I was an assistant camp counselor for a couple of summers upstate new york,six of us girls all between around 16-19 lived in a bungelow and the bathroom just had a couple of sinks,a communal shower and two toilets in the middle of the room,no stalls or anything,myself i'm not shy about that kind of stuff growing up with two sisters and one bathroom i had given up on any privacy a few years ago.

One of the girls,Anne was always trying to go when no one was around or late at night and the rest of us understood and tried to give her some privacy,but once i had to get up in the middle of the night for #2 kind of bad and i didn't know anne was in the bathroom,when i walked in she was on the bowl wearing two towels,one wraped around her head and the other around her body and it was obvious she was pooping from the slight odor,when she saw me she let out a small gasp and i said sorry but i can't hold it as i lifted my long white tee shirt and pushed my pink undies down just ! past my knees and as soon as my butt hit the seat some soft poop started out along with some farts and then alot more soft stuff,anne's face was kind of red from embaresment as i heard her do a little grunt and a real loud fart and she said sorry and we started to talk and she told me she had taken a laxitive a couple of hours ago and as she was finishing her shower felt it starting to work and that she hadn't gone for four days but now it was all coming out,we had a couple of chuckles and the room was realy starting to stink between the two of us doing our business,anne told me this was the very first time she had done a bm infront of anyone and her family was very private about bathroom stuff and thats why she would take a shower in the middle of the night,and i told her how in my house in the morning one of us would be on the bowl,one in the shower and one standing infront of the sink doing makeup or hair and that sometimes we would all be naked and never gave it a second t! hought and that even our mom would come in to pee or poop and she would say whats the big deal we all have the same stuff in our panties,right,and then laugh.
Anne was still pooping when judy came in and said i guess i have to pee in the shower and oh god it reaks in here!
Judy always slept in the nude so we both watched as she walked into the shower squated slightly and a yellow stream shot from her vagina,she had her back to us but since her butt was very small and flat we could see it shooting out from between her dark brown pubes,at one time or another we all had peed in the shower since two toilets and six girls just doesn't work sometimes.
Judy finished peeing and walked over by mw and pulled some tp off the roll gave a quick dab at her vagina and tossed the paper in the trash can and a minute or so later anne and i both finished up and started to wipe our butts and i noticed that we both lifted our right cheeks to do so,i flushed and as i was pulling up my p! anties anne got off the toilet and i got a quick glimpse at a real big poop that was shaped like the letter s along with a bunch of little light brown poops floating in the bowl.
After that night anne didn't seem as shy anymore and about a week ater tokk her shower with the rest of us and we became good friends.

Here are a couple of stories from my memory. In the mid-80's there was a woman news anchor at our local NBC station who had an assignment where she had to be a homeless person for several days. This meant she had no food, shelter or any amenities. Once she returned to the TV studios she was interviewed. She was extremely candid and one of the things she said was that she would wash and "got to the bathroom" in public facilities whenever she could. However this was not always possible. I believe she said that once she had to defecate in the street which she found "humiliating"!

The other story is from when I was in high school in England. My classmates and I (mixed) were in a bus coming backfrom a field trip. We all needed to go pee, so after a long time, the bus pulled over. We were told to use the bushes - the girls got to go first. We all ran over behind the bushes, hiked up our skirts and squatted. I was squatting next to our teacher (a woman) and was somewhat surp! rised to hear a fart. I glanced over and she was pooing! Then I looked around and saw at least 4 girls with poo coming out of their bottoms! I only peed but back then I was much too shy to poo in front of others. When we got back to the bus it was the boys' turn. One of the girls said that they should be careful because of the poo and the boys all went "ugh!" We saw the boys line up to pee - I didn't see one boy squat down to poo! At the time I wondered why only the girls pooed, but since then I've been on several "bathroom breaks" on a bus trip, even as an adult, and almost always some of the women will poo in front of each other but the men don't!

