Recent contributors have again asked how guys can take a shit in public. I have since a young age been used to dumping with other guys around and it comes naturally to me. Often I really enjoy it. Recently, me and a buddy took a day trip in the Monterey peninsula. While at the beach that morning I needed to shit and piss. I walked to the men's restroom. It was actually a single moderately large room with a toilet (no partition), a sink, a bench for changing and a lockable door. There was a group of 4 teenaged surfing dudes ahead of me waiting in line for the occupied restroom. They told me that they were waiting to change into their surfing gear. They started bitching about a guy who had been in the restroom for about 15 minutes. Eventually, we heard the toilet flush. One of the guys said to me, " You can use the facilities while we change, if you want." I gladly accepted his offer. We went in as a group and one of the guys locked the door behind us. The john w! as a high one. I think it was especially designed for handicapped use. After, cleaning the seat with TP, I pulled down my swim suit and sat down. The guys were struggling to get into their surfing gear. They were talking about the surf conditions. They were real friendly and included me in their conversation. They grinned when I farted and when my logs hit the water with loud plops. I took my time in expelling four large turds after which I pissed. I wiped my ass when they had all completed changing. When we emerged I thanked them. One of them said "Hey man, its no problem. When a guy has to shit, he has to shit!" I could not agree more.

I had this dump the other day and it was so good i was happy for the rest of the day.

Hi, everyone!

Ke-Ke: O.K... new fantasy... how about we go out for DINNER
instead of breakfast, and see what that helps you produce?
What type of restaurant should we go to? What would your
main course be? Then, EARLY next morning (lest you slink into that bathroom ILLEGALLY, mind you!), we take a drive into the country, look for a suitable place, and... you
do a wonderful, huge dump in the wild!!! Care to supply the
details of this new scenario? Like it? And,(oh by the way)
I would CERTAINLY "get high" from the ever bolder luscious
aromas from your almost-ready-to-shit booming FARTS in the
car on the way there... (that poor car may NEVER be the same...) oh, well...

Jacobi: Welcome back! I'd say you're making progress with
your "co-worker"... (does she have a name?). I can identify
with that intense desire "just to see" one of her turds! I
really DO think it may happen... a few hints to her in that directi! on?

You’re right, Nicola, about the fit of Sloggi panties; a couple of times, unadvertently, I had put my girlfriend’s panties on (Tanga model), mostly when I had been in a hurry or when I had dressed up in darkness. They were absolutely comfortable to me, and I only came aware of my mistake when , at night, I got naked and found that I had been carrying her panties on. We are the same size of clothing, though I am longer-limbed than her. Her sister –Jeannette- the one who talks to me about shitting and who likes to announce when she is going to take shit, is even slimmer than her, so I could not use her underwear (they both use M size).

Best regards for you all.

Hello! I love reading your mails. I would like to just give some advice to others who may find themselves in the same situation as me. I am a 26yr old guy who is genuinely caring and unselfish. My only vice was a slightly strange interest in shitting and pissing - both by myself and watching MPEGS of such situations on my PC. 2 years ago I met and married the woman of my dreams and I loved her with all my heart. We had a great sex life but I always kept my little fetish a secret and although I would dearly have loved to catch my wife in action shitting, this was never going to be realistic as she is a private person. I often went into the countryside and enjoyed what I would class as a harmless experience - shitting in the outdoors and the more common practice of having a piss outside. When I bought a pC a while ago, I got interested in collecting MPEGS and ofcourse found loads on the net of women shitting. These files were only ver short but they gave me great satisfacti! on. I saved them within a few "covber up" folders on my hard drive.
Unfortunately 2 months ago, my wife came upon some of these files while backing up files from the hard drive and she went balistic - SHe called me evry name under the sun from a perverted evil man to a pathetic sick excuse for a human being. Consequently I have now lost the woman of my life and all for a few video files I stupidly saved on my PC. If it had been "normal" porn then she would have probably been OK with it - but not shitting and pissing content.
I feel really bad and guilty now and I just wanted to warn others who may not have understanding partners that if this is your interest, to understand the risk to your partnership if he/she is not a willing participant.
I would welcome any comments and keep up the good site.

Gald you liked the story, Have you farted in someones face?
John (VT)
I am So happy you and your wife enjoyed the story!

Talk shit with you guys later


Thursday, July 06, 2000

Lawn Dogs Kid
Kendal's first poo in front of me came as a complete ( and very pleasent ) surprise. She invited me into the bathroom with her as soon as her mum had gone out to cut some vegetables for Sunday lunch. This was always an 8 or 10 minute job. Plenty of time for both of us to wee.

I did my usual wee first, then she moved over to the toilet herself. She had on a blue dress which reached just below her knees, and as usual, she pulled her panties down enough to reveal her wee hole, lifted her dress high over her ???? and perched on the edge of the toilet seat. I heard her wee gently begin to roll down the inside of the toilet bowl, but after about 10 seconds, I saw her little ???? kind of push outwards a bit, and her wee became more fierce.

