had a plan for this. I sat with my butt on the very edge of the seat, my knees on the seat in front of me, and my back slouched really far--a way that some people sit comfortably on the bus. This was to not wet the seat, since the other kid was sitting there. No sooner had I did this than I completely peed myself! , and the splashing on the floor was loud enough over the drone of the bus that it caught my seat partner's attention and a couple other people's, too. I just sat there humiliated, not looking at anyone, while the couple people around me whispered to each other. My stop came, and unfortunately I didn't bring a backpack that day (now that I think about it, it was probably one of the last several days of school, then, if I didn't have my backpack), so I couldn't cover by wet butt with anything (and sitting as I was, my butt got most of the wetness). Walking down the aisle I certainly turned several heads, and I believe the entire bus knew what I had done by the time I got off. And yes, I got several comments about it at school the next day--word got around to other people, too.

Fortunately in high school, I got rides with my older brother in ninth and tenth grades and drove myself in eleventh and twelfth, so it wasn't a problem then. Or else it certainly would have! been a problem, because they hardly gave enough time to get to the buses at the end of the day.

Lawn Dogs Kid
ALTHEA: Liked your story. You sound as though you've got more than one boy cousin though. Kendal's only got me.

NEW GIRL: Glad you think my stories are interesting to read. You wouldn't have seen my last post before saying that. I should imagine most people were grossed out by it ! By the way, your stories are rather more than interesting !

The reason for this post is that I told a lie in my last one. Well it wasn't really a lie. I said what I thought and meant it at the time. Confused ? Read on !

I had a lovely surprise today. Kendal met me off my school bus and walked home with me. I don't half get some shit from my friends about this, especially when we hold hands walking back, but then I don't care. We have a wonderful relationship, and I'll be blowed if I'm going to let the micky-taking of a few, perhaps jealous lads, spoil what we have. Imagine how hurt she would be if I refused to hold hands in case the lads might say something. No thanks, I'! m above all that !

Anyway, it was great to see her because we haven't seen each other for well over a week now because she went away with her Mum and Dad last weekend. I'm telling you, she looks so much like Mischa Barton its unreal. And she was dressed in her Mischa clothes, as I call them, a shortish blue denim skirt, and a white t-shirt top. I joked with her that Dad's car wouldn't be there for her to wee down the windscreen this time ! She laughed, but said she did need the loo. So did I !

Consequently, we went together. Mum and Dad are always still at work when I get home from school. I went first, and it took a while. I'd been busting all the way back from school for a pee. After shaking my willie off, I moved out the way for Kendal. She looked a bit strange for some reason, and I asked her if she was alright. She said yes, but that she needed to do more than a wee. I said I'd go then, but she took hold of my arm and said "No don't. I really want you ! to stay." Memories of last time flooded back to me, but I didn't want to hurt her feelings. And besides, she was in her Mischa clothes, which always turns me on !

Its funny how long a week can be. She seemed very different. She lifted up the skirt and pulled down her panties, and I don't mean just the small amount as usual, they were pulled over half way down her thighs. And then she sat on the toilet. No perching, but actually sitting. Her feet touched the floor with her tippy toes. Her little bottom ( although still little ) seemed to have grown in the last few weeks, and she could sit on the loo without falling in or holding the seat, because her bottom stretched across the hole in the seat now !

When she was settled, she beckoned me towards her and indicated for me to kneel in front of her. Then she took hold of my hands, and held them in hers on top of her legs. Her eyes concentrated and then I heard her wee. Not the quiet wee of a steady stream down th! e inside of the toilet bowl as usual, but a steady stream directly in the water, making a gorgeous tuneful tinkle. Her tune played away for 20 or 30 seconds before finally fading to a drip.

