Michael aka MG
I had an experience just like that guy...forgot his name but the experience with the duldrums that happened to me as well at camp =,well actually i was a former camper i was just welcomed as my mom worked there for awhile so i hanged with the campers.Now in each bathroom they have like this basement under with these long tubes stretching from the toilets and a huge hole is there and you can see their bums and almost full bodies.okay.The woman that swept there left the door to the girls basement open to put her broom in the storage closet.She knew all the campers were at activities but i could just hang out.I then snuck in a dark corner.The lady came back one more time sweeping and i sat there.The basement really stunk though from the smell of wasting.The barrels had been emptied though.The women then closed the door.I could still open if from the inside though.There is this one beautiful girl named Micah she i a older camper and soon will be a counselor.I knew she was'nt feeli! ng good lately so she did no activites.I hoped she would be visiting soon.Then i looked up to hear a girl come to the toilet and bring down her shorts and she had no underwear and she sat down.Her ass was just sitting there and her pussy released some piss.She calmly sat there.Then i think she moved in the wrong way and some piss got in her ass crack so she wiped her pussy then wiped around her ass.She threw the paper down and it fell into the huge barrel.then what looked like the brunette counselor named Susan came in.She sat down on the toilet and pissed for awhile.The light was great down here and my clothing was fortunately light.I watched her final piss come then she wiped around and let out a more drops and pulled her ass up and left.I waited and waited till a blonde named Jessie came in.I guess now it was the councelor's turn to have this bathroom.
i watched as she like the others boringly pissed and then I looked as her ass seemed to bulge as she let out a few fart! s
excuse me alot of farts,and then her ass opened widely ass some poop came pushing out her ass slowly and it tumbled down in the barrel.I watched as her hole opened and little logs of poop came out and plopped in the barrel.Then what i dreamed came true.Micah strolled in the bathroom quickly pulled down her short shorts and white panties and her nice bare PRETTY ASS sat on the toilet and she groaned farting as i looked at her ass stretched open and some nice logs of poop came out the whole."UNNNNNNNN eh.....UNNNNNNNNNNNNNN AHHHHHHH HHHH HHHHH HHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN*fart* *fart* UNNNNNNNN hhhh(breathing) UNNNNNNNNNNN"Micah was getting a nice long and hard piece of shit out her ass.I looked in awe as a brownish/greenish poop came out of her ass slowly and only a little piece of the poop made it's way out and got stuck right in her hole. "UNNNNNN come on UNNNNNNN AHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHRGGGGG
UNNNNNNNNNNN"It moved very slowly through her hole and! i knew it hurt.She was gasping for air at her last push which really got her nowhere.Her buttcheaks were red from the pushing.Jennifer was pushing out logs and looking at Micah" Are you okay Micah?" "not really *FART* it won't budge out my ass UNNNNNNN HRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG RGGGGGGGGGGGG AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *FART* *FART* it only hhhhh pushes out gas" "wow your in deep uuuuuuummmmmmm..."I watched as Jessie let out a long piece of shit.It came out smoothly but slowly as her asshole opened and the nice poop slid out about 9 inches and it fell in the barrel. "can you get it out Micah" "lets *fart* see UNNNNNNNNNNNN AHHHHHHHHHH HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA"I watched on drooling as a disgusting green/brownish poop bulged out a little bit but not much.It was a ugly site as her hole was open and could'nt push it out.Micah was in great pain like she was giving birth.I could smell the stench coming from her ass.Jennifer then decided to push her stomach.Now push it out Micah! you need to get this out your system."right UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN hhhhhhh UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN" "push Micah as hard as you have ever pushed" "UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTT* "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!UNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!
It's moving UNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!I could see her buttcheaks strain badly turning red as blood as she pushed.Her ass was litterally shaking and I could still see that disgusting greenish-brown poop coming out slowly.It was very nasty.It was still hard as a rock and it just shoved out more causing
Micah to scream in pain as it moved."UNNNNNN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *FART* *FART* *FART* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" "come on Micah I'm pushing now you PUSH!!!!!"UNNNNNNN AHHHHHHHH hhhhh hhhhhh AHHHHHHH UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRT* FART* *FART* FART* ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!Ughhhhhhhh UNNNNNNN!!!!It moved out half way and that was all! .Her ass was VERY red and the poop was still in her hole."ahhhhhhhh *faft* *PPPPPLLLLLLLOOOOOP*
Jessie reached for the toilet paper and wiped her ass before her second round of poop got out and went over to Micah."alright Micah this may feel wierd and hurt but it seems I'm gonna have to PUSH!!!.Jessie grabbed her soar ButtCheaks and pulled as Micah pushed with all her might giving Jessie a face full of VERY VERY stinky fart cause i could smell it from down here.UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN AHHHHHHHHHH ARRRRRRGGGGGGG HRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG hhhh hhhh ughhhhh huhhhhhhhhh.Micah pushed and the nasty looking piece of poop moved down and down through her ass. The long green/brown poop finally plopped down.Micah was'nt done and all this mushy poop just flewed out so fast in fact too fast for her ass to handle it was explosive.As poop by poop by poop came down into the barrel.It was mushy and stunk so much I wanted to run out.Jessie backed to! her seat and watched in awe as all the poop Micah held back flowed down.She too was holding her nose at the smell.As it was still that same nasty looking shit came out her asshole.
