(okay here'sa short slightly embarrassing tale here)I had played in a truth or dare thing with my friends,and something new called promise was added when you have to do it.I had made a promise to dig a hole at the beach when not too many people are there actually go naked to the beach dig a hole sit down and shit right there.They knew what I was capable of from the last experience in the jeep.The day came the water was calm and there were a few people left on the beach and not too many.I quickly to the shore my friends watching as i dropped my towel.A few were tanning so I was'nt that out of place.I dug a nice hole and hovered my ass over it.I saw my friends amazed i was doing this.I took a deep breath and let out the poop they had made me save up for today.My crack opened and then my hole opened letting out some nice smooth logs at first.I sensed syes were staring at me taking a big dump.I was a bit embarressed but I was used to people looking at me.I made sure the hole i du! g was DEEP before i went for my really long turds.My logs came out of my hole easily and it was a piece of cake.I saw a few guys looking at my exposed body.I was taking a dump fully nude.I looked as their eyes were inspecting every part of my body and even saw one guy bold enough to look at my pussy.I then took a long piss.Some guys continued to do what they were doing,while others continued to stare at me do my jobbie.My butt felt wierd as I espected mushy poop again.I was right.It just poured out my ass.People started looking at my way now.It would have been better if i could sit down in the hole,but i was pooping squatting over the hole.Allowing people to see my butt open and my pink hole spit out my poop.I builded up gas and began to fart some.People looked disgusted as they saw mushy poop coming out my hole.The smell started to spread.My friends were there and brought the camcorder for this.Then out came a loud LOUD fart which brought the attention of others.Then many oth! er large farts came was everyone was watching me as i farted my butt out and poop came flowing out my butthole.Then a nice hard fat log started making it's way out my tight ass.I looked underneath me which caused my ass to flash out more showing the long piece of crap coming out of me.The hole was filled so I got up went a little bit over in front of some young guys just talking and sitting.I began to dig and the huge turd was still sticking out of my ass.The boys looked up to see that.I finished the hole,and squatted over there pushing out the long turd making moaning noises,"unnnnnn oh unnnnnnnnnnnnn unnnnnnnnn oh unnnnnnn *fart* *FART* unnnnnn unnnnnn oh oh come on *plop*.Many people were looking at my ass spitting out turds now that i made all that noise. Everyone was getting a tour of the pink hole as it shoved out long logs and make farts.My anus was opening as the poop
made it's way out.The logs started to pile.Then I felt a big cramp in my stomach and knew a rush o! f poop was gonna come out.My pink hole puckered open and I could hear guys making whistles and teasing comments towards me.My ass exploded with poop.My ass turned red as the poop plopped out.I made some stinky farts and even sprayed the hole with some liquid poop as the rush came.Some guys turned around not needing to see it.I made bumpy and hard shits come out fast from my hole and moaned like crazy."unnnnn ahhhhh unnnnn oohhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh *plopopppperpppppploppppptrinkleploop*My ass had one last rush of turds as they shoved out with everyone looking and some came out a little green and my ass was making tons of disgusting noises again and bubbly farts were spreading everywhere.Then one last round of it poured out my ass liguid and mushy with nice little bumpy ones from time to time,and everyone saw it come out.They saw as my cheaks opened and my butt crack opened as my hole let it out.Then one long turd with mush came out with very loud farts and noises as my ass shook! .Then finally i was done."hey Kate!!!"
Mitch threw some toilet paper over to where i was and i picked it up.As I bended over I farted abd ibe hard poop just shot out my ass and stuck there.I thought it was a big fart as it came out with the little ones and did'nt notice it sticking out like a brown/green tail.I wiped in my ass and it snapped.I pointed my ass towards the viewers and pushed the broken piece out with force which took like 2 minutes of unnnnn snd ahhhhhhh and then finally *PLOP*.I still had my ass up to the audience farting and wiped my ass around them.They saw my little hole as i wiped and said stuff about my ass and my shtting.I started to walk away slowly and sexily waggling my behind as it let out farts.I covered up my breasts with a top but from the waist down i was still exposed.I was known as for my pink hole so more pokeing and gawking came as the boys always do if i let them.they had everything on tape.I sat out on the edge of the jeep and kneeled ov! er in a kneeling position on the back.My pink hole was exposed as we left the beach.I saw boys looking at my shit and toilet paper i left.People still stared at my tight ass.The boys got a good look at my pussy inside the jeep.We drove away.That was a major experience for me.My ass still hanged out the jeep stretched
as we drove on.I found that quuite fun.I still passed a little gas in the jeep still.This was all fun for me.

OK, Buzzy, here's an outdoors pooping story. It's not too terribly exciting, but here it is.

