Kristy - I have no idea why guys' stalls in a place such as a store or restaurant would not have doors. I've never heard guys say that. But I do know that the guys bathrooms in our school (high school, that is, but I just graduated this year (yay!), so it's not really my school anymore) used to have doors until a couple years ago, but they were removed because some stupid guys would rip them off the hinges or do something else stupid, and every time they were replaced, they would just be ripped out again. Sometimes I can't stand how stupid people can be!

Well, now that I've said that, let me tell about something that happened just a couple weeks ago (actually, my last major accident) while I was on vacation with my friends for senior week. Instead of going down to the shore like everyone else does, we decided to go up to a cabin in the woods that one of our friends' family has. There were both guys and girls with us (Melissa from my last posting was there, too). ! We had hiked up to the top of a hill to a clearing that was pretty big and gave a nice view of a valley below. We were probably several miles from our cabin.

We'd been drinking a lot of water because it was really hot that day and we wanted to keep ourselves hydrated. So of course by the time we got to the clearing I had to pee really bad, even though I had peed right before we had left. I held it because I didn't want to annouce it to everyone, but when we sat down to our picnic that we were having, I was squirming pretty bad, and one of the guys asked me, "Ginger, do you have to pee?" I said, "Yeah, pretty badly." He said, "Just go into the woods there and go. We'll stay here." Now, surprising to note is that up to then I had never peed in the great outdoors (except by accident, of course!) So I was a little disgusted by the idea, but everyone agreed that with my bladder and the distance to the cabin, it would be best for me to go out there.

So I! went into the trees, pulled my light blue jeans shorts and cream colored silk panties down (sorry, I had to give those descriptions!) just barely below my ass, squatted very carefully, and let go. I'll tell you, it felt really good to be washing the underbrush with my pee! There was a lot of splattering and my ass got pretty wet, but nothing showed when I put my shorts back on. I didn't wipe, either, because I wasn't about to put a leaf to my pussy (that, and most of what's in northern Pennsylvania woods are evergreen trees, and needles are not very comfortable). So my panties were kind of wet. As I was squatting, however, I had felt the need to poop (squatting makes you have to shit more), but I was in no way going to poop out there, so I just held it.

I went back to the others, and they made fun of me a little, but nothing more than harmless teasing. And my desire to poop went away. That is, until we started walking back down the hill after having eaten. Th! en I really had to poop, and all that water was really pushing it out. I held it in through most of the hike down, but I was really straining my ass muscles. When we got about ten minutes away from the cabin, a little bit of poop starting pushing its way out, but nothing visible and I held it. But then my boyfriend came up to me and started caressing my ass (he does this in public quite a bit and isn't shy about it at all) as we were walking, and this made my shit come out bit by bit. Finally I knew I had to do something, or a huge lump would have formed. I told him please stop caressing me because I had to pee again and I might pee myself (I wouldn't dare have said that I was in the process of shitting myself!). He made a joke or something but fortunately he stopped.

But by the time we got in sight of the cabin, I felt back and detected an obvious lump. I walked behind everyone so they wouldn't see, but I knew that because most everyone had to go to the bath! room, if I didn't get there then, I would have completely and obviously shit myself. So I ran forward to the cabin, with one had holding my pussy (to pretend like I had to pee) and ond hand on my ass (to cover the lump) and ran into the bathroom. Running made the shit come out full force, and by the time I got into the cabin I had pretty much completely shit in my panties. I went into the bathroom and took off my shorts and panties to see what I had done. The shit was fairly firm, but it did stain pretty badly. I cleaned up as best as I could and put my stained panties back on. I went out and let the others use the bathroom and then took a shower to clean up better and change my clothes.

Fortunately that was the only accident I had during senior week (and it didn't even involve my bladder, which is the weird thing). For those of you who like to read about poop instead of pee, there's a story for you. But like a said, I only have a few.