I assumed she just wanted to finish quickly to avoid us getting caught together, but after around 5 seconds of this fierce weeing, I saw her ???? relax again, and the patter of wee steadied right down. As soon as normal service! was resumed, she sniffed up her nose three times in quick succession, rather like a dog would, and she enquired of me "can you smell my poo yet ?".

I think I said something like "no" ! Kendal said, "well its all coming out". It certainly was. She made three delicate sounding plop noises, with no real visible effort to push it out. There were 15 or so seconds between each plop. And all the time she seemed to be watching me for my reaction.

My actual reaction was to widdle in my pants, or so I thought at age 13. In fact it was something more sticky I discovered later ! However, it didn't show up with my dark trousers on very much.

Kendal had just taken a handful of toilet roll to wipe herself when we heard her mother come back into the house. I had just enough time to kiss her and say thanks, and she looked at me very seriously and said, it'll be your turn next time !

My turn was over a year later, as it turned out. However, I saw her poo on! ce more before then, and twice more after I let her watch me, which she told you about in her post a few days ago. Her three other poo sessions were all very different to this one. So I'll tell you about those another time.

Last night, me and my best friend (who is also my boyfriend now, as you guys may have figured would eventually happen) had a poop session again. I told him that I had to go to the bathroom and as usual, I wanted him to go with me. So when we got in the bathroom, he lifted the lid for me while I got undressed. We were having a nice talk as I constantly dropped poops from under me. He would say OOH with each plop. For some reason, I had lots of turds of all different sizes. After I finished he grabbed some TP and wiped me gently like he always does. Then he tossed it in the bowl and flushed it down the toilet along with all the turds. I was so surprised everything went down the drain. Then he wiped me again several times to make sure that I was clean. By this time, the toilet had filled up (at least halfway, anyway) so he dropped the TP in and hit the lever. I watched the paper swirl around and around and around til it gurgled up the bend. He then told! me that he was going to poop also. I love it when we both have to use it and he knows this. It didn't take him long to poop at all and he peed also. I wiped him real good when he finished and was totally turned on while watching him get dressed again. We gave each other a very loving smile and then looked at what he had produced. Then he lifted his leg and flushed the toilet with his foot. I told him that was such a manly thing to do. :-) He smiled at me as he closed the lid and sat us down on the toilet together, with me sitting on his lap. We just sat there resting and thinking of our experience. We were also holding each other very warmly. Then, I guess he felt that his poop may not have gone down since he had closed the lid immediately after pooping so he reached his hand back and flushed the toilet again. We could feel the vibrations of the toilet all the way til the last gurgle. We continued to sit there and hold each other...hearing nothing but running! water.

we were not the same Lauren from yesterdays two postings. I am a married woman, the other Lauren is a 15 year old girl, we just got lumpped together. :-)

LOUISE - Yes, I am the one who has a boss who like to conduct meetings while she is pooing with the stall door open. It's been a while since she's done that, though. Guess what I did on Saturday? I was shopping for clothes and I went into the changing room to try on some dresses. I felt like I needed a poo but at first I just ignored it. After trying on 2 dresses, I could feel a big poo sliding out so I squatted and let it out. I was farting and hoped nobody could hear or it might give the game away. I squatted for 5 minutes and let out one turd which was as thick as my wrist and 10 inches long, followed by 3 or 4 thinner 5 inchers. I then stood up, tried on 1 more dress, then put my clothes back on. Before I left the stall I looked down at the poos on the floor. In the past when I've done this, I've put the poo in a bag so I could put it in the garbage, however, this time I felt like being naughty so I left the poo on the floor. When I went to pay for the clothes I saw a woma! n go into the changing room. I thought she'd come out right away after seeing my poo but for 3 or 4 minutes nothing happened. Then she came out. I was very curious so I picked up another dress so I could pretend to try it on. I went into the same changing room and sure enough, next to my 3 dark turds was a lighter fat turd! The other woman had done a poo in there as well!

Rob (Canada)
Hi everyone. I just thought of an accident I had in Jr. High School. I was in grade 9 and we were on a trip to perform in a band competition. We had been on the bus for almost 8 hours at that point, and had FINALLY arrived at our hotel. I was desperate to go to the bathroom, and I would have ran to the back of the bus, but our band teacher had asked us all to stay in our seats while she went to get the room keys. She finally returned and began handing them out. I was a little disappointed, because there were only four to a room, and I ended up being seperated from my friends and stuck in a room with three guys who had a reputation for being real dicks. At this point however, I didn't care too badly. I just wanted to get up to our room so I could use the toilet. We began to haul our things to our rooms, and I made the mistake of telling one of my roommates that I desperately needed the toilet. I had already sprayed a little in my pants (I didn't tell him this part), and I knew ! that if I didn't reach the toilet soon, I would pee in my pants. My roommate seemed to sympathize, and I was beginning to think he wasn't so bad. But he and the other two guys got to the room before I could (I had to walk slow or risk wetting myself) and they locked me out. I stood in the hall banging for almost two full minutes when it happened. I felt another spurt go into my underwear and when I looked down, there was a wet spot on my jeans. "Guys, let me in, PLEASE!" I shouted. The wet spot grew, and grew, and grew. I gave up and finished wetting myself in the hallway, soaking my pants in front of everyone who was carrying luggage to their rooms. In hindsight I should have asked someone else to borrow their bathroom, but at the time, I wasn't thinking straight. Finally, the guys opened the door and let me into the room, making a big production of the fact that I'd peed my pants like a baby. By supper, the story had made it all across the restaurant, and when my teacher fou! nd out, she scolded me, telling me not to wait so long next time. I tried to tell her my side of the story, but she wouldn't listen. For the rest of the trip, she kept asking me if I'd used the toilet before I left my room. It was so humiliating!