Some time ago, about a year after I graduated from college, I went on a hiking trip with my best friends Carrie and Sara, Carrie's brother Ben, my cousin Cory, and their friend Steve. It was a perfect day to go up to the mountains and take a hike. The plan was to start early, hike several miles to a picnic site and have lunch there, and hike back down in the afternoon.

We went on the trail and started our hike. We went through mostly flat terrain, a wide open space with the trees off in the distance. After a few miles, we entered a more woody and hilly area. At this time Sara needed to pee, so we all decided to do our business. There were a couple of outdoor toilets off to the side, so we all took turns and relieved ourselves. At this point, I only needed to pee. We were on our way once we were done, and a couple of hours later we reached our destination in t! ime for lunch.

We spent an hour at the picnic site eating our lunches and relaxing. Afterwards, we started to head back. About an hour later I started to build up an urge to poop. Shortly thereafter Steve told us he needed to poop. There wasn't a toilet around, so he went into the woods and pooped behind a tree. Carrie and I went behind another tree to relieve ourselves. Carrie squatted down and pushed down a couple of medium sized pieces. I squatted down and tinkled a bit, but I wasn't ready to push out poop. We were back on the trail, but about 30 minutes later I started to feel like pooping. The outdoor toilets that we passed by before were still far away, and I would have rather waited until we got there again, but I couldn't wait and went behind a tree and squatted down. I had to strain to push out the piece of poop, but it was a very hard piece. It came out very slowly, and I could feel it was very thick and rough. I was straining so hard I started t! o feel very hot and the blood seemed to rush to my face. Finally, after a few minutes the very large turd fell out. I immediately started to wipe myself clean, got up and saw a fat solid piece that was about eight inches long and almost an inch thick. I came back out, and we were waiting for Ben. After a few minutes Ben came out and told us, "Get a load of the humoungous pile of shit I just dropped back there!" Carrie said, "OK, must you be so disgusting?" I was almost tempted to ask Ben to take me back there and show me the pile of shit.

We were back on our way. I still had an urge to poop, but I didn't want to squat down behind a tree again. I wasn't very comfortable doing it. I wanted to wait until we stopped by those outdoor toilets that we saw on the way up. We were coming down the same way, but it seemed like we were taking forever to come down, and I was really starting to feel it. Finally, we reached the outdoor toilets again, and I made a beeline f! or them. I went in, shut the door, and sat down on the toilet seat that covered the cut out hole. I peed a bit, then started to push. Again, the poop was very hard, so I had to strain again. I was more used to sitting down. This piece was even harder to push out, so I took a few minutes as it came ever so slowly. I was pushing hard, then I stopped to catch my breath and relaxed my butt. That seemed to help, as it started to come out a little faster and finally came all the way out. I heard a faint thump a couple of seconds later, so it must be a long way down. I pushed out another long thick solid piece, and it came out a little faster but still very slowly. Afterwards, I was pushing out pieces much faster. I pushed out a series of firm solid pieces that were much softer than the first pieces. It kept coming out for several more minutes. I was very relaxed at this point. If this were a regular toilet, I'm sure I would have flushed it several times at this point. ! Finally I was done, and I didn't have to wipe too many times, since it was quite solid and relatively clean. I loved to have seen what probably was a nice big pile of solid pieces of poop, but it was too dark to see down the hole. I felt much better after that.

ROB (Canada),

In reply to your query, yes, "bashful bladder" is rather more common than most folks think, and yes, girls can suffer terribly from it too. It's a subject we looked at last year on the board, and it's what got me into enjoying peeing as much as I do, because I've been a sufferer all my life. Only by consciously being determined to overcome it have I made any progress, and obtained the very real liberty I enjoy now.

Technically, it's called "Avoidant Paruresis," and though it doesn't sound like you're a sufferer per se, you certainly paid the price. For myself, I've luckily never yet actually wet myself by having to hold, indeed wetting is almost not possible as involuntary closure is quite impossible to overcome until the anxiety-causing moment has fully gone by, and that usually means until one has privacy... It's complicated, and I wish you all the best in sorting out any problem you may have.

However, crowded, noisy restrooms are not! oriously off-putting for many an entirely normal person, so I wouldn't worry about it too much!


You request data from gals who wear thongs as to where we get skids? I wear thongs most of the time, and yes, the base of the fabric where the trinagle flows into the back strap often develops a brownish stain. But, as you say, the smell is a musky tang, not a faecal smell at all. I develop a small vertical yellowing in the front panel, and always have no matter what kind of briefs -- it's to be expected, and nothing to be concerned about or ashamed of.

I too have experienced the stuck-turd syndrome, though not since I was a kid. I had a period of terrible constipation when I was a pre-adolescent, and I remember more than once having a massive piece of poo that would not come out, just hanging there. I would take toilet paper, get hold of it through the paper and gently rock it back and forth, pulling very gently on it, to get it to move. ! It hurt rather a lot, the turds were very dry.



