Jeff A.
Hello everyone, like I said before, it's been a few months since I've checked in here. I see lots of new people, which is good. Having read your stories, I like you all very much. Welcome!
Hearty congratulations to Steph, Alex, and Jodi who've graduated college! They're truly great people who I wish a very healthy future to.
JANE: Thank you for your concern, and for identifying yourself. I loved your "Auntie Jane" story. It was exciting as well as sweet.
MADMAN: I feel for you, I've been in that situation before. I agree with everyone else, that she probably just needs to go a little more often. There are over the counter laxatives that will help. Some women can't help it. I once knew a woman like that once. She was famous for clogging the toilet on a regular basis. She'd use a wad of toilet paper, and break her turds off by hand, and plop them into the water. She got to where she'd flush every time, but sometimes, her poop would come out so fast, there! was no time. After two or three of those, looser stuff would come out, and she'd be okay. Though we may envy you for having a gal who can do that, (I've got one myself!), it's also very tiresome to put up with.

Here's one of those stories I promised. I was out walking on a wooded trail last Saturday, and it was party time at the river! There were people on blankets sunning themselves by the numbers. The trail winds around like a snake, and is almost maze-like. I'd been walking probably a good hundred or more yards, when I came to a clearing up ahead. There were these two girls, maybe 16, or 17, both squatting down just a little off the path, opposite each other. I saw them both from a profile. The first girl had on a bikini, with the bottoms stretched across her thighs. She was blonde, probably shoulder length hair. The other one was more of a punkish looking girl, with short blonde hair with black streaks, and lots of heavy black eye makeup. She was prett! y, but kind of mean looking. She had on a tie-dyed tank top, and was wearing shorts, which were down around her ankles. Both were barefoot as the trail was mostly sand. The bikini girl looked up at me and said "Don't mind us, we're just takin' a dump." and they both laughed. She had a pile of wet looking, yellowish crap resting beneath her, and was soaking it with pee. The smell was wretched. The punkish girl looked up at me with a long brown turd squeezing out of her butt. It had a big glob in the middle, like a heavy rope with a knot in it. I've seen women do long turds before, but this one seemed to go on forever. She put her hand up to her eyes to shade the sun. I couldn't believe it. She looked up at me, and said, "What're you lookin' at, slick?" "Nothing" I said, and walked passed them. I turned and looked again, and she flipped me the finger, just like she was waiting for me to turn and look. She deliberately grunted out loud for effect, as the big turd br! oke and fell off. Another one started pushing its way out, as she said "This ain't a free show, asshole!" I could hear them laughing about it, and then she arched halfway up, and called out to me, "Here's one just for you, honey!" and the big turd fell with a plop into the sand, followed by another shorter one. It looked like a big hunks of polish sausage. I could see her pubic hair as she straightened. The blonde girl lifted her bikini top and flashed her boobs at me and went "Woo-Hoo!" and they both laughed hysterically. I figured they were drunk since it was a such a party place. As I ventured futher down the trail, I could still hear them calling, and laughing from a distance. One of them yelled "Got any toilet paper?" and they giggled in unison.
It was one for the books. I've seen women pooping outdoors before, but never so blatantly, and never so rude. They weren't even embarrassed. After a few moments, I turned around and headed back in the same directi! on. I came upon their spot, and I could see them walking up ahead, just rounding the corner of the trail. The bikini girl was pulling her bikini bottom out of her sticky butt. I knew exactly what she was going to do. She was going to wade into the river, and wash her ass. The two piles barely had any wiping material resting on top. The punk girl's logs were enormous! It was just like I mentioned before, her turds looked like huge ropes with knots in them. I'd sure be interested in knowing what she'd eaten the day before. I'd say they had used maybe one or two fast-food type napkins apiece. My feeling on this is, if you're going to shit in the woods, take paper with you. Don't clean off in the river. I've caught people shitting at this place before. I once saw a guy drop his shorts, and push out a bomber like nobody's business. The restrooms are quite a ways from the river bank, so I guess the woods become a public restroom.
Oh well, see ya!-J.

Hello all. I drove a small coach to the Millennium Dome in Greenwich, London . By the way folks, its just as bad as the media say it is, a total waste of money and a great disappointment and if it wasn't for the UK Government leaning on the Lottery Fund to bail it out it would have gone bust. I think we should leave it to you Americans to run this sort of thing such as Disneyland etc, and we stick the historical locations and the pagentry and ceremonial. Anyway, that's off message for this web page.

I was driving a group of 20 women from a social club, women only ageing from about 21 to oldies. Quite a fun crowd to say the least, and, after the rather disappointing visit to the Dome we drove back, stopping for a meal at a pub on the way.(I only drank lemonade of course as I was driving) . Now as we were driving through the country lanes a couple of the women asked me to stop the coach as they needed to "spend a penny" as we say in the UK. I was only too happy to do s! o as I could feel a big one coming down my rectum and although I could have held it in till we got back I welcomed the opportiunity to relieve myself. There was a convenient wall and enough space to safely park up the coach, (which as you will have guessed didnt have a toilet on board). We all filed out and, as is common with women everyone took the opportunity to "stretch their legs", another UK euphemism for doing the toilet. We all made for the wall and it would have been a sight to gladden the heart of many who post here to see all these women with skirts hitched up and panties of various styles and colours pulled down doing a pee. Some of us however needed the more substantial toilet function, I did a wee wee, then with a push out came the big fat jobbie, a nice well formed carrot shaped turd of about a foot in length. Next to me a women of about 30 was also doing a motion, hers came out as two logs, the larger about 8 inches followed by another one of about 6 inches, bot! h quite fat, further along another lady of about 60 or so had passed a big smooth curved sausage. When all were finished we got back on the coach leaving the turds behind for anyone else to see and perhaps admire. All seemed to be quite relaxed about this, nobody took a prudish attitude. Of course if men had been present Im sure reactions would have been different. Has anyone else taken part in a mass outdoor toileting session perhaps in the Scouts or Guides or on a hike etc?

