Yesterday I was visiting with Jeannie and Janice, the women I was with on the camping trip I described in my last post. Yeah, after watching Jeannie piss and hearing Janice talk about doing it, I just canít stay away from them especially when their husbands arenít around. I know Iím bad, but I canít help it.

I even got a little thrill while I was visiting with them. At one point Jeannie went into the kitchen to finish cooking something when Janice and I were in the living room. Once Jeannie left the room, Janice got up and excused herself.

Of course, I knew what she was going to do when she walked toward the hall that led to the bathroom. My heart beat fast as I kept a close eye on her and saw her walk into the bathroom. The moment she shut the door, I quickly scooted down the hall and stood outside the door so I could hear Janice when she began to either piss or shit.

I wasnít disappointed. Shortly after I got to the door I heard the sound of pants and panties being pulled down. Then, just seconds later, I heard very tinkly piss dropping into the toilet with a distinctly hissy sound. I wished there was a keyhole or some other way of me looking into the bathroom as I listened to Janice taking a piss, but there was no such way for me get an actual look although, for what itís worth, I did crouch down and look through the small space under the bathroom door and saw Janiceís two feet on tip toes in front of the toilet, facing away as she sat on the toilet and peed. I really wished I could have seen more. Instead, I had to content myself with the beautiful sound of Janiceís piss and imagine her with her pants down, sitting on the toilet and pissing.

After about a minute of the soft tinkling, the sound stopped and I heard the sound of the toilet paper roll being pulled and a piece of toilet paper being pulled off so Janice could wipe her pussy. Then I heard the toilet flush. As quickly as possible, I scooted back to the living room so Janice wouldnít know I had been just outside the bathroom door while she was pissing.

While I was visiting with Janice and Jeannie over at Jeannieís house, the two women were sexy and flirtatious as usual and were constantly telling me they had to find a girl in Vietnam to fix me up with. We talked about a lot of things, much of it sexual, but then we started getting into a conversation about going to the bathroom and they told me something I know the people on this forum would appreciate.

What they said was that something theyíve noticed in womenís bathrooms is that American women fart a lot louder than Vietnamese women. Now, I donít think Iíve ever heard a white American woman fart (Iím sure Iíd remember it if I had heard such a thing), but peeking through my parentsí bathroom window allowed me to watch quite a few Vietnamese women pissing and shitting and I can tell you that I have heard some pretty loud farts from some of those women. (As I mentioned in an earlier post, it is a frosted window with no curtains that gives you a full right side view from outside of whoever is sitting on the toilet with no risk of getting caught for looking since no one can see you from inside the bathroom. Also thereís a little vent below the window that allows you to hear whatís going on inside the bathroom).

I donít even know where to start in discussing all Iíve seen through that window, but Iíll at least give you some highlights. Iíve watched my older sister in that window quite a few times in the past. (She now lives in Puyallup, Washington, about a 5 hour drive west of Spokane, so I donít get to even see her that often anymore). For some reason, my favorite memory of her pissing was one time a few years ago when she was still in her 20s. I remember when she walked into the bathroom that time she was in a yellow summer dress she looked very nice in. While I was watching outside the window she walked over to the toilet, lifted her skirt, pulled down her white panties, sat down on the toilet, and began pissing. Her pissing sounded strong, but still very feminine and tinkly. I think she pissed for close to a minute, then wiped her pussy, got up, pulled up her panties, and lowered her skirt before flushing the toilet. I loved the way she looked as she sat on the toilet - ve! ry feminine - and, of course, I got a good view of her ass and thighs.

