Once as a joke while my boyfriend was watching TV, I lifted my dress and pissed on the floor. I got his attention and he cleaned it up.

Sometimes I poop myself in the car and when my boyfriend smells it I tell him I shit myself. Also, I've come home from work and shit right on the foyer floor. I'll tell him I made a mess and he will clean it up.

Bill A.
I haven't seen much in the way of suppositories being discussed in this forum. I though I would give a quick account of my experience when I was about 6.

I recall the glycerin suppositories my mom gave me did not work, as I was really constipated. I was brought to the Dr's office and given a quick examination. The Dr. left and was replaced by a younger nurse.

She said she was going to give me a suppository, one that was very effective. I recall she was gentle and very beautiful.

I was not sent home, but remained in the Dr's waiting room for the suppository to take effect. It was about a half hour later when I really couldn't hold it any more. I really had an incerdible urge to go. It was at that very point when the Nurse came in to ask how I was doing. I followed her (waddled, actually) to the bathroom. She stayed with me for a few minutes while I sat down and was trying to hold back, but the suppository won! A loud, bubbly fart was emitted a! nd I turned red as a beet. She smiled at me and said "that's OK. I was expecting that". I then pushed and pushed and I was noisily filling the pot. She said she would leave me to finish my business by myself, but that she would return to check on me. After a while the nurse returned and examined my results. She exclaimed that something like "Wow! You made all that? I'm so proud of you!" With that, she wiped my tush and gave me a pat on the behind.

I found out years later that I received one of the first Dulcolax suppositories that were available to Dr's. (circa 1961)

Does anyone else have a similar suppository experience?

Bill A.

Buzzy: Thanks for the offer of joining you in an outdoors buddy dump. I'm not too crazy about outdoors pooing, for various reasons. Also, it's much less likely you would see me do one of my monster pooping sessions nowadays. If we were back in my college days several years ago you would have had a better chance.

A few years after I got my undergraduate degree, I started a Master's program on a part-time basis. It was at a well-renowned university, though I was taking the program at one of their graduate centers located in the same office building complex as my place of work. It was very convenient for me to get out of work and walk to an adjacent building for evening classes. On class evenings, if I needed to poop before going to class, I would usually either use the restroom at work or wait until I got home. The graduate center was split into two different sets of classrooms in different buildings, each of which had only one bathroom that was only single occup! ancy.

One time, despite having gone right before class, I was feeling the need to poop again. At break time I felt I could hold it in until I got home, but toward the end of the class I was feeling the urge. At one point I almost let out a fart as I was squirming in my seat. Finally the class let out for the evening, and I headed straight for the bathroom, which was unoccupied at the time. I locked the door, lifted my skirt, lowered my pantyhose and panties, and sat. Immediately I let out a loud fart and ejected three good-sized turds. After pushing out another fart, I settled in and pushed out a series of long thick pieces of poop, each one making a good splash into the toilet. I pushed out a dozen solid pieces before I was done, and I flushed the toilet before starting to wipe. There was a strong lingering smell of poop as I left. The next time I was in class and used the bathroom, I noticed a can of air freshener on the back side of the toilet.

An! other time I was in class and I developed a sudden urge to poop right before break. As I rushed to the bathroom, I noticed another class had also let out for break, and there was a line to use the bathroom. I decided to head back to the office. I had a security key that allowed me to use the elevator. I got to the building and went to the second floor. I rushed into the ladies room and into a stall. I pulled down my slacks and panties and sat down. Immediately I pushed out a mushy load of poop lasting 20 seconds. After letting out a couple of farts, I was done. As I was washing my hands, the door swung open and someone else came running in. It was Ginger, who was also taking classes and worked in the same building as I. She said her class was on break and she couldn't hold it in any longer. I told her thank goodness we had keys to the building, then I headed back to class as she started to pee.

Theresa and I have been following Shafted's situation with interest. We of course watch each other if we are present when the other needs a motion. I have to agree with what others have said, at the end of the day defecation and urination are very personal functions and the conditioning of our society makes most people wish to do so alone and in privacy. As a kid I grew up in the 1950s and 60s and often stood outside the toilet when some woman or girl was doing a motion listening to the sound effects as her jobbies dropped into the pan and wishing I could be in there with her. I was lucky with a few girl cousins but not then with adult women. Now in those days people were a lot more prudish about excretion and sexual matters and a column such as this would have been unthinkable then. Attitudes have opened up tremendously in the last 30 years but there are still some taboos. In the end, its your girlfriend's decision alone. If she is unhappy about letting you be present when ! she does a motion, you can only respect her wishes. Dont force your way into the toilet or anything like that. Perhaps you can ask her to leave the toilet unflushed so you can see the jobbies she has passed?

