Has anyone recalled how long it takes freshman to crap in a public restroom when it's their first few times?

When I lived in a dorm for the first two weeks of my sophomore year, before my apartment was available, I was soaking in the seldom-used tub at 1 am (no classes the next day and sore muscles) which is on the end and across from the girl's toilets. This small blonde girl came in, sheepishly looked around to see if anyone was in there and hurriedly sat down on the toilet. She didn't look far enough down to see that the bathtub room light was on. After a moment of silence she took in a big breath and began grunting softly. Nothing happened after a minute and she mumbled something inaudible and she began loudly going "UH! NGGGGG! Uh! Uh! NGGGGGGG!" I peeked out of the tub room and saw that she was rocking back and fourth in great desperation of trying to unload a big one. She stopped momentarily to catch her breath and then resumed grunting loudly. She ! mumbled something about "being stuck" and placed a bunch of toilet paper on the floor which she squatted over, I guess to make it easier to push out. After several minutes of more loud moaning and grunting, body shaking, the head of an impossibly wide turd started to come down, causing her to moan in pain and effort. It was so big it made me hurt just to see it! She got back up on the toilet, struggled and grunted several UH! UH! NGGGGNNNNNNNGGG's until it fell out ten minutes later and landed with a loud splash.
The girl sat there for a few minutes, recovering from her efforts, wiped and flushed twice to get it down. When she came out her face was very red and her body was shaky and sweat-covered.
I gathered that she was a freshman and had been too scared to shit in the public restroom until she was almost impossibly clogged, and had waited until nobody would be around.
Has anybody else ever secretly witnessed a midnight crapper?

TO GRUNTLY BOGWELL-Interesting story with you and your aunt.I liked it-sounds like a cool experience!TO KIM-I still use the mirror a lot to watch the poo come out my ass-in fact,i bring a mirror with me in my backpack and watch while i poo in the woods(check some of my old posts)It's a lot of fun to do -try it with your friends too!You sound like a real good dumper-like your stories-more stuff!TO SANDRA-I always enjoy your stories-Now that you met a pooing buddy you should share pooing together and watch each other poo-sounds like the other girl wants to do that-might be a cool experience!
Yesterday i went out to the woods to dump and i JUST missed pooing along with this 40 ish woman.I was going into the woods and saw a bike leaning up against a tree and kept walking and thinking wow,maybe i'll see someone pooing in the woods and as i turned the corner on this path,i saw a woman fixing her shorts and starting to walk back towards me and she saw me and at first seemed s ! bit aprehensive,but i smiled at her and said"Do you know where there are some public rest rooms around here?"and she said laughing slightly"No way around here-i just had to go here in the woods"I said "I guess i'll find a spot somewhere here"then she said"well it's easy for you guys,you just stand by a tree and pee,it's a project for us either way"I said Yes'but i wish that's all i had to do!" and smiled sheepishly.She goes" well,well good luck finding a spot " and walked past me and said" enjoy and have a nice one!" and walked towards her bike and as i'm walking away i look in my bike mirror back toward her and saw her turn around and look at me for a bit and then i went deeperinto the woods and looked for where she might have went.After a few mins of looking,i found where she went and saw a puddle of pee with some toilet paper and about 2 feet away i saw a pile of soft poop too-This really got me going to think i just missed seeing her go-so i got undressed and went over by ! here poo pile and squatted down and farted and let my anus open up and let out this sausage poop and looked around and in a way i was hoping see was somewhere there watching me-i don't think so but who knows!then the poo landed right on top of her pile-it looked cool-It was about a 10 inch sausage.Then i got up and walked around looking for her and then had to go again.I squatted down and farted again and let out some soft ice cream poop and and farted in the middle of it and shit some more-It was a nice load,i was hoping she was there to see it -then i got off in a good way and wiped and got dressed and went on my merry way-Hey,maybe i'm getting warm and soon i can dump along with somone-Who knows-if i'm out here enough,i'll increase my odds,yesterday was sooooooo-- close-I'll keep trying you know even a blind dog find a bone now and then!!Great stories all!!