Her hole just kept buging as the poop fell out like so mushed up food or something except it flowed out her ass. "AHHHHHH ooh AHHHHHHHHHHHHH *FART* *FART* *FAAAAART* FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART* FFFFFFAAAAAAAAAART* FAAAAAAAART* *PLOP* *PLOP* PLOP* *PLOP* I saw Micah with her nice ass bouncing up and down painfully as all the poop flew out her ass. She howled in pain as the nasty stuff poured out very wet andd mushy.I could see that dark pink hole in her ass open and shut the speed of light.Which was probaly very painful to her.She continued to fart."Ummmmmmmmm ahhhhh *plop* Jessie wiped around her ass got up and bid farewell holding her nose as she left the room.I looked intently as she was wiping though.Micah had her head bowed looking under her ass to see the poop folling she then lifted her head in p! ain as more mushy and hard just rushed out that it was so much of a shock fir her.She farted repeatedly.Now I could'nt bare it as much as i liked staring at her nice ass.
The smell had really gotten to me.If smelled like 20 people had died in there,but wanting to watch Micah's business i stayed.Micah hollared still as more and more mushy stuff came.I looked over in the through the tube as best as i could to see her load.It was all green/brown and mushy with the exception of the really long one she let out.I could see her ass just pumping the poop out.She had also been farting this whole time.When it paused finally she tried to make it easy on her she sorta squatted off the seat,grabbed her own ass and stretched the dirty thing and i could see her nice hold as brown stuff poured out munched into liquid.
Then the hole opened and out came that mushy poop.While Micah was emptying another counselor Jennifer came in"OH GOD MICAH!!!She held her nose.I'm making mine a quickie ! it STINKS IN HERE!!!!You'll make the human race become exstinct.She let out a few logs."oh shut UNNNNNNNN *fart* *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRT*Micah's ass with the major shtting problem made all these strange and wierd fart noises and mushy noises as it came out and she made a face as it came out very mushy.I had been in here watching for well over a hour.Jennifer peered over looking at Micah's ass when it seemed to stop then out came many farts many many farts with strange noises and really stink smells and the poop came out once again very mushy and surpirsingly one solid log came from Micah."UNNNNNNN AHHHHHHH OH AHHHHH!!!UNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!*FFFFFFFAAAAAAARRRRRRRT* *PLOP* Jennifer's eyes seemed to bulge from the smell that was coming from Micah's ass.Jennifer wiped and watched Micah who seemed to finally to be on her last shit.Micah said"oh boy UNNNNN uh oh feels like alot is about to come.I watched.Micah squatted up not minding Jennifer watching as she like pushed up her but! t and the longest run of her mushy shit ever came."UNNNNNNNNNN OH UNNNNNNNNN AHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH UNNNNNNNNNN HRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG UNNNNNNNNNNNNNN UH UH UH UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!*FART* FAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRT* *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART* *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART* *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART* *FAAAAAAART* FART* *PLLLLLLOP* PLOP* *SMUSH* *PLOP!!!Jennifer looked liek she was gonna throw up from the smell.She looked at Micah's ass as it opened."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT*oh yeah *PLOP PLOP MUSH SMMMASH PLURP*finally the last mushiness escaped her ass and her asshole was smeared with browness as a little more mush came out of it slowly almost liquid.I looked eyes wide at all the shitting i had just saw.Women shitting just arouses me.Jennifer bid a goodbye and dashed out weary from the smell."FAAAAAAAART" FART" FART" FART" FART" Mica! h sat there for probaly almost ten minutes just farting her ass out and even then her little pooped smeared hole was shown as it bulged back and forwarth from the gas.All of her farts could have wiped out a group of skunks.Micah sat there stinking up the place even more if that is humanly possible.
Then while farting she wiped around her ass for while still breaking tons and tons of wind.I looked in her barrel and was DISGUSTED!!!!All that nasty looking mushy,deformed shit in the barrel.Micah finally wiped hard around her hole.Then all of a sudden put her bare ass back on the seat and a little more poop just came plopping out of her asshole explosively making SICK noises and farts."whoa OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *PLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOPP* *fart* FAAAAART* UNNNNNNNNNN *PLOP* She then wiped around herself again.She dug around her hole cleaning it thoroughly having to do this a while because of he mashed shit on her ass.I watched greatfully as she wiped.She then sneaked im a few mor! e bunches of farts and a mushy poop ball just feel out her ass with many fart noises.Micah wiped a little she bended a little ass in the air and pleasurably making sighing noises let out many farts out her tight ass.She then pulled up her panties and left the stinkiest place in the whole camp ground.I waited till it was clear slowly opening the door.I edged out and walked like I had seen nothing.I saw Micah walking away still smelling the stench from the bathroom and the stench escaping her ass for awhile.Then it went away but I still heard some farty noises.I looked at Micah a new way from then on looking at a new side of her ;)