I smelled her poo before I heard it. To be honest, it wasn't that unpleasent. That was the bit I was dreading about really. This was all so surreal, because I could see she was still breathing normal. No holding breath, no gasps, apart from one little Ehhh sound just as I smelled it. I only had to wait 3 or 4 seconds after the smell to hear the first sound effects, a fairly quiet flop, which was followed by another 7 or 8 plops in regular 2 second intervals, all making a different sound. Nothing very loud. Half were other versions of flop, while the other half were nice cute full sounding plops. She paused for 10 seconds or so before letting go my hands to reach for the toilet paper.
I've watched her wipe after wee before, but not really after poo. But today was new experience! s galore, and she had four wipes before she was happy and stood up to pull up her panties, and tugged back down her denim Mischa skirt.

Funnily, she told me to write about this straight away, and has left me to get on with it. So here you are folks.

Still confused ? Well I said only yesterday that I probably would never see her poo again. And within a few hours, I have ! Still can't believe it. She went home as soon as she'd been for her poo. It was almost as though she'd saved it up for me to see, and then having done the job, that was it !

She's a strange girl, but I do love her. And the experience was so very different today. Perhaps that time I fear of her not letting me watch anymore is getting nearer than I expected. She seemed a lot more grown up today.

I love Sandra's stories, and some of the other girls, and the stories of Teah's huge BMs. If any other girls have stories about really huge poops or really huge poop accidents, please post them!


Hello, I am another Scot who has just discovered this marvelous site about my favourite subject, doing a nice big jobbie. Its interesting to see that many others here are Scots, I suppose we are less inhibited about defecation than those who live in the South of England. (Im sure some others will write in to disagree)

I am now 55 and a grandfather. Since childhood I have , like many others here, enjoyed passing a big solid turd and hearing and seeing others doing so.

There are many stories I could relate about jobbies done, heard and seen in childhood, my time as a young man in the Army and in adulthood but the tale I will now tell occured when I was about 12 back in 1957. My family had moved from an old area of Glasgow to one of the then new Council House Estates. Rather than move me from the Primary School I attended, to a new school for a single final term before I went to Secondary (High) School, I stayed on at my old Primary (Grade) School and as it wa! s too far to travel home even by bus, I had lunch with a former neigbour and her 5 year old son Kevin, my mum paying the woman to cover the cost of my meal. (I didnt like School Meals which in those days were pretty awful). She was a nice friendly type of woman of about 30 or so, one of those jolly, ???? blonde women. Now I often did a motion in her toilet after lunch as like many people I usually need to have a BM after my mid-day meal. Being quite a big lad with a healthy appetite I did reasonable size jobbies usually quite fat but about 7 inches long or so with a good loud "Ker-spool-loonk!" One day however I excelled myself. It was a Friday and I hadnt had a motion since the previous Tuesday lunchtime when I had passed a fairly standard sized, for me, turd. This didnt bother me, indeed I liked it when I missed a day because I then did a bigger jobbie when I did go. My mum didnt insist on daily regularity for myself or my brothers or sisters or for herself. Now on this par! ticular day I had eaten my lunch when I felt I needed a motion. Excusing myself I went to the toilet. It was an old style large white pan with a cistern high on the wall above the pan which was flushed by pulling the chain. Bolting the door I undid my belt and pulled down my grey short (knee length) school trousers and the pair of white cotton Y Front briefs (Jockey shorts) I wore under them, (no unisex coloured panties for men and boys in those days!) Pulling these down to my knees I did my pee then farted. I felt the turd slide down. I hoped it would be a nice big one. My ring seemed to stretch and stretch and I felt it open and slowly this great fat lump started to come out with me pushing "UH! AH! NNN! UH" OH!" Slowly but surely it slid out and I could feel all the knobbliness. It was a pleasent and arousing feeling. "UH! NN! UH! It certainly was a big one! Looking down between my legs I could see the fat brown cylinder growing slowly but surely in length as it pointed do! wn towards the water in the pan. I kept pushing hoping I could get it all out in one big turd. Still it slid out and I could feel it taper and could see that the start was already in the water although it was still coming out of my bum. I gave a final push, It tapered to an end and gently slid into the water with a quiet "Flimp!" . When I got my breath back I got up of the pan and had a look at my effort. WOW! It was all of 2 inches thick and 12 inches long, fatter and longer than my usual turds, like a big carrot as they say on this page. It had all come out as one single big jobbie and I felt really satisfied and proud of what I had done. I wiped my bum but as it had been a firm motion I didnt really need that one piece of toilet paper. After having a last look at it, ( or so I thought), I pulled the flush. The torrent of water cascaded out of the hole at the back of the pan but when it settled my big jobbie slid back down into view. Now had I done it in the Boys Toilet at s! chool I would have left it for others to see, but I couldn't do this in someone else's house. I pulled the flush again but it still didnt budge. I tried a third time but it stayed put in the bottom of the pan. At that I heard a knock at the toilet door and the lady asked, "Adam, are you okey in there?" I opened the door and blushing said to her, "I was trying to flush the toilet but my jobbie is too big to go away" The lady smiled and walked forward saying, "let's have a look then" She stepped forward into the toilet and looked down the pan, "Wow! it is a big one isnt it?" she exclaimed, "I bet you feel better getting that lot out?" Seeing that I was blushing she then said, "Oh dont worry about it, I do motions that big sometimes and they stick in the toilet pan too. I'll throw a bucket of water down the pan that usually shifts it round the bend." Meanwhile her little boy Kevin had come to see what all the fuss was about. He walked into the toilet and had a look exclaiming, ! "OH! Mummy look, A big! big! jobbie!" She giggled and said "Naughty Kevin, looking at Adam's big jobbie!" but of course she wasnt angry with him. I felt really proud and well turned on. Sure enough, after she had thrown a bucket of water down the pan while I pulled the flush again my jobbie went away leaving a big brown skid mark in the bottom of the pan. Although I did quite a few big "panbusters" (another great expression I have picked up looking through old posts) after that even as a young lad, I didn't do another big one like that at our neighbour's house, but did once use the toilet after she had done a motion herself and saw her equally big jobbie stuck in the pan, which gave me quite a buzz. A few months later I went to the Secondary School about a mile from my home and Kevin and his mother were moved themselves to another large Council Estate the other side of Glasgow and our families lost touch. She will be about 73 or so and Kevin will be about 47 and may well be a ! grandfather himself. I wonder if he remembers this incident as vividly as I have? I will post some more stories about big jobbies at school, in the Army etc.