I was looking back at old posts and read the Moderator's last pronouncement on what is allowed and what is banned. I have no problem with the rules, but would question one policy. He (or she) states that they do NOT edit postings as these would then no longer be what the sender wrote, so they reject the entire posting. I personnaly feel this is a bad policy as there could be a post in which all but one sentence or paragraph was perfectly within the guidelines, yet following this "all or nothing" ! rule then all of it is lost. Why not do as editors of the correspondence columns of the great newspapers do, edit out the parts that offend if this can be done without totally changing the sense of the posting. If I sent a posting which was okey except say for a reference to the sexual aspects associated with defecation which overstepped the rules, I would far rather that offending phrase or sentence was deleted and the rest of the post left for others to read than it was all blocked. Perhaps the reason is that the Moderator hasnt the time to edit each posting and has to make a sudden death decision. Anyway, I would be interested in the Moderator's viewpoint on this.

Adrian, I could have done with you this morning to rub my ????. Its the "wrong time of the month" and I was rather constipated. I sat on the pan at home after breakfast and passed a load of "constipotatoes" big fat balls, the largest the size of a tennis ball the others more like goose eggs. The sound ef! fects were something" "OO! AH NN! KUPLONK! AH ! KERPLOONK! OH! AH!NN! KERSPLOOSH! KERSPLOSH!" then after getting my breath back I passed a big fat curved sausage of about 9 inches long on top of the balls which were floating in the pan. This jobbie made a "KUR-SPLOONK!" then sunk to the bottom of the pan. I changed my sanitary towel, (the type with "wings" for those interested), pulled up my pink panties and came out feeling well relieved and proud of my efforts. Im off today so was able to relax afterwards, sitting around listening to music, (Pink Floyd, Santanna, Dire Straits) and enjoying a bottle of Lambrusco.

All the best, especially to Scott and Kim , Scottish Tony and of course to Adrian of England!

Posts are not edited because cutting and trimming can and will change the meaning of the post. Usually a post will not be coerant without the excerpt in question. The poster is speaking so posts must remain what the poster intended to post.

Goldgirl.. have you ever had to pee in a cup for like the Dr. or anything? If so did u enjoy it?

Shy Pam
My boyfriend took me to the NJ shore for the day on Saturday. We went to Seaside Heights for a day in the warm sun, you know get a tan, catch the rays, swim in the ocean and hangout on the boardwalk before coming back to the real world. It was a great day to be there, the weather was GREAT. While I was sunning on the beach there was a woman about 28-30 with her daughter near where we were. She was trying to catch the rays while her daughter was playing on the beach. I could hear her daughter (about 4 years old I guess) tell her mother a few times, "Mommy...I have to go to the bathroom." About the third or fourth time she told her mother she said "Mommy, I can't wait. I really have to go bad!." Her mother, appearing not wanting to be bothered, told her the bathroom was far away, the sand was hot to walk on and just to sit on the sand and go in her bathing no one would notice. The little girl looked disappointed but obeyed her mom. She sat down as if she was! playing and sat there for a few minutes. She had on this cool one piece suit in neon colors - pink, blue, yellow and green. When she stood up again her mother almost dropped as the backside (which was mostly pink and yellow) was now very brown too. It seems the little girl had to poop really badly and her mother just assumed she had to pee. Her mom was pretty good about it and took her to the bathroom to cleanup but when she exclaimed her initial surprise, everyone looked and saw what happened. The little girl was embarassed and now crying saying she was sorry for pooping in her bathing suit but (to her mom)"...that's what you told me to do, sit in the sand and go to the bathroom in my suit." Poor kid!

PS - Becca - Did you or Lauren ever have accidents in your pants in elementary school or preschool? Any stories to tell? Please share.

po0h Bear
Heya guys... i'm sorry i haven't been in here for ages... not been online... i had my birthday!!!! now i'm 16 :)
Anyway i don't have much or a story to tell... i have suspiscions my bf's into it because he was listening to me pee the other night when he stayed over. I've been kinda constipated lately.... then again i also feel pretty sick with a cold.
I love everyone's stories lots! but i spose i better chuck one of my own in today huh!?
The other day i was talking online in mIRC channel (undernet server, great channel!) and i was in a desperate need for a pee, feelings adventurous i grabbed an old towel took of my panties and sat on it and slowly peed (i was wearing a short skirt) but i soon nearly drenched it and grabbed a container and peed in it.. i was a great big pee and i am surprised how much i lost as i'd been peeing like every 30 mins that afternoon... :)

I don't have much to report, me n my bf might be going away to the farm again (and this ! time i prolly wont have my period) so i mgiht be able to do something exciting then.. although i may be sad cos my bf's staying a whole week there away from me AND a telephone so i'll be with him heaps...

i'd love to know if there were any guys or gurls in Western Australia into toilet stuff :)
luv po0h bear

I Like Amy's Stories

Gruntly Bogwell
To Althea: Your very descriptive "international" buddy dump with your English relative was well presented, keep us informed. It also got me to thinking…maybe the leaders of the world should take buddy dumps at summit meetings as a way to promote brotherhood. Sort of "peace movements" if you will.
To Fizz, Buzzy, and Bryan: Glad you found my posts of interest…so here is another Tale From the Latrine. As you may have surmised, Tales I, II, III were my posts, as well.