My favorite memory of her shitting? Well, that must have been one time just a little bit after my previous observation of her. It was just before she was going to go out on a date with the guy who later became her husband. She was dressed really nice, in a green pantsuit when she suddenly charged into the bathroom and pulled down her pants and white panties in a frenzy, giving me a quick but good look at her pussy hair. It was obvious she was desperate and I knew I was going to see more than her usual pissing. As her pants and panties slid down she quickly sat down on the toilet. As soon as her nicely shaped and completely exposed ass touched the toilet seat I heard the most unbelievably loud and explosive fart imaginable. As she violently farted, her face looked like it was in agony and she held her stomach. Iíll bet a massive amount of shit must have come out of her along with that fart. Through the vent I could smell the shit and, believe me, the stench was almost! overwhelming.

After the explosion, she continued to sit on the toilet and I heard some very tinkly piss come out of her. When the piss stopped she still sat there as though she was waiting to see if any more shit was going to come out of her. After maybe 5 minutes, she finally wiped her ass several times - it must have been really dirty - and also wiped her pussy once. Then she pulled her panties and pants back up and flushed the toilet.

When her date came by about 15 minutes later to pick her up, I wondered what he would have thought if he could have seen what I had just seen. I also wondered what he would have done if he knew I had been spying on his girlfriend that way. Every time I see the guy, now that heís my brother-in-law, I still wonder what heíd think if he knew my secret.

Now that my younger sister has also left Spokane (Sheís a student at the University of Washington in Seattle - also about a 5 hour drive west of Spokane), I donít get to see her too often anymore. However, while she was living in my parentís house, I saw her go to the bathroom many times.

I think my favorite memory of her pissing happened just before she left for college. It was getting dark and I was out in the back yard. Suddenly, the light went on in the bathroom and there was my younger sister walking up to the toilet. I had pissed in the toilet maybe 10 minutes earlier so the seat was up. Of course, that wasnít going to work for my sister, so she pulled the seat down. Then she turned around with her back facing the toilet and pulled down her bluejeans and her white panties, giving me an excellent look at her pussy hair moments before she sat down on the toilet and began pissing.

Shortly after her bare butt touched the toilet seat, I heard the tinkling sound of the piss coming out of her pussy. As she sat there and peed, she pulled off a small piece of toilet paper from the roll, holding it over her lap as she was peeing. Her head was bent slightly forward and she looked down at lap while she was peeing. She was wearing a white t-shirt that did not get in the way of my great view of her beautiful bare ass and thighs. As she sat there and peed, I thought my younger sister looked really cute. I remember thinking to myself that any guy who got her as a girlfriend was going to be really lucky.

When she finished peeing after about a minute, she wiped her pussy and pulled back up her pants before flushing the toilet. After she left the bathroom, I couldnít stop thinking about how lucky I was to have an opportunity like that to watch my younger sister take a piss, which I had also done many times previously.

The time I watched my younger sister take a shit that I find myself thinking about most often happened a few years earlier, while she was in high school. She walked into the bathroom one night while I was outside the window. It was pretty late and she was wearing her pajamas. As she pulled down her pajama pants and sat down on the toilet, I figured I was just going to see her take one last piss for the night before she went to bed.

As she sat on the toilet, I heard the usual tinkly sound of her pissing, but I also heard several plopping sounds - no farts - as her turds popped out of her anus and dropped into the toilet. I was also close enough to the window vent that I smelled a definite shit smell. The plopping sounds of her shit didnít last very long. Her pissing, too, stopped after less than a minute. She then sat on the toilet about a minute longer, probably waiting to see if anything else would come out of her ass. When nothing more did come out, she wiped her ass and also wiped her pussy before flushing the toilet, pulling up her pants and leaving the bathroom. Then I went to bed with a great deal to think about that night.

Iíve seen my mom go to the bathroom through that window many times, too. One time I saw her piss that I like to review in my mind happened a few years ago. She came into the bathroom and pulled down her pants and her tan colored panties. At that moment I got a nice view of her pussy hair.

With her pants down and her butt and thighs completely exposed, she sat down on the toilet and began pissing with a really hissy and tinkly sound. Her legs were spread slightly apart and her head was bent quite a bit forward, probably watching the piss come out of her pussy.

