Note to Buzzy - I completely agree with you about validity of stories, I have had a few incidents happen to me but it seems some other members of the forum have loads of great incidents! I think it's just a case of who you know, where you are, and a little bit of luck!

Anyway, to continue the glastonbury story...

I saw the other girl swap places with Katy and stand in front of the toilet. I saw her push her chin against her chest as she undid her jeans, and then she slid them and white panties to her knees. She sat down and then peed for about a minute or so before shuffling on the toilet seat. "God Katy, it stinks here..." she said, and I could tell by the tension in her voice that she was straining. Suddenly there was this almighty splatting sound as a load of liquid shit hit the bottom of the cesspit. "Ugh, Emma, that's disgusting!" said Katy. "Sorry," laughed Emma, as another wave of poo splatted down. She farted, and then said "Can I borrow your ! loo roll?". Katy handed it to her, and she wiped her ass with it twice before standing up. She pulled up her jeans and said "Do you want to have another go?". Katy nodded, and so they swapped places again. Katy pulled her jeans down and sat on the seat. She let out a long grunt, and then breathed out through her nostrils. She strained again and sighed. She sat there for a minute or so before looking up at Emma and saying "Nope, it's no good, I'll just have to try later." She stood up, pulled her jeans up, and left the cubicle.

I have a few more stories which I will post later.

do any males have any desperation storys that ended up with them wetting themselves? I would really like to here them...
Goldgirl - keep the stories coming, they're great!

Your peeing stories are very interesting. Do you have any about pooping in strange places? I'd love to hear.

Our family went shopping last weekend for vacation clothes, we are going to Europe next week :-) We went to the mall after eating a nice lunch. We stopped in J. C Penney, because it is the cheapest place for Dockers LOL, we all decided it was time to make a bathroom stop, so me and my mom went to the ladies restroom, and my brother and my dad went to the mens restroom. I just had to pee, so i was finished real fast, and I left my mother , as she had to poo. I waited outside the restrooms, and as I stood there, I saw the doors to the mens restroom swing open, and I really wasn't looking, but I saw my dad, my brother, and another guy, all sitting on the toilets. I felt so embarrased for them. I know that they must have been very embarassed to make a poo without doors on the stalls. Why don't mens restrooms have doors? Well, everybody came out, eventually, and we all went on our way, I n never said anything to my brother, or my dad, or my mom.....But I really ! want to know. Why don't they put doors on? Isn't it embarrasing? Should I ask my brother, or my dad? Or will this embarras them even more? ADVICE PLEASE......

Hello everybody!
There is so much to read here today. If I have missed
anybody out who has written to me please tell me!

GOLDGIRL - Hi!!! Yeah, I can bet that writing "Bridget"
in the sand would be very hard. Yeah, maybe you should
start with just "GOLD". Please tell how you do it and if
you thought it was fun! My boyfriend Steve thinks it was
sexy to watch me writing my name the way I turned my hips,
so maybe if f you find you are good at pee-writing, you
could use it to turn on your future boyfriends too!

KATHRYN H - I liked your pub toilet story. It makes me
remember times I've had that are a bit like that. I think
most girls prefer to wipe if there is something to wipe
with but if there is an emergency outdoors then of course
we can not wipe, so we do not worry too much. When I have
been out at night with my boyfriend, I will wipe if I use
the ladies' toilet, but if I have to wee outside in an
al! ley on the way home then I do not mind too much about not
having paper. I always forget to take a bit of paper in
my bag!

BUCK (IL) - Hi guy. Thanks very much for your lovely letter.
Yeah, Steve is a wonderful guy. He has to be to be able to
handle me! He supports me but does not suffocate me, and I
think that is the way it should be. I know I have done
some wild things recently, and I am glad Steve is okay with
all of that and we laugh together a hell of a lot. There is
one rule I would never ever break with Steve, and that is not
to misbehave and embarrass him in front of his friends.
On the other hand he is fair game in front of my mum. Hehehe.
The standing pee thing is *very* useful. I have been able
to stand with Steve at the water's edge at the beach and just
pull aside my bikini, have a nice wee and I do not think
anybody has noticed with him hiding me from the side esp if
we are quite a way off from o! ther people.

