LOUISE - Hi! I'ts still remarkable you've never heard a woman poo in a public resroom, but I believe you! A visit to our ladies room at work would probably leave you astounded. Some of the women will go up to the sinks to wash up and fart right there! Yes, I am the lady who poos in car parks. It's usually the one at local supermarket. I open the door of the car to shield myself, squat down and poo. But yes, I've been seen on more than one occasion. It doesn't bother me - people seem embarrassed and try to avert their eyes. I'm so glad that you like to poo in the park! I'm a little bit more of an exhibitionist than you, I'm afraid, and instead of going to the bushes I just move off the path to the grassy bit and poo right there with all these people passing by! I've only done this twice in a year, mind you, and the first time a little boy said to his mother "look, that lady is going to the bathroom just like a dog!" The mother replied "she's a naughty and disgusting lady" and d! ragged him off! I understand why you hover. I've done the same if there's poo or pee on a seat. I usually half-squat high above the toilet and pee or poo. From that height the peeing sounds like a river flowing and the splashing from the poo sounds like depth charges! Well, it's great to hear from another lady poo enthusiast, Louise, and I look forward to more of your stories!

To FIZZ-Come on out to the woods and we can dump together sitting on a log !!As a matter of fact,i'm getting ready do bike out there now before the cramps start so i can take my time finding a spot to unload,but i know i'm gonna have to poo soon,i can feel it -Wish i could poo along with someone when i'm out there-would be fun
TO GIRL-yes,nice story of your foot long smooth turd.Would have liked to have seen that one come out-nothing like a real long one coming out your ass!Well,gotta go out biking to the woods-keep you all posted BYE

Hi Louise,

Bit of a poo report today -- I was busily working on one task or another and realized I needed to go. I didn't seem to have time to stop and go properly, and since I was wearing full-bottom panties for the first time in ages (I'm a thong-aholic) I had half-decided to fill them for the hell of it. In the end I just made time, but when I went I bent over the pot, thinking of your last park poo and wondering if I could do the same! But it felt a bit pressurized, I didn't want to spray everything, so I ended up having an ordinary sit-down turn-out. Still, it was "knobbly and well-formed" as our other British friends say, and while not very long it was a good inch thick, which is a little unusual for me. It slid out easily, and was very satisfactory. Now, if only I could do it outdoors in the sun somewhere!

Yes, Anne's group relief party by the bus was a stunner, and Vickie's loo-less day was another amazing experiment in what can be done when you reall! y try! I remember Sandra telling us about the time she pood in a shopping center car park, and it must have been pretty similar. Also Vickie in the park, just going like that ... I know what you mean, I don't think I'd be up to the challenge! On the nude beach I couldn't wee with folks any closer than about ten yards away, and even then it was a discrete sitting-type wee off the end of my towel. It would take guts to go like Vickie -- though I remember reading of a girl on Brighton beach sunning herself in a short dress, who simply had a wee off the end of her towel completely nonchalantly! Oh, and I envy your team-pees, Louise!

You did it again! You do me proud, I feel I've contributed to the birth of a lifestyle! Hm, getting interrupted is a strange sort of spice, you want it -- you don't want it -- you want it again... When I was trying hard to overcome shyness I once deliberately used a college bathroom which was under renewal and the partitions had been taken out! . I sat down for a wee completely exposed and started okay, but as soon as another girl came in I experienced a closure. She sat down and had a wee no problem, but I just dabbed dry and left, feeling frustrated. I've come a ways since then, but I've not "performed" often enough.

You let a little hit the floor? That's territory marking for real! Hehehe! When I shower I'll often have a little wee on the floor, just a few drops over the drain, its almost like a signature -- "I can do this." Otherwise I'm not real positive why I do it!

The lady in the States who uses the Venus symbol? A fun-loving motherly lady who discovered the joys of pee several years ago, and who I met on another forum. I remember her saying she had been putting up the symbol when hitting the urinals! Oh, there must be an awful LOT of urinal-using gals, and yes, wee'd fit right in with that crowd using the gents' at a game.

Heck, I knew by cyberspace a gal from a western university! who used the urinals by the college bar after basketball games, with her boyfriend. Eventually the whole cheerleader squad used it too, they had an agreement that when the girls needed a wee they could use the men's rather than going a long way to the nearest gals'. The men agreed to use the toilets when the gals were in there, and apparently it was quite a spectacle when a rather glad team all lifted their skirts and washed the wall. That was the revelation by which I learned it was biologically possible, and I still remember the sensation of unreality that went through me.

