hello everyone! scott and I have another post to tell. my boyfriend scott & I went to the mall recently. scott was wearing his yankee baseball cap,blue overalls, and brown workboots. while I was wearing my grey sweats and white sneakers. I was the one trying on different clothes while scott watched (Or drooled) as I did so. I found two spandex outfits I liked. One black and one yellow. I bought them both. I also bought a pair of white mule sandal high heeled shoes. I am a pretty bold girl, in the dressing room I put my bra,panties, grey sweats and sneakers inside a great big shopping bag. as I then strutted out of the female dressing room wearing only my yellow spandex and white mule shoes with no underwear underneath. my yellow spandex hugged my body like a glove . as my big,balloon shaped knockers and ???? nipples poured out of my spandex awesomely!! I even got some lustful looks from some young guys at the mall(I think I made many of them pitch a big tent in their p! ants! hahahaha!) along with some envious looks from some females. I then celebrated my new clothes purchase by going to the bathroom to take a MASSIVE SHIT!! Inside the stall I yanked my spandex pants down to my toes and sat my ass on the toilet seat. As I then started to push out one hell of a monster log! my pink ass and anus quivered excitedly as they expanded wider and wider to get my humongous beast out! I even looked into the bowl for a second and saw my huge brown torpedo squeezing out of me. this was one massive bowel movement I was having! that sent great tingling sensations in my ass giving me unbelievable pleasure!I even had to pause to catch my breath as my large boobs heaved and I braced myself as I crashed out the rest of my mighty log. my log hit the water with a great big splash!! I tell you my whole body was shuddering after I crashed that log out! I then let rip a loud, long ringing fart that cleared my insides. I then took out my measuring tape I sometimes ! carry for such occassiones and I measured my log to be 16 inches long, 4 inches wide! this was one massive sausage! and I dont think it was flushable either! I then decided not to flush,leaving my incredible log there for someone else to see how GREAT!!!! I went! as I then wiped myself and held the soiled toilet paper in my hand to throw in the basket later. as I then yanked up my spandex pants and left the restroom. "How did you go?" scott said when I exited the bathroom. "Just great I replied smiling proudly as scott then gently grabbed my hand and we left the mall together. I tell you I probably broke that toilet with my massive shit!! hahaha! hoped you liked the story! from Kim & scott PLUS LOUISE- congrajulations for peeing in the mensroom. you go girl! and about what you said about the buddy dumping with me. its ok. I just did not want to offend you with what I SAID!! hahaha! take care louise and steve. PLUS REDNECK_ you said you went to the cayman islands and you s! aw a guy from new jersey that you say was not typical of new jerseyans because he had swedish blood and was nice! GIVE ME A BREAK REDNECK! their are many nice people from new jersey like scott and I and many others. and their are good and bad in each state. dont paint all new jerseyans with one brush redneck ok please. thank you!

Becca - yay! i loved your story! i'm so glad you're back! about your name, i really like both Rebecca and Becca, i think Becca sounds cuter, but i like Rebecca too, but not because it's more grown up, it's just a very pretty name. don't ever grow up, i know i never will (heehee much to the dismay of many people in this forum!). i really like both names, i'll probably call you both. so your birthday's in october? what day? mine is the 19th of october! i can't believe i'm gonna be 14! well, anyway, Becca, keep posting! love your stories! i'm a huge fan!

Chris - good story! and i'm sure you enjoyed my last post!

Josh - glad you liked making that yellow cloud! i made one just a while ago when i took a bath! i love baths!