Remembering this story made me think of other ones, and I now have a few questions to ask the members of this forum (I will post other stories another time).

1. Has anyone ever had an accident in the bathtub?
2. Has anyone ever had an accident while being spanked?
3. Does anyone else have school accidents to share, or stories about other kids' accidents? How did your teacher deal with them?
4. Are there any teachers on this list who have noticed a kid who had wet/messed themself in your classroom? How did you handle the situation?

Yes Gold Girl I Have Actually Peed In One I was Visiting My Aunt In San Francisco Shes Rich Hee Hee And I Decided To Go Check Out The Master Bathroom I Walked In And Saw A Jaccuzi Bath A Shower Two Sinks A Toilet And A Weird Object I Had Never Seen It Looked Like A Sink And A Toilet Combined And Sure Enough It Was A Bidet So I Pondered What It Was For Awhile Not Knowing What This Strange Object Was so I Thought To Myself What Is This Thing And Then my Instincts Told Me To Do What Felt right So In Thinking So I Decided To Pee in it As I Always Say "If You Dont Know What It Is You Should Probably Pee On It" So Then I Thought Now How In The Hell Do I Flush This Damm Thing??? Then Suddenly I Felt A Poop Coming On So I Quickly Sat And Pushed,I Pushed and I Pushed till Two Large 11 Inchers Came Out So I Sat Up Wiped sat Back Down And Pondered How Do I Flush It So I Saw Two Knobs I Turned One All the Way And Freezeing Clod Water Shot At My Ass YOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWOOOOOOOwwwww Boy! Was That Cold I Jumped Up Like A Scoulded Cat Then I Slightly Turned The Other Knob And ThenWarm Water Started Spraying My ass And Balls I Said Wow Thats Comforatible And It Washed The Remaining Poop Chips right Off

Now I Will Cya around all


I am so glad I came upon this site. For years I have put myself through severe feelings of guilt that I am interested in shitting and seeing others shit. Now through your site, I know I am not alone. For me, it started when I was about 12 and myslef and my best friend at the time went camping not far out of town but in the countryside. As with most young lads, we often had a piss in front of each other and thought nothing about it. Where we were camoing there was no toilets and ofcourse this does not stop the call of nature from happening. Andy (my friend) piped up that he had to have a shit badly and asked me to come with him to make sure nobody came upon him while he done it. I was a wee bit embarrased when he pulled down his shorts and squatted down beside me and started farting but I just stood there as if it was perfectly natural. I remember the exciting feeling I had when he suddenly dropped the 1st of his logs and started grunting and pushing out more. His shit! seemed very hard and formed long tubular logs. Strangely, there was not too much of a smell and I laughed as his penis started pissing involuntry. He told me he always pisses at the same time as he shits.
I wasn't brave enough to shit infront off Andy that day but we done whats called a "buddy dump" the next day. We went on to shit every morning for the next 5 days of our camping trip and would do it in the same patch - leaving alot of shit for the many insects to eat!
This has led to my interest in shitting and I love to go out to hte woods and just shit in the fresh air. I have always thought I was a bit perverted for being like this and have never ever mentioned it to my partners - who would probably run a mile. I gain some relief from the knowledge from this site that I am not alone - Keep up the stories :-)

Ke-Ke - great story! i love those farting stories!

anonymous goldgirl admirer - thank you for the compliment! i will keep posting more stories for a long time, i'm sure! it's so nice to hear when people are supportive of my craziness!

Louise - yeah, next time i'm near sand i will try it for sure! i'll definitely let you know how it turns out.

No Name Grrl - those stories were awesome! of course my favorite was the Mr Peepee one. i'll have to get a big stuffed animal one of these days and try that myself. then i'll always have it to use for peeing in. when i do it, i'll be sure to tell you about it. thanks for the idea! your posts are so cool!