After a little over a minute, the hissy, tinkly sound of her piss stopped. She took some toilet paper and dabbed her pussy with it before flushing, pulling up her panties and pants before leaving the bathroom.

Iíve seen my mom shit many times, too. One time I particularly like to remember also happened a few years ago. She had just come back from Sunday Mass and was wearing her best dress. When I saw her almost running toward the bathroom, I knew I had to get out into the backyard and look through the bathroom window.

I ran out to the bathroom window. Just as I got to the window I saw her in front of the toilet, her back facing the toilet, lifting up her dress, pulling down her panties, and sitting down on the toilet.

At first I heard a little very tinkly piss, then I saw her face turn to agony, and I heard her make a grunt. She really looked like she was in pain and I could tell she was trying to push out the shit very hard.

Then, after maybe a minute, I heard a pretty loud fart and some plopping sounds. I also heard my mom sigh as though it must have been a real relief. A few more smaller farts and plopping sounds followed. Then, probably convinced that there was nothing left to come out of her ass, she wiped her ass several times and also gave her pussy one wipe before flushing the toilet, pulling her panties up and her skirt down, and flushing the toilet.

Another woman I got to watch go to the bathroom through that window was my older brotherís Filipina girlfriend, Avelina. Avelina didnít come around the house too often since my parents and my older sister didnít approve of my brother going out with any women who werenít Vietnamese. Eventually my brother broke up with her due to family pressures. Too bad because Avelina was great looking and I would have loved to have had more opportunities to view her bodily functions. However, on one of her rare visits to the house, I did get lucky.

Avelina and my brother were going to go out somewhere and she was dressed in a really nice pants suit. The whole time she was in the house I kept a close eye on her. When she started walking toward the bathroom, I got out into the backyard and saw the light go on in the bathroom just as I got in front of the window. My heart was beating so fast that I almost felt like I was going to have a heart attack.

Avelina walked over to the toilet, pulled down the seat and pulled down her pants and her green panties. As she did that I got a great look at her pussy hair and I felt really jealous of my brother - now that I had actually seen what he was getting. I also wondered what he would have thought if he knew how I was peeking on his girlfriend. I also wondered if he had ever watched her go to the bathroom.

Avelina then sat down on the toilet and began pissing. Her piss sounded very feminine and tinkly. I thought she looked really pretty as she was sitting there pissing. Although her pants suit jacket covered the upper part of her thighs, I still had a real good view of her ass and thighs, which were really nice. Her bare flesh was much darker than the skin color of Vietnamese people. I thought she was really sexy.

Just after she sat down and began pissing, Avelina took a piece of toilet paper and held it over her lap the whole time she was taking a piss. Mostly, she just looked straight ahead as she pissed. She pissed for well over a minute. Toward the end her tinkling stopped, but then it started over again for a few more drops before she was finished. Then she took the toilet paper, wiped her pussy, pulled up her panties and pants and flushed the toilet. Wish I had many more stories about watching her go to the bathroom, but that was the only opportunity draw her into the bathroom.

After working with my sister for a few hours, I saw the white girl walk toward the bathroom. As quickly as I could, I got out in front of the window so I wouldn't miss anything. The girl, who was wearing blue jeans and a denim jacket, was just starting to unbuckle her jeans as I got to the window.

She pulled down her pants and white panties and I got a nice look at her pussy hair - light brown and so different from the dark pubic hair of Asian women. Her nice ass and thighs were fully exposed as she sat down on the toilet and began to pee with her head bent forward a little. Her piss made a nice hissing sound. As I watched her pee, I wondered if she had any idea how nice she looked.

When she was done after a little more than a minute, she took some toilet paper, wiped her pussy, and pulled up her panties and her pants. I really wish I had more stories to tell about that girl, but that was the only time she ever came over to our house. Damn!

Of course, I have many more stories about what Iíve seen through that bathroom window, but if I tried telling all of those stories in one post that post would have to be as humongous as some of the turds that get described on this forum. Anyhow, these stories are certainly some of the highlights for me and some of the stories I most like to review in my mind. I often wonder how someone with my interests ever got so lucky as to have access to a window like the one at my parentsí house.

