ok I have a story.Awhile back when I was 14 i was out in the woods and was about to take a piss(it was still daylight)when i saw these fine girls which seemed to have just gotten from a part 2 blondes and brunettes they were the finest then one of them said "man i really think i need yo shit girls' then another said 'you too it must have been something we ate(luckily at the time i was also taking pics of wildlife with my camera).I hid behind a tree and watched(i was so close to them)one blonde said"we might as well shit now I really have to go too I've been holding it for a while"another brunetter got some leaves and said"here are some leaves for wiping"all the girls pulled down their pants and skirts,then they pulled down their panties and let out long poos.One blonde said"wooh hooh ughhhhh must have really had to go my ass feels like it's gonna explode.
They were like in two rows one behind theo other like this
- -
- -.One of the brunettes kept shtting like cr! azy in front of the blonde behind her.The blonde was shitting big too and waved around her nose making fun of her because her poop really stinked I mean i could smeel it(this carried on for a long long long time)then one of the blondes made tons and tons and tons of farts and let out big logs in fron of a brunetter.She said"oh yeah that feels good(they were joking aroud)and smells good don't it unnnnnnnn Andrea(the brunett)"you stink ughhhhhhhhh unnnnnnnnn(she laid out ruds and turds and turds)really bad a whole bunch"The blonde was squatting and made a funny pose lifting her leg and made a big fart on the brunette saying"oh yeah I'm letting all of this out ummmmm what did we eat unnnn *fart* *fart*.At the time I was taking tons of pictures enjoying this.The blonde replied saying "i don't even know but I really need to get this out!!!!whoops"She actually fell on the brunette with a turd coming out pissing and farting"eh heh sorry then she let a big fart out right in front of h! er face in fact tons of farts"Then the most digusting thing i saw happened.One Brunette could'nt get this really long turd out."hey could you help me with this Sandy"Sandy replied with"what you want me too touch that gross unnnnnnnnnnn *fart* *fart* *fart* *PLOP* PLOP* *PLOP* no *FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART* way!!!I figured these girls really had some shit stuck up there asses.the brunnette pleaded and pleaded and finally the blonde agreed she actually put her hand on her ass and pushed her ass while holding her stomach and quickly pulled the turd out quickly throwing it out to the woods"hahahaha must've been digusting pulling some turd out my ass hahaha!!
"yeah man your ass is dirty in fact so is mine and yours too Andrea"Andrea began to let piss drop and could'nt seem to get a piece of poop out and stood up and squatted in just the right position and started shaking her ass up and down until it fell and then when she was still squatting plenty more turds came plopped out and the ! stench of all this shit was horrible and they kept farting and pooping and farting and shaking and farting and pissing and moaning and making loud noises as BIG SHIT came out.Then one blonde started shaking and many little balls of poop came falling out and piss flowed out like a rushing river and she let out many farts and let out more and more turds then had to stand up to let this really long ugly turd.I held my nose as the stench of all this poop and farting and I was still taking pictures making sure the flash was heard and it was'nt audible.I watched drooling as their tight pussies let out their final turds which were huge.They then relaxed and kept farting and farting.I could have sworn i saw one of those farts from a blonde.Then once again turds came pooring out their asses one at a time a few minute by minute"uh ah unnnnnnnn mmmmmmmm"those were all the sounds i heard from them as I saw mushy poop fallin and falling to the ground on top of the old and stinking.I watche! d as each by each their asshole opened widely letting out mushy shit with piss.I could see their asses just open with shit it was really exicting.They just let it out.Then Andrea I think let out a huge long fart right on Sandy.Sandy said"eww
who killed the dinasours that really smells TERRIBLE!!!!UNNN
AHHHHHHHHHHH ssssssssss AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"she was letting out poop and fast her farts were'nt all that pleaseurable either.The girls had no time to chat as the poop can flowing out of their white exposed assholes.Their assholes just bulged wide open letting it flow big time at super speed.One of the blondes said you don't need to see this right here and came to a the only log which was soggy to her dismay but to my excitement near me and let out all this digusting poop making all these digusting noises and farts.The other girls wanted to see and while their poop was