The year after my viewing of the "family" dump, I was 14 years old and spent two weeks at a summer camp, which had two 18 year old counselors who were beautiful, blond, identical twins named Hanna and Jana. They were really fun counselors and all the young teenaged guys had crushes on them, but I spent the most intimate moments with them (or rather viewing them) the morning before we left to go home. The latrine at the camp was a white painted wooden building with black shingle roof and had toilet! seats perched over an 18 inch galvanized tube which went six feet below the floor of the latrine and emptied into 55 gallon drums another two feet below the end of the tube. The drums were half filled with a poo solvent, one drum for each latrine seat. The day before I saw the maintenance crew go behind the building and lift up a wood access door on hinges to pump out and replenish the solvent…and a idea was born.

The next morning I was up early hoping to catch some of the girls, but I wasn't prepared for the mother "load" from Hanna and Jana! From my vantage point I saw the door of one of the girls cabins open, Jana came out wearing cutoff jeans and a pink tee-shirt with white sweat socks above her reebok high tops. She stretched to a deep breath and headed for the latrine. I quickly went behind the building pulled up the door and went in to the dank, dark smelly-ness of the room under the latrine. Jana came in and I looked up the commode tubes until I saw Jan! a reading herself to take a seat…the early morning light from above played on her white cheeks as she pulled down the shorts and then some white panties with a little design on them. Then everything went dark as her bottom covered the toilet bowl and she began to piss furiously. I switched on my little flashlight all campers were required t carry and pointed it up the tube. WOW, what a sight greeted my eyes…yellow pee was flowing out of her blond-haired region just forward of her dark-drown puckered anus…her ass was crammed on to the latrine toilet seat so it pooched down into the commode rounding itself out inside the black toilet seat as I looked up at it. I was beside myself with a thumping heart…I thought I was going to faint. As the pee dribbled to a halt her nether hole opened let out a fart that echoed down the commode tube and my flashlight lit on a dark brown clog in just up in her rectum above her opening. From above I heard an EH, EHH, EHHH panting sound and ! her brown anus began to move in an out as she strained to relieve herself. Then Jana leaned forward and light from above flooded the latrine tube, outlining the vee made by her cheeks and the toilet seat and I heard an unnnngggh, gasp gasp, (groan, grunt)… UNNNNGGGGGHHHHH. Then the head of a dark brown one and an half inch poo came out of her straining hole to about three inches…she sat back panting and cutting off the light from above…the flashlight revealed her gorgeous nether area with hanging turd. She sat there for at least a minute (I wonder now if she was getting a buzz from having the fecal clog sticking out of her and stretching her hole?) Slowly she leaned forward again, the light came back down the commode shaft and the turd made its way out of her rectum…broke off at about 7 inches, just missing my head and falling into the 55 gallon drum of solvent with a KERPLOOMPPP. I quickly shined my flashlight back up the tube to see the broken end pushing out further, ! with more ehh, ehhh, ehhhuuuu… NNNNNNGGGGGHHHH….and and "ahhhh" as it too tapered off at 8 inches and fell away with a KERRSSPLOOOSH in the receptacle. Jana sat back panting and allowed seven or eight more poos of varying lengths flowed out of her bum, her hole opening and closing in rhythm with the cleansing motion of her bowels. My head was swimming with the sights, smells and sounds of Jana's offerings to the void below her toilet seat, all the while thinking if the guys could see me now.

Just then I heard the scuffling of rubber flip-flops on the floor above and a whispering voice said "Jana is that you?" "Yes," came the answer…and the voice said "It's me Hanna, are your through?" "Almost" Jana answered. Hanna whispered, "Wait for me, I really have to go!" as she shuffled into the next stall above…I quickly moved over to the next 55 gallon drum and looked up its latrine tube to see Hanna's beautiful ass being lowered toward the toilet seat cutting off the li! ght…I shined my light up the tube to see a mirror image of Jana's ass (with which I was on intimate terms after watching her recent poo making). Almost immediately poo and pee began trundling out of Hanna perched above. Jana said "Why, what's wrong?" Hanna replied that she had snuck out of camp with one of the male counselors the night before and they got a bottle of Mogen-David wine and that now she was paying for it. Hanna said all this as a light brown turd that was becoming darker with each inch was hanging out of her rectum to 18 inches, and pee flowing past it on one side. The longest turd I had ever seen fell out and FLOOMPed into the 55 gallon drum. Hanna seated above emptied herself with more long stings of mushy poo, that got less and less in diameter, before the spluttering farts of a wine shit started and the poos because smaller and smaller across. Her hole closed up and then sputtered out a really soft, not quite liquid poo…I had to duck out of the way as! the wet poop came out shotgun fashion. When I looked again with my flashlight the wiping process had started. Hanna's hand slipped under her bottom to clean up her messy nether area…I was transfixed by the process, as she let the brown smeared paper drop down from up above. I heard Jana get off her latrine seat and walk around to Hanna's stall…I heard her say, "Geez, Hanna….I just got done with a big one, but you beat me." Hanna replied "Yeah but now my hole hurts and I must have blown out a hemorrhoid, pooping so much so fast!" as she continued to wipe. "That'll teach you to drink too much cheap wine." Jana told her. Just, then Hanna must have turned around to look over the curve of her butt to check the condition of the toilet paper she had just used and saw the light from my flashlight shining up at her fantastic bottom.