TO HARRY (PACIFIC NORTHWEST): Sorry it took me so long to reply to you. Iíve been to Hellís Canyon and I think itís a really great place. However, Hellís Canyon is not where there camping trip I described on my last post took place. Instead, my camping trip took place down river from Hellís Canyon, near the Lower Granite Dam in Washington state.

Marie -Louise
I cut a fart in my automobile one hot summer night. When i got into my automobile the following morning. IT STILL STUNK

I have been posting on the coughed up/spit out forum but also enjoy reading these stories!!When I get up a bit more courage I will write a few stories of my own,if anyone is interested?I like seeing people vomit or have diarrhea but hate having it myself,weird isn't it!!?Does anyone else feel the same as me!!!!!!?Please let me know as I feel very alone in my feelings at the moment?Thanks for listening and happy pooing!

First, I enjoyed Gruntly Bogwell's story about the camp john. If I pulled the same stunt myself, my father would have beat the shit out of me for that but it was hilarious to read the story :)

I don't have any other dumping stories for now but I am going on vacation at the end of the week and hopefully will have some stories.

To Gruntly Bugwell:

I really liked your story and actually, it made it to my collection of printouts from this site. I can imagine myself being in your shoes that heart pounding, but I do not think that I'd be able to do something like this today..I am now 42 and one becomes more conservative with time...But at your age perhaps...
Anyway, I have two questions for you...
1) What was the distance between you and the ass of the 2 girls
2) Being detected must have been very embarassing and perhaps you would not care to relate your feelings you experienced at the time. I'd be curious to know what exactly hapenned in the camp after your detection and if your parents cursed you.

madman (Joe NY)
My name is Joe And I was the one who complained about my girlfriend Melissa clogging my toilet. I now I have understanding about girls colgging toilets.
Scott: I've been a reader here for about 2 years.

My girlfriend is no small woman: 6'5 200lbs. She can take me out of order. I'm a small 5'7 150. She should go into weightlifting. She is huge. She really likes to workout at the gym in Valley Stream. The size of her arms are huge there bigger than my head (no kidding). But now I understand her. So the next time she blocks my toilet I'll just say Wow. That is a work of art. But I'm confused, It seems like doing a big peice of crap is painfull but, lots of people enjoy doing it. Boy for now on, I'll be proud of her big peices of crap. I have a story to share.

One time we were on a date in a fancy restuarant in Manhattan called Chateau? Pio? And the month before that, I saved up to buy a Jaguar XKR. Newpaper routes sure do pay off(when I was a kid! )plus my job, I was able to come up with 80,456+500 for gas guzzler tax.
When we got there we ordered the Special, Stake la Supreme and we ordered it. She excused her self to go to the bathroom. She was gone for about 20 minutes. She came back and said (Joe I feel 50lbs lighter) I was freaked. Then we started eating and she excused herself to go to the bathroom again. She came out a half hour later red face and embarrased. I asked her what is wrong. She said(Honey, I made a cloggie) I said what! She said it again, I made a colggie I went Oh no. In a very high class restuarant! I said Melissa how culd you do that? She said she had to go bad. So we finished our stake supreme and she had some wine (big no no). I didn't have any because I had to drive.
We were just about to go n the Brooklyn Bridge and she said she needed to go again. I said not in the f-----g 80,000+ car. It was very late at night. So then I started speeding afraid she would damage my beautiful ! car. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a gas station. Amen. She asked this clerk for the key and ran in. I just waited there with the engine running for a good 45 minutes then no return.

So I got out of the Jaguar and made my way to the restroom, I said Melissa can I come in? She sat there on the toilet with her panties at her knees with her Long brown hair covering her face with her beautiful tight ass there on the toilet. I swore I was going to pass out. It was like tear gas in there. Then she started crying. I felt sorry for her, tears ran down my eyes as she sat there in pain. I asked her what was wrong. She said "this piece of mother f----n' shit is stuck in my ass."