Louise: So you donīt always do it standing not even outdoors. I thought all girls who could go through the fly did it standing all the time!

I spoke to a guy from India recently and he said that a lot of women in india peed while standing which he thought was indicent. He even yelled at a stranger for not squatting down while she peed. He also said that peeing (and pooping) in the streets have become something of a sport in India. Men and women do their business side by side while waiting for the buss etc.

Hereīs something for fans of cute celebrities! I told you a while ago about Sandra Bullock squatting and peeing while she where being secretely watched by a guy. This time the subject is Alicia Silverstone. She has had one public wetting accident on stage which everybody in the audience saw. At one occasion she almost wet herself while surrounded by fans outside a Hotel in Las Vegas. She admitted that she shouted "Please let me pass I gotta go pee!" while she crossed her legs. Recently she talked about having to poop in the amazonas while she had mosquitoes all up her butt.

I'm a UPS guy. Couple stories. I had a delivery in the summer I needed a signature for. I yelled "delivery". The guy yelled from inside the house "leave it on the porch". I said I need a signature. He said "I'm on the toilet". I left it on the porch. At another stop in the country I saw 6 pairs of mens briefs hanging on a clothesline. Each of the 6 had an identical brown skidmark down the back. I assume the 7th pair of briefs was being worn on that day. I laughed my ass off. There is also a guy (a little off subject?) who keeps dozens of chickens running loose in his living room. Chicken shit is everywhere...'round the TV, on the couch, on the guy's shoes, the smell is stupefying. Hey, it takes all kinds.

Winnie-the Pee
I am a married man, mid-thirties, and I read this page a lot.
One question that I have: There has been recent talk about "skidmarks" in peoples knickers, but what about those marks left in the toilet bowl when someone has had a shit?
I hardly ever leave any marks when I go, and if I do leave a mark I clear it up immediately with a brush. I have noticed however, that my wife often leaves "skidmarks" in the pan, and when I try to brush them off they take quite a lot of brushing to remove them. What is it that causes her shit to be so much different to mine? Mine is usually fairly loose, but hers must be quite sticky to leave deposits like that. We eat more or less the same diet, although she tends to have a midday meal whereas I don't. Would that account for the difference?

LILOKIEGIRL - I live in Atchison Kansas ... Ill have to check a map to see where it is on Kansas. *Checks a map* thats on the norte east corner of Kansas :). You from Kansas ... if so where?
Goldgirl: Ummmm do the trees outside my church count? Ya see i don't really pee (or poop) in strange places unless i have to (I have before but not very much, sorry :[). Anyways I was sitting in church and really having to pee, but i didnt want to draw attention to myself so I sat there. Finally at the end of the service I went outside and told my best friend I had to pee. Well he dared me to go pee in the woods (on a scale on 1 to 10 on the dares we give each other this is about a 3 ... we're kinda crazy ... heehee.) Anyways ... i never refuse a good dare so i went off into the woods. I (for lack of better words) pulled it out and let the nearest tree have it! I musta been peeing for like thirty seconds before the ppowerful stream slowed down, leaving the base of the tree dripping wet! . My friend (who's name shall remain silent) looked at what i had done, and refusing to give me bragging rights at doing something he hadn't, gave the tree a good watering too!

LURK1: Sorry i didnt reply to ya last time! i missed your post.Luck i guess ... i have always been able to hold it very very well. and yes i fetl like 4 pounds lighter and much better LoL :)

Linda-- Congrats! I know how nice it is to be free of
the cast. Nice to have you back posting. Great story
Linda, I loved it. You must have been on pain meds. for
a while. They really mess up my bowels when I have to be
on them. Have you got any good stories for us about
having a real struggle with a poop cause of pain meds?