Hi,all some good stories here-Got up this a.m and went to the gym to work out.I went thru my routine and i'm talking to this guy about baseball down in the lockerroom after the workout and as i'm getting undressed,i feel a BM coming on,but it wasn't too strong so i continued talking to this guy and then it started to get stronger and i said"Listen,i got to do to the toilet-got to do my morning constitution"He said" Oh you too,i got to go too.i just got to put some stuff in my locker"and he went to his locker and i went to the bowl.As i was cleaning off the bowl,i hear this guy come right into the next stall and he said as i was sitting on the bowl"Nothing like a good shit after a workout"I just said" Yup" and he quickly sat down and let out a big fart and said 'AHhhhhh i hope this doesn't bother you,but i really got to go" and i heard the sound of crackling as the poo was coming out his ass and at that point,let out a tight fart of my own and said" don' mind at all-i got to do! the same" and it sounded like we were doing the same type of dumping-my poo was crackling out my ass too and then i farted again and let out some mush and this guy was really letting go and grunting and groaning as he was going.This guy was doing some load!It just kept coming out I did some more shitting and let out a few farts,but it was nothing compared to this guy!I just sat there listening to this guy shit and he finally ended it with an explosion of what sounded like he was peeing out his ass.I was wiping myself at this point and got up and said" well have a nice one"and he said"I just did" and laughed.I said" Boy i thought i did some good ones,but you are the champ today" and he laughed and said" I usually like to go here at the gym got too many kids at home and got no privacy like here.i really enjoy going here"I said" yea it's pretty cool"But i'm thinking he sounds like he enjoys going there like me.I was cool.Hope i run into the guy again when i really got to do a g! ood one-mine was Ok i guess,but not as much as i usually go-But i enjoyed listening to this guy unload-Ther's just something real cool about shitting along at the same time with others i like it a lot!Still can't seem to find anyone dumping in the woods!BYE

No Name Grrl - aw, of course i would write back to you. what you said about my posts was very sweet. keep reading!

Midwest Farm Girl - great story! i think it's so wonderful how you write about your relationship like that. don't ever let anyone make you ashamed of being a girl/girl couple, i think it's special. more stories! i like them a lot!

thank you again, Josh, you are a true friend!

Chris and Brown Girl - min is going to be here tonight, so hopefully we will poop together again. it's raining outside where we live, so we might have to do what you did, Brown Girl, and just use the basement. we have a crawl space where no one ever goes, so that would be a good place to leave our poop. it has a gravel floor, so we won't even have to clean it up, just bury it. i'll keep you guys posted!

emy is watching me type this. she said she wants to pee somewhere when i'm done posting, so we're going to use the carpet here in my room.

see ya l! ater,

Buck (IL)
One thing I have learned here reading these posts is that many people don not even know their own bodies very well. I have the impression that some women, for example, really think that urine comes out of their vagina or their clitoris. Perhaps, if no one learns anything more, here, they can learn about themselves. As a male, I know some of my limitations. I hope that the ladies can do likewise.
Back to group peeing, when I was in high school, one of our friends in Scouts (we called the older ones, here in the States, Explorers then)
had his room in the family basement. When we went on camping trips, four or five of us would often sleep over the night before in his basement. Once we all awoke in the morning, we would go to his mom's laundry sink, bring out our male members, and all go together. It was like a contest without any real prizes.
No offense, but I think that you may eventually get bored with peeing in unusual places in ! your house. Many people your age do unusual things, then sort of outgrow them.
Your stories are great. You and Steve must be in a state of continual laughter with your exploits. Steve sounds like one hell of a sport.
You and Louise must both have more guts than a lot of people out there to use the Men's room. If you walked in and stood next to me, do you think that I would be foolish enough to complain? I might wish to watch, not for the sexual thrill, but for "how does she do that?" curiousity.
I find this women standing to pee thing very interesting, and it probably is very useful. As I male, I hate to sit on strange toilets with poop and pee all over them. Why should you have to simply to please society?
Have fun and stay safe.

OIK now im going to post a story :O. Anyways, I was going to a really good friends wedding. On the way to the wedding I drank a fair sized bottle of gatorade(SP???). Anyways, I felt a little urge before everything stared but when the wedding got going, I had to to. Lucklily it was a short ceremoy (bout 45 minutes ... i was about to burst) but i was sitting all the way in the front. So, i had to wait for everyone in the back top leave before i could get to the restroom. Well after what seemed like forever, I got to the bathroom and et a powerful strea, of pee. And to this day i wonder if anyone could hear me going? O well ... Cya!

