As a driver for a large courier company, I have seen alot of unusual and often entertaining sights while parked up in rest areas. I have seen everything from familys stopping to let the kids pee while on long journeys to couples using the area for quickies. One regular area I visit has a very busy rest area which I use on average once a week.
There is a large carpark, a block of male and female toilets and some picnic benches. One evening a few weeks ago it was unusually quiet and I was drifting into a snoozy state when a car startled me by driving at speed and beaking to an abbrupt stop outside the block of toilets. Now, following a bit of vanadlism in the toilets, mainly gay men drilling holes etc.. in them, they now close them at 8.00pm every evening - It was now 9pm and still fairly light. The woman, who I would say was in her early 20's, got out and rushed towards the door of the toilets - ofcourse, to find it locked! The expression on her face was priceless. ! I heard her curse and start to look worried. She looked all around her and looked over towards me. I pretended to be asleep and there was nobody else around. She then saw a picnic bench to the tight of my car and she rushed over towards it. I opened my eyes a bit wider and then even further when I saw her hitch up her skirt and drope her panties then she sat on the edge of the bench.
I was aroused as hell now and thought that I would see this girl piss - She didn't let me down, the piss seemed to flow out of her cunt and I started to feel myself through my trousers. As the flow started to drip and then stop, I prepared to go back into my pretend sleeping state but then... Her brown anus started to expand and I was amazed to see a long shit start pushing out and dropping onto the ground. I was gob smacked as I had never seen someone else shit before, but I was loving the show. Goodness knows what she had been eating but she produced the longest and firmest shit logs I ! have ever seen. Just then, a car started to make its way into the carpark. Not wanting this sexy lady to be seen shitting by an unwelcome Police patrol, I decided to get out and somehow distract the driver. As I got out the car, the lady heard me and looked worried - "Don't worry I will get rid of them" I shouted to her and just as she uttered "thanks" a huge logged splatted onto the ground.
I distracted the driver of the car and totally sent him off in the wrong direction. I made my way back to the girl who was just dropping what was to be her last shit and she again started pissing. I re-assured her that it was okay and not to be embarrased. She asked me if I had any tissue to wipe herself, and I pulled out some Kleenex I had stuffed in my pocket. By now, She had lost the embarrasment and relieved that she had let out all that shit, she wiped her sexy anus with the tissue. Although she had dropped a large quantity of shits (in a nice formed pile benath the bench)! her bum hole was not all that dirty and she just had to wipre once and dropped the tissue in the near by bin.
We sat and had a chat and she told me how she had driven around 50 miles to find these nearest toilets. She said that she had not been able to shit the night before and this was a build up of 2 days eating alot of veg - that explains the massive logs!
Her shit didn't smell bad at all and the wind was sweeping away any shit smell at all. I said to her that I also arrived too late to catch the toilets and had just pissed outside. She laughed and said, "lucky you didn't have to poop too!" and I said "Well actually I did, but thought I would have to wait till the next stop". She then said that she would watch for other cars if I wanted to shit right now where she had. The thought of shitting infront of a lovely young lady was too tempting and I said "yeah, that would be great".
I thought she would just walk down the road a bit, but she didn't move. ! I pulled down my jeans and boxers and sat on the edge of the bench and farted. She laughed at the noise and then I grunted and a nice long shit log forced its way out of my anus. I didn't need anywhere the same amount of shit as she did but I did manage to land my logs right on top of hers! It mustve resembled a horses shit!
I cleaned my arse with some more tissue and had another pee (stood up as most men do!) - We went back to my car and had a great chat and exchanged phone numbers. I am going to go in by her on my next trip north sometime very soon!
If anyone asks us where we met each other, I don't think we will be telling the WHOLE truth - er, Both having a shit and piss in a carpark!!!!

Keep up the good work - Happy shitting and pissing!

When i was like 5 i was so afriad to wipe my own butt cuz i sceeved it. It was disgusting and i would gag so my mom continued to do it. But once i was in school and i had to go sooooooo bad. So I went and i was like in the bathroom for an hour just sitting there. And the teacher came and asked me if i was ok, and im like um , yeah. But i had to explain to her about my problem. So she's like well, im not wiping your butt. Wipe yourself. And then the principal came and she's like come on your a big girl now! do it yourself. and im like practically crying, cuz there's like 3 teachers watching me, and all i wanted was my mommy. ANd i was gunna throw up so i finally did it and im like EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw. But fnially it was all over. But i felt akward after that. But from then on i was able to wipe my own butt.

This was really embarassing:

Last week I went to the public pool. I was also having my period at the time. If I needed a tampon, I would just put it in by the lockers.

But on this particular day, I had just drunk a lot of soda, and I had to go to the bathroom, at the same time as I needed a new tampon. As I entered the locker room, I was holding my crotch. I was doing okay. But as I sat down to change the tampon, I had to let go of my crotch. Right when I let go, pee went all over my hands, I couldn't control myself. Some lady using another locker was hysterical.