Laurie-- Absloutely excellent story!! I to so prefer
the harder poops that need some work to get out,
unfortunately as I've gotten older these seem to be less and
less the norm. I love all the details in your story
especially the dialogue between you and Karen. Could I
ask a question for furture reference to help get a mentle
picture. What posture are you in when you strain for a
really hard poop? For example Linda and I seem to do the
same thing, we grap the seat between our legs and pull as
we struggle. I, sometimes, when its really, bad grab my
ankles and pull from there.! Tell us what you do when you
really have to work on it. (((linda))) (()=hugs)

Gruntly Bogwell-- I loved the story about your Aunt, I
am sure that memory will be with you till the day you
die. Something of that nature, at that age surely has
a lasting impression. I did you manage to go with your
aunt there watcing? I surely could not have strained
hard enough to go in front of ANYONE strange at that
point, it was hard enough with my Mother watching. --JW

Dear Louise,

THREE CHEERS FOR MY SISTER! You did it, you brave girl! Oh, your experience brings back so many memories of my own first time, from the absolutely hammering heart, hammering so bad you think you're going to faint, to the click of your heels on the floor as you walk out!

I'd have to say I was a bit more conservative in that I wore a little dress and simply lifted the front, and drew my panties aside, so that if I'd been interrupted none would have seen my bum and I could have arranged my things in a trice. But otherwise our experiences were almost identical! Even to the urinals being wall units -- and yes, the first one I used was so perfectly shaped that I need only stand in range and wee straight into it, you'd think it had been purpose designed for female use, not male!

One tip -- carry a tissue to use for a dry-off afterward. In the pocket of a jacket, in your purse, tucked in the waistband of your skirt, pop it into the top of your s! tockings before leaving your desk if wearing the old type (I have used open-gusset nylons a fair few times.) Another good place to keep it is inside a sleeve, just slipped into the wrist of a form-fitted top. Then you can use it when you need to. That used to be a habit of my Mom when I was very little, for using fresh tissues when she needed them, and I adapted it as a means for discrete post-wee tidyups.

I am so proud of you, dear! Here's a rather crazy "badge of honour:" if you're in the kind of mensrooms that attract grafiti... Every time you use a urinal, carry a pen in your purse or casually wherever it'll look reasonable, a breast pocket perhaps, and quickly inscribe a Venus symbol somewhere it's unlikely to be noticed quickly. It's a sign to others! And your "kill flags" will mount up! Hehe!

It can become addictive, can't it? Don't wish for a male audience too soon -- you don't ant to be "put off your game," let alone get a reputation in your place of! work for being a rule breaker. Female company might be better, if there were potential wee-partners at your place of work. Other than that, timing is part of the trick! Feeling things are just right and going with them...

You'll be washing the urinals regularly, I think -- welcome to an international club, dear!

I have all yours and Steve's posts, I'll write a good reply soon!

Ready! (skirts up, panties aside) Aim! (Splay with fingers, lift a touch) Fire! (Ahhhhh, that's better!)

You pee-pal,

PS: I often hold my tissue in the fingers of the hand I'm not splaying with, just under my puss to catch drips that might otherwise get on my legs or clothes.

Shy Pam
My boyfriend and I rented some movies last night. Among them was one from 1986 or so called "About Last Night". In it were Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Jim Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins. We watched this one last and although it was sorta funny I was getting tired and about to fall asleep when this scene comes on where Elizabeth Perkins is talking to her roommate (Demi Moore) on the phone from school where she is a kindergarten teacher. This little girl comes out of the classroom and tries to talk to her but she (the teacher) tells the little girl she is on the phone and the little girl shouldn't be out of the classroom. When the girl finally gets her teacher's attention again it is too late and she pees in her pants, wetting all over the floor in a big puddle! (I wonder how they did those effects?) The teacher consoles her and takes her to change her pants. I couldn't believe what I saw in this movie! Turned out to be a great night for me but I don't know how they got away wi! th it! Isn't that kinda like child porn or something or was it made before it was considered that. Anybody know? Anybody else see the movie?Hope this makes it on, I think mentioning this is here is okay.....Mr. Moderator????? I am not endorsing anything against kids, I was just so surprised to see a school wetting in a major film! Certainly woke me up, too.

