O.k to buzzy and Goldgirl and everyone else who likes the me and sally's Toliet stories here that one I have been promising you for ages. It was the easter weekend (anyone can recall it was raining.) It was Friday night and none of us could sleep because of the sound of the rain. Me and Sally had seperate rooms. Anyway, about 0ne in the morning, I was lieing awake, thinking about Sally and the door opened the light turned on and sally was at the door. She came in and closed the door. She said "Chris, wouldn't it be great if you saw me dump late at nite." I said ok and expected to get out of bed and head to the bathroom. "Here" she then said. She took 2 old ice cream tubs from a chest of draws and gave one to me. I suddenly thought I haven't been for 3 days and I thought I should try. I went first, took of my boxers so i was completle naked and squated, a soft wave of poo came out, sally put her arms around me and looked over my shoulder to see it, she got really turned on by t! his and her nipples went stiff against my body. I dropped a couple of more logs and finnished. She wiped my bum with a tissue and she said "i'll keep this" We both looked into the tub and 4 medium brown coloured poops lay there. "Your turn" I said. She took of her nightie and squatted again completely naked by the second ice cream tub. Emegently a log popped it's little head out and the rest of it followed. She then passed a few smaller logs and finnished, her bottom was very dirty suprising as it wasn't as soft as mine. We staired at out poop for what must have been 10 minutes and then sally took them poop and flushed it down the loo. She then came back in and we kissed for what seemed like minutes, but acthuly lasted about 30 minutes. She left. That was a really great experiance, how u like reading it as much as i enjoyed seeing it! Gott any pooping stories yet goldgirl?

Happy Crapping

Chris - min and i did it! we pooped together! she stayed overnight saturday night, so we decided to do it during the night when everyone else was asleep. that day i had told her how you like to poop in containers and that you wanted me to try it too. she thought it would be kinda fun, so that night in my room, we got out one of my pee containers. we had been saving our poop all day, so we both had to go. i asked min if she'd do it first, so she pulled down her panties and lifted up her nightgown. then she put the container under her and pushed. a fart came out that had a very strong smell to it. i knew she would soon be pooping. my heart was pounding, since watching someone poop like this was something i had never done before. min then grunted, and out it came, all in one piece. i suppose it was about 10 inches, in case you wanted to know. my whole room smelled of poop, which i could've done without, but i didn't mind, since it was min's. she farted again after it came out. th! en she sighed and flooded the carpet with her pee. i smiled when she did that because that was my favorite part. i was sitting right beside her so i could feel her warm pee under my legs.

when min was done, she used a tissue to wipe with and said, "your turn!" i didn't really want my room to smell like my poop, but since min did it, i pulled down my panties and squatted over the container. i really had to pee too, so that was the first thing to come out of me. i purposely let it flow onto the carpet, soaking right in with min's, and she felt the puddle get warmer. i peed for about 30 seconds, then a long fart came out, which min could smell right away. i said, "ok, here it comes," and my poop began to push its way out of me and into the container, right on top of min's. it was about 9 inches. i could smell it a little, but min's seemed stronger, at least to me, so i didn't mind it too much. when i was done i farted again, another long one, and wiped with a tissue.

we snuck into the bathroom and dumped our poop in the toilet, flushed, and washed out the container in the sink. when we went back in my room, the smell was still there, so we opened the window, and i said that if we were ever going to do that again, we'd use the bathroom or the basement instead. min said she'd rather just go outside somewhere to poop together, so i'm sure we'll do it again sometime, but only outside on the ground. but we did do it, Chris! heehee!

in the morning when we got up, we both peed in that same container. i went first and min watched as my pee gushed into the plastic container, splashing me with pee as i went. then i watched min go in the container. her pee was so splashy i got a drop right in my face, but i didn't mind. between the two of us girls, we filled that container all the way to the brim. later that day we both peed in the sink at the same time.

more to come,

Canadian Dreamer: I did not think people in Canada would do such a thing. I would expect that in New York, especially from a Catholic school.

Gruntly Bogwell: In 1977, my 38 y/o 4th cousin came to us from England. I was fresh out of high school. Her name was Esther. The second morning she invited 17 y/o me in the bathroom. When she opened the door, she was on the bowl with her nightshirt up and her light blue nylon panties at her knees. She had no problem talking to me as she squirted out her chunks and mush. This was repeated for about six times. She told me her bowels are loose in the morning, then she has two more solid movements in the afternoon. She reached for paper and wiped many times over.

Then it was my turn. When she stood up, I saw an array of chunks, mush and brown cloudy water. I flushed for her, lowered my yellow cotton panties to my ankles and sat. As we continued our conversation, I pressed out 2 brown logs about 8 inches each. They splashed ! as they hit the water. During the process, I urinated and farted simultaneously. When I wiped, the paper was just about clean. When I stood up Esther looked in the bowl and was shocked. I told her she should have known me in high school. She asked me did my rectum hurt. I told her yes. But, I was used to it. We then showered. We became close. I will tell you more, later