Bryian-I'm 17-will be a senior this fall. My brother's college has the best dorm, when I visited him one time there was one bathroom on his floor for all the guys and it had six stalls and three of them were occupied! I don't know if I will go there but there would probably be a lot of chances for buddy dumping. Yesterday's dump was after Sizzler salad bar and I had not gone for 2 days but then I got the urge and sat down and there was a blast of gas and then a long smooth poop just came sliding out. Then this little pebble poop came right to the edge of my hole and I thought great, I will have to dig it out, and then there was another fart and pfloomp! it just fell out. Then I was done and I had to wipe a lot because ranch salad dressing makes my poop softer than normal-usually my poops are dry and don't need much wiping. Then I looked at it and it was about 7 inches. That's all for now, maybe will poop with someone at soccer practice. Ty.

Gruntly Bogwell
TO PHILIPPE: To answer your question about viewing distance Here is a quote from my recent post concerning the poo-observation of the identical twin camp counselors:
The latrine at the camp was a white painted wooden building with black shingle roof and had toilet! seats perched over an 18 inch galvanized tube which went six feet below the floor of the latrine and emptied into 55 gallon drums another two feet below the end of the tube. The drums were half filled with a poo solvent, one drum for each latrine seat. So I was about six feet from their bottoms as I enjoyed the view of their shapely bums disgorging their respective loads

FOR THOSE of you concerned about the trauma of being discovered being a Peeping Tom…male counselors found me lurking behind one of the 55 gallon drums and hauled me before the camp director…all the campers girls and boys were standing about in various sleeping clothes since it was early in the morning The female counselors were cons! oling Hanna and Jana, who were both crying and mad…giving me disgusted looks, and wondering how long I had been lurking beneath thee girls side of the latrine and had I seen others during the two weeks? The kids were all wanting to know what happened and I was a deep shade of red as I was escorted into the director's office for questioning. This was made worse by the fact that the director was a tall woman with her salt and pepper hair pulled back into a bun. Everyone was talking about how they couldn't believe I did that…and saying what a dirty mind I had…etc. The director gave me a lecture, told me she would inform my parents, that I could never come back…she ordered the janitorial crew to install locks on the latrine maintenance door. I was very scared and embarrassed, especially since I really liked Hanna and Jana…being scared and nervous caused my bowels to act up. First I freeped out a fart as my stomach began to cramp, then another started longer and more deadly. ! I was sitting across form the director's desk on a wooden chair in a little fume of fart smell. The next one was the worst as I cramped again…"What's that smell?" the director demanded. One of the male counselors walked over to my chair and said "Geez did you go in your pants?" "Nnnnoo," I stammered," but my stomach hurts…I really have to go to the latrine" (I was so embarrassed I was purple with shame). "How about a taste of your own medicine?" the camp director said and came around and took me by the arm and marched me into her private bathroom adjoining her office and shut the door. I fumbled with my jeans and pulled them down then my brief-type underpants. I was just placing my skinny white ass loaded with poop on the commode seat, when the door opened and there stood the director with a look of triumph in her eyes along with Hanna and Jana…she had brought them in to watch me poop!!! (Remember this was the early 60's and teenage delinquent peepers had no rights). ! I was mortified…I farted and my hole clamped shut…Hanna and Jana were laughing at me…it was the worst moment of my life I wanted to die…my stomach wanted to unburden itself…I was trying to hold it back…"Please…Miss Haversham…make them go away" I pleaded with the counselor…"How does it feel young man? She answered, her voice rising to a nasty pitch and I shot a turd into the toilet with a horrified look on my face all I could feel was the shame, my hole puckered and opened to emit poop after poop which was getting mushier and mushier. Hanna and Jana, their blue eyes smiling, sneered at me…called me a freak. I grunted and groaned as my bowels could no longer control themselves…Miss Haversham's beady black piercing eyes viewed me with contempt, my white thighs were exposed, my jeans were at my knees…my penis had shriveled up like a peanut…the male counselors in the room beyond were holding their sides and rolling on the floor and there stood the two best looking counselors I h! ad ever seen, watching have what now amounted to diarrhea as my guts turned themselves inside out as liquid poop splattered about the director's office commode. The smell must have finally overcome them because Miss Haversham shut the door with a: "I hope you have learned your lesson, young man!" I wanted to flush myself down the toilet with all the pooey mess I had made. I was red as a beet and sweating profusely, but my bowels gave up their last few drips. My hand trembled as I wiped myself over and over…my hole was raw from the explosive session. Finally I finished, pulled up my briefs and jeans and tucked in my faded Ft. Myers souvenir Tee-shirt. When I opened the door only Miss Haversham was left in the office. They brought me breakfast in the office, packed up all my gear and had it waiting when my parents arrived…Miss Haversham simply told them that I had been caught peeping in the girls latrine…(I was too embarrassed to tell on Miss Haversham and her humiliati! on of me). My parents were very disappointed and I got grounded for the rest of the summer.