Coprologist, to take up your thread on wee wee stains on panties etc, I agree with previous posters that over the course of time the front to middle of the gusset in knickers worn by a woman or girl will take on a yellow tinge which persists after washing even if the woman dries her vulva after a wee wee as most women do. All women dribble slightly, when couging or sneezing, giggling, and of course if you have a big jobbie come down into your back passage then this can presson the balladder and cause you to dribble some urine into your panty gusset. Add to this the normal vaginal secretions for a healthy woman which will also be absorbed by the gusset. I have also noticed over the years that darker coloured knickers such as the navy blue or bottle green pairs worn for Hockey or Netball etc will fade in the same area overtime and I have some old pairs I have had since I was at school which show this effect at the front of the gusset being a lighter blue or green their than the ! rest of the panties. I havent ever had a pair get a hole in them. I am glad to say that many men these days are far more attentive to their personal hygiene and change their underpants every day and many, such as my husband, also dry the end of their penis after peeing as many others who post here seem to do. This is good as it stops that horrible pissy smell men used to have. I attribute this not only to greater awareness of grooming etc and the better availability of showers, baths etc, but the change in style of male underpants. In the 1950s and 60s in the UK these were either rather horrible white shorts with a vertical slot to take the penis out to pee or the infamous white Y Front briefs, again with a fly at the front. However, over the last 20 years or so men's underpants are now of the "slip" brief. These are identical in design to women's panties, no fly opening at the front, elasticated leg openings, a double gusset, the only real difference being that the men's var! iety dont have lace or pretty floral patterns and are in darker colours not pretty pink. My husband and I often share each others knickers, (we take the same size), with him wearing a pair of my navy blue or bottle green gym knickers or white Sloggi Briefs and my sometimes wearing a pair of his black Speedo or grey Calvin Klein briefs. The design of these unisex underpants that many men now wear, at least in the UK and Europe, means that it is easier to go into a cubicle, undo the belt and take the front of the trousers and underpants down to pee in privacy and comfort and many blokes also then use a bit of toilet paper to dry their penis. This trend, I hope, will lead to the disapperance of the smelly urinal. On that topic, if your idea of the female urinal came in then there would be lots of women with stained, pissy knickers.

Hiker, glad you like my posts. Funnily enough I did a big jobbie outside yesterday and enjoyed doing so. I had gone for a spin on my motorbi! ke, and while riding through the countryside I felt a big one come down. I turned off down a country lane and finding a convenient spot, went behind a wall, pulled down my jeans and panties, white Sloggis, and passed a nice big fat carrot shaped turd onto the grass. As usual I left it lying there for anyone else to see and for nature to dispose off. I must say I could never be bothered by the rules I believe they have in some US National Parks were you have to bag up your poo and take it with you for diposal. As long as you dont dump near a watercourse etc I dont see a problem. Human dung is biodegradable and as long as you dont have a whole load of walkers dumping in the same small area then it should't be too much for nature to dispose of. Obviously dumping in a built up area, a campsite, etc is a different matter, but out in the wilderness what's the difficulty? Animals such as coyotes, wolves, bears and others in the US wilderness dont collect their stools up in bags for d! isposal and I would imagine there is a lot more of their shit dumped in the woods than that of visiting human beings.

Hi everyone I have 2 experiences for u. The first one is that a friend of mine(male 26yo) went hiking in the woods with me. About half an hour on the trail he said he had to shit,I needed to do it also. He just dropped his pants and squatted,he said come on and go. It was awesome,I saw it coming outta his butt,2 nice long turds,he farted alot. I hope we can do it again soon. I never knew he was so open about that stuff. My second experience was earlier today. I went to county fair. I had to shitso I went to restrooms. They had 5 toilets with walls only,no doors. They were quite busy with guys of all ages.I listened to some pretty heavy grunting,farting and kerplopping. To bad this was last day,I should have goone earlier in the week. Has anyone had any of these experiences? I love to listen and see guys shit,when possible.It is noteasy thing to do in USA.

Josh~ Well, we tried! =c) Who knows, maybe the moderator will decide to be nice one day and let us exchange email addresses..

My story~
Last night I was staying the night at my best friend Chelsey's. We decided to have a pool party. Her boyfriend came, this really HOT guy I like came, and some other people that really weren't all that important. Well, Tim, chelsey's boyfriend, and Mike, my HOT guy, went to their guys to buy some beer, seeing that no one could legally buy it. I had one, chelsey had one.. the guys had, gosh, tons. It turns out, their peach snapps (sp?) hadn't settled right and they ended up getting the runs!!! There are 2 bathrooms at Chelsey's. Her's and her moms. Her mom was in her room with her boyfriend so that one was not available. It was awfully funny, but sad, to see these to poor guys squirm. Finally Tim gave up and took a bucket out behind the shed in the back yard. Mike was in the bathroom for a good 45 minutes.. NO one! dared use it that night.. Once they're stomachs settled, we all ventured off to various rooms and crashed for the night. The one beer I had did a number on my stomach as well.. just not as bad as they had it!!!

