TO MG-Pretty wild story about the blondes and brunettes shitting in the woods-almost too wild to believe!-no matter,i enjoyed it.All you lucky folks finding people out in the wild dumping-i can't seem to find anyone out there.TO D-UK-Let's hear pt 2 of the story-sounds like the 2nd girl really has to do a good one! More stuff!You too are a lucky guy.I sometimes wonder about the valididy of some of these stories,cause none of these encounters happen to me-but i guess i'm not in the right place at the right time!
Had somewhat of a cool thing happen to me yesterday.I was talking on the phone with a girl who i do some business with and she is like a buddy of mine.Anyway,i'm talking to her and i feel the need to dump,but i continue to hold it and as she id talking to me,i hear the sound of a toilet seat being put down and i couln't believe what i was hearing!,so i said to her"hold on a min" and i put my hand over the phone and just listened.I heard her sit down on the toilet an! d since she thought i was on another call,i heard her let out some pee followed by a long hissing fart and i heard her groan a bit and i heard the poo coming out pretty fast into the bowl with some farts in between-i was going nutz!It was great!~At this point,i went into the bathroom and got ready to dump too,cause hearing this just made me have to poop too!Then i got back on the phone and started talking to her and she seemed to continue shitting and talking to me with some grunts in between.I wonder if she knew if i knew what she was doing!At this point, i had to sit on the bowl,and when i did i heard her let out a small fart and i relaxed my anus and let out a tight fart,but i tried not to make it too loud and then the strangest thing happened-i started to shit and it was a bit soft and just splashed into the bowl and it sounded like PLOP--PLOP__PLOP -plop followed by a small fart and during this neither one of us are saying a thing !Then i could hear her grunting as i was! shitting and then i heard another fart from her and at this point i couln't help but to get off big time!It was strange in a way,cause nobody said anything about it-Now i know she heard me and i wonder if she knew i heard her too!It was soooo great-Now i don't talk to her too often,but now i'm going to really look foward to talking to her and we just went on talking as if nothing was going on which really got me going!Then i just sat there on the bowl and finished talking to her and then she had to hang up just as i was getting ready to do pt 2 of my a.m.dump-too bad.So after she hung up i let out a big,wet fart and did some mush in the bowl and thoght of what just happened.WOW!Maybe my luck is changing!This was a realy cool experience!I never see this girl cause she moved away a couple of years ago,but we stay in touch a few times a year.Boy,we'll have to do this more often!GReat stories' all.Have a great july 4 weekend-Hopefully,I'll have some good dumps in the woods this w! eekend!BYE

Last night i saw a movie, i was wondering if any body has seen it? It was Big Mama's House. The movie had a shitting sceen in it. Big Mama was meeting some new neighbors and she said she had to go, the new neighbor didn;t want her to go cause someone was in her house. Then she finally goes home and you see her sit down on the toilet...She starts shitting and farting, then you hear her say...those stewed prunes really work. Then when she was done she showered and u could see her butt. It was funny.

I notice something, every time i go to the movies i have to pee alot. Any one else notice this? I guess thats cause i get popcorn and get a very large drink(a medium...but it was big).

Canadian Dreamer

It could be worse. I take medication that prompts me to urinate about every 2 hours after I've taken it. I must plan my days *very* carfully. I can end up running to the office washroom 6 times or more on some days! Allot of the ladies in the office are gossips. Who knows what they're saying about me every time I have to dash off.

If I have plans to go out and don't know EXACTLY where to find bathrooms at my distination, I try to avoid taking the medication.
I've never had an accident, but I've come close a couple of times. I must admit the ephisodes were slightly arousing, but rather not take any chances.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this:

I am a 15 year old boy, and it seems that whenever i play a game where i have to stay still for awhile (such as hide and seek), i often have to pee real bad when i'm still. This is annoying because i have to move around, which makes noise, and then the game is basically over. Sometimes i have to come out and pee, but when i play a game for an incentive and i have to pee, i'll sometimes just piss my pants a little to relieve the pressure. A few times in the past when i played hide and seek with my friend Brian, he told me that he's pissed his pants a little when hiding 'cause he couldn't hold it.

This is just annoying and i was wondering if anyone else has this little problem. See ya!


This story happened to me and my friends this year. I was with two of my good friends Melissa and Leslie. We were at Melissa's house getting ready to go to a concert. Leslie was wearing overalls with a bright green bikini top and bright green panties underneath (which by the way if you looked down her overalls you could see her panties), Melissa was wearing a light green halter (no bra) with very thin and very tight gray pants (which easily showed her pantyline--she was wearing a thong, by the way), and I was wearing a blue tank (no bra) with tight dark blue jeans (I was actually decently dressed, but Melissa and Leslie are more hooches than I am). Anyway, that's just to give you some visuals.