Funnily enough, this morning Theresa got up to make a cup of coffee. We had been out for a meal last night (Friday). She brought my coffee to me in bed then with reference to Shafted's remarks said with a giggle, "Tony, do you want to come to the loo with me and see what has happened to the food you bought?" and as if to underline the point she farted loudly in the pair of white floral patterned panties she was all she was wearing at the time. I got out of bed and we went to the toilet. Theresa pulled down her panties and sat on the pan, doing a long hissing tinkling wee wee then with an "AH! NN! AH!" she started to pass a big easy smoooth sausage out of her bum. I could hear it crackling as it came out and looking between her legs I could see it as it grew in siz! e and pointed down into the water then it tapered to an end and slid into the water with a "floomp!" I will say no more than I had a bulge in the front of my black Sloggi Briefs and that we went straight back to bed afterwards! Later I buddy dumped my own jobbie on top of hers. As I hadnt been the previous day mine was lumpier than my wife's and carrot shaped but just as big and fat. I do hope that Shafted does manage to persuade his girlfriend to let him accompany her as this would strengthen their bonding.

Guys,ever hold it so long that when you
finally see a urinal you end up
squirting all over it and the force is
too great for a simple urinal to take?


Thank you for your compliments on my post. I guess I just really wanted you all to feel the experience or be able to imagine it because it truly was lovely. And to answer your question, no, I am not the Rose who posted here previously.

Evan's treehouse was undoubtedly the most amazing backward entertainment I had ever encountered. At just 9 years old, the floor of the house was well above my head. Evan wasn't my usual choice of playmates, but his new treehouse more than made up the difference. His house was only three houses down from mine and so I was not at all worried when I realized that soon I'd need to go #2. I was enjoying myself to the point that I didn't even realize that my situation was becoming more urgent. Normally, this situation would have caused enough discomfort to detract significantly from one's ability to focus. However, the new found excitement of having a real treehouse to play in completely over-ruled. Finally, sick of being ignored, my body decided to act with or without my permission. I didn't become aware of it's rebellion until my muscles were contracting and I began to poop my pants. Completely taken off guard, I had no choice except to surrender. I stood in Evan's b! ack yard, grimaced, and endured my punishment. It was over as quickly as it began. The rebels quietly deposited a long solid log into my pants. They succeeded in capturing my attention and changing my focus to finding a solution for my loaded drawers. "I've gotta go Evan." I said instinctively. "But, why?" he moaned obviously distraught to lose a rare playmate. "I just do. I'm sorry."
I proceeded down the street, my tighty-whities dutifully containing the bulging load. Lacking confidence that I could successfully clean myself and my clothes while avoiding eventual motherly detection, I figured I might as well enlist her in my cause. I marched past my house to the next-door neighbor's where I knew my Mother was watching the neighbor's boys and my usual playmates. I rang the doorbell, and to my relief, Mom answered. I stood on my toes to decrease the distance my voice would have to travel as my friends were just inside the door. "Hi" my mother said cheerfully. R! egretfully, I explained my most recent act of laziness. "I pooped my pants." I whispered to her. Her cheerful face changed to display her disapproval. I stood condemned and ashamed before the judge feeling like I was wearing a dirty diaper. Wisely, she realized the full lesson had been learned and therefore offered no further reprimand. She lovingly helped me home and together we cleaned up all the damage caused by the rebel victory. They haven't won since.

Peter London - UK

So sorry to hear about your wife leaving you, I am not married but do have a few files on my computer which I keep to myself, and I know exactly how you feel, I too did something once which I am not very proud of, but I cant tell as I am too ashamed and will never attempt anything like it again as I was 'carried away' and totally lost control of my rational thinking and hurt someone I care very much about, luckily they never found me out and I was saved,(but I knew I had done it) maybe I will tell one day, but this is the furthest i've ever got to saying anything, and you guys still dont know what I did, needless to say it was not a nice thing to do, and certainly worse than having a few MPEGS of women shitting on the loo, you are not the only one who has suffered for your fantasies.

Maybe some day you will find someone who does not mind you looking a 'toilet' pics and you will be happy..I hope I can some day too.

Best wishes


Linda: Thanks so much for you hospital poop story. I'm
glade you were able to help yourself by pulling on the
bed rails. You're lucky, in fact I'm surprised you were
able to go at all. Being predisposed to hard poops and
then having pain meds on top of it, not to mention trying
to go on a bedpan, that can really bind you up good.
I've been thinking about you a lot lately. For some
reason I've been doing really ornery turds for the last
two weeks. These buggers poke the heads out and tell
you they want out, but then you get on the toilet and
they just sit there. I've had to strain and stuggle,
pulling on the seat and grunting like mad for
all I'm worth. When the finally do start to move its
like an explosion...whoosh...and they're out. I don't
know what's causing this.