Amanda in
Hi to everyone! I have a minor problem regarding my teenage son and I would appreciate some advice from readers of this column.
My husband and myself are in our early 30's and are totally unhibited naturists. Last year we booked a sunshine holiday in the Canary Islands and my 13 year old son also came along with us. On the first day there we located the naturist beach which was located quite a distance from the normal busy beach and was a lovely long stretch of sand. Being the middle of summer, the beach was fairly busy and there was a good mixture of families, singles and couples.
As I said earlier, my husband, Tom and myself are very relaxed with our bodies and also body functions. It seems to be a unsaid code that when nature calls on a nudist beach, you simply locate an appropriate area and urinate or deficate. When it came to men and women simply needing to urinate, many simply either stood up (the men) and pissed or the women squatted and urinated into the ! sand. Nobody had a problem with this and treated it as normal.
It became clear that there was an "unofficial" toilet in the shape of a rough patch of long grass just behind the sand and if anyone needed to deficate, they would shit in the grassy area. As the nearest pub or restaraunt was a good 2 miles down the road, this made sense.
Nearing the end of the first day on the beach, I needed to have a shit, I had peed a few times throughout the day into the sand. I left our boy, Tim with my husband and walked over to the grass. The good thing about being a naturist is there is no clothes to hurridly take off when you need to do the toilet and so I simply squatted a little bit and started straining. Just as I was pushing out my first shit, a young lad (about 19) came along and said "hi". He squatted opposite me and surprised me by making small talk as we both took a shit. Having never thought much about shitting with someone before, I found myself looking at the lo! gs he was putting out of his anus. He offered me a piece of toilet paper and we both wiped our bums and walked back to my husband and Tim. I introduced my new friend and before long we were deep inb conbversation. Tim was starting to get figity and I asked him what was up. He said he needed the toilet and I asked him if he needed to pee or poop. He told me he needed "a number 2". I told him to go over to the grass but he just shook his head defiantly. In the end my husband took him over to the grass to shit and although he was determined that he would not to it there, nature took its course and he did! Unfortunately there was also a group of guys shitting there at the same time and Tim really freaked out about them seeing him shit.
The result was that for the next 7 days of our holiday, we had to make sure he had a shit before we left the hotel in the morning to avoid him needing on the beach.
This has really put a bit of a block on the way we wanted him to grow u! p. We would have like him to have felt carefree about relaxing in naturist areas and also not to be ashamed of both bodiuly functtions and sexual functions. He is only now starting to go through puberty and I know this can be a tough time for kids. At home we do not have a lock on the bathroom door and I often use the toilet (shitting and peeing) while he is in the bath etc...ALthough Tim gets annoyed with me if I walk in when he is shitting as he says he doesnt want me getting the smell. My husband and I have a very loving and open relationship and do not like to have anything hidden or shyed away from.
Is it wrong of us to expect Tim to shit infront of others and for him to see others shit? Men are used to seeing each other urinate in public toilets and I really do not see any difference in shitting - We all have to do it after all!

my friend and i were on a bike ride yesterday and she told about an hour into the ride that she needed to take a dump but said she wouldent do it in the woods. so i told her we would go back about 10 mins later her but was getting bigger and i assked her if she had messed herself and she said yes!! i said none leaked out. she said that wasn't the bad she said im not done yet and her pants kept on getting bigger and bigger and bigger and finaly about after her fifth bm i said it leaked out she said i know im peeing now i said great we went home she cleand herself and we went out again then about 20 mins in to the ride i had to bm we turned around i fell and shit my pants great ten the pee came im soked and smelly well thanks for listening bye.

I was reading some of the old posts and noticed quite a few females who have said things like,how can guys use a stall with no door or i could never do that no matter how bad i had to go.

Well i also thought the same about my self but was i ever wrong.

I was at the DMV and as i was on my way out my stomach made a loud gurgeling sound and and a second later i felt like i had to fart so i tried to let go with a silent one but as soon as i did i knew i was in trouble as i felt liquid between my cheeks that i was now clenching together as tight as possible and trying to find the bathroom and when i did it had three stalls with doors that were all occupied and one on the end that had none and let me tell you i didn't give it a second thought,as a matter of fact i had stared to unbutton my jeans and pull them and my panties down before i was in the stall as i was now doing wet farts.
And normaly i hover but this time i just ploped my little bubble butt on the s! eat and released a long flow of liquid shit in to the pot and at that exact moment i heard the person to my right flush and a well dressed woman in her 30's came out gave me a quick glance and went over to the sink directly across from me and even though she could hear and see every thing i was way past careing as i was shiting like crazy and also a teenager came in and looked directly at me as she went into the now vacant stall next to me,she looked kind of embaresed when she saw me and caught the smell at the same time i guess.
In the past i had gone in front of a couple of close girl friends and my sister but never with total strangers around and now here i was the one who always said i could never do it but here i was on the toilet pants and panties down around the top of my knees having the runs and trying to preserve some of my modesty by keeping my left arm across my middle trying to cover my pubes and with my right hand grabing my panties and top of my jeans and so! rt of folding them over to hide the pad i was wearing (double humiliation)
Well i sat on the toilet for about another ten minutes as other women came and went and when i was done i sat for a couple of more minutes hopeing for a moment of privacy so i could wipe and change my pad but right in the middle of wipeing my ass (i stand)a woman around my age came in and walked over to the sink and started to mess with her hair and actualy said hi to me and as i was replaceing my pad she let out a couple of loud farts gigled and said excuse me,i was holding that forever and i replied belive me i know how it is.(and now i really really do)