Ke-Ke - i'm so glad you love my stories! i'm going to tell you one today that involves my interest in farting, as well as the usual peeing! enjoy!

just this last spring, min and i were riding the train downtown. i live pretty mu! ch out in the country, so min and i like to visit the city once in a while. anyway, the train was pretty crowded, so this other girl, i would say she was about 11, was sitting next to me. min was on my right side, the girl was on my left. min and i were on our way home, just sitting there riding along, when i could hear a little fart come from the girl. she had an embarrassed expression on her face, and she didn't dare look over at me, so i knew it was her that did it. then the smell started to drift up to my nose. my heart began to pound as soon as i smelled her fart. min nudged me and smiled. i could tell she was enjoying it too, but i don't think quite as much as me, since i was closer to the girl in age. then the girl farted again. i was in paradise. but then she suddenly got up from her chair and walked over to the toilet and closed the door. oh, how i wished i could've followed her! i imagined her peeing in the room and hoped that it was the floor she was using and not t! he toilet.

i told min that i was going to go in the toilet after the girl got out. she whispered in my ear, "geez, bridge, you're actually gonna use the toilet? what a waste!" after about 5 minutes, the girl came out of the bathroom. i just couldn't help myself, i had to go in that toilet after that girl was in there! i got up and walked over to the toilet. as soon as i walked in there, i could smell the poop smell from her. i knew it was from her cause she was the only one who'd used the toilet since we got on the train, and the smell was very fresh. i looked at the toilet, and saw that she had flushed it, but that was alright, i didn't want to actually look at the poop, but the smell really got me. i kept thinking to myself that it was because of that girl that the room smelled like that. i stayed in that room for a good 5 minutes.

before i came out, i had to pee, so i pulled down my jeans and peed through my panties. i wanted to use the floor, but i knew i! 'd get caught for sure. i sat down on the toilet and my pee soon drenched my panties. i kept thinking about that girl the whole time i was peeing. then when i was done, i squeezed out my soaked panties, pulled my jeans back up, and went back to my seat. the girl was reading a magazine and didn't even look up at me. min winked when i sat down.

as we were riding along, min whispered extremely quietly that she could smell my peed-in panties, and that she liked that. i smiled at her. i wondered if the girl smelled them too. i hoped she liked the smell of pee, and i also hoped that she wished she was in the toilet with me. i did get to smell a few more of the girl's farts though! she sure was a gassy girl! every time i heard her little fart noise, i would get ready to smell it all in. then after my nose filled with her fart, i would lie back and close my eyes. i was very disappointed when the train stopped and she got off.

soon i had to pee again. i told min i wou! ld be right back. she whispered, "just go here." i gave her a big smile. by that time we were almost home, so i didn't care what people thought of me, not that they'd even notice. i let my body relax, and my wet panties began to get even wetter as my pee flooded through them and into my jeans. soon a pee spot formed on the seat and started to grow. min could feel it too, and she soon joined in peeing. we both giggled.

that night we both were lying in my bed talking about our day. before we fell asleep, min let out a fart. i gave her a big smile. i was so glad that i had her to fart for me even though i couldn't smell that other girl's farts anymore. min's the best!

see ya around,

To Movie Fan: The scenes in "The Shooting" where Millie is nauseous on the horse are the implied pooping scenes...also, whenever you see her standing by herself. Of course, this flick was made in 1966, so they couldn't possibly be more specific. "The Shooting" is based on a book by Carole Eastman (aka Adrien Joyce), and the book (I'm told) is far more explicit about the woman's pooping: she messes herself out of contempt for herself and the world. Watch the tape again. At the beginning, she claims that her horse broke a leg and had to be shot. However, the man couldn't find any broken bones. The horse had gone crazy from the woman's odor.

Hello everybody!

SANDRA - Yeah, I sometimes fart before I push out a
log, but not always. When I fart I normally do a
hissing one and not a raspy one.
It maybe that it has always happened when I have not
been there, but I have not been there very often
in a public toilet when a woman has had a crap. It is
mostly for peeing or to change a sanitory towel when
I have been there. You know I cannot remember *ever*
being in the ladies toilet at work and a woman coming
in for a shit. I do not know if it is a difference
between people in England and the USA or not, but I
do not think women like to shit at work. Maybe other
English ladies would not agree? I don't know. If I
have had a shit at work, just as when I am pissing, I
hover above the bowl and not sit down.
Hehehe I'll tell you about Sunday when I was out for
a walk with my boyfriend in the park. It was a real
hot and sticky day, and I think it must ha! ve been the
walking that did it, I felt I needed to have a crap.
I only had a skimpy top on with a short skirt, and the
smallest g-string I have. Steve and I went in a really
quiet place where there were some trees, and I pulled
down my little g-string and gave it to Steve to hold
for me. I lifted my skirt up, and I bent over with my
legs just a little bit bent at the knee. Steve was
standing behind me and watching. I started pushing
and lots of small hard pieces popped out of my bum hole.
I think I might have done about 30 of them, and Steve
asked me how many more I was going to fire, like a gun
or something! Hehehe No, they fell straight down and
were there in the grass in a little collection. While I
had no knickers on and I was bent over I had a little
pee as well which felt good. After that, we walked off,
but I had no g-string on for the time we were in the
park to give my pussy lips chance to dry. That ! felt
the coolest part of me, because it was a really hot day.
I wish Steve had wanted to pee that afternoon, it would
have been good to see him water the bushes.