Well,here's a first for me and since some of you enjoy these kind of thing,i'll tell you all about it.I was out biking and i started feeling like i had to dump and i figured it would take awhile to build up so i took my time finding a spot to shit-well,I WAS WRONG! within 3 mins i had to go BAD and as i'm starting to run to find a spot,I "plotched" in my shorts!I got a spasm and i felt my anus open up and felt a sausage push out into my underwear!I know some people find this to be fun and exciting,but i surely did not!So I finally found a spot and took off my shorts and underwear to find a lumped up poop in my underwear and i quickly threw it away and i'm standing there in just my tank top and had to get water out of my thermos to clean off my shorts and as i' doing this a couple walks down the path towards me and they were right on top of me before i noticed them.Well i was a bit embarrased to say the least and the guy said"Oh sorry didn't see you " and saw i was cleaning my ! shorts and said" had an accident?"I shook my head yes and he said"Need some tissues or anything?that happened to me awhile back" I said " well i thought i would make it but as you can see,i didn't " and laughed-Now i had the shorts on front of my privates cause the girl was standing right there and she was pretty1I was dying inside,but they were friendly and as i'm talking to them,i feel more cramps and my rectum starting to fill,so i said,well, let me get back to getting my self together and they said so long and walked down the path and i kinda looked back towards them without them seeing me look at them and saw the girl looking back at me,so i just squatted down right there with my ass towards them and farted and did a big load of pudding poop.I figured they were about 20-30 feet away,but i wasn't sure if they were there watching me,so as i was squatting there,i reached over to my backpack to get some tissue and got out my mirror that i carry with me to watch myself poop so! metimes and faced the mirror towards the direction that they went and i saw the both of them looking at me,but they didn't know i could see them with the mirror!This was a cool rush for me,so i lifted up my ass and pushed out some more soft poop and i was getting off on this!Then as i was wiping, i saw them walk away rather briskly and i got dressed and went on my way,but they got a good show and i liked doing it! I only wished they would have come over and pulled down their shorts and joined me,now that would have been somthing!Well,maybe now i'm getting warm and i'll get lucky!Wonder what happened to my underwear?I know some folks like to poop in theis pants,but frankly,why?It feels so dirty and i flew home just to take a shower,cause it felt terrible,but to each their own,i guessBYE

Stinger - heehee liked the bidet adventure! nope, i've never seen one before, only heard of them. although the ones i've heard of are actually built right in the toilet, at least that's what i was told (by friends). i love your quote, "if you don't know what it is you should probably pee on it." that's a great motto to live by!

Jacobi - thank you so much! i'm so glad you enjoy my stories! i will let everyone know next time min and i poop together. i'm so glad you love farts. i love to smell my friends' farts so much! by the way, how old are you and your co-worker? i love to hear stories about girls farting, keep posting!

Ke-Ke - yep, min and i like to fart on each other all the time. i love to smell her farting when she pees, and she loves to smell my farts too. many times when i'm sitting behind her while she's squatting to pee, she will let out a nice fart, and my face is right there to take it all in. it's the same when i'm peeing and min's behind me. she ! says she can't get enough of my farts.

now then, to those of you who hated my hotel room story, don't read the rest of this post! trust me, it'll only drive ALL of us crazy! scroll down to the next post now and save everyone a lot of trouble!

this was shortly after my hotel room adventure, when i peed in various places in the room. i'd say it was a couple of months after. i was in a department store with my friend lauren, and i was feeling a little wild! i wanted to find somewhere naughty to pee. i had purposely worn a skirt that day because i knew i'd get the urge to play peeing games while i was in the store, and you know how easy it is to secretly pee while you're wearing a skirt!

lauren was shopping like crazy, she's one of those kind of girls. i could care less about clothes, so while she was looking though a clothes rack, i snuck off to pee. i went to another part of the store and sat under a rack of clothes. i was tucked away in a corner where! no one could see me, so i reached up and pulled down a pair of pants from above me. then i slipped it under my butt and lifted up the back of my skirt. then i slowly let my body relax. my panties soon got soaked with my warm pee as it flowed right out of me. then it seaped through my panties and into the pair of pants, drenching them completely. i sat there peeing on those pants for a good 30 seconds. after i slowly came to a stop, i continued to sit there for another five minutes, breathing in the smell of my pee.

