I have an embarassing story. This morning when I woke up I felt the urge to have a major BM so I went to the bathroom but I couln't go. I was feeling all right at work until 2, and then I felt really bloated and I had cramps. I was walking fairly fast to get to the restroom, when I ran into my boss. He wanted my paperwork, but I told him I didn't have it ready and that I had to be somewhere. He told me that I wouldn't be late and started having a conversation with me. My stomach was gurgling and I squeezed my cheeks together as hard as I could and spurts of diarrhea came out. I tried to run past him to the restroom, but it all came out. I couldn't stop either. It was seaping through my underwear and coming down my legs. I finally got to the restroom, sat on the toilet for about 20 minutes finishing what had started, and told my boss sorry and that I wasn't feeling well and took the rest of the day off.

Hello, this is my first post here, and I am loving it. I normally poop normal dumps, nice thick turds. The longest I have help it was 5 days. Is there a safe, home made laxitive or suppository I can use on mysself? I don't want to buy them. I want to make them. I have heard of Soap Suppositories, but are those safe? I am attempting to hold in my poop until it comes bursting out, so wish me luck Please answer, I really need help. Thanks

Hey guys what's up? A question: I go to Starbucks a lot, I'm not sure if they have that in the UK but I know there are lots in the U.S. Anyway, after drinking any kind of drink there (coffee) I pee and it smells like coffee, is this normal? I have a urinal (bed bottle type) that I pee in a lot cuz I like to measure how much I can pee and I like to look at it. BTW I am a 17 year old male from TX and I've always been interested in peeing into containers and hearing girls pee. I guess people that work in offices have coffee breaks, then the men have 'reverse' coffee breaks at the urinals since it kind of smells like coffee (for me it does anyway). lol just a thought. I would appreciate it if someone would answer this question for me. Thanks.


To Amanda(UK)- Young lads like Tim may grow up with little inhibition where bodily functions are concerned, but lets face it, he's 13 and you're his Mum. He probably wants you to but out of his "business"!

thank you so much for that "Ode to GoldGirl~"! that was too cool!

jenny - great story about the bike ride! i really enjoyed it!

This weekend i went to the movies with my friends. naturally, i peed right on the seat during the movie, and no one even noticed. that's why i always wear a skirt to the movie theater. my friend mira was sitting on the seat next to me blowing spit bubbles (that always gets me too). so while she was just sitting there watching the movie, i stared at her doing that, and as i was staring at her, my panties and my seat were getting wetter and wetter with my pee. feeling my warm pee under me while watching mira's bubbles appear on her lips was a very exciting experience. i purposely drank a lot of soda so i could pee in the seat again. the second time i peed, i quietly farted too, making mira giggle. heehee if she only knew what else i had just done.

see you all later,

Amanda (UK) I can sympathise that, while you raised your son in a liberal home regarding the body and its natural functions he seems to have become prudish. I feel however that rather tha nbecomeing a little "Mary Whitehouse" bigot he is merely reactiing in a fairly normal way for an adolescent boy.

Many people have a lot of concern for girls during puberty, what with periods starting, breasts developing, hips widening and of course the risk of her becoming preganat.Boys tend to be ignored at this time as their puberty is not so visually apparent, some facial and body hair, the voice breaking and perhaps the odd wet dream if he doesnt yet masturbate. From my young brother's experineces I know that boys can have as hard a time of it as adolescents. Both their physical and emotional persona is changing and they are unsure of themselves. I remember my young brother when he was 12 and I was 14 went through a stage of being very prudish where he had previously been open ab! out natural functions etc. He soon grew out of it after 6 months or so. Just let the lad find his own level, if he wants to go to the toilet privately leave him to it, likewise if she seems to shun nudism for a while. Its all part of finding himself in the transition from boy to man.

Fizz, urine IS sterile when passed from a healthy person. so for that matter is a bowl of soup if served up boiling hot. Leave either in the open for a while and they will soon break down owing to bacteriological action. The urine breaks down giving the pissy smell complained of. If passed into a large volume of water such as a bath or swimming pool or washed away by a large flow of water such as in a toilet pan or shower then its not a problem. I did however read that when they were renovating a Gentleman's Club in London where members could stay in a room overnight they found the pipework of the drains from the handbasins in most of the rooms had encrustations of uric acid which had bui! lt up over the years from members as they put it "exercisisng a gentleman's privilege" and pissing in the washbasin during the night rather than walk down the corridor to the toilet or use the chamber pot. So lads, if you piss in the sink please run the tap for a while afterwards.