Hi, my name is Lauren and I am new to this forum. I am 15 years old and live in Scotland. I am a very "regular" person and I often go every single day. Is this normal for a girl my age?
Anyway, here is a true story about what happened to me last year. I was in class in school in the middle of a lesson when my stomach started to feel sore. Suddenly, I felt pressure on my asshole. It was inredibly sore and I really needed to go badly. I crossed my legs but that didn't help. I was almost crying becuase it was so sore. I asked the teacher if I could use the bathroom, and luckily, he let me go. When I got there, I sat down and let out a long, loud fart. After the fart I fell better, then I did some long, brown shits. The toilet bowl was almost blocked, and it took a few flushes to clear them all away! The smell was really strong and horrible, but I felt a lot better! When I got back to class, one of the boys made a remark about the smell but I didn't care because I felt really! relieved.

I look forward to hearing your remarks and comments and I look forward to posting here again in the future!

TO KRISTY; I had a very very similar situation at a family picnic, I was waiting for my husband, and my brother-in-law to finish up in the restroom, and it was the same situation as yours was, guys were in and out, and the doors were propped open, and you could see four or five doorless stalls from outside. I saw† my husband and his brother both wiping themselves, and other men sitting there also. I think its kinda weird for men to sit with their penis's sticking out for everybody to view. Do some stalls have doors? I imagine office buildings would have more privacy than park restrooms or department store restrooms. But like you Kristy, I would like to know more of what its like to poop with an audience.

No Name Grrl
Hi people!!

I have a few poo stories plus a few pee ones too!! I will say the poo ones first and then pee.

Yall should remember me talking about my guy friend who I saw poop a few times right?? Well yesterday I saw him poop again!
We were far away from both of our houses because we were in some park and he was rollerblading. I dont know how to rollerblade so I obviously didnt rollerblade! We were there for about 20 minutes and then
"Oh my gosh" he stopped and made a weird face "I really have to go to the bathroom. Pronto!"
"But we are away from any bathroom there is!" I said to him
"Hey" he said "This IS a free country. So I guess I will have to go in the woods"
"Here? But this is a public park! People might stare or call the police! Its stupid but they could arrest you you know!"
"Cops shmops" he said "If they had no where to go...Im sure they would do this too" I didnt say anything back and followed him when he rollerbladed in the ! path and then into the grass. Then he sat on the grass and took off his rollerblades. I helped him since he had to go so bad. Then he left his skates there and went into the bushes. I was looking around to see if anyone was coming. Nope. When he found somewhere to go...he swiftly unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down to his ankles squatting while he did it. As soon as he squatted this long peice of poop came out of his swiftly. It came out fast for a big poop but then its probably because it was kind of skinny. He grunted and another one came out slower.
"I want to do something really weird" he said to me. And then he took off his pants all the way and threw them to me. Then he got down on all fours and crawled in the grass with the poop still coming out of him. It looked weird! Then he spread his legs apart and and squatted like a dog would with his butt half way in the air. He had to put his butt MY way didnt he so I could see his butt clearly. It was open so wide a! nd this poop was just hanging there and then his butthole kind of closed and a piece of poop fell. I guess he pinched it off for some reason. Then he grunted harder to get the rest of the poop out. He did a few more little ones and then he was done. Did anyone else ever see someone do this??

The other poop story happened in a mall. Me and my sister were there and I had to pee. She waited for me when I went in there. Then a few minutes later..the bathroom door opened and I heard someone swearing under their breath[I was the only one in there besides the person]. Then the door on the right of me slammed shut but didnt lock. Then I heard pants being pulled down and then the butt sit on the seat. Right after that a really loud fart echoed in the bathroom. Then I heard really loud grunting and crackling and then a loud plop and a sigh. I came out of my stall because I wanted to be away from the person for some reason. Then the persons stall was half way open and I could s! ee it was a MAN! Why is he is a GIRLS bathroom? He was probably in his mid 30s. He looked at me like he was scared or something and pulled his pants up as far as they could go and then there was another loud plopping sound. "The guys bathroom was full and I really had to go!" he said I said okay and left.

The peeing stories now!