Well, the rest is a most embarrassing history, the camp was alerted with the screams of Hanna and Jana…me being dragged out of the room b! elow the latrine…the camp in an uproar…my parents being told, when they picked me up that day, never to bring me back. But I went home with knowledge that I was the envy of the rest of the fourteen year old boy campers who had crushes on Hanna and Jana…and the memory of a life time.

to kim&scott,
kim in your recent post you mentioned passing a turd of 13 inches long. and 4 inches in diameter.
i don,t dispute the fact that you have rather large bm,s, however i find it nearly impossible for a human to pass a 4 inch diameter turd! a beer can for instance is about 2 and a half inches in diameter, and thats fairly large. the human colon is only 2 to 2 and a half inches wide max.
maybe your measuring it wrong or misreading the tape measure.
i for one would love to see a 4 inch diameter human turd, that would be incrediable. take a picture next time and send it to me. thanks love this site keep up the good work.

Got up this a.m.and was feeling a bit daring so i went a got the old bedpan and went to the computer and got on this forum and got undressed and had to go pretty bad and sat on the bedpan while i read some of your storiesTO LISA-As i read your story,i pushed out a hissing fart into the bedpan and as i read about you doing that serious dump after 3 days i was letting out some soft turds into the bedpan-what a rush,to read about your great dump as the turds were coming out my anus into the bedpan!Each time i had to go more,i read more of your story-it was like i was pooing along with you!I did about 3 loads into the bedpan-it was a bit on the soft side and when i looked in the pan,i was a good pile of mush,then i read HIKER'S post-i too like you poo nude- i'm nude now sitting on the pan.I always poo nude out in the woods-it's a real turn on for me-i wish i could find a deserted beach to dump,but here in NY,all the beaches are pretty much crowded,so forget that! enjoyed you pooi! ng in front of that black haired girl and i was letting out some more turds into the pan as i read that-This is cool pooing as i read all your stories-it just makes me want to poo some more-it's like a hot cup of coffee,which really makes me dump!But i'd say 90-95% of the time ,i dump in the nude-it's all part of the experience!Then when i was done pooing in the pan i wiped and had to clean the pan which is a real drag for me-that's why i love to dump in the woods-no fuss no muss,just poop, wipe and you're on your way.Then after i cleaned up i got on-line to post this-WOW that was nice!TO LISA-i always love your stories and a lot of times after i read them,i gotta dump-Keep those stories coming ,they help me take some good dumps!Lately,all the stoies have really been wonderful-Keep 'em coming all!!BYE

The Crank
Hi guys! I had a GREAT dream last night.
You see, in the dream, my friend and I went into the girl's toilet like it's nobody's business, really, the girls just went on with what they did. I saw two girls crapping on the toilet with the feet on he bowl, so I saw the turds fall out of their anus. I was really turned on. The toilet was wierd, with the stall partition WAY off the ground, so I can all the girls just sitting and crapping. Some were grunting loudly. The funny thing was, no one cared that my friend and I were there, watching them pushing out turds.

Okay bye.

Ben in NY
Adrian- I am happy to hear you are ok. I enjoy your posts very much!


Sandra: To answer your question from a few days ago, I usually fart before pooping. Most of the time, I would fart as soon as I sat down on the toilet. Sometimes, when I would have an especially urgent need to poop, I would manage to fart before reaching the toilet, sometimes even before I reach the bathroom. If it was going to be a massive pooping session, I would try to hold it in so I don't accidentally poop in my panties. I used to be inhibited about farting in the girls bathroom when I was in high school. Once I got over it, I had no problem letting it rip in any public toilet.

Several years ago, in between jobs, I was working as a temp in an orthopedist's office, doing some receptionist work. One afternoon, a high school baseball player was brought into the office, about an ankle injury that flared up during a game. Not only was he accompanied by the trainer and coach, but several of his teammates came along. In fact, so many of them came that they ! had to wait outside in the hall. During the afternoon, I was building up an urge to poop, but I thought I could hold it in until the end of the day. Shortly after the baseball team arrived, however, I suddenly had an urgent need to go right away. I asked the other receptionist if I could step out, and she said she would take care of things. I said I might be a while, sensing that it was going to be a major pooping session.