My husband and I live in a leafy suburb which is close to woodland and a river. It's always nice to be able to have weekend walks which seem like being in the country. Yesterday, after lunch I went for a very pleasant walk by the river. After about 20 minutes, I needed to poo. I was wearing a cotton summer dress with no panties so I simply went over to the side of the path, hiked up my skirt and squatted. There was nobody around (I hardly ever see anyone) so I was sure I wouldn't be bothered. I farted, then a poo started to slide out slowly. It felt fat and heavy. While the poo was slowly coming out I peed. Then out of the blue I could see a couple walking along the path in the distance and they were coming towards me. I still had a turd in by bottom which was coming out very slowly and didn't wasnt to snap it off so I continued as the couple made their way towards me. By now I could see that they were a man and woman in their early 20's. At this point the first turd had come ! out. It was a good 10 incher and as thick as my wrist. The second was already coming out when the couple were almost upon me. I kept my eyes down. I was still pooing and releasing logs as they passed. To my amazement I heard a cheery "good afternoon!" I looked up and the young woman was looking down at me smiling. The man had walked several yards further on and then stopped as he waited for the woman. Then, while I was still pooing, the woman asked if I knew where a particular farmhouse was. I didn't. Then she started talking about how she and her boyfriend were staying with friends and they were out walking, how much they liked the area, etc. and all this time I'm pooing!! Then she said, "doesn't it feel great to take a shit in the countryside? Sorry we came along to interrupt you, so let me leave you to finish your dump in private. Have a lovely afternoon!" I thanked her then she went on her way. I finished my poo (couldn't wipe, no tp), got up and carried on with my walk.

Here's one for the ladies. I know I've asked it before but without much response: when you're about to poo, how many of you fart before the first turd comes out? If the ladies room at work is anything to go by I'd say the majority. In fact I hear a lot of women fart just before they pee, even if they don't poo. Even though it is men who tell all the poo and fart jokes, I'd say women were far less shy about making poo and fart noises in a restroom than men (I got the mens room opinion from my poo-shy husband!). I'd also say that women more likely to poo in a public restroom. In fact the echoey ladies room at Penn Station in New York is like one huge room of hooting and plopping noises! Also, how many of you go for a pee and decide to poo just because you're sitting down? I know I do. Even though I have my "pooing time" which is usually around lunch time, I'll often decide to poo any time during the day if I go for a pee. If I've eaten too much and feel full and I'm shopping in ! the supermarket, I'll do a poo in my panties which makes me feel lighter and tip it out by my car. If I'm not wearing panties, I'll go to my car, open the door as a shield and I'll squat and poo by the car.

Jeff A.: Hi! That was me back there asking about you. I just forgot to sign my posting. Sorry to hear about your health problems, but I'm glad you're doing much better these days. I'm looking forward to reading your post, should you decide to post here again.

Laurie: I enjoyed your last two posts, especially the way you describe things in great detail. I don't see anything unusual about you having a 30-minute poop. You seem to be quite normal for your age.

Mia: When I was a freshman in college, I lived in the dorms, where the majority of the residents were in their first year. At the beginning of the year, it seemed like most either took unusually long because they didn't want to come out if someone else was in the bathroom or went very quickly because they didn't want others to know they had just pooped. Within a month or so, as we started to know each other, most of us spent more normal times on the toilet.

A couple of weeks ago my husband ! Gary and I were out of town. The first few days was a business trip for Gary, and I looked up a couple of old college friends and got together with them. During that time, my poops consisted of unusually small pieces, some no bigger than a jellybean. After Gary finished his business matters, we stayed a few days visiting my older sister Beth, who was now married and has an adorable little four-year old daughter named Katie.

After spending the first day doing some sightseeing and eating out, we were at Beth's house to settle down and put Katie to bed. By this time, I was ready to poop, so I went to the bathroom. I sat down and peed, then had to push a little before finally pushing out some poop. The first piece was unusually hard and long, and it was a chore pushing it out. After that, the other pieces fell more easily. They were long, thick solid pieces, certainly bigger than anything I had pushed out at the first leg of our trip. As I was pushing out my last! piece, little Katie walks into the bathroom. I thought I locked the door, but I didn't notice the second door on the other side. Katie says, "Oops! Sorry, Auntie Jane." I said, "That's OK, sweetie," after which the last piece of poop drops and makes a big splash, then I farted. Katie walks out of the bathroom and closes the door. I overheard her yelling, "Auntie Jane is doing a poo-poo! Auntie Jane is doing a poo-poo!" I can hear Beth say, "Shhh!!! It's not nice to do that." I wiped and got up to see what I pushed out. There were six big pieces of poop. I had to flush the toilet twice to get all of the poop down. I felt remarkably satisfied, the most I felt in a long time. I tucked in my favorite (and, so far, only) niece Katie, who gave me a hug and said she was sorry for walking in on me while I was on the toilet.

Adam from Canada
Yesterday I had an interesting experiance. I went to the doctor for a yearly physical and checked my rectum and prostate gland. I am 24 years old and this was the first time he did it. I was asking him a question about PSA testing and that is what made him check. He says to me "If i find something on your prostate gland, I will send you for a PSA test". I can't believe it. At my age this shouldn't be a problem. As for the rectal check. It came out clear.

For anyone who hasn't had one, it feels strange. The feeling is that it hurts a little and the doctor uses lubracant to make it more confortable. He checks while you lay in a side ways position. He then take a sample of poop and puts it on a card. If the card changes color, it is a sign of problems. Then the next step is that the doctor would send you for a colonoscopy.

After the test, he shook my hand and said "Matzel Tov" which means congratulations in Hebrew. My doc is Jewish and so am I.

Some one was asking about toilets without partitions. There is a bathroom on an asphalt running trail on the NYC Hudson River, north of W. 72nd Street. It is for men. The women's has individual privacy. I know, I run it often. I am dying to try it out.