I have been reading this site for ages and I love all the stories.I especially like reading the diarrhea stories I find them the most amusing.Although I like reading them I hate having it myself,give me a good solid BM anyday of the week!I also agree with Scott UK some of the stories are boring but it's each to their own and on this forum I feel everyone should get on with one another!!I will post some of my BM sometime when I get up some more courage!!Until that time keep the stories coming!!........

Ode to GoldGirl~
When I was a wee wee tot,
They took me out my wee wee cot,
And put me on my wee wee pot,
To see if I could wee or not.
When they found that I could not,
They took me off my wee wee pot,
And put me in my wee wee cot,
And there I did the whole damn lot !

It is often said on here that 'urine is sterile'. I know that it is when passed, but afterwards?

I aak because (alas!) I care for my elderly Mum who frequently has weeing accidents on the carpet in her room in our house. When freshly passed, there is not much odour, tis true. But the smell is truly obnoxious after a day or so. It seems to fill the whole house. I am frequently having to scout around on all fours, sniffing to try to find the offending patch so I can clean it - quite a funny sight!

If it's sterile why does it smell so bad?


Hi, everybody!

Lisa: Loved your most recent expedition! Great lead-up descriptions... I was imagining being there with you, and would have really gotten excited by those booming farts,
foreshadowing what was to come... did you suspect THEN it would be a record-breaker? The 13 1/2 incher was a great story a couple of months ago, but that one was in the toilet, so this one gets full preference... don't you agree?
It seemed to me you found this one thoroughly enjoyable- it
came out so slowly, stretched you so far open, and hit the
ground(!)before it was finished... Whew! REALLY wish I could have been there!

Hi folks,
I was wondering if there is any one in the forum who has suffered from the condition called "Crusted Ass"? Now let me explain how this phenomenon occurs. It happens with men with hairy buttholes, but I guess it could happen with a woman also, although I would think there are not as many hairy women around as men. I will also explain what you can do to avoid this situation. This began to happen to me back when I reached adulthood and I started to grow hair in my rear end. After a large, rather mushy early morning shit at a friends house, I was unable to wipe myself real good because of the lack of toilet paper. Now being a very clean and hygenic dude, I was mad but I just had to pull up my pants and live with it. As the day wore on, I could smell a faint odor coming from my pants, so I dashed into a drug store, snagged some deodorant, and sprayed it in my drawers. I finally arrived home late that evening. As I got undressed, I put my hand on my but crack and it fe! lt as though someone had cemented my ass shut. I mean, there was a layer of brown hard crust between my cheeks. I tried spreading my legs but that hurt like hell as the hairs in my rear end were being pulled apart, like pulling the hair out of your scalp only it hurt twice as worse. Finally, I got in a very warm tub until the stuff melted off and I could see the brown water in the tub. I then went to the mirror and spread my cheeks and I could see a jungle up in there, all of this hair! From that point on, I always carry extra toilet paper or wet wips in my bag so if I use a bathroom where there is not adequate TP, I can wipe up properly. Also, about once a month, I take a double edged safety disposable shaving razor and lightly shave the ass hair away from between my butt hole. You know, it works, and I no longer suffer from that problem. Has anyone else suffered that condition? P.S. - please I do not recommend anyone use a razor unless they have a lot of confidence in their ! shaving abilities. Have your boyfriend or girlfriend shave your hole for ya. Chow for now.