i slipped the soaking wet pants back on the rack and got back up. when i passed by a mirror, i couldn't even tell that i had peed my pants, thanks to the fact that i was wearing a skirt. but my panties sure did feel nice and wet! when i got back to where lauren was, she asked me where i had been. i told her, "i just had to pee."

i had purposely drank a lot of soda so that i would have to pee a lot. a little later, while lauren was doing some more ! shopping, i told her i had to pee again and went off. i grabbed a pair of soft gray gym shorts from a rack and went into the dressing room. as you may remember, dressing rooms are on my list of routine places that i pee in. in fact, i do it nearly every time i'm in a department store. anyway, i went into the little room and locked the door. as usual, my heart was pounding with excitement at the thought of spraying the room with my pee. i couldn't wait to just relax and let it go.

i took off my skirt and slipped on the shorts. they were made of the same material that sweat pants are made of, so they were very soft and comfy. my pee was getting anxious to flow out of me, so i sat on the little bench and let my body relax. it didn't take long for my pee to seap out of me and into my already-wet panties. then i saw a spot forming in the crotch of the shorts. i felt it, and it was very warm. the pee spot got bigger, and soon a puddle was forming on the wooden bench that i ! was sitting on. the seat of the shorts was getting soaked in pee, and i could feel it on my butt. soon the puddle overflowed and started to run down to the carpet below, making a pattering sound. i wondered if anyone in another dressing room could hear it. the carpet was soon soaking wet, and the whole room smelled of my pee. toward the end of my wonderful peeing experience, i let out a nice long fart. it made a bubbly noise against the wet wooden bench as it came out, and i could smell it right away. then after i finished peeing, i sat there for ten minutes enjoying everything that i had done.

when i was done, i changed back into my skirt, wiped the bench off with the shorts, and left the dressing room. i slipped the shorts back to their rack, knowing that someone would eventually see them. then when i got back to lauren, she said, "you sure do take long!" and we checked out and left. i was giggling like crazy for the rest of the day, and lauren thought i was nuts. i! guess she was right!

anyone else like to pee in dressing rooms or anywhere else in stores? let me know, i sure would love to hear about it!


Rob(Canada)-I have a story about an accident this girl named Heather had in school. It was in i think the 4th grade, and it was a few minutes from the end of the class period, and everyone was lining up to leave. Heather obviously had to pee real bad because she was holding herself and jumping up and down, but she was too shy to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom. I was standing next to her and she said she had to go to the bathroom real bad. The next thing i know she's saying "i'm going, i'm going" and a wet spot appears on her pants. She tried holding herself to stop, but she wound up completely peeing her pants and she stained the carpet. The teacher (male) understood and didn't punish her, but the stain can still be seen if you look closely.

Brad- I'm also 15 but live in Massachusetts. I have a story that compares to yours. It was when me and my friend Brian and his mother were watching this stupid kids game show, and his mother kept making fun of every contest! . I was having more fun listening to her than watching the show. Anyway, i had to pee wicked bad but wanted to wait until the commercial, so i just held myself. Just before the commercial, they announced the name of the final contest (i think it was called the Agro-Crag)So Brian's mother keeps saying "The agro-what??" and i was laughing so much that i pissed my pants, completely. Later i told his mother that i spilled water on them. But i only told Brian what i had done and he admitted that he had pissed his pants a little also while laughing but not as much as me.

Bye for now


Mike (USA)
To Hance--I'm a regular reader, and I used to post regularly around 3 years ago. Your story about your wife on the fourth of July was one of the best posts I've ever read on this board. Keep it you have other stories about giant turds she has passed?

To PV and Steve:
Yes, you're right, there are taboos in Western society that exist concerning all toilet functions. We are brought up to think that discussing the subject is disgusting and rude. I have often pondered as to why this is so. Everyone goes to the bathroom, so what's the problem? People seem happier discussing subjects they know next to nothing about. This wouldn't be the case discussing the "disgusting" subject of the toilet. Doesn't make sense, does it?

To Peter London UK:
I am sorry to hear about what happened with your wife. However, I can't believe she would leave you just because of your MPEGs. She should know what kind of person you are and that those files were for nothing more than entertainment. It is not like you were doing these things with another woman, or even your wife for that matter. Just because you like the MPEGs doesn't mean you are a "bad" person. They should have no bearing on who you are as a person, and if she failed to! recognize that, then I wouldn't feel guilty.

Peter London(UK)

Sorry about you losing the love of your life about some files you have saved on your hard drive. I think I would have a problem with my wife and this is why I do not post my real name on this site as I'm sure others use screen names also.

I am very careful about sites I visit and do not save anything to hard disk. I read about other spouses that seem to be open about this sort of thing and think its great.

good luck to you.