Lawn Dogs Kid
I've been at Kendal's this morning, after church. Her Mum and Dad had to call by somewhere before lunch, so I offered to walk home with her so she wouldn't have to go as well. She was pleased about that.

She had to wee when we got back, and I got to go with her which is what happens whenever we know we won't get caught.

She's so cute and feminin. I can hardly ever remember seeing her in trousers. She prefers dresses and skirts, although she does like to wear shorts sometimes. Anyway, today she had on a best dress, with a lovely summer floral print on it. It reaches down to just below her knees.

Whenever I've watched her on the toilet, there are several things she always does the same. Whenever she's wearing a longish dress like today, when she sits down, she holds it up, right above her ????, so it can't dip in the toilet water. Also, because her bum isn't that big at age 10, she perches on the edge of the toilet seat whenever she goes. Then she doe! sn't have to keep her hands on the seat to help her balance, which in turn means she can keep her skirt right up and out of the toilet !

When she reaches under her dress, she only pulls her panties down as far as is necessary to reveal her fanny so she can wee without wetting them. When she perches on the seat, her legs are apart a bit. And the cutest bit about this is that her panties rest on the edge of the seat, and are pushed upwards in the middle, because her legs point downwards a bit either side of the seat front.

Then her wee. Sometimes it hisses, sometimes it doesn't. But because she sits so close to the edge of the seat, it only ever hits porcelin, and never tinkles. When your in the room with her, you can sometimes hear it gently rolling into the water off the edge of the porcelin, but you don't hear anything if you're outside with the door shut.

Today, it was white panties and no hissing. You only know shes finished when she gathers all h! er dress in a bunch on her legs in front of her to reach for toilet roll.

Kendal on the toilet is definitely the most beautiful image I treasure in my mind.

Hi, everyone!

Moira: I vote a definitive YES; I would love to hear your
stories of camping while in the Girl Guides. Please?


To Michael AKA MG: I loved ur story how u got to watch girls go to the bathroom.

To Rob(Canada): I sometimes suffer from pee shyness, most of the time i have no trouble peeing in public. I only am "shy" when the bathroom is overly crowed and there is a line behind the urninal. I've never wetted my pants like u did at that age.

To The day I watched Andrew poo, by Kendal: Great story!!!! I loved it that u got to watch ur friend Andrew poop, How old is Andrew? Are u sure when he held his willie down that he wasn't doing something else rather than peeing? Cool story. Post some more!!

Sunday, July 02, 2000

kim & scott
hello all! this is kim & scott again with another post.this is actually scott today at the computer writing you all this.(While kim sits down and watches next to me) to D-UK-& #2-what you have said in each of your posts about men being fascinated with a pretty girl doing a huge solid motion. you are right!! I think many men are fascinated by this sort of thing and get an erection from it too!! (Even the males who are too afraid to admit to it!)I tell you D-UK & #2 If you want to see a REAL SEXY, shapely, college BLOND GIRL WITH HUGE SHAPELY TITS DO AN ENORMOUS MOTION!! YOU SHOULD WATCH MY LADY KIM., as she sits on the toilet bowl naked as can be as she crashes an enormous turd out of her quivering ass!!. (Her tits quiver excitedly too when she does this)I tell ya IT is a sight to behold!!. her turds are usually a foot long and up!! I tell you I have gotten countless hard-ons from watching her squeeze her enormous bowel movements out in front of me,and I kn! ow other men would also if kimmy let them watch(the only person besides me who saw kim go to the toilet was my friend john. and thats probably the last time also)plus # 2 I have read that you like well dressed women doing a good solid motion wearing high heels and such. my lady kim does that also.(KIm mostly likes to be nude on the toilet) BUT many times she wears spandex,bikinis,,dresses,business suits along with platform and mule sandal high heeled shoes along with other tight-fitting clothes to even further emphasis her UNBELIEVABLE BODY!!! as she crashes her logs out. I just wanted to tell you D-Uk and # 2 that i have the same interests in girls doing a huge motion like you do. AND I AM LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE ONE ALSO!! take care now! from Kim & scott

Midwest Farm Girl
Josh - that is so true what you say about goldgirl's posts, she has a right to post what she wants. and you have a very good point, i too think that people are just jealous because they simply lack her writing skills. i think she has better literary skills than anyone else on here, myself included. i'm not a bad writer, but i could never match the quality of goldgirl's stories. i wish she could publish a book. i know not a lot of people would buy it, but i know i would! and a lot of the people on this forum would too. that would be so awesome! well, my girl and i are going to go in my bed and pee on each other now. see ya later!