A week ago a friend invited me to an amway meeting. I was one of 65 guests. Ealier that day I consumed 3 bean buritos and a McDonalds chocolate shake. During the presentation, I began to feel some pressure and a gurggeling noise erupted from my bowels. It was audible but no one said anything. I nervously looked around and pretended it was someone else. Then the speaker selected me for a demonstration. He asked me what my goals were, and instructed me to come to the front. Just then an uncontrolale cramping and gurggeling came from my abdoman. But I did get up and slowly walked with my ass cheecks clenched tightly. I was feeling horibly sick, and like I was about to explode. Suddenly durring the demonstration I lost control of an explosive fart. I only had seconds to react. I knew diarrea was imminent. I looked for an exit, and found one at the other end of the room, however there was 64 people in the way. By now the entire assembly was rolling on the floor with ! laughter. I had to make a break for it. I scrambled for the door, when my pant leg got caught on the table leg, causing me to fall, at which the impact cause my bowels to erupt. Projectile diarrea launched 3 bean burritos and a shake approximatly 4 feet onto the overhead projector and the speaker. The projector ofcourse had been on for the entire presentation and was extremely warm. The fan also carried a large portion of it into the audience. So, the shit burned onto the over head and further enhanced the stench causing several memebers of the audience to vomit. When the janitor was called, he stated "In my 32 years as a janitor at at develop mental center, I come across many horrendus messes of bodily fluids, but nothing, nothing even comes close to this. I quit." Anyway, I ran out of the meeting and never talked to my friend again.

Aw poor JW. I feel bad that you are having poop trouble. Believe me if I could, I'd be there with pompoms doing a cheer for you. Hee hee. Can you imagine me cheering going Go JW go.. grunt and shout.. push and strain until it's out!! Yeah then I'd jump and do a split. Hee hee. Sorry I'm just in a silly mood today.But then you'd probably be not able to poop with me there huh? Anyway yeah trust me I only made it look easy. I was sweating and breathing hard when I was done.. and it took forever. Well let me tell you all.. having huge poops can be something good. Let me tell you a story about me getting even. well it was like this.. me and my cousin (Elena too)and well I had to go pee.. really really bad. Oh we got to this resturant and well the people there were mean.. they had one bathroom but they wouldn't let me use it unless I bought something. Talk about mean!! My cousin gave Elena money to buy something while he hurried me to the bathroom. I didn't mind him there.. actually! the bathroom was in the back down a dark hall and TV tells me bad things happen to little girls who go to places like that. Anyway he shut the door and splashed water on his face while I whipped down my shorts and green pampies and crashed on the potty. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man my pee made so much noise. My cousin giggled and said had to go bad? I said yes.. still peeing. I peed for like 2 minutes without stopping.. I could not stop.. it just kept coming. Oh I felt good when it was all done. So much that I didn't feel a familiar feeling till it started to poke out. I thought great I have to poop.. then I thought GREAT.. I HAVE to poop. I giggled and grunted and it started coming out. My cousin said Linda.. you're not.. I said yup.. He said but it might clog the toilet.. you haven't gone in 4 days. I strained and said.. I know.. that.. will unnnnnggg teach them. My cousin laughed and said go for it. He cheered me on as I fought grunting.. straining.. feeling this scratchy d! ry poop slide out of my felt good and I kept whispering come on out.. heh this time I won't fight you.. clog these dumb peoples toilet. After a while it came out with no noise.. then I pushed out 6 more balls that made loud plops. Oh I wiped and flushed.. and sure enough. The water started rising and we giggled and left. Elena wondered what we did since we were giggling.. we told her and she laughed and said you go girl.. and I said yeah.. and boy did I go!! Heh well hope you enjoyed the story.

BUZZY-- Sorry to hear of your accident but it does happened to the best of us.