So then I told her push. I told her "Your a very strong woman use those muscles and push." So she did. In about 10minutes, i heard a plup. I got scared when I heard it. Then she looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes and a with a smile on her lips, She said now that feels ! good.

She stood up, I was not braced to see what was in the throne, A piece of shit so huge, so wide, so lumpy. It was about 15in long and a good 3in diameter, She wiped her asshole it got a quick peek it was red like Kane's outfit (were wrestling fans.)

She flushed and I said F--K out loud. I said harshly,"Damn, look what you did, How could you do that?" She said, Joe I dont know, probably because I'm so huge mabye thats why. I tried it my more times.
It went down a little more. I flushed 3 more times. About time it went down I said.

We returned the Keys to the clerk. Then we hopped back in the Jaguar and went home. All the way home I yelled at her how could you do that? How? When we reached home, I didn't want to sleep with her. I was so pissed, I slept on the couch away from her and that was the end of that horrible night.

Sorry for the long ass post but this explains my horror I must go through sometimes.

But now, I hav! e and understanding of her. Now I love her more than money can buy.

I would like to thank all of you for giving me advice.

Good Night everybody,
PS: She is from Brazil has a light tannish color skin and firm but jiggly breasts. I asked her what would she do if she was working, she said jokeingly, stripping. I was not laughing. She then said I'm only kidding honey. What a relif. I will have more stories to come with my beautiful girl.

TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-Boy,are you lucky you were only 14 when you did this little trick.If you were older,you would have really been busted-I don't know if i would go to those lengths to get into an outhouse pit to see others poo,no matter how old i was!I was entertained by the story however!That must have been a great view!
TO JEFF A-Wild story with the 2 girls dumping-Nasty lil' bitches huh,you should have peed on them LOL ! Sounds like a nice view,though.Don't you just love when women really let out a good load!Why can't i run into this in the woods!Lucky guy!
TO JANE-Boy you sound like you can rwally dump,girl-try doing some of those in the woods.Like your stories always!Keep 'em up!
Did a nice watermelon dump yesterday in the woods.Had been biking for a few hours and was way out in the woods and felt the cramps start and started looking for a spot and pretty soon,i had to go real bad and got undressed and dug a hole cause i couln't find a log to perch on and as ! i was squatting towards the hole,my asshole exploded with all this shredded wheat poop before i got all the way down.It was over in about 3 secs!Half of it was outside the hole and the other half sort of was in the hole.All mush,and a sizable pile too.Then i stood up and walked around for a bit and after about 5 mins,i felt another urge.So i went up against a tree and squirted out a stream of liquid shit against the tree.That felt good.then i felt done.This hot weather makes me have soft stools.Been like this for a few days.It still feels good to go though as long as it's not the runs!I hate that!More stuff later as i poo in the woods almost daily!Hoping to find a poo buddy out there to share a good dump in the wild!BYE

Josh~ I looked but didn't see your email.. So maybe if I am sly enough.. I can just slip it in here.. ha!

GoldGirl~ I would just like to say, what I think you're doing is a way to express yourself. I feel you should do whatever makes you happy, even if others don't agree with it. I would just like to say, that I don't think I would enjoy sleeping in a bed at a hotel that smelled of pee.. But like I said before.. whatever floats your boat!!!

Nothing too interesting happened today. This little boy at the day camp I work at had an accident. But that was the extent of problems today...