Yes, I have to agree. While a smelly urinal is a nasty thing, a clean one is a pleasure, and the funnels and hoses and bend-over things are ... I still can't figure them out. Is somebody being funny, or is the level of ignorance really this high? Shocking? Yes, the human mind will do anything but tackle a concept that goes against the grain. And that leads me back in a circle to the concept that ! the biological phantasm of the female urination posture is an artificial means for enforcing the segregation of the sexes. If women MUST have a box around them to perform a fundamental function, and men MUST do it with an audience, then the separation of the sexes in terms of activities and applications is more or less assured. Above all, never let girls know they can pee on a wall just like their brothers, or they might get the impression there's no fundamental difference between them. Next thing you know, they'll be wanting equal pay for equal work...

Politico-sociology -- sorry for the rant there!

Yes, if you can interest your mom and sis in giving it a go, that would be classic.

Steve's story -- the one with the group discussion of female urination? Yes, I read that one, but I got the feeling the lady present was not super-happy about it, like she didn't know exactly what to make of the ribald nature of the session... I hope she did indeed have a! good laugh, and that it was not in any way at her expense. Could Steve elaborate on that a bit?

There are lots of elegant female cast concrete statues... If you and Steve are handy with tools, you could ... drill a hole right through the statue at an angle to get the spray just right, then connect a hosepipe and ... wallah! One classical peeing female statue! It would need a bush arranged just so, to conceal the fact she'd have a hose apparently disappearing into her backside -- an ancient enema fan? Hahahaha!

Oh, there are few more innocent pleasures than lowering yourself into a luxurious hot bath, and letting it flow! Ahhhhhhh... Too long since I've done that!

Yes, the case of the girl stoned in the toilets is a case in point. An attendant is a good move, though all the same it means you can rarely have the pleasure of a quick pee actually without an audience. But maybe that's no bad thing given the consequences. What about male and female attend! ants doing equivalent jobs, given that it's a unisex room?

Louise, you're a strong girl, and a self-defense style is something that I personally would advocate. You're an adventuress as well, and maybe one day a little self-assertion may be in order (god forbid, but better safe than sorry.) You might at least think about it, and yes, it will be a way of life, a fulfilling and rewarding one, eventually. This is not to pressure you in any way, but perhaps Steve is right -- and you couldn't have a better teacher. Yes, it's difficult, but progress comes with practice.

Yes, our 'club' restroom would be a wonderful experience, and kinda spoil us for the real world. I could see us all meeting for dinner at the club from work, and holding till we get there to enjoy a free, open wee in a safe atmosphere.

I'll do my very best to write PV! In fact...

Nope, didn't work. I just went out in the yard, pulled my leggings down a bit at the front and had my l! ate night wee. It's been raining so everything is soaking anyway. Nice splatter but not enough control or pressure... And it was cold! It'll take practice, but it'll be fun!

I'll process your pilot membership in our women's club!



Brad: Thank you for your recent post about your monster dump during your recent spring break. I enjoyed reading all the detail. Do you or any other guys out there have other interesting stories about dumping or pissing with your fraternity brothers? I miss the kidding around and good friendships of my fraternity days (about 5 years ago). Most of the guys were real uninhibited particularly after a night of boozing. The bathroom stalls in my house had no doors. There were sinks opposite the stalls with mirrors above the sinks. Often while shaving or cleaning my teeth, I would converse with a fraternity brother while he shat. I also dumped there often and enjoyed kidding around with buddies while they were at the sinks or waiting in line for the three stalls.