Buck - that's alright, i didn't see it as a criticism. but i am glad i can at least enjoy peeing now. i don't think about later that much, why dwell on the future. i'm glad you're on my side, as you said, urine is sterile. i wish more people would realize that.

i miss you, Katrine! any new adve! ntures?

something totally cool happened today! as you Americans know, today was the 4th of july, and my friend nicole and i were walking around the town before seeing the fireworks. you may remember, nicole had peed in front of me in her swimsuit before, in her yard. she was also the one who peed in the woods in front of my friend mira while i was secretly watching. well anyway, we were in our little town and she said that she had to pee really bad. she wanted to look for a gas station or somewhere, but i said, "let's just go in the alley over there." she really had to go bad, so she agreed to do it, as long as i went with her to stand watch. my heart almost burst when she said that.

we walked into the alley and she backed up to a brick wall between a couple of small wild bushes. she didn't seem to be embarrassed in front of me at all, which a part of me expected, seeing how she had been open about peeing in front of her friends before. i was standing on the ! other side of one of the bushes, making sure we were alone. i was wearing sunglasses, so nicole didn't know i was looking at her. then she pulled down her shorts and panties and squatted down. nicole relaxed her body, sighing with relief from having to pee so bad. her pee gushed right out of her, splashing all over the pavement and forming a huge puddle. my heart felt like it was going to explode as i kept staring at nicole letting her pee flow all over the street like that.

when she was finished, she pulled up her pants and stood back up. she giggled, and i giggled back. then i said, "well, i might as well go too, while i'm here." i was getting extremely excited, i had never peed in front of one of my friends before. "ok," nicole said, "if you really gotta go." she walked over to where i was standing and turned the other way. i pulled down my shorts and panties and squatted over nicole's pee puddle. i watched it glistening in the sunlight right under me. then i slowl! y let my body relax and my pee started to flow right out of me and into nicole's puddle. i was wearing sandals, and i purposely had my feet close together so i could feel my pee splashing her pee on my feet. i looked up at nicole, but she was still facing the other way. she was giggling, but half of me wished she was watching me pee. i kept looking over at nicole, and then back at the puddle. i loved knowing that the pee on the ground was from that girl.

when i was finished having my pee, i got back up and we giggled again as i pulled my pants back up. we walked back to the main street, and nicole said, "don't worry, bridge, i didn't even see you." "oh, that's good," was all i could say.

see ya,

Hello everyone I shitted green Turds today
It smelt trouble, but I enjoyed leaving it in the toilet so the next female would see it.
John (VT)
Talk shit with me!
Talk shit with you guys later


Ke-Ke: Wow! Excellent, clever story! I DID have to read it twice to get the full impact (naive!), but then it hit me...
O.K., maybe the "punishment" idea was a bit extreme (and I
can't see me in reality allowing you to really suffer like
that in the restaurant while I made a glutton of myself),
but I think your fantasy allowed a rather complete payback!
I can understand you saying "it felt soooo good" (in more
ways than one, eh?). I would have enjoyed witnessing firsthand the expulsion in my car, but I'm not sure the clean-up and after effects to the car would have been worth it... I had in mind steering you quickly to a nearby, secluded, woodsy area, but that was before I guessed your revenge motif...again, congratulations on a great piece of work which definitely put me in my place... oh, by the way, my wife probably liked it as least as much as I, since she has had a few years of experience with the need to "put me in my pl! ace" from time to time...

Seems to me that J.C. Penney do not put doors on the mens toilet stalls, I recall Brian, who works there, saying the stalls were all doorless. Strange

While on vacation at Pere Marquette State park in southern Illinois, near St. Louis, MO, there was a spacious bathroom in the inn we were at. The men's restroom was devided into 3 rooms: a pissing area with 8 urinals; a shitting area with 5 atalls; and a washing area with 5 sinks. There were no doors for each partition however the passage area from one area to another was narrowed slightly, making the three areas into 3 rooms.

I read about women having big shits. A long time ago I was at a public library in a bathroom with rom without fans I could hear a lady really ploping away, when she came out she was of average size I was a bit surprized that ladies could do piles as big as the guys. This website confirms women can do large piles.

To No name grrl: Cool story about ur friend pooping in the woods, i thought it was so funny how he was acting like a dog!!

BUCK (IL) - Hi guy! Yeah, I can understand that people
will get upset if somebody pees in the showers in the
States, and I think it is usually like that in England.
It is just our way to be a bit daring and 'naughty' in
our netball team and I know other lady sport teams are
sometimes a bit that way too. It is up to each group
and what its attitude is. I know if the women at work
started some netball team they would not be like my
team and would be very inhibited and they would need to
find a toilet bowl to sit down on before they could let
go. I do not think they can handle doing it any other
Hehe my netball team does not have organised pissing in
the showers or anything like that, but we do before a
game starts, but if one of us wants to piss in the
shower then she does. Yeah our team would be a sight for
any guy to see!

