New Girl
Hi everyone, this is my 1st post, but I have lurked here for awhile. I am not anything like u guys as in peeing/pooping in weird places, but my friends are. I will mostly post about them. I am 12 years old and from the US, so you all know.

Goldgirl~- you are my favorite poster. I love your stories and I always read them.

Lawn Dogs Kid- I like your stories. They are interesting to read.

There are more people I like, but I am in kind of a hurry, so here goes...

My friend Samantha was seeing a movie with me and she had already told me she had to pee and wanted to do something fun. She also said that the seat in the theater was too boring, she wanted to do something more fun. Soo, we went to the bathroom and it was empty. In this particular bathroom they had the typical handicap stall, so we went in there to have more room. We have found out a way to see other people in the bathroom by looking over the stall wall, but since no one was in there, ! that did nothing. We couldn't find anything else, so she squatted above the box in the stall and peed in it. When we left the bathroom, another lady was coming in and went into the stall that we were just in. :P Later on, before the movie ended, she had to pee again. This time there were 2 other people in the bathroom, so we went into a stall to wait. After the coast was clear, we went out of the stall and she peed in the sink as usual. The reason she didn't use the seat this time was because there waz someone sitting beside us and she said they were sitting too close and would hear, and she doesn't like that. Hope you liked my 1st post! TTYL.

New Girl

I got done running the errands that I had to run earlier and now I can post another story about another friend and her boyfriend. BTW, all of my friends into this kind of stuff know about this site, but have me post the stories cuz I can use good detail.

Sandy (my friend) and her boyfriend Chad are both into pooping and peeing in strange places. She once told me a story about a date they once had. They went to dinner and then to spend time at her house afterward. They purposefully went to an Italian restaurant because that makes them have to use the bathroom later. They like to go into the other's bathroom in a public place if it is empty, especially her in the men's. But otherwise they go in other places then the bathroom or by themselves. Anyway, they went to the bathroom right before leaving, and even though the men's wasn't empty, the women's was. Chad likes to go into the women's bathroom, he says. They went in and peed, but they weren't ready to poo, yet, so the! y went on back to her house. There are a lot of interesting places to pee/poo in her house, so they both tried to think of a place on the way home. A few times when they actually got there and were in her room discussing where to go they would purposefully fart. Sandy says she likes that. Then they discovered that she had a completely empty drawer in her room that no one ever opened, but they only peed in it. They wanted a more interesting place to poo, even though Sandy said that she had to go pretty bad by then. She kept farting and then Chad asked if she waz ok. She said, I'll be fine unless we don't think of something soon. Shortly after that they found a couple pieces of tupperware that were the perfect size. They don't really watch each other go, they just see what happened afterward. Sandy went on one side of her be and Chad was on the other, so they could still hear each other. Sandy said hers was more solid than Chad's. When they were done they dumped the poo into the! toilet and washed out the containers. She said that was the most exciting time with the two together, but I personally like pee stories more than poo stories.

I have another story to post, I wonder if I have enuff time...I guess so, but I might leave parts out cuz I have to get off soon. This is another story about Samantha (I'm gonna call her Sam most of the time). For a while when she started to pee in strange places, she did what goldgirl~ did, used containers. This was the 1st time she peed in an unusual place besides the shower/sink/container. She and I were planning on going shopping and we were getting ready to leave from her house and she told me to wait she wanted to pee in a container really quick. I said, why don't you hold it and go somewhere in the store? She thought about it and decided that would be more fun. This was pretty similar to one of goldgirls posts, but it was slightly different. She and I went into a store and she said, i am going to go in h! ere, i have to go pretty bad now. I told her ok, and she thought of an interesting place. We decided to go into the middle of one of the circular racks in the store and she (shes not as brave as you goldgirl) went right on the floor. She had taken off her panties and she had a skirt on. Oh yeah... that reminds me of an experience goldgirl will probably like...

One time we were in the same store, a long time after that, and she started to go to that same spot to pee again, and a girl that was at the store one other time she peed there, was sitting in there, peeing! She had spotted us coming in, and said, come on in, i don't mind. This certainly surprised us, because we didn't even know her, but we went in anyway. Sam asked if she minded if she went ahead and peed, and she said no. She and the other girl got finished peeing, and we stayed in there for a few minutes, whispering to each other. She said that she liked to pee in strange places, too, and she liked our idea. ! She said she had a friend that liked to poo in strange places, and she told us a short story about them. She said that she didn't know about them doing that, and she was in the bathroom, in the same stall, peeing on the floor, when they started to poo onto the floor! Now when we see her, we greet her and tell her some stories of our own.