PV - Hi girl!! Yeah, you are right about there not being a
lot of cover where I go in the park. There are some bushes
and I can see passing traffic through a gap but I do not
think the traffic can see me. It is near a path, and that
is why I have been discovered a couple of times now. Yeah,
it is adventurous. I sure felt adventurous when that young
boy saw the wee squirting out of me, I know that!
I know how you mean about holding your bum cheeks apart
when doing a standing dump. I have done it that way myself
but I too can need to bend over to feel sure I have emptied
myself properly.
I have nothing to compare him to but oh yes I think Steve is
very good with his drill. Hehe.
Yeah, thongs just feel sexier don't they? Easier to pull to
the side as well when I am having a wee outdoors.
You know I think I would be right at home in that football
team. It would be real fun to stand in a circle li! ke that
in the shower room and all let rip. The girl who did not
have a wee with us the first time I think just did not need
to do it so she just waited for us. She has had a wee with
us since then more than 3 times so I know she is not shy
about it. It is just that not all the girls want to wee
before the match, so it may be that one or two girls do not.
She sure found it funny and giggled when we all went to have
a squat behind the bushes. Yeah, we do use communal showers
after the matches. In there I have told two girls how to piss
standing. Our youngest girl is 16 and when she started to play
with us she already knew she could stand, so that was good.
I was a bit surprised when I saw her standing there in the
shower soaping her breasts and just started weeing a good
gusher onto the floor. It does not happen very much because of
the pre-match weeing, but I think all the girls have weed in the
showers at some ti! me. Have I not talked about the showers before?
If I have not then I should have done. I know I have said more
about what we do before the matches and not the weeing after.
The two oldest players are 37 and I have seen them bend over and
do it, but the others seem all right with their standing wees
but they can dribble, a bit running down their legs. One girl
prefers to face the wall when she does it but the rest of us do
face the front. In the showers we can just stand without having
to aim. I think a lot of guys would have accidents in their pants
if they saw what goes on, being all girls together. There was one
time in May 99 when I had been drinking *lots* of water on a hot day,
and in the showers after the match I quickly stripped naked and
went in. I was bursting and I had only just avoided an accident at
the end of the match. In the shower I let rip with one of my huge
geyser wees. "Shit, you really needed that, Lo! u" someone said
while I was going. I think that was the time when our 36 year old
team mate disappeared for 5 minutes after the match and then she
came back very breathless, happy looking and not wearing her
knickers. She stripped off the rest of her clothes and then before
was about to step into the shower she had a semi-squatting wee over
a drain in front. When her wee stream went gooey we could all see what
she had just been up to out there with her new man!!! We all cheered,
clapped and she went really red-faced but she laughed it off okay!
Please Mr Moderator, please do not be too upset by what I have just
talked about, but it sometimes happens to me too if I wee very soon
*after* and I bet it may give a laugh to the other ladies who
write here.
PV - Yeah, I know what you are saying about the 'Women's Club'
and the unisex bathroom. It would be nice, but like Steve says,
the public need to grow up first. Sad isn't! it?
Steve has been teaching me the basic stance for his style, and
he says he will not let me go any further until he is happy
that I am doing it well enough. You may have guessed he is a bit
of a perfectionist, and he says it is extremely important, so
I have to listen to him.

Lotsa Hugs,


Buck - well, if i do outgrow my peeing adventures, which i doubt it will be anytime soon, then that just means i'll have to really enjoy them while i can! and boy, do i ever!

min and i weren't alone in the house this time, so i'm afraid we didn't do any poop games this weekend. sorry, Chris and Brown Girl. i hope next week will be better.

see ya,

Anne (the bus driver). Thanks again for another absolutely super post. You're right - I think we have got to know each other well. Like you I've always enjoyed the satisfaction of passing a good motion and knowing that it was something I'd produced. To answer your question, I rarely used to go to poo at school. When I did I always flushed the toilet after me. From an early age I got into a routine of going to poo at certain times of day at home, such as early morning or bedtime.

I appreciate your kind words about the IBS. Thankfully, nowadays I only suffer from it occasionally and I've learnt to avoid certain foods such ass cooked tomatoes which I know from experience can act as a trigger. I don't overuse Imodium, but I always take a dose if I've had the runs and need to go out somewhere. Also I always take a dose if I'm going on a long journey or going to be out all day.

Look forward to seeing more of your postings about the jobbies you do. I bet t! he jobbies you leave in bus station toilet are much bigger than those of your colleagues - even if they do leave them on display.