Jeff A.
Thanks for the inquiry, though I didn't get your name. I had a heart attack in February which took the wind out of my sails for awhile. I decided to sit down and write a novel, which I did. Oddly enough, Today is the first time in months that I've even checked in here. Otherwise, I'd have never seen your message. Thanks for asking though! I do have two excellent new stories that I may contribute here. Anyway, thanks again. –J.

Next Door Peeker
I just stumbled across this site and have been reading it for about a week or so and am fascinated with everyone's stories. I have to tell you a story that happened 6 years ago. One summer, when I was 14, my family and I visited relatives in Connecticut. I remember overhearing my uncle saying how the rich neighbor's stuck-up wife liked to skinny dip and sunbathe in the nude. (That's why my bedroom was on the other side of the house.) But I had to see this! So one day, I went into my aunt and uncle's room, which overlooked the neighbors' yard, to see if I could see anything. I could see the neighbor's wife coming out of their pool but she was too far away and behind a wooded area. Then, I sneaked out of the house and headed towards a spot in the yard where I could hide and still see something. There she was! She was gorgeous! Long brown hair, tanned skin, and completely naked except for a pair of sunglasses. She was sunbathing on a recliner. I could see three cans of! beer under the recliner. Two of them were knocked over. I guess they were empty. I stared at her for about five minutes before she moved. She started to turn over on her stomach, but decided not to. Then, she stood up and walked away from the pool area and patio. Once on the grass, she got down on her hands and knees and started to crawl towards a flower bed. Once there, she stopped, threw her head back, lifted her right leg, and peed on a bush like a dog. The golden piss shot out of her like a waterfall. I was amazed at how long she went and still kept her leg in the air. When she had finished, she just got up and walked back to her recliner to tan. This was the most unbelievable thing I had ever seen. Unfortunately, my family never did get a chance to go back to visit my relatives in Connecticut because they moved closer to us. I'll never forget that day and always hoped I could see something like that again. Have any of you women ever tried that?

In response to movies with poop scenes (Chulita):
I heard some time back that it was illegal for mainstream movies made in the States to show any poop or scat scenes., but pee scenes are allowed. Now don't. hold me to this, I might be wrong, but I have not run accross any movies made in the U.S.A. with pooping. The only ones are the black market movies, and of course, the MODERATOR of this sight would not let me tell you where to get those.

mr brown
Have any male-female couples out there ever simultaneously buddy-dumped in the same bathroom simultaeously? I suppose one would have to use the toilet and the other the toilet. How about couples having simultaneous accidents? how would couples cope with a mutual poop accident?

Rather Not Say
Hi Desmond and Adrian. Thank you so much for responding to my posts. If antone else recently responded, I also thank you, but I didn't get the time to g othrough all of the posts yet. Desmond thenk you for the info. on your exboyfriend. I aam sorry to heaar that you are still worried about him. I also appreciate your concern. I have made an appointment to see the doctor and I am going to try to bring up the problem. As I havementioned before though, I am embarresed and nervous as hell to bring it up. Partly, because I am worried about it being serious or needing some painful tests and treatments. However, I will have to deal with that. Okay, I'll stop rambling on about this because I doubt most readers are interestedin this sort of stuff. Once again, thank you all that responded, and I'll let you know how I make out.

Panda and others I happen to have an interest in skidmarks. I hardly ever wipe my ass. I am a 4o yr old male. I've been married twice and been living with my girlfriend over six years now. Don't tell anybody, but she calls me poopoopants.