Hi gang. Just got back from vacation in the mountians. Had a relaxing time. We have a cabin in the Rocky mountians & spend lots of time there in the summer. While there I had a couple of great shitting experiences. I'll tell 1 now & more later.
I had a nice am shit on Tuesday & had no urging again until Wed afternoon. It first hit me at about 2 but I was determined to hold off as long as I could. I occupied myself with other things & the feeling subsided. I felt it again around 6 but it was dinnertime so I continued to hold it in. After I ate I started on my walk. By now I had to go real bad & had to piss pretty bad too. I quickly went up the hill & off the path to find a good spot. I let out a long booming fart as I walk & can feel my anus opening to let out the first log. I quickly take off my shorts & squat. I begin to piss as the log starts out my ass. I'm peeing like made when the first turd falls out & I let out another enormous fa! rt. I'd just finished my piss when the next turd starts out. It opens my hole as wide as it will go & slowly creeps out. It slides out easily but is taking forever. It has touched the ground but keeps coming. I rise up a bit to let it continue. It finially tapers off & falls with a slight thud sound. I took a quick look & saw the longest turd I've ever seen. Feeling more to come I moved over a bit & let out a few turd balls & couple of small logs. This was occompanied with much farting. I felt a cramp & crapped out a pile of mush & finished off with another resounding fart. I wiped with some tp I'd stuck in my pocket & took out my measure tape. The long one was 14 INCHES!! I thought how nice it would've been to share this with a great guy.
Hope you enjoyed my story. More later.
Buzzy--sounds like you've been busy in the woods.wish we could go together.

Joe (NY)
To our neighbor Buzzy, That would be cool to do. I forgot to tell you in the last post but come Monday, Melissa won’t be my girlfriend, she'll be my wife. We both get married on Monday the 10th.

Now let me tell you what happened to me at work yesterday. Yesterday my boss me and other co-workers were in the conference room talking about how we were going to combine the Communications Department ( Which I'm Manager of) with the Engineering Department.
30 minutes into the meeting I needed to piss so I excused myself. When I was walking to the restroom, A co-worker named Larry walked quickly in to the bathroom. I went to the urinal and had a 2 minute piss. I felt better after that. I noticed that Larry went into the stall. As I was washing my hands, I heard a loud echoing fart. I knew he was taking a dump. So before I left, I said, Larry have a nice one then I walked out of the bathroom.

Who knows? Maybe something interesting might happen in! the wedding.

Everybody have a nice day,

PS: I don't think it is a good idea to take a dump in a body of water.

Because last year I heard on the News that this Lake in Up-state New York was closed becuse some on had taking a dump and bacteria was making people sick.

I Believe in keeping the Environment clean and not making it worse than it is.

Peter London (UK). I was sorry to read about your experiences and I think your story is a warning to any who might be similarly tempted. That said, there are two things you need to remember.

Firstly, your interest though not commonplace isn't all that unusal either. You shouldn't feel guilty or bad about yourself. If guilt is a problem however, you should discuss it with a minister or priest or another caring professional who will be able to help you. Although it isn't wrong per se, it's important to manage and contain your interest as far as possible. That may mean making sacrifices and perhaps not sharing it with a spouse or partner. I don't know what the legal position regarding the video files you saved. Perhaps someone else could advise you who is a competent authority in the field. In the meantime, my advice is "don't do it again."

Secondly, I think you have to concentrate on the future and on possible future relationships. Have as a broad a! social circle as possible. If by chance you find someone who shares your lavatorial interest, fine. It may be that you will not, in which case you will have to exercise your discretion and focus on the interests/needs of the partner you have. The important thing is to be forward looking though.

Best of luck!

Saturday, July 08, 2000


Hi does any one on here have bitmagic? Bit magic is like a little tv for your computer but it only updates once a day and they show funny things on there, Jokes, games etc. Today there was a funny thing on there called how Hudini disapeared. Hudini is chained up in a chest and he gets free and he walks off the stage into the mens room and goes into a stall and closes the door then you hear him begin to pee it also sounds like he may fart too(or that sound could be where he stops peeing and starts again),Imm not sure. Then he bangs on the door and a baby crys, then it's over.

After i saw this i had to take a shit, it was urget. I sat down and it was soild and soft. I wiped about 6-7 times. I have been going alot. Yesterday i felt that urge and went it was about the same as today. After i wiped yesterd and resumed what i was doing and a few hours later my ass was itching, i scratched it and i have this major shit stain in my boxers, ohwell.

Lawn Dogs Kid
The second time I saw Kendal poo was a Saturday night, about a year ago. I certainly haven't forgotten this one, because it followed me watching her friend Chloe on the toilet as well.

