Redneck--you must've really had to go. I bet it felt great to be rid of that load.
Buzzy--What an awesome dump that was & don't you just love those nice tight farts? To answer your question I sometimes dump like you. If I feel there's more to come but it's not making it's way out I'll wander a bit (when outside of course) then resume my shit.
I haven't posted for a while cause I haven't had anything unusual with my shits. That changed yesterday. I hadn't gone in 3 days (not that unusual for me) & early yesterday morning I felt a sharp pain in my stomach & let out a long hard fart of about 7 seconds. I made my way to the bathroom & quickly pulled down my panties. I sat & let out a long piss first & farted 2 more times as I peed. Then the cramp hit again & I actually grunted out a long turd. It was quite wide & my ass opened up as far as it would go to let it out. This was followed by 2 more logs that weren't as long or fat. I looked at my! procuct & saw 1 fat turd about 12 inches long & 2 more of 8 inches each. It was only an hour later when I felt the need to crap again. I went back to the toilet & quickly let out a wave of soft poop. I knew there was more so I waited & sure enough a couple minutes later I let go with another wave. I farted a couple times & bent forward to push out 1 more wave. I filled the toilet pretty good & had to wipe 4 times. Now the weird part is it was only 10 minutes before I had to go again. It was an urgent call & I quickly made my way to the bathroom again. I sat just in time to let out a long wave of liquid shit. I sat for about 15 minutes as I pissed out my ass. That was the last time I had to go until this afternoon when I had my usual dump of nice solid turds.
I'm on vacation in the mountains this next week so I hope to have some good outdoor dumping stories.

dear madman you have every right to be mad at the huge shits your girlfriend does and it is good that you still love her. but I have to disagree with everything you have said in not liking your womens huge bowel movements. I do not know if you are a regular post reader but i have a luscious blond girlfriend named kim- who is five foot four,big blue eyes, long blond hair. who happens to have 40 double-D boobs and a very shapely figure who has incredibly huge logs!! even some measuring 17 inches. madman you do not have to like your girls logs but I and many post readers do like huge logs made by females and males. I tell you I sure love it when my girl kim gets tottally nude and crashes out an enormous log for me(She likes to sit on the toilet naked) kim & I even buddy dump sometimes. she even has sat on my lap as we both crashed out big logs together! Boy! I wish i was able to consistently crash out huge logs like she is able to do! mine are usually smaller 8-12 (Whic! h is not bad)while hers are 12- and up!!well madman thats all i have to say to you. you do have a right to feel the way you do but i Would try to enjoy it. so long now. from scott

Hi all!
Ginger- That was a great story! I would love to hear another (especially when you poop your panties). Keep them coming, you're a good writer.
Kim & Scott- I really liked your story. I know you guys like the compliments, I though I would share mine with you. =)
Nicola (England)- I thought the point you made in your last post was very insightful. Expression is not freedom to do anything. If that was the case, the US would be a chaotic society of murderers, rapers, and people who deficate on public property. People do not have to put up with what Goldgirl Fan calls "expressing herself." If a murderer expresses his violent side by killing, do we have to put up with it because he is expressing himself? Just think about that. As Austin Powers said "We have freedom and responsibility. It's a very groovy time." =)

Goldgirl. I read your post with interest but using the train toilet with your knickers still up sounds rather pointless to me. I can understand you wetting yourself if it had been occupied and you'd been unable to wait, but intentionally wetting youreslf is something I just can't understand.

Madman. I suggest that you either get your girlfriend to only poo at her house or, gently but firmly insist on her using a bucket or commode when she's at yours. It sounds to me as though she either eats an awful lot or doesn't go to the toilet as often as she should - or a combination of the two!

Nicola (England). It's a long time since I saw a posting from you. Glad to see you back. Your husband must be one lucky fellow, getting to watch you like that. It's good you can be so open with each other about such things.

Anne (the bus driver). Your contributions are really super and I'm looking forward to seeing more before long.

Everyone. Thanks f! or your kindness. My water infection seems to have cleared up for the moment. I had a follow up visit to the doctor yesterday and he thought my sample was okay, but it's going to be checked at the lab just to make sure.