The ladies room was right across from the office, so I only had to go across the hall. As I made my way into the ladies room, I had to go past several of the baseball players. Right as I got to the door, I had to hold my butt cheeks together in order to avoid farting and pushing out poop prematurely. I had to waddle into the ladies room and into the stall. Usually most public restroom have two sets of doors, one door coming from the outside and another door leading directly inside, separated by a little space. I noticed that the inside door! was left open, giving a direct view inside when the outside door was open, but I was too much in a hurry to sit down to mind. I quickly lifted up my skirt and lowered my pantyhose and panties and sat. Immediately I let go a massive wave of soft thick mushy poop, followed by a huge fart and a smaller wave of poop. I peed for a bit, then farted some more. Then I felt a stomach cramp and unleashed an even bigger wave of mushy poop, and a strong poop smell emerged. I flushed the toilet while seated to keep the toilet from clogging. I continued to push out more waves of soft mushy poop.

During the time I was on the toilet, a few women went in and out of the ladies room. Every time someone would enter or exit, I could hear the commotion outside. One time when the door was open I was in the midst of pushing out a nasty wave of poop, and I was sure the plopping sounds were audible from the outside if someone were listening carefully. Another time the door opened, I ! was flushing the toilet while seated. There was a strong poop smell, and I was afraid it was enough to reach the hall. In all, I was on the toilet for about 15 minutes and flushed the toilet six times while seated. I wiped several times and flushed for the final time. All this time the inside door remained open. As I was exiting the ladies room, I removed the wad of paper that was used as a prop to keep the door open. When I emerged from the ladies room, the baseball players were still around. A few of the guys gave me looks as I went back into the office, but most didn't notice. Once I got back, a female patient came and checked in. She said she had used the ladies room before coming in and said she doesn't remember another time she came into a bathroom that stunk as bad as the one she had just used. I don't think she realized she was just talking to the one who made all that stink.

Hey Hey Now Easy ther Chris Ive Been reading This Page for quite a few months and i really like gold girl to But Since This Is My First Post Let me Assure You That You Will Have Pleanty Of Compiticion if You wanna Buddy with gold girl.

Check Ya Later

Simpithley Yours

Interesting site, great posts! I never knew that there were so many constipated men out there. I think it's a total turn on! I usually get bunged up around that time of the month. When I was a child my Mother and Aunt were frequently constipated. I remember accidentally walking in on my Mother on several occasions when she was constipated. She would sit on the toilet with her legs perched almost on tiptoes, elbows on knees and from what I can remember her hands were cupped around her face. She would be quivering and had goosebumps on her arms and legs. If she was loosing the battle then a suppository was used. I remember her once telling my Aunt that my Father was constipated and that he had to use a suppository. I wonder what he looked like on the pot straining like she was. My sister and I would also get a suppository if needed and I enjoyed watching my sister get hers. When I get constipated, the width of the turd is what gets me. Sometimes the tip poking out is ! only half the width of what's to come. If I'm straining, out of breath and haven't made much progress or if it's stuck (this is uncomfortable but arousing) I will let it slide back inside, squeeze my butt cheeks together and get a suppository or 2. I'm married (5yrs) and would love for my hubby and I to accompany each other to the bathroom. I've even left the door open halfway several times. But if he walks in on me he quickly apologizes and makes a quick exit. I've only walked on him with "wee wee" in process. We have a 4yr old daughter so that makes it difficult for me to "explore" these things. I remember he told me once that he was constipated and I should have acted on it and offered to help but I was taking care of our daughter. Maybe the next time I need a suppository I will ask for his help. If I do I will let you know how it turns out. Keep up the posts.

Sorry, I have posted this elsewhere, but have been reading here, love your posts, and want to contribute something. My work schedule has been keeping me from enjoying my pee, so thank you for your accounts. They have kept me going, when I have been too tired to pee.

I would have to say the worst peeing experience, for me, was in front of a store. My bladder was crying for relief, and I had been in the drinking, holding pattern for about four hours. This feels wonderful to me, and I love doing this, the full feeling radiating tiny shockwaves to my pussy feels so good. When I have this feeling, I prolong it as long as possible, until I feel it start dripping a bit, and know there is no more holding.

I was on a trip, and had stopped for gas a couple of hours earlier, but I just didn't have to pee then, and I was enjoying this feeling. It was a long trip, so we shared the driving. I could not hold it anymore, and was not really wanting to pee in the car.
Every distance marker seemed a million miles apart, as I frantically scanned the desolate road ahead for any sign of life, a store, and a bathroom. I am selective about where I pee outside. I think it was something about being forced to pee outside, when I was younger--that, and a eerie feeling that I am going to have a snake latch onto my exposed ass, when I squat. I really did not want to pee outside then, something about the area. Over another hill, straight ahead, I saw an exit and a convenience store. All I could think was "thank yaweh".

By the time I saw that store, I was on the verge of tears. I just couldn't pee in my friend's car. Really, this one would have had a cow, no matter how much I had to go. Sheeeeeesh! people and their cars!

As soon as I flew into the parking lot, I literally bailed out of the car. When I think of it now, I honestly think I had the damn door open, and was slamming it into park, before the car even came to a complete st! op. I just looked over, said "I have to go, NOW!" and jumped out.

The store had cars all around it, two deep, but this was the first time, I had truly been desperate. You know, the edge of "OMG, I am not going to make it." I had parked about twenty feet, at most, from the front door, but I got
halfway to the door, and just started flooding. After a little relief, I managed to stop the flow, but my jeans were soaked. There I stood, the halfway point, still having to pee.