PV - I did it again today! I went into the men's toilet,
the one in that really quiet part of the building, and
I had a huge wee into the same urinal I used last time.
This time I did not take my knickers off, and I just
pulled them to the side. It was no problem, I could do
it with no hands used to aim and I enjoyed it very much!
I did what you said and took a tissue with me so I could
wipe myself afterwards. Much softer down there, you know?
When I was done I drew a little Venus symbol on the wall
above the urinal. Hehehe I wonder how many men will know
what it means! Hehehehe!


I always get mad at my girlfriend when ever she clogs my toilet. I always tell her to use the push, cut, method. I tell her push out a pice, cut it off with her anal muscles and flush (repeat until you are fully cleaned out) . Yesterday was the last straw, she did a piece of shit so huge, 13in in length, 4in in diameter! I t is very, very expensive to call a plumber to un-clog your toilet. $50 an hour to be exact. She is making me throw $100 (US) out the window almost every week . The size of her shit if huge... really huge, bigger than any shit I've done. My reular is 6in and I nerver exceed that . Every time I do a poop, when it drops into the toilet, I flush it immeadtly . I never run the risk of clogging someones toilet. I think it is just rude. If she has to shit, I just make her go to the gas station to do it (its six houses down) . I'm not mean. I still love her very much. But her King Kong sized poops are unbelivable and are getting on my nerves. A person! only has so much patience. Are there any drugs or pills to reduce the size of ones poop greatly? If there is, I would get her a years supply. Please do not think I'm insensitive or cruel.

Okay.. the moent lots of you were probably waiting for finally happened.. I pooped my undies. Well kinda.. wlel listen.. I was playing in the backyard with my sisters when I got an urge.. wlel i fought it.. I mean i really did.. I'd stand still and grunt to push it back in. It was hard.. and my ???? hurt so much. Lots of times I felt the hard dry scratchy tip of the poop open .. you know the place where poop comes out and stretch it so it would come out. Well finally my sisters decided it was time to go in.. and the poop decided it was time to come out. I stood there shaking.. unable to stop it as the poop opened my hole up and came out.. but this time came out more. I froze.. my sisters asked if I was coming inside. I told them I'd be right there as I lost something. They asked if I wanted help I told them no go on. After the left it came out more and poked against my pampies and shorts. I said well this is it.. I'm gonna have to finish pooping. So I bent over with my hands ! on my knees and grunted loudly. It came slowly.. I have to admit it felt good. Not the part about me pooping my pampies.. but the feeling of it coming out.Then it happened.. it could not come out anymore. I thought it's my shorts.. they don't give it much room. So I looked around then sliped off my shorts.(which was hard cause my poop stretched out and my shorts where pressed against my pampies.) Anyway.. after they were off.. I got back into my pose and pushed again. I went OH as it moved again. My poor pampies were geting all out of shape from this poop stretching them. Then once again it stopped as the dry hard poop was being held back by my pampies which could not stretch anymore. I said great.. this is worse. I I waddled into some shrubs.. looked around.. with trouble pulled down my pampies.. the poop broke in two. I dropped the poop on the ground and with my pampies off squated (I looked around again) and pushed out the poop. I kepted going oooooooo and aaaaaaaaaaaaa and! ugnnnnn and it came out. I breathed hard and then looked. The poop was long!!! I was like more than a foot long. I looked at my pampies.. there was a bit of a smear on them. (Thanks to my poop being so dry)So I put them back on and my shorts and went back inside. My sisters were in the tub and I told my mom I'd watch them. So out she went I closed the door and pulled off my pampies and shorts and sat a peed. then I relaxed and poop 6 more big poops. (heh can you tell I had to go bad?) My sisters watched and Elisa noticed my pampies where stained. She asked if I had an accident. I told her yes.. that even big girls have accidents.. it's nothing to be ashamed of. Hortence said really? (She has accidents all the time.. but mostly poop ones)I said yes really. So I wiped.. with the girls watching and giggling.. then I washed my pampies good and put them in the hamper. Hopefully this will be the last time it happens... I don't feel to bad as I think I handled it pretty well. Thanks! all for listening to silly me.