Anne (Bus driver)
Adrian, as regards the small coach, most of these dont have toilets fitted and it was only a small party of women from a club. I dont think they would have paid for a larger luxury coach. Anyway, there was no problem. As you say, when there are mixed gender groups then it is problematical but funnily enough I have found it is the MEN in the 45 plus age group who are the most shy when there are women present on the coach, the women dont seem to mind as much. The younger generation in the teens to mid 40s dont seem to be that bothered at all. I have brought groups of that age back and when they have asked me to stop for a "natural break" both women and men have gone together behind the same wall or into the same bushes etc. So is this a generational matter, with those born in the immediate post war generation and before being more coy and private than those born from the 1970s onwards? I also find that having a hot drink does enocurage the need to defecate. Usually my motions a! re just right, firm to easy, a bit knobbly to begin with then get smoother. The jobbies usually come out slowly but surely with a steady pressure, a good , OH! AH" NNN! and it starts to slide out. I would however rather be a bit constipated than have the hated squitters and pass a load of loose mushy poo that disintegrates as it comes out, YEUCH! Happily, I dont often suffer from this unless I have eaten or drank something bad, my poos are usally nice an solid and formed Im glad to say.

On that score, I read Madman/ Joe NYs later posting and Im delighted that he has come round to accepting his big girlfriend Melissa's big jobbies. She sounds really gorgeous, to die for as they say, so if you can learn to appreciate the big logs she passes and look on this as another part of her personna so much the better. Ask her if you can go into the toilet with her, you never know, she may really like you to do so.

Girl, Ive done big poos like yours which just seem to ke! ep coming out and yes, its a lovely feeling isnt it? I really feel good after laying a big log like that too.

As a matter of interest, I wonder how big the largest authenticated human turd ever passed was? I did read that 102 days was the world constipation record but the book didnt say what was eventually passed, and was it done normally or did the person need an enema or laxatives whicb of course would make it null and void. What is the biggest turd readers have either seen or done, and if they know, who did it? A few ground rules though. I mean the biggest single turd, not a load of small poos making up a large load (sorry Coprologist). Again as Moira explained, on the thickness issue I mean cross section or diameter, not circumference or measurement round. The biggest I have ever passed was a huge 18 inch whopper that was nearly three inches thick at the very start but tapered down to a more easily passed 2 inches. It was shaped like a big brown carrot and took a ! lot of effort. I had been in bed with a bad chest cold and did this huge jobbie when I got up at the end of the week and started to move around again. I just hadnt needed while laid up in bed. Just as well I did it in the toilet at home. As it just wouldnt flush away I had to remove it into a bucket and I buried it in the compost heap in the garden. Anyway folks, I would love to read about your biggest turd stories.

Finally, does anyone out there know how the British Government's new law about monitoring people's e-mails and internet use will affect this type of webpage? I think this law is called RIP and will force ISPs to have an electronic "black box" on their severs enabling the authorities to monitor private citizens e-mails etc . We Brits dont have the same safeguards for free speech etc that you Americans have in your constitiution, we have no "First Amendment" we dont even have a proper writen Constitution. So if any reader knows how this will effect British p! osters to this page, please let us know. I would hate to have to stop posting here when this law comes in at Autumn this year.

Louise, I have found that (field) hockey, netball and women's football cricket and rugby teams are very open about their natural functions. I suppose all mucking in as part of a team in physical activities makes people less prudish.

COPROLOGIST - Yeah, having a urinal in the home would be
good for me to practice in, and it is lots of fun to use
a thing that is actually designed just for guys.
Really though, I bet PV and other girls who like to invade
the men's toilets would say that the half the real
thrilling naughty fun is from actually being there in the
men's room. Do you see?
Also what page is that message on that you are talking
about? I did not see it.

Well Goldgirl~ I have to say that I am glad that you appreciate my feelings about your postings, because what I say is true. One of the true reasons I love your posts so much though is the fact that I lead such a bland and ordinary life. I see posts made by people such as yourself and Becca as a way of channeling into my inner self that is crying to get out from under my society entrenched morel code. I truly envy you people that do have such barriers and are free to express yourselves in such ways. Unfortunately, because of the barriers I stated above, I have only a few scant stories that pail in comparison to those written by the individuals on this page.
I look forward to more of your posts Goldgirl~ and always shall support you against those without your sense of adventure.