My friends[a girl] sister who was only 4 was playing in her room and we were in the living room watching TV. Cameron[the little girl]came out of the room holding herself. Valerie[my friend]got up and took her hand and tried to bring her to the bathroom. Cameron screamed and pulled her hand away from Valerie. Valerie was saying that Cameron didnt like going to the bathroom in the toilet so she rolled her eyes and took Cameron to her room. Cameron pulled her own pants down and then got one of her stuffed animals that was already stained yellow from all that peeing already and then sat on it with her bare butt. Then she was smiling the w! hole time she peed on it. Then she stood up a bit and stayed like that for about 3 minutes. I guess she had to poop too because after she got up..there was a big peice of poop on the dolls head and she was being lectured by Valerie about it! She called her doll "Mr Peepee" because she always peed on it. This was the first time she pooped on it. BTW Mr Peepee is a stuffed animal cat for those who care to know. So I guess this would be a poop AND pee story!

The other pee[ONLY]story is weirder than the first. My friend Katie has a car and me and Valerie, another friend named Lucie and another one named Kara were all in the car and we were giggling and stuff. Kara wanted to dare one of us something that would be embarassing. All of us chickened out except for Lucie. Kara told Lucie...when she had to pee....she had to roll down her car window all the way and stick her butt out as far as she could and pee that way! She said we would do it in another street which not many ca! rs would go. After refusing to do it for about ten minutes she said she would. Katie took us to 7-11 where we would buy loads of pop that would make her go faster. worked!! After the first can of pop was gone...she had to pee...BADLY! She was feeling kind of nervous of course but she still did it. Katie took us to the empty road and then Lucie rolled down her window all the way and pulled down her pants and underwear and slowly stuck her butt out the window closing her eyes tight and she was smiling and was beat red from being so embarassed. But then as sooon as she was about to go...she turned back to her normal color and smiled because she was letting everythng flow out of her now so she was relieved. We could hear the pee hitting the side of the car!! Even if the car was still moving. I wonder what people behind us would of said when they saw a butt sticking out of the window?? Then she came all the way back in the car and did up her pants and was laughing sooooo ! hard! We all were. She said she was never going to do that again!!


Ok, everyone:

I would appreciate your feedback, about my "little-dilemma". I have been with my girlfriend, for about two-years. I am 21, and she is 18. We live-together. The problem, is that she refuses to let me watch her, whenever she takes a sh**. I allow her to watch me, if she wants-to, but she doesn't want-to. She just goes into the "throne-room" with her John Grisham, Dean Koontz, or Stephen King book, and just locks herself in there, until she is finished "doing the deed." Oh, of course, I listen outside the door, and I like to watch her feet, from underneath the door. I mean, how many people here, especially the guys, feel that I am entitled to watch her "perform"? She even likes to rub it in. i.e. the other-night,we were kissing on the bed, and stopped and got up, so that she could go and take a dump, as usual, book in hand. But before she went in, she announces to me "I'll be right-back, baby, I just need to go and sh** out the dinner ! that you bought for me, two nights-ago." With that, she dashed-in, shut the door, and I immediately heard her "go at it". My question is, if I was the one who paid for the load that she was dropping, at that very-minute, am I not at least entitled to watch her crap out the dinner that I paid-for? I mean, from the minute that I bought her that food, and it entered her digestive-tract, until the time that it made its exit, I feel that I owned-it. It was fried-chicken from Popeyes, if anyone cares to know what it was. I would appreciate your feedback. Happy July 4th.