Hi Louise,

Here's some thoughts on yours and Steve's last couple of postings.

I just love the way you do it in the park. I think a casual asuredness is part of it, perhaps a major part. It sounds like your chosen spot is not all that protected by bushes or whatever -- I kinda visualized a place with plenty of cover, but it seems to be fairly open and not too far off the paths. That's pretty adventurous in my book!

Re Kim's standing poop question, I'd like to let you know that I did one a few days ago! I bent just a little bit, held my cheeks open and delivered a train of modest-sized items of interest! The sound effects were quite something. I had to sit to finish off, though, I can never seem to get thoroughly empty in any other posture, the last bit tends to stick. And I sit to wipe, I tried wiping standing once too, but it feels extremely unfamiliar, is not comfortable and I'm not confident I'm properly clean. Maybe it's just a question of practic! e. Oh, and I'm sure we'd love to have Kim in our Venus club! (Welcome Kim, just aim and fire!)

Here's hoping you were thoroughly drilled... (That's all, Mr. Moderator, really!)

Thongs -- I seem to have worn them a lot lately, I can count only a few times since New Year that I've worn full-bottom panties. I just love 'em!

Yep, the team sports thing is certainly a 'great leveler.' I remember reading once of a US college football team (I think it was football) whose ritual was that after the game they would all get naked in the showers, stand in a circle and pee their brains out into the middle of the room! Sounds like fun, but I wouldn't want to be caught pee-shy in a group situation. You mentioned there's one gal who didn't wee with you all before the game last time -- does she never wee with you? Does she disagree with the act, or is she inhibited? The latter is a wicked situation to be in, and one I'm positive deserves sympathy, and gentle encourage! ment. Here's a thought -- if you use communal showers afterward, you could teach the gals the standing trick, and do like that football team. And in the fun of the learning process maybe the other lassie might 'break the ice' and join in? It's a thought.

Similarly with the girl you heard at work -- bashful bladder is an invisible but none the less traumatic condition. I hope she's able to get by it and take pleasure in something that should be very pleasurable indeed.

On male attendants in unisex bathrooms, I think the background check would be phenomenal. Anyone putting such a system in place would have a responsibility to guarantee the safety of patrons, and a single 'incident' would probably doom the social experiment for another generation. If we're talking out our Women's Club, *we* would do the checking, and it would be stringent indeed. Now I don't think there would be anything fundamentally incorrect in a man simply enjoying being present when female ! functions are occurring, nor of course the reverse. It's probably more a matter of him being discrete. Indeed I'd want a woman attendant to be discrete in going about her tasks so as not to detract from the kind of atmosphere we'd be trying to create... Am I being clear at all?

Good for you, dear! A martial art is a friend for life, and will never let you down. Go with the flow, and if it feels right, take up a style that suits you. It's a confidence builder, and with a gentle and experienced teacher you can reach heights you never expected (sounds like another activity, doesn't it? Hehehehehe!)

No more writing experiments yet...