Wow, this post was longer than I thought it would be!

New Girl

OK, this was the first time I ever peed somewhere other than the toilet/outdoors/etc.:

I was in my room with Sam and I had to pee, and I told her and she said, yeah, I REALLY have to go, and I noticed she was holding herself secretly. We went in the bathroom, and she said she wasn't going to use the sink this time, cuz she had to poo, too. So she went ahead, and I sat on the edge of the bathtub to wait. Then when she started to pee, I felt a strong urge, and I spotted the sink. I had to go really bad, (I was young at this point, probably 7 or 8) and I was afraid of getting caught, although Sam had done it all the time. Then I didn't care, cuz I knew I would get in trouble if I wet myself. I climbed onto the counter and undid my pants and sat on the sink just in time. I barely had to start to push before all of my pee went into the sink. It felt good, and Sam had been grunting, leaning over, and closing her eyes until she heard my pee. At 1st she said she thought I wet! myself. When she saw me sitting on the sink, some more pee streamed out of her. I giggled to myself at the sight of her face. Her mouth was hanging open and her eyes wide and staring. Usually she just didn't look at me at all when I peed, but this time she said she had to watch. I farted, and thought I might have to poo later, but I would rather have gone then just in case I couldn't get to a bathroom later. I asked if she was about done and she said she still had to poo. I told her to let me know when she was about to be done since I was going to poo now too. She said ok and I just sat on the sink feeling the pee that had splashed onto my legs. Then when Sam was done I got on the toilet and pooped and then we went back into my room. Now I will pee in the sink, a container, the bathtub (i did that before this anyway), and on the floor. I don't do this as much in a public place, unless the bathroom is empty or we find a handicap stall that has a sink in it. I like there being ! another person in the bathroom that I don't know when I am peeing in the sink in the handicap stall. If I go 1st, and my friend has to go, sometimes she says she can't hold it and uses the toilet or goes on the floor (if there is no one in the bathroom). I like the sink to pee in, that is my favorite place to pee. I have some stories to tell you goldgirl about seeing other people when they don't know I can see them. Sometimes, I will be just about to use the floor of a bathroom, and one of these 2 girls that I see in there all the time comes in, and I don't do it. But I have a story about her and her friend that is very similar to a story that happened to you goldgirl, I will submit this post and put it and a few other stories of seeing people in another one.

OK, goldgirl and all you other pee story lovers, these are some run-ins I had with other people, mostly girls, 2 boys.

1.) OK, there was this time I was at the store I mentioned before, and I was about to pee on their floor (I had done this before), and someone came in. I started to run into a stall and pee somewhere, but I decided to pee in the sink and see if the girl (I had already figured out it was her) figured it out. But instead of the girl coming in and going into a stall, she started to just talk to me, even though she was fidgeting like she had to pee. She asked my name and i said, Jessie why? She said, i just wanted to know I am Anna. I said, cool, how old are you? I asked that because she looked about my age. She said she was 12 and I said i was 2. She said, do you mind if i pee? I said, yeah, i don't mind. I wondered why she asked until I saw her pull her shorts down right where we were and start to go where I was going to. I said, wait, can I join you? S! he said, sure, you really want to go here? She waved her hand at the puddle where her pee was going. I said, yeah, I was actually going to do this before you came in. She and I said more about ourselves, and how it was funny how we both were always in this bathroom. I told her we were probably about the only people that use this bathroom, since it was always so dirty, and not many people like that. We said goodbye and now everytime we are both in the store and see each other, we go into the bathroom.