P.S. Becca.. how did it feel when you pooped in your pants that last time.. and do you EVER use the bathroom and not your pants?

TO HARRY(NW)-Yup,there's nothing like dumping outdoors,you enjoy it my friend!I lov doing it out there!TO AMY-that must have felt great to put your finger up your anus and put poap up there and take a good dump right away-I too have put my finger up there but if i get any poo on my finger,i kinda skeeeves me out but i've never tried putting soap up there,maybe sometime,i'll let you know-great story liked it lots!TO CHRIS(uK)-You lucky dog,you!Sounds like a lot of fun!It was fun just for me to read it!Good stuff!TO SANDRA-Cool story while dumping in the woods-Isn't there somthing almost like a buzz when you are pushing out some good poo while you are talking to someone?I do it sometimes at the gym and talk and dump at the same time One question,did the girl look at the poo as it was exiting your anus while she was talking to you?I always enjoy your stories!
Was out at the beach and went into this seafood restraunt to take a small dump-i had already gone one before in the a! .m.I hadn't been to this place before and when i went into the toilet there were 3 stalls and they were all enpty,so i took the end one and as i'm cleaning off the bowl a guy went into the one next to mine and i noticed that there was a brite light above it and you could see the reflection against the back wall-fairly clear view of the bowl and i saw this guy pull his pants down and he sort of squatted above the bowl and at this point i'm sitting on the bowl and i let out some soft poop-it wansn't that much ,but as i'm going,i look over and i could see it all!It was cool in a way-I saw him squat and then after i farted he let out a long tight sounding fart and it sounded like he was right on top of me-and i saw his anus open up and he did 2 long,soft turds that came out pretty fast and then he pushed his anus out for a bit and then wiped and i could see it allI saw that some years ago in this italian reatraunt and i really enjoyed it.THis was really cool-It was almost like h! aving a mirror there!The only trouble is this place is a long bike ride from my place,but i have to admit i'll have to go back there a few more times esp. when i really got to take a good dump-If i can hold it til i can get there!I wonder if the person in the middle stall can see the same thing from his sideHey wew could watch each other dump-kind of a cool way to "buddy dump"! Well i found a good place,hope to see more of this!It was a cool experience! BYE

Beware GoldenGirl: My boyfriend owns a hotel. If any guests did what you do we would sue you so bad you wouldn't know what hit you. We would also send your name and other information out to other hotels so they could refuse to rent a room out to you.
Express yourself in ways that doesn't hurt other peoples property. Would it be okay for me to bomb a building because I don't like the magazine they produce? No, it wouldn't. It would be wrong. People are not being selfish because they don't want to sleep in a bed that smells like urine

Jill (Electra) -
To Honesty: Hey I am so flattered that you remember me.
Yes of course we want to hear your stories!

does anyone every poop in their sleep because i have heard of people peeing but not pooping. i guess i'll tell my story now.

the other day i was with my girl friend when she said she had to poop but could wait until we were through shopping for shoes. after we got her shoes we headed to the bathroom when she arrived she went in and saw it was full. again she decided to wait this time for 30 minutes finally she came out and said there were too many people for her to wait so we should just go to the gas station next door to the mall.
as she passed the shoe store from earlier she turn to me and said we needed to hurry because she could hold it with her bum cheeks much longer. we were almost to the door when she farted and then turned white and said it was too late as i could see a large lump in her very tight shorts then she ran out to the car. when she got there she sat in the seat and began to pee her panties this was great because now i could share my poop stor! ies witjh her.

well i will talk to yall later
first timer

I had a friend tell me he used to set his alarm for 2:30 in the morning so he could get up and crap in his dorm restroom with nobody around.