Hi there!
As the cold and storms beat this country, I remember how it was to be at the beach. But first to nothing, I would like to tell BUZZY that I am very thankful for your feedback. I’m feeling like an inspirer!
NICOLA: Your answer about what you feel when you’re taking shit is what I wanted to know, as I had been very curious along the years about that matter. I say this because my sister-in-law (well, not really: she’s my girlfriend’s sister), who’s a very cute and slim tawny-maned brunette, always announced me when she was about to go to the bathroom, and also what she intended to do there. I have the idea of that women do not like to talk about their bathroom activities, and mostly if they involve defecation, but this girl is different, and I know her since 12 years ago. But also, she is not so open about that when my girlfriend –her sister- is listening to her ; in that case, she just goes to the bathroom without announcing anything. Along the years it seeme! d to me that I liked to her (and I like her as well, believe me), but she’s pretty reserved and don’t speak much about that, so I think that she is trying to send me some kind of “sign” when announcing that kind of things.
I remember one time in the summer of 1992, while we were travelling in Peru and she was quite nervous, so she had not go to crap in about 5 days. We arrived to Lima from Santiago after having journeyed for 10 days on hitch-hiking (6 of them we both alone, without my GF, who joined us somewhere next to the border), and guess what was the first thing she said she wanted to do:taking shit and after that, a shower. We had been joking most of the trip about giving her a diploma if her turd was a world-class size after all that time holding it, and she told me that I had to check that. It was about one hour after she went to the shared bathroom of the hotel when she came back, and it was my turn to use it; I wanted to piss when I found one of the biggest turds! I had ever seen until then (apart from my own turds, that seem to be a class apart in size),but it was so big that I thought thatit might belong to a quite fat man who we had seen before around. It was about 1 meter (3 feet) long, and even if it was not very thick (just about 4 cm. in diameter) it was smooth, firm and perfectly rounded. It looked like a big snake, and it was somewhat disturbing. When I was back to our room, I commented her about the turd and asked her if she had not been able to defecate that time, because I had seen that monster and not hers, but she replied: “That turd was mine; think that I had not go in 6 days”. I replied that I always thought that women were not able to do such a big turd, and she said “You dont’ know how women are”. I still wonder how long would had taken to her to do such a giant motion, as I know that, for a “simple” one, she takes not less than 10 minutes sitting in the bowl. Of course, every time she had the opprotunity, she asked ! me for her diploma, but sometimes (when alone) she said me that she did not wanted the diploma yet, as she wanted to make a bigger turd than that I’m talking about Anyway, when we reached Ecuador, I paid her a rather big pizza and a jar of orange juice as a reward.
We have that closeness about shitting, but only when we are on our own, not with any other person around, so I have more things to tell and to “analyze” about our relationship.
MOIRA: Even if I am not able to give any opinion about your censored posting (I think the moderator had reasons to do so), I just want to tell you that I want to celebrate and encourage the Scottish way of not regarding “political correction”: I find political correction a kind of vice in human relationships that leads only to say things in a long and rather incomprensible way.
That’s all for tonight. Enjoy your summer having great outdoor shittings.