Just as we were about to leave, Leslie said, "Hey guys, I need to shit really bad." That made me realize that I kinda had to pee, so I said, "Yeah, I might as well pee now so I don't have to go there." Melissa had already peed as soon as we got to her house, so she was ok! ay. I let Leslie shit first because she was practically grabbing her ass to go and there's only one bathroom in Melissa's one story house.

Melissa and I were waiting in her living for a few minutes when my urge to pee started to grow. I sat patiently for a while, but another minute or two passed and by this time I really had to go. I went to the bathroom door and called in to Leslie, "Hey, Leslie, can you hurry up, I have to pee really bad." There was a bit of silence, and then Leslie said, "Ging, my shit's stuck." "What?" I said. "It's stuck," she said, "it's halfway out of my ass, but it won't come out the rest of the way." Well, I was really desparate by now, so I said, "Can't you drink some water or something to make it come." "I'll try," she said. I heard her get up, get a drink, and sit back down.

By now Melissa had come over and was asking what was wrong. "I really have to pee," I said, "and Leslie's shit's stuck halfway out of her ass." M! elissa chuckled lightly at this situation. Leslie called out, "It's still not coming." By now I was crossing my legs and holding my crotch, doing whatever I could to keep it in. Finally Melissa had an idea. She said to Leslie, "If your shit's really stuck, then pull up your panties and overalls with the shit still hanging out. Let Ginger pee, and then finish trying to shit. If your panties get stained too bad, I'll lend you bikini bottoms to wear under your overalls." This seemed like a great idea to all of us, so Leslie started putting her clothes back on, but as my luck would have it, just as she was doing this, I lost all control (I was barely holding on as it was), and I peed all over the hall. Melissa just looked at me horrified, not knowing what to say, and just then Leslie came out and saw me, still peeing! My jeans were completely soaked, but I was too shocked to cry or anything.

Suddenly Leslie started to feel her shit coming out, and it was now comi! ng really fast (the water must have kicked in now, and what a time for it to do that!) so she closed the door and took off her overalls, but before she could remove her panties, she had already completely shit in them. Fortunately it didn't stain at all. She dumped the shit in the toilet and put her panties and overalls back on. Melissa took me to her room, gave me a bikini bottom and a pair of jeans to wear, and the three of us went to the concert.

This isn't the end of our adventures that night! After the concert we were walking out of the stadium and Melissa suddenly said that she had to pee really bad. We hadn't drunk anything that evening, and Melissa had already gone at her house, but she must have drunk a lot before because she was really nervous and jumping up and down as we were trudging through the crowd. Finally after what must have been forever for her (I know the feeling!), we got to the entrance area and ran to the bathroom, but as you would expect! , there was a huge line for the ladies room. Melissa had been trying not to blatantly hold herself in public, but now she couldn't help herself and took both hands to her crotch and said, "Guys, I don't think I can make it through this huge line." Leslie then suggested, "Let's just go into the parking lot. It's dark out and there's probably a place around the side of the building or between some cars that you could go." So we agreed.

As soon as we got outside, Melissa unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and had her hands at her waistband ready to pull them down. She couldn't make it to the side of the stadium or to the cars, so she just stopped in front, a little away from the crowds, pulled down her pants and squatted almost at the same time (with her ass to the building and her pants still above her knees so no one could see anything), and just let the pee flow. She said she was about ten seconds away from having an accident, and by the amount of pee that flow! ed out of her, I believed it!

So all three of us had incidents that day. And my incident just goes to show that even as a senior in high school I peed myself several times; it wasn't just in elementary school. Many more stories (from when I was younger and from very recently) to come!

To all:
I just saw on MTV's TRL that on KId Rocks' video
"American Bad Ass" that there is a young girl getting
up from some bushes after peeing. It's just for a split
second so you kinda have to watch for it.
Nothing new with me except that I went on a four day trip
last week and the most terrible "runs" before I did a
presention. I also showed a woman friend of mine this
site and earlier asked her if she would have any problems
with us sharing the bathroom. She said that she didn't.
Now just to get the relationship going(I hope).
Will post more later in the future.

Melissa, and Joe, I am really, really happy that you are now in harmony over your big turds and that rather than behave in a cruel and overbearing manner, Joe now accepts that part of what makes you Melissa is that you pasz big long fat jobbies which tend to stick in the toilet. Im glad you let him accompany you to the toilet when you have a BM. Many women like having their partner with them and of course many men really love being there. It helps to cement the bonding between partners. Sure, big turds often stick in the toilet but so what? A bucket of water or two thrown down the pan will usually shift it, and as I have previously stated, there are other ways to get them to flush away without recourse to paying £100 to plumbers. Anyway, I think you will now find that the people who post here are gernerally quite a friendly lot. I havent any statistics but the majority like big firm stools, although there is a viciferous minority who actually LIKE diarrhea or mushy poos??????! ?????!!!!!!!!!. Again most posters are into defecation but there are a few who prefer peeing which to me is a rather boring activity, merely an extra in the act of doing a big poo, Anyway, good luck to you both.