Jessica from Canada
This one isn't that long.

This morning, i was getting ready for my morning shower before school. i was fully undressed and i had a couple of glasses of orange juice for breakfast, and i was feeling the need to go. i had the water running and that helped make me more desperate. i was shifting form one leg to the other leg and i put my hand under the warm water to feel the temperature, and when i did that, i lost control and released all over the floor. it took me a couple of minutes to clean it up.


To Tyler...How old u r?? I just want to tell u i enjoyed your story about pooping at school and seeing guys sitting on a doorless stall. Awesome, i've never sat on a toilet in the open, have u?

Yesterday afternoon i was about to shower, and i peed first then i decided to sit on the toilet cause i felt shit up my ass, and it wasn't that urgent...I could have held it. Sometimes i notice if i don't have to shit and a sit down and push and some comes out that i don't wipe good and my crack starts itching badly. Any one have this? I notice this in the heat alot too.

I know i don't usally post twice in a day...but something exciting happend. I posted here and then i was sitting here talking to some friends....and i started to get an urge to shit....i iggnored it for a was still sticking around...i finally got off line and went to shit. I sat down and pushed out this huge had to be 12-15 inches...It curved around the bowl it was soo long. It was light brown and very soft. I wiped like 13 times. After i wiped i didn't flush cause im afraid it wouldn't go down the waiting till the house is clear and any way i want to look at it again...then i washed my hands and came back.

I've seen posts on here about good toilet scenes in movies, but not so many about books.
Two of my favourites are: The Fermata by Nicholson Baker, and Brownout on Breadfruit Boulevard, by Timothy Mo. Each of these contains a great shitting scene which used to be my most thrilling reading material - until I discovered this wonderful site, that is!

Hi all!
I know I haven't posted for quite a while, but I have been here all aling faithfully reading.

Eric M: Glad to hear Alex, Steph and Jodi are enjoying themselves in Europe after their graduation. I'm sure they will have some good tales to tell when they return. Say Hi for all of us.

Sandra:I know you asked this of the women, but I thought I would add to the responses, my wofe farts almost everytime she goes to the bathroom, sometimes even if it is just pee.

If the has to poop, she usually farts once or twice, then pees, then after a few seconds of silence, a couple of more farts followed by the familiar crackling of a well formed log being gently expelled. Sometimes there are a few more farts between logs.

Thought you would be interested.

By the way, you often write about pooing outdoors. I don't think you mention if you pee first, ro if you dribble any when you are pooing?

Have a great day all!

Hi all, two stories in the same week I'm on a role. This is from last year when I had the stomach flu.

I woke up about 7 in the morning and my stomah was in a spincycle if you know what I mean. O started to get ready for school anyway thinking it was just something that would go away in a few minutes. After I was ready for school I helped Lauren get dressed and was watching TV when I felt an unmistakable feeling in my stomach and dashed for the bathroom. I opened the door only to see Lauren sitting on the toilet. I knew I couldn't wait for her so I ran in our room unsnapping my overalls on the way, I went to the corner of the room where Lauren's training potty was, pulled my panties down and liquid poop gushed into the potty.
"Mommy." My mom must've known something was wrong because I NEVER call her "Mommy"
"Becca, what's wrong?" She said as she came in our room. She was really suprised to see me sitting on my sister's potty.
"My stomach."
"Ok, you wan! na stay home?"
"Yeah, I don't feel like going to school."
She left for a minute and came back with a washcloth, told me to lay own on the mat I use to change Lauren on in the middle of the night, then she cleaned me up. A little later I was laying on the couch watching TV and the feeling came back, I heard my mom close the bathroom door so I got off the couch and got down on my hands and knees in a crawling posistion and relaxedand more liqid poop exploded into my panties and made a brown stain on my overalls, Then I layed on my stomach on the floor and then I realised I had to pee. I looked around the corner and saw that the bahroom door was still closed to I got in a kneeling posistion while holding on to the couch and relaxed, at first the pee just trickled out but I pushed a little bit and it started flowing. When my mom got out she felt sorry for me and cleaned me up (again). Then she went and got some of my sisters cloth diapers thet she still had and a towel, sh! e put the cloth diapers in the towel so they would catch any more of my accidents then pinned the towel on me like a diaper and helped me get dressed in some of my baggy jeans and a T-Shirt. Nothing much else happened that day, I had another liquid poop accident but that was it.