Lawn Dogs Kid: How old are you and how olds Kendal? really enjoyed your story about you,Kendal and Chloe. Got any more?
Goldgirl: Did you and Min buddy dump again this weekend, would love to hear from you again


Lauren (scotland 15/f) Do you have any more pooping stories and do you go regularly at school and do you enjoy doing it?

Lawn Dogs Kid
TO BRYIAN: Glad you like my stories. My last one didn't get posted, So I must have said something thats not allowed. I'm telling that story again below, leaving out some details that the guys running this site perhaps objected to. I'm 15, and Kendal is 10. She's not my girlfriend !! Shes my precious little cousin, the only one I've got. If you want to know more about us, I did my first post on Page 378 of the archive. Kendal has also written once, on page 380. I also gave more description of Kendal on Page 381.

TO GEORGE (SCOTLAND): I guess you must be one of this sites more senior posters. I really love life, and the experiences I have been able to share with the help of Kendal. I don't know if I've really got a favourite plop sound. They are all a complete delight whether they plop loudly or slip into the water with a barely heard flop ! You have clearly got lots of experience, and thanks for sharing your story with me !

Kendal's third poo with me watching! was soon after the millenium celebrations, in early January, just a day or two before her 10th birthday. Mum and Dad had gone out with Aunty and Uncle down to the local pub, so Kendal was at my house until they came back again.

She didn't seem her usual self that evening, and when I asked what the matter was, she told me her ???? was hurting, and came over for a cuddle. She sat on my knee, and I gently rubbed her ???? through her dress to try and make it better. When it didn't seem to be getting better, I said it might be because she needed to go poo. After a while she decided that might be right, and I let her go on her own. We always go together for wees but leave each other some privacy for poos unless invited.

When she hadn't come downstairs after 10 minutes, I went up to see how she was, and after talking to her outside the door, I went in and offered to stay for a bit if she wanted. She didn't mind, and I learned that she hadn't been able to poo yet,! even though it had been 3 days since she last went.

I've explained before how Kendal has this thing about her dress getting in the way, that is getting weed on or pooed on, or even drooping in the toilet water. So after I arrived she said she would try again to poo, but wouldn't start until after she gathered up her dress which had been laying in neat curves and folds on top of her legs when I walked in. She lifted it high over her ???? as normal, and then I saw her ???? begin pushing and straining as she sat on the edge of the toilet seat. Her little face also began turning red and for the first time I heard her gasp and groan loudly while trying to go. She had never had to struggle like this before the two previous times I saw her.

After that unsuccessful attempt to poo, she decided it might help if she could hold her ???? and press it with her arms and hands, but she would have to take her dress off to do that. However, it was a cold night, and so I fo! und my self offering to hold her dress up for her so she wouldn't get too cold. She said she would like that.

I kind of knelt on my left knee at the side of the toilet, with my other leg positioned forming a right angle, and resting above Kendals legs. It was by far the most comfortable of positions. You can't really kneel on either side of our toilet because of the wall on one side, and the washbasin on the other. And I knew I might hurt my back leaning forward in front of her knees for what turned out to be around half an hour.

After much more straining and grunting for 10 minutes, I heard her first plop, a good fat sounding one. It was another ten minutes before the next plop, making an equally impressive sound. And a third one followed about seven or eight minutes after that. In the next minute that followed, Kendal had clearly unblocked herself, and 12 more poos fell out of her little bottom in quick succession, much to her clear relief and delight.
It had been ( and still is ) the most exciting toilet experience of my life, to have spent half an hour, holding up her dress for her, having her gasps of strain, and then subsequent relief made right down my ear hole, and being privy to all the varied plops her poos had made. I will leave out other details of things that happened to me in the hope that this post is more acceptable !

The fourth time Kendal pooed in front of me was about a month or five weeks ago perhaps, and it will be the last I'm sure. I'll explain in another post !

There's a movie called SENSELESS starring Marlon Wayans, where his character takes a drug to get super-senses. There's a scene where Darryl (M. Wayans) just got into a fraternity. Then he sees the girl he likes entering a ladies room with a friend. So he sits on the staircase nearby and uses his super hearing to eavesdrop on the girls. One girl (her name was Tanya, because I kept rewinding the bathroom scene) entered the first stall while her friend checked her face in the mirror. Because he had super senses, Darryl could hear and smell Tanya going to the bathroom; he listened in disgust while Tanya grunted and farted. Tanya was saying wild things like "this seat is cold" and "I'm full of something right about now". The thing that cracked me up is when Tanya said to herself, "Corn? I didn't remember eating corn!" After Tanya finished she said, "I just gave birth, somebody smack it's ass!" Talk about wild! Tanya was off the hook for that!