I had a nice shit at the mall today. I had been walking the mall when I felt the need to crap. As I was making my way to the bathrooms I got a severe cramp & let out a loud long fart. I don't think anyone even noticed as it was to loud in the mall. I went into the bathroom & had to wait in line behind 2 other girls. I was getting kinda desperate & let out another fart. The girl in back of me asked if i had to take a shit. I said yes & she said me too-hope the others don't take long. With that she too let out a fart. As I waited I could hear a grunt & a few plops into the toilet as someone else was also shitting. I was next to get a stall but as I waited I got another cramp & could feel the turd poking out my hole. I finially got into a stall & the girl behind me got one at the same time. (she was in her early 20's & dressed in shorts--for those interested) I ! quickly undid my shorts & pulled them & my black panties down to my ankles & sat just in time for my turd to fall into the water. Ipised like mad for about 30 seconds & farted twice. I then dropped 3 golfball sized turds & farted again. I had another cramp & felt the next turd coming slowly out my ass. It was coming out & relxed so it wouldn't break off. It hit the toilet & continued to slide out my hole. It finially tapers off & slided silently into the water. As I wipe my ass I look to see a 12" log about 1 1/2 inches around. As I'm shitting I could hear the girl next to me going at it too. Right after she sat on the toilet an explosive fart left her ass & I knew she had explosive diarhea. She began to piss & farted several more times before I heard another bout of liquid shit come from her stall. she rolled off some tp & wiped then flushed. I thought she was done but she never moved. I heard her fart again as I was wiping. As! I was washing up she finially flushed again & came out jusst as I was finishing up. She said she'd hadn't shit that bad in ages & wondered if she'd eaten something bad. I said that was possible & wished her luck for the day. The odor from her stall far exceeded mine & was drifting into the rest of the bathroom.


Recently i was in bed and i had a DREAM that i was at my friend Simon's house and we got locked in his room and nobody else was home. After a little while Simon had to piss real bad and so did i. After another half hour Simon told me he was almost pissing his pants, and i wasnt far behind. Simon was squeezing himself real hard and dancing around but it wasnt enough. I heard a hissing sound and Simon was pissing his pants, making a huge wet mark on the front of his pants, and by this time i had to go so bad that i just gave up and pissed my pants too. So Simon and i just sat there in our piss-soaked pants pants until his parents came home, and then Simon explained that we just couldn't hold on.

Then i woke up to find that i was pissing my jammies in real life. I tried stopping it but it was really tough so i just finished peeing there. This ever happen to anyone else?


kim & scott
hello all! scott and i have no new stories now but we would like to congradjulate joe from ny on your marriage to melissa. and joe and melissa-may you live as long as you want and not want as long as you live.and to SCOTT (UK) -scott and i apologize to you and to joe fron ny if we criticized you too harshly in our letters to you weeks ago! well thats all for now .goodbye all!take care of yourselves and each other. love, Kim & scott!

Hey! Just to let you guys know that last night I got out the camcorder and set it up in my garage. I stripped and spread my bum cheeks a little towards the lens and farted (the mic was on). I love letting the shit start to poke out of my anus then not let it out and tease the shit - I then let out a procerssion of 4 VERY long and formed shit logs. They landed on the garage floor in a nice pile! There was an amzing aroma of sex and shit yesterday. I then turned around and pissed for the camera. You have no idea how sexy it is to watch it and strangely enough it makes me want to shit even more!
I have had the video converted for MPEG files and anyone wanna see it, email me!

Jeff A.
Peter London UK: That's a harsh story my friend. I donít want to offend you, but I think that the woman you were married to was completely unreasonable, and uncaring. Sitting down and discussing it would have been the logical thing to do. I can understand what it must have been like for her to discover those files, but still she should have confronted you intelligently, not with anger. It is best to be honest with your partner, but it is very difficult, I admit. I had to do it myself. My wife now understands my tastes, but she dosen't condemn me for it. She even allows me in the potty room with her if I want. Once, I drew a picture of a girl on the toilet for the masthead of this site. I showed her the original drawing of the girl pooping. Once it was all out in the open, she was able to be more objective. She said that it was 'well done'. (Of course, I have the greatest wife in the world too!)

I personally feel that there is no such thing as "normal" por! n, and you are not abnormal, or a freak, or a pervert. You just have different tastes like the rest of us in here. People who don't understand fetishes tend to want to label the people who possess them as being 'evil' or 'perverted'. That's ludicrous! To me, the only thing that is perverted is anything that exploits children, animals, or is harmful without another persons consent. Otherwise, it's all so unbelievably "normal"! I'm hoping that your wife calms down a bit, and comes to her senses. If not, then maybe she wasn't really for you. I hope my opinion doesn't offend you, but having the interest that we all share in here involves taking a risk with a partner. My wife knows all about this site, in fact she marked it for me a long time ago. She just smiles and calls it "the poopy site". I think a woman's biggest fear is that her husband may be secretly cheating on her, dreaming about other women doing things she cannot. It's a shock to discover hidden files, or photos, as! they threaten the intimacy of a relationship. Try to imagine finding a hidden file of your wife's that contained shots of explicit sexual activity, or whatever else she might like. In the end, you'd really have wanted her to tell you about it. So it really is best to be as up front as you can. I know, it's easy for me to say, so I'll shut up now. I am however, concerned about you. Are you doing okay? It must be a real difficult time for you. Don't worry, you didn't really do anything horribly wrong, it was just bad timing, and she just didn't understand. Hope everything works out good for you in the future. ĖJ.