dropping out onto the grass wobbled over to the log peering over to see the blonde with a face f! ull of agony letting out all this poop I mean a whole lot.The smell was SOOOOO OVER WHELMING!!!!I wanted to move fro mthe stench but could'nt since they were so close.I watched as one of the other brunettes let some piss just shoot out and make a strange noise and jumped up as poop flew out BIG shit too I mean SOME BIG SHIT STRETCHED OUT!!!The girls looked in awe as the big clogs slid out and i they all could smell the stench and also began to let out MORE TURDS!!!One Blonde with a nice tight ass yelled"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH AHHHHH"and the others looked still farting alot and letting out turds in awe as her TIGHT ass opened her tight asshole opened and out came ugly and bumby turds.All the girls SCREAMED!!!as their turds came flying out and last pisses came they were farting frequently still and finally they each by each screaming let out their last large and mass plops of shit came out their asses and finally the last stinky drop came. Breathing hard a blonde said "man that was s! ome bad shit"They all looked behind them to see their dirty asses and shit on the ground and I took that good quality picture.Finally they noticed me and I jumped out the bushes right in front of them.They were shocked and stund and finally Andrea i think finally spoke up saying"what the hell
you were watching us shit out like that the WHOLE TIME!!!!??
I answered"yep got it on all my camera too hahaha I LOVE THIS."what noway kid you little brat you must be joking please give us that camera"the blonde pleaded.NOPE!!!I could'nt believe what was about to happen as one of the brunettes spoke up"I can't believe I'm saying this but you see those leaves over there........hhhhh we will let you wipe our asses off if you give us those pictures...I was so stunned and so were the other girls but they sooned agreed a little embarasses then i put the camera in my pocket and picked up a leaf and told Andrea to bend over who still like the others enmbarrasingly massively farting and I! actually wiped her asshole.I mean I dug in there.Just digging in her asshole with a leave as hard as I could taking out the dirtiness from her ass.She seemed to like this.I could hear her softly moaning.I finally made one BIG dig in and she yelled softly but then calmed as i wiped around her buttocks cleaning her shitty asshole and threw the leaf away.Then I moved to another brunette and wiped around her buttcheaks with the SAME leaf wiping up more browness from her ass and also dug in moving the leaf around getting my fingers a little dirty but i did'nt mind. Then I finally made a big dig in her hole and wiped quickly till I inspected her fine ass to make sure there was more browness and pretended to see a little browness and wiped around her ass letting my fingers get the best of me as i felt but qucikly withdrawed.Then came the tight ass blonde. Her ass was TIGHT!!!!"be gentle now she said blushing"I had to put my hands on her butt cheaks and spread her ass because that wa! s how tight her pretty ass was and when her little hole was exposed I dug in wiping it good and actually
put my fingers in to wipe little duke chunks off ehr ass then wiped in there good and pulled the leaf out and put it back in so deep i pushed her ass grabbing it to pull the leaf out without it tearing I did it very slowly so I saw her pretty hole for awhile.At the time she was farting on my hand i knew they still had gas from all that shitting. I came to Sandra and when I reached to wipe a small turd ball surprising to me just dropped out."oopa hehehe sorry"She was MADLY blushing and blushed even harder when she could'nt
hold some massive farts in.I then took the moment then to reach in her nice asshole and pleasurably wipe around her ass just pushing out old pieces of poop on her ass which fell to the ground i then scratched at the middle of her little pink asshole when the leaf could'nt get some old poop
right off the middle of her fine asshole.She continued ! to fart on my hand as my duke covered hand reached in her hand and wiped around in her ass cleaning her up good and peeking
at the other chatting girls asses as they too let out little farts giggling.I finally pulled the leaf out and threw it away and picked with my dirty finger at little tiny
scraps of poop in her ass as they fell and finally gave her ass a nice slap to atate i was done.I noticed the others pants/skirts and panties were still down exposing their nice asses.Then a blonde said "now kid can we have that camera.I said"If you give me one last look at you bend over looking at me with your panties in your left hand each letting out a massive fart okay.They all bended over raising their nice asses as i silently snapped,and they pulled their panties from around their legs and pulled it up near their head.Okay now get ready to let out a big fart on 3 1 2 3!!!!They all farted and I snapped the camera at them as they farted and ran off,I could hear complaints and! felt a little surprise under my feet but i kept running.Then i got in my house closed the door washed my hands and sneakers and developed the pictures later on the old fashioned way.I laughed at the pics.Now that was DEFINATELY the best shit experience I've ever had i loved it.I loved it.Hope i happen to drop in on those girls again soon. ;)