All of this came about when my Aunt and Uncle went out with my Mum and Dad for a drink at the local pub. They do this once a month or so, and either Kendal comes to our house to be with me, or I go to hers. This time I went to hers, because she also had her school friend Chloe stopping the night with her.

Chloe is a bigger girl than Kendal, by about 4 or 5 inches, and is also more than a year older, nearly 11 when this happened. She has a pale complexion, contrasting vividly with her jet black hair. She is still the only other girl I've seen on the toilet besides Kendal.

Kendal announced she needed the loo, and Chloe got up to go with her. As they moved out the room to go upstairs to use the bathroom, Kendal asked me if I was coming too. Of course I jumped up right awa! y, although I hadn't previously made a move as I would have done automatically on normal occasions because of Chloe being there.

Chloe didn't make anything of this at first until we got to the bathroom, and I actually went in with them. She was really quite shocked, standing in front of the toilet about to pull down the shorts she was wearing until she saw I was there as well. Kendal realised there was about to be a problem and she immediately took over. "Oh, don't worry about him. He and I go together all the time when we're on our own. See ?" And with that she pulled her own shorts and panties down, and perched on the edge of the toilet. As she began to do a real hissing whizz that night, she also went on to say "You'll get to see him go as well, so it'll be like a swap of experiences"! As she took the toilet roll, and wiped herself from behind as usual, she encouraged Chloe further. "Right, your turn. Don't worry, he doesn't bite", and up she got pulling her pant! ies and shorts back up again.

It was some seconds before Chloe decided what to do, and as we all stood around, I decided to volunteer to go next. Chloe immediately jumped forward, saying "No, I'm next". She was wearing shorts with an elasticated waist band. She took hold of them and pulled them down so the legs covered her knees. She then seperately pulled down her panties to half way down her legs, and quickly plonked herself onto the toilet seat, but not before I'd got a quick glimpse of her fanny. This was the first surprise for me. I'd noticed Chloe already had sprouting boobs, but I never expected to see anything down there except the smooth hairless crack that Kendal possessed. There really wasn't much pubic hair at all, a tiny first growth I guess, but because she was so pale, and her hair jet black, they gave the appearance of a real covering just either side of where her crack was.

After sitting on the toilet, she reached and pulled her shorts back u! p her legs to meet up with where her panties were, which revealed the end of her legs and her knees again. And then she was completely motionless, as if like a photograph, her hands never moving from where they had been placed between her legs, clutching the gusset of both her shorts and panties together in the centre of her legs. And she was sat right over the toilet. Her bottom reached either side of the hole in the seat !

She stared forward, not blinking, like in a trance of concentration. Her wee began leaking out, making a gentle direct tinkling noise into the water. It lasted about 20 seconds, and then silence. No change in the stare. And then she made a real quiet puffy fart, and her breathing stopped. Kendal asked her directly "Are you pooing as well ?". There was no reply. There didn't need to be. There was no more wee, she was still sitting there. She let her breath pant out, and then breathed in again. Of course she was pooing. The excitement for me now was! how long before the first poo noise ! Would she plop, flop, or lump ?

The answer was lump, a single loud plop of a fat poo which had taken 10 seconds of crackling to come out ! She went for the toilet roll straight away, and wiped twice from between her legs. Then she began pulling up her panties before even getting off the seat, completing the process quickly after she had got up.

Now in all this excitement, I hadn't "creamed" my pants this time, thank goodness, given that my willie was about to make its appearance to wee for the girls. But before I revealed it in all its glory, Chloe walked out the bathroom, saying she didn't want to see. Kendal looked worried and followed her, leaving me to wee on my own, all over this fat jobbie of Chloe's !

As I flushed the loo, and turned to leave, Kendal came in the bathroom again. I apologised for going without waiting for her to come back again, but she wasn't bothered about that. She had been more concern! ed with Chloe, about why she didn't want to see me, and if she had been upset by the experience. She might tell. But she didn't, and hasn't, and always has a smile for me when I see her about the village. So no harm done. She just wasn't ready to see a boy's bits yet.

No, Kendal had come back to the bathroom again to re-use the toilet. "Its alright" she said. "You can stay for this too". I knew what "this" meant. As she perched once again, I knelt down in front of her, and she took hold of my hands and we held hands, resting them on her legs, a new experience for me because her hands were always being used to hold up whatever dress she was wearing normally. She stared intensely at me for more than a minute with no plops, but with steady regular breathy panting. It was clearly happening, because I could smell it ! Then she broke the silence saying "This is mega. Do you want to see?", letting go of my hands and pointing me around the back of her. The gap between the bac! k of her bottom and the back of the toilet seat was big enough to easily see everything, and there, hanging in suspense, was her poo. It was long enough now for the tip of it to be below the water line, and was a beautiful and smooth light brown. I came back to in front of her again, and said "that'll make a big plop" ! Kendal smiled and resumed concentration. Surely it can't get any bigger ? But within 5 seconds it had dropped, with a light flop sound. So much for my theory then ! It was quickly followed by a small remnent, which did make a loud plop ! Definitely killed my theory !