2.) This time I was with Sam and Sandy, and we were all planning on going into the bathroom and peeing somewhere we shouldn't. I had already read all of your posts up to then, goldgirl, and I was trying to think of a place you always went that we could use. When we got in the bathroom for the 2nd time, (the 1st time it wasn't empty) it was empty. I started to undo my shorts so we could go on the floor, but my friends said they were bored with the floor. I suggested going ! in seperate stalls and finding different places, but they said, no lets just use the sinks. I was fine with that, and pulled my shorts to my ankles with them and we all hopped onto the 3 different sinks. While we were peeing in the sinks, we heard footsteps coming into the bathroom. I glanced at my friends and they looked fairly worried. I didn't care as long as it wasn't an adult. If it was an adult, they would probably snitch on us. But we were lucky and it was a really young girl. She looked like she was in about 1st grade. I was thinking her mom would come in any second to wait for her or something, but no one came. When I finished I jumped off and pulled up my shorts. The little girl never did go in a stall, when she came in she just stopped, then when she noticed us, she came all the way in to watch. I asked her what was wrong, since she looked worried, and was biting at her fingers. She said that she had to poo-poo and she didn't want to clean up. I offered to help her,! and she said ok. I wondered where her mother was, but I didn't ask her. When she pulled down her pants, there was already a spot from some of her pee coming out, and there was the end of a turd sticking out of her already, inching out with every second. She just stood there, biting at her fingers, so I lifted her and she said, I usually use a potty, and I don't know how to do this. She looked like she was about to cry. I said, it's ok, just relax and I will take care of it. She just relaxed and I set her on the seat, still holding her so she wouldn't get scared. I wondered if she was afraid of her mother or something, and she had just gotten yelled at from her or something. I also wondered why she still didn't know how to use a regular toilet, but didn't ask her anything. When she was done I cleaned her up and she left. I had to pee again by now, and I hopped up onto the sink again and finished up. My friends were waiting outside, smiling. They said they heard the problem and! said that they found who the mother was and she asked them if they knew where her daughter was. She said she was worried about her, because she had just yelled at her, because the girl had to poo after being constipated for 2 dats, and she didn't have time to bring her to the bathroom and hold her over the toilet cuz she was still just potty-trained, so she yelled at her to go on her own. They said they told her that I had helped her and she was fine. Before we left, I saw the girl and she came up and hugged me and the mother thanked me a million times and kept looking at her daughter like, why did i do that to her?

3.) One time I was out in the woods behind my yard, looking for a place to pee. I saw this girl on her bike, and started talking to her. She told me her name, age, etc. and she said, I'm sorry, but I really have to pee, and she pulled down her pants and peed. She blushed and said, I'm sorry but I think I have to poo, too. You can stay if you want, but I'm! sorry. I said, no thats ok. I have to pee too. I pulled down my shorts and peed and then said goodbye to her and went back toward the house.

With the 2 about the boys, one time he didn't ever see me...

4.) I was out in the woods, not the ones behind my house, just at a bike trail. I was riding my bike, and I thought about how unlikely it would be for someone to pee/poo here, because it was almost all open where someone would see u. I would have gone in an emergency, but I never did. Then I saw the like only closed off spot in the trail. I parked my bike because my bladder was pretty full, and I started to make sure the whole think was pretty closed off. I parted 2 bushes, and saw this boy standing there with his pants comepletely off and his underwear at his ankles. I wondered why he had almost taken off everthing below the waste just to pee, but then he turned slighty and I saw he had a 'poo tail' as mentioned in another story on here. It was really long, a! nd it kept inching out as he stood there. His pee started to drip and eventually quit, and he scrunched up his face and pushed and farted several times and his poo eventually fell and his pee had started at one time when he farted, and he finished up that and just put his pants back on. He left on the opposite side of where I was, and I crawled in after he was all the way out, and pulled off my shorts, and my sandals, to keep them from getting wet. I peed and left, and made sure there were no bikes around there a few times to see if maybe someone was in there. Another time before I left, I actually saw that boy go up there and I followed him and he just peed those times. I almost felt guilty for watching, cuz he was a boy that I didn't know, and he didn't even know I was there, but I didn't ever leave while he was in there.

5.) In this story, the boy and I both saw each other. I was at this new hardware store, and their bathrooms had a mens, womens, and unisex bathroo! m all in the store. I went into the unisex bathroom, and saw that it wasn't like I thought it would be. It had stalls, and urinals for the men, and I had to make sure I hadn't gone into the mens, but I hadn't. I felt really really daring and went for it. I started to use one of the mens urinals. I didn't even feel bad for starting to do it. Then a boy about my age came in and saw me getting ready to pull down my pants and said, cool, you are going to try that? He pointed to the urinal. I shrugged my shoulders, almost embarrassed, because this stranger came in and almost caught me using the urinal! But instead of embarrassing me, he said, hang on. He went ahead and peed, and said, you mind if I watch you? I said, sure, but I didn't think I could do it. OK, he said, but why don't we use a stall and you can stand up in the stall? Well this surprised me, since I thought he would make me use the urinal, but I went into the stall and pulled my shorts down to ankles. I stood right in! front of the toilet and peed into it. It wasn't even that hard to do, as PV and Louise have said. He smiled at me and said, wow, you are the 1st chick I have ever seen pee before, let alone standing! Well, I said, you are the first guy I have seen peeing, and you were standing! He laughed and told me his phone number and I told him mine, and we keep in touch all the time. I have tried, and can't use the urinals, but when I feel like it I do stand up to pee.