Coprologist, George as you know prefers to sit to pee and always dries his penis after a piss. As you say even with this careful attitude dribbles occur leaving light yellow pee stains on the front of his knickers. Like me, and I hope most people these days, he changes his panties every day. I havent yet seen a pair have a hole in them from urine. I suppose this only happens if you DONT dry your penis or vagina after peeing so urine soaks into the front or gusset of your underpants and eats away the material. Over the course of time knickers and underpants do acquire a yellow staining in the area of the penis or vagina even if changed every day and washed every week. Biological soap powders used to be good for preventing such stain build up but owing to the ac! tivities of the Green fanatics these are no longer as available as say 10 years ago. One could use Bleach in the wash but this would almost certainly react with the urine stains and would make holes in the fabric especially in cotton panties, so I dont recommend it. Frankly, as long as our knickers are clean and not smelly George and I can put up with slight yellowing in the gusset or front. As regards skid marks in the seat of our knickers, we both are very careful wiping our arses after a motion, and use moist wipes which are far more effective in cleaning than dry toilet tissue. However, we do sometimes have skid marks, its all a part of human nature. All we ever do is to change into clean panties when we get a chance and put the soiled ones in the laundry basket to wash. Its no big deal, as they say, shit happens!

I had to use a doorless WC cubicle yesterday. I was in a car park when I felt a "passenger" wanted to get off, that is a big jobbie in my poop chute as ! you Yanks call it. I thought , should I hold it in till I drive home, about 15 minutes journey usually, but thinking that I might get held up in traffic on a Fruday afternoon, (it being POETS day), I decided to play safe and use the L dies Public Toilet nearby. Now this toliet was no palace, functional, not dirty, but it wasn't the Waldorf! I went in, there were 3 cubicles,two had doors but where occupied, the third being vacant but with no door. It wasnt made like that , but obviously vandals had broken off the door. By this time I could feel the lump pushing against my ring, so going home was no longer an option. I could hear the women in the other cubicles, one was peeing powerfully then passing a motion, "Kerploonk! Kaplonk!" while the second was farting a hurricane. Neither of them seemed to be likely to finish soon, so I went inot the doorless cubicle, hitched up my grey pleated skirt, pulled my big panties, white with little blue flowers, down just to the top of my thi! ghs, to preserve modesty, rather than pull them down to my knees as I usually do. I sat down and gave a a loud booming fart then pissed my usual torrent with a hiss. The wee wee tinkled to an end then I felt the big jobbie start to push my ring open. I felt my sphincter start to open and I gave a push. It slowly came out, one of my usual big fat turds, the smell wafting up from beneath me. I just let it come out under its own steam, but with my panties up at the top of my thighs I couldnt look between my legs as I usually do and see it coming out and pointing down into the pan. I gave a slight NN! to help it on its way then "FLOOMP!" it slid into the water.At that moment the girl in the cubicle on my left had finished her motion and her friend in the other side who had only been farting also came out. As they went to wash their hands they saw me sitting there like a Queen on her Throne. One of them said, "Cor, you're brave doing a shite in a bog with no door" I just laughed an! d replied, "better that than a pair of shitty knickers". The only bit I found embarrasing was wiping my bum after doing the poo as I always look at the paper to ensure I am clean. I took a moist wipe out of my handbag and carefully lifted my fat arse ( I have no false pride in this regard I have what Americans call a big butt and George calls my lovely big arse). Luckily as the motion had been nice and firm , a big 14 inch light brown torpedo, I only had to wipe once. I quickly pulled up my knickers and dropped my skirt, had a look at my jobbie then pulled the flush. Of course it stuck, so I just left it, washed my hands and went out. The two girls (in their 20s Id imagine) came out as I went to my car and I heard one say " that was a huge turd that fat redhead did, no wonder she didnt care if there was no door. I bet she was desparate with something that size up her bum!" I was giggling to myself all the way home and really felt proud and turned on, as George found out to h! is pleasure when I got indoors!

I saw the Sennokot advert on the TV recently. Permit me the usual feelings red-heads have for blondesd. The blonde woman in the star role as it were looks to me your usually dumb bloned and I can well imagine her having an accident in her panties. She goes on about feeling sluggish and bloated. In my experience constipation doesnt doo this to me, I feel sluggish if I have been working too long andnot getting enough sleep, a bit of an occupational hazzard in my profession habing to read through documents etc. as to being bloated , this is common about the time of my period, (the menopause hanst started for me yet another "fun" time I dont think), but I have found is fue to fluid retention and is aleviated by diuretics ( medicine to make one pee) such as "Waterfall " (TM) not laxatives to make you shit. Anyway, the advert shows blondie taking the Sennokot, having a peacful nights sleep, having a shower the next morning then telling a fr! iend whio calls round, (of what gender we do not see), that she is all ready to go out with them. I imagine the real scenario would be something like this. She takes the laxative on going to bed, is shown tossing and turning in her sleep as the gripeing pains in her belly wake her up during the night. A mad dash to the toilet holding her belly. The nasty sound effects of diarrhea as she is purged and repeated visits to the toilet. She would still have he shower to clean up after a big accident when she didnt make it to the toilet then looking all drawn and haggard telling her visitor that she cant go out as her guts are giving her hell. I feel my scenario would be more accurate than the all bright and breezy one the advert portrays.