Buck (IL) Im a bit surprised by your posting as like many women I am well aware that urine comes out of the bladder, down the short urethra in the female but exits into the vulva below the clitoris and above the vaginal opening. Unfortunately anatomy and physiology is not taught in many schools and the terms vulva and vagina tend to have become interchangable . There are other terms for a woman's external sexual organs , c**t being the most vulgar, then pussy, twat, prat, minge, slot, quim, snatch, beaver, and in Britain fanny, (In the USA this means butt or ass I assume), Yanks, DONT tell a British woman she has a cute little fanny unless you have been very intimate with her! Anyway, the urine does come out between the vulval lips (that's why they are commonly called "piss flaps" and will make these wet, thus most clean hygenic women will dry this area after doing a wee wee or the gusset (crotch) of their panties will become wet and smelly. Obviously a woman's normal secreti! ons will dampen the gusset, thats why its usually a double layer of cotton. For corpologist's interest another factor that will cause a persistant stain on the gusset of a woman's panties is if her period comes on suddenly and she gets menstrual blood staining. This is more obvious of course on white or light coloured panties. Unless you take them off staright away and put them in a bucket of COLD water NOT hot, with some salt dissolved in it the stain will persist. Usually if it has dried and is then washed in a machine the stain will fix. Its strange as, unlike other blood, that of the menstrual flow doesnt clot but the staining doesnt wash out easily. Again the good old Biological soap powders did a better job of removing such stains than the more modern ecologically correct non bio powders.

PV, I dont want to start the piss shy - paruresis - argument going again but for men its dead simple, just use a cubicle,(stall) bolt the ddor and either stand or sit to pee ! as you prefer. No need for hypnosis, counselling, sedatives etc. I havent actually met any women who have this problem given that we use a cubicle to pee anyway, but for any who have this problem its a little more difficult. If you really find anyone hearing the sounds of you peeing or for that matter doing a motion then put a few sheets of toilet paper on the surface of the water and this will deaden the sounds. I would never do this myself as I consider it unsporting and I am quite delighted if someone hears the tinkles of my wee wees and the Kur-sploomp! of my jobbies falling into the pan.

John VT. When I was 16 I was a patrol leader in the Girl Guides. We went camping during the school summer holiday (vacation). Now the Scouts and Guides did own a campsite outside Glasgow but the toilets there were foul. Many of the girls used to go off into the woods to do the toilet and I was one of those. On one day after lunch we had what where called "spare time activities" ! when one could go for a walk in the woods, make and mend kit, even make use of the outdoor swimming pool or go off into the nearby small village. Myself, Mary, Cathy, and Gillian decided to go for a walk and look for various examples of flora and fauna as an exercise for one of our badges. We also had another item on our agenda as although none of us was coy or prudish we didnt like the dirty smelly toilets. Once we were a fair distance into the woods we found a suitable area. Myself and Mary needed a motion and hitched our navy blue skirts up and pulled down our white knickers, squatted and started to pee, then did our big jobbies. We were both quite ???? and each produced a big fat 12 incher as I recall, (its nearly 30 years ago now). Cathy was a bit constipated and despite our encouraging her to try hard she only passed a fat lump the size of a tennis ball. Gillan originally said she only needed a wee wee but perhaps from seeing the rest of us doing a poo, she then said, "! OH! I can feel a jobbie coming down!" and she then passed a curved 8 inch turd (she was a petite slim girl not a big lassie like the rest of us). We had finished and were pulling our skirts back down when a couple of boys came past. It was obvious what we had been doing and they looked at the big jobbies and smiled as they went past on their bikes. For the rest of our week camping we had our lunchtime communal dumping session. Hiker, we did notice the turds had dried out and shrunk in size and that beetles and flies had of course eaten them as is nature's way.

By the way Nicola, I can also confirm that when a big solid jobbie comes down into your back passage it will make you dribble slightly in your knicks. Has any other woman had this happen and for that matter has any bloke ever dribbled his underpants when he has been holding a big turd in?

About five years ago, I went to a remote lake with 3 friends to do some water-skiing. Well, the night before, we all got together for a BBQ and I ate a LOT of food. The next day I had been skiing for quite a while and was relaxing in the boat. We were all enjoying the suns rays when I had a sudden urge to poop. I told my buddies that I felt a big turd coming on, so they suggested that I jump out of the boat into the lake and shit. Well, I did and a huge turd came out after very little effort. It immediately floated to the top. Somewhere from the time it left my anus until the time it reached the lake surface, It grazed my shoulder blade and left a brown streak. We all had a good laugh and moved the boat to another nearby location. As soon as we did that, another water skier went thru where I had just done my poop.