I am nicely surprised at the fact of having found so many posts about healthy outdoor shittings: this is what I like most (opposed to diarrhoea and vomiting, that make me think about illness and body pains,and all that). KATEís story was astonishing, and it was pretty much like some things I had seen in the nude beaches, but Kate did her thing with much more people around.
To BUZZY: I think that the reason for you not having the luck of having seen people shitting in the nude beach is simple: Chile is a very conservative (at least in appearance) country, where nudism is not allowed by law (though it is not forbidden expressly anyway), so the nude beaches are very few as well as we the nudists.The few places where one can go around naked are really secluded, away from everything and, as the police can arrest you if they catch you naked, the nudists are very reserved about disclosing the location of the beaches. So that, nude beaches can be deserted, or with very few p! eople most of the time, making possible to crap naked without hassle. The openness of mind of your country seems to play against you this time. Just minutes ago, I received an email from 4 girls who want to know where is the nude beach I talked about in another site:itís kinda having the treasure map.
To NICOLA: I enjoyed your description of you pooing behind a wall; I had been figuring how did you looked with your jeans and Sloggi panties down (by the way, I like that make of panties: theyíre practical, trace the shape of womenís bodies in a remarkable way and I personally find them very sexy). And, effectively, the US National parks require to take the excrements with the rest of the litter from the campsites, instead of burying them. I was climbing in a National Park in California 3 years ago, and when they knew that I was about to spend 8 days there, they explained me this. They told me, as well, that if I was intending to do cliffhanging in a stone wall that takes ab! out 3 days to climb, I had to carry a plastic bag and to shit inside it WHILE HANGING from the ropes. This is reasonable, as all the climbers use the same route of climb (determined by the safety, quality of the rock, equipment, etc.) and shitting right into the emptyness below ends up with the rocks completely covered in shit or, if luck goes bad for someone, with another mountaineer splattered with dungs (thatís the reason why we use a helmet for climbing...ha,ha,ha!!!). What is unsanitary, is to carry the bags with shit back to the ranger office after a week of going around not cliffhanging but simply hiking or camping. I spotted, thru my telephoto lens, a guy peeing into his bottle and a long-haired blonde girl pissing (or maybe shitting, I never knew) inside her bag. They were at about 170 and 250 meters above the ground then.
When we are in long expeditions in high mountains, it is very common to have to shit and pee in bags or bottles inside the tents. Threís a saf! ety reason for this: if you go outside by night, you can slide in the ice and die who-else-knows hundreds of meters below, and at any time (day or night) if thereís a very low temperature, exposing any flesh to the cold will end up with that part of the body frozen and then necrosed. Depending on temperature and wind, this can take between 2 minutes to 6 seconds, so it makes sense to do anything inside the tent, donít you? Newbie women in mountaineering do not like this at the beginning, but if they want to go to really high peaks (I mean, 6500+meters/19000+feet), they have to get used to this.
Ah! I enjoyed a lot my flight on a Piper Saratoga over the snowcapped mountains facing Santiago last sunday. I was co-piloting.
Keep posting, Nicola friend: I like your stories really.

My cousin and Elena are back!!! I'm so happy to see them. so to celibrate two stories for you. One yesterday I went with my cousin to his friends house. His friend has a neice named Kimberly. We were playing at she vanished (she's 7) I went to lok for her and I walke dinto the bathroom just in time to see her pulling her pampies down. I said oh I'm sorry.. I was looking for you.(the door had shut behind me) She sat and said she came to use the restroom and she sat down. I heard her pee as we talked and she kicked her feet. Then she let out a huge burst of gas and be both laughed. Then she wrinkled her face showing her teeth and went nnnnnnnnng softly. I could hear the crackling and popping as it came out then there was a big splash and she went ahhhhhhhhhhhh.(Kind exaggerated so it was funny and she even dropped her shoulders)She looked at me and said I hate poohing. I said yeah.. don't we all.. but isn't the feeling after it comes out great? She laughed and said yeah as I han! ded her some paper.
Someone said something about a group of girls writing about girls using the potty. Well to tell why why.. I can only get to see girl poop easily. It's not like guys say hey Linda you're a cute innocent girl.. wanna see me poop and pee? The only guy I see every now and again is my cousin.. so that's why. Now to my pan JW.. get ready.
Okay so stays in the hospital can be boring but at least you get free food and TV. Well I know it had been a while since I pooped.. and well i got a old feeling down there BIG TIME. I called to my cousin I needed the bed pan. He pulled down my pampies and sat my tushie on that COLD metal thing.. but I didn't hate it much cause it saved me more time then I could rememeber. So I sat there and did my pee. Which is hard when your tushie is freezing.. then it came I tried to be nice and said poop come out please.. well it didn't.. so well I didn't have much choice. The bed had bar pipes on the sides and I remembered my pal J! W saying when he was little he would hold on to them and poop hard poops.. so i did. My cousin had the curtain around my bed and he stepped out to make sure no one entered and watched and to give me a bit of privacy. I grabbed the pipes and pulled on them griipping them tight as this spikey sharp poop slide out. I had to stop lots of times to catch my breath.. and after a while I felt dizzy. then my tushie finally closed and it came out.. and I peed a bit more. Whew. I told my cousin I was done. he came in and he freaked what he was in the pan. He said it looked like a long brown pineapple.. and I saw it and it was long and dry. He had to throw it away in the thrash cause we knew it would never go down. he explained to the nurse and after seeing it.. she agreed. She smiled and told me.. my so much from such a tiny little girl and went to throw it out. My tushie ached for a long time after that. Sorry I didn't write much details but I don't remember much of it. Must have been f! rom the lack of air my brain was getting from all that pushing. next time.. a better story with lots of details K? (I was so glad to be out of that hospital and onto my potty at home where I could break it with no worries. hee hee. Smoochies JW
P.S. A nurse wondered one time why the pipe rails of my bed were a bit warped.. should I have told them? Hee hee Also i wnat to thank everyone.. cause those who have read my stoies since I first came on.. i could never poop in a public restroom or with someone wathcing me unless it was my cousin. but hearing others stories and sharing my stories with others.. I have finally over come it. Thanks everyone.