D UK, please tell us more about the Glastonbury experiences and if anyone want I will relate some dumping tales from 30 years ago when I was in the Girl Guides and went camping. Love to you all, Moira, the ???? red-headed lawyer.

ok.Not too long ago this summer it was late at the beach and I really had to piss.The men's bathroom had been closed for cleaning and was very dirty and nasty so my only alternative was to go to the girls restroom.On my way there a blonde in a thong she seemed like(besides me) the only one left on the beach.She ran into the girls restroom with a bucket in hand like she was going to rinse it.I had not seen her and came into the girls bathroom .She was all the way on the last clean sink so i did'nt notice her and she was rinsing a the bucket i think..I went to the only clean toilet left and took a silent piss then all of a sudden i had to shit.I pulled down my pants and let it flow out.I could hear the girl moaning and stood up holding in the poop and saw her holding her stomach moaning.I could see her ass pretty good through the thong and saw it bulging a little.She pulled down her bottom part of the thong and kneeled over holding her stomach.I could see her ass great.She loo! ked under her and grabbed at her ass inspecting it.She just ran into a style but the seat was nasty as so were many others.She finally came to me and was in shockbut had no time for words.She quickly sat her bucket down in front of me and kneeled down letting out a piss in the bucket.I could hear the noise.She looked at me with her face red as she looked at me but giggled as she saw me on the toilet too.Her laughing turned into moans as she let out logs of poop in the bucket!!!!She was squatting letting it out and did'nt seem to mind me staring at her bumhole opening and watching her moan as poop came out.She said"hope your enjoying this man I seem constapated uh oh?! I looked at her butt to see what looked like would be a deformed bumpy piece of poop stuck in her ass.I said"looks like your ass is in trouble now""yeah...unnnnnnn ahhhhhhh I said i was constipated.She made a funny noise and giggled as she let out some big farts and still moaned loud like she was getting some as ! her poop was slowly edging it's way out her ass and she wass pissing like crazy as the log was pushing out.I was watching amazed.Then the most exciting thing happened she said"here's the finale for this round of poop"She pushed open her ass with force and I watched as she yelled loudly and stretched her asshole larger and larger and larger farting a whole bunch and it stunk too.Her
hole opened and i could see her ass push hard as the big bumpy poop pushed out in the bucket but it was'nt done yet she just kept pushing and still pissed from all this pressure on her ass."you find this insteresting?I know your not used to watching young women doo-dooing like this hehe.
"well actually I've seen some girls really take a dump in the woods before I loved it""you must love this then unnnnnnn ahhhhhhhh well since your cute would you mind helping me with this shit""sure I guess you sure I'm not invading your space kind of""been there done that man"I got up pulled up my briefs and! pants and flushed."could you like press my stomach sorta and hold my ass""ok.She moved her butt over the bucket and tried her hardest opening her hole very wide and pushed hard.I could see the pink hole opening and closing when she stopped for breath.The pink hole in her ass opened wider than ever and i could see her butt shaking as the poop moved out.I grabbed her buttcheaks firmly and pushed her stomach and it came finally plopping into the bucket.She was exausted so i grabbed her ass again and lifted her to the toilet i was on.I could hear disgusting sounds and big and very differant farts as she continued to let the poop come out.It did'nt bother her much this time so we talked.Saying our names.she said things like"I could'nt believe you were there the whole time as i was looking at my butt to see if shit was coming out.I wanted to wait till i got home but my ass would not permit.I laughed at her.She sat there on the toilet still shitting and it was joyful watching her mo! an in agony as she shitted until another uh oh came."now what another big poop""actually yes...,but now I trust you enough so could you grab between my buttcheaks and stretch my ass so the poop can come out easier this time?"Sure I replied she stood off the seat so i could get behind her and grabbed her asscheaks accidently breaking the poop and it fell.When this happened i accidently poked inside her asshole and she it triggered farts which smelled VERY shitty like.She giggled as the farts came out but before when i poked in her little pink hole she made a little shriek of shock and surprise.She smiled at me.Now it would be even harder to remove.I carefully this time trying to ignore her farts and stench and pulled open her ass and told her to push it out. Okay I will *faft* *faft*(farting)try.......unnnnnnnnnnnnnn UNNNNNNNNNNNNN AHH PULL IT FARTHER...UNNNNN AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
I obeyed and pulled farther and she yelled slightly in pain but yelled louder as her log came out ! slowly.I watched her nice ass open up once again exposing that pink hole which opened allowing the poop to flop down slowly.It finally dropped in the toilet which was emitting a HORRID smell.She farted right on my hands which i at the time forgot to remove from her ass and I kept her ass opened staring in awe at her asshole just dropping out poop.She continued to poop for awhile.I was still holding her ass squeezing it a little bit and she did'nt seem to mind either and i watched once again as her already stretched ass opened that pink spot in her ass and a brown poop head made it's way out.It was almost out when i held both cheaks with one hand and picked some toilet paper and when the poop when was slowly pushing out i pulled it hard and she squeaked as it pulled out fast.From time to time I coughed from the stench of her poop and farts.Finally she let out her last turd and it was mushy.I STILL had my hands on her ass too looking at her pink hole open and shooting out the p! oop log.She breathed a sight of releaf and calmly let out tons of farts."ah gas"I without hesitation took some toilet paper,and wiped her ass.
She closed her eyes and took pleasure as i cleaned her like a baby as she bended over shaking her ass playfully as i wiped it up.She stretched her ass as much as she could for me,but because of it more farting came I ignored the farting but the stench was unbarrible.I wiped around inside cheaks.Then accidently my finger went through the paper and went straight up that pink asshole.She squealed lovingly and i slowly removed my finger,and wiped it off.She got on her hands and knees and put her ass towards me for more wiping and i did just that.I wiped her good and threw awayt the paper.We did'nt even flush the toilet She emptied the bucket in the toilet and from the huge poke her hole was still exposed as she poured.I loved it.I let her ride with me since she walked here.She sat on my lap as we drived slowly towards my house.The bad t! hing is she kept farting in my lap and she had not pulled her panties up for the fun of it and shffled her ass around in my lap.Bending over sometimes so I could look at her asshole as it bulged when she farted.She continued to fart as we drove.another shitting experience.She is now my girlfriend now.more shitting adventures with her to come.