I absolutly Love reading these stories!
John(VT)I really like you!
goldgirl: Love your stories! FART ON!
Talk shit, with u guys on a later date!

Bryian-glad you were able to poop at school before graduation. I wish you could have pooped at my school--very nice bathrooms actually, and I could have used the company. Except for the couple of stories I've posted, I was usually in there pooping alone. As far as doors on the stalls, we have doors, but at our last track meet there were four stalls and one stall had no door. The door was up against the wall so it had probably fallen off. It looked really old. Anyway, two stalls were full and one was clogged up and one kid came in and used the stall with no door right next to me! He seemed to go pretty quickly and his friend was waiting for him and he told his friend to use that stall too. But his friend didn't want to without a door. And he said 'what's the matter, afraid someone will see your peepee?!' His friend was telling him it was the cleanest stall because no one pooped in there and so finally the kid went ahead and sat in there. I was having a good poop-hard log! grunting it out slow and steady and finally it made a splash and another log followed. The first one was about 9 inches and the second one about 6 and it was fairly bumpy--I'm not sure what I ate cause most of the time it is a smooth tube of poo but this was one of my bigger logs which are always fun pushing out and felt GREAT! The kid was next to me and I didn't hear any sounds but I started wiping and he was still there. And after about another 5 minutes or so I was through and I left and I glanced at him as I left--slender kid about my age and his pants were down to his knees. He evidently was getting used to being exposed like that because he had been there a while and guys were coming in and everyone could see him but he didn't seem in a hurry and his friend who had pooped in there first had left. I couldn't just stare at him and see if he was grunting or anything but it didn't sound like it. I would sit in an open stall if I had no choice, I don't think it would be! THAT bad but if a guy did sneak a peek it wouldn't freak me out if he was my age cause maybe he likes pooping (and this site!) but if he was OLD that would be rude. There was one funny thing someone had written on the wall in the stall--In days of old when men were bold and toilets weren't invented, you dumped your load upon the road and walked away contented! When I went back later to pee there were 3 guys all standing in the stall (door open) reading that out loud and everyone was laughing. Word of good graffiti travels fast. School is out so hopefully I will have some good public pooping stories this summer. Everyone keep up the great posts. Later! Ty

George in LA
Getting back to Panda, I've always had a facination with skids because everyone has had one at one time or another. I consider myself a pretty clean person but I get skids especially after working out. Don't have any stories for you today, but keep up the interest Panda

Movie fan
Someone posted a message here saying that the movie "The Shooting" contains scenes that imply that the character played by Millie Perkins is deliberately messing herself. I watched the entire movie on tape today and could not find any scenes like this. There are a couple of scenes where the character is riding a horse and appears to get ill (i.e., nauseous), but I didn't see any hint or suggestion that she was crapping herself. Would whoever posted that message explain where in the movie to find that? Thanks!

hi u all!

another hot day in beijing. 30 min ago i just came home from the cruel blazing heat outside & i felt i was dying from the unbelieveable heat in june. well when i was taking a shower in my bathroom with some of my "Fa" shower gel, i remembered the story by LK of inserting her finger up her anus in her shower, & then i lubed my anus with the "Fa" shower gel on my fingers(boy was my heart beating!) before i tried to insert the middle finger of my right hand (i'm right-handed, female) & after some effort i finally got it right up in my rectum. i have to admit that that was not my 1st time to explore my tender anus/rectum with my finger, yet that felt soooooooooooooo weird cuz that was the 1st time i ever did it in the shower & i later washed my brown finger-tip completely clean with the warm shower. this time i snaked my finger so deep up my tight warm rectum that i actually had felt somthing round & hard up there. i, like LK, felt the need ! to poop so badly/nicely/tabooly/wonderfully that i did not wanna any delay so i just hopped onto my toilet naked wetted excited & pushed out my solid turds. plop plop plop plop plopplopplopplopplop.............. kersploons kersploooosh kersplooooohhh kersploooooonnnnnn.............. what a ssssaaaaatisfying shower/pooping experience which i'd probably not tell my hubby.........

just so eager to share it with ya all.

thanx for reading

if any of u feel like reading my words, let me know -- there're so much more to come to be shared.......


Hi guys, it's me Becca. I FINALLY have a story for you guys like I've been promising. This happened a few days ago.

I woke up at about 2:30 in the morning and my stomach hurt really bad, I knew I needed to poop because it had been 3 days since I was able to go last. I got out of bed and went in the bathroom an sat down on the toilet. As soon as I sat down pee gushed out of me. Then I scrunched up my face and pushed as hard as I could but nothing happened so I tried again. Still nothing, then I heard a knock at the door.
"Becca I gotta go real bad." I heard Lauren say from outside.
"Pee or Poop?"
"Ok, come in." Lauren came in with her hands between her legs, I could tell she was barely holding on.
"Lauren you've got to move your hands so I can pull your pants down."
"I can't."
"Why not?"
"Because it's almost coming out and if I move my hands I'll pee my pants."
"Lauren if you knew it was this bad when you woke up why didn't ! you just pee your pants then wake me up to change you?" I could see that she was getting ready to cry.
"I-I was trying to be a big girl like you."
"Ok, I understand." By this time I had already gotten off the toilet to help Lauren. I was crouching down on a towel now and I pulled her closer to give her a hug to keep her from completely crying. When I finally got her to give me a hug I reached down and pulled the hand that she had left between her legs away.
"No, Becca don't do that or I'll pee everywhere."
"I know, don't worry. Just go." First I only saw a small wet spot on her cut-off pj bottoms that she wears during summer. Then it got a little bigger and stopped again. I knew she was hesitating so I tickled her stomach and she completely lost control. When she was done I took her in our bedroom and had her lay down on an exercise mat our mom had bought me to change her on if she had accidents in the middle of the night and changed her. Then we went to bed a! nd I woke up about 30 minutes later and realised that when I was helping Lauren I had forgotten that I also needed to go to the bathroom. My stomach was hurting really bad now and I knew that I probably wouldn't make it to the bathroom so I got out of bed and crawled over to Lauren's changing mat (my stomach hurt to much to walk) layed on my stomach and tried to just relax and let the poop come out but it wouldn't so I scrunched up my face and pushed as hard as I could. I could feel the poop moving so I relaxed again. I could tell it was really hard. When I was finished I got up and walked to the bathroom and dumped the poop in the toilet. Then I changed into a clean pair of panties and some worn out shorts and went to bed.