Blue Flame
The occasional poster back from out of the blue... I felt compelled to respond to Amanda in UK. All though I'm not a parent and rarely even take care of children, I don't think it's a good idea to force your views on your boy. I can tell you from a man who was 13 not to long ago, that I wouldn't have liked my parents walking in on me in the washroom and expecting me to be comfortable with taking a shit in front of others. If he wants privacy, than he should be entitled to it. At 13 I wasn't comfortable with shitting infront of anyone, and in time I became more comfortable. On another note...I don't find it uncommon for men to not be as comeforable shitting in public as a woman. I've noticed that women seem to be much more open with eachother about things than your average guy to guy meetings, bathroom habits included. I myself am not to thrilled about pooping infront of a guy, nor does the idea of a guy pooping in front of me turn my crank (now a girl? that's another ! story :)) yet I know of girls who are fine with it. Either way, I don't think there's anything wrong with your son...if you let him develop his own views on the subject, you might be pleasantly suprised in the end :)

take care everyone.

kim & scott
hello all! hey jenny. my boyfriend scott and i loved the story of you pissing and shitting in your garage in front of your camcorder. scott thought it was really sexy! In one of our posts from a month ago called "A steamy hot toilet story from kim & scott "I got naked too and had a massive 17 1/2bm in the toilet while scott filmed me with his camcorder he got last christmas. he got a hard-on out of that and i think he did from your story too!!. lets hear some more sexy stories jenny!I have no doubts whatsoever scott will probably want me to get naked again soon and piss and shit in front of him while he camcorders me. so long jenny! from kim & scott

Bike Rider
Yesterday it was very hot, even around 7 pm. I was riding my bike with my lovely wife. We usually ride along the river on the bicycle and jogging trail. I had eaten about thirty minutes before and since we were going to ride several miles, I drank lots of water. As we are enjoying our ride, I begin to get some cramps in my stomach, nothing to it, this is usual after riding hard for a few miles. I began to get worse, then felt bloated. I felt as if I had to much water in me. By now, I tell my wife I have to go the bathroom. Something wants to come out of my ass. I try to fart, but realize this is not going to be a fart. I better find a toilet soon, and so we head to one of those "park" restrooms that you see in parks, since this is a recreation area. The thing is that these restrooms are known for their dirtiness and disgustiness, so I head into the men's bathroom, taking a chance. No way in hell, no doors, no toilet paper, spiders and spider webs all over the corne! rs, even one toilet looks like is has no water. I tell my wife I have to go now, I tell her to go check the women's and see if anyone is in there. No one is really around, and my wife comes into the men's and tells me to go and use the women's. So she stands outside just to make sure no female comes in, I go into the women's and it is in much better condition, at least it has doors and some toilet paper! I head towards the last stall in the corner, place a seat cover down, pull down my bike shorts and underwear, (I must tell you that I am sweating because of the bike ride and that it is so hot, so my underwear is a little wet from sweat), turn around, sit, and let out a torment of diarahea. I knew I should not have eaten before and drink lots of water before my bike ride. More "brown water" is gushing out of my hole, I sure hope my wife is not hearing this! I tell her "honey are you there?" I don't want any female to come in there while I am there. She answeres a reass! uring "yes. Take your time, no one is around." I've never had such a relaxing time on a toilet, I have to admit it, it felt somewhat erotic to be sitting on a women's toilet, and I have to admit that it felt so good to let out that diarahea, I don't know why. It felt so good as it was passing out through my butt, that I actually wanted more. I sat there for a few more minutes, getting every last drop out, but none. I cleaned up well, and decided to head back home. If you don't want this to happen to you, wait several hours after eating before you do excercises!

Joe (NY)
Well I’ve been married for approximately 24 hours. The wedding was dull nothing interesting happened. But this morning, Melissa had her first poop since we were married. It was about 4:15am when Melissa woke me up and sad she had to poop. Even though I was tired like hell, I was turned on about the fact.

So we made our way to the bathroom, I told her not to start because I needed a cup of Coffee. French Vanilla ????. So I arrived 5 minutes later and Melissa was sitting on the tub. She said I might want to turn on the exhaust fan. I told her: No I said I want to savor the aroma of your wedding poop.