Lawn Dogs Kid: Your cousin Kendal reminds me of me. When I was her age I let my male cousins in the bathroom with me or would keep the door open as I sat on the toilet. Years ago, girls wore dresses. I used to make huge doo-doo. It was silent. Then after high school they were loud and explosive. Once my cousin Paul and I were in our Uncle's house after church. We ate lunch and I later decided to make doo-doo. I went into the watercloset off the bedroom, lifted my dress, slid my pink panties to knees. I took off my slip when I came home. It was hot. Quietly, I pressed out an eight inch brown log. Paul came looking for me. I was 8 he was 11. I opened the door to his surprise, his eyes lit up. I was reaching for paper to wipe myself. Then he decided to go. I stood up and flushed. It took three flushes. I told him I wait till I go home from school. I don't like to make doo-doo at school.

Then it was his turn. He undid his belt, zipper and lowered his Cub Scout shorts and ! white FOL briefs to his ankles. His penis was hung like a bear at 10 y/o. About 5-6 medium sized brown pieces of doo-doo hit the water like torpedoes. Then he peed for about 10 seconds. Then he went, "ugh" and another medium sized piece hit the water and a fart. Meanwhile his legs were slightly apart. He commented on what we ate for lunch and his toilet habits. He said if he were at school and he had to go bad, he would put paper on the seat. I told him I only pee at school.

We used to repeat this every Saturday afternoon in the summer. It is good you love your only cousin.

thanks for the advice you guys gave me.. my mom bought correctol.. any problem with it? i noticed that when i didn't take it last night, its been really hard for me to poop today. i feel the urge to go, its just not happening. i must say that right after i took it for the first time, about an hour later, i had a MASSIVE dump. i don't remember ever having one that big. it was really hard but it came out so easily. i think it was the loudest one as well.

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