PV - Hi girl!!! I bet you thought the shower room story
was funny. If it ha! d happened to me just then I think I
would have just died of embarrassment! It was a real
give away and I remember how turned on it made me feel.
I could not leave Steve alone when I returned home after
When I did my geyser, I was in the showers but the spray
was not on. I was so desperate to go just then that I
just went in and let rip.
I found your first letter here from August 99 yesterday
and now I know properly how much you want to get over
the avoidant thing you suffer from. Steve knew about it
for a long time, but he did not tell me because he did
not want me to talk about it to you and cause you probs.
He thinks it will be easier for you to get over your
problem by your own willpower alone and imagine fast
running water, but I hope I have given you support you
need, sister. I hope I have done the right thing!
I bet your shower wee is really like lots I have done
at home. It really is very nic! e to do that isn't it?
Victory wee? Hehehe maybe the girls would do that and
I bet it would be a giggle, but we have not won for a
month. Wee will have to do better! Of course we would
have to drink a bit before the match... Hehehe I bet
we would get beaten more because of all the crossed
Maybe your aim when standing to shit needs to get a bit
better. Your last try sounded messy and I see how it
can happen, I have been careful not to do that myself.
Steve says I am doing all right with my Wing Chun
stance but I need to practice a bit more, and when he
is happy he might get me started at the gym where he
Steve came to see me at work yesterday like he promised
but he made me wait for him an extra half hour with a
full bladder! I went with him into the men's room, and
he knew which urinal I wanted to use because of the
venus symbol above it, so he stood at the one on my
right. I lifted my ! short skirt at the front and pulled
my knickers to the side as I usually do while he
unzipped and got his cock out. He pointed it at his
urinal and pulled his foreskin back a little bit and
nodded at me to start. I blasted a geyser into it and
there was a bit of splashing, while he squirted a
gentler stream out of his cock. I really enjoyed it,
and I dripped and dribbled for about a minute after
Steve had finished. He did not move from where he was
standing until I had finished dripping, and I used my
left hand to squeeze his foreskin dry for him. He took
the tissue I gave him, and very gently wiped my pussy
dry for me, even putting my knickers back into place
for me. We washed our hands and we left the men's toilet
room together and my shoes clicked loud on the floor.
He said it seemed strange to hear a sound like that in
a men's room. Out in the corridor, he gave me a little
kiss and cuddle, and told me he h! ad enjoyed that. I
told him I enjoyed it too, and I hope he will be back to
visit me again at work some day soon. I really really
wanted to make love to him last night, but he only
returned home when I was already asleep, and he had to
leave again to go to work before I was awake this
We are having a little break now until Monday, but then
I will be away until about Wednesday or Thursday because
I have to go on a business trip with my boss and another
girl I work with. I will not see the toilet forum for a
week! Oh no!