The decision to go on, had to do with my thought that the store was so crowded, no one would be paying attention to me or my jeans. Had I not gone on then, I would have had to just stand there in a "you did it" puddle, so I went on in.

The sign indicated that the ladies was in the back! I just
kept walking, but couldn't hold my legs, or my shut-off valve, tight enough to stop peeing. Imagine my horror, yes horror, when I turned down the hall, only to find a line.
I took my place against the wall, and tried to act as if I weren't standing there in soaked jeans. For a while I
squirmed and pressed as tightly as possible to hold in the remaining pee. Oh yes, I had more.

The worst part, these people were looking at me, and speaking a foreign language. Finally, I moved toward the Men's room, got to the door, and this lady began speaking to me. The words didn't matter, as I didn't understand them, but her message was clear.

I smiled at her, went into the empty Men's, wrestled my wet jeans and panties down, leaned forward hovering my pussy over the urinal and finished peeing. It was the most blissful "I just gotta" pee I have ever had.

The worst part, had to be walking back out of the store, across the parking lot, back to the car. The little store just seemed huge, the walk out, seemed a mile. I felt as if every eye was on my wet clothes; that everyone in the store and parking lot saw me.

I just ope! ned the back, got a housedress out of my luggage, and slipped it on, removed my wet jeans and soaked panties--right there in front of the gas pumps and all who happened to be passing or noticing from the store. At that point, I just figured what the hell. No, I am not a public pisser, and it did embarrass me terribly.

Funny, until a little while back, an accident at work would never have crossed my mind. I thought I was, at least, in that much control, but it happens.<p>

I was setting up a presentation, about three weeks ago, at work. I went to get a remote control, and when I returned to the auditorium, the guys who were getting the screen/presentation equipment set up had turned the lights off. No problem, I knew the auditorium, and was not
particularly worried about the steps leading down. <p>

I walked through the darkness, a small bit of backlighting coming from the stage area, toward the guys, including my supervisor, and our tech coordinator. <p>

Being in a hurry, talking, and walking in the dark do NOT mix. The fact that one of the guys, 6' 5" was at eye level with me, should have given me a clue, but it didn't. While thinking I was on the last tier, I kept walking toward them and just became airborne.<p>

Superwoman I am! not. That is, however, exactly how I took off. I didn't jump any tall buildings, and the landing was not pretty. There was a scurry of very nice, concerned individuals, but all I could do was say, "don't touch me!" I know it must have sounded mean, I just barked at them.<p>

In actuality, as soon as I became friendly with the floor (smack/boom/ouch), I peed. The force from hitting the floor, I don't know, but I was wearing medium green khaki-colored pants, and I could feel my soaked crotch, as well as the back of my pants.<p>

I got up, was thankful the lights were still off, and was crying before I got to the door. I ran home, got ready, came back later that night, and gave the presentation.<p>

After three weeks of recovery, I don't hurt as much. I think peeing, when I hit the floor, especially in front people I work with, hurt far worse than the immediate and residual pain.

This was not the pee experience that was planned, and since peeing in my clothes isn't something I do, it was embarrassing. I love holding, among other things, so this wasn't IT for me.<p>
The only other near disaster, during this same time, was after stopping at a Superstore, along side the highway, to get a few things. Upon finishing with our shopping, we left the store with me still confident that I could hold it a bit longer. I saw the vehicle, and with each step realized, I wasn't going to make it to the next urinal. (yes, I wanted to go there, as that is something I am trying to work on) <p>
My first thought was, "perfect, I'll just pee between the cars", but there was this guy sitting in the car next to us. Scanning the parking lot, I jumped in and told the person I was with to "DRIVE! and hurry." "No, not there. Here, no, wait, there! No, there are people in that RV. Shit!" It was like a damn start, stop, drive thing around the parking lot.<p>! ;
I spotted a little area at the edge of the parking lot, where a couple of trash cans were, and I just told them to pull in front of it. I jumped out and pulled my jeans down, squatted, and peed right there. It was busy, and in broad daylight, but at that moment, I could have cared less if anyone saw me. My ass was shining, and my pussy was shooting pee, and I did not care. Well, my sandals got wet, couldn't get my feet situated out of the line of fire at that point.<p>
This is not something I do, but honestly, the heat emanating from parking lot, and the backsplash onto my pussy felt so wonderful. If I had the nerve to do this on a regular basis, I probably would. This, however, was a fluke, something I would have never just done.<p>
The holding thing for me is great, but I am thinking now, that my ability to do this is slipping a bit. (yes, I have tried the damn exercises, and I don't like them) This still doesn't take away from the fact that I lov! e the feeling, and still do it.

Honesty - of COURSE we want to hear more of your posts!! I loved, really loved, your wonderfully detailed story of your constipated partner shitting in the bath. Best thing on here in ages for me, so PLEASE give us more.
hugs, Fizz

Scott, seems as if your lovely Kim and I are a bit similar in both build and the ability to pass really big, fat solid turds and Im glad that you enjoy seeing her doing so. As for those who DONT like such big jobbies, I say, literally, TOUGH SHIT! I once went out with a boy when I was about 19 who moaned when I did a big panbuster in his toilet pan. He whined on about it, so needless to say that was the very last date I had with him and I blew him out.