That was it, Kendal's second poo on the toilet for me ! I pooed for her only the week later. Oh, and I didn't do "it" in my pants this time. Must be growing up ! I think seeing the poo was not as exciting as anticipating the plop. The plop is everything !


Oh, hey, sweetheart, don't worry! You've given me such encouragement by example, without ever knowing it! You did exactly the right thing, in the right way, and so did Steve -- a gentleman to the end, thinking of my wellbeing. Your delicious adventures have done so much to reinforce my academic knowledge that it's a healthy, fun activity -- and to beat back the anxiety. You've helped amazingly, and I'm so grateful.

I can just visualise your geyser in the showers. Ahhhhhhhh -- that's better! The crackle on the tiles -- wonderful acoustics in bathrooms!

I usually have the water on when I go, but I guess our technique is pretty similar. And yes, there's nothing quite like the feeling! Sometimes I enjoy it just bathing my legs, other times I'll aim it around. Fun!

Standing to poop, yup, more practice needed. It's a question of determining distance and knowing where the poop will fall. A firmer motion would be easier, I think. Speaking! of which, I had one this morning -- nothing too large to speak of, but the last one unexpectedly caused a delightful widening as it passed, and created a nice "SPLUNK!" as it went in. Sitting emmission, not standing, it would have been a depth-charge if it had hit the water from two feet up!

Keep at those stances -- familiarity creates ease. Even seven years after I did karate I still drop automatically into stances, and things like the double wheel-block that were incomprehensible to start with are still hard-wired. It'll come.

Hey -- nice work in the gents! I knew you'd enjoy that, a healthy double-action at the porcelain! And a mutual wipe, wonderful! The first of many times, I hope. Yes, the sound of heels on the floor in there is strangely out of step, isn't it? Must be the acoustics, the extra echo-space or something, but that's a sound that impacted on me the first time I ever made the great adventure myself!

Take care on your trip, dear, and! I look forward to chatting again when you're home!

Your sis,



Firstly, I'd like to say thank you for your discretion regarding that condition I discussed with another much-loved denizen of the forum last year. It's been the bane of my life, but the fact is that the open fun in places like this are making up lost ground better than anything else. Self-psychology is one thing, having it reinforced by gentle folk is another, and without the encouragement I've derived I'd likely still be at square one. To yourself and Louise -- a warm thanks is hardly enough!

Yep, we're on the same channel re Western society. It's odd, you know, our society is culturally descended from that of the Greeks, via Rome, and apparently the Greeks had no toilet taboos at all (though, on the downside, by Classical times they had a male/female separation today equalled only by the Muslim world). Ours must have been grafted onto our society somewhere! in the intervening centuries. Then take India -- until the time of Partition, the Untouchables were the 'Sweepers' responsible for removing the human dung from the dry-closets of every house, and burning it. Different cultures, different attitudes.

If I get to do an outdoor dump this will be the first place I come to tell of it! I'll try holding, but when I gotta go, it can be pretty nigh impossible not to, and it would be counterproductive to have an accident on the way -- there's a 100-minute trip on public transport to get there.

The coach parties -- hmm, that gives me an idea. Maybe I should drink more! Hahaha!

Yes, a team of athletic gals is quite a sight, Louise's netball team is obviously up to finest standards! In Aus we have a world class women's soccer team, and for 2000 they produced an au naturelle calendar. I have it of course! I've begun to wonder casually what scenes are enacted in the showers after their latest giant-killing victory?! !

Yep, that lady was likely after some casual fun, experimenting perhaps not with the sex aspect but indeed with the fun of pushing the taboo-point. Perhaps she'll be out for fun again one day to come, you never know. And hey, Louise was waaaay cool about it! (Well done, Louise!)

I know what you mean about the sight of a woman standing at a urinal when well-dressed. There's one particular bathroom I've used a few times in which the mirror over the sinks is parallel to the urinals, and I can see myself in full profile when I go. And I've stood sideways to view myself in a long mirror, and yes, when my skirt is lifted to wee-posture, it sure does show off the legs to the hilt, as it were. Killer view isn't in it! Thanks for your wonderful descriptions of the event, both were well detailed and delicious!