Hope you liked those, and Goldgirl I figure you would like those, let me know what you think.

New Girl

PS I may post another post about Sam, her little sister, and I later.

The police are setting up bathrooms in New York. One is the mens room in the Pascarella Ramp at Flushing Meadow Park. I am swearing them off.

Quite so. These ideas are firmly planted during the early and formative years of childhood. Once in place, it is difficult (sometimes impossible) to remove them.

To PV.

Hello there, I hope you are well.
Hmm yes, as Louise said in her most recent post, I have known about your problem for a considerable length of time. I reckoned you were handling things your own way and might be adversely affected by any well meaning but harmful comments and suggestions. For example, a tense person can very often experience a greater degree of tension when advised to relax. So it can be a vicious cycle reinforced by having attention drawn to the perceived problem.
I would hope not to be ruining any self-help on your part by suggesting that you think of running water. That is all I will say on the subject, and I am so glad that the descriptions of the little adventures Louise and I have had have been helpful to you. It sounds very much like you are doing jus! t fine in attempting to overcome the difficulty. I would certainly say that weeing into a men's urinal suggests excellent progress! ;-)

Yes, I can see why a 100 minute journey to the beach might present a few timing problems in your quest to have an outdoor dump. The thought occurs that planning the event isn't really possible. The further thought occurs that you might find the event happens when you least expect it. Perhaps you might be able to take a Louise-style (or some way towards it) in-park dump to warm you up ready to attain your higher goal.

Ha ha. Perhaps there is a good point in your little jokey comment on the coach party girls. Since it evidently worked for them, perhaps a moderate intake of alcohol would serve to lower the psychological barriers which normally restrict your actions with regard to the beach peeing etc. How about giving that a try? Of course, it would certainly provide a plentiful supply of urine to deliver into the sand or wherev! er.

I was unaware of the footballing prowess of Australia's women. I must try to find out more about that when time permits. I guess if they are glamourous enough to strip for a calender then they must be worth having a look at. Ha! Yes, you are right! I wonder if they do wee in the showers! In fact Louise has not mentioned it in relation to her own netball team, but I have heard of several instances of such teams of females who have urination involved in
their 'initiations'. I wonder just how commonplace it actually is.
Am I right to think there is a particularly good Australian netball team? In the deep recesses of my memory, I seem to recall Louise saying something about it. Shows how much I listen ;)

Louise handled the story of my lady companion in the gents' very well. More than that, actually - she enjoyed hearing about it. She understands me well enough not to feel threatened by such things, and it would seem I gave a very good description of h! ow the woman came out of the stall with her knickers still down, as Louise laughed and giggled about it for some time afterwards.
Not only that, Louise and I have both had exposure to the opposite sex in the act of urinating while on the nude beach and other places, so it would be an inconsistent reaction for it to be much of a problem in that case.

I could not agree more with you about how stunning a sight it is to see a beautiful, well dressed woman standing at a urinal. Louise looked lovely, and to give me that feeling again, on Friday she went into the bathroom with me and stood over the toilet. Slowly she raised her skirt to reveal more and more smooth, golden thigh. The noisy hissing of her pussy and the tinkling of her stream in the toilet bowl completed the scene absolutely.
Society sees such actions as outrageous, but when analysed a little more it is undeniably so natural.

Nothing remarkable happened on our extended weekend break. Probably t! he best time was Saturday morning when we awoke and went to the bathroom. We were both naked, and Louise enjoyed holding my penis for me while I had a wee into the toilet. Of course she enjoyed wringing my foreskin dry when I had finished. I had a pretty routine dump, and Louise wiped my anus for me even though there was no appreciable mess.
After the toilet was flushed and refilled, I watched from below as Louise 'hovered' above the bowl. I had an excellent view of her pouting genitals and anus from down there, and a few drops of urine fell before a strong, twisting yellow gusher started. She was weeing furiously, and from that angle it was very entertaining. There was some trickling and dribbling towards the end, and when the flow stopped, drops were present on her flaps, waiting for me to wipe them off for her. When she was ready to take her dump, I witnessed a quick succession of little brown pellets shooting out from her anus, and I distances myself from the bowl slig! htly as Louise's little turds were causing some splashing as they hit the bottom of the bowl like depth charges (hmm, interesting comparison). There was no mess to wipe from around her anus, so there was no need to tear off any more paper. After that, we returned to bed to have a different type of fun until mid afternoon!