Hm, that musta been a stubborn lump that got stuck in your rear! It's amazing how our bodies continue to surprise us in even the most common activities!

Aim high, dear, and open fire!


Hi Steve,

Yes, I think you're right, the need to go is important to being able to at some particular t! ime or place. I'm tempted to try holding deliberately for a full day before a planned outdoor dump, though when I get the urge it's pretty insistent and I may not be able to!

Thank you so much for clarifying the business of that group humor. I guess I might have read more -- or less -- into the situation than it merited, and I'm very happy to know she was enjoying herself without restraint. That's basically all that matters, that a good time was had by *all.* Thanks!

These female mass-wee sessions seem a real blast! I wonder if it's a social phenomenon from any particular culture or place or time, or is it something that has always happened and it's simply not often talked about? (I envy your experiences!)

To let it fly while sunbathing... It takes practice, I think. I went to a suburban beach at the end of last summer and tried to have a wee in the open. I had hundreds of yards of privacy, just sat with legs outstretched at the edge of my towel and ! held my bikini aside, but nothing would come. Sigh. But walking both to and from the beach I washed a urinal at a dingy little men's room on the esplanade, so I had fun all the same.

I wondered about putting in a cute urinal at home, maybe in my laundry, so I'd only ever see the loo to poo. It's a thought at least! And, yes, the idea of "invading" the men's room is a sort of reactionary statement that protests the constraints of a culture that promotes a nonsensicality without even knowing why, or *that* it does.

Good luck with the statue modifications! Hey, we can dream! Oh, and do tell us if you get to have a joint wee with Louise at her work!

Yes, I'd not thought of that aspect -- the degree to which women can be violent to each other. We tend to be locked into the image of the male abuser, but women are equally subject to, as you say, substance abuse, or whatever, and the ability to deliver a technique that settles the matter before it can begin ! is more than useful. When will the human race move on by this silly, hurtful stupidity? Oh, my dear gentleman, that wish is music to a woman's ears, as it is an appeal to universal common sense and simple humanity. The world is short on those things, very short, and we may as well ask in all seriousness when modern Western society will be ready to throw off its toilet taboos. There's just no answer.

I hope the netball team put on a first-class display for you (on the court of course ... yeah, right!)

Of course you can be a member of the Women's Club! Gentlemen may be members upon the recommendation of women who are already members, so long as that recommendation is seconded by another member. We expect your member to be in action shortly (okay, I know, I know, but I couldn't resist it!)

All my best to you both,



Actress Alicia Silverstone quoted in an article about a recent trip to the Amazon Rain Forest:

"We stayed in tents in the forest and pooped outside in the field, and I was bitten all over my butt and got diarrhea. But it was so beautiful!"

Brown Girl - thank you so much for enjoying my stories! i'm going to have to get more daring with poop one day. i would really love to hear all your stories! it's so great to hear from another girl who likes to do adventurous things like me. and you're the same age as my cousin min, 17, that's cool. we can give each other ideas for some places to leave our treasures! long live crazy adventure girls like us! i like the name, by the way! it makes us match! i really can't wait for more of your stories!

Stinger - no, i've never actually seen a bidet, only heard of them. i'd love to hear about you or someone peeing in one though!

po0h bear - glad you liked our adventure! i hope you find a bathroom like that so you can try it too!

Chris - i'll have to try more pooping fun and then i'll tell about it. don't worry, i know you'll love to hear it, so i know i'll tell a story about it for sure.

min, emy, and i were all alone in the house. it was last w! inter. by this time i had gotten min into peeing games, and emy and i had been peeing together too. so i decided that we should all try it together, something we had never done before. we were all in my room and i said to them, "well, does anyone want to pee in my room?" min was shocked, she right away shouted, "bridget! are you nuts? emily's sitting right here!" i giggled at her, and then so did emy. that's when i got up and pulled my sheet off of my bed. "see that pee spot right there? that's emy's!" i said proudly. min started laughing, she thought emy was the coolest! then emy said, "i wanna do it again!"

all three of us pulled off our jeans and panties. emy said she really had to go bad, and i was glad. she said she wanted to go on the bed again. "alright," i said. i sat down on the mattress and min sat right across from me. our legs were straight out, with mine on top of hers. min and i sit like that a lot when we pee together. then emy, who was dancing from hav! ing to pee so bad, knelt over us right in the middle. she was right above where we were going to pee.