Louise - i see we both have pee interests that date back to childhood. you got me beat though, i was 8 when i started using the sink and then the bathtub. when you described the yellow cloud, it made me picture myself making my own yellow cloud in the water. i'm going to have to take a nice warm bath tonight for sure. oh, and i too like to squat and hear the trickle of my pee flowing into the water.

Bryian - to me the number one feeling is peeing anywhere you can actually feel the pee, like my panties. i love the warm wet feeling against me.

one time when i was 11, i was in my friend nicole's yard. it was the middle of summer, and she has one of those little inflatable pools. we were both sitting in it, and of course i had to pee while i was in there. i kept thinking, "will she notice if i let it go in the pool?" i kept trying to decide if i should or not, but the urge was getting very strong. finally my body couldn't hold it any longer, i had to relax myself! . my pee started to flow out of me and into the water. i of course loved the feeling of filling the pool water with my pee. luckily nicole and i were facing the same way so she wasn't looking at me. i, on the other hand, was looking right at my yellow cloud (as Louise so wonderfully puts it) forming between my legs. what an awesome feeling too be peeing so close to my friend and letting my pee flow right to her!

after i had finished, nicole suddenly stood up and said, "i gotta pee! i'll be right back!" she walked around to the other side of the tool shed. "are you gonna pee outside?" i asked her in amazement. "yeah, i always do when i'm too wet to go in the house. why are you following me?" i blushed and said, "oh, i'm sorry, i guess i was just..." "it's ok, bridget," she said, "i'm just gonna go through my suit anyway. you won't see anything." she sat down on the ground, and i could see her relax her body. i wish i could've seen her pee flowing out of her, but i cou! ldn't because she was sitting. i'm sure that's why she sat down instead of squatting to pee. as soon as she was done she stood back up and we walked back to the pool. i kept trying to see the pee spot on her swimsuit, but it was already wet from the pool, so i couldn't. but i did love the idea that we were both sitting in water that was filled with my pee, as well as a very slight amount of nicole's pee from her suit.

i wish i would've gone farther with nicole peeing. so far i haven't had the courage to ask her to let me watch her pee. but as i've told you in another story, she has peed in front of my friend mira, just this last spring. and mira peed in front of her and then pooped! so i know there is hope for those girls!

see ya later,

Hi everyone.. I don't have much time as I'm getting dressed cause my cousin Miquel and Elena are getting married today.(Um that sounds bad.. no Elena isn't my cousin.. but she will be by law tonight hee hee) I get to be flower girl but ack these outfits are uncomfy.. how's a girl suppose to go potty in these things.. oh well guess I'll find out. poor Elena.. her dress is worse. Anyway um first..
Chulita.. cool name.. our names both mean cute in spanish. Um there aren't any scenes like you ask for.. well none that are like the one in that movie. Mostly them going pee.. but there are one's with guys. me and Elena's favorite is the one in American Pie.. yeah I know I'm not suppose to watch that movie.. but no one can stop a girl from watching on her VCR...(I steal Elena's copy)Anyway she and me like how that poor guy holds it cause there are girl's outside and he fights to keep it in. heh... it's so cute and kinda naughty. Anyway I have to go. Okay wish me and the guys luck. ! Bye.

Hello, all!

I just had my first satisfying dump in about two weeks, and let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed it! My wife and I were
traveling yesterday, so ate on the road, and more than we usually do... I just made it home in time to "explode" at
just the right time; so one huge piece (about three inches wide in the middle, and a good 12 inches long) that slid out smoothly, very little wiping necessary, and a pleasant but potent smell... Hooray! I think I'm back to normal again!!

Kim: Enjoyed your latest exciting post! Thanks for measuring again, I really like to try to visualize your
obviously awesome creations! And thanks (to Louise, too)
for the mirror suggestion... I might just have to try that!

KeKe: I'm glad you enjoyed our fantasy breakfast adventures,
and thanks for "talking shit" in finishing your lead-in
fart/shit story... an obviously enjoyable production! Let's
do it again REAL SOON, O.K.?