po0h bear
Heya again fellow pee lovers!
last night i had to have a bath because i was planning to go out for the night to see off my friend who's leaving my little youth group. Anyway i was in a desperate need for a pee so i ran the bath and took off my pants, i've heard that peeing your pants can feel good so i decided i'd try it, only wearing some panties and a small t-shjirt i stood in the bath and peed tru my panties into a container. I can't say i enjoyed it much because its not as good but i spose it was alright.

GoldGirl~ that sounds like such a lil adventure if the toilets near my shopping centre (mall) were like that i'd do it too!.

Scott musta been quite exciting to have such a fine view, do you think she's into this stuff as well?

Gurl Even though you were 5 i still think it was rude of the teachers to sit and stare, when i was in kindergarten (child care style thing) there were 2 toilets, one for boys and one for gurls i swear the doors were! only waist height against the teacher nad if u stood on your tipy toes (as a 3 year old) u could see right into the loo's, it was horrible because u have no privacy!.

Well off to drink more water and do some more peeing nad pooing, shall write Later!
keep peeing!
luv po0h bear


Hi there -- love your post, Kim, about the joys of dropping a log from the standing pose. And to answer your question directed to Louise and myself -- yes! I've done a standing poo a few times just to see what it feels like. I tend to bend a bit, and I hold my cheeks open with my hands to avoid getting them dirty. The splash is amazing! I usually feel I really need to go to do this, like I need the extra pressure so the log slides out more or less by itself, otherwise I find myself brown-tailing and need to squat or sit to get it away. (And what a provocative image you suggest -- Scott is soooooo lucky!)

MADMAN, I'd like to add my vote to hoping we'll hear Melissa's own stories, and add my voice to those expressing their appreciation for a mighty woman who is capable of mighty things! I was more than a bit taken aback at what I felt were your unfeeling reactions to her distressing situation, and am most pleased you're a touch more tolerant (s! upportive?) of her now. So, yes please, if she could post to us it would be great!


Greetings All.

To Anne (Bus driver), England.
I've booted Louise away from the machine so I can come on and answer your very important question about the Regulation of investigatory Powers Bill put before Parliament in the UK (Moderator, I apologise in advance for going seriously off-topic).
I have been looking at the proposals, and I have a long way to go before I will have finished wading through it sufficiently, but I would like to make a point or two which I believe are relevant to what you ask.
The RIP Bill is concerned with the interception of communications, the acquisition and disclosure of encryption keys related to telecommunications, the carrying out of surveillance whether overt or covert etc.
I will be as brief as I can here, and please forgive me if I raise more questions than answers. It has been a long day.
In the bill I have not seen anything which leads me to believe that there will be any _compulsion_ for ISPs to actively monitor! content of e-mail etc, but there is provision for the _authorised_ monitoring of communications concerning an individual if that individual is suspected of some misdemeanour. There is the usual stuff concerning national security, for 'the purposes of detecting crime', economic well being of the United Kingdom'. More worrying is the bit about the powers to monitor in the interests of 'public safety' and 'public health', so it strikes me that if some member of the UK government decides this forum is against the interests of 'public health', then it could be, I said _could_ be that communications to and from _potentially_ could be monitored.
Though the primary purpose of the bill might be to provide for things such as prevention of terrorism (always worthwhile of course), it is unfortunate that its scope is much wider than that. In fact, the meaning of some of the provisions is open to wide interpretation and does not exclude the possibility of quite Orwellian meas! ures being taken against the general public. There are provisions for the Secretary of State to add purposes for the acquisition of telecoms data to those already specifically listed.
Also there is a presumption of guilt if a person fails to disclose a decryption key to protected information, and the burden of proof regarding non-possession of such a key is with the accused. Crazy!
The proposals in this bill were rejected on Human Rights grounds by the Department of Trade and Industry for e-commerce applications, but now it seems it has been rehashed slightly and put before Parliament by the Home Office. Hmmm.
All right, now I've scared everyone on the forum who is in the United Kingdom. Enough.
Anne, I hope I have satisfactorily answered your question.
It might not come into law. Why? I think the government will have a tough time ahead of it simply because of the implications for the security of the county's computer systems, just to give but one reason. ! However, as the government likes to 'control' things, I suppose it will give it its best shot.