i said, "ready...go," and all three of us let our bodies relax. emy's stream of pee was the first thing we saw, and then we heard her sigh from finally being able to let it out of her. emy's pee made a huge pattering sound against the fabric of the mattress. min's and my pee was also seaping out from between our legs as it flowed across the mattress, forming a huge wet puddle in the middle of where we were sitting. min and i could feel the mattress getting warmer and wetter as we sat there peeing. as the mattress got more and more soaked, emy's pee started to splash more. she could feel it splashing on her legs. her knees were getting wet in a half-inch of pee. we sat there giggling and peeing for about 20 to 30 seconds. all we could smell was the scent of our pee.

emy finished first, and she let out a little bubbly fart. i smiled at her. then she just sat do! wn, right in the pee puddle. when she sat down, she farted again. it bubbled right into the soaking wet puddle. the smell of her fart added to the pee smell that filled the room. min and i finished peeing at almost the same time, i think i may have finished a little bit before her. as i finished, i let out a long but quiet fart that soon added to the smell in the room. emy got up and sat on my lap. she was soaking wet. we sat and watched all our pee slowly soak its way into the drenched mattress before we got up and put our clothes back on.

ever since that day, the three of us girls are very open about peeing with each other. we've all peed on my bed together 2 or 3 more times since then, but it's a rare treat when all three of us are alone in the house like that. but whenever we are, the first thing emy says is, "let's pee on bridget's bed!"

see ya next time,

No Name Grrl
GoldGirl...thanks for writing me back!!! For some reason I didnt think you would...and I dont know why!! I am suprised that no one complained when they saw a lady putting a little girls butt over the edge of a ferris wheel!!!

To anyone who wants bathroom scenes on movies[all outside...2 poop and 1 pee]...I am surprised no one mentioned the Blair Witch Project. You see Heather in the distance and I think Josh says "Is that the Blair Witch?" And Mike goes "I think its Heather taking a piss!" Heather looks around and then says "I really have to go" the guys say "Then go!" and you see her pull her pants down and squat.
Also no one said anything about City Slickers 2 yet I dont think. First Glen and Micth are talking and riding their horses and then it shows Phils horse sitting there and Glens like 'Theres Phils horse but wheres Phil?" then Phil looks around and goes behind a rock with a newspaper in his mouth. Then Mitch calls him and he says "Ill just be a second!" ! "Yeah right" Mitch says Phil drops his pants and then he yelps and turns around and there is a rattle snake. He starts screaming and the others think it hurts coming out and tell him to relax and not strain and they think its the tortilla chips. He comes out with his pants down yelling "A snake! Ive been bitten by a rattler!" then he gets Mitch to suck out the poison from his butt[eww]and hes like "Dont tell my kids I died taking a shit!"
And the last movie is "Dances With Wolves". Near the end after Kevin Costner[I cant remember his name on it]is held hostage you see him getting some water from a lake. Then it goes close up on the side view of a mans butt! He is kind of bouncing up and down for some reason. Actually the first time I saw it I didnt know it was a butt until the camera went up and I saw the man squatting like that! You see him reading Costners diary and smiling at something it says. Then you hear the sound of grass moving and another squatting man appears a! sking for "paper" which obviously means "Toilet paper". The first guys like "Can you read?" The other guys like "No I cant read whats the point you cant read either now just give me some...well GIVE ME SOME!" he is impatient "Alright hold your horses" the first man says and then rips out a piece of the diary and crumples it into a ball and then throws it to the other guys and throw it passed him obviously on purpose. He laughs and that is all.
Oh yeah on City Slickers 1 you see a black man with a magazine and then Mitch asks if he is done with it and he gives it to him nothing big bye

Rob (Canada)
Hey everyone. I had an embarassing accident today at the mall from an old problem that used to plague me a lot when I was a kid. Any guys out there suffer from pee-shyness? That is, sometimes you just can't go when someone is in the stall/urinal next to you? Do any women ever suffer from this? Today I had to go quite bad while I was at the mall but the whole bathroom was PACKED (I think a lot of mall staff were on lunch breaks or something). I had to wait in line for a while, realizing I definately should not have waited so long! Finally a urinal became available and I stepped up and unzipped my pants. In my mind I could practically feel the breath of the guys in the lineup behind me on my neck, and all of a sudden I couldn't go. I stood there foolishly for a moment before zipping up my pants and flushing the urinal to make it look as if I'd gone. I left the bathroom and began to walk towards the doors and out to my car, thinking that at least I could now make it home and go i! n private. I had reached the mall door when suddenly the urge hit me again. I instinctively reached down and held myself like a child as the pee began to flow. I peed my pants right outside the mall doors. Several people saw, and a couple of teenagers smoking outside snickered. I quickly walked to my car, still peeing in my pants. I was completely soaked by the time I reached my car. I finished wetting myself and got in, sitting on a plastic bag I'd had in the back seat. I made it home and changed before my parents came home from work.