Jacobi: I'm also enthusiastically following YOUR real life adventures... the descriptions of what you'd like to see and
smell from your co-worker are exactly like many of the fantasies I dream about! Keep making the effort you do in the office, you will likely have more memorable adventures!
And keep informing the rest of us of your progress... You
GO, girl!!

Saturday, June 17, 2000

Each to their own as far as methods of male urination is concerned but I really cannot see how Coprologist can say that urinals are more hygenic than a toilet pan. Firstly, most do NOT flush out regularly enough leading to the foul smell of piss that permeates the atmosphere of most Gents Toilets, then most men do not have a good aim so there is usally a puddle of piss round the urinal. Contrast that with sitting on a toilet pan to pee as I have done since the age of 5 or so. your pee goes down the pan without back splash onto your clothing, the urine is immediately diluted by the water in the pan. Should you have what I call an ambush motion come on whether a good solid one or unfortunately a sudden attack of the squitters then it will safely be passed into the toilet pan not soil your underpants. Sitting enables one to empty the bladder properly, and one can dry the end of the penis with toilet paper as I have always done, which is more hygienic, a procedure that would be di! fficult to accomplish at a urinal in full view of other users. Again there are the privacy and safety benefits of using a cubicle with a lockable door protecting the user at a most vulnerable moment from the unwelcome attentions of muggers or the type of predatory homosexual who cruises men's toilets. Modern male underwear (briefs) do not have a fly opening, (except for the older styles) and thus it is far easier to undo the belt and pull these down at the front to pee, a procedure that is safer and more private in a cubicle or stall, and if you do this it makes sense, in my opinion, to go the whole hog, pull your panties down and sit on the toilet to urinate. Another benefit of course is that the man who has paruresis (piss shy) has the instant solution to his problem, no need for tranquilisers or psychotherapy as some would suggest, simply go into a cubicle in a public toilet, bolt the door and piss in peace and privacy. To me the case is so overwhelming against the urinal! that I am delighted that the unisex toilets appearing in pubs, resturants, as Public toilets, etc, may drive these smelly contraptions into the history books and museums. As for Coprologist wishing to have a urinal in a private house, he can have one in every room and his garden for all I care but if Moira and I were to move to a house with one already fitted , I would have it off the wall and in the trash as soon as we moved in! (I doubt if we would buy such a house as there would no doubt be a pissy smell in the toilet in the vicinity of the urinal anyway).

Adrian, I have followed the correpondence of Anne the bus driver and yourself. She sure seems a fun sort of lady. I agree with what she said about Sennokot . Moira and I dont use such things either. I did once know a bloke when I was a teenager who came from a family where his parents were control freaks, (although that term wasnt used in the 1960's). We had gone a school trip for a week and the change of water! etc had made him slightly constipated. Now this had happened to some of the others, both boys and girls and the rest of us just ignored this and in due time had a good big solid motion after a few days, one of the girls, Margaret, indeed did a lovely big panbuster, which I saw stuck in the toilet at our guest house. This lad, Colin, was so concerned, having been indoctrinated into the "must have a BM every single day" attitude that he bought Sennokot from a Chemist (pharmacy) and despite warnings from the rest of us took a dose before going to bed and, being a heavy sleeper woke up too late and shit himself and the bed to his great embarrasment and the cruel amusement of others. Anyway, Adrian, I too enjoy reading Anne's postings and I can visualise her parking up her bus at the end of the route, walking over to the Public Toilets, hitching up her skirt in the cubicle and sitting on the pan passing a nice big solid jobbie to her great relief and satisfaction.