Joe (NY) otherwise "madman" . For once I am glad the Moderator censored my posting in response to yout first missive about you not liking your girlfriends big turds. Im afraid I found you first post very uspsetting and was so annoyed that I really let go at you and was very insulting, that's probably why he binned it. Its just that Brits, especially Scots, tend to express their feelings a lot more harshly than many Americans and dont care if the insult hurts. ( we Scots rejcet "political corrcetness"). Anyway, Im glad you have seen the light and will now admire what she passes and not insist she ruins them by breaking them up as they come out. Also totally ignore all the bad advice about laxatives. Unless given under medical direction then just dont use them . You ask about people enjoying passing a big solid poo even if it can be painful as it comes out. Mine dont often actually hurt unless they are very constipated and lumpy but they are long, fat and solid and I have to say! its a lovely feeling as I sit there on the toilet pan with my big panties at my knees and feel it slowly but surely come out of me, then look down the pan at the big, long fat jobbie with a feeling of pride that I did that! It is all the nicer if my husband George who also appreciates such things is with me. he holds my hand and rubs my ???? urging me to do a nice big one, and I of course do the same for him when the roles are reversed.

Also, save the $100 the plumbers rip you off every time your lovely big girlfriend does what Nicola who posts here calls a "panbuster". You can make it go away by throwing a few buckets of water down the pan or pushing it over the bend with a piece of wooden or plastic rod. No need for Super Mario Brothers. If it really bothers you, ask her to do it in a plastic bucket, you can even hold the bucket and watch the big log come out of her, (George does this with me some times), then dispose of it.I understand that modern US toilets have! a very low volume weak flush, all part of this silly "green" obsession. Here in Scotland the standard flush is 3 gallons, usually enough to shift all but the biggest jobbies and even they will go after 3 or flushes in most cases.

Melissa sounds really lovely. Im a big girl myself, Im 210 pounds these days, (middle aged spread and sitting on my big arse all day), but Im not as tall as her. Now that you understand that lots of women not only do big turds but enjoy doing so, why not tell her this and apologise for your previous rather harsh attitude. If you arent against the idea and if she agrees accompany her to the toilet when she has a big dump. Believe me, both of you will find it really strengthens the bonding between you. So again, Im glad you didnt get to read my very insulting original post, (thanks to the Moderator), and I hope you will enjoy big jobs from now on. By the way I have had a really big hard jobbie stuck in my rectum as well. George was very helpf! ul, gently inserting some KY jelly into my back passage then as I sat on the pan he rubbed and gently pushed my ???? until the big turd slowly came out with a tremendous "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!!" Perhaps you could get Melissa to post herself detailing her big job experiences. All the best, Moira.

To Madman (Joe N.Y.) I just want to say that you are so fortunate to have such a nice, open, lovely girlfriend. I too find large nicely proportioned beautiful women the blast, and I just went crazy when I read your post about that huge turd your girlfriend passed. What is her normal daily diet, does she usually pass large stinky ones? I hope we can hear a lot more stories about her dumps. Take care.

Hi, everybody! Just time for a couple of quick comments...

Jeff A.: Fascinating story from the river! I was trying to guess what I would have done had I been in your shoes...
pretty much the same thing, I finally decided!
Tony(Scotland): I like the idea of the Paul Bunyan Society,
as well as its clever and cryptic name! I want to be a charter member! I nominate you its first president, and am
greatly looking forward to our annual convention! Where
should it be held? I was thinking of a central location
between the U.S. and the U.K., and I could only think of Atlantis, but the last I heard that was still lost somewhere... any other suggestions for our annual festival?

Shy Pam
Just got quite a surprise from my family - a summer vacation they were keeping as a secret to spring on me and my sister! We will be away about 3 weeks and unfortunately not near a computer........unless I can find one of those internet coffee bars or at the airport. My boyfriend actually understands and is supportive (wonder if he knew???) Well, see everyone in a few weeks; I will miss you and miss all the neat pee/poo posts! Ciao!

David W
Gruntly Bogwell, someone around my neck of the woods got caught and arrested for doing something like you did. All the crappers in the parks are similiar to the ones you described except that it all goes into a concrete pit instead of 55 gal drums. The only way "in" is through the toilet seat openings themselves! He just climbed down through the steel tube that the toilet seat was mounted on and just stood in the waste until he got caught. I don't know what kind of punishment he got, the media didn't make a big deal about it.

I'm a 48 years old business lady. Since a few weeks I experiene considerable difficulty with my bladder. Whereas some time ago I had a good bladder capacity now I have to pee urgently about every two hours. I had a bad experience which I wish to share with you. Last week I was chairing a sales meeting, during which we drank plenty of coffee and water. I made sure I peed before the meeting, but already after half an hour I felt a very strong urge to pee again. I was explaining figures and during my lecture my bladder felt worse and worse, and there was still no break in sight. After one hour I was unable to hold it any longer. While another delegate was speaking, I quickly left the meeting room and ran to the ladies' room. I lifted my miniskirt, lowered my pantyhose and let if flow. I peed constantly for almost two minutes, and the relief was unimaginable. Much to my embarassment, the meeting lasted finally for five hours and I had to leave the room twice more for peeing to avo! id peeing into my panties. Nobody else was going to the toilet during the meeting. As you can imagine, after the third time everybody was staring at me. It was so humiliating.

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