Lotsa Hugs,


The Great 4th
My name is Hance. This is about my wife, Teah. Now when I married Teah, I knew what I was getting into…or did I? Oh, I'm not gonna lie. Teah is in to stuff like going to the toilet and having me watch her. She tells me that as a little girl, she would ask her folks to help her "dookie". Surely her parents thought she had some serious issues. And when I married her, her father and mother where looking at me as if saying, "Good luck with Miss Poopy-pants!" I don't regret it, though. At least this past July 4th…
We were at our summer house out in the sticks. It was our Independence Day barbecue with some friends and Teah was looking mighty fine. She had always been shaped like a squash (but I never said it to her face). As with all the fine ebony ladies at our barbecue, Teah wore this skin-tight, short sleeve spandex dress. It was shiny silver, blotched with vivid illustrations of the America flag. From the side view it looked like someone had cut a watermelon ! in 2 and had shoved the halves up the back of her dress. From the back, her ballooned buttocks reminded me (and other eager male spectators) of 2 cantaloupes bumping up and down as she walked. Teah had her toes painted: each of her big toes were red, the next 2 toes on each foot were white, the last 2 toes on each foot were blue. Her hair was combed out about shoulder length with a bang out front, and she wore leather strap sandals that mirrored her cheery red lipstick. Now that you have a clue to what my wife looks like, let me tell you how she made our Independence Day one I won't soon forget. When I was cooking the hotdogs and burgers, Teah asked if she could see me for a second. I asked my homey to watch the food and I followed Teah around behind the shed. When we got there, she turned with her swelled butt towards me, slowly rolled up her dress, and took down her underwear. Her panties were deep navy blue, speckled with crisp white stars. Then she jiggled her boo! ty and let off a bass fart. After that, she pulled up her draws and rolled down her dress and we returned to the barbecue. Then she came to me while I cooked the steaks and ribs. This time she took me into the bushes on the other side of the house. Again, she rolled up her dress, took down her panties and showed off her big, beautiful flatulent-blaring, cinnamon-toned rear end. She covered up, and we returned to the barbecue. The final time Teah asked me to see her alone, she took me into the house. We went into the walk-in cup-board in the back of the kitchen. Teah turned away from me, leaned on the wall, and bent her knees slightly. It was there that I slowly rolled up her dress and slid her panties down around her knees. She took one hand off the wall and tugged her right butt cheek; she only did this when she wanted me to be aroused. And so I was; I pressed my hands to the soft undersides of her thick cheeks and spread them open. Then, Teah started to bear down! and her sweat-glistened anus slowly dilated about 2 ½ to push forth the chunky, compacted tip of a nice, dark brown, possibly 12 inch healthy one. By the way Teah's legs wobbled, I could tell she was holding her breath to keep the jam-packed stool surfaced, without breaking it off. The poop smelled like Teah's breath when rotten meat would be suck between her teeth for days, and I'd have to tell her to floss. It also remained me of the rancid chucks of dark, month-old earwax that I would removed from Teah's ears with a straightened bobby pin. Then, her stretched ringlet anus sucked the turb back into her rectum. I pulled up her star-spangled panties and pulled down her shiny spandex dress. Again, we returned to the barbecue. Teah sat to my right on the bench at the picnic table. While every one else chattered, Teah tortured me with bowel-related comments, whispering to me about all the things she had eaten to get all bound up.
She told me that she had eaten 10 hom! emade dinner rolls with lots of butter, that she had taken iron pills to make her stools harder an darker, and that she had eaten half a pan of Macaroni and cheese earlier in the week; she hadn't had a bowel movement for days. And she would randomly whisper to me about how badly she had to go poop. But, Teah held it all in as she ate to her heart's content. After everybody went home, Teah locked up the house, did the dishes and put the food away. I set the water for my bath and went downstairs to find Teah. She was on the sofa, talking on phone. Her belly was bulging in the spandex dress; she was pregnant with her poop. She was laughing hard at one point and started farting again, then she gasped and gave me that "I gotta take a dump" look. She told whoever it was 'bye' and said, "I'm gonna need something to read." I fled upstairs and jumped into my bubble bath. The toilet was old-fashioned and the tank was up high on the wall, and it sat across from the tub so that ! the back was shamelessly exposed. Just before I could close my eyes and soak, Teah rushed into the bathroom with a few BLACK HAIR magazines in one hand and a huge JC PENNY catalogue in the other. She knew I was watching from the bath, so she slowly rolled up her dress until it was semi-over her puffed up gut, and took down those fart-tanned blue, white star panties until the underwear dropped to the soft carpet. She broke major wind as she began to squat over the toilet, legs dilated, booty aiming for the seat. She removed her red sandals and made fists with her painted toes while she read her magazines. That rancid rotten meat/earwax scent lit up the entire bathroom while she sat there, breaking wind and flipping pages. After about an hour, I heard a pressing sound; it sounded like plastic wrap being balled up. Then I looked at my wife. Teah was moaning, raised on her painted toes, arms between her knees, hands on the seat in front of her. The plastic wrap sound came ! again; she moaned and wiggled her big butt hard. When nothing happened she sat back on the seat and flipped through the catalogue. Another hour passed and I got out of the tub. Teah was still on the toilet. She looked up at me as I dried off. When I put on briefs on, she said to me, "It's stuck inside me." Her painted toes knotted when she gave another eye-tightening effort. "UUUUUUHHHHHH!!!" she groaned, and then said, "I can't push my dookie out." She did the same pose as before and I checked her. The huge dark, almost 3 inch wide loaf was sure enough jammed. The more she pushed on it, the larger it seemed to become as it passed. Then she moaned and sucked it back in. Teah sat down again. I told Teah, "I'll get some newspaper." I returned with newspaper and spread it on the carpet floor. Teah put the toilet seat down, crouched like a dog would, and held on to the plush toilet seat cover. I guess the position terribly induced her urge to go, because she moaned! like we were making love. I watched with my own eyes as that huge dark, lumpy elephant turd worked its way out of her puckered, enlarged anus, until it slowed to a firm hang. Teah was puffing, panting, bearing down like she was giving birth (and we don't have kids!). She held her breath, pushed and pushed: when the loaf touched the paper, I got out my tape measure from the cabinet below the sink and measured from her butt to the paper: 8 inches. The width of the stool: a whopping 3 and ¼ inches. I pitied her poor anus; it was pushed all the way out now and the burdensome turd still wasn't out. Teah made a final effort and went, "UUUUUHHHHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHUUUUHHH!" I watched the remainder of that bumpy, massive thing slide out of her broadened gorge and on to the paper. After she flushed the 12 inch turd, I prepared another bubble bath, for us, and we listened the fireworks going off outside, down by the river, where her fetid child entered out.

Hi, PV.

I've finally found time to post something this week, and firstly I'd like to thank you for your excellent paragraph on how Western society needs to change before it can move past the traditional toilet taboos. I won't rant again now, but I think on this subject we are very much on the same wavelength.

Be sure to tell us how you get on if you do succeed in having an outdoor dump. It will be a fascinating read, I'm sure, and if you do decide to hold it for a long time, I wish you the best of luck. Personally I have no problem holding in a turd for several hours if need be, provided it is not the loose variety or is quite simply too large. I think Louise is similar to me in that respect, though her
turds do tend to be larger than mine. Consequently her ability to remain comfortable while holding a turd is not quite equal to mine.

Yes, the female coach parties were very entertaining. Clearly the open and unabashed manner in which a number of ! women dashed from the coaches and furiously washed the pavements was a simple combination of loosened social inhibitions due to their alcohol consumption and sheer need.

For the first time this year I saw Louise's netball team play a match on Saturday. It was interesting to see them all heading behind the bushes before the game. Clearly I was not about to follow them and intrude without an expressed invitation, but watching from from my spectator's position, I could see the breeze part the bushes slightly. It was possible to make out several of the girls squatting with their knickers down and skirts up, but there was no visible detail. I'm very glad about that in fact, as I hope her team does not become notorious for habitually urinating in public. I very much hope that they can safely continue to
enjoy their harmless fun and remain undisturbed.
Quite amusing was the range of expressions on the faces of the opposing team. I think they were rather amazed by it ! all. I don't think they knew quite what to make of it.
Though I cannot claim to have much knowledge of netball, I must say it is quite interesting from a male point of view when there are two teams of very fit, attractive women running around on the court. I have met Louise's team mates on previous occasions, and they are all lovely women. Very friendly and outgoing. I must say I did not know the extent of the goings on in the shower room after the matches! After what Louise revealed about certain team-mates, it will be
difficult for me to see them in quite the same way as before! Oh yes, I agree, a round of applause for Louise's now 37 year-old team mate! ;>

All this talk of installing urinals in the home is going to be giving Louise ideas for home improvements. It isn't a bad idea in fact.