Best Wishes

Hi, everybody! Happy arrival of summer to all lucky Northern
Hemisphere residents! WE actually had a rare (recently) nice
day in Northern New England Wednesday. And I celebrated with an absolutely exquisite log around noon. The feeling
came upon me suddenly; it felt like it was, and turned out to be, absolutely HUGE! I started pushing it out slowly(it was thick), and it just kept coming! About halfway, I pushed
harder, so it wouldn't break off, and it picked up speed and
WHOOSHED into the toilet in one enormous piece! Afterwards,
I looked at it in awe, trying to decide how long it was...
(STILL no tape measure, I REALLY must buy one...) EASILY
over a foot, probagly 15 or 16 inches, I think... so I thought I'd relive the experience with all interested here!
I'm off to a good start in the summer of '00!

Ke-Ke: I'm glad you've been enjoying my posts! Thank you for
the compliment, but you were bad to skip away without talking s! hit to me! As your punishment, you are forbidden to go today, and must go out to breakfast with me tomorrow
BADLY needing to go. You must write all the details of this
breakfast, who suspects/knows you have to go and why, etc.,
then write the details of what happens when you finally DO
go... come on, talk SHIT to me, girl! I'm READY!!

madman: Are you SERIOUS??? The males in this forum would all LOVE a girl like yours! You have no choice but to break
up with her, and allow her to be with a guy who would APPRECIATE, and certainly ENCOURAGE, those beautiful toilet
clogging materpieces(pan-busters!, right British posters?)
that you can't deal with... shame on you!

Hi, it's Hiker here. Thanks to John(VT), Buzzy and Hiker_uk for your comments. I'm encouraged to continue posting. But I have a question for Hiker_uk: Did I took -inadvertently- your nickname? If I did, please notify me, in order to change mine: I'm a newcomer here, so netiquette applies.
As I said before, I like to take shit in the outdoors, and is better if nude. I am slim but strong (not a bodybuilder or anything in that style), 176 centimeters-high and no matter how much -or less- I eat, I ) always weigh the same (60 kilos). I eat like two hungry horses, but I spend that energy almost every week in the mountains, so I have no fat.
So that, my turds range between enormous to monstrous, thick, smooth and firm, and I can count with the fingers of a hand the times I had had any intestinal disease (I mean, diarrhoea) in the last 10 years, and I had never used a laxative or something like that. So, I like healthy turds and I'm not very pleased to "accidents" or diarrh! oea stories, but everybody has its tastes, don't you?
When I'm camping in the nude beach, I like to stay most of the time nude (sometimes up to 7 days without using even a sock), and when it comes to go shitting, I like to do it in the nude. It is a great sensation of freedom to go to the sea, or to the dune, or sometimes just in any place I could be, spread the legs a bit and start to have a nice shit. I do not take a lot of time, and most of the time all the process takes less than a minute to produce an average turd, that is, a 30-centimeter long one, with a 5 centimeter diameter.
When I'm alone, when I am walking around and want to take shit, I just start to "do" it anywhere (but at my tent's door...), and i watch along the days how the turd changes with the weather, the sun and the salt. It's a kind of experiment I like to carry out. Nevertheless, I cannot do this when there's people camping or staying around me, as I do not like to soil their space,and I go beh! ind a dune, to the sea or to the cave. Anyway, I don't mind if they see me , purposely or not, and it's sometimes very funny and to let other people watch me. It's sometimes arousing as well.
I remember how, in November 1988(beginning of summer here), when I was camping at a desolate beach south of Valparaiso, I made a turd that I always remember, because it was absolutely monster-like:it looked like a big brown fish, about half a meter long and as thick as my forearm; it took about 3 minutes to let it go, and while I was squeezing it out of my anus on top of a small dune in front of my tent, a very pretty brunette appeared from behind, and walked right by my side as she made her way to the beach; she was really beautiful (had dark brown curly hair, and a white bikini), and I was unable to tell where she had came from, as the beach looked deserted and so that, I was absolutely nude. She "pretended" not to had seen me (that was impossible: she was 3 steps away from me), b! ut walked really slow when she approached, and I never was able to tell how long she could had been watching me from behind before passing by my side.
I ended my job, wiped myself and went to sleep, but past midnight, maybe awakened by the seagull's screams, I set out of the tent to take a piss; when I was outside, i noted that my turd was not on sight, but i was too sleepy to investigate, so I returned to my sleeping bag. Next morning, the first thing I saw ( or better said:the first thing I DIDN'T saw) outside was my turd: it had disapperaed almost completely, and at the beginning I thought that someone would had steal it, but soon I thought why someone would like to steal a turd(!). I was quizzed for a while until i examined the place where it had been lying: there were some remains of toilet paper, and the marks of my piss puddle, so THAT was the place...and 10 centimeters away, but not in the line of sight from the tent, it was the "carcass" of my turd. It had become ! a delicatessen for marine birds that night, so that was the origin af all the bird screams that I heard that night. I laughed a lot, and I still tell the incident to my friends, sometimes.
Well, after having checked that, I spotted 2 tents across the dunes, at about 300 meters from my campsite, so I used the powerful telephoto of my camera to watch my neighbors; this telephoto lens is a really heavy one (2,5 kilos, plus the camera itself) but magnifies a lot, and let me see tha other camp quite clearly. I was doing that when I saw an already-known curly mane: it was the girl I had "met" the afternoon before, while I was defecating. I put the camera down in order to don't be catched peeping at them, and almost immediately that girl turned and waved me. I answered in the same way, and a couple of seconds later she seemed to shout to somebody in her tent(it was impossible to hear anything, though), and walked apart a couple of meters, when I saw a roll of toilet paper flyi! ng towards her.I was pretty excited, but I was not sure about showing the camera, but I wanted to see her in the "bathroom" as well. She lowered her jeans and a small white panty and squatted in front of me, but apparently not on sight from her various friends. I watched her thru the lens and saw her apparently peeing and then she moved her back a bit for some seconds, and then she wiped her vagina AND her rear twice. She dressed up, and sterted to dismount the tents, and after an hour they all left the beach, and I was alone again.
I explored their campsite and looked for their "bathroom", that resulted to be behind a small natural wall of rock, that wasn't possible to be noted from a distance. There, the freshest thing was a small puddle and 3 light brown turds that I am sure were made by that girl. I didn't knew if she was aware of the fact that I was watching her, but after alllthese years,I has come to a conclusion: she knew that I was looking at her, and she might ev! en wanted that (she waved me), and maybe she wanted to "compensate" the fact of having seen me the day before.
I would like to know about other's stories about shitting in the nude, mostly in beaches. I am interested on what one (male/female) feels when shitting outside in the nude, if it's a turn on or not, if you guys and girls had seen other people defecating naked in the outdoors, etc.
Enjoy your summer! We are just beginning winter here.