I've had a long day. That's it for the moment! Take care, PV.

Bye for now,


Lawn Dogs Kid
GOLDGIRL~: I'm owning up now. It was me who wrote the "Ode to Goldgirl" ! They're not my words. It was a poem I heard once on a TV show. It made me laugh so much, I've never forgotten it. And I thought it suited you write down to the ground, how you like to go wee anywhere but the potty !

This is my last Kendal pooing story. Around 5 weeks or so ago, Kendal was round my house while our parents went out again. Early evening she was fine, and we went for a wee together as soon as the olds left the house. It was a beautiful warm evening, and she was wearing one of those nice short t-shirts that only reach down to the bottom of your chest, leaving you with a bare ????. She also had on a cute matching short skirt. Now wearing this skirt presented a dilemma for Kendal. What to do with her hands ! Avid readers of my previous posts will remember how she uses both hands to hold up her dress while she goes. Well that wasn't necessary with this short skirt, which stayed exactl! y where it was pulled up to above her hips, without her having to touch it. Well, she sat on the edge of the toilet seat as usual, her panties pulled down just enough, and I fascinated myself by watching her hands. At first she left them holding onto her panties for a few seconds while her wee began. Then she took first one hand, and then the other and used them to brush her lovely blonde hair back behind her ears. Then she placed them matter of factly, holding the side of each leg for a few seconds. Then she lifted one before the other again to inspect her finger nails, before then clasping them together and placing them in the gap between her legs, about half way down, where they stayed until toilet roll was required !

The evening went along swimmingly after that until around three quarters of an hour before the olds were due home. I'd noticed a short while before that that Kendal had begun fidgeting. After ten minutes of this I asked her if she was alright. "No, I ! don't feel well" she said. She already has a pale complexion, so not much to tell from that. Then only a couple of minutes later, she suddenly sat up with a frightened look on her face. "Oh God, I need the toilet". She got up quickly, and tugged my hand, which meant she wanted company. So I got up after her.

Now poor Kendal was obviously in a hurry, because she didn't head for the stairs which she always usually does. She prefers the toilet upstairs. No, she dashed hell for leather for the downstairs loo along the hallway. As she ran, I saw her reach behind and clutch her bottom through her skirt as if to try and stop her poo coming out before she reached the toilet. As she reached the door, I heard her fart and say "ahh, shit!". She burst through the doorway, whipping up her skirt as she went in, and as I saw her turn to face the right way to sit on the toilet, she made a massive fart before she could pull down her panties. She thrust her panties down, and as she ben! t to sit, I saw poo dropping out of her little bottom before she could sit properly down. Fortunately, she didn't miss the toilet, and there was a plop-plop-plop as it fell in the water. Then once seated, FAAARRRRTTT, plop, plop, plop, plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop.

Now here was a view of Kendal I'd not seen before, sat right over the toilet, holding onto the seat with her hands, and her panties pulled right down to her knees. This wonderful new picture for me was interuppted once again by FAAARRRTTTT plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop. And then certain other realities began to hit home. First she began to cry when she realised that her panties had not escaped, and she'd pooped in them. And then it dawned on me that this toilet trip was not going to be the pleasure they normally are to me. I nipped into the kitchen, and retrieved a bucket from under the sink. Taking that to the loo, I got Kendal to stretch her legs out in front of her, and I gently eased her panties down ! the rest of her legs, with the bucket underneath to catch any shit that dropped off them. A bit dropped off, but not much. I was very careful ! As I eased the panties over the end of her toes, I dropped them in the bucket, and told her not to worry. Her mum would understand. Then I settled on my knees in front of her, and continued to keep her company. There were at least two or three more farts and waves of fast ploppy poop.