To Lawn Dogs Kid: You and your girl friend have great stories!! I love your story. How old r u? How old is Kendal? Do u have any other stories?

In the movie Flirting With Disaster there is a scene with Patricia Arquette sitting on the toilet in a robe talking to Ben Stiller. You don't hear any noises so you arent sure what shes doing but it is still good. Also in that movie theres a scene where they are all driving on a road of nothing when the car stops and Patricia Arquette gets out w/ baby wipes and Ben stiller asks where shes going and shes just says "pee" and he says (while he is looking off in a field where Pat went) "what...oh ur juss gonna squat" Those are a few ok pee scenes.

I too remember having constipation prob's as a kid and I think it did start back up in my late teens. I usually use a glycerin suppository. They tend to work very well, and quick too. Also are much more comfortable than an enema or oral med., I think. Give them a try.

Has anyone else here watched Wimbledon this last two weeks, and seeing these big, fit amazonian women - Davenport, the Williams sisters, Capriati etc. wondered if they have a massive dump before they go on court? Does this happen or is it just my imagination?

In the movie Flirting With Disaster there is a scene with Patricia Arquette sitting on the toilet in a robe talking to Ben Stiller. You don't hear any noises so you arent sure what shes doing but it is still good. Also in that movie theres a scene where they are all driving on a road of nothing when the car stops and Patricia Arquette gets out w/ baby wipes and Ben stiller asks where shes going and shes just says "pee" and he says (while he is looking off in a field where Pat went) "what...oh ur juss gonna squat" Those are a few ok pee scenes.

DLM, rather than take Sennokot I suggest Liquid Parafin (mineral oil) which is far gentler and doesnt usually cause cramps nor the runs. Ensure you drink enough fluid, take enough exercise, and perhaps change to eating brown bread, pasta, rice etc instead of white. If your problem is that your stools are too hard and difficult and painful to pass then the use of a glycerine suppository or inserting either vasaline (petroleum jelly) or KY jelly into the back passage may help. Stimulamt laxatives such as Sennokot should be avoided , (despite the advert on British Television with the rather feckless looking blonde woman), as they are habit forming and usually a bit drastic in their operation. Only take these if a Doctor advises.

Question, it might be a good idea to see a Doctor as flattened tape like stools can sometimes indicate a problem, so better to be safe and have it checked out.

Peter - London. Im surprised that you didnt password your computer or only k! eep such files on floppies or other removable media. British people seem to be very lax about computer security compared to the Yanks. Luckily Moira and I have the same outlook so no problem but we do not save anything to hard disk not even copies of the postings to this well regulated and strictly run website. Im afraid that what's done is done and if your wife has left you because of the pictures she saw on your computer I dont suppose she will change her mind. Im only suprised that you didnt know her well enough to make sure that you took precautions to avoid her seeing such material.

Lawn Dogs you have discovered the fact that a really long jobbie often makes very little or no sound when it goes into the water but a smaller one can make a loud "ker-splonk!". I first encountered this when I was a kid of about 7 or so and my Aunt Helen came into the toilet as I was having a bath. As I have said previously, she had a very progessive attitude to natural functions, ! nudity etc for 40 years ago and had no inhibitions about having a motion with me present in the bathroom. She came in, told me to stay in the bath and hitehed up her skirt and pulled down her white cotton interlock briefs to the top of her thighs. She did her wee wee which I heard hissing and tinkling into the pan then remained sitting and went "OO! AH! NNN!" By the sounds she was doing a motion, the crackling as it came out and the straining, "UH! NNN!" but she went "AHHH!" and let out a sigh of relief but there was no "KUR-SPLONK!" Bewildered I said "didnt you do a jobbie then?" She laughed and as she pulled up her knickers replied, "Didn't I do a jobbie? it was so big it didnt make a "plonk!, here have a look if you want. I did and saw this big long fat jobbie of about 14 inches long with a good 4 inches sticking up out of the water. Fixing her skirt and washing her hands Aunt Helen continued in a matter of fact way "See, it was so big that the start of it was already in th! e water while it was still coming out of me." she pulled the flush but it took 4 flushes to get it to go away. After that I got used to really big turds not making any sound except perhaps a quiet "floomp" as they slide into the water and when I got older and did similar big jobbies myself I found this happened with me and similarly when Moira does a big panbuster at home. A lot of course depends on the type of toilet pan you are using. The old style high pans, usually plain white found in old houses and public toilets etc and in retro bathrooms in the Victorian and Edwardian style that many people now fit the sound effects are usally first class given the long drop from the seat to the deep water filled bottom of the pan. The worst for "kersploonkability" as one correspondent put it are the low level syphonic pans with the water coming up high almost to the brim. Both Moira and I have often blocked one of these when our big jobbies just wouldnt go away. Although I obviously ! like to see the jobbie I can agree with Lawn Dogs that hearing the ker-sploonk! as a good solid turd plunges into the water of the toilet pan is a real turn on whether you are doing it yourself of listening to someone else. I have found that the best sound effets come from a fat firm jobbie of about 8 or 9 inches long which makes a nice deep "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" sound as it falls into the pan, the fat balls passed in constipation usually go "KAPLONK!" or "KERPLOONK!".