Joe and Melissa (NY)
We want to wish everybody a happy Independence Day. We both have a story we want to share that happened to us on Sunday.

On Saturday night I got a mobile home and hooked it to my Excursion. Then we drove all the way to upstate New York to a camping ground. Then as we got parked, We went to bed. Then we both woke up and started to watch TV.

Then we were both watching the WB 11 and I started to get these bad stomach cramps. I said Melissa; can you grab the shovel for me? She said why? I said I must go to the bathroom. She said ok. Then she got me the shovel and followed me out the door.

I said why are you following me. She said she had to go to. I found a nice spot. Then I dug a real big hole. I pulled my shorts down and squatted. She did the same. As we were crapping away, I heard someone say, ď Hi Joe and Melissa! How are you two!Ē He said, We were pretty scared. For one minute we were like statues and were not moving. I turned ar! ound and saw it was our friends John and his girlfriend Kelly.

I said what the FóK are you thinking you shithead. Donít you do that again our Iíll run you over with SUV.

I said how did you know it was us? He said I could tell by the height of Melissa and her very long brown hair.

I just heard a fart and I didnít know he was also taking a carp with his girlfriend there too. He was there squatting with his jeans down to his ankles and pissing like hell. I asked him are you okay? He said Iím fine. Wow! Kelly and Melissa were doing very huge poops. Both are exceeding 13in in length. All Iíve done is 1 6in piece of crap so far.

Then I felt another piece slide out and go in the hole. I asked Kelly if she normally does huge poops. She said: Yeah. My poops are no smaller than 9in. Then Melissa said farting a lot, said my poops are really huge to.

Now I felt like I was done some I wiped my ass threw the paper in the hole and st! ood up. Kelly said thatís all you can do Joe? I said yeah. Before I could get another word out of my mouth Melissa said to Kelly, Boy his poops are so tiny. He never gets constipated. Kelly went OOOOOOH! AHH! As a huge piece fell on the ground.

Then I went to check on their production. Wow! They Really must have had to go bad. Joe had an L shaped piece of shit in excess of 14in! Kelly had 5 12in poops. Wow! That couple knows how to shit I said to Melissa.

Joe and Melissa

Then I had a good look at Melissaís production. She had 9 or 10 ten-inch logs I said What did you eat!? She looked up and smiled at me and did another one and another one 12 in all. She said finished and gave me another smile. I asked her if I could wipe her. She said yeah. I took some tp with us. I took of a piece and went way inside her hole making sure to clean it properly. She went Uh. As I wiped her. Then I took another piece and wiped the outer part of her as! s.

Then I threw the paper in the hole. Then covered the hole with dirt and asked John and Kelly if they are done. They said yeah. They both wiped. I said arenít you going to put that stuff in a hole I asked. They said no.

So we talked a little more and we walked back to our mobile home.
Then Melissa and I were watching tapes I recorded of All in the Family.

Next week, we are going to Six Flags. We should have some stories to share at that time.

Joe and Melissa.