This was the first accident I've had like this since probably grade 5 or 6. I used to wet myself a lot in elementary school because of this problem. Has this happened to anyone else?

Anne (the bus driver). Your account of your biggest ever motion was delightful and fascinating. It's hardly any wonder that you passed such a lot as you hadn't done anything solid for 5 days. Do you think the Spanish food was responsible? If it's anything like Italian it probably involved a lot of pasta and I can see how that might bung someone up, especially if they weren't used to it much. Knowing my luck I think I'd have ended up getting the 'runs' whilst I was out there - not that I ever go anywhere without a packet of Imodium. I'm occasionally prone to IBS and I've found Imodium to be a good friend. It must have been a terrific feeling offloading all that lot. From time to time I do biggish panfuls (although I bet they're smaller than yours) and I'm always glad to get rid of what feels like half a stone in weight. You know I always enjoy your 'sound effects' - they're brilliant. I'm glad you took some Liquid Paraffin the night before. You clearly needed somethin! g to help you and it's a nice gentle laxative - unlike the Sennokot. Like you I would never touch Sennokot and certainly not from choice.

You've often referred to the firmness of your motions. Could it be that sitting to drive a bus for several hours a day (admittedly with breaks) has the effect of 'packing' you? It's just a thought. When I've been out shopping and walking round town, I've often found that the exercise has loosened me up. Have you experienced anything similar on your days off?

You mentioned the subject of men who are fascinated by women doing jobbies (and especially big jobbies). I have to admit that I've always been interested in women needing to poo and pooing. As you will probably know if you've read my previous postings, I had a number of experiences involving my Aunt Anne when I was younger and they served to reinforce my interest - especially the incident when she came incredibly close to pooing herself. I know it's purely a mat! ter of conjecture but I'd be very surprised indeed if she's not had a few accidents over the years that I've not known about. That said, I do love her very much and I wouldn't wish such comment to be interpreted as critism. It explains my interest in part and whilst I'm interested in women generally needing to poo, I'm especially interested in women called Anne needing to poo. That partly explains my interest in your output, and I'm incredibly grateful for the information you so willingly supply. Another factor is that some men cherish the illusion that women don't have 'bodily functions' and I've always been keen to challenge that view - and demolish the myth.

Is there a history to your interest in bowel movements? If you'd rather not share it I understand but it would be interesting if you feel able to. Don't feel under any pressure though.

Yesterday evening I ate out and must have had something that disagreed with me because I got up in the night fo! r one solid motion and had to get up 20 minutes later with the runs. It took a few minutes for all of it to come out but I did a huge panful of mushy, semi-liquid poo. I took some Imodium before going out this morning and I've been okay since, but I scaled down my plans for today so that I wasn't far from a toilet, just in case.


The day I watched Andrew poo, by Kendal
First of all, I just want to say I could not believe that Andrew ( Lawn Dogs Kid ) had told you all about what I did ! But then I suppose nobody knows who we are ( I hope ! )

Andrew said he would try to get me to tell my story, so here goes.

It was last summer, when I was nine. We had both seen each other go for a wee lots of times, from when I was seven, but never for a poo. I often said that it wasn't fair because he can just undo his zip and get out his willie and go, but I have to take everything off and go !

I told he would one day have to let me go with him for a poo so that he would have to take his trousers down too. He just kept saying he might one day. So I thought he might be encouraged if I did a poo for him one day, so I did, and he was very surprised and happy, and said he would do it too one day. But nothing happened for a long time.

Then one day when we both went for a wee together, he said that I should go first. Normally he! always goes first. I didn't bother asking why, because I was bursting. When I finished, he went and stood in front of the toilet as normal, and undid his zip. Then to my surprise I saw him undo his belt and button and pull down his jeans, and I could see his bum. Then he turned around and I saw his willie and balls before he sat down !

After he sat down, he had his hand between his legs. He said it was to hold his willie down so he didn't shoot wee at me stood in front of him.