To each there own kim and scott,I think what I find interesting is knowing I can help them by rubbing there ???? or holding a bowl for them!I don't find it sexully stimulating I just like knowing I can help!Does that seem even stranger to you?Give me a good firm hard BM any day of the week!!Doesn't make such interesting reading though does it?"I got up went to the loo and had a firm log,that's how interesting it gets!!!!"Give me a diarrhea story any day of the week!!!!

Friday, June 30, 2000

Ben in NY
Kim & Scott- What you said about Scott (UK) I do agree with. On the other hand, Scott (UK) certainly should not be criticized or scrutinized by us for this pleasure. Much that we enjoy in this forum is seen as odd and even disgusting by most people. This is a safe haven for people like Scott (UK). I would love to know what the fascination is, but hey, keep doing what you're doing, cuz if it makes you happy and it doesn't make anyone unhappy, that's all that matters, right?


To Tyler: Im 19...we don't have Sizzors around here, they used to give me good shiting experinces. Do u have any shitting stories?

Today before work i had to shit, i sat down and pushed out a log, it was about 8 or 9". It was dark brown and soild.

Hey Gold Girl Have You Ever Peed In A Bidet?
Or Has Anybody Ever Pooped In A Bidet I Just Thought Since Everybody has tryed everything else maybe it might be a good story.

and now The Rock Has Spoken

Gruntly Bogwell: I loved reading your story about watching the two girls, it was a harsh punishment and the embarrassment must have been unbearable but you did get a good show by the sounds of it!

To Anne the bus driver: Regarding UK law, it just shows how nosy our government are getting. I don't think they would actually be able to do anything if they did monitor UK users visiting websites. For a start, this website is perfectly acceptable, there is nothing illegal on here. Secondly, I think the law is more to catch big-time criminals who are seeing the internet as a major way to discuss illegal things, they won't have the time, or manpower to monitor little users like us.

For anyone that wants to know - a bit about me...
I'm in the UK, and from an early age I have been fascinated by girls going to the toilet, especially for a poo. The pee side of things doesn't really do anything for me, but I like nothing more than listening to a girl grunt and ! sigh as she has a poo. I'll tell you a few stories I have....