(one request where is the gallery for the toilet?could you post a link to the toilet gallery for me please.....p.s.I'm the one who made all the poopies with MG)ok me and my boyfriend(MG)had just finished watching a movie and i had not been(oddly)to thwe bathroom in a while and had been eating movie snacks and really had to poop,but the styles were all full.I told MG to wait for me in outside infront of the theature as I ran to the back of a closed store looking around to make sure noone was here.I pulled donw my tight pants and panties.then suqtted placing.Squatting a little placing my hands on my knees and bending over.I pissed a little first then I could feel my butt open up and i felt the poop make it's way out my ass.It felt good to let this shit in my ass finally make it's way out.I made loud fart noises as more and more shit came out slowly.Then I heard some people coming my way and i turned to see a group of girls wondering why they would even be back here but I guess t! hey were just wandering.There was a blonde like me,one with black hair,then a black girl,adn two brown-heads.The black haired one spoke up."hey look that girl is dukeing right back here hahahaha look at that pile of shit. Then the black girl spoke up"could'nt wait in line?Obviously
they had been in the theature too knowing about the line. Then the brown head said"oh gosh it smells like shit over here"duh she's crapping and she's farting like crazy too"I did'nt mind that much since they are girls.I was just there squatting and felt my asshole stretch as the poop but their
words were getting to me so i said"it would help if you would stop looking at my shitting ass and go!!"hey you don't talk to us like that girl""what are you the badgirls of this area........unnnnnnnn AHHHHH*plop* *plop* unnnnn ahhhhhh *fart*"ewww actually we are""So you just mov eit out in the public this is our hangout""NO!!!I really need to get this out""man forget this you better move!!"The girls p! icked up small pebbles at me.The pebbles first smacked into my back.I tried my best to ignore the little pebbles until one girl dunno who seemed to have great aim and it smacked right into the middle of my ass while i was still shtting and I hollered but was cut short when more logs of poop came out and farting.They continued to throw rocks at my ass seeing that it hurt like hell snickering. While I was helplessly shitting.My asshole opening and poop sliding out.I kept on farting and my poop got stinker and stinkier with my farts.The girls laughed and made fun of my shitting then cracked up at how much it stunk and walked waved their noses.Then the worst thing happened.I really felt like a whole bunch of nasty shit was about to come out my ass.The girls were right behind me and i was squatting.They looked as my ass spread and my pink asshole opened up shooting out long ugly and bumpy turds which made disgusting noises and plenty PLENTY of farts came.I was embarressed now,these! girls were watching me make some big shit as my asshole opened just spitting it out.They threw some rocks at my ass and whcih hurt and walked away because of the horrible stinky smell from all the poop and farting.
"geez that has to be one of the most nastiest shits I've seen"I heard the blonde speak but I was too occupied with my poop to say anything.UNNNNNN AH OH AHHHHHH UNNNNNN!!!!!!
(relaxed)ahhhhhh UNNNNNNN UH UH UH AHHHHH!!!Those were the many noises i made as some BIG WIDE shit came out my ass.It hurt but pleasurably.I could feel it moving out still yelling as my butthole opened and the huge lumpy poop just slid out.Finally MG(initials Michael)came behind the building worried about me."whoa you were back here pooing all this time?""yeah I have and unnnnnnn *fart* *fart* *PLOP* *PLOOOP* *FAAAARTTT*some girls saw me and joked around with me and threw rocks at my ass but they are gone now unnnnnn""are you okay""yeah your here""good hehe"Michael
rubbed my stoma! ch and pushed on it a little and shit came flowing out and he too had to face the horrid stench." Michael...hehehe.......unnnnnn UUUUUUNNNNNNNN!!!!AHHHHHHH OH AHHHHHH!!!!!!!Oh no there's a piece of shit stuck in my ass again..."I'll help"
michael gleefully came behind me and grabbed my ass once again and pulled them apart looking into my dirty ass and hole.Then he watched amazed as a turd slowly moved out my pink hole.Thats what he nicknamed it like the blackhole.The brown log pushed it's way out the hole slowly.Micheal was loving watching this as my ass was literally shaking and to tease him i shook it around a little bit in front of his face and got on my hands putting them to the ground pushing my ass up with my knees locked and out came a nasty fart.Then i had to squat and shook my ass up and down to let the poop fall then some poop pushed it out from behind and pleasurable pain came as my last turds came plopping out."wow you really had to go""my pink hole opened for ! the last time as the longest turd ever made its way out"UNNNNNN
NNNNNNNN hhhhh UNNNNNNNNNNNNN hhhhh UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.I pushed with all my ass's force to let out the poop.michael came and stretched my ass again looking at ther pink hole let out the giant turd and finally it fell." wow Kate that was about 15" long some shit there""yeah *fart* *FART* FAAAAAART*I really had to go."I have something to wipe you with napkins from my pocket from the movies.He wiped around my buttocks and stretched my ass again cleaning around inside my asshole and he threw the dirty napkin away and still with my ass stretched open he poked at my hole playfully."michael hehe oooh"I began to squeal.I pulled up my panties slowly still shaking letting him poke my hole a little more then i finally pulled my panties up letting him get his deep pokes and then his last desperate one cause me to fart some and the gas seemed to cram my stomach so for his! pleasure i pulled down my panties again and stuck my ass to fart,and tiny little noises were heard."wooh hooh Kate silent but violent"He looked as some really big farts came and my hole opened again like a shaft.Letting out the VERY STINKY gas.I decided to also piss and let out my water and told him to make sure i was fully wiped playfully so he got a extra round and poked the pink hole even more.I loved it.He dug another napkin straight IN the pink hole and wiped around inside of it and I made some very last farts."wow the pink hole seems to like shake and move when you pass the gas cool.My ass finally closed and I pulled up my panties.Then my tight pants.We both walked to the vehicle and I still could'nt hold all the gas."that stinks so much Kate"I knew it did but i could'nt help it after such a big shit.I continued to fart while we were driving and his casr really stunk up.When we reached the driveway i pulled down my pants and panties again and stretched my ass showing th! e pnik hole again then we got in the bathroom.I did a Ace Ventura impersonation with my bare ass strutting the hole. Lets just say he had fun with my pink hole ;)

Well, alls well as ends well, with Joe and Melissa now happy together with her doing her nice big jobbies. One up to the power of this webpage! Enjoy! Theresa and I do this all the time these days. I did have a laugh to myself a few days ago. I had finished some installation work and was chatting with some of the other blokes and we were talking about what we would be doing when we got home. One chap said eh was going to watch the Euro 2000 football on the TV, (I must say since England went out Ive lost interest in this), another was going down the pub to meet some mates. I just said I was going home to the wife, but I wonder what they would have thought if I had continued, and will be going into the toilet with her and watching her doing a big fat jobbie.