TO HIKER-Why can't i be this lucky?I sometimes go to the nude beach ther,but ther is no way to pee or poop outdoors there-too many people around!Great story!Keep us informed on what happens next!
TO KATE-WOW!!-Sounds like a good dump you did in the hole at the beach,Was the hole totally full after you went?I wish i was one of the guys on the beach for that one!
TO ROD-Did you poo in front of your friend after he dumped in the woods?I too like to to go to bathrooms like you described at the county fair.Nothing like hearing all that shitting and farting esp when you are sitting on the bowl emptying your bowels along with everyone else.That to me is a real turn on!
TO JANE- Enjoyed your outhouse poo story-wish i was in the next hole beside you pooing along with you.Sounds like you go alot.We should go together at the same time !!would be fun!Good story! BYE

JacobG (Florida)
Okay, this is a guy pooping story, so if you're looking for female pooping/peeing, please skip this one. I have two stories. They aren't the best, but they are completely true and all I have to offer for now.

Last Monday, my roommate had a wisdom tooth extracted. The dentist put him on a strong antibiotic, which could cause diarrhea, and a strong pain medication, which could cause constipation. I was wondering which of these two side effects he would experience. As it turned out, it was the latter. On Wednesday, I was working on my computer when he mentioned he had not gone since Sunday and was going to try to go. I heard him go into the bathroom down the hall, pull down his pants, and sit down. After a few seconds, I heard a loud, long vocal grunt, then another, and another, followed by a small fart. Then, I heard the sound of him pulling up his pants. He walked into the room and said he could not go. I invited him to go jogging with me because that may h! elp, but he was not interested. I went jogging through wooded trails in a nearby park. This park is popular with bicyclist, joggers, and walkers. Until I started reading this forum, I never thought much about people pooping in the woods. Now, whenever I go to the park. I look for this. However, all I saw were a bunch of trees. Buzzy, I can relate to what you said about these things never happening to you. They never happen to me either. Anyway, back to my story. By Friday morning, my roommate still had not gone and was miserable. That morning, I was running late. I went out to the den so I could sit down to put on my shoes. As I walked past my roommate's bathroom, I saw him sitting on the toilet, but with the door wide open. He was nude, with the exception of boxer shorts around his feet. I asked if he had gone, but he said not yet. As I sat in a chair putting on my shoes, I could clearly see him sitting there, leaning forward slightly. All of a sudden, he wou! ld close his eyes and I would see every muscle in his body tighten. I saw his neck and face turn red. Then, he would let out a loud sigh, take a deep breath, and tighten up again. I wanted to wait around to see what happened, but I was really running late and had to get to work to update a website by a certain time. That evening, he told me he finally went shortly after I left for work. Too bad I missed the big event.

My second story was sort of interesting to me. On Saturday, I met a friend for lunch at a pizza restaurant. We were really good friends in high school, but have not seen each other in a couple of years. While we were eating, he mentioned he really should not be eating pizza because he has an indigestion problem. Then, he mentioned he poops only once a week and sometimes goes two weeks without pooping. I found this hard to believe and suggested he may be exaggerating, but he swears it's true. He said that sometimes when he is trying to poop, he! grunts so loudly that his wife keeps coming to check on him. I would love to hear that.

Well, that's all for now. Where are all you other guys who used to post regularly? Please! It's your turn now.