Back to the shadow world, ciao.

kim & scott
hello this is kim & scott again. TO SCOTT (UK)-you said you like to see people vomit and have dierrehea but you dont like having those things yourself ?that is pretty strange.WHATS THE FASCINATION???and please forgive me I am a sweet girl and definetly not trying to be rude or anything but what you like- most readers here will find YUCKY!! no offense but I do think the forum you came from is the one you should stay at ok? TO MADMAN_ your not trying to act nice now about your girls huge bowel movements clogging the toilets because many people here did not like what you said are you? AND TO LOUISE- I know that you and pv can pee standing up in the male urinal.but I dont know if you ever had a log while standing up over the toilet. I do this sometimes LOUISE!! when my boyfriend scott and I are alone in the house and I feel like I have to have one of my usual enormous logs . Scott & I strip off our clothes like we usually do as scott watches me stand up over the toilet. ! I then bend my ass down slightly as I balance myself on my toes(And do a sexy pose for scotts benefit) as I crash out a huge turd that lands in the toilet water with a big boyfriend scott goes ape with excitement whenever I do this!! and we usually end up having GREAT!! sex afterwards. Maybe you can try this with steve LOUISE?? I just wanted to show you and everyone else there are different ways you can pass a huge log other than sitting on the toilet seat.I just thought I would tell you about this LOUISE because you and PV have shown there are different ways people can pee. especially females,peeing like you guys did in the male urinal. just thought I ought to tell you about this. take care now. from kim

No Name Grrl
Hi!! Does anyone remember me?? I know that teenaged girl would! I am the girl with the dream about Nick and Brian[Backstreet Boys]going to the bathroom.

I think it was Shypam that said she really had to poop after she went to a donut shop right? Well that same thing happened to my sister! She has a job at Dennys and I met her more than halfway there. She wanted to go to Tim Hortons for pop and donuts. I just wanted pop by itself. She got Coke...actually so did I. Then after we left..a few minutes after we left...I was saying parts of the movie "Breakfast Club" and she was like "Ohh no!" and I asked her whats wrong and she reeeally had to poo!! I guess it was the drink but then I was prefectly fine. No sign of #2 at all. She squished in her butt cheeks and was trying to find a store. Unfortunately we were walking so we couldnt find one as much. She was probably about 96% close to going in her pants but then fortunately we went to Boston Pizza and she talked to the peo! ple there and went off to do her deed. Like 10 minutes later she came out saying she made a big big stink and lots of noises! LIke I needed to know THAT!

Goldgirl...I think your stories are actually cool! I think it would be gross for the other people who were in the hotel room after but I still think your stories were cool. I usually pee in the toilet but Ive peed somewhere else before too like sometimes the shower. And somewhere where most people would never pee...on a FERRIS WHEEL!!!
My mom said that once when I was about 4 or 5...I really had to pee and we were in this amusement park. We couldnt find any bathrooms because everyone of them was full so we hhad to wait. I really had to pee!! My mom said that for now we would go on the ferris wheel and hopefully there would be more bathrooms free. I couldnt wait anymroe and was squirming around to keep it from coming. Mom said "Well...I dont think I should do this but...honey why dont you pull down your pants" I d! id it and she picked me up and put my butt on the edge of the cart and I peed off the edge!! I didnt think my mom would do that because Im sure alot of people would be complaining plus wouldnt my pee land on peoples heads??
People who like outdoor #2s...I did it!!! I saw someone go to the bathroom outside!! I never did it in my life and still dont plan on it but I did stay when someone had to go outside. It was a young guy probably in his late teens or early twenties. He was riding his bike with some of his friends I guess. It was like 9:30 am and it was in some path or something. Then the guy stopped his bike and said to his friends "Listen. You guys go ahead I gotta tak a shit" "Here?" one of his friends asked "Here" he said. "Okay" his friends shrugged and they went off laughing about him or something Im not sure. Then the one guy looked around to see if anyone was coming. After he knew no one was there he undid his belt and slid his shorts down to his ankles and squatt! ed. I saw "it" hanging there and actually SAW the stream of pee come out of it and land loudly on the grass. Then he kind of shuffled around and he turned so I could see his butt better. I really wanted to leave but it was like something was forcing me to watch. Then I heard him grunt silently under his breath and I could actually see his butt hole open a bit and go in and out which looked kind of weird then the tip of the poo was coming out and kept coming and coming everytime he strained. He exhaled and breathed in again and grunted longer this time and the poo fell and made a thud in the grass. Then he stayed there for a few minutes and then grunted again and another tip came out slower this time. He kept pushing and pushing until the even longer poo landed on top of the other one. Then a really small one came flying out of his butt and then he swore because there wasnt any toilet paper. So he just ripped a bunch of grass and wiped that way. That was the first time I ever s! aw someone goo poo outside!!