To JacobG and the PoopMeister: thanks for your stories; finally, some stuff about guys pooping to even this site up.
At my middle school, it was the same story. The boys' locker room had a room with a sink, two urinals and a toilet with no door, just a partition seperating it from the rest of the room. You couldn't see who was on the toilet unless you made a point of going over there in the corner. I remember only a few times did any boy actually use this toilet. One day I went in there to piss and sort out my hair after PE, and there were two boys sitting on the floor, laughing and joking and encouraging an unseen third boy who was obviously on the toilet. The smell in there was very stong, so he'd obviously already done his shit. I pissed, then spent a long time at the mirror, obviously enjoying being in there with them. After some more laughter, the boys all got quiet, then the two boys on the floor went "uunngghh" in an exaggerated way, because they'd obviously seen th! e boy on the toilet really strain and were encouraging him. I stayed in there as long as I could, but one of the boys looked up and said to me, "you can go now, he's finished", and I took that as my cue to go. They must have sensed that I was enjoying being in there with them! I was 14 and they were a year or two younger, I remember. I was scared that they knew I enjoyed it, and also really turned on. I remember my knees kinda shaking the rest of that day, I was so overwhelmed by it. Even though I'd seen my friend Paul shit (see my old posts), this was a new experience and it was three boys I didn't even know. Luckily I went to a big school and didn't see these boys again.

Buck (IL)
Sorry to rattle you, as I did not mean all women. It is just that in reading the old posts here and a couple of other web sites, it seems that there are still a number of women out there who are unfamiliar with their own parts.
I dare say that years ago, when I was in college, I knew one girl who thought that her vaginal secretions originated in her urinary tract. I never bothered to ask her where she thought her period began inside of her, but I think that I may have had better knowledge of her physical orientation than she had. My point is, Moira, that maybe this type of forum will help women like you educate women like her.
In the States, many people get upset if someone pees in the shower. On the old Seinfeld show, one episode has George getting thrown out of the club he belongs to for peeing in the shower room. Personally, I don't understand it as the water makes many of us need to go, and urine is normally sterile. Aside from that, you! r ball team must be a sight to see, what with women weeing in all different positions.
No criticism. Just be cautious. No sense getting in trouble over it, as that will spoil your fun. Maybe when you get older your focus will change.
Now, has anyone addressed our old Boy Scout ritual of putting out the campfires together at night by forming a circle, unzipping together and
hosing it down? There always seemed to be one guy who would overshoot the fire and spray some other guy on the leg or the shoes. In all irony, I think that the guy who used to do that the most is now a firefighter in Chicago.

Hi Louise,

Hey, that's some pee-fun you get up to with the team! No, you never mentioned before, I'd have remembered! What an image you create, and yes, the, er, after-effects of fun do indeed bring a smile to the lips and a blush to the cheeks! (Consider that a round of applause!)

I'm so glad to hear that girl has no problem, and joins in. It does my heart good to see such unabashed pleasure!

I had a good wee today, I went to get showered and before I started I stood over the floor drain, aimed gently and easily emptied out into the drain. Nothing spectacular, but it was gratifying all the same.

Heck, when your team scores its next win, why not suggest you have a victory wee in the showers? Form a circle and open fire! That would be amazing!

Your 36-year old friend weed into a floor drain before beginning her shower, so I'm curious about the geyser you mention doing when you were bursting after a match. Did you have your wee before! starting the shower spray, or with the spray on to sort-of 'cover the action?' And did you wee in the shower area or into a drain elsewhere? Pardon my curiosity!

On your park poos, you sound like you have around the same degree of cover that the bushes at thenude beach here offer. They are a collection of salt bushes at the mouth of a gulley, and a prson is visible from north or south on the shore, if anyone is high on the beach. You really have piqued my interest in doing this, and I look forward with beating heart to giving it a whirl! I'll practice standing poos a bit more too, that's a technique that has its place. I did it again recently, but my poo was quite soft and fell at the front of the bowl, where it stuck and smelled pretty strong. And with the softness I again felt I was not clear until I sat and tried again.

Good for you -- start slow and learn properly. A perfectionist can be a good teacher, so you have a chance to take advantage of his exper! ience and his interest in coaching you to best results. Do us proud, sister!

Thongs forever!