PV, good to talk to you again, I hope you are well!
Interesting poo report. It seems to me that dumping on-demand, so to speak, is not the easiest thing to achieve. Weeing is different - all you do is drink, and with fairly reliable timing you can need to go when you want. If you want to poo outside, it might be necessary for you to be aware of an impending need _before_ you set off for your eventual destination. Well, it seems to be that way for Louise and myself. All you need is a little luck, and enjoy it when it happens.
The office banter. Well, the lady was actually very much into the weeing humour, and although she was a little quieter than her male colleagues, she was just as amused as they were, though obviously from a female perspective. Clearly she was very amused, and I think I detected signs that she might have been secretly turned on to a degree. Perhap! s it was the way I expressed myself when writing about the episode that gave you the impression that she was uncomfortable. The way she was in a fit of giggles when the subject of the bottles came up could only have been genuine.
On the subject of Anne's coach party. At least twice I've been fortunate enough to have been present when groups of girls disembarked from coaches to wash the pavement. What's more, they did not seem to mind being seen. One inebriated girl laughed and asked if I was enjoying the show! Well, of course I was, it was quite remarkable!
Vicki's performances must have been superb to witness, I wish I'd been there to see it. Perhaps Louise would have been spurred on to out-perform her even though she is not quite uninhibited enough to simply let it fly like that while sunbathing.
I saw Coprologist's suggestion about installing a urinal at home so girls like Louise and yourself would not have to search for a vacant men's room. I also saw Louise's ! reply, and I thought she was quite right. Coprologist, you seem to have missed the point somewhat, and do I detect an undertone of disapproval in your comments?
On the subject of urinals, I am in complete agreement with your 'rant'. It all stems from ignorance, and the teachings that women sit down to wee, that condemns the masses to a quite outmoded tradition.
You will have to excuse me while I laugh at your paragraph on the statues. From this moment on, I will never be able to look at a power drill in quite the same way! Ha! I would have to try extremely hard not to become carried away by the imagery and select a drill bit that was much too large for the job I was actually doing! Ha ha ha. I could not miss the ... implication in the way you described carrying out the modifications. As for the positioning of the hose - ha, that is the first time I have ever heard it suggested that having a non-stop enema might cause a girl to have a non-stop wee!
Ha ha ha.
I ! certainly could drop by to see Louise at work during the day. I wouldn't mind joining her in the men's to wash the porcelein. Of course she'll have to wait until I arrive, and that should be good fun. Why not?
Yes, I do encourage Louise to take up Wing Chun. It is an excellent style for women, and the sooner she starts the better, as "it takes a long time to do it right" as I was told many years ago. I can't argue with that. Certainly worth doing, as a significant number of women, suddenly throwing off the shackles of cultural restraint, with increasing levels of drunkenness and substance abuse, are capable of using some quite serious, often unprovoked violence against each other. It really shouldn't have to be that way, but it is (sigh). Just when is the human race going to move past all this?
On a lighter note, I must attend Louise's next netball match to watch and meet the team. I have a great interest in the netball, of course!


PS Can I be ! an honourary member of the club?

Madman. Your best policy is to be understanding and tolerant of Melissa's output but apply a little common sense to the situation. Make sure she uses a bucket - especially before you're going out somewhere.

Viki. It's not uncommon for women of your age especially to experience bladder problems. If anything it's perfectly normal. Sometimes it can be caused by weakening of the pelvic floor - especially if you've had a number of children. There are various exercises you can do to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor. Your doctor will be able to advise you on this or refer you to a specialist who can. It may be a nuisance, but I don't think there's anything seriously wrong. That said, as always, I would advise you to see a doctor. he or she should at least be able to point you in the direction of someone who can help.

It amazes me that none of the other people in the meeting had to be excused. It's a long time to last without going to the toilet ! by any means. Here in England one of the tabloid papers has a phone in every so often, during which a glamorous girl usually takes calls for a period normally lasting seven hours. I can't believe that all of the girls who do it manage to last the full seven hours without needing to go to the toilet. My suspicion is that either they get periodic toilet breaks or are allowed the use of a bucket. Last that length of time without needing to pee? No way. Perhaps someone who really knows what happens will post a reply.

Anne (the bus driver). I take your point about being on a small bus with a small group of ladies. Fair comment. It must have been fun though.

I think we men do tend to be a bit coy about natural functions, whereas women, on the whole, are more open. It's a cultural thing I guess.

Glad your output is still good and firm. I prefer that sort of thing to the 'runs' or 'squits' any day. It was interesting to read that your biggest sin! gle piece had been 18 inches - no wonder if you'd not been for a few days. My biggest achievement is probably 14 inches, but then men do tend to have smaller jobbies than women anyway - well that's what I think. I'd be interested to know what your biggest ever 'panful' was like. Were there a lot of sausages and did it take a lot of flushing?

So far as the Regulation of Interceptory Powers (RIP) bill is concerned, I think there are a lot of myths circulating. I've tried to get some authoritive information about it and there's more on the web than I can digest. From what I can gather it's primarily about the interception of e-mail used for criminal purposes and this would, so far as I understand, only be by warrant with specific permission in individual cases from the Secretary of State. I don't think it would affect people posting or viewing on forums such as this one, but I will try to find out more about it.