Adrian, Im happy you like my postings, and would like to see my droppings. As far as I am concerned a marriage, or unmarried relationship, is a very intimate thing, what is the old saying , "to cleave together as one flesh". I dont believe in secrets in a marriage, we share everything, including personal functions. I know that is not everyone's way of working, some couples are very private and if that works for them, fair enough. With my husband I share it all, urination, defecation, periods. Im glad your urinary infec! tion has cleared up.

PV, each to their own but I hope urinals for women NEVER catch on. Like some others who post here I hope the unisex toilet becomes more common and the urinal becomes extinct. When playing field Hockey and Netball I have often had to use Boys or Mens toilets at playing fields if the Female Toilets have been closed or occupied and the smell of stale piss is a right turn off.

Hiker, I have done the occasional motion outdoors and I wont say its any more a turn on than doing it in the toilet. If its a nice big jobbie then that gives me a buzz anyway. I suppose some people get a kick from the forbidden fruit aspect of doing a poo outdoors, perhaps the risk of being seen. I have also experience the disappearing turd like you. I was camping a few years ago with some other girls and, just before going to bed I needed a big one, which I did behind a bush about 20 yards away from the tent, (there wre no water courses nearby and this was in a field ! not a campsite). Anyway, next day my friend Susan went for a motion in the morning in the same place. When she returned she remarked, "Nicky, I thought you said you did a big jobbie last night before we went to bed?" I said that I certainly had and why did she ask? Susan replied, "Well it isn't there now, just the toilet paper you used" and sure enough when I went to look the two big easy sausages she had just passed were lying there still steaming in the cold morning air but my big lumpy torpedo of the previous night had gone. I was very puzzled at the time, but now realise that it could have been eaten by seagulls as there were plenty around as we were camping near the seaside. Has anyone else had this happen to them, doing a motion outdoors then it disappears. Like you Hiker, I would wonder why someone would steal another person's turd, but people do some very strange things!

Madman,???? What a poor, sad, individual you are. I am one of the men refered to, of which there are many on this page, who adore women who pass such big, fat, long turds and luckily my wife, Theresa, does these from time to time. If you cannot accept the girl on such an intimate, fundamental (pun fully intended), matter then I suggest you go your separate ways and leave her to find a bloke who DOES appreciate her toilet talent. I have a suggestion, take up with Coprologist who seems to be in the minority which agrees with you. With his output of little, soft loads of mush you should suit each other just fine!

I saw a real whopper of the type Madman hates so much yesterday. I was doing some installation work at an office when the secretary, a nice ???? girl called Kathy, asked me to mind the phone as she had to go to the toilet. As she said this she farted a loud dry squeaky fart, so I guessed she needed a motion. Sure enough, she was away for 10 minutes, and as! I had to look after the phone, I couldn't go near the toilet to listen. When she came back I saw she was a bit red faced and she said, "Oh, I feel better now, that was a load off my mind!" I waited a few minites then said I would need to go to the toilet myself. This is only a small office, so there is only one toilet. I could smell the odor of a good solid motion and sure enough, in the bottom of the pan was a lovely big fat jobbie, about 12 inches in length and 2 1/2 fat, dark brown and slightly curved. I buddy dumped my own motion on top of Kathy's log. Mine was about the same size, but a lighter brown and carrot shaped. I expected a "log jam" when I pulled the flush but surprisingly it only took two flushes before the combined load went away. I assume the larger mass of the two big jobbies gave the torrent of water from the flush more to act upon and thus it was able to push the lot over the hidden bend. I cannot remember if it was Crimson or Vector who used to post here ! about toilet pan design but perhaps they or others could comment on this effect. Anyway, when I came out Kathy asked, in a matter of fact way, "did you manage to get the toilet to flush or is IT still stuck there?" I replied, "It all went away after a couple of flushes". Kathy laughed, and said, "Ive been needing that all morning, but I couldn't leave the phone till you turned up, the other girl phoned in sick". "I wouldn't worry, you see what my wife and I do sometimes" was my response which made Kathy smile. By the way, for those interested, there were long brown skid marks left in the bottom of the toilet pan after the two big jobbies flushed away.

Scott, you are very lucky in having such a marvellous girlfriend as Kim, who not only does such big panbusters but enjoys doing so and lets you join in the fun and who has such a lovely figure. Good to find yet another person who likes big logs. Perhaps we should form the "Paul Bunyan Society" named for the legendary Ame! rican lumberjack, for those men and women who enjoy doing and seeing big logs, any takers?

Finally, Goldgirl. I dont actually think anyone is condemning her for her pissing activities, AT HOME , but its the aftermath of what she does in hotels etc. as Nicola said, freedom of expression has its responsibilities, and these mean that those who do NOT appreciate the effects of your activities should not have to suffer. Whatever one does at home or with consenting adults is fair play but not if it inconveniences others who do not want to partcipate. Again the analogy of the sheets soiled in a hotel after lovemaking is a red herring. Sure this happens, as a side effect, the sheets are laundered and re-used, but to deliberately soak a mattress or pillow with your urine by peeing on it, perhaps several times as a deliberate action is excessive. It will not always be easy to remove the stains and odor as anyone who has had to deal with beds wet by incontinent children or the e! lderly can tell you. By all means, Goldgirl, enjoy your pissing fun, but do so with consideration for others or dont be surprised if one day you are sued or prosecuted for doing so indiscriminately.