Hugs, write again soon,


Tuesday, July 04, 2000

John (VT)
Well It's 8:00am Sat. Morning, (I am waring a white T shirt with no panties nor bra). I am half asleep when you ring the door bell. My roomate answer the door and lets you in, she tells you to come on back to my room, just then I remebered that that you were coming over to take me to breakfast. I jumped up with a roaring FART and tried to make my way to the bathroom for my moring shit, then you walk in and say na-ah your on punishment. I get a sad look on my face, and began to put on clothes (thigh high black shorts, red see thourgh top with a red bra, and red sandles). While on our way to the resturant I said nothing to you. not from my mouth anyways. I let a very stinky, I need to shit FART. and you getting high off my ass gas.We get into the resturant. and we are seated. The waitress come overs and ask us what we will like to order. I let out this explosive Fart. You start laughing, The waitress said the bathroom is in the back hon. I say I can't I'm on punish! ment. She givees me a strang look and looks over at you. She is in a state of confusion, and you tell her I can't shit she looks at us even more strager than before. She says yall ready to order you say sure am I'll go to the all you can eat. By this time a started getting cramps You say you really look like you need to go. I say sure do And you say wait to you get into your house. I told myself I will wait alright. By this time every body in the resturant new I had to shit! You finally got through eating ( I could not eat because I was in pain), and I could'nt FART because If I did any more farts they would be solid. We left the resturant and got into your car and as soon as I sat down I had a massive dunk all over the passenger side of your car.