If there was to be a change in the law w! hich meant that you and I (and other UK posters) could no longer drop by here, safe in the knowledge that we were legally sharing experiences and anecdotes, we would have to stop. At the end of the day, we must abide by the law, even if we consider it to wrong. In the meantime I think we need to find out as much as possible about the bill currently before Parliament and exactly what it's scope, purpose and intention is. It would be a very sad day indeed if 'big brother' was to monitor who visited which sites and when - all of the time, it would be a very sad day indeed. There has to be censorship and it has a place in curbing the worst excesses of things which shouldn't be in the public domain. It shouldn't run counter to the exercise of genuine freedoms which can rightly be claimed - especially when those freedoms are harmless and innocent. I hope the moderator doesn't mind me writing at length about this matter but it is a serious issue - especially for UK users of the! forum. I understand that Nicola has some legal expertise. Perhaps she could issue guidance on this one.

Best regards

movie man
I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but in the upcoming movie "Scary movie", there is a scene where Carmen Electra farts. She's walking around the kitchen, talking to the killer on the phone (if you haven't heard, the movie's a parody of "Scream" and those kind of movies). The killer asks her if she likes scary movies, and she says "uh huh!" She then farts loudly, and the killer asks what that noise was. She giggles and says "oops! I farted, I... didn't think you'd hear me!" Also, I'm told there's another scene where a cute young black girl farts in the bath.
Also, in the movie Boys and girls, there's a scene at the end where one of the guys is about to sleep with 4 super models. But then the models start to fart, and they keep farting through the credits. I haven't seen it, but I've heard it's good.
If your interested, the Carmen Electra scene appears on the scary movie trailer, which is available for download on various sites all over the web.

Jeff A.: Interesting story about catching the girls in the act by the river. Thanks for liking my Auntie Jane story. I love my niece dearly but am still not quite used to being called an Auntie Jane. It just makes me feel so old.

Buzzy: Thanks for liking my stories. That would certainly be a mess if I had done one of my monster pooping sessions outdoors. Unfortunately, I'm not that much into pooping outdoors, certainly not in open and public spaces. I do some outdoor jogging and walking but haven't had an urgent need so bad that I would do it outside. I do have a story about pooping outside while on a hike but that will wait until later.

Hello everybody!

SANDRA - Yeah, I think the women where I work are a bit
more fond of smoking a cigarette in the toilets than
dumping. It is just the way things are where I work I
I was real amazed at your car park dumping stories. I
know I really could not go that far. When I had to and
I mean *really* had to let go of the slop I was holding
in my bum when I was in the park with Steve, I was
thinking that was a major thing to do. I was seen by two
ladies who said it was disgusting, but it would have
been worse if my bum had exploded in my shorts.
Yeah, hovering is often the best way isn't it?
Are you also the lady who has a lady boss who dumps in
the toilet while having a meeting with her? I really
can not see the same thing happening in England here.
It is nice to read your messages, and yes of course I
will write about any more fun things I get up to.
I have a little story to tell now from t! oday.
When I was going home from work today I was wanting to
have a shit and I felt really full, so I went to my usual
place in the park. I could see a football game going on
quite far away, and I lifted my skirt and pulled my
knickers down to my knees. I dropped down and squatted
while I just enjoyed that full feeling for a minute,
watching the game. I do not think any of the guys saw
what I was doing but if they had looked and seen me they
would have known there was a girl squatting with her
knickers down. I was ready and I pushed out a nice long
knobbly log, and then I had a good wee while looking at
the guys. When I had finished I pulled up my knickers and
went away wishing those guys had seen me. Oh well!

ANNE THE BUS DRIVER - Yeah, I think you are right about
younger men and women being more okay with mixing when
having a wee. It is a bit easier than it was I think. My
boyfriend Steve is always amaz! ed at when we sometimes see
a pair or more girls weeing in a quiet place and they
sometimes have guys with them.
I will ask Steve about this new British law about e-mail
and internet. He is into things like that, so he might
I think you are right about the team sports making women
more open about their toilet functions. I think it is
becoming a ritual thing with my netball team that we will
have a group wee before every match. Hehe.