Well I got to go. Bye!

Stinger - i'm so glad you like my posts! i'm afraid Chris was my first pal on here, but there's always room for more! besides, i'm not one to meet up with anyone i don't know in real life. but i'm so very glad you love my stories! keep enjoying!

Po0h Bear - great story! i'm glad you posted again!

Shy Pam - aw, that poor kid! i bet that mom felt silly for assuming her daughter just had to pee! you know what happens when you assume!

Barry - actually, i do think it's fun to pee in a cup at the doc's. but the doc's is one of my least favorite places to be, so it's the only fun thing about it!

i got adventurous with emy again this weekend! she and i were at a mini-mart, and we both had to pee. we both went into the women's bathroom and locked the door. the bathroom only had a single toilet, so we were the only people in there. right away emy asked, "are we gonna pee in the sink?" i smiled and said, "now what would give you that idea?" of course s! he knew i was teasing, but i did have another idea. "why don't we use the wastebasket?" i asked her, and she giggled and said, "yeah!"

the wastebasket didn't have a cover on it or anything, so i knew it would be an easy thing to pee in. i asked emy, "do you want to go first?" and she said that i could go first. she's so cute, she always likes me to make sure things are ok before she does them too. i took off my shorts and panties. i straddled my body above the top of basket and relaxed. soon we could hear the soft patter of my pee against the paper towels in the wastebasket. the towels were getting wetter and wetter with pee as i stood there over the wastebasket letting my pee flow right into it. i stood there peeing for about 30 seconds until i finally finished. i then let out a little fart as i finished peeing. emy was starting to dance around from having to pee, and i could tell she was glad when i was done.

as i put my panties and shorts back on, emy took! hers off. then she said, "bridget, i can't get up there, i'm too short!" i smiled and picked her up. i carefully held her over the top of the wastebasket. she was heavy, but not heavy enough that i would drop her. emy sighed as she finally let her body relax. i began to hear the soft patter of her pee as it ran down to the wet paper towels that i had peed on. then her pee began too get stronger and was spraying the side of the plastic wastebasket. she peed for about 20 seconds, and then she slowly came to a stop. she let out a little fart too. i could feel it poof against my hands as i held her. then she said, "done," and i put her down.

we looked into the wastebasket and saw the soaking wet paper towels inside. emy put her clothes back on while i threw a couple more towels on top of the wet ones. we then left the mini-mart and walked home.

hope you enjoyed my story,

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

I have a story I thought some of you might enjoy. You see for the last, like week or so I haven't been able to poo. Well, of course I was at work when I finally got the felling. I tried to wait 'til I got home so my boyfriend could be there with me(he likes to watch while I go). But then my stomache started to REALLY hurt! So I got someone to cover for me and ran to the potty. Well it came right away, and(get this) it came out so smooth and just KEPT coming! It was atleast a foot long(no joke)! Well after that I felt better than I have in days. Man, I felt so good!
I was just sitting there on the potty and it kept coming out. I got up and was so curious that I had to look. It was really like over a foot and smooth, like silky. I felt so good that I was boucing around the rest of the night. Well, maybe no one is interested in this but I just wanted to share it incase.

Hello everybody!

SANDRA - No, really, I have not even once heard a woman
having a poo in the toilets in the building where I work.
Well, the women there are really a bit inhibited about
going to the toilet and stuff. Most seem to have little
bladders and just pee in little trickles, and I bet they
try to have a shit before they come to work in the morning
so maybe they are a bit hungup about it. I think they wee
and poo without enjoying it and just want it done as quick
as they can.
I bet they must want to shit at other times, but I can not
believe they actually like doing it and I think they just
do not like being heard. It maybe they just wait till
nobody else is in the room before they will do it.
Well, I do not stay in the women's toilets for a long time
of course hehehe, so I guess I am just in there at the wrong
time to hear it going on.
I hover above the seat if I shit away from home. I do not
! like all that putting paper down on the seat and stuff. I do
not care who hears the splash, but I do not poo at work very
often at all, maybe only a few times a year. Really, I now
prefer to shit outdoors in the park if I really need to go.
There is something I just love about taking my knickers off
and having a squat behind the bushes and pushing a log out of
my bare bum.
How many times a day do you poo, Sandra? I do not always go
every day. Sometimes I can go for about 3 or 4 days, then I
can suddenly feel my bum fill up with a big one. When that
happens I really enjoy pushing it out.
Are you the lady who has had a poo in a car park and someone
saw? I have never done that, I do not think I could be brave
enough. I have been seen having a wee but I have never had a
poo in a car park.