Not my best story but hey, I do this for free so you get what ya pay for. :-) (Just Kidding)


Josh.. If it okay with the moderator *i was reading some of the rules the other day you're not to exchange email addresses..* I would like you're address. I don't talk to many people that live in this region of the country that are around my age..

Okay guys.. got another story..

When I was like 7 or 8, I remember really having to pee. We were at school and we were outside at recess. I was in the back part of the playground and knew I wouldn't make it to the other end, have to wait for the teacher to say I could go, and then have to walk to the bathroom.. that was just not goin to happen.. We had these little playhouses back where I was.. In one was a play washer and dryer.. No one was in that one. So I climbed up on top of it and let it go.. It was one of my interesting experiences... Unlike Goldgirl, I don't like to pee in things, or on things.. I just like to pee outside..

Hi and love to All. Sandra, I always fart before I do a motion, a nice dry trumpeting fart or two. If I am in the sort of company where this would cause a problem I have found that if I stand with my legs apart and one leg infront of the other I can fart silently although the smell of a good solid poo still wafts up through my knickers and skirt or jeans or track suit bottoms. I also fart before I do the motion usually during or just after my wee wee and before the first big jobbie starts to come out of my back passage. When I was about 16 at school I farted silently one time a very smelly fart, ( I had eaten chilli with beans ). One rather cheeky boy in our class said, "Poo! Nicola's shit her knickers!" I of course protested, I had done nothing of the kind, (the jobbie when I did it about 10 minutes later in the Girls' Toilet was a nice big solid turd). Not satisfied this boy kept going on about it until, to shut him up, there being no teacher about I lifted up my skirt to l! et him see my clean white cotton interlock knickers (briefs) for himself. Of course there were no brown stains nor big lumpy bulges in the seat. He blushed pure scarlet.

To the Goldgirl Fan. I am not on her case . Like most other people here I feel what she does at home is her concern. I would totally disagree with you that hotels and their guests should have to put up with her "expressing herself" and making the bedding etc pissy. In all activities the factor that it harm none other is paramount. As for being free to express yourself, this can cover anything. What about the sadist who expresses themselves by inflicting pain on others or animals, the vandal who expresses himself by destroying property, the rapist who expresses himself by sexually attacking and abusing a woman. Freedom of expression implies responsibilty for the results of your actions on others, a factor sadly ignored by too many people today!

I did a lovely big easy jobbie when I got up thi! s morning. I have a day's leave today, my husband and I are going out later. Anyway, we had just eaten breakfast when I felt it all come down into my rectum and I issued a loud trumpeting fart. My husband put his paper down and said, "Nicky, are you needing a jobbie?" I giggled in reply and we both went off to the toilet. As is common at this time of year when it is warm i was only wearing my panties, a pair of white Sloggi Control Ti briefs. I pulled these down and sat on the pan. I wee wee'd and farted again then as I sat there I felt it start to come out. As Sandra says it was fat and heavy, but came out with only a gentle pressure from myself, a big thick but smooth jobbie which slid into the pan with no sound. It was quite smelly! When we both looked down the pan when I stood up this lovely big toffee brown curved sausage lay there, as thick as my wrist and about 14 inches long with about 6 inches sticking up out of the water. I could see some pieces of the sweetcorn I a! te with my lunch on Tuesday embedded in it. It didnt flush away. I have left it for hubby to buddy dump his on top of it later then we will get rid of both.