Then I saw her ???? become completely gripped with cramping. The muscles clenched, and booming farts were immediately followed by gushes of watery poo. The stench, which had already been very bad suddenly became horrific, but all I could see was that poor little ???? clenching uncontrollably. Then it seemed to take on a whole different kind of movement, kind of lifting instead, and as I looked up at Kendal, I realised that she was just about to throw up ! I quickly grabbed the bucket and got it up to her in the nick of time, and she puked all ! over her already soiled panties. I could feel myself breaking out in sympathy, and puked in the bucket with her ! Once that was out of the way, I actually switched off to the situation, concerned to help Kendal as much as I could, and to keep the rest of her and her clothing as clean as possible. After five minutes, she had stopped feeling sick, but she dare not leave the loo. She grabbed her first handful of toilet roll, and reached behind to tentatively wipe herself. When she brought it round, the paper was soaking with shit !

She stayed for twenty minutes more farting and weeing poop, but the cramps eventually started to subside, and she began to feel very much better. But just as she was contemplating trying to get off the toilet, the front door opened, and in walked Mum and Dad and Aunty and Uncle. There was no escape for me, as the toilet is just inside that door. Dad walked in first. "What the hell..." he exclaimed as he saw me knelt on the floor, in front of K! endal sitting on the toilet. Then very soon all four of the olds were stood in the doorway, mouths wide open at the sight of us both together in the toilet. Nothing more was said for several seconds before I then came out with the classic of all "guilty" sentences... " I can explain..." !!

Fortunately, I didn't have to. The terrible smell was still there for all to sniff, and the bucket of puke with Kendal's soiled panties drowned in it somewhere still sat in the doorway. Kendal's mum took over "Oh Kendal, darling ! Aren't you very well", and she uncermoniously hauled me out of the way. As we all continued to stand there looking at Kendal sat on the toilet, Aunty suddenly quipped "Well buzz off then you lot, can't a girl have some privacy, and she shut the door, almost knocking over the bucket of sick, which fortunately was stood far enough just outside the doorway.

I told the whole story to the three remaining olds, and Kendal's Dad actually thanked me for l! ooking after her so well, and for being brave enough to be in their with her !!

Kendal was taken upstairs by her Mum for a bath before they left to go home. My Mum had already attended to the bucket, and had attempted to hand wash the panties, but decided they were beyond redemption !

When Kendal re-appeared downstairs, she looked beautiful, wrapped in a thick bath towel, hair gleaming, and smelling of roses. Aunty still seemed to be rather displeased with me, but Kendal wasn't. She came over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss, at which point her towel fell open at the back revealing her bare, but now ultra clean bottom ! " Oh Kendal, honestly, have you no shame ?!" Aunty said, quickly wrapping her in the towel again.

Uncle had been home to fetch his car to drive Kendal home in. She couldn't exactly walk home through the village in just a bath towel ! Aunty put her in the car, before then turning to me and saying "Kendal's told me everything". My h! eart skipped a beat as my mind raced into overdrive thinking that "everything" meant all the times we have gone to the toilet together. ! But of course, Kendal had said nothing about that. We both like to watch each other too much to ever tell ! Aunty had calmed down, and she too graciuosly thanked me like Uncle had.

After getting caught like that, Kendal and I were more careful about going to the toilet together... for all of two days !! Then only a couple of weeks later, we watched Lawn Dogs, and page 378 tells that story !

I'm not sure if I'll go with Kendal again when she poos. It might bring back too many awful memories of that night five weeks ago. But as for wees .... !

One day I realise that Kendal won't want me to go with her anymore. That will be very sad when it happens, but I'll be prepared, and take with me the most wonderful memories of our childhood together. Nothing will ever dim in my mind those wonderful visions of Kendal perching! on the loo holding her dresses high over her ????. And most of all, knowing that she liked me being there to see. I love her to pieces !!

Hi, everyone!

Jenny: Interesting story about your obviously satisfying
shit in the garage. Many of us, I'm sure, would like more
detail than "four big pieces," which is a little vague...
I know you said you videoed the experience, which would certainly provide more detail, and which I would love to see
(as would many others here, I'm quite sure), but, to rephrase an old New England saying, "I don't think we can get there from here." Moderator?

From Modest: Irony
This morning I was at college reading the posting on Hancebridge and his wife. Man, it was exciting! Teah must be one fine black woman to make HIM wet HIS draws. Then she had a big BM right in front of him! Man, I could picture her sitting on the toilet. I see why he married her a year later! Well, as I was reading the post, I got the sudden urge to lose some weight. I had drank ginger ale and ate 3 hotdogs with hot peppers and mayo (don't ask) the night before. I was right in the middle of the post (when Teah was telling Gina she had to go poop). So I left and went to the lil' boys room. I went to the last stall and dropped my shorts. I broke wind real loud and then the creamy stuff came rushing out. I wiped, flushed, wahsed my hands, and returned to finish reading Hance's post. Isn't that ironic? I had to have a BM while reading about a BM!