So she proceeded to strip herself naked. I said Honey, what are you doing?!?! She said I going to make myself very comfortable. Since were married, It should be no problem for us to be naked in front of each other. I said she has a very good point there. Wow! I said Melissa, even though we have known each other for a while, I never knew how you looke! d completely naked. She said you like it? I said oh hell Yeah!

Anyway, she still has not started to poop. I asked her if she is constipated she said no. So I had a theory that if I filled the tub with warm water, it should help to loosen her up. So I filled the tub with warm water and made her sit in it.

Then I stood and told her Let me check on Bob (our lizard) for a moment he was fine so I arrived back and she was still sitting there. I asked her is it working? She said sort of. Then she hurled her 6’5 body out of the tub with authority and sat on the toilet.

Then I was like in a trance because my eyes opened so wide and I wouldn’t stop looking at her. She f told her. So it inched its way out slowly. It was already past the 14 inch mark. It just kept coming it broke at the 17 inch mark. I said how did you do that? The response I got was a smile and a grunt.

So I told her to push and so she did. I saw the piece that broke grow larger and larger to 17 inches again! It fell in and it landed on the other piece of shit. So I said are you done? She said not even close. Her tone of voice changed and I saw another piece emerge out of her ass. It finished at 15 inches then she said she was done.

So we both examined her shit and I commented on the size. They were all light brown in color and had a very smooth texture. I gave her a 5-minute kiss and pushed the flush. It clogged. Oh well I said Just let them sit there. So we both went back to bed and since I had a cup of coffee I wasn’t tired. So I flipped on the TV and saw noth! ing interesting on. So I went to my video shelf and started watching Dragonball Z (even though I’m and adult I still watch cartoons). So I put the tape in the VCR then as I got back in bed I heard a loud fart then I saw a smile form on her face so I kissed her and she went back to sleep.

Well no honeymooning for us, we both think it is non-essential plus we cant leave our jobs for some honeymoon. We’ll just continue life the same way we did before we got married. Plus we don’t want any children!


I am 15 and think this is a great site,i like bathroom stuff and sometimes i have spied on my sister Lynn she is 17,once about a year sgo i acted liked i didn't know she was in the bathroom and just walked in while she was on the bowl and she screamed like ahhhh,get out! and i ran out and slamed the door,i guess she was about to take a bath because she was naked and i saw her big boobs and black bush,she wouldn't talk to me for about 3 months and told mom,who just told me to make sure to knock before i go in from now on.
I have a girlfriend named Mindy who is my same age we have been going out for 4 months and i kept asking her if i can watch her in the bathroom and she kept saying no but one day we were at my house and nobody was home and we were in my room fooling around,we don;t have sex just kissing and sometimes we touch each other,well i said i had to pee and i was suprised when she said can i come with you and i said yes,we went into the bathroom and she locked the door behind us and i was wearing a pair of shorts that don't have a zipper so i sort of just pulled down the front to get my penis out and i saw Mindy staring at it as my pee started to come out and into the bowl i said ohhhh that feels good and she gigled and told me my penis was bigger then she thought it would be and didn't know it was so hairy and i felt my face turning red,she watched as i shook it off and pulled the front of my shorts back up,and then she realy suprised me by saying now it's my turn and if i wanted to i could watch and she started to unbutton her jeans and told me please go stand back by the door and don't look until i tell you so i did what she asked and then she said ok you can look and she was sitting on the bowl with her pants and panties all the way up past her knees with her hand over her p**sy so i couldn't see to much but a little bit of her blond bush and i heard her pee comeing out and she asked me if my penis was standing up from watching her and i admited that it was,and i showed it to her and she said put it back i didn't say i wanted to see it!I even think i heard her do a little fart but she said she didn't and her face got red when i asked,then Mindy said she was done so not to look again so i went and turned my head the other way for a second but when i heard her stand i looked back and got to see the hair between her legs (not very much yet) and when she turned to flush i saw her big round butt and when she caught me looking she called me nasty.I was at her house yesterday and she said she had to pee and i asked if i could go with her and she said no because it was that time of the month and it would be to embaresing but maybe some other time.
I will post again if someting does happen.

this is for AJ

Read your post, and I am with you man. Many nights I have dreams about peeing in a bathroom, but I guess it's true that if you really do have to pee (while you are sleeping), your mind will give you a dream that you'd better go and pee. I think you might have it confused with a wet dream, as I always get those whenever I have a dream about peeing.