Yep, I'll be careful, and I hope Louise and her team mates are real careful to enjoy fun in the safest way too. It's too terrific to imperil with silly! risks! Let's enjoy it for a long time to come.

Thanking you both so much (have a safe and fun trip Louise),


Nicola and Shafted, I wouldn't like to begin to adjudicate on the case of who owns the food once eaten and by extension who owns the stools produced. There are many cases on people who order food at resturants etc and do not pay, they are still liable even if the food has been consumed, and this offence is commonly called "bilking". Common sense would suggest that once eaten food is the property of the person who has consumed it, thus the waste product of the food, the stools passed, are also their property. I cannot find any case law about a person abstracting or diverting sewage, although there are plenty about doing so with CLEAN water, I would again feel that the sewage is the "property" of the water company or whomsoever runs the sewers and purification plant. Certainly, if it escapes and pollutes a river or causes nuisance or damage they would be liable in both Criminal and Civil Law. I suppose in theory if someone passes a turd into another person's toilet then, whil! e it lies there it could be said to be held by or "seized" of the owner of the toilet. I just never see such a matter coming to Court for adjudication and I can imagine the hassle if the evidence had to be produced in Court. The closest case I can find was one where in a bitter dispute over property between former lovers the woman, amongst many other things, claimed for some pairs of her knickers and panties that the man had retained, with his claiming that he had bought these for the woman. In the end it was decided that these were a gift so became her property and in the settlement their value was taken into account in the amount paid to the woman. I dont think the actual knickers were handed back. So I would think, Shafted, that once your girlfriend hase eaten any meal you have provided to her it and its eventual end product is hers to dispose of as she wishes subject to various Public Health etc laws. Thankfully, I have no problems letting George watch me doing a motion,! indeed I would be annoyed with him if he didnt come in with me to watch, rub my ???? when required and admire what I have passed.

Changing the subject I "did a Sandra" yesterday. I was working in one of our Glasgow Offices covering for a Colleague on holiday. I decided to go for a walk at lunchtime. Now that morning I had a sneezing fit and as happens I had a fullish bladder and spurted some urine as I sneezed, wetting the gusset of my white cotton briefs. I took them off as they would soon dry out but have a pissy smell, and I certainly dont want that! Now I keep a spare pair in case of accidents etc in my office in Edinburgh but hand't any with me. It didnt matter, the weather was warm enough and wearing a knee length pleated skirt modesty was preserved. Anyway, during my walk I felt a motion come on. I made for the public toilets in the park but to my annoyance I found them closed, (like many local authorities Glasgow has been very bad in closing lots of public t! oilets relying on shopping malls and other private facilities to provide these . A reversal of the enlightened public health and hygiene policies of the Victorians). I didnt feel I could hold it in so I found a clump of bushes and went behind there. Now as I wasnt wearing any knickers I just ensured my skirt wasnt in the way, squatted down and let the jobbie come out. It was a nice big solid fat curved sausage of about 14 inches long. As soon as it was out I stood up had a look then quickly walked off leaving my big jobbie for anyone who walked off the path in to the bushes to see. I assume animals and insects and the action of bacteria will dispose of it the natural way.

Pissing in the shower? Who doesn't! As stated urine is quite safe when freshly passed from a healthy person and is soon diluted and washed away. Likewise peeing in the swimming pool, who is going to come all the way out soaking wet to use the toilet and the pee is diluted by the massive volume of wat! er and the chemicals and purification system. Doing a number two in a swimming pool is another story. I have seen this happen when visiting friends who had a heated outdoor pool with a dome. We were swimming naked when Pamela, who's pool it was started to tread water, I asked if she had cramp or something but she just gave a gasp and said no, Im doing a jobbie. It was a nice big solid one and seconds later this big brown cylinder bobbed up to the surface next to her. This caused a lot of giggles but we had to quickly fish it out with the net as it would have got sucked into the filter and made a right mess. The filter system and chemicals neutralised any germs it may have had. I dont know if anyone has done this in a public swimming baths. I suppose if they had diarrhea this would filter through their swimming costume and disperse in the water. Has anyone else done a poo either solid or watery in a swimming pool or seen this ooccur and what was the outcome. If anyone wants I w! ill post about in the knickers accidents I have had and which happend to others when I was at school and university.

Ginger, you rule!
The Story about you and your friends is exactly what happened to my g/f Kristin last week, so I know how you feel.. Good Stories, keepem coming ;)

To ROSE : Your story about pooping with your new boyfriend...and holding hands together after your deed was SOOO nice and moving...
Tell me...A Rose, aged 26, posted a story here some months ago about being a legal secretary and stricken by waves of diarrhea while taking notes in a meeting in a boardroom. Is it you ?

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