I have done more work with the lady who used the gents' cubicles with me, though there has been no repetition of that incident. It was pretty clear she wanted ! some 'fun' at the time, but since that day she mentioned it once in a jokey kind of way, not in any sexual context at all. There have been no red faces or shame. Louise was very interested in what happened, and wondered if anything further would happen. I think nothing will. I'm sure it was just a one-off piece of silliness. Louise did not feel threatened by my account of the woman's behaviour. She was more curious than anything else.

I paid Louise a visit at her workplace yesterday, and together we enjoyed the men's toilet facilities. I expect she has already written to describe what happened, but it was a quite remarkable experience. By the time I arrived to meet her, she was very much at the 'crossed legs' stage of desperation. I had expected her to have a full bladder by then, so I deliberately turned up half an hour late just to help her, as I knew it would be easier for her to start the flow if she was very full. It seems almost superfluous to even mention t! hat I stood at the urinal next to the one she considers 'hers'. The real highlight of the day was the way she stood in her heeled shoes, smart skirt hitched to show those delicious golden legs. The forceful burst of urine from her pussy was a real spectacle, and she thoroughly flushed the urinal for approaching a full minute before the flow rate reduced significantly, continuing for perhaps another thirty seconds to a minute. Louise took great delight in wringing the last drops from the tip of my penis (I finished much earlier, relatively speaking), and I insisted on drying her pussy with the kleenex she had brought in with her. Ha, what someone would have seen if they had walked in on us. Ha ha. She seems to be revelling in using the gents', and that's fine with me as long as she stays safe. Please make sure you take care too, hmmm? ;-)

Louise and I have decided to finish the working week two days early and enjoy an extended weekend away. Following that, she is aw! ay until Thursday (I think) on some work related business. It could be another week before either of us in any position to post again.

Until then (and after then of course!), enjoy your weeing, PV!

Bye for now,


Shafted. I appreciate your difficulty with your girlfriend in that she doesn't allow you reciprocal bathroom hospitality. It can't be very fair if you allow her to watch you. However, you must understand that using the bathroom is a very personal and, for many people, private matter. You can only go in and watch your girlfriend with her consent - and that consent must be unambiguous. Mutual consent is essential in all relationships. For the time being I think you'll just have to accept that you can't go with her, even if that's what you want. Painful, I know, but I think that's how it's got to be. She may change her mind one day. In the meantime you'll just have to be content with using your imagination. The important thing is that you make sure she understands that you love her unconditionally.

Unless fate brings us together somehow, I'm unlikely ever to meet Anne the bus driver, and will most likely not get to share her dumps at first sight. That doesn't s! top me enjoying the detail in her postings and using my imagination. It shouldn't stop you either.

TO NO NAME GRRL-Cool story og your male buddy dumping in the woods-Yea.i dumped on all fours a few times.i dig a deep hole and undress and get on all fours and sit back over the hole and shit like a dog-It's feels good.I like to squat or sit on a log and unload-i seem to shit the most when i squat over a hole-i don't know why
TO JOE & MILISSA-I meant to tell you guys this before-You are from Valley stream,LI-I'm practically around the corner from you guys( wantagh-seaford area)We should hook up and poo together in the preserve-i go in there almost daily to poop-You guys have some great stories,i enjoy them.That must have been cool dumping with your 2 freinds at camp.It would be cool to meet some a.m.when we all got to poop and find a spot and dump together-there are plenty of spots to go at the preserve-it would be interesting and fun!Hello neighbor! BYE

I work at a BRAND NEW Home Depot, just opened last thursday. The 2 urinals in the mens room are so visable from outside it is unbelievable !! If a man stands too far from the urinal, his penis is clearly visable from the water fountain outside. This is an outrage. You go into a restroom, with false security of privacy, and everybody can watch you pee., and know the size of your genitals, Everybody is talking about this, including the femle employees, who think it is funny. I am disgusted. BTW in fairness, the stalls are concealed, so why not the urinals too?

I loved your story!
I am starting to get really relax about farting infront of my co-worker, and I think she kinda likes It, because she makes funny little jokes after I do it. And she tells me when she has to poop or fart kinda like a warning form her. I get a warning everyday! Her farts and poop really stink but I love the smell I wish I could see one of her turds!

Great stories! would love to her some more poop stories!