In the UK you have probably heard of a festival called Glastonbury. I didn't make it this year but it's a great place to go, and not just for the music. The toilets probably date back to the 70s, and they are just a big concrete cesspit with metal cubicles on top of it. There's no locks on the doors and inside the cubicle is just a box with a toilet seat. If you look down the hole you can see other people shitting as well. Anyway, it was about 7 in the morning, there was no music or people about and I was walking towards the toilets. I saw this girl of about 15 or 16 wearing a t-shirt and cycling shorts, walking towards the toilets, carrying a roll of toilet paper. She went into a cubicle and shut the door. I walked in the cubicle next to her and shut the door. I noticed a hole in the side of the cubicle that went straight into hers. I couldn't believe my luck. I saw her pull down her cycling sh! orts and knickers, sit on the seat, and rest her elbows on her knees, still holding the toilet roll. Since there wasn't anyone around I could hear everything. I heard a rumbling sound as her pee hit the metal bottom of the cesspit, and then it stopped. I strained my ears but I couldn't hear anything except the trees rustling. I then heard her sigh and realised excitedly that she must need a shit. She let out a little grunt, and a fart echoed down into the cesspit. She then sighed loudly. I looked through the hole again and saw her lean forward as she strained and then sighed again. I then heard a "flump" as a small piece of shit hit the bottom of the cesspit. I heard another person walking towards the block. "Katy?" she called. "Yeah", the girl answered. "Oh, are you in here?" "Yeah," grunted Katy. "You're not doing what I think you're doing are you?" "Well, I thought I'd have a go." "Can you let me in?" "Yeah, hang on." I saw the girl get up and open the doo! r. The other girl walked in stood against the door. "Can you hurry up, I'm desperate for a poo." "Well, I'll be here for... a... while.. yet." strained Katy as another fart echoed into the cesspit. She strained again, and then sighed. I looked through the hole and saw her face screw up slightly as I heard a "flump... flump... flump-flump". I looked into the cesspit through my toilet seat and saw a big pile of shit forming. "Flump...." She grunted and then sighed again. She leaned forward and strained, and then sighed. "Are you alright?" asked the other girl. "Yeah, I'm just a bit constipated, that's all." "Well, can you let me have a poo and then try again in a bit?" "Yeah, OK." The girl stood up, and wiped her arse. I then saw a piece of brown-stained paper flutter down to land on the pile of shit in the cesspit. Another one dropped, and then she stood up and swapped places with the other girl.

This post is getting a bit long, let me know if you want m! e to continue it...

Brown Girl
I appreciate GoldGirl's posts, they have allowed me to see that I can also share my experiences of pooping in strange places. I used to be shy and feel bad about this, but now I feel better knowing that someone else shares my habit and can tell it freely without being too beat upon.

Unlike GoldGirl, I poop in strange places. The first time it happened I was with my parents at one of their friends house. They only had one toilet and it was in use. I had been bunged up for awhile, but really had to go poopy bad. The only thing I could think of doing was going to their basement. I slipped away and found a spot in the corner where someone coming downstairs would not see me. I was nervous and excited at what I needed to do. I pulled down my shorts and panties, and squatted. Within seconds a fart escaped and the poo started coming. It was a fat log at first that started to taper quickly. It dropped with a thud. I did a few more hard balls of poo, and then peed. ! The pee ran across the floor to a drain. The poo stunk pretty bad. Then I realized I did not have anything to wipe with. A clothes hamper was nearby so I grabbed some socks and wiped my butt. I tossed the socks in the washing machine (I did not urn it on) and went back upstairs. I never heard anything from them about that incident until a few months ago (that was about 3 years ago, when I was 14).

I have some more stories like GoldGirls if anyone is interested.



We cannot survive as a people if we do "whatever makes us happy". Jeffrey Dahmer was very happy killing and eating people, should he do what makes him happy. As soon as GoldenGirl pisses on somebody else's belongings she has stepped over the line. Now if she wants to go to her house and piss like a racehorse all over the place like she lived in a latrine, that is her (smelly) business. But if she is in somebody's hotel, or house, or car, etc. and pisses that is just plain rude. What if it makes me happy to go to her house and take a big shit right on her pillow, or in her car? Damn - that would make me happy, would she be happy?

Gruntly - Great story - good thing the shit did not hit you in the face, but I guess it did hit the fan - Haha.

GIRL - Good story and I appreciated it. I hope your little butthole feels better now.


LilOkieGirl - thank you for sticking up for me! i enjoy reading your posts!

Louise - i'll definitely have to try writing my name in the sand sometime. maybe i can even manage to spell out "bridget." i think "gold" would be better to start with though. or i could use "get" (pronounced "jet"), which is what min calls me a lot for short.

~Dreamer - thank you again! i love how you called it my "sense of adventure!" i love how you say things like "the shadow world" too! i hope someday you get the opportunity to try peeing somewhere adventurous. keep enjoying my posts!

No Name Grrl - thank you! i'm so glad you enjoy my crazy stories! i really liked yours about the ferris wheel. heehee maybe i should try that! haha yeah right, i'd get busted for sure!