alright here's a story before the beach incident.Me and my friends Matt,Jeff,Patricia,Mitch,and Jenny(nick).We were riding on the road.The boys were in front with Mitch driving and us girls in back.We were just driving the jeep for a little cruise when a little fart was heard.(this was before i met michael)Who let that one out?said Mitch.THen another one escaped from me.The jeep started to stink up. Then Natt spoke up saying it's time for a sniff test.The sound obviously came from the back so it's one of you girls.
He kept a nice distance as he sniffed Jenny's butt area.Not her.He moved to Patricia and sniffed her butt area.Not there.Then he came to me.He started to sniff me and right there i let out a giant fart right on his nose.EWWWWW KATE!!!!That's horrible.He backed away quickly holding his nose as the jeep got a little stinky.I then let lose with another fart.That does stink Kate!!!!said Matt.Don't stink my jeep up Kate.I felt cramps in my stomach and BOOM!!!! *FART*! FARRT* *FAAAAAAAAART*.The girls moved to one side so they did'nt have to be right in my stinky mist giggling.I turned around my ass facing the front and let lose a series of farts right on the boys.Man Kate geez I ain't smelling that again said Matt.When i fart it really smells.It put my butt up to Matt's face and let loose tons of massive gases right on his face.Mitch was like the joker of the group.He made a few more jokes at the smell.My butt was still facing the front as I let out tons and tons of farts.Man it's gonna take alot to get this smell out now.I felt more cramps in my stomach and out came a bunch of farts which were easy to smell with the fact.I had on these high brown short shorts which came all the way up to the point where my thighs and butt meet.I felt much more big cramps now and elt out tons of farts again and they all got a wif.Everyone was holding their noses now because the smell got so bad it was overwhelming.I got a strange cramp and told Jeff to stop! the jeep fast.Why?Just do it I yelled as gas escaped my crack.He pulled to the side.I jumped out squatted and pulled down my shorts and i had no underwear on which was occasional.My friends looked in shock especially the boys.This was sweet revenge.My ass was turned towards them as a stream of piss came out of my pussy.Then my anus opened up and nice logs started pushing there way out.My little hole was exposed to my friends as they watch me take one of the worst dumps cause i had not been in awhile.The boys drooled as my asshole let out poop.I felt a nice and hard one make it's way out very slowly and it was so thick so it caused my hole pain as it opened.unnnnnnnnn oh unnnnnnnnnnn ahhhhhhh hhhhh oh oh unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn *FART* *FART* *FART* unnnnnn
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh oh oh oh oh UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. WOW KATE!!!I heard Mitch yell.Sweeeeeeeet said Jeff.The huge
piece of poop made it's way out my bulging hole which the boys had their eyes on.I pushed ! VERY HARD!!!I knew big farts were escaping as it slowly came out.OH OH AH OH UNNNNNNNNN *THUD*.Finally it left my anus and fell to the ground.The others ahd a perfect view of the crap coming out my ass cause i was squatting ass towards this way and any poop they saw any movement from my ass they saw.I was pooing
right in front of my friends even the boys.My cheacks were still open exposing my hole to them as i took a nice deep breath a much quicker but longer turds came out my ass.I moaned a little as they came out my hole flopping to the ground with a bang and letting out a horrid stench.The boys were still staring at my butt and my crack and watched as my bumhole opened back and forwarth pushing out big and long pieces of poop.unnnnnnnnnnn oh *fart fart farrrrrrrrrt*
*thududddddthudthud*The poop came out fast but were so long and some were hard and came out fast so i gave a little squeal when that happened.I felt another movement and one LONG,HARD,AND BIG TURD CAME O! UT.Unnnnnnnnnn oh ahhhhhhhhhhh come on oooooooooooooooooooooh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh unnnnnnnnnn unnnnnnnnnn oh oh oh unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn *THUUUUUUUUD* *FAAAAAAAART*After that piece came out.My greenish/brownish regulars started coming out of my ass.It was explosive.I felt the nasty shit shoot out my ass once again with disgusting noises and farts.The pile was huge now.Then my mushy poop started to pour out now.The girls had started to talk not paying attention but the boys were still staring at bumhole opening letting out some mushy poop.The boys mouths were dropped by now.I felt a big one coming so i stood up and it came downward out my ass and it was so long it touched the ground and it was'nt even fully out yet.Whoa....Kate said Jeff.I did'nt want to break it so i stood there for awhile.Then it broke on its on.Leaving the other part in my exposed pink hole.Then the cracked part startied coming.UNNNNNNNN OH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UH UHHHHHHHHHHHH *thud* *FAAAAART*A roun! d of farts came out my ass with plenty of mushy poop.Them finnally the mushiness stopped and fairly sized bumpy ones came out and fell to the ground stretching my hole which gave the boys even more of a show and finally i let loose a few turd balls.I thought i was done then a big one caught me by surprise.It was VERY HARD but it came out fast and it put my ass in a little shock.I looked down under me a little bit of piss came out and i i looked down at my poop letting my gas out which was very loud.While i was pooping not only did my friends see but a few passing cars.I pulled up my shorts assuming we had no toilet paper.The others ran toward the logs i let out.There was a feq 9 and 10 inchers.A few 14 inchers.Even a 17 incher was there with alot of stinky mush and bumpy wet poop.My poop really made a stinky smell which spread through the jeep already since they were so close.I enjoyed that and how your ass opened letting ojut those massive shits said Mitch.I liked that cute a! sshole of yours.The girls swapped and decided to drive.Me too said Matt.I teased and said you mean THIS!!!I took down my shorts once again which still exposed my hole from the straining.They saw my dirty ass and laughed but started gagging from the smell they were breathing.Let me get that said Matt.He got toilet paper from under the carseat!!!!We left it there from our road trip once i guess.He took a roll and wiped around my buttcheaks first.Then he rubbed inside my crack a little took out the paper and showed the boys.The back to the jeep was down so i could get more room to put my ass in front of them.He made the big dig and wiped around my asshole.He poked inside the hole getting nice chunks of poop out!!!???He continued todig around in my anus.I was squealing and moaning a little from this.I made a few large and loud stinky farts from this.He stretched my ass with the papered hand to look in and i was a little embarrassed cause that was the perfect view of my ass and and! what lies beyond the crack.He observed around my
ass for poop while the others just watched.He then saw some dirtiness and then dug in there and finally brought out the toilet paper from my gassy ass.He threw the disgusting paper
to the ground and my hole was still stretched as i was sitting there letting farts come out for a few minutes which really excited the boys.They joked around and actually poked my swolling hole and made me giggle and squeal and then stopped when i began to let out very poop filled farts.I slowly pulled up my shorts and finally covered my asshole.Still farting.We continued to drive but the boys finally got to see a girl shit and it was me.It was embarrassing at first but it does'nt bother me anymore.
Besides i got my revenge anyway.Leave your e-mail adress and I'll show you.

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