Monday, June 26, 2000

kim & scott
hello everyone! this is kim again. My boyfriend scott & I would like to send thank yous to anne the busdriver, nicola, and tony from scotland, along with others!! for the kind words they have given scott and I. and last but certainly not least to JOHNNY- thank you for liking our posts also. and yes johnny. I am REALLY a sexy,college blond girl with 40-Double -D breasts. the chest is real!! the rest of my bod is not bad either. I got a 20 inch waist and 31 hips also. with a great ass and shapely long legs. I lift weights and swim plus play baseball too! I have well toned arms. and nicely rounded calf muscles bulge from my legs. NOT TO BRAG BUT I LOOK LIKE A BLOND-SUPERSTACKED- MALIBU BEACH BARBIE, FITNESS MODEL.(I even won a local body beautiful thong bikini contest once. where I strutted around in a green teeny thong bikini and I won best overall body under heavy competition. I tell ya the other gals where gorgeous too!! I was lucky to win!) I am not bragging folks.! Johnny just wants to know what I look like!)It all started in grade school johnny! I started to grow great big breasts and they havent stopped growing until recently. some girls like me are embarrassed by this happenning but I LOVE IT!(WOW! all those bra's i snapped out of I tell ya.It turned me on!! and it turned on many schoolboys also!!hahaha!) I still have trouble finding my bra size) and I love the huge bowel movements I have also! I tell ya many of my bowel movements are sooo huge it looks like a horse release it!!I really get a HUGE BUZZ!! when my pink ass and anus quiver excitedly and open real wide as I EXPLODE!!my massive bowel movements out! and hey my boyfriend scott doesnt look bad either( I know your more interested im me) but scott is a cute, six foot tall-black kid with a hugely muscular body. in fact we work out,swim,play baseball and jog together,and of course we also have GREAT!! sex! and BUDDY DUMP TOGETHER!! with me often sitting on his lap as we cra! sh out our huge logs at the sametime!. its a lot of fun. hahahaha! you should see us both in bikinis on the beach. now thats a pretty spectacular sight! well johnny goodbye for now. and really-to everyone whos ever met me- I am not a stuck up girl! I just like describing my body to everyone who takes an interest in it. thank you. bye now. from kim. p.s. scott & I will post another hot story when one comes up. thanks!

Last weekend we had some really hot weather in England. On Friday my boyfriend dared me to go for the whole of Saturday without using a loo Ė whatever I needed to do I would do outside. Of course I accepted.
Saturday came; normally first thing in the morning I have a wee and a small poo. This morning I didn't- I didn't want to take a chance on the neighbours seeing me go in the garden; I had to wait until we got out somewhere.
After breakfast we went to the supermarket in the car to buy food; by the time we were in the car I was pretty desperate to pee because I still hadn't released what had accumulated overnight and I had drunk some tea and had cereal with milk. I needed to poo too but not so desperately.
As we arrived at the supermarket I knew I would have to go in the car-park because I couldn't wait long enough to find anywhere else. My boyfriend Sam parked the car at the edge of the car park and I got of the car quickly and pulled my pants down and squatted o! n the grass verge with my back to the hedge. As I did it there were three or four couples within site walking to their cars or loading their cars at various distances from us. I started peeing a really noisy loud torrent Ė I think all the people around looked up at the fuss; there were some pretty strange looks and stares but nobody said anything loud enough for us to hear; while I was still weeing I did quite a loud fart and started to poo Ė not a lot just half a dozen or so small bits. While I was doing this two cars went past immediately in front of us Ė both the drivers stared. I'm sure everyone around could see my wee Ė the closer ones probably saw my pussy but I doubt if anyone realised I was pooing because I had my back to the hedge and it came out pretty quickly.
I haven't time to tell you about all the wees I did in detail; we stopped on the way home for me to do one by the side of the road with cars going past. In the afternoon we went to Hampstead Heath to walk! and sunbathe a bit. I needed to pee pretty badly again by now; we were in a makeshift car park inside one of the entrances to the heath; I pulled my pants down squatted down and went just beside a bush; there were a few people around and I heard an old lady express her disapproval to her husband.
It was a very hot afternoon and so while we were strolling around I took off my bra and pants so that I was naked under my dress and more comfortable. We decided to sunbathe for a while on the large area of grass near Kenwood where there were a lot of sunbathers and we lay down on the grass. Because I was wearing a short dress with nothing underneath I couldn't help flashing my pussy a little (I wasn't trying too hard not too) ; three or four guys on their own noticed and camped down in front of us quite close. I was drinking a lot of bottle water and so after a couple of hours I needed to pee again. This time I just sat up where I was with my legs apart pushed my dress up out o! f the way and peed onto the grass; the men who had camped out in front of us had a pretty good close view and the noise attracted the attention of a couple of other people. Nobody said anything.
In the evening after we went out for a meal I had a big poo over a drain down a side street. Nobody apart from Sam saw Ė a bit of an anti-climax.