KIM - Hi girl!!! Yeah, I have had a standing up shit a
few times but if I do it I take care that it feels right,
you know, dry and hardish before I will do it that way.
I do not really like to have my bum messy, and yeah when
I have done it that way it has felt good. I remember the
last time I did that I had Steve check my bum and wipe me
before he carried me into the bedroom for u-know-what!
Hehehe! By the way, Kim, have you ever stood at a male
urinal for a pee lik! e PV and I? I bet you would like it!
Maybe you could be a member of our Venus club!!!

PV - Hi!!!!! I read your message, but Steve wants to get
on and write so I will have to write back to you tomorrow
when he's still at work. I really love your latest letter,
it is really wonderful and funny. I must ask Steve if he
will be 'drilling' me later! Hehehehehe!



A. Nonymous
I got up about 4:30 a.m. the other day, with a full, hard erection from a bladder that was bursting. I went downstairs (leaving my wife asleep) and stood on the back porch. (Our 2.5-year-old daughter's bedroom is next door to the bathroom, and I feared awakening her--it's a battle to get her back to sleep.) I stood at the top of the porch steps, hung my swollen cock out at the wind, and I was so erect I had to strain a little to get my stream started. I was surprised at the yellow, high arc my stream made in the air and splattered on the grass. I was at full pee for >30 seconds, and I kept shooting the arch of urine higher as my bladder emptied.

To Hiker. I have been using the name hiker_uk since last year so I suggest you use a name like Hiker (Chile) to avoid confusion.

To Gruntly Bogwell. That was an amazing story about the camp latrine but good viewing sites are sometimes spoiled by lack of light. I would regard shining a torch (flash light) as far too risky however.

The only thing remotely similar I have come across was in the 1980's, while hiking in the Julian Alps in Slovenia, formerly part of Yugoslavia. Half way up the Vrata valley was a bus stop and nearby was a two stall wooden privvy built over the bed of a small mountain stream. The stream was dry most of the time so the toilet only got flushed during heavy rain.

A German couple were waiting for a bus and the woman, who was in her 20's and rather attractive, went into one of the stalls. I had a sudden urge to use the one next to her and noticed that there were some cracks between the boards that formed the partition. She pulled ! down her jeans and panties to reveal her beautiful butt. She bent forward crouching high above the hole and peed. Her pee splashed down onto the rocks below. The sun was shining through a crack between the boards and it illuminated her golden shower.

Now we have discussed skidmarks, I want to say a bit about urine stains. I can only report on male problems. It would be interesting to hear the female situation. The dual disadvantage of white underwear is not only that it shows skidmarks prominently, it also shows urine stains, in males at least. No matter how hard you shake your tool after urinating, spots of urine still end up on the front part of your underpants at the side where your cock hangs. Even if you wipe your tool with TP, there still seems to be that odd little drip left. This is not a problem unless you do not change your unederpants very often, but this constant staining does have long term effects on colored fabrics. Eventally, perhaps due to the slightly acid nature of urine, the dye of the fabric is bleached, and you end up even in clean pants, with a tell-tall mark at that particular spot at the front. Moreover, after a while, if the underpants are cotton, the fabric rots at that point and a hole dev! elops, at which point they can only be thrown away. Maybe there is case for paper throwaway underpants, which were heavily promoted at one time, but which I do not seem to hear of any longer. Has anyone had experience of paper underwear? Also ladies, let's hear if you have problems with urine stains.

hello all! and hello anne(The busdriver) from england . THATS AMAZING!! you did an 18 inch log!ANNE!the largest log I have ever pushed out was 17 & 1/2 can read all about it on scott & kims may,23 2000 post entitled" A steamy hot toilet story from scott & kim.I tell you I think tony from scotland was right! we should form a paul bunyan society for everyone who likes to have and likes to watch huge logs. I think some of the top members would be you anne,myself ,nicola,tony from scotland,and some others. I have to tell you anne. I love it when I have to take a MASSIVE shit! and i think you know my habit now-. when i take off all my clothes to have a shit and sit bare assed on the toilet seat. I love it when my pink ass and anus start to quiver and they stretch wider & wider as I am pushing one of my enormous logs out. It actually TURNS ME ON ANNE!(not to mention my man scott)If scotts around we usually have sex right after which is ANOTHER TURN ON! !!I, like you, I think are lucky enough to have an enormous turd about every time I sit on the toilet.well thats all for now anne and thanks again for liking scott and I most recent story"Kim & scott go to the mall'!!scott & I wish you all the best also. and one more thing it seems like you,me and tony from scotland love to have enormous logs and leave it in the toilet to let other admire it.hahaha! I love doing this anne dont you? well so long now. from kim