I said "are you going to poo for me", and he said "yes, hold onto your nose babes, mine always make a big smell". He wasn't kidding, and I had to pull my t-shirt over my nose to stop from feeling sick.

As soon as he stopped talking, he did a very big trump, and a poo plopped out straight away. Then it went plop, plop before he trumped again. Then it must have got quite mushy, because it went plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop very quickly. Thats when I had to hide my nose in m! y t-shirt !

I was so excited it felt like I was going to wee in my panties, but I thought I wouldn't because I just been.

Then Andrew went plop-plop-plop-plop-plop again. He must have eaten lots of bran flakes the day before !

After he finished, I heard him shoot out some wee which surprised me. I always finish my wee first before I poo, unless my poo is very urgent, then I wee and poo at the same time.

He used lots and lots of toilet rolls to wipe himself, but I didn't want to see that, so I turned away. When he got up to pull up his jeans again, I turned back, and saw his willie again. It was much bigger than when he sat down, and it was a bit scary, but Andrew explained that men's willies do get bigger when they are excited.

I know he always gets excited after watching me go wee, but I don't want to see that. I'm just glad to know he's happy that I let him watch. And thats why he always goes before me, so I don't have to see his! big willie.

Andrew is going to tell you about when he watched me poo another day.

bye bye, from Kendal, aged ten.

Saturday, July 01, 2000

I really enjoy being in the bathroom when a woman is slowly and massively unloading a buttload, ad find that a well-dressed woman in the midst of such an action looks so damn erotic (with her dress up to her waist, panties and pantyhose down to about her above her knees and high heels on). It seems so erotic talking to her, and I find the stink, mixed with the scent of her perfume is quite arousing. Do any other men feel that way? And how do you women feel?

LILOKIEGIRL ... hmmmm appearantly i cant give ya my email :'(. Im sorry.

Hey I have a swell idea!! Why dont we all ... LEAVE GOLDGIRL ALONE >:(????? Isn't that a good idea? Geeze. Im sick of this crap. Let her post! I think the ppl who insult her are jealous that they cant post as well as her! :P

Anyways Im going to be late for work so i gotta go for now. Ill post a story next time im here!

Midwest Farm Girl
my girlfriend and i pooped together today. as you may or may not remember, i'm 15, she's 14, and we are both girls. we pee together a lot, but we've never pooped together until now. this morning, we were both peeing on my bed, an idea we picked up from goldgirl's wonderful stories. we do that a lot now. i love how our pee mixes together on the mattress. well anyway, as soon as she finished, she farted. i love the smell of her farts so much. then she said, "i have to poop too." she looked so beautiful when she said that, so i just said, "just go ahead and go." then another fart came out of her, and this nice big poop came out too. soon the whole room smelled of that sweet girl's poop. she kept pooping, and i was in paradise. when she was done, we kissed for a while, and then i cleaned up her poop from my bed by scooping it up with my hands, and then wrapping it up in paper and putting it in my trashcan. i bet i will be able to smell it in there all week. after i did that, we bo! th lay in my pee-soaked bed and kissed for hours. i love that girl so very much. i know we will be able to do this forever and ever. i hope you enjoyed our wonderful experience!


Chris (UK2)
Goldgirl, got anymore poop stories yet, Browngirl, great 2 hear someone else intrested in poop. Sure, I would be intrested in hearing some more of your stories


Anne (bus Driver-England)
Joe (madman) Im delighted that you have seen the light (should that be SEEN THE SHITE???) and now have made up to your beautiful girlfriend and enjoy with her the passing of her lovely big fat jobbies. Enjoy both of you, or as they say on Star Trek LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!