Let me tell you my latest "wet" dream: I guess I had to pee, and was walking around some school or college campus, and I saw in my dream two very good looking women who had come out of the women's restroom from some building. Upon seeing those sexy women, you know what happened, I "peed" and it felt so damn good. The last part of this short dream, I went into the women's restroom and looked at all the toilets/stalls, so this must have made me really want to mind was telling me that my bladder was full.

Rick, thanks dude for answering a question I gave to this forum 2 years ago. I not having much hair was wondering about guys with hairy assholes and their problems. It seems you are the only person on this forum, who has any problems. Not one person responded to my question when i raised it 2 years ago and no-one since has answered either.

Psych Student

I discussed your problem with my psych professor (I assist him during the summer). I hope you do not mind. He said that maybe you should engage in some sexual situations with your son. He tied your son's inhibitions to the fact that you do not really share everything with him - in this case the use of the sexual functions of your body, and that he is compensating by hiding what he can from you, that is why he gets upset when you come on him. What do you think?

Hope that helps!

Psych Student

Some comments on Amanda and Sandra's posts. Men ARE more shy about shitting in front of each other than women. Women have to enter a stall to pee, and if they need to shit, well, they just do it as they sit there. Because men do not need a stall to pee, the act of entering a stall signals "I am going for a shit". Consequently a lot of men prefer to enter a stall when the restroom is empty so that no-one sees them go in. I used to be like that myself until I became a regular on this forum. Amanda, I think the problem of your son is a difficult one. I remember that when I was his age, I was paranoid about my excretory functions, having been brought up in a household of women. I think what you did - making sure that he did his business before you left the hotel in a morning - was the only thing that you could do in the circumstances. The only think that might make him less inhibited is if he had a friend of the same age with him who did not share his shyness.

To Fizz
Urine is only sterile at the moment that it leaves the body. The air, the carpet or any surface are full of bacteria. Urine is very rich in nitrogen (in the form of a chemical called urea), which bacteria love, so they start to break down the urea in the dried up pee and form ammonia, which is responsible for the smell. It is exactly the same with urinals. Bacteria grow in unflushed or poorly flushed urinals and turn the urea into ammonia that makes the stink that can be so offensive.

To Rick
I have not suffered as severely as you, from "crusted ass", but I do suffer from svere soreness in the arse-crack, especially in hot weather. It happens however much TP I use to wipe. I have solved the problem by washing my crack after wiping with TP with soap and water and flannel, if at home, or using moistened TP if I am using a public restroom. I have to moisten the TP before I go into the stall of course. The best solution to the problem is a bidet, where you can easily and comfortably wash your arse-crack, but they are virtually unknown in Britain and the US. Washing of course also solves the problem of skidmarks in your underpants.

To Amanda In uk: I think that was a good story cause it was outdoors and people can see you go. I don't think is' wrong to expect your son to shit in front of others.

To Rick: I know what you are talking about. I remember a few times when i was in my pre teens(7-13) that i would touch my crack and sometimes there would be dry goo there. Is this what you are talking about? Im not sure if i had hair at the time on my ass, but i do now. This hasn't happened in a long time.

Hello all, I am new to posting on this site. I was wondering. Are there any fun positions or places to poop. I am attempting to hold in my poop for 7 days, and I want to do somthing really cool with my poop after 7 days. I am thinking of going to a public place to relieve myself, such as Wal Mart. Or maybe in the woods. Anyway, I am eating dried apricots and rasins and water, then I am going to hold it all in. Also, is there anyway to make a home suppository, or laxitive. I am not constipated, and stay pretty regular, but I am facinated by pooping, and want to do it as often as possible. I also want to know if it is safe to stick soap up your anus, and how long to make it and all of that stuff. I have never pooped in a public place, and think it would be quite fun. So please tell mesome fun places or positions to poop, home made laxitives and supposistories, and the soap thing. Also foods that make you have REALLY strong urges. Thanks.

Hey, I just ate about 25 grams of fibre, and my stomach feels like a coal mie. But I will not give in. I really need some advise where to poop that is fun, and nteresting...i.e a public place, the woods from a tree, my yard at night. Please hurry!

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone else besides me pushes up their poop. I held it for 5 days once. I also eat a lot of fibre, then when I get the urge, I push it up. I am trying to save it for something cool, like a Target bathroom stall. I also like to push it up, then I go to Burger King, and go poop in the urinal. Is this wrong? I also use homemade suppositories, like soap. But I take them out after5 minutes, because I am afriad it will get lost in my bowels. I am sooo angry because I have no friends that feel the same way about poop as me. :( but oh well. Anyway, I really push it up. how long till it just comes out? Is it fun to poop in public? I always poop outside, but by mysself. My dream i to buddy dump with someone with a big load. Also, is taking laxitives for fun I.E. herbal and mineral oil) good? I really want to have a huge load. I only poop about 6 inches at MAXIMUM. What can I do to make them longer.