Lisa, that 14 incher you passed in the woods was some turd.

Monday, July 10, 2000

Hi Everyone!

For those who havc been posting here for a long time, you might remember, about a year ago on a camping trip I was treated to a buddy dump with my sister in law.

Well, I have great news! for the past several days our family has been camping at the same campground as ylast year. We all met and set up camp and had a great evening drinking and telling stories. In the past year I have often thought of the experience with my wife's sister, but we have never spoken of it. I wondered if she thought about it too.

Well, the next morning i recieved my answer. I awoke early as usual, needing to go to the bathroom. Quietly, I dressed and made my way towards the outhouse, which had been the scene of the crime last year. When I reached the clearing where the outhouse is located, I hears a familiar voice call " I thought maybe you weren't comming" It was My wife's sister Barbara. I hesitated for a moment, then confessed that I was hoping we coul! d repeat our experience fo last year. She smiled, and said " well, I have to go so lets not stand here talking".

We both entered the dark smelly outhouse, which like before had two holes in a primitive bench seat over the pit below.

We both dropped our pants and underwear, and sat on the hard seat. She was right about having to go - she quickly released a thundering, hissing spray of pee, which splashed loudly on the bottom of the pit. I nad the need too, so I joineed her in pissing, though my own stream was not nearly as forceful.

Then, it became silent for several minutes. I could tell from Barbara's breathing, she was trying to push. She turned toward me and said she was having a little trouble, so go ahead if I has to poop. I concentrated on relaxing my anus, and soon I felt the opening enlarge and a smooth thick turd begin sliding out with that familiar crackling sound. This was answered by Barbara's loud fart and some crackling of her ow! n. We just sat there farting and dropping shit into the pit. each one landinf with a flop, not like in a toilet where you hear water splash. With each of her pushes, I heard a little pee trickle then another crackling and FLOOP.
We were both pretty full i guess because it went on for several minutes.

When we finished, she stood up first and wiped her ass, and dabbed at her pussy. I lifted a cheek and wiped, and quickly stood to fasten my pants, trying to hide my rather obvious condition. We quickly escaped and walked together back to camp, giggling all the way. I ampleased to say we met every morning for the three days we camped there.
It is just our little secret, which I share with all of you.

Have a great day!

When I was 3 years old, I had a problem. I would get constipated really easily. SO my parents would give me Senakot liquid to make me poop. IT would get so bad that they would have to give me and enema to help relieve the pain and make me go. Well here I am, 16 years old, and the problem is back!!! I took Senakot last night, still can't poop... the craps have subsided for now, but I expect them to return anytime. I tried to go; it just hurts too bad. Any advice??

hey, i was wondering if anyone ever shit there pants.
i had the worst accident ever yesterday i had the diarrhea and i was just gettin up out id bed. and i had to run well i didn't quit make it i had shit my pants bad. i had shorts on amd it ran down my legs. well share your accidents with me. i gg run again to the toilet sucks

Ryanh i'm from aus as well... what part of aus r u from

I'm an 18 year old guy. For the last couple of months I've noticed that my turds are rather flat in shape... they're not smaller really but they are distinctly flat shaped, not round. Anybody know why this could be?


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