Adrian, the biggest load I ever passed was after a bout of constipation. I had been on holiday in Spain and rather than holiday ???? I had got a bit bunged up. I had taken two weeks holiday a week in Spain and the second back home. When I got back it had been 5 days since I had passed a motion. This hadnt affected me and unlike that dopey looking blonde on the Sennokot advert on British TV I wasnt feeling sluggish or bloated. Certainly I had no intention of taking that rubbish, but did have some Liquid Parafin, the good old gentle lubricant before going to bed when I got back home. Next morning after I had breakfast I felt the log jam start to move in my belly and soon I could feel what doctors call ! a large fecal mass in my rectum. I went to the toilet and pulled my knickers down and sat there. After peeing I farted several times with some of the liquid parafin spluttering out. As happens this had picked up a brown tint from the stools in my bowels and made an oily film on the water in the pan. I then felt the first lump start to come out "OO! AH! NN! KUPLONK! AH! KERPLUNK! OH! AH! PLOONK! PLONK! The hard balls came out one by one, as Ive said before constipotatoes. A few more came out, PLOONK! PLANK! KAPLONK! I farted a couple more times, did another small wee wee then I felt something bigger come down, a big fat knobbly turd which slowly slid out of my back passage as I went NN! UH! NNN! KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" I looked down the pan and laughed as all the hard balls I had passed before it were bobbing up and down from the shock wave of the big lump of about 10 inches long I had dropped. I got my breath back and had taken some toilet paper off the roll to wipe my bum when I f! elt there was more to pass. Sure enough a big soft but still formed and solid poo started to ooze out of my bumhole, making the crackling sound. Now unlike the previous turds this was easy. FLOOMP!" one large curved sausage dropped into the pan, followed by two smaller ones SPLOOSH! SPLONK!" and finally what the Scots call a little "mick" of about 3 inches long "SPLUNK!" . I felt a lot lighter, got my breath back and looked down the pan. the accumulated jobbies had sunk by this time into a big brown mass, the hard balls, the big fat knobbly cylinder, the sausages and the mick shaped like a small cone, on top. I wiped my bum, a bit messy because of the liquid parafin, then pulled the flush. The load of poos combined and the water rose alarmingly and for a moment I thought the pan would overflow then with a "SCHLOORP!" the water pressure pushed the lot round the bend. There were some huge brown skidmarks on the bottom of the pan so I put some bleach down to clean the toilet. I ! sure felt empty after passing that lot but I can agree with Kim I really felt great as well, a real turn on as doing a big solid motion always is for me.

Coprologist, as regards pee stains on knickers and underpants. I agree that if you dont dry your penis or vulva after urination the front of the pants in men and the gusset in women will become pee stained. Im glad that many men nowadays dry their penis after peeing and of course most women dry their vaginal lips. Even if one does this, after they have been worn and washed a few times white and light coloured knickers and panties will acquire a light yellowish stain which persists even after washing, on the gusset, I havent had a pair develop a hole though, perhaps because the gusset, (crotch), in most women's knickers and panties is a double layer of cotton. Modern men's briefs which in effect are women's panties but in more masculine colours also have a double gusset, though I would have thought a double front pane! l for the penis to rest against would have been more appropriate. I have also noticed that darker coloured knickers such as navy blue, bottle green etc, as worn for (field) Hockey and Netball also tend to bleach out round the gusset after a while, no doubt from the effcets or urine as all women dribble slightly woing to the design of our parts down below. Coprologist, your observations on this would be interesting.

D UK please post more of your experiences in the toilets at Glastonbury. I have taken coachloads there, not for the rock festival but the mystical side and I must say I like Sommerset. Also I would love to hear more from Tales from the latrine. Also D, I must say that so many men seem to have a fascination since they were kids for women doing a good solid motion. I even tend to think that the blokes who DONT have a least a slight desire to see a pretty women doing a poo or who wouldnt feel a tingling and stiffening on seeing a big turd some girl had passed ! are the unusual ones! Anyone care to comment on this?

Kathryn H
I've recently discovered this site and haven't had time to read through all the old postings, so please forgive me if this has been covered before. I have this thing about not wiping myself after I go to the toilet. My mother always told me to wipe myself carefully every time after weewees and bigjobs, but when I went to college the Ladies' loos didn't usually have loo paper. I started off taking tissues with me when I went, but after I'd forgotten once or twice I suddenly realised that I quite liked the feeling of dripping into my knickers. I've never looked back since. Now, five years later, I never wipe myself after a weewee (except when I'm on) and hardly ever after a bigjob. My knickers get a bit stained and smelly after a couple of days, but it all comes out in the wash.
The other day I was in the pub with some friends and there was a queue for the Ladies, so my friend Emma and I went into the cubicle together. I went first. I was needing to go for a jobby, but I knew she wouldn't mind as she used to be a nurse. She stood there talking to me as I weeweed and jobbied, but she seemed very surprised when she saw me pulling my knickers up without wiping myself. When she had been weewee I tried to get her not to wipe herself, but she refused.
I'd be interested to whether most women reading this site prefer to wipe themselves or not. I haven't given it much thought before, but I think most women I've shared loos with have wiped themselves if there has been loo paper there.

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