J. H.

I am also close with my siblings when it comes to the bathroom. I have a sister and a brother. My brother doesn't mind if we see him on the toilet or in the shower, and vice versa.

My earliest recollections about unusual toilet activities was with my brother we were 7 and 9 at the time i imagine. We would go to the toilet together and the routine was for one of us to squat on the toilet seat, (feet on the seat) and the other one to sit on the floor to get a view of the squatees ass. Then watch the ensuing show of the turds coming out and plopping into the bowl. We would then change places and the other one would do a performance. There was no sexual or arousal implications but I probably developed an (un) healthy fascination with my ass and its many possible uses beyond what Mother nature intended. To this day, (Im almost 70) I get great pleasure in anything that involves that pert of my anatomy. And a similar fascination about other peoples "private" interests

Rick, thanks dude for answering a question I gave to this forum 2 years ago. I not having much hair was wondering about guys with hairy assholes and their problems. It seems you are the only person on this forum, who has any problems. Not one person responded to my question when i raised it 2 years ago and no-one since has answered either.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Major Party Poopess (How Hance met Teah)
My name is Hance. This is about my wife, Teah. She just recently read the posting here and discovered that I had put a horse laxative in her iced tea that day of the "booty shaker" contest. She wasn't mad like thought she'd be. Instead, she reminded me of the first time she met me; I remember the whole story, because I'm the one that spent hours with the toilet snake and the Liquid Plumber, trying to unclog the toilet in the guest room of Gina's house. Who would've known I'd marry the "poop machine" a year later? This account is a long, erotic, and bumpy one. When I first met Teah, I was going to college down South. Teah's best friend, Gina, is from Georgia. Teah and I were both in the same college, and so Gina sent out invitations for her house party. I had known Gina since my freshman year, but not Teah. Here's how it went down. Gina was expecting half the college to show, but only less than 30 came by the house. There was a severe thunderstorm brewing, and in t! he South, when it rained, it did so! I recall the first time Gina introduced me to Teah. Teah was wearing a cowboy-looking vest with a white classical blouse and a dust-brown cheerleader-like skirt. What really turned me on about her were her bright red toenails; she wore low-heeled sandals with brown leather straps that wrapped her feet and spiraled up her lower legs, stopping about 4 inches below her knees. She had straight, shiny, ebony hair that almost touched her shoulders (she recently cut it shorter). I talked with her for most of the night. There's one thing I learned quickly about Teah: she has a tremendous appetite. She ate sliced pepperoni and diced sharp cheddar cheese (still Teah's prime constipating food to this very day) from the party bowl while I told her about my semester. Before I knew it, I was kissing her moist, pink supple lips, wanting to see those ripened papayas she had up the back of her skirt. Then she took me to the back den in Gina's house ! and lifted up her skirt. I stood there with my mouth ajar, drooling and gawking at her shapely, healthy, smooth, quarter horse-looking thighs and buttocks. Her cream soda colored panties could barely retain her tomato-soft, ???? cheeks as she aggressively gyrated her African-inherited buttocks before me. My mind was on her like a leotard on a fitness instructor. Gina called us all to the front room to watch a horror flick. I went to the kitchen to get Teah a drink. Gina was putting away the liquor and said to me, "I saw you kissing the Poopess."
And I asked Gina, "The what?"
Gina said, "She's got her hooks in you."
I said, "Yeah! But, we're gonna be friends first."
Gina grinned and asked, "She showed you her butt, didn't she?"
I blushed and said, "It was the most beautiful behind I ever beheld."
Gina laughed and said, "Well, behold this: Teah ain't normal. She's got issues. Wanna know what she did at the college Friday? Her sorority sisters da! red her and she devoured 12 slices of extra cheese pizza from a 24-slice tray."
I shrugged and said, "Big deal."
Gina said, "Then, Teah gobbled down the other 12 Saturday afternoon. Then, on Sunday, she ordered 2 whole pizza steaks, packed with extra meat and loaded with extra cheese."
I smiled and said, "She's got a bottomless pit. So what."
Gina said, "It's been 4 whole days…"
I asked, "Since she's eaten?"
Gina gave me a grim stare and said, "Since Teah's had a bowel movement."
Something felt like it was going to explode in the front of my pants, and I didn't understand it at first. But, I would much later, during the storm.