Ok, I'm done. Now I'm going to ask you guys which do you like better: Rebecca or Becca? My mom says that since I'm turning 10 in October I should go by Rebecca since it's more grown up. What do you guys think?

I'm so glad I finally go! t the chance to post again,

Rebecca (or Becca)

Eric M.
Hi. I'm Alex (female)'s younger brother (19) and haven't posted for a while, though I do occasionally read the latest posts.

This is to the (anonymous?) poster who asked about Alex, Steph, and Jodi. They have all graduated from college within the last month and are now, along with another friend, Laura, traveling around Europe together.

Jeff A., glad you're feeling better.

Is Melissa (18/19) still lurking about? I'd love to hear how you're doing. You are my FAVORITE poster :-).

Mia, I just finished my sophomore year in college. I was very shy about pooping in the public bathrooms during my freshman year, though I never held it in as long as that poor girl you witnessed. I have become used to using the public toilets, though I do tend to spend less time sitting on the toilet at college than I do at home or at a friend's house.

Later everyone,
Eric M.

Good to be able to read your post again Jeff A.. Welcome back!
With Jeff and Buzzy in her now, this board is hummin"!

I've been reading this site for a while now, but I've always felt really shy posting anything. I live in Pennsylvania (in the US, if any of you Euros and Aussies don't know it) and I just graduated high school this year. I have really bad bladder control. I don't know why, I asked my doctor and got some tests done and they didn't reveal anything unusual. I have had many wetting accidents in my life, and sometimes when I pee I can't help but start to poop, so I've pooped myself a couple times, too. I peed myself a lot in elementary school. I wasn't shy at all and I was pretty
popular (I've always been fairly popular), so even though people did make fun of me, they knew I had some kind of problem and it didn't affect my social life too much. Until about fourth grade I don't remember any specific stories but I know I wet myself a lot but never pooped myself (at
least not at school).

The first specific story I can remember is one time in fourth grade. We w! ere having an assembly in our multipurpose room, which is like a combination gym and auditorium. We kids would sit on the floor in straight rows in front of the stage and watch the assemblies. This is a very vivid memory for me and I can remember that I was wearing light blue jeans, a pink sweater, and plain
pink underwear. We were sitting there watching the assembly (I don't remember what it was about) when I suddenly felt the urge to pee. It wasn't too bad at first so I was sure I could make it through the next hour or so. But a while later the urge came back really strong and I knew that if
I didn't get to a bathroom soon, I would wet myself. But I had already seen a couple kids get up to ask to go and the teachers firmly said no, apparently it was a really important assembly. Plus I was sitting in the middle of a row, and I didn't want to bother all those people to get up, only to be told that I couldn't go. So I just held myself. I was squirming around a ! little, nothing too obvious, and I had my hands in my lap and I was very discreetly holding my crotch to keep it in. I was hoping that the assembly would end quickly so I could go, and just when I thought I was
going to make it, I squirted for a couple of seconds into my jeans. I was able to hold it for a couple minutes but then I squirted again. This went on several times for a few minutes and finally I couldn't hold it anymore. The pee came out of me fast and as much as I tried I could
soak. I felt my hold crotch, and because we were sitting on the ground cross legged, my butt, too, getting soaked. I just sat there, scared to death of what everyone would do when we stood up and they saw me all wet with a puddle on the floor. The assembly came to an end, and sure enough when we stood up, it was obvious what I had done. A couple of the mean guys snickered, but to my surprise most people were very considerate and felt sorry for what I had
done. Except some ! of the teachers who scolded me for not having peed before the assembly. But those were mean teachers, and I didn't care about them. A nice teacher took me to the nurse where I got changed into dry jeans and underwear (I always had an extra set at school, since I did it so often).

Well, that's my story for today. More to follow soon!

Well I've finally made up my mind to contribute. I know some of you from many years ago at various old forums, especially hello Jill(UK).

Like many of the U.K posters here I have a preference for firm to hard poops, and especially like to here/see women taking these. My interst stems back before I can remember, I certainly remember encouraging neigbours to poop for me at about four years of age.

My particular fascinations are with the secrecy that people often have about pooping and the absolute way in which their body will eventually have to take over.

I will begin by way of an introduction, by telling you about my circumstances as far as pooping goes, and relating a particularly interesting time of my life.