Thursday, June 22, 2000

Portland rsident (OR)
Yesterday, I was showering for work when my wife came in and had to shower also as she was needed an hour early at work today. After she got under the shower head she said she had made a mistake and needed to go back out and sit on the toilet and take a big shit first. After a little encouragement from me, she was persuaded to squat and dump in the shower stall while I watched. Our floor drain screen is easy to remove, which I did so her whole product just dropped down the pipe. I have to admit it was fascinating to see. She has a butt that is to die for anyway and watching the area between her cheeks dome out and a nice firm, long sausage silently erupt and go down the shower hole (sploook) was just incredible. She was right, she needed to go. She pinched off a couple of shorter but very firm turds, and then we soaped down real good and I cleaned her sweet little butthole with my fingertips and lots of soapsuds. Both of us were almost late for work afterwards, if you k! now what I mean.

Well after hearing the talk about the yellow cloud i had to see it for myself. I went into the bathroom, put the plug in the tub, turned the shower on and waited for it to fill. when it was full enough i sat down and let loose. Sure enough ... there was a yellow cloud! very interesting!

Thanks Tony for the suggestions.
No I don't accompany my wife to the toilet, but I rather like the idea! I can't say I have deliberately listened outside the door when she is in there, although I have heard quiet sounds "Floomp" as you describe them, but not a lot of splashing or indeed farting. She certainly does produce monsters from time to time, as I have seen the ones that didn't flush, and they are way bigger than my own output. There is quite often a smell that escapes while she is busy doing her stuff.
I still have my original question, which is why is her shit so different to mine, considering the fact that we eat basically the same diet?

This is a true story; none of it is invented or changed.

I met a lady who worked at the nightclub where I went to regular; she was working there as a waitress in the restaurant. I was 26 and she was 37, I wasn’t keen about the age gap but she was exceptionally attractive and gave me a lot of attention and made me feel good about myself. It was a few weeks after casually chatting that she asked me for a lift home one night and then asked me in for a coffee.

I was sitting on her couch and she sitting on a chair opposite, I felt the need to pee, to be polite I asked if I could just use her toilet. She said “that’s ok, its just through there on the right”, as I was opening the bathroom door she said “if you need to sit on it be careful as the seat is broken”, I then told her it was ok I only needed to pee.

When I came out a she just joked that one of the fixings had broke and if anyone sit on the seat it would move about. I have always been too embarrass! ed to do a no.2 in someone else’s house, especially a new girlfriend. Normally I would shrug off a conversation like that but I tried to talk casually about it to hide my shyness and did get some excitement from just talking about it.

After we arranged to meet again I told her that I would fix the toilet seat for her next time. When I returned to her house I took a new seat round and told her in a jokingly way that I had bought her a present. After screwing it on she thanked me and sat on it with her skirt still on and laughed “that feels better”.

Later that night we were watching TV when I told her I had a pain in my stomach and needed the bathroom, I could see by her face she knew I was going to sit on it. I was on the toilet when she confirmed my suspicions of wanting to see me in there when she walked in; there was no lock on the bathroom door anyway. She asked if I was ok, I did feel embarrassed but pretended not to be, I have never let a woman see me do! that before but maybe it was easier because she was older.

It wasn’t until about a week later that she let me see her on the toilet, I can vividly remember the sight, high heel shoes, skirt rolled up to her waist, panties on her knees and leaning right forward with her arms folded on her lap. From that point on we regularly did this openly in front of each other, I think we both got excitement from watching each other and casually talking about it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Hello all, yesterday I had a dump that was about 12 to 15 inches long, 2 inches wide and would not go down the first time. Also it was very lumpy. It went sideways in the bowl and I had to reach down and break it up to get it to flush, It left quite a skid mark on the bowl.
Anyone out there like to do it in containers like coffee cans. this one would have been perfect as could heard the kerplunk in the metal can.

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