Some of the recent stories of doorless stalls brings back a memory from jr high school a few years ago. It was an old school and the boys locker room had showers and benches and a room with a sink a mirror and a toilet bowl. Just like a bathroom in a house except there was a door frame to the room but no door. No one ever went in there except to pee but one day this kid named Rich went in and sat down on the pot. This caused several comments from the guys and it was quite amazing to see, because no one had ever done that. Even tho the coach always made everyone take a shower so we wouldn't stink in the next class so it was no big deal but still it was amazing. Then the very next day he sat in there again! He was on the basketball team and a little taller and muscular than most of us, we were all around 13 or 14 then. Several guys walked past and looked in and talked to him or made comments it was great. The 3rd day he went in again!! Many guys were laughing and one guy sa! id Tune in tomorrow, same time same smell!!! Which was pretty funny because he did do a very strong smelly poop but it wasn't noisy and he didn't really fart. But he looked like he was really grunting and one or two guys went in and combed their hair at the mirror while he was sitting there. He was probably doing big turds but there was no way to see them as he always flushed. Then the next day he didn't shit. One kid said isn't it that time of day Rich? but he didn't go in there. I guess he altered his pooping schedule or went some other time, probably got tired of all the joking. The other bathrooms at the school were just as bad, most were two stalls without doors but that was the only time I ever saw anyone pooping in the open like that and never did again at that school. But I admired his bravery and if there had been two bowls in there I wonder if someone would have dumped next to him?

Monday, July 03, 2000

Michael- great story about camp

This summer, I was camping at the nude beach when a couple who’s regular to there appeared. They are rather different one to each other: Sybilla, the woman, is a very slim, short-haired (to her shoulders) brunette who is in her early 30’s and fully tanned, while her husband is about 10 years older than her and bears a really big beer-belly. She uses to wear a thong (or a g-string) on arrival and, after she finds out who is in the beach, she eventually strips completely nude. They both know me since a couple of years, so they don’t find any trouble with being naked with me around.
One of those days, her husband had to go to the town –that’s 5 kilometers away- so she and me remained alone in the beach; we were dozing naked in the sun, when I felt the need to shit, and asked her for some toilet paper. She looked for it in her bag, but was unable to find it, and by that point I was really needing to go, so she told me to start shitting while she looked for the TP. I was so i! n need, that I simply went behind the low dune where we were tumbled and started to defecate a big log. I always note that I feel stronger urges to shit when I stay for a while under the sun (I think that this is related to the synthesis of D vitamin),and this was not the exception. I was naked, pushing out the first half of what was to be a 50-centimeter long turd (about 6 cm. thick) when Sybilla appeared with a roll of toilet paper in hand, stood there looking at me and said “Wow, you make real big turds; I had never seen such a big thing coming out of anybody,this is very bizarre, as you are so slim...” I looked at her and replied something like “Come on, don’t your husband do big turds as well?”, and she said “Nope: he makes just tiny and softer ones, nothing as healthy as yours...and he’s quite fat”. In that moment, I was done with the big turd so I did not replied immediately, and pushed out a couple of smaller pieces of shit, while she watched with a somewhat amazed ex! pression in her face...she looked sexy and funny, with that face and stark naked under the hot sun of early afternoon. She passed me the tissue and while I was wiping myself (she stayed all the time beside me) I said to her “And what about you?””What about what” she replied quite surprised. “What about your shit; do you make big turds or not?” I admit that I was just keeping the talk around the same topic, but with nothing special in mind, as I thought she might feel somewhat shocked if she saw me shitting and tried to keep the subject as “natural” as possible, but to my surprise she replied “Well, I could never do such a monster like you, but I make better things than my hubby”, while she examined the turd I had just made“Do you?” “Yeah”,she replied, “and after all this talk, I feel that I want to go to the bathroom also...” That turned me on, as I just had dreamed about seeing her shitting, but never dare to make the slightest insinuation to do it in front of me (though I h! ad seen her turds before, both between the dunes and in the cave). I said her “Come on, you’re in your own bathroom, you’re at home here...”, she grinned and leaned forward, keeping her thighs almost parallel to the sandy ground and started to push. I asked her if I could stay and make her company and she said "of course...I saw you before, don’t you?”;she let a tiny fart and then a turd of about 3 centimeters ( little more than 1 inch) in diameter started to emerge from her bum. I was not positioned to see her anus, but beside her (she was showing me her side), so I saw how the turd went out of her body and tapered off at a length of about 15 centimeters (5 inches), then she let out three more, smaller turds about the same diameter but half the length and then peed. I was squatting beside her, so I had some sight of her pubic hair as well; her turds, like mine, were light brown, but became quickly darker as the sun dried them off. Sybilla’s turds smell somewhat sweet, while ! mine had a more “acid” aroma. She started to wipe her butt and I moved behind her and said “let me give you directions for wiping”; she laughed and asked me how was she doing it before every wipe:”Ok, more to the right, more to the left, up to your crack, do not forget to make a deeper cleaning of your anus, wipe your pussy”,...etc. I noted that she was almost completely tanned, but when she spread her legs to clean more thoroughly her crack, I saw that the skin between them was still untanned. There were small “chips” of shit around her asshole that I instructed her how to wipe off ; after that, we walked to the sea and bathed and cleaned our butts in the water. We never touched, but we patted each other’s cheeks after defecating and while bathing.
Sybilla’s husband came later but we did not told him about our buddy dumping; our turds remained there in the sand and I checked them daily: mine shrank about a 30 percent, while hers kept almost all of its volume (I drink lots! of water). Next weekend, Sybilla and her husband came to the beach, and while he was playing with other people, she told me that she had talked about our dumping to a female friend who regarded it as “exciting”, and who would like to do the same with me next summer. There are some months before that, but if I can do that, be sure that I will tell you how it was.
Tomorrow I’m going to fly in a light aircraft, so I have to go to bed early. See ya!