My wife poops for me, but has no particular interest in it. In fact she would prefer it if I had no interest in it. Before we were married she was quite happy to poop for me, outdoors, on newspaper, in her panties ..etc, however now s! he always uses the toilet but she humours me whenever possible by letting me accompany her. At one time she would tell me all about any other females she heard going, describing their appearance, dress, the sounds they made the smell and so on. She no longer does this, although she allows me to ask her questions about her own poop if she goes when I am not there. It's ironic that when we met she was would never go at work or in a public toilet, which was great because she often came home desperate and I would get to see her go. But going in front of me and talking to me over the years has helped her to lose her inhibitions and unfortunately she goes whenever and where ever she feels the need these days.

My favourite times were when she was pregnant, she was still shy then (about going away from home), and this added to the normal constipation problems some pregnant women seem to have. Sometimes she would start to push and her anus distended so that I could see a crick! et ball size mass lodged inside, she rocked forward and backward gently trying to stretch her hole. I felt so sorry for her, I stroked her ???? and rubbed her back, but I was also excited, it is great when the event is not over in a few moments and you can here the strain in a persons voice and see the tenseness all through their muscles. She would reach behind and gently feel around her hole and when she decided it was simply too big, she would slowly allow it to close, then run a bath with some baby oil in it. She lay down in the water and worked a finger gently around her anus (she would not let me do this), pushing to open herself up and using her finger to hook peices of the hard poo out, which then floated in the water. Finally when she could feel her bowels freeing up she would get back on the toilet and slowly ease out the remaining long solid poo. After these events her anus stayed distended for a few minutes, expanding and contracting gently.

Although I hav! e not submitted here before, I have often asked my wife to read this forum, as I feel it would open her eyes to the mature attitude many people have towards this peculiar fascination, any how she always declines.

Please let me know if you feel you would like me to continue to post.

look you guys and gals im sorry if i come off seeming stuck up or sure of myself. its just that im kind of a little annoyed that i cant chat directly with any of you online cuz i dont really know any of your screennames. alright im fresh meat gender: im male (sorry guys, and no im not gay nor bisexual)age: im 20 and real name: i go by..well chat with me sometime directly and ill tell u! i gave u my actual screennames. anyway ive got two experiences that i wonder if any of you females aside from bryian have experienced. k here's the first one occured when i was waiting my turn to take a biology microscope test. i had to pee badly cuz i made the stupid mistake of not choosing to use the restroom during passing period.. big mistake. so i ended up wetting myself directly in my bluejean pants. which unfortunately was also when i finally got my turn and so i turn my back to the class in order to coverup my accident... did i mention that this was in highschool and that i was a junio! r.. no i did not have an overactive bladder nor do i. i just couldnt hold it in any more you know it had to come out and i tried to fight it but it was no use. any way i cringed and continued to try to coverup my mistake once i was done sqwuirming and trying to complete the test at the same time i asked the teacher if i could go to the restroom. that was embarrassing i had raised my hand to ask her earlier but she didnt see it nor did she notice till i finally asked. so she wrote a pass not quickly she just wrote it. and i went to the bathroom. it was not a memorable experience i was shocked. i then decided to wet the rest of my pants with water from the sink in a desperate attempt to make my bluejean pants appear to be the same shade of blue to further cover up my accident. then i returned and everyone wondered what had happened to my pants another guy was in the bathroom?... he laughed at me! (dont laugh lol please dont laugh)the second experience i was also enrolled in a sw! imming class at the same highschool and while we were in the pool i had to pee. i was in the shallow end so i could stand up and walk around no problem. anyway i had to pee and the water was cold. emphasis on the word "was". so eventually i did pee and the water which "was" cold became warm some other students if i remember correctly started commenting on how warm the water became. i never fessed up. it felt better though cuz i was immensely cold at first but then i became warm and more comfortable and felt like sleeping in the water.i wasnt so embarrassed cuz theyd never traced it to me. well probably not until now.

KIM - Hi, girl! Steve and I are very well, thank you. I
hope the same goes for you and Scott.
I bet that was a real eyeful you got when you used a rear
view mirror to watch yourself pushing out a log! Hehehe it's
fun isn't it? Hehe no offence taken about the buddy dump
thing, and I hope you are ok with what I said too. You are
right I think, Tommy must have a picture in his mind of what
it would look like if we did need to take a shit together.
Am I right, Tommy? Like Steve says, it is a man thing.
Have fun, Kim and Scott too!

GOLDGIRL - Hi!!! I find a bath pee is best in the morning,
because your first pee of the day is darkest yellow as it is
more concentrated. Have you ever done it so early? Steve has
done it too when we have been in the bath together. Sometimes
I have watched his cloud shooting out of the end of his cock,
and other times I have had some fun and held his cock up
so he squirts a little foun! tain. That is quite fun when he is
finishing, as he does lots of little blasts up which I enjoy.

VICKY - Hi!!! Yes, I know what you mean about maybe you have
men watching who have not seen a girl pissing before. I know
I felt like that when I saw men looking between my legs at
the wee squirting out of my pussy. It is very thrilling isn't
it? I remember from one of my wees in the park how a young
boy saw *everything* and how stunned he looked, and just how
excited *I* felt. It was wonderful. I can not say I have been
seen pooing very often. More often I have been spotted having
a wee while squatting in an alley at night when I have been
out with my boyfriend. That can be quite exciting too.
Do you ever wee in an alley like that or do you hold it for
longer? The queues for the ladies always seem to be miles long
whenever I want to go. It's not fair is it? None of Steve's
friends have ever seen me having a! wee so far. I have always
been afraid he might be embarrassed by it. I think you must be
a gutsy lady to poo in front of your boyfriends' friends like
that. My most recent outdoor shit was a runny one in the park
when Steve and I were meant to have gone jogging. Two women
said they were disgusted, but when you got to go like that,
you got to go. I hope I hear more from you soon, Vicky!