Shy Pam - enjoy your trip!

i don't have any stories to tell today, only that emy and i were alone for a while so we both peed down in the basement on the carpet. i'm afraid little emy is following in my footsteps! i think she likes to do it because i do it. she says she only does pee games when she's with me. i'm glad though, it's something we get to share. min is the same way, she told me she wouldn't dare pee in front of anyone but me or emy. next time i'll have to tell you about the first time all three of us girls peed in front of each other at the same time.

well, guess that's it,

A.D (not real name)
Once i was at a friends house for the weekend with my grilfriend his parents was not home that weekend. They dont mine if we have toilet acidents because they have it all the time. They it not wrong it just happens sometimes. My parents dont minde neither do my girlfriend`s.
(only got one)he had to poop bad he said that he cold not reach the toilet in time. Then I said just let go. And he did we then went to the bathroom to get clean him. We dont mind seeing each other nacked because we are friends. My grilfriend prepeard a bath for him, while i told him to lie down beside the bath tub. (its built in to the floor) I told him to lift his feet so I could see the bulge, I then touched the bulge to feel if it was soft or hard. It was huge and soft. He put his feet down again, I open his jeans they wherent stained, only his undies. I remowed them and emptied the poop into the toilet. I put some washing powder into a bucket had some water in to make the detergent disolve I the l! aid the underwear in the bucket and filled the bucket with hot water. Then I wipped my friends but. And he went into the tub and cleand himself. Me and my girlfriend did not leave. We are all toilet trained but are suported with diapers because they are nice to have when sick, for long trips and so on. He must have eaten something bad beacause he said that he felt sick. My grilfriend tock out pull up out of the closet for him to wear the rest of the day just in case. He got out of the tub, dried himself. And used the toilett. Then he put the diaper on, and a tea -shirt. We then walked into his room also ours (it has 3 beds). Turned the TV on and prepered his bed. He crawled into bed, I kissed him. My girlfriend ho is a good made dinner to us all. Whe wached TV all night. We made shoure that he had everthing he needed and that he felt fine.Wy because he is our best friend, we would hate to losse him.

Had a massive bowel explosion today,complete liquid shit all in my pants!!I was so desperate for the toilet that I just couldn't hold it all of a sudden I farted and my pants filled up with diarrhea!!!!,which started running down my leg and making a puddle on the floor where I stood!!!!!I FEEL ILLLLLLLL!My stomache hurts and I feel like I'm going to throw up big style!!!!!!!!!!Bye for now time for bed to rest and recuperate very very slowly.Got to go to the loo again sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello there. My name is Melissa and I'm Joe's girlfriend. He talked me into posting here and to tell about myself. I'm 6'5 200lbs, 21 years old. I have a story I want to share with everyone.

Yesterday, I went on a 90min jog. When I came home, I saw Joe in the bedroom watching Matlock and reading a car catalog. I pulled him by his arm into the bathroom. He took the catalog and Bob (our pet lizard.) into the bathroom. I told him to sit at the edge of the bathtub and so he did. I pulled down my shorts to my Nikes and sat down. I let out a loud fart and Joe and I were laughing up a storm. Then we were talking about what we would do if we were going to get married. Then I felt something in there. I could tell it would bust his pan (ha ha ha ha ha ha). Then I started grunting and pushing. I could tell he enjoyed it. Then after another 15 minutes of pushing it fell out. He said honey are you done I said no. Then out came 3 other pieces of long smooth shit. The! n I said I was finished.

I stood up so he could see what I produced. He said Wooooow! You really needed to go. I pushed the flush and the toilet clogged. Joe was laughing like crazy. I said why aren’t you mad at me. He said I promised you I wouldn’t get made if you clogged a toilet. Remember? I said yeah.

Joe rushed out and came back with Clorox Bleach, oil, gasoline, and out teakettle filled with hot water. While he was pouring the things in he was humming the Sopranos theme song. Then he said let this sit for and hour.

60 minutes later he pushed the flush and it all went down. Then he poured some Clorox Bleach and Comet into the toilet and brushed for a good 20 minutes. He flushed 2 times. There was nothing but shine left. I said good job and gave him a kiss. He was embarrassed. I said its ok.

Then I helped him overcome his fear about not letting me come to the bathroom with me. I told him: We all do it, since were a coup! le we shouldn’t hide anything from each other. He said: “My poop is insignificant and yours Melissa, are proud and large.” I gave him a big hug.

Then before we went to bed, I had to pee so I let Joe watch me. I lifted up my long WWF Attitude shirt and sat down. (It was very hot in the Northern States Region). Then I pissed like I never pissed before. When I finished, He said he had to go. I said be my guest. He took out his little friend and pissed hard into the toilet. Then he said he felt better. He flushed and went back into the Bedroom.

We both go in bed and he went to channel 33. Nick at Nite. I was dead asleep the minute we got in bed. He watches A full our of Gilligan’s Island, a half our of All in the Family, and a half our of the Jefferson’s. Then he usually goes to bed.

I love Joe very much even though, he is not the greatest looking guy I had, even though he doesn’t act 22, and even though he cant do a big piece of poop.
I can tell Joe would make a great father and husband.

He works hard at his job to pay for our house, Jaguar, and Ford Excursion.

He is a contractor and worker for Raytheon.

To answer Rick’s question, these are my daily eating habits: Morning: Eggs, Sausage, and Waffles. Lunch: A fruit salad. Dinner: Chicken, rice, corn, other vegetables, and meatloaf.