ANNE THE BUS DRIVER - I am a member of a netball team, and a
few times before a match we have had a group wee behind some
! bushes. It must have been a real sight for a guy who saw us
once all lined up squatting with our sport skirts lifted and
our knickers around our knees. I think that was the time when
one of us was having a dump as well.
That must have been quite a peeing session when you all got
off the coach like that! I have never been on a coach party
like that, I must be missing something! The nearest to that
I can think of was when I was in a group of other girls and
we invaded the men's to use the urinals!

GOLDGIRL - Hi! Yeah, it was fun to 'write' in the sand. Go on,
have a go at pee-writing 'GOLD' in the sand. It maybe you do
not have enough wee in you to write 'GIRL' as well. Prove me

VICKI - Hi!!! That was a brilliant story about your toilet
free Saturday. I think you are very gutsy to just wee while
people could see like that! I know I have done it too, but
that was on a toilet free nude beach and I did! not mind because
other people did it. I think it would be hard for me to do
just sunbathing in the park like that! My boyfriend Steve says
younger women are becoming a little more open about weeing than
their older sisters. I'm 26 now, how old are you?
I know Steve will just love your story. It beats what I did last
Saturday, and that was to wee several times outside during the
day and the evening when we were out. I mostly had my wees in
alleys while Steve was there, and he pulled his cock out and had
a wee as well sometimes.

PV - Yeah, absolutely, I know just what you mean about the
urinals. You know, today I did it again, and this time when I
heard footsteps outside passing the door that I would be found,
and I was just finishing my wee just then! To celebrate I let
a few drops fall on the floor just in front of the urinal. The
floor was dry but I thought if the guys can do that then so can
I! Hehehe. Who! is the lady in the States who is marking her
territory? How many more of us are there I wonder?
How amazing your queuing for the urinals story was. I bet you
and me would be at home among those girls!
You are so to the point! Weeing while standing *is* easy, but so
many women just don't know it because it is a taboo to think of
anything but the sit down position of course. Urinals for women
are something that should not be a shocking idea, it is true. I
know that it was tried about 30 or 40 years ago but the shapes
and odd ideas about funnels and things put women off. You and I
both know that a man's urinal is good enough. I think a lot of
girls and younger women would be okay about giving it a go, but
it maybe other women would not want to play because they would
think it was indecent even if there were partitions or something
to keep it private. They could do that, couldn't they?
Hehe must try your idea with my mum! and sister. I bet they would
like to give it a go!
Hehe have you read Steve's funny story?
I bet there *must* be a statue of a female weeing *somewhere*.
You know, I wish I could get Steve one for a present or
something. I know he would like it!
You wee in the bath too? Yay, doesn't it feel good to just sit
there and let it go?
Yeah, I think the unisex toilet idea may not be a very good one
if we did not have a lady attendant. When I was out with Steve
on Saturday night I went into the ladies, and I passed an open
stall with a young girl sitting in it sort of semi-conscious with
her knickers around her ankles. I went into the stall next to it,
had a wee, and when I was walking out she still looked the same.
I did not know if she was just drunk or if it was drugs.
I told Steve what I saw, and he told me to tell the female door
staff and get them to take a look as it was their job. So it
could have been worse f! or that girl if it had been a unisex room
without a lady attendant. I would not use one without Steve being
in there with me. I know Steve does not like me to talk about his
Kung Fu but I once saw him forced to use it and it was no contest,
so I would only feel safe in a unisex toilet if I was with him.
He says I should start training in his style because it would give
me confidence and it would become a way of life, but I am not sure.
His best friend visits to spar and it looks very difficult.
I think Steve is right when he says that the people in England are
not ready yet for the unisex toilet because they have not grown up
enough. I think you are right too when you talk about how the
unisex toilet could be. It would be nice, wouldn't it?
I will be sure to tell you about my next men's room invasions,
don't you worry!
If you have the chance, try writing a big 'PV' in the sand! Hehehe!