Adrian, my favourite fellow poster. Although I dont suppose we will ever meet, (and yes I know this site is NOT a dating or contact agency) I do feel I have gotten to know you. Im only too happy to give details of my doing nice big solid jobbies for thsoe like you who enjoy reading about such matters. You ask if there is a history to my enjoying having a good motion. I suppose I have, like a lot of people here, male and female, always enjoyed the sensation of passing a large solid turd. When I was a kid of Primary (Grade) School age I can recall getting a lovely feeling and a bit of a buzz when I passed a relatively big jobbie a combination of relief, the stimulation of the physical sensation of it coming out of my back passage and of course the pride of looking at the big brown cylinder in the toilet pan and thinking "I did that!". I also echo the obseravtions of other posters who mention that kids at school used to compare their motions and would deliberately leave the toile! t unflushed so others could see and hopefully admire what they had done. Did you do this at school Adrian? The enjoyment of defecation grew as I grew older both my own motions and hearing others doing a good solid motion and seeing what they had done. Nowadays I often see the big jobbies that some of the other women drivers do in the Ladies Toilet at the bus garage and hear them perform. Most of us are quite open about such matters, the type of girl who drives a bus isnt usually the coy, demure shrinking violet type. As regards the "packing" of my stools by sitting driving a bus, you are 100% correct. I have often felt the need to do a motion come on while driving, nothing urgent, just the start of needing if you know what I mean and if I went to do it there and then I would have to sit on the pan for 5 minutes till it came down. I will therefore wait till I get to the end of the journey and do it at whatever toilet is at the terminus. Sometimes however the feeling goes away ! and I wont have a poo until later, possibly the end of my shift. I such cases the jobbie is often compacted and a bit knobbly, a big lumpy cylinder or carrot shaped turd. Perhaps the vibration from the bus engine has an effect? As to activities which free me up, riding a bicycle or a horse helps get a reluctant poo come out, not making it loose Im glad to say, but if I have ridden my bike if needing a motion then I find that it comes down and I then pass a nice big solid jobbie. Im sorry you have IBS, its a horrible affliction and conventional doctors just dont seem to be all that concerned about it. One of our male drivers has it, he was sent for the dreaded Barium Enema and of course was off for the day before as he had to take the ultra powerful Picolax (Sodium Picosulfate) to clear out his guts beforehand. One of the side effects was that after the barium enema he didnt have a motion for a couple of days them passed a big white jobbie containing the residue of the barium! followed by a big brown one. Luckily there was no more serious problem found but his Doctor just said, "youv'e got IBS, find some over the counter medicine for it" On that tack you are right that Imodium is first class, He takes one capsule every day when he gets up before breakfast and this keeps his stools solid and he does not get the sudden need to defecate that is one of the nasty effects of IBS. Other over the counter medicines which may help are Relaxyl, an anti spasmodic, and Colpermin which is peppermint oil capsules which dissolve in the large bowel and seems to sedate it. Anyway, all the best with this problem.

Tony, as an aside you mention padded cycling briefs. I have a pair of these, grey with a padded gusset which extends at the back to cover the base of the spine. They are Maddison Brand and are avilable in the UK from Bicycle shops such as Halfords. I recommend them as being very comfortable and being unisex they do either gender. I havent seen the ! staining you mention any more than any other panties I wear when riding my bike, there is usually a small amount of this as the inside of the buttocks will get sweaty and the saddle does push your panty gusset into the crack of doom.

All the best to you both and other readers, Anne.

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