ANDY - Hi! I think the important thing is that a girl should
have a choice. I choose which way I want to go and I decide
If I am comfortable with doing it standing, squatting, sitting
or bending over. I do not know of any girl who only stands and
never squats or sits, but I know lots who squat and sit and
never stand. How tight the jeans or trousers are will make a
difference to a girl deciding to go through the fly. I know I
need to practice and get better at it before I can do it well
without leaving a wet patch at the front. I do not see why people would think it was indecent for a girl
to be standing for a pee and not as much so if she has a squat.
Why would it be?
Hehehe India must be an interesting place!

PV - Hehehehe! Hi, girl! I still glow with satisfaction at
having been into the men's all by my self. It was real fun!
Yeah, I know what you mean about being able to quickly fix your
clothes, but I was real nervous I would dribble down and around
my bum, down my legs and shoes, and I wanted to be sure I did not
get my skirt and knickers wet. I think next time I would be a bit
more sure of myself. I bet apart from that, my first time was a
lot like yours. I am so pleased it brought memories back for you
when you read my little bit of how it went for me. Yes! The urinal
I used could have been designed for girls! It was so easy just to
stand there.
Thanks for the tip on carrying a tissue, I never thought of that
one! That is v! ery handy.
I know what you mean about not having any male audience just yet.
Steve said something the same, and that I should be careful, so
yes, I will be. I will not rush things and thank you so much for
your wonderful advice. You know best, you are much more experienced
at it than me.

Lotsa Hugs.


Harry (Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.)
I just recently moved to a place out in the sticks, where there is a forest all around the property. Now, when I get the feeling for the need to take a dump, I will go out in the woods and look around for a good place to squat and empty myself out. I feel so much closer to a more natural lifestyle, without having to sit on something to catch my waste and then flush it away, never to be seen again, whereas being able to go out in the woods and just let it go, is a big turn on for me.

My school friend let me watch her on the toilet today. We both 11. I always wanted see a girl have a wee. I normally listen outside when she goes, but today she didnt shut the door. Left it wide open so I can watch. She pulled up school dress and down her nickers. Then her dress was resting on top of her legs and hid her nickers when she sat down. Her wee went tinkle and she smiled at me watching. Then I lost it and wee in my pants. She thinks that was funny ! What was more funny was that she thinks I couldn't wait to wee and wet my self. But I only wet in my pants because she let me watch !

Lots of moochies to you buddy. Wow you mean to tell me it was the medicine they gave me for the pain that made my poops so hard to get out?! Geez.. yeah I had lots of trouble. I already have trouble pooping.. I don't need anymore thank you. Do you think they said Um well doctor we have this new medicine.. it causes constipation. No that's right it doesn't cure constipation.. it causes it. Um well it also kills pain. And just on that they started using it. geez. Um okay sure pal I'll send you two stories next time. I miss my cousin and Elena.. they're on their honeymoon and will be gone 2 weeks. I'm here staying with my family. I wish I had gone with them but my sister Marisol says they need to be alone.. especially if I want a new baby cousin. Hee hee I didn't think they'd be doing that but hey if they're happy. Anyway I got this cute funny pee story to tell. People say there aren't enough pee stories so here stop complaining or I'll post 10 poop stories everyday from n! ow on.. and I will too. Hee hee. Okay well I was in the pool with my two little sisters (they are twins named Hortence and Elisa) Anyway they were kinda getting crazy and they held their fronts. Finally they told me they had to pee really really bad. I took them by the hand to the side back of the house where the bushes were.. there were blocks and bricks there. I told them to just squat and pee. Elisa said she could not pee like that.. she had to sit.. then Hortence.. who agrees with all Elisa says said she had to sit down too. I was geting a bit annoyed and blurted out why don't you both sit on that block and use it like a potty?(there was a concrete block and it had like two holes in it.. I don't know if you guys have seen these) Anyway they looked at me then at each other then tugged and tugged their bikini bottoms down and sat one on each hole and peed.Elisa got her bottom down to her ankles but poor Hortence only got it down enough for her tushie to be exposed. They both! sighed then giggled. I laughed cause it was so funny. you should have seen these little 4 year olds sitting on this block bare tushied.. you could even hear their pee as it hit the grass. they were done and they pulled up their bottoms and we went back to the pool. Later I peed in that block too. Now.. we have a home made potty to use. Well that's it for now. More later.

Hugh Merr

Q. Know why farts smell? A. For the benefit of those who didn't hear them!

Q. Can you use the word "definitely" in a sentence? A. Do farts have lumps? Q. What does that have to do with farts?
A. If they don't, then I DEFINITELY just shit my pants!

A fart is just a burp...with attitude!

To Coprologist: I saw what you posted the other day about golden showers. I never thought of it and then i got lost in my mind and i didn't know where i heard of golden showers, i had to find who mentioned. I just wanted to tell you that i tried it this morning before i showered. I got undressed sat in the tub with no water running and let the pee flow from my cock. It felt pretty good. I would do it again. I recomend that guys try this. After i was done i showered and cleaned up.