I think something is wrong with Joe because, almost every time I kiss him, he gets embarrassed and tears form in his eyes. I’m not trying to make him sad but he gets upset most of his time.

I would like to thank Moira from Scotland for giving Joe that great advice how to unclog a toilet. He just took it a step further.

Good Night,

PV - Hi girl!!! I think you are like me when you like to
wear thongs. I wear them about half the time, and the
rest of the time it is the full bottom type. Oh I know
how you mean when you talk about feeling that your bum is
pressurised. That was what how I was when I was 15,
but I did not pay enough attention to that feeling and
all the slop in my bum exploded all over the toilet!

I bet Vicki would fit right into the netball team I am in.
If she likes to wee in the park like that then she would
sure be happy playing with us. Hehe.

Your college bathroom story when you went pee shy when
another girl came in made me remember something. I was in
the ladies at work when the girl in the trap next to me
could not start weeing. "I can't do it!" she said in a
frustrated little voice. I do not know if it was just that
I was there and she was shy of being heard or it may be she
could never go very easily in a place! like that.

Yeah, territory marking. Steve said it was supposed to be
men who pissed on the floor! Well, we can do it too, that's
what I say!

I can not make up my mind about if I would be happy with
male attendants. It may be that they would have to be very
carefully checked out for being weirdos or if they have
records for being violent to women. The problem is that I
bet some real b**t**ds would get jobs because of somebody
not checking like they should.

Yeah, Steve says he get a lot more than just self defence
from his training. It does keep him fit and he has made a
lot of good friends from the circles it has put him in.
Well his best friend he has known since they were very
small boys but he likes being with others who think a bit
like himself as well. It gives him a real nice, quiet and
very cute confidence so I might think what I want to do.
I have also seen what he can do with his pole. ! No not that
one! Hehehehe!

I guess the name writing is not easy, but I soon thought I
would have to shut off just before I finished every letter.

I had a funny shitting experience today. On my way home I
felt like I wanted to shit, so I thought I would go in the
park. I felt a little piece get stuck in my bum hole as I
was walking along. It felt really odd because it was hard
and it felt like it was trying to poke out but it would
not go back in and it did not come out and get stuck
between my cheeks or fall into my knickers. When I went to
my fave little place in the park and squatted there I did
not feel I really wanted to shit any more but I just pushed
and waggled my bum until that little piece fell out onto
the ground. It was only about an inch long. I bet I
want to shit the rest of my load out before much longer.

Go with the flow.


This site is the very best on the internet I am really happy I found it and read like probably every post here (I think I have too much time on my hands). I am a male from America and I thought I was like the only person that had an interest in pretty females bodily functions. I am trying to figure out how this started and why? I mean yet I realize now there are many more than i have thought to be interested in this it still seems rather uncommon. The thing that puzzles me is how many girls have an interest in females and males peeing and pooping (not the very perverted stuff just the on the toilet , and the outdoor stuff) like Linda, Sandra, Steph ,Lorie, Kim, Louise ,Moria and many others! It seems there are more girls than guys even, but why is it I know so many girls but none are not interested even the least bit. I kinda told some girl and guy friends , and even stranges in the chat rooms but they thought I was sick or perverted disgusting etc. I even c! hatted with a she-male and said that I would like to be that for a day so I can atleast go in the ladies restroom to listen and smell, this would be a major arousel for me. The reply I got was your sick , bye! That was kinda hypocritical(i know i spelled that wrong) coming from a she-male but it still upset me and i felt like so abnormal. Finding this site made me feel much better.


Okay, I was out of town recently and I had somewhat of a major dump at the hotel. I sat there enjoying it as it slowly came out of me and although it was solid, it came out kinda messy. I had to wipe several times and after wiping the first time, I dropped the TP in the toilet under me and pressed the lever. I opened my legs slightly and looked down as the water swirled around and around and the paper ended up going partially down the hole. The poop went all the way down. I stood up a bit and wiped some more, using more TP to get as clean as possible. Yes, I should have worried that the toilet might clog but I knew it had a good gurgle to it so the chances were kinda slim. I was finished now so I tossed the final bunch of TP in the bowl and attempted to flush it down. Well, when I hit the lever, things swirled around for a long time and the TP headed for the hole but never fully went down it because the toilet would just get quiet after the loud swirling act! ion and so the sucking would not take place. So I sat on the side of the tub and waited for the toilet to fill up again so I could give it another try. Mind you, this was late at night so I was getting quite tired and impatient. So as soon as I heard silence from the toilet, I flushed it one more time while still seated on the tub. I watched the water going around and making that gushing sound and it continued to swirl around as the toilet got quiet again...but then after a few seconds it gurgled down the hole making a KLU-WACK-POP-WELP sound. That's the best way I can describe it. :-) If you sound it out, you'll realize that most toilets sound like that when they gurgle at the end. Anyway, everything had gone down the toilet like it was supposed to, which meant that I could now head off to bed.

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