now i'm being compared to bombers and rapists! ok...

Becca - good story! i felt so bad for you the way you were feeling though, you poor girl! i'm glad you told us about it though, that's what friends are for. keep up the stories, i love 'em all!

Jessica From Canada - great little story about testing yourself with the warm bathwater! have you ever peed in the tub? love your stories!

Shy Pam - love your stories! keep 'em coming!

well, guess that's it for me for today, i'll try to think of a story tomorrow!

see ya lata,

Hello everyone, first off I just wanted to say hello to everyone here and congratulate them on excellent stories for their posts. I have never posted here myself but have been lurking around for at least two years. I must say, the posts now are getting much better than those of the past. One great contribution I must note of these quality posts is goldgirl~. I must say that I am on her side and feel that if the activities she partakes in were unfit subject matter, that surely the moderator would have stopped them in their tracks. Goldgirl~ I am a big fan of your posts and will always enjoy reading them, don't ever let anyone talk you out of doing what you do, make this world a more golden place!
One other matter of business I must tend to is saying how much I appreciate the posts made by Rebecca/Becca. I think that you should use whatever name you prefer and don't let people talk you out of it. However, if my word has any power in this site, I would like to simply s! uggest that you leave your name as Becca. As a request Rebecca/Becca, I was wondering if you could relay some stories that you mentioned a while ago about when you and you sister would both have to go and had to race to the bathroom. I would appreciate any of those stories you had to contribute, thanks.
Well, so ends my first post, I may never post again unless someone asks me to, feel free to ask away if you have any questions for me.
Back to the shadows then, ciao.


Linda-LOL, yes I do use the toilet too. And looking back at my old posts I can see why you're asking that. How did it feel? Umm, I hate the feeling of having it in my pants but usually when I go in my pants I've gotta go so bad that it feels really good to get it out.

Shy Pam-Thanks for the input on the name thing. Oh, and Lauren is 5.

And again Linda, I'm too tired to think of a story where I actually use the toilet but I'll have one for you soon.