The clouds closed in over eastern Georgia. I had left my headlights on and my car was dead. After everyone else left, only Gina, her boyfriend, Teah and I remained. Gina asked me to stay over night, and I agreed. The others took turns showering upstairs, but I chose to wait until later, to shave my face and head. B! efore I set my bath water, I went downstairs. At the foot of the steps, I ran into Teah. She was in her nightclothes now. Teah switched toward me; behind her plaid pajamas, I could tell she was sucking in.
She smiled and asked, "Gonna wash up?" She had a gap in her 2 front teeth like that girl cat from the Garfield comics.
"Upstairs," I answered. "Gina doesn't like it when people use her personal bathroom."
Teah asked, "Will you let me use the toilet, if I ask?"
Like a fool, I said, "Yes."
Teah grinned at me now. "I got a big surprise for you," she said. "Later on."
I remembered how sexy her booty looked when it wobbled. Teah turned around and unbuttoned her pajama shirt. She was wearing one of those white, paddled Victoria's Secret bust-enhancing bras. Teah was about a B cup. Then she took down her pajama pants. She had changed into cotton white, doily-seam panties. Her buoyant buttocks reminded me of inflated, juxtaposed cinnamon-brown ballo! ons, and when she bent over for her pants the snow white draws rode up her natal cleft (translation: butt crack). She left the shirt off, though. At 11pm I went upstairs and bathed. Teah played UNO with Gina and Tom (Gina's boyfriend) for the next hour. Around midnight, the electric went out. I was in the guestroom and I could hear Gina and Teah telling 'indecent man jokes' by candlelight, laughing loudly. I went back down stairs to see about the commotion. Teah saw me, stood and slid her feet into white, fluffy slippers. I looked down at rich red polish on her first 2 toes that peeked through the small opening in the nighttime footwear. She said, "Let's go upstairs." I followed her up the steps, watching her broad behind bump within those dainty white draws. We entered her candlelit room and she shut the door behind me. When Teah cupped her half-lemon breasts behind the white bra, I lost control and started sucking faces with her. I slid my seeking hands down her d! raws and squeezed those smooth, ample butt cheeks tight. She eventually slid her panties down until the $39 Victoria's Secret merchandise desisted at her spheroid calves (like those wee doll baby draws could maintain her rotund rear end anyhow). She felt my manhood through my briefs, against her belly; that was when she got excited and farted a fascinating symphony. I was laughing, but she was dead serious. My rigid growth popped through my briefs, and she lost all control. Teah leaned against me and let her anus uttered a SBD (silent but deadly) whisper. It smelled like Mozzarella cheese. Then, she bent over to pull up her expensive panties; her suddenly broadened butthole blasted a low-pitched clamor; she broke 'stool-loosening' wind. Teah seemed a little worried for a second. Then she scurried over to the dresser and got a romance novel. Her panties had rode up again, and she picked the staunch wedgy and smelled her fingers. Teah's face winced. She fled past me a! nd down the steps. I nodded it off and went to shave. While I shaved my face, I began to overhear Gina and Teah downstairs. It sounded like they were walking around a lot, and one was following the other.
I distinctly heard Teah's fretting voice say, "I have to dookie!"
I almost cut my chin with the razor. "24 slices," I recalled Gina's words.
The footsteps stopped and I heard Gina say, "Not in my bathroom."
Teah asked, "Can't I just use yours for a second?"
"You mean hours," Gina said. "You ain't stinkin' up my bathroom."
"I gotta go bad," Teah said.
"You better find some way to hold it," Gina said.
"I can't," Teah replied. "My booty hole hurts!"
"You don't poop like normal people, Teah. Your digestive system isn't human. You gotta stop up the toilet with your gigantic, 'natural childbirth' turds."
"Please," Teah begged Gina. "It gets harder if I hold it in too long."
Gina yelled, "Don't you dare poop in my trash can!"
T! eah said, "Come on! I have to poop bad!"
"Go outside," Gina cruelly suggested.
"In the pouring rain?" Teah questioned.
"Squat under the porch," Gina said. "Nobody will see you."
Teah's whining increased. "It hurts. Feels like there's a huge boulder inside me. I can feel my poop; it's starting to press against my booty hole now."
Finally, Gina said, "Why should I let you use my personal bathroom? It's not like you'll only be a few minutes. You're just gonna sit on the bowl and try to squeeze a mammoth, eggplant turd out of your pencil-point of a booty hole, and you probably won't be able to pass the dehydrated load because you pissed away all of your bodily fluids. So you're gonna just sit there with that tremendous chocolate newborn hanging out of your tattered anal canal, wondering what the hell you ate to get so backed up in the first place."