~Dreamer - thank you so much! that was such an awesome compliment! i'm so glad you enjoy my stories, as well as Becca's. i love the way you told me to make this world a more golden place! what an awesome thought! thank you so very much! any stories from you? by the way, i like how you use the ~ too! a nice warm stream of pee...

Becca - yeah, i'd say i like Becca the best, now that i've thought about it. like i said, it's cuter, and like Shy Pam said, Becca is a very cool name. if your mom wants to call you Rebecca, that's cool, but i will call you Becca, i think it's sweet. by the way, like ~Dreamer, i would love to hear those stories about what happens when you and Lauren both need to use the toilet at the same time. and i think Linda would enjoy a story like that too. i can't wait to read the next story, whatever it is!

Chris - and i like you too! you were the first person to respond to my posts, and i'm so glad you still enjoy them. yeah, i'm sure min and ! i will do that again, but probably in the bathroom, the basement, or outside (if no one can see us, like the woods). i will let you know for sure!

Steve - hi to you too! thank you for thinking of me! Louise - i bet that was a lot of fun for you when you wrote your name in the sand like that! i'm so glad i help to inspire you guys in your peeing activities!

Sandra - thank you, you reminded me of another story i have about farting! i'm gonna post it right now. i'm glad you like my stories!

Ginger - i'm so glad you enjoy my posts! sorry you have bladder problems, but you are so right! letting your pee gush out is like the greatest feeling ever! great story, i bet you felt really uncomfortable walking around thinking that people could see your butt. that's one thing i won't even let my friends see is my naked body. i'm shy that way. i would love to watch them pee though! as i'm sure you've read, i've had that opportunity a few times.

Shy Pam - t! hanks again for sticking up for me being a great friend and fan! you have such a way of making a good point. everything you said is true. pee is really just another body fluid. society just made it to be "gross" and "discusting." why that is, we'll never know. by the way, love the story! you poor thing!

my friend mira was over and we were watching tv. i do that a lot in my room, don't i! mira was really into it, but i was bored with what was on and i began to imagine instead. i imagined mira pulling down her panties, sitting on my bed, and letting her pee flow all over my bed, flooding the mattress with her pee. then i imagined her letting out a great big fart and the whole room smelling like it. as you may or may not remember, mira is very good at making really bubbly farts, but i very rarely get to experience them.

i was getting tired of just thinking about mira farting, and my heart was beating like crazy. i decided to make a move. i pushed my body and out! came a fart, and it made a pretty loud noise. mira looked over at me and giggled. i was hoping she'd say, "oh, i'm so glad you did that, now i won't be embarrassed and i can do it too," but she didn't. she just giggled about it like any other 13-year-old girl would do.

by this time i had to pee, so i left the room and went down to the basement. i pulled down my shorts and panties and crawled under the pool table. i sat down on the carpet and relaxed my body. my pee began to run out of me and sprinkled onto the floor and into the carpet. the warm puddle was soon getting my butt and the backs of my theighs soaking wet. then i farted again. it was quieter, but i could hear it fine. when i was done, i sat by my puddle and sloshed the wetness around with my hands for awhile. then i heard mira coming down the stairs, so i quickly pulled up my pants and walked over to her like nothing happened. i told her that i was bored and was just walking around the house.

late! r while we were watching tv again, i saw mira move a little bit. then i heard this long, squeaky fart come out of her. my heart was just about burst! my wish came true! we were sitting right next to each other, so i could smell it perfectly. it traveled right up into my nose. it reminded me of that girl on the train in my last story. maybe mira's fart wasn't quite as good as hers, but at least mira let out a nice one, and i truly enjoyed it. then just as i thought life couldn't get any better, one of mira's bubbly farts popped right out of her at that very moment. that's when she laughed and said, "guess i'm a little gassy too!" as my nose was taking in all the smell, i just giggled back and said, "yeah, but it's ok, i don't care." i didn't want to let her know i was excited about her farting by me like that. i'm just shy that way i guess.

all that evening and well into the night i thought about mira's wonderful farts...

more to come,

Errr Becca forget what i said bout are you better ... missed the part that said it was last year ... i was reading them at 1 AM so you must understand my ignorance :).

LILOKIEGIRL ~ Ya should see my email up there ... where it said optinal. PLZ NO ONE ABUSE THIS INFO! or i will cry :'(.

BECCA ~ awwwww! are ya feeling better??? and as for the name ... i like Becky personally :)

Nothing interesting. Well unless you count the fact that i turn 16 Wednesday! *throws a lil party for himself but stops abruptly when he realizes this means a lot more work at the ol work place LOL) Anyways,

Ben in NY
Sorry for the mistake in my last post. I meant to say Kenny's dad from South Park.


Sunday, June 25, 2000

Goldgirl - I don't think Nicola or anyone else was likening you to bombers or rapists. The point that some people have been trying to make is that we should be allowed to do what we want providing no one else is likely to be the victim of our actions. You're right when you mention that hotel beds must get covered in body fluids anyway, but I doubt sweat or semen sinks into the mattress like piss does. If someone accidentally wets themselves in bed then that's different, but to do it deliberately is a bit inconsiderate I think.
That said however, you have posted some interesting stories!

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