Goldgirl - I really like your stories and I REALLY like you too. Are you planning on any more buddy dumps. Did you enjoy, you sounded like you did. Anyway more soon

Linda-- Hi kiddo, I'm surprised they didn't tell
your cousin about the side effects of pain meds.
Their purpose is to slow done the nerve impulses,
a side effect is to slow down the impulses to the
bowel and that make the contents stop moving. When
that happens you get REALLY CONSTIPATED. Please
share your story.
Lauria-- Where are you?-- JW

To madman
The best way to decrease the size of your girlfriend's turds is to get her to do her business more often. The longer a turd sits in the rectum, the drier it gets. She can achieve smaller turds and more frequent defecation by drinking plenty of fluid and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. I speak from personal experince. I have very slight hemerrhoids. They are not large or painful, but they used to bleed sometimes when I was doing my business. I hated shitting more than once a day, because I nearly always got sore and sometimes bled. But now I eat plenty of vegetables and at least half a fresh apple each day, I shit usually twice per day and have had no more hemerrhoid trouble for 2 years. My turds are small and soft. There are usually at least 30 or 40 of them per evacuation (I count the spashes as they hit the water).

LOUISE - You've NEVER heard a woman poo in the bathroom at work? That's extraordinary! I reckon that when I use the ladies room at work, 3 out of 5 women who use the toilets can be heard pooing. I grew up and worked in England (I came to the States in 1984) and heard woman pooing in public toilets throughout my life! I mean if you have to poo you have to poo - work or no work. You can't hold it in all day! Why do you hover above the bowl whie you pee and poo? Doesn't the poo make a louder splash? Then everyone knows what you are doing!
BUZZY - When the woman talked to me as I pooed, she looked at me in the eyes but I did notice her eyes move down a couple of times just as a log was coming out of my bottom.
BILL - When I poo outdoors it's the same as if I use a toilet. If I only need to poo, I just poo. Sometimes while a turd is coming out I'll do a small pee as well. Sometimes I need to do both and the pee starts immediately while the log comes out.
ROBBY - Yes, I! pooed in my sleep when I was in my early 20's. Luckily I was living alone! I had a dream that I needed to poo badly and then found a toilet. In the dream I had a really satisfying poo, then I suddenly woke up to find myself pooing in my bed. Luckily the turd hadn't completely come out so it didn't make a mess. I got up, pooed on the floor and went back to bed. In the morning I picked up the turd and put it in the toilet. Then I did a massive poo (in the toilet!).

Ben in NY
Rebecca- I LOVED your story. That's one of the best I have read in quite a while!

Did anybody see South Park on Wednesday? Kenny (one of the characters on the show) got very ill and began shitting all over the place. I don't get turned on by this, but the sounds were absolutely histerical! Also, I watched an episode of Kids in the Hall last night (some of you Canadians and Americans may know of this show). The plot of this one skit was there were six guys at a meeting. Their club was a club in which they could not go to the bathroom, because they were attempting to escape "the tyrany of their bladders." I thought it was very funny. Nothing sexual if that's what you're hoping for, but if you are looking for some great toilet humor, this show is for you.


Hi Louise,

I can't stop smiling! I feel I've spread the word of an amazing new faith, and I know exactly how it feels for you. It's habit-forming, eh? If the urinal is nice and clean, perhaps not used so often, it's by no means a smelly or unleasant device to use, and it's just so much FUN to plant your high heels squarely before the thing, lift your skirt and relax! I can picture it exactly -- I've done it so many times! Looking down at that river of wee connecting your mound with the porcelain, hearing the crackly hiss, feeling your heart thudding... There are times I've considered installing one at home, it's that much fun!

Yes, that's the way to go, panties aside and a tissue at the ready. I think you've got it, dear. And you even marked your 'kill' with a venus sign! Yeah! Another bit of silly fun, and it'll be interesting to see if the guys ever catch on. I don't think they ever did around the college. I know a lady in the States began 'marking her terr! itory' as it were last year too!

There's a developing trend amongst women to use urinals, as it happens, I recall a post on another forum last year from a seasoned pee-diva who used the men'sroom with her husband regularly. She said that at half-time at a big game they had used a busy restroom and the number of women using urinals had been incredible. They used the technique of lowering their pants just a little and weeing forward, and the comment was that there was a long line of half-bared bums, which was extremely gratifying.

Maybe one of these days planners will wise up and provide the ladies' room with urinals, just plain ordinary ones. We neither need nor want anything special -- it's just so easy, isn't it???

Wonderful work, dear, and I hope you enjoy it for many years to come. Here's a thought -- one day outside business hours, or in the slowest part of the week, maybe you could introduce your Mom and sis to the joys of wall-mounted porcelain! ? Three of you, all nicely dressed, using individuals pots, side by side -- now there's an image to conjure with (though not quite as much fun as the wall with the common trough!)

Hugs of vast proportions,


Hello everybody.