Your women's club member,

RK I think that people get DIAMETER that is the measurement from side to side and what I, George, our friend Tony and others tend to use, with CIRCUMFERENCE which is the measurement all the way round a cylinder, which is effectively what a solid turd is, a cylinder of poo. If everyone sticks to cross sectional width, that is diameter then we will all agree with what we are saying. I have not yet seen a turd that was 4 inches across, at least not passed by a human, though I did see an elephant passing a load of big balls at the zoo which must have been that thick. I have personnaly passed one 3 inches thick when I was very constipated and it came out as an 8 inch jobbie rather than the longer turds I usually pass and very compacted and knobbly. My ring sure throbbed after dropping that big lump which nade a tremendous "KUR-SPOOL-LOOMP!" as it dropped into the pan. Although it wasn't as long as the jobbies I usually pass it did take a few flushes to go away no doubt owing to it! s density. My normal jobbies are about 2 1/2 inches thick and 12 to 14 inches long. I would add that the rectum is capable of expansion, especially the female back passage, so can accomodate turds thicker than its lumen (width) and wider than the sphincter. If its really too big and hard, one can get an anal fissure which while it usually heals quite quickly is rather painful. In such circumstances use vasaline (petroleum jelly or KY Jelly to ease its passage, or take some Liquid Parafin to lubricate the bowel , although this does take about 8 hours to work its way through the system. Kayli, its just as well that the very start of a turd is usually thinner than the majority of it. This allows the sphincter to stretch to accomodate the turd. Indeed the jobbies I find difficult and uncomfortable to pass are those when I pass a smaller lump which does have this chamfered start but there is more up my back passage and when say an hour or so later I pass this it has a very fat sta! rt and my ring has to really stretch to let it come out. When I was at school we used to say "Why is a jobbie tapered at the end? So your arse doesnt close with a bang!"

Anne, I remember a collective pooing event when I was a student. Four of us girls had gone for a walk in the Trossachs area of Scotland, (Scotland's Lakeland). Now at one point we had eaten a picnic lunch and, as often happened about half an hour or so later we all felt the need for a motion. Finding a wall off the path we squatted down, dropped our jeans and panties and started to do our poos. All of us were quite well built girls and we passed 4 big whoppers. Now what was comical was that as we were squatting doing our motions a couple of young lads who had been fishing came by. The look on their faces was classic. Now we didn't mind, just got on with it. I did however hear one lad say to the other "Wow, did you see those big fat arses?" He replied, no wonder they did such big jobbies with bums that! size!"

I might have guessed that my post advocating urinals in the home would provoke a negative reaction. But it would be wonderful for people like Louise and other females who want to practise peeing standing up. They would not have to find a vacant men's room....

TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-Boy,are you lucky you were only 14 when you did this little trick.If you were older,you would have really been busted-I don't know if i would go to those lengths to get into an outhouse pit to see others poo,no matter how old i was!I was entertained by the story however!That must have been a great view!
TO JEFF A-Wild story with the 2 girls dumping-Nasty lil' bitches huh,you should have peed on them LOL ! Sounds like a nice view,though.Don't you just love when women really let out a good load!Why can't i run into this in the woods!Lucky guy!
TO JANE-Boy you sound like you can rwally dump,girl-try doing some of those in the woods.Like your stories always!Keep 'em up!
Did a nice watermelon dump yesterday in the woods.Had been biking for a few hours and was way out in the woods and felt the cramps start and started looking for a spot and pretty soon,i had to go real bad and got undressed and dug a hole cause i couln't find a log to perch on and as ! i was squatting towards the hole,my asshole exploded with all this shredded wheat poop before i got all the way down.It was over in about 3 secs!Half of it was outside the hole and the other half sort of was in the hole.All mush,and a sizable pile too.Then i stood up and walked around for a bit and after about 5 mins,i felt another urge.So i went up against a tree and squirted out a stream of liquid shit against the tree.That felt good.then i felt done.This hot weather makes me have soft stools.Been like this for a few days.It still feels good to go though as long as it's not the runs!I hate that!More stuff later as i poo in the woods almost daily!Hoping to find a poo buddy out there to share a good dump in the wild!BYE

Anne (the bus driver). I share your view about the Dome, namely that it's a hideous waste of money and space. Did you find out if there were any decent toilets there, by the way?