Justa Girl
someone asked about movies with peeing and pooing and I'm surprised that no one said DUMB & DUMBER!!!!! Jeff Daniels takes a massive shit at his girlfriends house.
thats all.

bye bye

i have some high spoken words about the posts here:

goldgirl: u must be a pronstar to write such cool stuff.
jen: were u born with toilet tissue n your hand?
modest: that's the sickest reason for liking poop.
justin: aren't u too young to B N luv?
bike rider: great story, nice and poopy...
angie: (the accident victum) my cold heart goes out 2 U
casey: is that a hobby? (Wal-Mart restroom defacing)
aj: i agree. more piss, less dump-taking.
hance, teah, whoever wrote to long 1: u've got a good wife if u can get her 2 dump loads like that. can't wait 4 the next 1 (when she eats her wedding ring?)

otherwise, i pissed 11 secs 2day, dangled it, and flushed.

Hello, everyone. I have been steadily reading posts at this sight since I was like, 13, now I am a 16 year old male high school student. Recently not many posts have been about guys pooping, so I thought I would write one where this was the premise.

I went to Maryland with two of my friends(Also 16) Brendan and Paul. They both take very large poops which always require alot of tiem and effort to complete. When we arrived in Maryland, we stayed in the large guest house of family friends of mine, jsut the three of us. There was so some sort of powerdered creamer on the counter which I was putting in Brendan's coffee, and he liekd it so much he had about four cups. Not 15 minutes went by before he had to rush to the bathroom to crap. Paul and I were confused, but we knew he must have had ot go bad. He ran into the toilet, closed the door, and all we heard were alot of pellets torpedoing the water extremely fast. Of course we had no idea that the creamer was a laxative u! ntil after the trip was over. Needless to say, Brendan never went to the bathroom just to pee. I really want to buddy dump with him, as Paul is avidly open abotu his bowell movements. Brendan will participate in them, but he won't actually do the dumping. Anyone know how to convince him??

Ineedta Poop
One time in HOME EC class, this kid in my grade let out a big ol' fart er oonee. oh yea. And the boys bathroom was right across the hall! he Kept farting and farting and farting till it started to sound like more then farts. oh yea, I wasn't there but my friends tell me it sounded wet and squishy. Embarrassing huh? yea i bet it was for him! So finally he asked to go to the bathroom and he walked out (as people have told me) like he had a load in his pants.

I had a weird dream last night that i was at work and i was working and all the sudden i was shitting my pants. I had no urges that it was coming or any thing i ran to the bathroom and cleaned up and it was a very light brown color. Cause of this i was gonna go home early. Werid dream. I had another dream too about this stuff. Well I was at this restaurant getting ready to leave and i had to pee so i go to the urinals and begin peeing, the first urinal was broken cause there was a hole in the wall where it used to be. All the urinals were lined up next to each other, behind them was like a wall for privacy then there was a space and on the other side of the bathroom were the toilets, the toilets were all open but they had the wall infront of them(Everyone would be pooping together). After i finished peeing i came out and this boy about 15-19 sat down on the first toilet and begain pooping and i saw his penis and i encouraged him to pull his pants down more, i did tha! t my showing him my penis, i don't remember if they went down more cause then i woke up.

To Barry: I liked ur story. I also like to pee into containers if i have any around. Sometimes i pee into a cool whip container thats in my bathroom.

To Lawn Dogs Kid: Sorry, i had thought kendal was your girlfriend. Well i guess it just sounded like it.

To Justin: I liked your story, how your g/f didn't want to watch you and she ended up watching you. I liked how it was a turn on for both of u.

To Casey: I know of some cool places to poop, try the local mall, those bathrooms are usally good or even at Wal-mart. i know of some foods that give you strong urges, grapes and plums if you eat alot.

To Push up my poop: I don't think pooping in a urinal is bad or any thing. So how did you poop in a urinal? Did you get caught? If not what happens if someone comes in the bathroom? I could be your friend on here, i have the same intrest. How old are you?