When I stood and wrote my name in the sand on that beach
like Steve has said, I had a probem stopping weeing between
the letters, as I was doing one of my big geyser wees. It
was a lot of fun, because I had to lean back to start and
then bend forward to do the 'L' and hop to the right, sort
of roll my hips about to do the 'O', and the rest of it was
real hard, but I did it before my wee dried up.
I did better than him even without a cock. Hehehe!


Hi All.

I'm posting about a humourous little conversation that took place in an office I was in yesterday. Like so many other such pieces of light banter, I observed it and found it quite amusing, and I think it might be of interest to the people who post on this forum.
Somehow, the subject turned to being trapped somewhere without toilet facilities, and a woman of about 30 made a comment that she would be in real trouble quite soon if she were ever to find herself in that situation. I know she goes for a wee very frequently during the day, and she said she once became so deperate that she had to stop her car one day at the side of a busy road and get out quickly. The men in the room sniggered a little at that, and this prompted the woman to say something like, "It's okay for men, all they have to do is point it at the wall and can just put their hands in their pockets and look nonchalant! It's not the same when you're crouched down with your knickers around your! ankles!". The men were all pretty much crippled with laughter by now, and when someone contributed to the debate with a mention of the bottles that are available with 'feminine adaptors', the laughter went to a new level still.
Some how I cannot see such bottles being much use to women who urinate strongly like Louise. I think the adaptors would be inadequate in their ability to handle the flow rate of the liquid. Try holding a funnel under running water in the sink, turn up the flow and you'll see what I mean. There is a bottlenecking effect, and unless a woman urinates in a slow trickle, and obviously the urine is dispensed into the adaptor at a rate which does not exceed the flow capacity permitted by the neck size, it seems to me that the adaptor would be quite useless as it would overflow. Perhaps someone who posts here can say they are fine for themselves to use. Or maybe not. Well, ladies, what do you think? I know Louise would not be able to use one, as she enjoye! d playing with a medium sized funnel when we were in the bath together recently and even that overflowed slightly. Ha, she even attached a six inch length of hosepipe to it so she could wee through it and pretend she had a penis. She's quite, quite mad ;)
Anyway, the conversation in the office finished with a guy demonstrating how, with the necessary dancing steps and hops, how a girl might go about writing her name in the snow. The laughter continued for some minutes, and the woman was in tears, almost pissing herself for sure!
Louise tried to write her name in the sand once while on the beach, by turning and angling her hips. It wasn't a bad effort actually :>

Before I go I'd like to say a special hi to the lusty Kim, the very lucky Scott, GoldGirl, Louise's new friend Vicky, and of course the lovely PV.
What superb ideas she is getting from you all. She is still giggling and grinning impishly following her recent invasions of the men's facilities at ! her place of work.

Kim and Scott, quite a dump that was in the mall. Like I said before, they will have to redesign the toilet with larger dimensions to handle Kim's bombs. Ha. Take care, you two!

PV, On a more serious note, I quite agree with you about exercising caution and using discretion for the reasons you gave and for darker ones which are an unfortunate hazard in this country, and most probably, much of the rest of the world (sigh). Though Louise can be a little impulsive at times, she is a good judge of when _to_ and when _not to_, so I really don't think we need worry. This forum tends to bring out the fun-loving aspect of her personality, but she is very sensible when she needs to be. Thanks for your concern though, and we do both appreciate it very much. :)

Bye for now,


95% of the time I FART before I poop, pee, or both. I try to share my FARTS, and POOP with every one. There is nothing like it.

I want to here some stories about you letting some farts rip in front of people

Shy Pam - Yes, for me it wasn't quite a weekly occurrence, but in Kindergarten through about second grade, I peed myself once every two or three weeks. I have the same feeling when I see little kids pee themselves now (especially since I still do it at times!). And for those of you who like poop stories better than pee, I'll try to tell a couple of those, but I have very few.

Goldgirl - I don't pee in odd places on purpose for the plain enjoyment, but my bladder problems have caused me to have let loose in a couple strange places, and I can kind of see how you enjoy it! I really enjoy reading your posts; keep the stories coming!

LilOkieGirl - I had a similar experience like your last post about recess, only I was older than you. It was in fifth grade, and I'll tell that now.

As in your story, we were outside for the lunch recess (the only one that fifth graders got). Now, usually, because of my problems holding it in, I used to go right after ea! ting lunch and right before going outside, but in this case I didn't get the chance (I can't remember why, though). So we were outside, and I remember I was playing a game of wall ball (which is kind of like dodge ball for those of you who don't know). I was standing along the wall when I felt the really strong urge to pee. I was fidgeting a whole lot, but because everyone was moving trying to dodge the ball, no one could tell I had to go. Finally, in order to get relief, I kind of let myself get hit so I could be out. I casually but quickly walked to the teacher on duty and told her I had to go to the bathroom and it was an emergency, but the teacher (she was another mean one--we seem to have had lots of those) looked at her watch and said there's only about five minutes left, please wait for recess to end.