I rented the movie Virtual Sexuality last night i watched it...This girl in Austrial or someother country(Not us) creates her dream guy(boy friend). The girl is in the computer creating him and the machine failes because of an accident outside. She is stuck and gets out. This guy is created and there is no way to delete him. Another words this guy is in this girls body(the girl is still around...she forgets about him). Any way this guy that was created was with this girls best friend. And t! here is a peeing seene and this guy that was created was seen peeing. He said do you stare at other guys *****? The other guy says nude. By the way this Is Rated R and there is a lot of nudity. Any one see this? I rented others maybe more peeing/pooping sceens?

Prior to yesterday i hadn't pooped in 4-5 days....Right after breakfast i got a urge...I came home and let loose. It was soild at first and turned to loose shit. Then it slowed down. Then later in the evening i had to shit again and it was diahreah. I haven't been since.

Hey Rick,
You're probably right that it is illegal for mainstream movies made in the US to show explicit female poop scenes, but it seems perfectly legal for them to suggest it, especially in comedies. Big Momma's House and Senseless are both comedies, and both are pretty explicit in showing the sounds of female pooping. Even in dramas, I believe it would be perfectly legal to show a woman seated on a toilet and to make mention that she was pooping. The obviously can't show the poop coming out or anything like that, but I think they can show the woman on the bowl. There have been movies like Twenty-One and Something Wild that showed women using the toilet and wiping, but it was never actually stated whether they were pooping or peeing. Does anyone know of any movies where it is actually stated that a woman is pooping?

Hi,Just got back from an a.m. bike ride to the woods and when i got up ,i could feel ther cramps starting already and got on my bike and rode out to the wild.When i got out there,i looked around for a nice spot as my rectum was filling up and i got undressed and found a big log and sat on the edge of it for i bit and then i felt the urge and i relaxed my anus and pushed a bit and let out a nice tight fart for about 5 secs and then just let the poop slowly out my ass.It was a bit hard at first but as it came out it got easier and it was a long one-about halfway out i just let it hang there like a brown tail until the next cramp and then the rest came out on it's own and fell on the ground with a thump.I got up and looked at it and it was about 10 in long hard at first and got smoother at the end.I knew i wasn't done so i walked around the spot for a few mins and enjoyed the morning air.Then i felt a had to go some more and sat down on the log and let out another fart followed r! ight away by another long smooth turd-it came out pretty fast and landed right along side the 1st one-i got up and looked and this turd was totally smooth and about 8-10 in long and looked just like a kielbasa and i thought wow then i remembered that last nite i had a pretty big meal and when i eat a big meal i go a lot! At this point i felt done and started to wipe and as i'm wiping and when i wipe out in the woods i squat down to get good and clean,i felt another cramp and stopped wiping and got back on the log and let out a long fart and in the middle of the fart,out came all this soft shit with a lot of gas at the same time and it felt wonderful and i got off as all this stuff was exiting my anus and after i got off,i went some more and it was loose at this point-Now i felt done and i looked and saw 3 piles of poop and it was like i did 3 separate BM's it was some load!At this point i squatted down and pushed out my anus and wiped and got dressed and rode home and got on! -line to tell you guys about it-A question for you all,When you guys dump,do you do it all at once or do you go like me( sit down do a dump sit there and go some more in a few mins) i'd like to know about this-tell me about this.Have a good day and after that BM,i know i will! Hey REDNECK-Sounded like you ha d to go bad -nothing like letting out a good load when you gotta go bad -shoulda did that one outdoors along with a friend! BYE

Tuesday, June 20, 2000

People need to get off goldgirl's case. Owners or guests of hotels or where ever need to realize that she needs to exprees herself. If they can't sleep on a bed that smells of urine then they are just selfish and not apreciatng of others expresions.
from a goldgirl fan

mr brown
CORRECTION--re my "male-female buddy-dumping" post-- I really meant to say that one would have to use the toilet and the other a commode, bucket, bedpan or bidet (if one was available). Now my question makes sense.

I have a few things to mention.

First, I left work early on Friday and went to the Korean resturaunt for late lunch. Good food :) After I left and I was driving, I had this sudden urge to take a shit and had to be very soon. I had to put extra muscle on my anal opening. I didn't have enough time to get home so I went to the college where I go to grad school at since it was much closer. After I parked it, I ran into the building, into the bathroom and as I was going into the bathroom, I was dropping my drawers and got on to the toilet without even shutting the door, I pissed out of my ass ! I did feel good and afterward, there was some good farting. THis moment I would have enjoyed sharing with someone :)

This reminds me of a time when I was in the Cayman Islands back in High School. I met a kid from NJ and he was not your typical NJ person. He was very nice and he was also had very heavy Swedish blood. Him and I and another kid were hanging around at the hote! l and he mentioned that he had to go to the bathroom very badly. He went to his room and then came out 5 minutes later. He mentioned that he had to piss out of his ass. If it had to be done over again, I would hae liked to see him go into the public bathroom so I could go in and listen to the sounds.

Lastly, I was up in Breckenridge, CO yesterday (Sat) and did some hiking along with fishing. When I was hiking, it was gorgeous and I was unfortunately cleaned out from Friday as mentioned aboved. I would have enjoyed dumping a load in the woods.

Well, that is all for now :)

Louise – Thank you for directing me to your nude beach story – I really enjoyed it. I definitely recognise your description of the excitement when you know strange people can see your pussy – all the more so with wee coming out. I feel just the same, also I find the anticipation before I do it and thinking about it afterwards exciting too.