Shafted, as you will know from old posts, I have absolutely no problem with letting my husband, even when he was only my boyfriend, accompany me to the toilet to watch when I have a motion, and I likewise go in with him. There are plenty of other women who post here who feel similarly. I must say however that, at the end of the day, its your girlfriend's choice. She obviously knows your feelings, I would imagine she is well aware of your listening to her doing a poo from the wrong side of the toilet door , but its her choice whether to let you in to watch. Perhaps you could come to a compromise, she could let you listen outside, then leave the toilet unflushed so you could see her jobbies. WHy not ask her? I dont know who owns the food and the consequent stools produced. Perhaps Moira could give a legal opinion though I dont see anyone going to Court to sue for possession of a turd or damages if someone pulls the flush thus depriving them of seeing it??? Yes, I can see your p! oint that, having taken her out for a meal, and having enjoyed eating it, it is a bit unsporting of her not to let you see her pass it out and what it ends up as. Indeed, one of the enjoyments my husband and I have after going out for a meal is when I do a motion a day or two afterwards we both like seeing what it looks and smells like and if there is anything that has passed through undigested. Sweetcorn is a favourite for this and if I have eaten this with a meal it is amusing to see the yellow nodules embedded in the big fat brown jobbie that comes out of me. I have also seen the occasional button mushroom and once a piece of string from a rolled pork joint. As this had stuck at the pointed end of my jobbie it looked like a huge brown candle! Anyway, I hope you girlfriend comes round, but as I say, like any intimate activity between two people its all down to mutual consent.

Ginger, please give the descriptions, I usually say what colour and type of panties, jeans,! skirt etc I was wearing when I have done a big poo.

Hiker, Im glad you like my postings. Yes Sloggi Briefs are very comfortable and I know many men, not in any way effeminate types, who wear them for their comfort. They come in Maxi which are full cut briefs, the type I usually wear, Tanga, which are cut higher in the leg openings, Ti, and Thong and in light control which have extra elasticated panels in the front and are great for sports. Sloggis come in white, cream, skin colour, pink, pale blue, and black. As well as these there are also Playtex Cherish and Pretty Poly Nix both of which are similar being made of an elastaine (spandex) and cotton mix. I recommend these panties to men and women alike.

Buck (Ill), I agree that many people have no idea of anatomy. The know that food and drink go in their mouths and urine and excrement comes out but have very little idea what happens in between. Indeed, I remember two lads when I was at school who were amazed! when told that a woman's breasts produced milk after she had given birth to feed the baby as they thought all kids were bottle fed and the tits as they called them were purely for sexual purposes. As for people peeing in the shower I do it all the time, it would be stupid to get out of the shower dripping wet to sit on the toilet pan. As you say, urine in a healthy person is sterile when passed and the large amount of water the shower produces, (I spend at least 5 minutes under a shower, usually nearly 10), dilutes it and washes it all down the drain. The answer is simple, dont ask and dont tell!

i'm 15 and i live in st.louis missouri,well anyway yesterday i had the most embarrasing thing happen.i was getting to go out with my friends and was walking from a neighbors house .i had to pee bad.well i started running home and i tripped and i felt something warm between my legs.i looked and it was nnot on my pants.i got up and started to run and i saw a small wet spot appear. i ran and ran but i kept wetting my pants and the legs of my jeans even were soaked i got home and my friends pulledup but i quickly ran inside and changed and went out the next day my momquestions me about wetting my pants cause she found them it was so humiliating .match that story!!

New Bathouse on Pompano Beach, FL city beach open 3 ft. down from roof & partition between men's & womans has a gap.
This supposedly for odor control. The audio is fantastic!!!!
If you are in area check it out.

Hi everyone!
I'm new here. I'm a 16 year old guy from Australia.
Ginger I liked your story about squatting in the woods. Hey could all those girls out there write some more about camping and peeing and that sort of stuff. It's really interesting.
My girlfriend and I somtimes go for walks up into the bush up behind my place and so I get to see her go quite oftern as there isn't much cover up there and she doesn't mind me watching.
Could some girls please post about going behind bushes and peeing & shitting outdoors.

Joe K
Kristy. I think you should ask your dad, or your brother openly about doorless toilets in the men´s. As a guy, I can´t answer you the question cause I have never experienced (or someone I know) toilets wiht doorless stalls.

Wednesday, July 05, 2000

No Name Girl:

I saw your post about movie scenes with peeing or pooping. I just watched a movie over the weekend with the funniest pooping scene I have ever seen. The movie was "American Pie", a high school ages flick. Anyway, this one guy pissed off another by spreading lies about him, so the guy got some revenge by putting a prescription laxative in his food or drink or something. The guy who drank it never used the bathroom at school. Early in the movie he talked about his 19 minute round trip because he had to go back home to poop. But this time he was not going to make it. As he was running down the hall clenching his butt muscles, the guy who gave hime the laxative directed him to the bath room - the girls room! He goes in to it and it is empty and heads into a stall. He hesitates but a nasty, bubbly fart escapes. He starts putting TP all over the seat, and is farting like crazy the whole time. Finally he sits down and a bunch of girls come in, just b! efore he lets loose. He tries to hold it but after cutting some nasty farts, he explodes into the toilet. The girls become competely disgusted and run out. When he comes out - 1/2 the school is waiting fo him in the hall for a good laugh!

Very funny movie.


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