Joe (NY)
You are all right, I was acting like an asshole whenever she clogged a toilet. I would bitch and complain like a little child. I should have been a lot kinder. For know on I'll be proud of her "panbusters." She is very kind to me and I have been very, very harsh on her. Today I talked to her an had a talk with her about my attitude whenever she clogged a toilet. I told her, I never would be mad a her again when she colgged a toilet. She said you wouldn't get mad again? I replied yes. She then gave me a huge hug that sucked all the air out me and a heavenly kiss. Wow! I think our relationship will be a lot better . Well, she spends hours and hours in this Valley Stream Gym to Work out. SHE IS NOT CONSTIPATED! I guess all the weightlifting and strength traning gives her good bowel movements. She is very open about her "Acts of Congress" and will let me see her do anything. 1 or 2. But myself on the other hand, keep my bathroom habits to my self. I'm to shy and scare! d to let her see my "Acts of Congress." But when we get married (in the future) we wont have to hide anything from each other. If I try hard enough, I can get Melissa to post here. She is very understanding and she'll understand why.

Well I cleaned up all the "bad blood" in our relationship and everything should be smooth running from here on.

Good Early Morning Everybody!


PS: Moderator, Why do exclamation points show up in my posts If I didn't put them there?

that is complicated to fix, so no one has straightened it out yet.

Thursday, June 29, 2000

Lawn Dogs Kid
I often read this site, but have never wanted to post on it...... until now that is !

I'm a 15 year old boy, and this story involves me and my 10 year old cousin, Kendal. She and I are such good friends, and see each other all the time. She lives on the other side of the village, about 15 minutes walk away.

Our local village shop has a video rental, and we went down to it a couple of weeks ago, and I rented the film Lawn Dogs, which stars Kathleen Quinlan, Christopher McDonald, Sam Rockwell, and Mischa Barton.

Mischa Barton is about the same age as Kendal in this film, and we both enjoyed it very much. But there were one or two shocks awaiting us watching it. The box in the video doesn't really show a good picture of Mischa, so weren't we both surprised when she turned out to be the spitting image of my Cousin ! Honestly, they could be twins, same build and same blonde hair style. It actually helped us enjoy the film even more than we might have don! e, as she imagined herself to be Devon ( the character played by Mischa ) and I imagined being Trent, the Lawn Dog.

We both of us couldn't believe our eyes and looked at each other and burst out laughing at the bit in the film where Devon has climbed onto her Dad's jeep, sits on the edge of the roof with her feet pointing downwards, resting on the windscreen, pulls down her panties to her ankles, and then actually pees down the glass !!

You don't actually see all of this exactly, that would never be allowed with a ten year old actress, obviously. But you do see from inside the jeep as her legs lower down in front of the windscreen. Then her hands appear pushing her panties down to her ankles. The film then cuts to a side view of her as she carefully positions herself on the edge of the roof over the windscreen, with her skirt pulled up a just a little bit at the back. Then the film cuts to a view looking between her legs as she begins to give the windscreen a! good washing down. You see the wee running down the screen between her feet.

It wasn't that Kendal or I were embarressed about watching this scene together. We talk about anything with each other, and we have both seen each other go to the toilet lots of times. It was just that we couldn't believe that you could see something like this in a film. It was great ! I'd recommend anyone who hasn't seen it to go and get it. The story is like a beautiful fairy tale, and the relationship ( strictly platonic ) between ten year old Devon and 22 year old Trent. A wonderful, beautiful story.

I'm telling you about this film because it relates to what happened here less than an hour ago. Kendal came visiting, as she often does most evenings. Dad had sent me outside to the garage to wash the Range Rover, so no one in the house knew Kendal was here as she came straight to me to see what I was up to. I'd got the hose pipe with the brush attachment connected up to the water t! ap and was ready to start the job when Kendal jumped up and sat on the engine bonnet. She refused to get off, little devil ! So I sat beside her, and we began to talk about this and that. After a few minutes we got onto the subject of the film, and it was only then that I realised that Kendal had arrived dressed in clothing similar to that of Devon in the film. She wore a carbon copy shortish blue denim skirt, and a sleeveless top. That was a bit different, because Devon's had been a posh white sleeveless blouse. Kendal had on a t-shirt.

She told me she couldn't stop thinking about that film and wanted to try and do the same thing herself. I didn't know what to say. One side of me wanted to see her do this, assuming she wanted me to watch of course, while the other felt enormously frightened at the prospect of Mum or Dad coming out to the garage just as she was doing it ! I think Kendal was waiting for me to say yes or no, and was oblivious to any kind of danger. Whe! n I didn't answer, she kind of assumed that that meant yes. She said to me that it didn't matter did it, because I was going to wash the vehicle straight after wasn't I. This had a woman's logic to it, so I guess I just shrugged my shoulders or something. I know I still didn't say anything anyway !