Anne, I loved your blow by blow, or lump by lump, description of your gettng rid of a big load when constipated. You are right that most people get the runs on holiday in hot climates but I suppose your having a "c! ast iron constitution" this didnt occur. Indeed, if it was warm as I suppose it would have been then one sweats more and thus the fluid content of the stools is diminished and you become constipated. I presume you were alone in the hosue during this performance as the sound effects would have ben fantastic and a real turn on to the like of myself. By the way, did you have a sore arsehole after passing that load?

Scott Uk , you seem to be inconsistant. On the one hand you say "give me a good firm BM any day of the week" but then say you find diarreha stories most intersting. To me that is like saying you hate eating eggs but enjoy omlettes. I make no bones about it, I detest anything whatsoever about diarrhea or mushy stools and quickly skip any stories here about this, to me, illness. I find stores about large, solid jobbies by far the more interesting. You do however blpw away the theory about Brits prefering solid poos and Yanks being more into loose ones. (Moderato! r please dont spike this post, I DONT intend to expand on a theme you disapprove of). Really, it depends on how the story is related. I agree, simply saying "I went to the toilet and did a big fat turd" isnt all that exciting but adding all the graphic details such as feeling the need to have a BM, holding it in, perhaps during a slow bus journey, getting safely to the toilet, pulling down ones underwear and sitting on the pan, the feeling off actually doing it, straining perhaps to get it to come out, the sound effects then loooking at and giving a description of the jobbie or jobbie passed,length, thickness, shape, colour, solidity, smell, did it sink or float, did it stick or flush away, where you alone or was your partner or a friend with you. Did anyone else see your poo and comment upon it. How did you feel after doing it? All these factors make for a good jobbie story. Im glad that many posters here, those who do pass good solid motions, are adept at giving such narrati! ves, as I have just said in the previous paragraph, Anne the Bus Driver gave such a graphic account that it was almost like being in the toilet with her, I could almost smell what she had done!

Ginger, both Theresa and myself have experienced the stuck turd that yout friend Leslie had. This sometimes happens when a really big hard one comes partway out but then becomes lumpy and fatter and the ring is fully expanded. When this happened to me, before I met Theresa I simply took hold of it with my hand and gently rocked it form side to side until it started to move then it plunged into the pan with a terrific KUR-SPLOOMP!. I washed my hand weel afterwards of course. When Thersa had a similar happening I gently introduced some KY jelly up her back passage and rubbed her little fat ???? and after a few minutes a huge lumpy "brick" of poo cmae out of her bum with a smilar sound followed by another hardish lump and a big easy curved sauasage (she hadn't been for few says! , it was that time of the month). I also helped her change her tampon and wiped her bum afterwards, all part of the personal service.

Coprologist, you seem to have started a thread on stained knickers. I agree with Anne and Moira on their observations. I do dry my penis aftr a peem a habit I picked up from George. I think it is cleaner and more hygenic and unlike Kathryn H I dont like the feel of a wet cock against the front of my briefs. On that subject I ride a bicycle when not going to work and for fun. To gibve a bit of padding I bought some pairs of cycling briefs to wear in place of my usual underpants. These are unisex and have a larger padded gusset and are very comfortable. I have noticed that even although I am very careful avout wiping my bum after what Kathryn calls a bigjob, I get light brown stains on the back of these pants. I can only assume it is where the saddle pushes the gusset into the crack of my bum. This has a musky odor not shitty so I feel it! must be mucus whch lubricates the rectum or secretions from the inner surface of the buttocks. I assume women and for that matter men who wear thongs, (shades of David Beckham) get more staining on the back of their underwear than those of us who prefer full briefs? Anyone any data on this?

Finally, I dont wish to criticise my old friend of many years Moira, but I think she is being a bit unkind to blondes. Sure, I dont like the Sennokot advert either, and instinctively have taken a dislike to the actress in it. (an interesting aside, would I like her and even feel sympathetic if she was advertising an anti-diarrheal medicine like Imodium?). I also wonder what Moira would have thought had they used a red-headed actress. It isnt fair to stereotype all blondes as dumb. My cousin Cecilia is blonde and has an Honours Degree in Mathematics so aint dumb. By the way she also does some lovely big jobbies.

I had business at a state prison today. I needed to dump so I used the mens room in the business office. They have "power flush" toilets. That log just kept a coming and I knew it was big so I flushed but the power flush filled almost to the rim. I left it and moved into the next stall to clean up. I walked out of there kind of proud, having clogged a power flush....figuring one of the prisoners is going to have to use the plunger on it.

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