Casey, there is really no such thing as a safe laxative. The only really safe one as lots of people have said is Liquid Parafin which simply lubricates the bowel and makes the stools easier to pass, but doesnt affcet their solidity. It doesnt make the motions loose or watery. If you take laxatives you wont pass the "nice thick turds" you say you enjoy but a load of soft spluttery mush through to watery diarrhea. That's what laxatives do, either hurry the action of the bowels so the water is not properly absorbed or block the absorbtion of the water by altering the osmotic tension of the bowel contents. The result is much the same whatever the mechanism, diarrhea. As regards Soap suppositories I dont recommend these either. If the "bullet" of soap is too hard it could injure the delicate lining of the rectum and the chemicals in most soaps would cause irritation so you could get proctitis. If you really need suppositories to make your turds easier to pass I suggest the simple g! lycerine suppository which will melt in the rectum and makes the hard turd easier to pass but doesnt contain any active ingredient to rush the action of your bowels, as do bisocodyl or dulcolax suppositories. Another suggestion is Vaseline or KY Jelly to lubricate the back passage. Its up to you but really the only safe place for laxatives is left unpurchased on the shelf of the Pharmacy! What I cannot understand is that you say you intentionally hold in your poo, so why do you want to use laxatives? If you want to go normally then go when you need dont hold it in, if you want to hold it in, then do so but expect to be constipated as a result. You cant have it both ways!

Congratulations Joe NY in getting married to the lovely Melissa!

Coprologist, an interesting theory on men being shy about having a number two. I dont know if I agree but should you be correct then this is all the more reason to abolish the urinal and give men equality with women in having th! e better privacy, hygiene and comfort of using a locked cubicle to perform both of their excretory functions. On the sore and dirty arse position, I recommend moist tissues or wipes. There are various brands, Hakle Moists being one of the best in the UK. These are medicated and have a mild scent and are first class in cleaning the anus and its surrounds especially if you have passed a soft sticky stool and are very good if you suffer from haemoroids (piles), anal fissure etc. Use of moists will virtually eliminate the incidence of skid marks in the seat of your knickers, any nasty shitty smells, crusty arse and the affliction of tagnuts, winnits or dangleberries as they call the bits of ordinary toilet tisse which gets stuck to the hair round the anus if a sticky poo has been passed.

Rick, Yes, I have gotten that crusty thing before. It does hurt and thank God it doesn't happen often. :-)

Thursday, July 13, 2000

Cynthia our name (optional)
This true story has most of the elements of classy pulp fiction: nudity, violence, disease, wickedness, psychological horror, abnormal sexuality, profanity, and a disturbingly beautiful blonde heroine (me). Please enjoy!
I am a twenty six year old English woman, a psychiatrist and an art critic. Yesterday I was at the library, in an aisle of books, when I heard the soft greeting of an intimate (a distant) friend, a vulgar male collegue who I dearly loved (despised). He smelled as if he had just come from a three martini lunch. Fancy me he always had; he had told me that my long, slender body, perfectly round English eyes, very high cheekbones and deathly white skin fitted me for a career in modeling.
We chatted idly for several minutes before his talk turned rather vile. He followed his customary pat on my fanny with sliding his hand up under my skirt and inside my panties. He worked his finger into my rectum. I looked at him with cold eyes and s! tood silent and motionless. He removed his finger and half smiled. I said to him "I hope your finger stinks"and I turned to leave.
This morning, as I was about to leave for work, my boyfriend called me into the bathroom where he was shaving. He drew me into a gently bitter discussion. We stood in the bathroom and argued. Capriciously, I sat down on the commode and had a shit while we bickered. He regarded me with morbid awe. He had never before seen me on the toilet. He sat down right beside me on the edge of the bathtub and talked softly to me while I continued to shit and stink. I helped myself to one of his cigarettes. He could not take his eyes off my bare bottom. "I'm going to stink you out of here" I sneered. I was actually a bit embarrassed by this time; my stools were hard and dry and fell into the commode with plunks.
Suddenly, my boyfriend ran his index finger along the termination point of the crack of my arse and then sniffed his finger. ! I took a long drag on my cigarette and deeply inhaled. Holding the smoke in my lungs, I thought of the library incident. I exhaled the smoke in his face. I curved my back sharply inward and wiped my stinking bottom with just one swift stroke of coarse, dry toilet paper and pulled up my undies. I flushed the commode with force.
"You only wiped once" he said as I was leaving the bathroom. I didn't look back.

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