So I started walking toward the back of the playground, knowing that I couldn't even make it another two minutes, let alone five. At the point of breaking! loose, I decided that because I was wearing one of those short summer dresses that day (fortunately!), I would just let myself go casually. I sat down on the grass in a back remote corner of the playground, pulled my dress behind me so that I was just sitting in my underwear, and let loose in my panties (they were white, I believe, since I was wearing a yellow summer dress, and dark colors would have shown through). It felt really relaxing to feel my bladder emptying.

But I now had the problem of wet panties (they were pretty much soaked). If I had put that thin summer dress on top of those soaked panties, it would have been so obvious what I had done! So I took them off (incredibly risky when wearing a summer dress!), and threw them behind a fence into the woods. When recess ended, you can imagine how carefully I walked! I kept smoothing the back of my dress every ten seconds or so! Like I said in my last post, I always had a change of clothes, so before cl! ass I went to the bathroom and put on new underwear. But I was really self-conscious if anyone would have seen my bare behind!

Rebecca - Your most recent post reminded me of a story because of the undoing of the overalls, but I'll tell that later.

Shy Pam
To Nicola - I still feel Goldgirl should be allowed to express herself the way she likes. If someone goes away for the weekend with their boyfriend or girlfriend, get a motel and "do it", they leave bodily fluids in the sheets, in the bedding, etc........I guess that's OK, right? What about the other fluids left on towels, washclothes, etc. where we all would have to be exposed to them...I don't care how many times most hotels clean usually it is people at minimum wage or getting paid by each room...instead of clean you just get a rushed wiping. You are certainly welcome to your opinion, I just don't agree!

I had one of the closest calls yesterday afternoon that I have ever had. It was warm out and 'tis the I went to Dunkin Donuts and got a Coolata, my FAVE summer drink. After drinking it, I went to the store. I could feel my ???? start to rumble and felt the urge to poo. It went away and I decided to go home. About a half-mile out I could feel my! stomach graduate to flip-flopping and I KNEW I had to poo. As I pulled down my street it became a fight to strain to keep from letting it all go in my panties. I pulled into the driveway and quickly made my way to the bathroom. As I pulled down my shorts and panties I felt what I thought was a wet fart of diarrhea...fortunately I was wrong, it was just a release of gas! As soon as my shorts and panties were clear I landed on the seat and the diarrhea let go...I couldn'
t hold it any more! One second more and my white cotton panties would have had a whole different tint...and smell.
I don't know what the Coolata mixed with but it was horrid! I had to use about half a can of air spray and leave the window open for a long time. I usually don't get like this and am thankful for that. White panties for now.......

Friday, June 23, 2000

To Kimberly: Dude, I love your stories! I laugh every time you boast about your tremendous figure. Are you sure about the size of your chest?!! My goodness. Keep those hot stories coming, brother! Thanks... Johnny

Shy Pam
Ginger - welcome and loved your story. I had a lot of accidents in my pants in elementary school but it was mostly Kindergarten and first grade, had a couple in the other grades but it was almost a weekly occurrence in the lower grades. Also, whatever I had to do is what came out...pee, poo or both. My Mom should have bought stock in Carters the way I went through underpants! Post more stories when you remember incidents. I find the more I read the posts, the more I can remember from my past. At the time I was horrified, embarassed, afraid, disappointed, etc. While I now almost think its kinda cute (sort of a ritual we all seem to go through) I remember just what it felt like having to go urgently and then losing control with a release like a dam break. When I see little kids have accidents now my heart goes out to them because I do remember what it feels like to go through what they are doing. I also have several neices from 2-7 and have seen numerous accidents...may! be they inherited something from me.
Oh well, liked your story, submit more when you can.

Rebecca - Nice to see you back. I haven't been posting all that long and have seen your stories in the back posts...I love them. As far as your name, whatever makes you happiest or the best is the one you want. If you are looking for opinions, I think 'Becca' is much cooler than Rebecca, but thats just my opinion...besides, they are both nice, I just like Becca better. Get a lot of input then decide what YOU like. Take Care.
PS How old is Lauren now? She sounds like one (actually 2) of my neices.

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