I watched transfixed as Kendal swung her legs up onto the bonnet and stood up on it. She then stopped as she attempted to work out how to climb onto the roof. She couldn't tread on the windscreen in case she put her foot through it, so I told her to get down. She thought I was telling her not to do the deed and got down looking very disappointed. That was until I squatted down on the floor and told her to climb onto my shoulders. When I stood up, she was easily able to climb onto the roof of the Range Rover.

I then returned to the front of the vehicle. If this really was going to be re-enacted before my very eyes, then I was going to make sure I got a view looking ! straight forward !

Kendal stood on the roof looking down on me, and with a grin, she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down, only a few inches. Then she sat down on her bottom and shuffled forwards so her legs hung over the windscreen, and she settled her plimsoled feet on the glass, the tips of her toes just nestling on the top of the bonnet. She then reached back, up her skirt, and revealed the partially pulled down panties, which she leaned forward and pushed down to her ankles. She then shuffled forwards a bit more until she was perched right on the edge of the roof, and then smoothed the front of her skirt back down her legs so she presented exactly the same picture as we had both seen in the film.

Looking forwards, she realised that her panties were resting against the screen, and would therefore get a jolly good soaking, so she moved her legs apart to pull them taut between her ankles. This also revealed a view for me right up her skirt which wou! ld enable me to see the whole of the action right from the very moment her wee began to come out.

From this point, things were not quite the same as the film. In the film, you saw this gentle trickle of wee running down the screen. Not our Kendal !! She had obviously been saving it all up. At first nothing was happening for fully twenty seconds. It was as though she was finding it difficult to start because I was watching, but as I've said already, I'd seen her wee hundreds of times before, so it wasn't that. I think she was finding it difficult to hold this strange position whilst being relaxed enough to let it go. Finally, I saw her take a deep breath, and then while holding it, I saw her whole body seem to tense as she pushed desperately to get her wee to come. And boy, was it worth the wait !

I had momentarily stopped looking up her skirt at this point, and thereby missed the start ( damn ! ). My attention was drawn back to the sacred spot again when I h! eard this really loud wooshing hiss. Her wee was simply gushing in an enormous torrent forwards between her legs. It actually seemed to be lifting upwards before dropping down in enormous splatters onto the windscreen. After about five seconds she let her breath out again in a gasp of relief, Ahhhhhhh. The torrent slowed down markedly, and flowed over the roof edge and down the screen in a steady stream that had widened out enough to be hitting the back of both her plimsoles as well as running between her feet. I honestly couldn't believe how long she peed for, well over a minute. It was definitely the longest one I'd ever seen her do ! She admitted afterwards that she had not been to the toilet at school all day, saving it all up for this moment.

We both then had to contend with the realism of what had just taken place. Her panties had been soaked with the splattering wee of the first few seconds, as were her plimsoles, and basically her bum was wet, as were the tops! of her legs, and the bottom of her legs had been splashed too ! When she got up, we found that the back of her skirt had not been sufficiently pulled clear of her bottom, and that was soaking as well. Goodness me ! I lifted her down off the roof of the car, and gave her a big hug. One, for letting me be part of this brilliant experience and, two, because I was expecting her to be upset by the results of the experience.

But far from being horrified, she couldn't stop laughing, and eventually admitted that this had given her the greatest buzz of her life, even more than watching me take a shit on the toilet. That had been her previous best, apparantly, followed closely by the buzz she had when having me watch her take a shit ! We've seen each other wee loads of times, but she's only seen me shit once, although I've seen her take a shit four times !

What to do about her wet clothing etc ? Well, I was washing the car, so we hatched a plan to say that we'd been! throwing water at each other. I sprayed her with the hose after taking off the brush attachment. She lifted her skirt for me to wash down her bum and fanny for her, and her legs as well. We also hosed her panties thoroughly before she put them back on again. Then I let her turn the hose on me, and was drowned from head to toe, much to her delight ! We were making so much noise that Dad came to see what was going on. He looked at a wet Kendal, a dripping wet me, and the car with no more than a water splash down its windscreen. Thank goodness he didn't realise what the wet on the car was !

Hope you've all enjoyed this story. I might write some more about Kendal and I at the toilet. Even better, I'll get her to do it ! She's a brilliant writer for her age.

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