Moira ! and I went for a walk recently in the hills above Glasgow. As luck would have it she needed a motion after our picnic lunch and I had the great pleaure of watching as she passed one of her big fat jobbies. Although I see her doing a poo many times each week , there is always a thrill watching the great brown turd slowly emerge between her fat buttocks, and I always like the look of pride and satisfaction on her face when she has done one of her usual big whoppers. (For those who like detail this jobbie was about 14 inches long, two and a half inches thick (across) at its fattest and shaped like a big carrot, being a bit knobbly to start with then getting smooth and tapering off for the last 3 inches of so, mine was of equal length and fatness but curved. We were both wearing Royal Blue Glasgow Rangers polo shirts, blue jeans and identical white Sloggi Briefs under these). When she had passed this big log, I felt the need to do one too, as often happens when I watch her, and! I buddy dumped my own big jobbie next to hers. I would love to have seen the face of the next person who walked along that path. At the time there were no others around, but about 5 minutes afterwards we met a couple going in the opposite direction so Im sure they would have seen our combined dumps. I would add for those concerned about such matters that we would never dump near a watercourse or where someone was likely to pitch their tent etc, in this case we did it behind a drystone wall. I would assume that insects such as beetles or coprophageous animals would soon have disposed of our poos, and thus we were puting something back into the ecosystem.

Someone asked about the smell when a woman does a motion when she is on her period. I have often accompanied Moira to the toilet at this time and sure, there is the unmistakeable smell of menstrual blood, I personally dont find this off putting as some men do, and was used to this being brought up as a kid with two ol! der girl cousins and an aunt, who had the same very open attitude to her periods as to defecation. Anyway, I give Moira a clean tampon and sanitary towel, (she has heavy periods), when I join her in the toilet at such times and usually have to rub her ???? as like a lot of women she gets constipated during her period and passes what she calls "constipotatoes", big fat balls which sound like depth charges as they "Kur-sploonk!" into the pan. Her poo smells much the same as it always does , the healthy smell of a firm, solid motion. As we have said in many previous postings, we have no inhibitions with each other.

Finally, Goldgirl. What you do at home is your affair, but Moira has asked me to tell you that if you pee all over the carpets, bedding, etc in a hotel, they could bring a claim against you for the extra costs etc of cleaning or even for having to scrap the mattress etc. This may be different in US law but its worth bearing in mind. When she was a student Mo! ira worked in the vacation as a chambermaid in a large hotel in Glasgow and some of the things she found in bedrooms were amazing. Often guests would shit in the wastepaper bins if the room didn't have its own toilet, but there was often the evidence of "accidents" in the beds or shitty knickers dumped in the bin. Genuine accidents were understood and nothing was usually said to the guest. there was however one incident when a male guest had brought a prostitute back to the hotel for what I will call "scat" play. (Moderator, I will NOT go into further details). Suffice it to say the place was a mess, even hardened chambermaids were sickened. The hotel, (quite a posh one) simply contacted the guest and said that he either paid the costs of fumigation ond cleaning of the room plus the cost of an additional day's letting or they would take him to Court and sue. Obviously the threat of publicity ensured he paid up. Needless to say they did not accept any further bookings from this! man. So Goldgirl, all we would say is be careful that your golden activities dont cost you some REAL gold!.

Hey Rick--
Thanks for reminding me that Physco III" and "The Choir Boys both have bathroom scenes involving women. If I'm not mistaken, though, both of these are pee scenes. What a lot of us are interested in is movies that have female poop scenes. Aside from the new Big Mamma movie, the only one I can think of off-hand is Senseless, and that one's not too explicit. Anyone know of other movies with female poop scenes?

Canadian Dreamer
Ages ago, during my summer break, I worked at a store that supplies uniforms for Catholic schools in greater Toronto area. Mostly for highschools...
What always suprised me is how often the teens coming in got away with using the tiny changerooms as toilets! Especially during the always chaotic month just before school began. (I remember coming to work in the morning and seeing lineups stretching around the block with kids & their parents...)
Those who left a 'gift' behind usually droped their load on the small wooden plank which served as a bench. Both males & females... The planks were removable so cleaning up wasn't particularly difficult.
They were either very polite or very cautious - since the screen door for the changerooms was about 12 inches shy of the floor. If they were small enough to squat down for a BM on the floor, it wouldn't take a second for someone to notice. What's odd is that we never seemed to detect any smell. We always foun! d what was left when we were closing up shop!