Big Al
Just love these shitting and pissing stories - keep them cumming.

Laurie, where are you? I miss your stories. Love ya, Kevin

I was traveling in europe last year and got the worst case of runs imagineable. I had to stay in the hotel room during tours and my mom was really worried about me. It started during a museum tour, i let out a wet fart and had to run to the bathroom. My diarrhea lasted for almost three days. I've heard of travelers shits, but I only drank bottled water. Has anyone else had problems with this?

Hi Louise,

Just been re-reading your last posts, Wow, you're an adventure-girl! On peeing in the bath, I must say I've done it as far back as I can remember, and have always enjoyed the yellow cloud effect. Weeing in the shower was just a continuation of the same thing, and I never paid it any special attention until I discovered I could direct the stream onto the wall if I wanted to. And in the bath I love doing fountains! Yes, a female urinating statue would be really something, but it would probably be banned as obscene! It's the sort of piece a millionaire would commission for a private garden, perhaps, maybe some place he holds pee parties, to get the guests in the mood!

On unisex restrooms... I'm of two minds. Yes, the safety factor is always going to be there, and I've been in one men's room where the condition was utterly disgusting. But to be fair, we've read many accounts here of ladies' rooms equally bad, and of women making equivalent messes, quit! e deliberately, in one or the other, so perhaps it's not appropriate to single out the men's room as the objectionable factor. As you say, you use the men's room at the pool in preference. And not all men have poor aim, there will be gents who never pee on the seat, always raise it and always mop up with paper if they should happen to miss... It's a mixed bag, really.

For myself, there is something endlessly fresh and, yes, liberating, in the thought that I could walk into "the" rest room, and relieve myself at will, without fear or hindrance. That I could step up to a urinal, of whatever type or design, open my pants or raise my hem, and deliver myself comfortably, neatly and with total dignity, and do so with as much right as anyone else to use the same facility. That's an ideal view, of course, and there may well be a thousand reasons why it couldn't be so. But I'll bet that gals like you and me, and plenty more we know, would enjoy very much using a bright, quiet,! spotlessly clean restroom in this way. Heck, we need a women's club, where men are guests, and *we* can set the rules, use urinals at will, and have a lady attendant who is both security guard and staff cleaner, whose watchful eye keeps everyone safe from abuse, men too, and who keeps everything polished up brightly. There could be open windows for circulating air, some green plants, perhaps showers to serve if the club has a gym. Even the choice of doorless stalls, or completely open toilets if we found we took pleasure in sharing our #2s as much as #1s. That would be such a very pleasant environment, wouldn't it?

Again, cheers on your wonderful adventures. Hey, one day you might smuggle Steve into your place of work, and you could use side by side urinals! Let me know how the 'kill flags' rack up, and after you're really comfortable try hitting other bathrooms. I can count sixteen I've used over the last couple of years! But above all, be safe, and it's the better ! part of valor to forego the undeniable pleasure of doing it 'the adventurous way' to ensure simple safety, so if in any doubt, use the ladies'. Heck, you can take a standing wee in there, facing it, with the stall door open -- I've done that as well. You might get an odd look, that's all!

More power to whizzing women,

Advocate of the Women's Club,

PS: Wild story about writing your name in sand! Oh, and Steve, thanks for your delightful words, and yes, I'm sure Louise is going to be safe pursuing her hobby!

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