That stop off on the coach trip sounds like it was fun. I guess when one or two people expressed the need to "spend a penny" the idea soon spread to other pasengers, by way of suggestion. If you'd stopped off at a pub on the way back it's hardly surprising that there were a number of fairly full bladders on board. You could only have made that stop off though with it being an all ladies party. Had it been a mixed group, such communal relief would have been impossible. People would have been to embarrased and the English conventions we have simply wouldn't have allowed it. I guess you'd have had to make separate stops in different places for men and women or faced a fair amount of mopping up on the bus when you got back. I have to say I'm rather surprised you were issued with a bus ! that had no toilet for what must have been a fairly lengthy trip.

I really enjoyed your account of the big jobbie you did yesterday morning. I'd certainly have been glad to rub your ???? - if it would have helped. Constipation can be a nuisance sometimes. Still you did a lot when it finally came with all those constipotatoes and a big nine inch sausage. You must have felt really better for it. I find that sometimes having something to eat and some hot fluid to drink loosens things up and makes motions a lot easier. Usually I go for a wee first thing and have a motion after breakfast when I've had a couple of mugs of tea and cereal or toast. Maybe you could try the same thing. I find it works most days.

Thanks for your kindness which, as always, is much appreciated. I'm feeling much better now.

Nicola (England). I enjoyed your post. Keep up the good work and keep those big motions coming.

Best regards

I took my most memorable dump during a cross-country trip to Florida last spring break. Me and my three fraternity buddies, Steve, Matt and Mike stopped overnight at a motel. I had been constipated for 5 days. Next morning after breakfast, I tried to dump, but nothing came. I was on the toilet for about 5 minutes grunting and groaning. Matt came to the bathroom door (which I had left open) and asked if I was OK. I told him that I had not taken a shit for 5 days. He told me that he could cure that. We went back to the room. He produced a torpedo-shaped suppository from his bag. I was reluctant to use it, but did not want to be constipated for the rest of spring break. I had never used a suppository before. He showed me how to insert it into my asshole with the other guys shouting encouragement. Matt told me that I should wait at least 20-25 minutes to let the suppository give the best result. The four of us were shooting the breeze. After about 10 minutes, ! I felt rumbling in my stomach and the need to shit. Matt encouraged me to hold on. After another 10 minutes, I could hold it no longer. I dashed for the bathroom and Matt followed me sitting on the edge of the bathtub opposite the bowl. Now I know why shome guys compare shitting with giving birth! I thought that my asshole was going to be torn apart, but eventually I passed several large turds that hit the pan with large plops. I was finished after about 15 minutes. Surprisingly, there was no stink, probably because I was constipated. Matt wanted to see the results of his treatment. I got off the pot and the bowl was full of long, thick, brown, hard turds. Matt said that he told me that he would cure me and yelled for the other guys to come see. Steve whistled when he looked into the pot and Mike said he now knew what they meant when they called someone full of shit. After we got to Florida I was cured of constipation. I guess all the beer and fast food did the tr! ick. When we got back to the fraternity after spring break, I had to put up with a lot of good-natured kidding from the other guys. The story had spead. I have since been know as the champion shitter of the fraternity. That was one hell of a dump!

Gruntly Bogwell, thanks for your latest post. I love your stories. You seem to enjoy the same things I love to hear about, and you have a writer's gift for describing them, which makes 'em specially exciting to read, for me anyway.

Buzzy, I just love your posts always and I think we would make a great pair - Fizz and Buzz! I wish we could crap together in my garden in a secret spot.. I would love to watch you and have you watch me.

Nicola - love your posts. Also Tony and Jeff A. and many others. This is a really special site - because, we all might feel kinda weird having this interest if we hadn't 'met' others with the same feelings. I definitely felt weird for having them before I found this site. In real life I haven't ever met one other person who had, or admitted to, this fascination. But at least I have YOU all! And I'm so glad to have found the site.

I have a very funny story that happened while i was at work on Thursday morning. I hadn't seen this one employee for a few weeks, she said"I haven't seen you in along time, last time i saw you, you were a little baby and you peed in my lap." Im like what are you talking about and i haven't even known her that long, infact i've know her about a month....I guess she was just kidding, it was funny though. No pooping storys to post on,expect last week it seemed like i was going daily...Now it has seemed to stop.

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