Part of the excitement for me is knowing that some of the men who have seen me pee may not have seen a girl doing it before; they may not now how it comes out – how fast and forceful it can be and how it can spray everywhere. I love the idea that I might be the first living demonstration they have seen.
I find it’s the same with pooing only more so. My boy-friend and some of his friends who’ve seen me poo say it’s interesting from a biological point of view aside from any sexual thing and providing I do it outside which I usually do there’s not too much problem with smell. They like watching the way my bottom-hole expands to let! out big ones and contracts again. They like the excitement of wondering what’s going to come out – soft stuff the slithers out quickly on its own or harder stuff that I have to push; or maybe runny diarrhea or gassy bits that get fired out everywhere. I love the idea that I might provide someone interested with the first opportunity to see this

Rather not say. I'm glad you've made an appointment. You've done the right thing. Try to be courageous. You're being thought and prayed about.

To all the kind people who mentioned my infection and expressed their good wishes. I've finished the latest course of antibiotics and am feeling much better.

George (Scotland). I enjoyed your post. Yes Anne is good fun and a real sport. I enjoy her posts a lot.

mariah's no.1 fan
This is my fisrt time writing, I Heard That Mariah Carey Always Takes A dump Beforing Going on stage Because She has Trouble Hold it In for that long.

Hugh Merr
I need help! Does anyone know where I can find a new butt, mine is broken - it has a crack in it!

Josh~ I'm staying in independence at a friend's cousin's for a week or so... i actually live in sapulpa oklahoma.. its like 15 miles south of tulsa.. age?

okay i have a story for y'all!!
tonight i was at this bowling alley trying to beat my friend's cousins *aaron, travis, and jason* at bowling.. i was about to throw my ball when i hear "aw sh*t!!" i look back to see that aaron has pissed himself!!! they were laughing at how i bowl and i guess i'm quite funny at it and he ended up pissing his pants.. it was great!!! since he drove us, he happened to have some clothes in his car so he was able to change but we've been laughign ever since.. oh and for those who want to know, i lost every game, threw the ball behind me once, and hit myself in the leg.... it was great!!!

Winnie the Pee. As regards skid marks on the bottom of the toilet pan in my experience over the last 40 years or so I have found that these happen either, as you surmise, if someone passes a soft sticky motion or sometimes if a really big firm one, a "panbuster" is produced. In the latter case the big jobbie takes several flushes before it goes away. Each time the flush is pulled it will move a few inches then slide back down into the pan and as it rubs against the bottom of the toilet bowl it leaves the brown skid marks even after it eventually flushes away. Another similar effect can be found when a big jobbie is left stuck in the pan for a while then eventually flushed away. The outline of the turd will be left at the bottom of the pan. I would imagine your wife does quite big solid turds as many women do, (see extensive postings on this in "Old Posts"). I assume you dont accompany her to the toilet when she does a motion so I suggest you listen outside the toilet door whe! m she is doeing a motion. the sound effects should give you some clues. Does she strain a lot going "UH! and NN!" what sort of sound does her jobbie make. None at all or a quiet "Floomp!" would suggest a really big turd has been passed. A real giveaway is if she pulls the flush two or three times or more before she comes out of the toilet as this would suggest that she has done a really big jobbie which has stuck at first and needed several flushes to go away and, as described above, would leave the skid marks you describe. Let us know is you make any interesting discoveries in this area.

Mr Brown, as you correctly say, unless you have two wc pans in your toilet then it would be difficult for a couple to simultaneously buddy dump. It could be done if there was a bidet but of course one partener would then have to remove their jobbies from the bidet to be flushed down the toilet. An alternative would be for one partner to use a bucket and do their motion into this, the! empty it into the toilet. I know some people have tried to sit on the same toilet together, but unless both are very slim this would be difficult whether side by side or one infront of the other. Theresa and I tried to do this once. we are both too big to sit side by side so we stripped of totally naked and she sat at the back of the pan with her legs wide apart and me in front of her. We both did our motions without any mess but found it difficult . We prefer to let one parter, usually Theresa, do her motion first then, as soon as she is finished, I sit on the pan and do mine on top of hers. We then wipe each other's bum.

On the menstrual motions question, Theresa also gets slighty constipated at this time. At first she was a bit shy about letting me accompany her to the toilet at the "wrong time of the month" but I said that as we were totally intimate about everything else why be coy about this perfectly natural part of the female body. She agreed and now has no ! problems with this. Again, I dont find the smell offensive. Like defecation, menstruation is a perfectly normal part of life, (for women anyway). Theresa's motions dont smell any different then. On this subject I remember reading an article in Cosmopolitan I think where they imagined the difference if MEN had periods. Red Wing parties to celebrate a teenaged boy having his first period with proud dads and uncles crowing about their boy becoming a "real man". Sanitary towels and tampons being very openly marketed under macho names such as "The Rambo Tampon" for that heavy time, and sanitary products endorsed by film stars, sportsmen etc. Unused Tampons worn openly on a bandolier like ammunition, not hidden in a little box in a handbag as women currently do. Of course PMT would be a perfectly acceptable excuse for a paid day's leave from work etc. I would be interested in the views of other readers on this.

Ben in NY
George in Scotland: The law in America is somewhat similar. Goldgirl could be charged with damage of public property. She could also be sued by the hotel and any guests who stayed in the room. Just goes to show you the kind of inconsideration some people can have.

I would love to hear people's reactions to my last story. Please let me know!


Sunday, June 18, 2000

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