After that, I saw Gina and Tom pass by, and the master bedroom door shut tight. I gave Teah a few sec! onds before she came running up the steps. Nothing happened. So I went back to my room and got razor blade refills to shave my head bald. Rapid footsteps welled up and ended at the bathroom. I peeked and saw Teah sheepishly enter with one hand on her belly and the other with the novel pressed to the underside of her butt. I waited a few minutes. There was a muffled fart and then I heard the toilet flush. "That was quick," I thought foolishly. "It's safe now." Boy, was I wrong. I didn't even bother to look into the bathroom as I entered. I just shut the door and locked it. But, when I sat the razor refills on the sink, I heard a low, dying moan followed by a boisterous, turd-summoning fart. And there, beside the toilet bowl, back facing me, with one hand locked on the towel rack was agitated, terribly-constipated Teah. My eyes were filled with bizarre eroticism, as I perceived her bowel difficulty in straightforward, unpleasant progress. Teah had her crisp white pan! ties, down around her thighs; and the draws were stained brown at the seat. She was passing gas with every time she poked the tender, sweaty skin around her terribly contracting anus with her middle finger. I saw the wet, shiny, stretching tissue around her butthole gathering into steady, circular creases as her sphincter muscles forced forth a mahogany glob of fully digested take-out food.
"Pizza steak?" I spat out the word, just as poop passed between her cheeks.
Teah breathed, "With extra meat and cheese." She turned her head halfway and asked me, "May I use the toilet?"
I was sickly in love with Teah. I came to her and turned her back toward the bowl. I stooped and took down her little white panties until the ruffled edges bordered her bright red toes. And those toes clinched tight as she passed more gas, easing her bottom to the seat. Ironically, her body was shaped like the number 2; she sat on the throne with perfect posture, moving her blocked bowel! s with laboring grunts and tiny pushes. As I continued shaving I overheard Teah while she read her book and exquisitely defecated.
There was a cracking sound as her massive turd (or turds) proceeded to escape her body by way of her miniature gorge. When I finished shaving my head, I turned back to see Teah's bulged butt cheeks drooping over the seat edges. The crackling began and Teah dropped the novel and went, "UUUUHHHHH!" I rushed over and she led me behind the toilet to check her progress. She sat straighter, spread butt cheeks tilting up off the seat a bit more; I could see the pineapple-looking stool clearing her anus. It was sliding out at a snail's pace, and her anus accommodated with widening contractions that made Teah's face as red as her pedicured toenails. I was so horny; I had to sit down beside the back of the toilet, near the tank. When Teah realized she had my full attention, she leaned forward so that her hole was more exposed and the turd slid fu! rther down. Teah groaned and said, "It's so big!" She pushed. "UUUHHHHH!" The turd broke off and splashed like an Atlantic wave on the Eastern Shore. Her anus reduced and returned to normal size. I wiped drool from my bottom lip. I couldn't believe this sexy young woman just went to the bathroom right in front of my very eyes. "Oh goodness," she knotted those glossy red toes, hard. "There's more inside me…" I watched that pink, sweat-soaked anus pulsate, and then expand to foster yet another 2 inch wide, 8 foot great-splasher. It slid out quickly and splashed. "Thank goodness," she moaned in relief. "All of that poop is out of me." Teah gathered a wad of tissue from the roll. Then she leaned forward, elbow on the knees, hands on her face. "I'm a little dizzy." I took the tissue, wiped her (to the back) and, helped her up; we saw the twin, ???? pineapples she pinched.
"We have to do this again," I said.
Teah knew she had me when she saw the wetness on the ! front of my briefs, and smelled my sticky semen in the air. I pulled up her draws around her butt booty and kissed her.
And that's how Teah and I got together. And she pinched many loaves between the time we first met, and the week before our wedding, when she ate nothing but fast food, and swallowed her engagement ring in the process…

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I am a bit disappointed to see that there are more crapping stories here than peeing ones. Being a 15 year old male, i am more interested in peeing and have had more accidents when i've pissed my pants than crapped them. I've only crapped my pants once or twice, but remember several incidents where i was unable to hold on and pissed myself. So basically i just want to HEAR SOME MORE PISSING STORIES. Enough with the crapping ones!!


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