There were only 2 bathrooms for the public - 1 male & 1 for females (each even had a shower!), so it could get pretty cramped at times. Still, the owners were very fastideous, so the bathrooms NEVER got nasty. The only exception was when the plumbing would backup flooding the washroom (usually the women's.) or when someone whould shit on the seats or simply on the floor of the stall. (This also seemed to happen primarily in the ladies.)

Back then, I didn't find those events particularly gross. I must admit they intreagued (spelling?) me.

To Alex, Steph, and Jodi: How are you guys? We haven't heard from you in ages! Have you all graduated from college yet? If so, congratulations! If you're still around, give us an update.

To Jeff A.: What's up with you? Last time we heard from you, you weren't feeling well and was going to see the doctor. Are you all right? If so, and if you are around, give us an update.

I'm sure there are lots of us that miss all of you guys.

Thanks Panda for brring up skidmarks again. Your right we rarely see others, except sometimes atthe gym. I;ve always been curious about them. The times you think you''ve created one you look and nothing is there. then othertimes you think it's been a clean day and you lots and they are everywhere, go figure?


you asked me some more questions about my ex who had the same tolet probs you do. I dont remember him having bad stomach pains, or if he did have them, he didn't complain aobut it. Whenever he drank water it would run through him in a matter of minutes and he would have to run to the toilet. And it was always worse when he drank alcohol. I have heard of something called "malabsorbtion" which I think means the body does not absorb nutrients from food, which means it all shoots straight to the colon. He never did go to the doctor, I think he was afraid they would tell him to stop drinking. I still worry about him, it was so bad he would not even fart without sitting on the toilet, becuase it would often be a wet one. He came home from work almost everyday with a big stain. Like you, he would have 3-4 big diarrhea dumps before he went to work. Let me know your progress.

Shy Pam
Panda - I haven't figured out how it got there but I had a medium sized skidmark in my pink cotton panties this morning when I took a shower. GOD was I embarassed and shocked! I don't know how or when it happened, I mean I always wipe real good, didn't fart (wet or otherwise) and didn't even poop since last night! I must have really been sleeping deeply...thank heaven I didn't poop my panties while I was asleep...someone at home wouldv'e noticed that and I would have been bright red in the face for a week or two!
I wore them into the shower and washed them out real good.
I hate when that happens!

Hi to the other Hiker from Chile. I can't match your cave story but here's something that happened a few weeks ago when I went to an outdoor event that I attend every year. They had the same type of mobile toilets that I have written about before, with two rows of four unisex toilets back to back. It was exactly the same one as last year with the same spy holes giving fine back views at seat level.

I had an enjoyable time with some good rear views of women peeing. Most stood up and bent forward. The most attractive was in her mid 20s and was quite tall and slim. As she stood with her legs slightly apart, I could see her pretty ass hole and a tuft of pubic hair shaped like a miniature moustache.

I saw a woman in her 40s, who came in carrying a large bag. She sat on the seat then put her hand down her butt crack from behind and worked it vigorously up and down. I thought she was probably applying some cream to combat anal itching or soreness (it was quite a hot! day, by English standards).

The least attractive woman was someone I had also seen last year and had nicknamed BSE (Back Side of an Elephant) because that was what it reminded me of when she pulled her panties down and bent over. She was middle aged but was the only one who definitely pooped. The seat had been left up and she sat directly on the bowl. I couldn't see her anus while she was pooping but I got occasional glimpses as she wiped. As far as I could see, it wasn't fully closed and there was something brown still in there. I guessed the next poop was hard to pass so she was saving it for later. She kept rolling up balls of TP and pushing them part way in to clean herself inside and out. This took a VERY long time (it must have been about 5 minutes) but I guessed she wanted to avoid any skidmarks.

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